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Dearly beloved in Christ,

From your


Loving greetings in the sweet name of our LORD Jesus Christ.

The LORD blessed the Prophetical New Year Meeting held on 1st January 2020 at the BKN Multipurpose Hall, Chennai-7. Whatever the Spirit of God revealed was shared with the people and whatever God had spoken will be fulfilled. Following are the promises from His Word which the LORD has inspired to keep before you. “Even by the God of thy father, who shall help thee; and by the Almighty, who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of the breasts, and of the womb” (Genesis 49:25). “… Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the LORD: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with thee” (Ex. 34:10). “For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth” (Deuteronomy 7:6). “And the LORD will take away from thee all sickness, and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, upon thee; but will lay them upon all them that hate thee” (Deuteronomy 7:15). “Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep” (Deut. 28:4). “And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them” (Deuteronomy 28:13). “And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested” (1 Chronicles 4:10). “Thou hast granted me life and favour, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit” (Job 10:12). “For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee” (Psalm 128:2). “Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore. My tabernacle also shall be with them: yea, I will be their God, and they shall be my people” (Ezekiel 37:26,27). “He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken it” (Isaiah 25:8). “And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed” (Deuteronomy 31:8). Claim the promises of God every day. Meditate upon it and take the promise for yourself. You will see the blessing taking place in your life from now itself. By the time this magazine reaches you, we would have finished our annual convention “Festival of Peace” which was held on 31st January to 2nd February 2020. Make use of our emergency prayer lines 044-26402222, 26403333, 26472645. Also the mobile numbers: 9841028377, 9941177777, 9345056777, 9345156773. We are available to pray for you round the clock all 365 days. Dr. John Joseph Memorial Deliverance Prayer Centre will never close its doors. God be with you. Closing with prayers and blessings.

His servant, your brother, Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2020 / PAGE 03

Do you know



Message by: Rev. Dr. John Joseph “And when Jesus was come into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, Who is this?” Matthew 21:10. Praise be to the name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. God is good and His mercy endureth forever.

TO KNOW GOD PERSONALLY i) Have God's predestination and election: When Jesus and the disciples came nigh Jerusalem and were come to Bethphage unto Mount Olives, Jesus sent two of His disciples to go to the village before them where they would find an ass tied and a colt with her to loose them and bring them to Him. The disciples did not know anything about the ass and the colt tied there. The ass's master would not have been aware of the importance of this ass with the colt which Jesus was in need of. It was one among the many which Jesus needed. When God wants to use us for His glory, He picks us up according to His predestination by revelations from whichever place we may be. That is the love of God. We may be insignificant, unknown to people but God knows us and is mindful of us. The disciples were ignorant of the need of Jesus. He asked them to bring the ass and the colt over there. Jesus knew the ass and the colt where they were. We may be unknown to the people around but the LORD knows us. He told the disciples while taking the ass and colt

if anyone asked what they were trying to do, they had only to tell them that the LORD wanted them. Straightway he will leave them. That is the Gospel message. When we are called by God and are sent by God, He will use us to bring the people out of bondage and for His purpose. The LORD loved the children of Israel. He wanted them to possess the Promised Land. The Red Sea and the River Jordan was before them, but yet the LORD made the children of Israel to pass through them. It had to give way because it was the time of the LORD. The LORD is in need of us, He wants us. He dwells in a place where no man can approach. Hence, Jesus had to come down. The ministry of Jesus was a spoken Word. When He spoke it took place. The Bible says in Isaiah 55:11, “So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” God's children will have the same authority and power who abide in Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament period, people looked to the prophets, because the Holy Spirit was in them part by part, but today He is in fullness. He has given the power to everyone. The LORD said to His disciples, “If any man say ought unto you, ye shall say, The LORD is in need of them.” Yes, that is the way we should claim souls for the LORD. The disciples obeyed Jesus


and they saw the glory of God. When God asks us to do something do not question God with your wisdom, instead trust and obey for there is no other way than to be happy in Jesus. Then we can see the glory of God in our lives. ii) Strip yourself of all self glory: The disciples brought the ass and the colt and put on them the garments and they set Him thereon. “They brought the donkey and the colt, laid their clothes on them, and set Him on them” (Matthew 21:7). They did not put their garments on the ass to honour it but they did it for Jesus. Since sometimes we are lacking in the knowledge of Jesus we are not able to make sacrifices for His glory. They stripped themselves of all glory. They made Christ to have the power and glory. We are only looking at the vessel carrying Jesus and are not looking at Jesus who is in the vessel. This has led to divisions among people because they are looking at the ass but not Christ sitting on the ass. Those who looked at Jesus externally as the carpenter's son, they failed to recognize that He was the manifested Word of God. Never underestimate servants of God. They may appear like poor men. Don't criticize them but look at the anointing and look at Jesus who is in them. They honoured Jesus. iii) Cast away unwanted things: The LORD chose the ass above all the other animals. The LORD preferred that ass knowing its nature which kicks. Except the master it will kick anyone who comes near it. We should also have the same quality, except our Master Jesus Christ we should discard everything. The LORD spoke through the prophet Isaiah, “The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib: but Israel doth not know, my

people doth not consider” (Isaiah 1:3). Today, let us recognize our LORD and Master Jesus Christ. The multitude spread their garments on the way, others cut down branches from the trees and strawed them on the way. That was an expression of their love. Today, what do we do for God? We want to give the cheapest things. When we do willingly for God He will definitely reward us. Our motive should be that we are doing for Jesus. Then there is a blessing. “And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna to the Son of David: Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the LORD; Hosanna in the highest” (Matthew 21:9). When Christ was born the angel said, “Glory to God in the highest.” Now when the time had come when he had to give Himself as a sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary, the people said, “Hosanna in the highest.” iv) Accept God's message and the messengers: When He came to Jerusalem all the city was moved and said, “Who is this?” Matthew 21:10. The heart of the LORD was moved as He was entering into Jerusalem and the people questioned, “Who is He?” They had eyes and they could not see, they had a heart but could not understand. “And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive.” It was not the time to say, “Who is He?” It was the time to recognize the Master. They had seen Him doing wonders and miracles in Jerusalem. They witnessed the mighty works


of God. Inspite of all this they failed to recognize who Jesus was. When the miracles and wonders took place they looked at Jesus as an ordinary prophet. In short they failed to recognize the Messiah, He looked at Jerusalem and said, “O, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!” (Matthew 23:27). What did He testify about Jerusalem? They killed the prophets and stoned those sent to them. When the prophets revealed God's plan for mankind they could not accept it and stoned them. He was grieved in His heart as they failed to accept what God spoke. They were blinded by their self righteousness, thereby they were not led to the Kingdom of God but were led astray. He had often gathered them together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings and they would not. He had sent His prophets to give them the warning signal to save themselves from the wrath of God. They were warned to be aware of the viles of satan. The message of the prophets was to repentance and come back to the Word of God. They did not pay heed to the message and disobeyed God's voice. They were rebellious. The Word of God comes to us many times with the warning signal. Don't look at the man but give heed to what God says. v) Have the thirst to meet Jesus: Look at the man called Zacchaeus, His heart yearned to see Jesus who He was. People of Jerusalem said, “Who is this?” but Zacchaeus wanted to know Who He was. He had heard about the miracles and he wished to know Who He was. That was the beginning of

blessings in his life. Zacchaeus, a short man ran ahead and climbed the sycamore tree to have a glimpse of Jesus. Albeit he was a rich man he ran to see Jesus, he did not say that he would send a chariot and bid Jesus to come and meet him. Zacchaeus felt that he was not worthy that God should come to him, instead he ran ahead to seek God for a miracle. The LORD knew the heart of Zacchaeus, he needed no recommendation. There is only one mediator for man and that is the LORD Jesus Christ who came down to this world for our sake. Zacchaeus received Jesus happily into his house. In the presence of Jesus sin fled from the house. Zacchaeus was convicted of his sin. He knew who Jesus was. Paul knew Who He was. He confessed, “I know whom I have believed” (II Timothy 1:12). Saul on the road to Damascus heard a voice saying unto him, “Saul, Saul, why persecutes thou Me? And he said, Who art Thou, LORD? And the LORD said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutes: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks” (Acts 9:4,5). Paul knew that He was the God of Moses, God who revealed to Moses in the burning bush. Today, examine your heart and ask yourself, “Who is this Jesus to me?” Is He my Saviour, my Redeemer, my Healer? Accept Him today and you will receive the happiness and joy which Zacchaeus had experienced and your sorrow will turn into joy and your tears shall be wiped away. Trust in Jesus, and say: Just as I am without one plea But that Thy blood was shed for me And that Thou bid'st me come to Thee O Lamb of God I come.




Miracles at



Acts 19:11,12

Message by: Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

“And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul” Acts 19:11 Praise be to the name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ, for God is good and His mercy endureth forever. GOD'S CONCERN ABOUT PLACES The LORD who is the Creator of the entire universe is concerned about His children who are scattered around the world. Whenever people sin and the country sins, He sends His prophets and Apostles to warn them to prevent the judgment of God on them. At the same time He sends His servants to perform miracles and wonders that they may know God is the Almighty. God sent His Prophet Jonah to Nineveh to warn the people of their sins and for them to repent. Here in Ephesus God used His servant the Apostle Paul to perform unusual miracles. UNUSUAL MIRACLES In this city of Ephesus where there was full of idol worship, Paul demonstrated the work of God proving God's love towards them. Unless and until some supernatural miracles happen, people in towns and cities will not believe the power of God. When Moses put forth His rod before

Pharaoh, it became a snake. Pharaoh's magicians did the same miracle. But when it came to the point of supernatural miracles and wonders they could not do it. As the powers of evil are only limited, it can only imitate not create. Hence, in the New Testament times, God used Paul to perform special miracles through His hands to prove He is the Almighty. SPECIAL MIRACLES PROVE GOD'S MIGHTY POWER God used His servant Paul especially in Ephesus. Because there were some vagabond Jews and exorcists who used evil spirits to perform miracles, the LORD wanted to show a difference between the works of the devil and its spirits in comparison to the power of God demonstrated in a mightier way by which the magicians were baffled. It was to such an extent that they tried to perform the same miracles using the name of Jesus whom Paul preacheth. But they could not. God uses His servants in an unique way to differentiate God from evil. THE SUPERNATURAL ANOINTING IN PAUL As the LORD Jesus Christ was in Paul, the mighty presence of the LORD and a


powerful anointing was on the Apostles. The Word was in Paul. Wherever the Word is the presence of God is there. The handkerchiefs that were laid upon Paul brought mighty miracles upon the sick people. From Paul's body were brought aprons and handkerchiefs to be laid upon the sick people. The diseases departed from them. The evil spirits fled from them. Such was the anointing even upon the clothes of God's anointed servants.

Apostle was God's servant. It was also known there was power in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God who became man, lived for thirty three and a half years, died by shedding His previous blood on the cross and rose on the third day. Through His blood sins are forgiven and miracle happen. When miracles happen the LORD proves His supernatural power and His name is glorified far and wide. God proves that in His name and through His name there is salvation, deliverance, healing and eternal life. May the God of Paul the Apostle use every one of us to win souls for His Kingdom.

May the LORD repeat now the days of the Apostles to prove that He is the Almighty God. GOD'S WORD AND HIS FAME PREVAILED As the miracles happened, people came to know who the true God is and that Paul the

God bless you.




(Except last Friday)

7 PM to 9 PM

God’s Word:

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar (Sick and needy will be prayed for individually)

4/N2, 3rd Floor, Prof. Subramaniam St., Kilpauk, Chennai-10. Behind Ega Theatre, Near Right Hospital

Come and Be Blessed


Held last Friday of every month This month’s night prayer is on TH

28 FEBRUARY 2020 Time: 10

PM to 2.30 AM


NIGHT PRAYER Skidmore Hall, Balar Kalvi Nilayam (BKN), Anita Mat. School Campus, Off Ritherdon Rd, Vepery, Chennai-60007.

God’s Word:

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

(Mini buses will be provided for dropping people) (Sick and needy will be prayed for individually) TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2020 / PAGE 08


“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted...” (Ephesians 4:32).

This is in continuation to the law of kindness spoken about in the last issue of this magazine. Let us see how one act of kindness helped a person out of a distressful situation. The incident narrated below should impress upon the mind of every youth to do some good deed of kindness for every good deed done without any expectation will be returned back a hundred fold. There was a pastor who was invited to preach in the neighbouring town one Sunday evening. His wife and he decided to drive down early as he was not too sure of the place. As he was driving down he realised that he was running out of petrol but was very sure that he could refill his tank as there would be many filling stations. But unfortunately the car suddenly came to a halt in the fast lane of the freeway in the peak hour with rain pouring down. Only then the pastor realised that his assumption about the filling stations were wrong and his tank was empty. The pastor was helpless so he got out of the car and stood in the rain waiting for some help as it was a new place for him. Passing cars did not stop. Many pressed their horns but there was none to help him.

All of a sudden an old car drew near him and the driver rolled down his window. The pastor thought he was going to be shouted at but the young boy, the driver of the car asked what happened. His English so bad that the pastor did not understand it. About fifteen minutes later the same car pulled up in a mass of traffic and stopped in front of the pastor's car. The boy got out, took a can from his car and filled the pastor's tank with petrol. When he saw the pastor's plight and that he had to preach that evening, the young boy went to a filling station, borrowed a can and came back to the pastor's rescue. The pastor thanked him so much but the young boy spoke in his broken English that he was also new to the place but knew that the pastor was in urgent need of help. That was generosity and kindness shown by the young boy.

Dear youth, do you realise how much that act of kindness would have touched that pastor's heart? God expects you to be kind and generous to your fellow brethren. What you do for others will be done to you some day. Man will see your outer appearance but God sees your heart. Be kind and good to everyone especially the old people. The good LORD will definitely reward you. God bless you.


Held every second Saturday Venue: This month’s fasting prayer on Skidmore Hall,

8th February 2020 Time:

10 AM to 3.00 PM

God’s Word: Rev.

Balar Kalvi Nilayam (BKN), Anita Mat. School Campus, Off Ritherdon Rd, Vepery, Chennai-7.

Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

(Oil anointing will be done for each individual and families) (Lunch will be provided) TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2020 / PAGE 09

For Women

Gift of the heart

“We love him, because he first loved us” (I John 4:19) Years ago a touching incident had been told of a teenaged girl who was a chronic invalid and was confined to her room. She was constantly looked after by a trained nurse as her mother was a pleasure loving woman who could not endure the idea of being shut up taking care of her daughter in a closed room. She did not mind paying large amounts of money to any nurse to take care of her daughter day and night. The mother could not sacrifice her time or her pleasure of visiting places and people for anything not even her daughter. One day while the mother was travelling abroad she remembered that her daughter's birthday was falling the next week so she bought her a beautiful present and couriered it to her daughter. The trained nurse brought it to the girl saying that her mother had sent it so carefully that it came right on her birthday. After looking at its beauty for a moment the girl turned to the nurse and

said, “Take it away, take it away. O mother, mother, do not send me anything more, no books, no flowers, no vases, no pictures. Send me no more. I want you, only you.” Dear sisters, we do come across some who think of themselves first and only after that their children. Mothers sometimes do not consider the child's feelings and inner most desires. One learns an important lesson from this touching incident that a child needs a mother's presence, companionship, above all her love. Do not give Christ the things of this world. No, Christ wants you his daughter to give Him your heart. That daughter wanted her mother. She needed her mother's companionship, intimacy and love. Christ wants you. He wants you for you are His priority. He wants your heart, your confidence, your trust and your union with Him. He wants your love. He says, “I want you.” Give your heart and all that belongs to you to Jesus. God bless you.

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Name : “Trumpet of Restoration” A/c. No : 007501000000111 IFSC Code: IOBA 0000075 Bank : Indian Overseas Bank, Purasawalkam Branch, Chennai – 7. TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2020 / PAGE 10

or FChildren

Day of

Acts 2:1-47

When the day of Pentecost was fully come they were all with one accord in one place.


Suddenly there came a sound from They were filled with the Holy Heaven as of a rushing mighty Spirit and began to speak with other wind and filled the home where tongues as the Spirit gave them they were sitting. utterance.

When this was heard, multitude All were amazed but some said gathered and were confounded that they were full of new wine. every man heard them speak in his own language.

But Peter stood up amidst the eleven and lifted up his voice to them.

He asked them to listen to his words. He told them they were not drunk as it was early in the day.

He reminded them of what Prophet Joel prophesied that in the last days God would pour His Spirit on all flesh.

Those who heard this were pricked in their hearts and asked Peter what they should do.

Peter told them to repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins.

They obeyed and gladly received his word and got baptised.

They continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine and fellowship in the breaking of bread and prayers.


PROPHET of the Century


A biography of late Rev. Dr. John Joseph

(Part 101)


This time I am going to write about the 3 of the three sisters about whom I wrote about last month. She and her husband were prayer warriors and good supporters of Bro. John Joseph's ministry. Both husband and wife used to kneel upright during meetings especially in our Friday meetings when people from the congregation were asked to pray. This elderly couple remained as testimonies for God though they lost their son at a very young age. They were strengthened by God's grace and through the prayers of God's servants. One day the elderly brother went to be with the LORD leaving his wife behind. The LORD strengthened this sister. She then began attending the meetings along with her elder sister. One could see her focusing on the Word of God. She remained a witness for what she heard. The LORD blessed her family. She too, though she has advanced in age holds on to the LORD and still is a prayer warrior for our ministry though she cannot travel. This elderly person is very zealous for God's servants. She gets very furious when people talk about God's servants. ... to be continued

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B.Th. (3 years, 90 Credit hours)


Admissions open for 2019-2020

The Co-ordinator, ZOE Bible College and Theological University Phone: 044-26402222, 26403333 Email: info@zoebcts.org Many joined the fifth batch to study in depth the Bible. Our faculty with Bishop. Rt. Rev. Lawrence Gunasekaran and Dr. Romy Chacko as Principal teach the Bible College Students the unadulterated Word of God. Kindly enrol immediately and call our prayer centre to get registered. The classes are held in the evenings between 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. once a week. Correspondence courses are also available as per your need. Join immediately.

Eligibility: 12th pass / D.Th.

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Masters in Theology (M.Th.) The course is for two years. If you would like to join call immediately to the following numbers:26402222, 26403333 & 26472645 and enroll yourself. TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2020 / PAGE 12


“But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name” (John 20:31)

Miracle through Prayer Tower My name is Narmada. I suffered from urinary infection several times. I never used to have any relief. I went to many doctors but I was never healed. The infection kept coming back to me again and again. I long for a permanent healing. My only hope was in God my healer. One day my brother seeing my desperate situation rang up Dr. John Joseph Deliverance Prayer Center. He requested them to pray for me. The prayer warrior prayed over the phone for me. To my immense happiness I received my healing immediately. The good LORD heard his prayers and healed me immediately. All glory goes to God. I thank the prayer center for their fervent prayers. Sis. Narmada "... Let us rise up and build..." Nehemiah 2:18.

Urgent Need: The ministry of "My Daily Strength" needs about 3 to 5 grounds of land in and around Egmore, Doveton, Purasawalkam and Kellys. Kindly pray for it and donors who are led by the Spirit of God to donate the land or willing to contribute for this purpose are most welcome. God bless you.



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God’s Word:


Skidmore Hall,

Balar Kalvi Nilayam (BKN), Anita Mat. School Campus, Off Ritherdon Road, (Sick and needy will be prayed for individually) Vepery, Chennai-600 007.

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar


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For the glory of God every morning God's Word comes knocking at your door through your mobile phone through YouTube. As led by the Spirit of God, “In His Presence”, a breakfast time with Rev. Dr. J. Samuel st Sudhakar was dedicated towards the extension of God's Kingdom on November 1 2019. It is a four minutes God's Word with prayer that you can watch as you have your breakfast and be blessed. TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2019 2020 / PAGE 14

cºï^ ļïV>«M¦tòÍm...

þ¤üm¡Âz^ ¸öB\Vª kìï¼e, gõ¦k«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ ÖMç\BVª åV\Ý]_ cºïçe kVµÝmþ¼Å[. 2020, Ûª kö \V>D x>_ åVe[® ¸.¼ï.¨[. g½â¼¦VöBD, ØÄ[çª d7_ åç¦ØÃuÅ yìÂï>öĪ AÝ>Võ| kâ¦Ýç> ïìÝ>ì gæìk]Ý>Vì. ¼>k gsBVª kì Øk¹©Ã|Ý]ª ïVöBºïÓD, °uïª ¼k ¼>k[ cç«Ým Wçżk¤BçkïÓD Ûª ºïÓÂz ¨|Ýmç«Âï©Ãâ¦m. ¸[kòD kVÂzÝ>Ý>ºïçe ïìÝ>ì cºïÓÂz x[ÃVï çkÂzDý °sª Vì. “c[ >ï©ÃÐç¦B ¼>kª V¼é ¶©Ã½BVlu®, ¶kì cª ÂzÝ mçðBVlò©ÃVì; Äìkk_ék«V¼é ¶©Ã½BVlu®; ¶kì cB«kVª Ý]oòÍm cõ¦VzD gæìkV>ºï¹ª VKD, ÿ¼w gwÝ]_ cõ¦VzD gæìkV>ºï¹ª VKD, ü>ª ºïÓÂzD ïì©Ãº ïÓÂzD cöB gæìkV>ºï¹ª VKD c[çª gæìk]©ÃVì” (g]BVï\D 49:25). “... Ö¼>V, åV[ Îò c¦[ýÂçïÃõbþ¼Å[; ¯tØBºzD ¨Í> ÛV]﹦Ý]KD ØÄFB©Ã¦V> ¶]ÄBºïçe c[ Ûª ºï^ ¨_éVòÂz x[ÃVï¡D ØÄF¼k[; c[¼ª V¼¦í¦ ÖòÂþÅ Ûª ºï^ ¨_éVòD ïìÝ>òç¦B ØÄFçïçB ïVõÃVìï^; c[¼ª V¼¦í¦ ÖòÍm, åV[ ØÄF¥D ïVöBD ÃBºï«\VlòÂzD” (BVÝ]«Vï\D 34:10). “À c[ ¼>kª VþB ïìÝ>òÂz© Ãö·Ý> Ûª D, ¯ßÄÂï«Ý]K^e ¨_éV Ûª ºï¹KD c[ ¼>kª VþB ïìÝ>ì c[çª Ý >\Âzß ØÄVÍ>\VlòÂzDý Ø>öÍmØïVõ¦Vì” (cÃVï\D 7:6). “ïìÝ>ì Äïé ¼åVFïçe¥D c[çª sâ| séÂzkVì; cª ÂzÝ Ø>öÍ]òÂþÅ ¨þ©]Bö[ ØïV½B ¼«Vïºï¹_ Î[®D c[¼\_ k«©ÃõðV\_, c[çª © ÃçïÂþÅ BVkì¼\KD ¶çkïçe k«©ÃõbkVì” (cÃVï\D 7:15). “c[ ïì©ÃÝ][ ïM¥D, c[ WéÝ][ ïM¥D, c[ \V|ï¹_ ØÃòÂïxD, c[ g|ï¹[ \Íç>ïÓ\VþB c[ tòïýk[ï¹[ ÃéÐD gæìk]Âï©Ãâ½òÂzD” (cÃVï\D 28:4). “Ö[® åV[ cª Âz s]ÂþÅ c[ ¼>kª VþB ïìÝ>ö[ ïâ¦çeïçe çïÂØïV^e¡D ¶çkï¹[ý å¦Âï¡D ¶çkïÓÂzß ØÄsØïV|ÝmkÍ>V_, ïìÝ>ì c[çª kVéVÂïV\_ >çéBVÂzkVì, À ÿwVïV\_ ¼\éVkVF” (cÃVï\D 28:14). “BV¼Ãü Öü«¼ko[ ¼>kçª ¼åVÂþ: ¼>kZì ¨[çª gæìk]Ým, ¨[ ¨_çéçB©ØÃö>VÂþ, c\m ï«D ¨[¼ª V½òÍm, yºz ¨[çª Ý mÂï©Ã|Ý>V>ýÂz ¶>uz ¨[çª séÂþ ïVÝ>òÓD ¨[® ¼kõ½ÂØïVõ¦V[; ¶k[ ¼kõ½ÂØïVõ¦ç>Ý ¼>k[ ¶ò¹ª Vì” (1 åVeVï\D 4:10). “¨ª Âz ýkçª Ý >Í>mD ¶_éV\_, >Bçk¥D ¨ª Âz©ÃV«Vâ½Ìì; cDxç¦B ëV\ö©A ¨[ gsçB ïV©ÃVu¤ª m” (¼BVA 10:12). “c[ çïï¹[ ¸«BVÄÝç> À ÄV©¸|kVF; cª Âz©ÃVÂþBxD å[ç\¥D cõ¦VlòÂzD” (ĺÿ>D 128:2). “åV[ ¶kìï¼eV¼¦ Ä\V>Vª c¦[ýÂçï ØÄF¼k[; ¶m ¶kìïÓÂz WÝ]B c¦[ýÂçïBVlòÂzD; åV[ ¶kìïçe Wçé©Ã|Ý], ¶kìïçe kìÝ]Âï©Ãõè, ¶kìï^ å|s¼é ¨[ Ãö·Ý> ü>éÝç> ¨[ØÅ[çÅÂzD ü>V¸©¼Ã[. ¨[ kVÄü>éD ¶kì﹦Ý]_ ÖòÂzD, åV[ ¶kìï^ ¼>kª Vlò©¼Ã[, ¶kìï^ ¨[ Ûª \Vlò©ÃVìï^” (¨¼ÄÂþ¼B_ 37:26,27). “¶kì \«ðÝç> ØÛB\Vï s¿ºz kVì; ïìÝ>«VþB ¼>k[ ¨_éV xïºï¹KtòÍm ïõ§ ç«Ý mç¦Ým, >\m Ûª Ý][ WÍç>çB© ¯tlo«V>ýÂz xu¤KD ÀÂþs|kVì; ïìÝ>¼« Öç>ß ØÄV[ª Vì” (°ÄVBV 25:8). “ïìÝ>ì>V¼\ cª Âz x[ ÃVï© ¼ÃVþÅkì, ¶kì c[¼ª V¼¦ Öò©ÃVì; ¶kì c[çª sâ| sézkmt_çé, c[çª Â çïs|kmt_çé; À ÃB©Ã¦¡D ïéºï¡D ¼kõ¦VD...” (cÃVï\D 31:8). ¼>k[ ¶ò¹B ÖÍ> kVÂzÝ>Ý>ºïçe ¶Ð]ª xD ØÄVÍ>\VÂzºï^. ÖçkïçeÝ ]BVMÝm, cºïÓÂØï[® cöç\ÃV«Vâ|ºï^. ¶©ØÃV¿m ÖçkïØe_éVD Ö[®x>_ cºï^ kVµÂçïl_ ÄDÃs©Ãç> ïVõ¬ìï^. ÖÍ> Ö>µ cºï^ 﫺ï¹_ >k¿D¼ÃVm Ûª kö 31, ¸©«kö 1 \u®D 2 gþB ¼>]ï¹_ å\m kò¦VÍ]«ï[Øk[rª VþB Ä\V>Vª ©ØÃòswVçk WçÅ¡ ØÄF]ò©¼ÃVD. ¶kÄ« ØÛà c>sÂz, 044d26402222, 26403333, 26472645, \u®D 9841028377, 9941177777, 9345056777, 9345156773 gþB ¨õï¹_ Ø>V¦ìAØïV^Óºï^. kò¦x¿kmD 24 \è¼å«xD cºïÓÂïVï ØÛ¸Âï gBÝ>\VlòÂþ¼ÅVD. ¦V¦ì ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ©Wçª ¡ ØÛÃç\BÝ][ ï>¡ï^ Îò¼ÃVmD ¶ç¦Âï©Ã|k]_çé. ¼>k[ cºï¼eV½ò©ÃVì. ØÛúïÓ¦ÐD gæìkV>ºïÓ¦ÐD WçÅ¡ØÄFþ¼Å[.

¼>k »aB[, cºï^ ļïV>«[, (Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì) TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2020 / PAGE 15



¶¤Í]òÂþSìïeV? ""¶kì ¨òļéxÂz^ ¸«¼kEÂçïl_, åï«Ý>Vì BVkòD gßÄöB©Ãâ|, Ökì BVì? ¨[® sÄVöÝ >Vìï^'' ( \ݼ>¥ 21:20). gõ¦kòD Ö«âÄïò\VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ åV\D ü¼>VÝ]öÂï©Ã|k>Vï. ïìÝ>ì å_ékì, ¶kì þòçà ¨[®x^em.

¼>kçªÝ >M©Ã⦠xçÅl_ ¶¤Ím ØïV^Ó>_ 1. gõ¦kö[ x[z¤Ý>çé¥D Ø>öÍm ØïV^Ó>çé¥D Øî>_ ""¶kìï^ ¨òļéxÂzß Ä*Ã\VFß ¼ÄìÍ> Îok \çéÂz ¶òïVª ØÃÝüï¥Âz kÍ>¼ÃVm, Ö¼B·kVª kì ærö_ Ö«õ|¼Ãç« ¼åVÂþ: cºïÓÂz ¨]¼« ÖòÂþÅ þ«V\ÝmÂz© ¼ÃVºï^; ¼ÃVª ¡¦¼ª , ¶º¼ï Îò ï¿ç>çB¥D ¶>¼ª V¼¦ Îò zâ½çB¥D ïâ½lòÂï ïVõ ¬ìï^; ¶çkïçe ¶sµÝm ¨[M¦Ý]_ ØïVõ|kVòºï^'' ¨[ÅVì. ¶ºz ï⦩Ãâ½òÍ> ï¿ç>çB¥D ¶>[ zâ½çB¥D z¤Ým æ¦ìï^ ¶¤BV\oòÍ>Vìï^. ¶m \â|\_éV\_, ¶çk ï¹[ xÂþBÝmkÝç>Âz¤Ým ¶Í> ï¿ç>l[ ¨Û\Vª ÐD ¶¤ BV]òÍ>V[. Ö¼B·¡ÂzÝ ¼>çk©Ãâ¦çkïÓ^ ÖçkïÓD Î[ÅVzD. ¼>k[ >Dxç¦B \þç\ÂïVï åDç\ cüBVï© Ã|Ý> sòD¸ª V_, ¶kö[ x[z¤Ý>o[ý åVD ¨ºþò©¸ÐD åDç\Ý Ø>öÍmØïV^ÓþÅVì. Öm¼k ¼>k ¶[ÃVzD. åVD Îò¼kçe \M>ì ï¹[ ïõïÓÂzÝ Ø>[æV>kìïeVï¡D ¨¹Bk «Vï¡D Öò©¸ÐD, ¼>k[ åDç\ ¶¤Ím, ïöÄçª ¥^ek«VlòÂþÅVì. Ö¼B·¡Âz ¨[ª ¼kõ|D ¨[Ãç> ærìï^ ¶©ØÃV¿m ¶¤BV\oòÍ>ª ì. ¶Ë¼kçel_ ¶kì ï¿ç>çB¥D ¶>[ zâ½çB¥D >Dt¦Ý]_ ¶sµÝm ØïVõ|kòDý í¤ª Vì. ¶çkï^ ÖòÍ> Ö¦Ýç> Ö¼B· ¶¤Í]òÍ>Vì. åDç\ß ·u¤Ktò©ÃkìïeV_ åVD ¶¤B©Ã¦V\oò ïéVD. gª V_, ¼>k[ åDç\ ¶¤Í]òÂþÅVì. ""Îòk[ °>VþKD ï¿ç>ïçeÂz¤Ým cºï

¹¦Ý]_ ¼ïâ¦V_ Öm gõ¦kòÂz ¼kõ|D ¨[® ØÄV_Kºï^'' ¨[ÅVì. Öm¼k ·s¼Är ØÄF]BVzD. åVD ¼>kª V_ ¶çwÂï©Ãâ|, ¶Ð©Ã©Ãâ¦V_ ¶½ç\Ý>ª Ý]oò©Ãkìïçe ¶kö[ ¼åVÂïÝ]uïVï s|sÂzDý cüBVï© Ã|ÝmkVì. ¼>k[ Öü«¼k_ Ûª ºïçe ¼åEÝ>Vì. ¶kìï^ kVÂzÝ>Ý>DÃõð©Ã⦠¼>ÄÝç>ß ·>Í>öÂï ¼kõ|D ¨[® ¶kì sòD¸ª Vì. ¶kìïÓÂz x[ÃVïß Øĺï¦KD ¼BVì>VÐD W[Åm. glÐD ¶çkïçe ï¦Ím ØÄ_KDý ¼>k[ ¶kì ïÓÂz c>sØÄF>Vì. ¶m ¼>kÐç¦B ¼kçe BVF ÖòÍ>ýBV_ ¶çkï^ ¶kìïÓÂz kas¦ ¼kõ½B>VlòÍ>m. åVD ¼>kÐÂzÝ ¼>çk©Ã|D ØÃV¿m, ¶kì åDç\ ¨|Ým© ÃB[Ã|ÝmþÅVì. ¶kì ÎòkòD ¼Ä«Âí¦V> ιl_ kVÄD Ãõb þÅkì. ¨ª ¼k>V[ Ö¼B· Ö©¯tl_ Öźþ k«¼kõ½lòÍ>m. Ö¼B·s[ »aBD cç«Âï© Ã|D kVìÝç>BVï ÖòÍ>m. ¨ª ¼k>V[ ¶kì cç«ÂzD¼ÃVm ¶m ¶©Ã½¼B Wçżk¤Bm. ""¶©Ã½¼B ¨[ kVloòÍm AÅ©Ã|D kĪ xD ÖòÂzD. ¶m Øk®ç\BVF ¨[M¦Ý]uzÝ ]òDÃV\_, ¶m åV[ sòDAþÅç>ß ØÄFm, åV[ ¶ç> ¶Ð©¸ª ïVöB\VzDý kVFÂzD'' (°ÄVBV 55:11) ¨[® kVEÂþ[¼ÅVD. Ö¼B· þ¤üm¡Âz^ >ºþlòÂzD ¶kö[ ¸^çeïÓÂzD Ö¼> k_éç\¥D ¶]ïV«xD cõ|. ÃçwB °uÃVâ½[ ïVéÝ]_ Ûª ºï^ yìÂï>öEçB ¼åVÂþ© ÃVìÝ>Vìï^. °Øª M_, Ãö·Ý> gsBVª kì ¶kì ïÓÂz^ úzúïVï ïVð©Ãâ¦Vì. gª V_, ÖÍåVâï¹_ Ãö·Ý> gsBVª kì WçÅkVF ïVð©Ã|þÅVì. ¶kì >Dxç¦B k_éç\çB ¶çª kòÂzD ØïV|Ý]òÂþÅVì. Ö¼B·kVª kì ï¿ç>çB ¶sµÂïß ØÄ[Å Ö«õ| ærìïçe¥D ÃVìÝm, ""Îòk[ cºïÓÂz °>VþKD ØÄV[ª V_: Ö ç k ï ^ g õ ¦k ò  z ¼ k õ | Ø \ [ ® ØÄV_Kºï^'' ¨[® í¤BЩ¸ª Vì. gD, ֩ýÝ>V[ åVD gÝm\VÂïçe g>VBÞØÄFB ¼kõ|D. ærìï^ Ö¼B·¡Âz ÿµ©Ã½Ím, ¼>k \þç\çB ïõ¦Vìï^. ¼>k[ åDç\© ÃVìÝmß


ØÄF¥Dý Îò ïVöBÝç> ¼ïâ|ÂØïVõ¦V_, å \ m Q V ª Ý ç > ç k Ý m ¶ k ö ¦D ¼ ï ^ s ¼ïâïÂí¦Vm. ¶>uz© Ã]éVï ¶kç« åD¸, ÿµ©Ã½Í>V_, Ö¼B·s_ ¨[®D Äͼ>Vr\VF ÖòÂïx½¥D. ¶>[¸[A ¶kö[ \þç\çB ïVðx½¥D.

2. ·B \þç\çB ïçeÍms|ºï^ ""ærìï^ ¼ÃVF, Ö¼B· >ºïÓÂz ïâ¦çe lâ¦Ã½¼B ØÄFm, ï¿ç>çB¥D zâ½çB¥D ØïVõ|kÍm, ¶çkï^¼\_ >ºï^ kü]«º ïçe© ¼ÃVâ|, ¶kç« °u¤ª Vìï^'' (\ݼ>¥ 21:7). ærìï^ ï¿ç>çBÂ ïª ©Ã|Ýmk>uïVïÝ >ºï^ kü]«ºïçe ï¿ç>l[¼\_ ¼ÃV¦ s_çé. \VÅVï, Ö¼B·çk \þç\©Ã|Ý>¼k ¶©Ã½ß ØÄF>Vìï^. ¶kìï^ >ºïÓç¦B \þç\ BVçk¥D mÅÍ>Vìï^. gõ¦kì Ö¼B·çk z¤Ý> ¶¤s_ zçÅ¡Ãâ½ò©Ã>V_ Ö¼B·çk \þç\©Ã|Ý>, Eé¼å«ºï¹_ åVD ¶kòç¦B \þç\ÂïVï Eé ]BVïºïçeß ØÄFB åD\V_ x½k]_çé. Ö¼B·çkß ·\Ím ØÄ_KD ÃVÝ]«Ýç> \VÝ]«¼\ åVD ÃVìÂþ¼ÅVD. gª V_, ¶>uz^ ÖòÂzD Ö¼B·çk åVD ÃVìÂïÝ >k¤s|þ¼ÅVD. ֩ý©Ã⦠ØÄFçïBVª m \Âïçe© ¸ösçª Âz^ ØïVõ| ØÄ_KþÅm. Ö¼B·çk Øk¹Ý¼>VuÅÝ][ý, ¶>Vkm Îò >ßÄÐç¦B z\V«ª Vï ïVõÃkìï^, ¶k¼« Øk¹©Ã⦠¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç> ¨[Ãç> ¶¤BÝ >k®þÅVìï^. Îò¼ÃVmD ¼>kÐç¦B »aBì ïçeÝ >«ÂzçÅkVï ¨õð¼kõ¦VD. ¶kìï^ Îò¼kçe ÃVì©Ã>uz °çwçB©¼ÃV_ ¼>VuÅ \¹Ý>VKD, ¶kìïÓÂz^ ÖòÂzD Ö¼B·çk¥D ¶¸¼rïÝç>¥D ÃVìÂï¼kõ|D. ¶kìïçe Îò¼ÃVmD ÃöBVÄD ØÄFB¼kõ¦VD. Öç>Ý>V[ Ö¼B·s[ ærìïÓD ØÄF>Vìï^. ¶kìï^ Ö¼B·çkÂ ïª ©Ã|Ý]ª Vìï^.

3. ¼>çkBuÅ ïVöBºïçe© AÅÂï襺ï^ \uÅ tòïºïçe© ÃVìÂþKD ¼>k[ ï¿ç>çBÝ Ø>öÍmØïVõ¦Vì. ï¿ç> cç>ÂzD zðD cç¦Bm ¨[Ãç>Ý Ø>öÍ]òÍmD ïìÝ>ì ¶>çª Ý Ø>öÍmØïVõ¦Vì. >[ ¨Û\Vª çª Ý >s« ¼k® ¶çª kç«¥D ï¿ç> cç>ÝmÝ >^¹s|D. Öç>©¼ÃV[¼Å åVxD åDxç¦B ¨Û\Vª ª VþB Ö¼B· þ¤ümçkÝ >s« \uÅ ¶çª Ýç>¥D cç>ÝmÝ >^¹s¦¼kõ|D. ¼>k[ °ÄVBV 13_ cç«Ý]ò©Ãç> ïkM©¼ÃVD. ""\V| >[ ¨Û \ V ç ª ¥ D , ï ¿ ç > > [ g õ ¦k M [ x [ ª ç ð ç B ¥ D ¶ ¤ ¥ D ; Ö ü «¼ k ¼ é V

¶¤s_éV\KD, ¨[ Ûª D cðìs_éV\KD ÖòÂþÅm'' ¨[ÅVì. ÖÍ> åV¹KD åVD åDxç¦B gõ¦kòD ¨Û\Vª Ð\VþB Ö¼B· þ¤ümçk ¶¤ÍmØïV^¼kVD. ]«eVª Ûª ºï^ kü]«º ïçe kal¼é 멸ª Vìï^. >ºïÓç¦B ¶[çà ֩ý©Ã⦠s>Ý]_ ¶kìï^ Øk¹©Ã|Ý] ïV⽪ Vìï^. ÖÍ> åV¹KD åVD ¼>kÐÂïVï ¨[ª ØÄFþ¼ÅVD? tï¡D zçÅkVª ïVöBºïçe ¶_é¼kV ¶kòÂØï[® ØïV|Âþ¼ÅVD. åVD \ª xkÍm gõ¦kòÂØï[® ØÄF>V_ ¶kì å\Âz© ¸«]Ãé[ ¶¹©ÃVì. Ö¼B·¡ÂïVï åV[ ¨[ª ØÄFþ¼Å[ ¨[Ãm åDxç¦B ¼åVÂï\Vï ÖòÂzØ\[ÅV_, ¶>uïVª gæìkV>D WßÄBD cõ|. ""x[ 妩ÃVòD ¸[ 妩ÃVò\VþB ]«eVª Ûª ºï^ >VT][ z\V«ÐÂz {Ä[ª V! ïìÝ>ö[ åV\Ý]ª V¼é kòþÅkì ü¼>VÝ]öÂï© Ãâ¦kì. c[ª >Ý]¼é {Ä[ª V ¨[® ØÄV_o gì©ÃöÝ>Vìï^'' ¨[®, \ݼ>¥ 21:9_ kVEÂþ ¼ÅVD. ""c[ª >Ý]¼é ¼>kÐÂz \þç\'' ¨[® ¼ > k # > ì ï ^ Ö ¼ B · s [ ¸ Å ©¸ [ ¼ à V m í¤ª Vìï^. gª V_ Ö©ØÃV¿m ¼å«D kÍ>m. ¼>kz\V«[ >Dç\Ý >V¼\ ýk ÃoBVï ï_kVö EKçkl_ ΩAÂØïV|Âï ¼kõ½lòÍ>m. ÖÍ> ¼kçel_ Ûª ºï^ c[ª >Ý]¼é {Ä[ª V ¨[® gì©ÃöÝ>Vìï^.

4. ¼>kÐç¦B »aBìïçe¥D ¶kö[ ØÄF]çB¥D °u®ÂØïV^Óºï^ ""¶kì ¨òļéxÂz^ ¸«¼kEÂçïl_, åï«Ý>Vì BVkòD gßÄöB©Ãâ|, Ökì BVì? ¨[® sÄVöÝ >Vìï^'' (\ݼ>¥ 21:10). Ö¼B· ¨òļéxÂz^ ¸«¼kEÂçïl_ ¶kö[ Öò>BD ¶çÄÍ>m. Ûª ºï^ ¨_éVòD, ""Ökì BVì?'' ¨[® sÄVöÝ >Vìï^. ¶kìï^ ïõï¹òÍmD ÃVìÂïx½BV> kìïeV¥D, Öò>BD ÖòÍmD cð«V>kìïeV¥D ïVð©Ãâ¦Vìï^. ""°ÄVBVs[ yìÂï>öĪ D ¶kì﹦Ý]_ Wçżk®þÅm; ¶>Vkm: ïV>V«Â ¼ïâ|D cð«V]ò©¬ìï^; ïõðV«Â ïõ|D ¶¤BV]ò©¬ìï^'' (\ݼ>¥ 13:14). Ökì BVì? ¨[® ¼ ï â ï ¼ k õ ½ B ¼ å «D Ö m k _ é . g ª V _ , ¨òļét_ ¶uA>ºïçe¥D ¶]ÄBºïçe¥D ØÄF> gõ¦kç« cðìÍmØïV^e ¼kõ½B ¼å«D ÖmkVzD. ¶kö[ ÃéÝ> þöçBïçe ¶kìï^ ïõðV«Â ïõ¦Vìï^. Öçkï^ Öò©¸ÐD, Ö¼B· BVì? ¨[Ãç> ¶¤ÍmØïV^eÝ >k¤ª Vìï^. ¶uA>ºïçe¥D ¶]ÄBºïçe¥D ¶kì ØÄF>¼ÃVm ¶kç« Îò ÄV>V«ð yìÂï>öE ¨[® ¶çwÝ>Vìï^. ·òÂï\VïÂ í¤ª V_, ¶kì ¼\EBV ¨[Ãç> cðìÍmØïV^eÝ >k¤ª Vìï^.


¨ª ¼ k > V [ ¶ k ì , ¨ò Ä ¼ é ç \ © à V ì Ý m , ""¨òļé¼\, ¨òļé¼\, yìÂï>öEïçe ØïVçéØÄFm, c[M¦Ý]_ ¶Ð©Ã©Ã⦠kìïçe ï_Øé¤þÅk¼e! ¼ïVa >[ zÞ· ïçeÝ >[ EÅzï¹_ ÿ¼w íâ½ß ¼ÄìÝm ØïV^ÓD kõð\Vï åV[ ¨Ý>çª >«¼\V c[ ¸^çeïçe íâ½ß ¼ÄìÝm ØïV^e \ª >V lòͼ>[; cºïÓ¼ïV \ª ]_éV\u¼ÃVlu®'' (\ݼ>¥ 23:37) ¨[® kVEÂþ¼ÅVD. ¨òļéç\ z¤Ým Ö¼B· í¤Bm ¨[ª ? ¶kìï^ >ºï ¹¦Ý]_ ¶Ð©Ã©Ãâ¦kìïçe ï_Øé¤ Ím ØïVçé ØÄF>Vìï^. yìÂï>öEï^ ¼>kÐç¦B ]⦺ïçe Øk¹©Ã|Ý] ïVâ½B¼ÃVm, ¶kìïçe ¶ºþïöÂïV\_, ¶kìïçe ï_Øé¤Ím ØïVçéØÄF>ª ì. gõ¦kì í¤Bç> ¶kìï^ °u®ÂØïV^eÝ >k¤B¼ÃVm ¶kö[ Öò>BD mÂï\ç¦Í>m. ·BÀ]lª V_ ¶kìï¹[ ïõï^ zò¦VÂï©Ãâ¦>V_ ¶kìï^ ¼>kÐç¦B Ö«Vë÷BÝ ]uz ¼å«Vï kaå¦Ý>©Ã¦V\_, kaséþß ØÄ[Ū ì. ¼ïVa >[ zÞ·ïçeÝ >[ EÅzï¹[ ÿ¼w íâ½ß ¼ÄìÝmÂØïV^ÓD kõð\Vï ¶kì ¨Ý>çª >«¼\V >Dxç¦B ¸^çeïçe íâ½ß ¼ÄìÝmÂØïV^e \ª >VlòÍ>VKD ¶kìïÓ¼ïV \ª ]_éV\u ¼ÃVlu®. ¼>k ¼ïVÃVÂþçª loòÍm ¶kìïçeÝ >©AsÂzDý ¶¼åï ¼å«ºï¹_ ¨ßÄö©¸[ ¶ç¦BVeÝç> ¶kì ïÓÂz ¶kì >\m yìÂï>öEï¹[JéD ¶Ð©¸B ¼ÃVmD ¶kìï^ ØÄs ÄVFÂïs_çé. ¼>k ÄÝ>D åDç\ ¼åVÂþ kòþÅm. cºï^ Öò>Bºïçeß æì©Ã|Ýmºï^. åVD Ö¼B·çk ¨©Ã½© ÃVìÂþ[¼ÅVD? cºï^ ýsBÝç>ß ¼ÄV]Ým© ÃVòºï^. å\Âz gõ¦kò¦[ ØåòºþB nÂþBD ¼kõ|D.

5. Ö¼B·çkß ÄÍ]ÂzD >VïD å\Âz ¼kõ|D Ä¼ï¥ ¨[® ¶çwÂï©Ã⦠\M>çª Â ïkMÝm© ÃVòºï^. ¶kÐç¦B Öò>BD Ö¼B·çk ïVð kVÞEÝ>m. ¨òļét[ Ûª ºï^, Ökì BVì? ¨[® ¼ïâ|ÂØïVõ½òÍ>¼ÃVm, ļ良kV ¶kç« ¶¤ÍmØïV^e¼kõ|D ¨[® ¶kç«Ý ¼>½ª V[. Ö¼B·s[ ¶uA>ºïçe z¤Ým ¶k[ ¼ï^s© Ãâ|, ¶kì BVì ¨[Ãç> ïVð kVÞEÝ>V[. ¶m¼k ¶kÐç¦B kVµÂçïl[ gæìkV>Ý][ mkÂï\VzD. Ä¼ï¥ còkÝ]_ z^eª VF ÖòÍ> ¼ÃV]KD, ¨©Ã½BVþKD Ö¼B·çk ïVð¼kõ|D ¨[® {½, Îò ïVâ¦Ý] \«Ý]_ °¤ª V[. ¶k[ n·köBkVª VF ÖòÍ>>V_ Îò «>Ýç> ¶Ð©¸, Ö¼B·çkÝ >[ Tâ½uz kòDý ¶çwÝm© ÃVìÂïéVD ¨[® ÖòÍms¦s_çé.

ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm BVì ¨[Ãç> ¶¤Ím ØïVõ¦k«VF, ¶©¼ÃVü>éª VþB á_, ""åV[ s·kVEÂþÅkì Ö[ª Vì ¨[® ¶¤ ¼k['' (2 y¼\Vݼ>¥ 1:12) ¨[® í®þ[ÅVì. Ä¡éVï ÖòÍ> ¶k[ >\üz¡Âzß ØÄ[® ØïVõ½òÍ> ¼ÃVm, ""Ä¡¼é, Ä¡¼é, À ¨[çª °[ m[éÃ|Ým þ Å V F ¨[ ® > [ Ð ¦¼ ª Ø Ä V _ K þ Å Î ò ÄÝ>Ýç> ¼ïâ¦V[. ... x^¹_ cç>ÂþÅm cª Âz ェ \VD'' ¨[ÅVì (¶©¼ÃVü>éì 9:4,5) ¨[® kVEÂþ¼ÅVD. x^¹_ ÖòÍm ¼\V¼ÄÂzÝ >Dç\ Øk¹©Ã|Ý]B ¼\V¼Äl[ ¼>k[ ¶kì ¨[Ãç>©Ã¡_ ¶¤ÍmØïVõ¦Vì. ""Ö¼B· ¶Í> Ö¦Ý]_ kÍ>¼ÃVm, ¶õðVÍm ÃVìÝm, ¶kçª Â ïõ|: ļ良k, À æÂþ«\VF Öźþ kV, Ö[çÅÂz åV[ c[ Tâ½¼é >ºï ¼kõ|D ¨[ÅVì. ¶k[ æÂþ«\VF Öźþ, Äͼ>Vrݼ>V¼¦ ¶kç« ¶çwÝmÂØïVõ| ¼ÃVª V['' (ÙÂïV 19:5,6). Ö¼B·çkÝ >[ Tâ½_ °u®ÂØïV^e ¶k[ >z]BuÅk[ ¨[Ãç> cðìÍ>V[. Îò ¶uA>Ýç> åV½ ¶k[ Ö¼B·çk ¼åVÂþ {¦s_çé. Ö¼B· ļï¥s[ Öò>BÝç> ¶¤ Í]òÍ>>V_ ¶kçª Âz¤ Ým ÎòkòD ¶kö¦D EÃVö· ØÄFB¼kõ½B>VlòÂï s_çé. å\Âz \Ý]Bü>ì Îòk¼«. ¶kì å\ÂïVï ÖÍ>© ¯ t l _ Ö Å º þ k Í > g õ ¦k «V þ B Ö ¼ B · þ¤üm¼k. Ãö¼ÄBòD Äm¼ÄBòD Ö¼B· BVì ¨[Ãç> ¶¤ÍmØïV^eÝ >k¤ª Vìï^. gª V_, gBÂïV«ª VlòÍm Ä¼ï¥ ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤ümçk ¶¤Ím ØïVõ¦V[. Ö¼B·çkÝ >ª m Tâ½_ °u®ÂØïVõ¦]ª V_, ¶k[ kVµÂçïl oòÍm ÃVkD séþ {½Bm. Ø>FTï Ä\V>Vª Ý ç>¥D Äͼ>VrÝç>¥D ØÃuÅÐÃsÝ>V[. Ö[® Àºï^ cºïÓç¦B Öò>BÝç> g«VFÍm ÃVìÝm, Ö¼B· ¨ª Âz BV«Vï ÖòÂþÅVì? ¨[Ãç> g«VFÍm ÃVòºï^. ¶kì ¨[Ðç¦B Ö«âÄïòD *âÃòD ÃöïVö¥\VlòÂþÅV«V ¨[Ãç> ïõ| ØïVõ|, Ö[¼Å ¶kç« °u®ÂØïV^Óºï^. ¶©ØÃV¿m Ä¼ï¥ ØÃu®ÂØïVõ¦ Äͼ>VrÝ ç>¥D, Ä\V>Vª Ýç>¥D, Ö«âE©çÃ¥D ØÃu®Â ØïV^ÓTìï^. cºï^ mÂïD Äͼ>Vr\VF \V®D. cºï^ ïõ§ ì BV¡D mç¦Âï©Ã|D. Ö¼B·s_ åD¸ÂçïBVlòºï^. åV[ ÃVs>V[ gª VKD Àì \VÄuÅ Ö«Ý>D EÍ]Ìì. kV ¨[® ¨[çª ¶çwÝyìd¨[ *âü«kͼ>[... kͼ>[... ¨[® í®ºï^. ¼>k[ cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì.


¶©¼ÃVü>éìïeV_ åç¦ØÃuÅ ÃéÝ> ¶uA>ºï^ ·ï\¹ÂzD ØÄF]ï^



¨¼Ã·s_ åç¦ØÃuÅ


¶©¼ÃVü>éì 19:11,12 28:9,10 “áo[ çï﹪ V¼é ¼>k[ s¼Ä´Ý> ¶uA>ºïçeß ØÄF>ò¹ª Vì” (¶©¼ÃVü>éì 19:11). ïìÝ>òD Ö«âÄïò\VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ åV\Ý]uzÝ m]¥õ¦Vk>Vï. ïìÝ>ì å_ékì, ¶kì þòçà ¨[®x^em.

Ö¦ºïçeÂz¤Ým ¼>kÐç¦B ïöÄçª ¶õ¦Ä«VÄ«ºïçe¥D Eòi½Ý> ïìÝ>ì céïx¿kmD E>¤lòÂzD >Dxç¦B ¸^çe ïçeÂz¤Ým ïöÄçª ¼BV½òÂþÅVì. Ûª ºï^, ¶_ém Îò ¼>ÄD ÃVkÞØÄF¥D¼ÃVm ¼>kÐç¦B WBVBÝy쩸M[® ¶kìï^ >©ADý ¶kì >Dxç¦B yìÂï>öçÄïçe¥D ¶©¼ÃVü>éì ïçe¥D ¶Ð©AþÅVì. ¶¼>¼kçel_, >VD Îòk¼« Äìkk_éç\¥^e ¼>k[ ¨[Ãç> Ûª ºï^ ¶¤¥Dý ¶kìï^ \Ý]l_ ¶uA>º ïçe¥D ¶ç¦BVeºïçe¥D ØÄF¥Dý¥D ¶kì >\m »aBìïçe ¶Ð©AþÅVì. WM¼kloòÍ> Ûª ºï^ >ºï^ ÃVkºï¹oòÍm \ª Í]òDà ¼kõ|D ¨[Ãç> ¶¤sÂzDý ¼>k[ >Dxç¦B yìÂï>öEBVþB ¼BVª Vçk ¶Ð©¸ª Vì. Öºz, ¨¼Ã· Ãâ¦ðÝ]_, ¶ÄV>V«ð\Vª ¶uA>ºïçeß ØÄF¥Dý ¼>k[ >Dxç¦B »aBÂïV«ª VþB á_ ¶©¼ÃVü>éçª © ÃB[Ã|Ý]ª Vì.

¶ÄV>V«ð\Vª ¶uA>ºï^ ¨¼Ã· Ãâ¦ðD sÂþ«ï g«V>çª lª V_ WçÅÍ]òÍ>m. ¶©Ãâ¦ðÝm Ûª ºï^¼\_ ¼>k[ ØïVõ½òÂzD ¶[çà WÔ¸ÂzDý á_ ¼>kÐç¦B »aBÝç>ß ØÄF>V[. ÖBuçïÂz ¼\uÃ⦠¶uA>ºï^ å¦Í>Vé[¤ Ãâ¦ðÝ]KD å ï «º ï ¹ K x ^ e Û ª º ï ^ ¼ > k Ð ç ¦B k_éç\çB s·kVEÂï\Vâ¦Vìï^. ¼\V¼Ä >ª m ¼ïVçé ÃVì¼kVÐÂz x[ÃVï© ¼ÃV⦼ÃVm ¶m Äì©Ã\Vï \V¤u®. ÃVì¼kVM[ \Í]«kV]ïÓD

¼>kØÄF]: Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì ¶¼>s>\Vïß ØÄF>ª ì. gª V_, ÖBuçïÂz ¼\u Ã⦠s>Ý]_ ¼>k[ ¶uA>ºïçeß ØÄF>¼ÃVm ¶kìïeV_ ¶©Ã½ß ØÄFBÂí¦V\u ¼ÃVlu®. ¸ÄVE[ k_éç\ kç«xçÅÂz câÃâ¦m. ¼>k Ðç¦B ¶uA>ºïçe ¶kª V_ åï_ ¨|Âï x½¥¼\ >s«, ØÄVÍ>\Vï ¶kª V_ ¨ç>¥D ØÄFB x½BVm. A]B °uÃVâ½[ åVâï¹_ ¼>k[ ¶uA>º ïçeß ØÄF¥Dý ¶©¼ÃVü>éª VþB áçé© ÃB[Ã|Ý]ª Vì. ¶kÐç¦B 﫺﹪ V_ s¼Ä´Ý> ¶uA>ºï^ åç¦ØÃuŪ . ¼>kÐç¦B ÃéÝ> k_éç\çB s¼Ä´Ý> ¶uA>ºï^ WÔ¸Âþ[Ū ¼>k[ >Dxç¦B »aBÂïV«ª VþB áçé ¨¼Ã· Ãâ¦ðÝ]_ ÃB[Ã|Ý]ª Vì. ïV«ðD, åV¼¦V½ ïeVïÝ ]öÍ> \Í]«kV]ïeVþB R>ö_ Eéì ØÃV_éV> gsïçe© ÃB[Ã|Ý] ¶ºz ¶uA>º ïçeß ØÄFmkÍ>ª ì. ¨ª ¼k, ¸ÄV·, \u®D ¶kÐç¦B gsï¹[Jé\Vïß ØÄFB©Ã|þÅ ¶uA>ºïÓÂzD, ¼>kÐç¦B k_éç\, \u®D ¶kòç¦B \ª mòÂïÝ][Jé\Vï cõ¦VzD ¶uA>ºïÓÂzD sÝ]BVÄÝç> ïVõ¸Âï ¼kõ|Ø\[® ïìÝ>ì sòD¸ª Vì. ¶©Ã½ åç¦ ØÃuÅ ¶uA>ºï¹ª V_ \Í]«kV]ï^ zwD¸© ¼ÃVlª ì. á_ ¸«ÄºþÝ> ¶¼> Ö¼B·s[ åV\Ý] ª V_ ¶uA>ºïçeß ØÄF¥Dý ¶kìïÓD xBuE ØÄF>ª ì. gª VKD, ¶kìïeV_ ¶©Ã½ß ØÄFB í¦V\u ¼ÃVlu®. ¼>kÐÂzD ØÃV_éV> ÄÂ] ïÓÂzD sÝ]BVÄÝç> ïVõ¸Âï©Ã|Dý ¼>k[ >Dxç¦B »aBìïçe >MÝ>[ç\BVª s>Ý]_ ÃB[Ã|ÝmþÅVì.

áo[¼\_ ïVð©Ã⦠ÖBuçïÂz ¼\uÃ⦠¶¸¼rïD ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm ¶©¼ÃVü>éª VþB áKÂz^ ÖòÍ>Vì. ïìÝ>òç¦B \ïÝmk\Vª ¸ «Ä [ ª x D k _ é ç \ B V ª ¶ ¸ ¼ r ï x D ¶©¼ÃVü>éìï¹[¼\oòÍ>m. ¼>kÐç¦B


kVìÝç> áKÂz^ ÖòÍ>m. ¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç> c^e Ö¦Ý]_ ¶kòç¦B ¸«Ä[ª xD ÖòÂzD. áo[¼\oòÍ> ïßçÄïçe¥D c®\V_ïçe¥D ¨|ÝmkÍm, sBV]ü>_¼\_ ¼ÃV⦼ÃVm ÃéÝ> ¶uA>ºï^ åç¦ØÃuŪ . ¶©Ã½ß ØÄF>¼ÃVm ¶kìïØe_éVòD ·ï\ç¦Í >ª ì. sBV]ï^ ¶kìïçesâ| Àºþª . ¶kìï^ ¼\oòÍ> ¶·Ý> gsï^ {½ª . ¼>kª V_ ¶¸¼r þÂï©Ã⦻aBìï¹[¼\_ ïVð©Ã⦶¸¼rïD ¶Ëke¡ k_éç\¥^e>VlòÍ>m. >VD Îòk¼«Äìkk_éç\¥^e ¼>k[ ¨[Ãç> WÔ¸ÂzDý ïìÝ>ì >V¼\ ¶©¼ÃVü>éìï¹[ åVâï¹_ åç¦ØÃuÅ ¶uA>ºïçe©¼ÃV[® Ö©¼ÃVmD ØÄFkV«Vï.

¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç>¥D ¶kòç¦B ÿìÝ]¥D ¼\¼éVºþBm ¶uA>ºï^ åç¦ØÃuÅýBV_, cõç\BVª ¼>k[ BVì ¨[Ãç>¥D, ¶©¼ÃVü>éª VþB á_ ¼>kÐç¦B »aB[ ¨[Ãç>¥D Ûª ºï^

ïõ|ØïVõ¦ª ì. Ö©¯tl_ \M>ª VF kÍm, x©ÃÝm J[Åç« gõ|ï^ kVµÍm, ï_kVö EKçkl_ >Dxç¦B sçé¼BÅ©ØÃuÅ Ö«Ý>Ý ç>ß EÍ], \öÝm, ¶¦ÂïDÃõð©Ãâ|, J[ÅVD åV¹_ cl¼«V| ¨¿Í> ¼>k z\V«ª VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ åV\Ý]K^e k_éç\¥D Øk¹B«ºï \Vª m. ¶kòç¦B sçé¼BÅ©ØÃuÅ Ö«Ý>Ý] ª V_ ÃVkºï^ ï¿sß ·Ý]ïöÂï©Ã|þ[Ū . ¶uA>ºï^ åç¦Øîþ[Ū . ¶uA>ºï^ åç¦ØîD¼ÃVm ïìÝ>ì >Dxç¦B ÖBuçïÂz ¼\uÃ⦠k_éç\çB WÔ¸ÂþÅVì. ¶kòç¦B åV\D ¨©ÃÂïxD \þç\©Ã|þÅm. >Dxç¦B åV\Ý][Jé\Vï Ö«âE©AD, s|>çé¥D, ·ïxD, WÝ]BýkÐD cõ¦VþÅm ¨[Ãç> ïìÝ>ì WÔ¸ÂþÅVì. ¶©¼ÃVü>éª VþB áo[ ¼>k[ >V¼\ >Dxç¦B Ö«Vë÷BÝ]uØï[® gÝm\V ïçe g>VB©Ã|ÝmDý åD ÎËØkVòkç«¥D ÃB[Ã|ÝmkV«Vï. ¼>k[ cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì.

¼>k Ö«Vë÷BÝ]uz cºï^ ú﹩A ¨[ª? ¨[ ¶Ð]ª ØÃé[ »aBºï^ ¦V¦ì ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ© Wçª ¡ ØÛÃç\BD, Ø>VçéÂïVâE »aBºï^, \u®D kwÂïD¼ÃV_ åç¦ØÃu®kòD å\m í⦺ï^ ¼ÃV[Å Ã_¼åVÂz »aBºïçe å¦Ý]kòD ¨[ ¶Ð]ª ØÃé[ »aBºïçe \V>ͼ>V®D Ô.1,400/- ØïV|ÝmÝ >VºzD 300 úïVeìï^ ¼>çk. ÀºïÓD Ö]_ úzØÃÅéV¼\! ¼\KD sk«ºïÓÂz: 044d26402222, 26403333, 26472645

¶ÂþMü>DÃD s|>çé, ¶uA>ºï¹[ \V>VÍ]«Ö« ¡ØÛÃD åV^: Ö¦D: ¸«] \V>D ïç¦E Øk^¹Âþwç\

üþâ¼\Vì ÇV_

ÖD\V> Ö«¡ ØÛÃD åç¦ØîD åV^: ÃVéì ï_s WçéBD 28 ¸©«kö 2020 ¶M>V Ø\âöÂz¼é­[ Ã^¹ keVïD, öÝ>ì¦[ ÄVçé, ¼k©¼Ãö, ØÄ[çª-7. Ö«¡ 10 \èx>_ 2.30 kç«

Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï ¼>kØÄF]:


ØÛÃD x½Í>¸Åz T|ïÓÂzß ØÄ_é z¤©¸â¦ Ö¦ºïÓÂz ¼k[ kÄ] ØÄFB©Ãâ|^em.



ØÃÍØ>ØïVü¼> åV^

¶©¼ÃVü>éì 2:1d47

ØÃÍØ>ØïVü¼> ¨[ÐD åV^ kÍ>¼ÃVm, æ¦ìïØe_éVòD Îò\ª©Ãâ|, {ö¦Ý]_ í½kÍ>Vìï^.

¶©ØÃV¿m ÃéÝ> ïVu® ¶½ÂþÅ ¶kìïØe_éVòD Ãö·Ý> gslªV_ xwÂïD¼ÃVé, kVªÝ]oòÍm W«©Ã©Ãâ|, gsBVªkì >Í>ò¹B Ľ]BVF Îò xwÂïxõ¦Vþ, ý¼B Øk˼k® ÃVçrïçe© ¶kìï^ ÖòÍ> Ö¦Ýç> W«©¸u®. ¼ÃÄÝ Ø>V¦ºþªVìï^.

¶kìï^ gßÄöB\ç¦Í>ªì. ¶]ªV_, ]«eVª Ûªºï^ ¶Í> ¶©ØÃV¿m, ¼Ãmò Ã]تVò Ö¦Ý]_ í½kÍm, ¶kìï^ >ºï^\uÅkìï¼eV, Ökìï^ \mÃVªÝ] k¼«V|ºí¦ ¨¿Ím W[®, c«Ý> ªV_ WçÅÍ]òÂþÅVìï^ ¨[® >ºï^ ÃVçrï¹_ ¼Ã·kç> ÄÝ>\VF© ¼ÃÄÝ Ø>V¦ºþªV[. ÃöBVÄD ÃõèªVìï^. ¼ïâ|, ïéÂï\ç¦Í>ªì.

>Vºï^ \mÃVªD Ãõðs_çé ¨[®D, ØÃV¿m s½Ím J[ÅVD \è ¼kçeBVlòÂþż> ¨[®D í¤ªV[.

ïç¦EåVâï¹_ ¼>k[ \VDÄ\Vª ¶k[ í¤Bç> ¼ïâ¦kìï^ BVkì¼\KD >\m gsçB »uÅ© >ºï^ Öò>Bºï¹_ zÝ>©Ãâ|, ¼ÃVk>Vï ¼BV¼k_ yìÂï>öEl[ >Vºï^ ¨[ª ØÄFB¼kõ|D JéD cç«Ý>ç> ¨|Ýmç«Ý>V[. ¨[® ¼Ãmòs¦D ¼ï⦪ì.

¶©ØÃV¿m ¶kìï^ Äͼ>VrÝ ¶kìïØe_éVòD Îò\ª©Ãâ|, ¶©ØÃV¿m ¶k[, \ªÍ]òD¸, ÃVk\[M©AÂØï[® ïìÝ>«VþB ¼>V| ¶k[ kVìÝç>ïçe °u®Â ¶©¼ÃVü>éì cü>ÄD, ¶©ÃD ¸âz>_, \u®D ØÛÃÝ]_ ØïVõ|, QVªüåVªD Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ åV\>]ªV_ c®]BVFÝ >öÝ]òÍ>ªì. ØÃu®ÂØïVõ¦ªì. QVªüåVªD ØîDý í¤ªV[. TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2020 / PAGE 21

“ÎòkòÂØïVòkì >BkV¥D \ª còÂï\V¥D ÖòÍm...” (¨¼ÃEBì 4:32). ï¦Í> Ö>a_ >Bs[ WB]çB z¤Ým ]BVMݼ>VD. ¶>[ Ø>V¦ìßEBVï, ØåòÂï\Vª óµWçél_ ïVð©Ãâ¦Îò \M>ÐÂz ÖÍ> >B¡ ¨ËkV® c>¡þÅm ¨[Ãç> ïVõ¼ÃVD. ¸[ªV_ sköÂï©Ãâ|^e ÖßÄDÃkD ÎËØkVò kVoé ¸^çeï¹[ c^eÝç>¥D >â½ØB¿©¸, ¶kìï^ ¨Í>s> ¨]ìÃVì©At[¤ \uÅkìïÓÂz >B¡ ÃV«Vâ½, å[ç\ØÄFBÝ #õ|D. ¸«]Ãé[ ÃV«V\_ ¸Åì*m ïVõ¸ÂzD >B¡ ±®\¦ºz gæìkV>ºïçe ØïVõ|kòD. Îò z¤©¸â¦ Ãâ¦ðÝ]_ ¼ÃV>ïì Îòkì kVµÍmkÍ>Vì. ¶òþK^e \uØÅVò Ãâ¦ðÝ] oòÍ> géBÝ]_ Îò QVlu®Âþwç\ \Vçél_ »aBÞØÄF¥Dý ¶kì ¶çwÂï©Ãâ½òÍ>Vì. >V[ ØÄ_KD Ö¦Ýç>Âz¤Ým ¶Ëke¡ ÃwÂï t _ é V > k «V ç ï l _ , ¶ k ò D ¶ k ò ç ¦B \çª s¥D Äu®x[ª >Vï¼k AÅ©Ã|Dý yì\VMÝ>ªì. ¶kì >ªm ïVç« {â½ß ØÄ_KD ¼ÃVm, >ªm ïVö_ ØÃ⼫V_ zçÅkVlòÂþÅm ¨[Ãç> ïõ¦Vì. gªVKD, ØÄ_KD kal_ ¶¼åï ØÃ⼫V_ W«©AD WçéBºï^ ÖòÍ> ýBV_, ¶]_ ¨öØÃVò^ W«©¸ÂØïV^eéVD ¨[® WçªÝ>Vì. gªV_ ¶kòç¦B ¨]ì ÃVì©AÂz \VÅVï å|kal_ ïVì W[®¼ÃVª m. tzÍ> ¼ÃVÂzk«Ým WçÅÍ> ¶Í¼å«Ý]_, å[z \çw¥D ØÃFmØïVõ½òÍ>m. ¶©ØÃV¿m>V[, >V[ ¨öØÃVò^ W«©ÃV\_ AÅ©Ãâ¦m ¨Ëke¡ >k® ¨[Ãç> ¶Í>© ¼ÃV>ïì AöÍmØïVõ¦Vì. ¼k® kal[¤ ¶kì ïVç«sâ| Öźþ, >ªÂz BV«Vkm c>¡kVìïeV ¨[Å ¨]ìÃVì©A¦[, ÄVçé ¼BV«Ý]_ \çwl_ W[®ØïVõ½òÍ>Vì. ¶m ¶kòÂz ÃwÂït_éV> Ö¦\Vï¡D ïVð©Ãâ¦m. ¶¼åï kV諸ï^ ¶kç«Â ï¦Ím ØÄ[Ū. ¶¼åïì >ºïem kVïªÝ][ Îo¨¿©ÃV[ïçe ÖBÂþ ª V ì ï ¼ e > s «, Î ò k ò D ¶ k ò  z c > k x[k«s_çé.


]ÏØ«[® Îò ÃçwB ïVì ¶kì ¶òþ_ kÍ>m. ¶ç> {⽪ \M>[ >ªm ïVö[ Û[ªçéÝ ]ÅÍm ¶kç«©ÃVìÝ>V[. ¶k[ >[窩ÃVìÝm ]⦩¼ÃVþÅV[ ¨[® ¶©¼ÃV>ïì ¨õèªVì. gªV_, ¶Í> kVïªÝç> {â½kÍ> kVoÃ[, ¶©¼ÃV>ïö¦D å¦Í>ç> sÄVöÝ>V[. ¶k[ ¼ÃEB gºþéD ¼\VÄ\VlòÍ>]ªV_, ¶Í>©¼ÃV>ï«V_ ¶k[ í¤Bç>ß ÄöBVï© AöÍmØïV^e x½B s_çé. ·\Vì Ã]çªÍm Wt¦ºïÓÂz© ¸Åz \®Ã½¥D ¶¼> ïVì, ¶Í>© ¼ÃV>ïö[ ïVö[ ¶ò¼ï kÍm W[Åm. ¶]oòÍm ÖźþB ¶Í> kVoÃ[ >ª m ïVöoòÍ> ¼ïçª ¨|Ým, ¶]oòÍ> ØÃ⼫Vçé ¼ÃV>ïòç¦B ïVö[ ¨öØÃVò^ ¼¦ºþ_ W«©¸ªV[. ¼ÃV>ïòç¦B ÖÂïâ¦Vª óµWçéçB¥D, ¶kì ¶[® \Vçél_ ¸«ÄºïD Ãõðß ØÄ_é¼kõ|D ¨[Ãç>¥D ¶¤ÍmØïVõ¦¶Í> kVoÃ[ ¨öØÃVò^ W«©AD WçéBÝmÂzß ØÄ[®, Îò ¼ïçª Ö«kéVï kVºþ, ¶Í>© ¼ÃV>ïòÂz c>¡Dý kÍ>V[. ¶Í>© ¼ÃV>ïì ¶kÐÂz tzÍ> å[¤ØÄKÝ]ª Vì. ¶>uz >VÐD ¶Í> Ö¦ÝmÂz© A]>Vª k[ ¨[®D, ¶kòç¦B Ö|Âïè_ ¶kòÂz c>k ¼kõ|D ¨[® >V[ ¶¤Í]òÍ>>Vï¡D ¶Í> kVoÃ[ í¤ªV[. ¶Í> kVoÃ[ ïVõ¸Ý> >V«VexD >B¡D ¶Ëke¡ØÃö>VlòÍ>m. ¶[ÃVª kVoü«, ¶Í> kVoÃ[ ÃV«V⽪ >B¡ ¶Í>©¼ÃV>ïòç¦B c^eÝç> ¨ËkekVFÝ Ø>Vâ½òÂzD ¨[Ãç> Àºï^ AöÍm ØïVõÏì ïeV? cºï^ ļïV>«ö¦Ý]_ Àºï^ >B¡D Ö«ÂïxD c^ekìïeVlòÂï¼kõ|D ¨[® ¼>k[ ¨]ìÃVìÂþÅVì. Àºï^ \uÅkì ïÓÂz ïVõ¸ÂzD >B¡ \uØÅVòåV¹_ cºïÓÂzD ïVõ¸Âï©Ã|D. \M>[ cºï^ xïÝç>© ÃVì©ÃV[. ¼>k¼ª V cºï^ Öò>BÝç> ïVõþ[ÅVì. ¨ª ¼k ÎËØkVòkö¦Ý]KD >Bçk¥D Ö«ÂïÝç>¥D ïVõ¸¥ºï^. z¤©ÃVï x]¼BVö¦Ý]_ ïVõ¸¥ºï^. å_ék«VþB ïìÝ>ì WßÄB\Vï¼k cºïÓÂz©Ã骹©ÃVì. ¼>k[ cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì

¶[ÃVª ""½«DÃâ gà©Ø«üئV¼«­['' kVÄïìïÓÂz, cºïem gõ|ß ÄÍ>VkVª Ô.100/- nß ØÄKÝ], cºï^ ØÃBç«©Am©¸ÝmÂØïV^Óºï^. cºïÓç¦B åõÃìï^, \u®D cÅsªìïÓÂz ÖÍ>©AÝ>ïÝç> ¶¤xï©Ã|Ýmºï^. cºïÓç¦B xïköÂz Î[®ÂzD ¼\uÃâ¦AÝ>ïºï^ kòØ\M_, >B¡ØÄFm å\m ¶KkéïÝ]uzÝ Ø>öB©Ã|Ýmºï^. Ø>Vçé¼ÃE ¨õï^ 044-26402222, 26403333, 26472645 TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2020 / PAGE 22

c^eD ØïV|ÂzD "¶kì xÍ] åDt¦Ý]_ ¶[AíìÍ>ýBV_ åVxD ¶kö¦Ý]_ ¶[Aíòþ¼ÅVD" (1 ¼BVkV[ 4:19). ¶¼åï gõ|ïÓÂzx[ª ì ÄDÃsÝ> ïVöBD Öm. ÖekBm^e Îò ØÃõ ¶kÓ¼ïuÃ⦠ØïV½B ÃéTª Ý]MtÝ>D >MBVï Îò ¶çÅl_ ÖòÂï¼kõ½B óµWçé cõ¦Vª m. ¶kÓç¦B >VF cé喝«ïV«\Vª Ö[úï¹_ JµþlòÍ> ]ª V_, ¶keV_ >ª m \ïçe Tâ½oòÍm ïkMÝmÂØïV^e x½Bs_çé. ¨ª ¼k, ¶Í> ÖeDØÃõçð ïkMÝmÂØïV^ÓDý å[z ÃluEØÃuÅ Îò >V]çB WBtÂï¼kõ½lòÍ>m. >ª m \ïçe Ö«¡D ÃïKD ¶òþoòÍm ïkMÝmÂØïV^ÓDý, ¶Í> >V]© ØÃõbÂz tï©ØÃöB Ø>VçïçBß ØÄKÝmkç>Âz¤ÝmD ¶Í>Ý >VF ïkçé©Ã¦s_çé. ¶keV_ >ª m ¼å«Ýç>¥D, Ã_¼k® Ö¦ºïÓÂzß ØÄ[®, Ã_¼k® åÃìïçeß ÄÍ]©Ã>[JéD >ª ¼ïuÃ⦠Ö[úïçe¥D >ª m μ« \ïÓÂïVï ]BVïD ØÄFkç>Âz¤ ÝmD ¶k^ ïöÄçª ØïV^e s_çé. ÎòåV^ ¶Í>Ý >VF Øk¹åVâ½uz©ÃBð\Vïß ØÄ[ÅV^. ¶ºz ¶k^ >ª m \ïçe Wçª Ým, \®kV«D k«sòÍ> ¶kÓç¦B ¸ÅÍ>åVÓÂïVï Îò ¶wïVª ¸ÅÍ>åV^ ÃöEçª kVºþ, ¶Ð©¸ª V^. ¶Í>© Ãö·© ØÃVâ¦éÝç> ¶Í> >V]©ØÃõ kVºþ, ¶Í> ÖeD ØÃõè¦D ØïVõ|kÍ>V^. \â|\[¤, ¶kÓç¦B ¸ÅÍ> åVçe \ÅÂïV\_, ¶kÓç¦B >VF ¶Í>©ÃöEçª kVºþ ¶Ð©¸Bç>¥D ¶k^ z¤©¸â¦V^. ¶Í> ¶uA>\Vª ÃöçÄ ïõ¦ ¶Í> ÖeDØÃõ, >ª m >V]©ØÃõè¦D, " ¶Í>© Ãö·© ØÃVòçe >B¡ØÄFm #« ¨|Ýmß ØÄ_Kºï^ " ¨[® í¤ª m\[¤, " ¶D\V, ¶D\V, >B¡ØÄFm


¨ª ÂïVï Àºï^ ¨ç>¥D ¶Ð©ÃVyìï^. cºï ¹¦Ý]oòÍm Ãö·©ØÃVòâï¼eV, AÝ>ïºï¼eV, ¯Âï¼eV, ¶_ém ¶wþB æºï¼eV ¨ª ÂzÝ ¼>çkl_çé. ¨ª ÂzÝ ¼>çk Àºï^ \VÝ]«¼\" ¨[® ¶wÝ mkºþª V^. ¶[ÃVª ļïV>öï¼e, >ºïçeÂz¤Ým \VÝ]«¼\ ¨©ØÃV¿mD EÍ]Ým, >ºïem ¸^çe ïçeß EÍ]ÂïV> ¨Ý>çª ¼BV ØÃõïçe å\m kVµÂçïl_ ÄÍ]Âþ[¼ÅVD. ¶¼åï ¼å«ºï¹_ >VF\Vìï^ >ºïem ¸^çeï¹[ c^eVª c ð ì ¡ï ç e ¼ B V , ¶ k ì ï Ó ç ¦B k V Þ ç Ä ïçe¼BV ØÃVòâ¦Vï ¨õbþÅ]_çé. >ª m >VBVö[ ÄxïÝç>¥D, cÅçk¥D, ¨_éVku¤uzD ¼\éVï ¶kÓç¦B ¶[çÃ¥D ¨õè, °ºþB Îò zwÍç>çBÂz¤Ý> ÖÍ> ÄDÃkÝ]oòÍm, åVD xÂþB\Vª ÃV¦Ýç> ïu®ÂØïV^Óþ¼ÅVD. ¶¼>s>\Vï, ÖË¡éïÝ][ ïVöBºïÓÂïVï þ¤ ümçk sâ|s¦V]òºï^. ¶kòç¦B ¸ ^ ç e B V l ò  þ Å À º ï ^ c º ï Ó ç ¦B c^eÝç> ¶kòÂz ØïV|Âï¼kõ|Ø\[® ¶kì sòDAþÅVì. ¶Í> \ïÓÂz >ª m >VF ¼>çk©Ãâ¦V^. ¶kÓç¦B >Vl[ ¶[çÃ¥D, ¶«kçð©çÃ¥D, gw\Vª cÅçk¥D ¶k^ kVÞEÝ>V^. ¶m¼ÃVé, þ¤üm¡ÂzD Àºï^ ¼>çk. Àºï^ ¶kòÂz x[Ðöç\ ØïV|Âï ¼kõ|Ø\[® ¶kì ¨]ìÃVìÂþÅVì. cºïÓç¦B c^eÝç>¥D åD¸ÂçïçB¥D nÂþBÝç>¥D ¶kì sòDAþÅVì. cºïÓç¦B ¶[A ¶kòÂzÝ ¼>çk. "¨ª Âz À ¼kõ|D" ¨[®, ¶kì í®þÅVì. cºï^ c^eÝç>¥D, cºïÓÂzöB ¨_éV k u ç Å ¥ D Ö ¼ B · ¡  z Î ©A Â Ø ï V | º ï ^ . ¶kö¦Ý]_ ¼å«D ØÄéka¥ºï^. ¼>k[ cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì.

¶[ÃVª kVÄïìï¼e, ¼>kÐç¦B Ö«Vë÷BÝmÂØï[® gÝm\VÂïçe g>VB©Ã|ÝmD Ãèl_ mö>\VFß ØÄB_Ã|D ¨[ ¶Ð]ª ØÃé[ »aBºïÓÂïVï cºïÓç¦B ïVèÂçïï^, \u®D å[ØïVç¦ïçe, ¼å«½BVï kºþ ïðÂþ_ ØÄKÝ>éVD. kºþ ïðÂz sk«D: MY DAILY STRENGTH MINISTRIES Indian Overseas Bank, Purasawalkam Branch S.B. A/c No. 007501000123456 IFSC: IOBA0000075 TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2020 / PAGE 23


“Ö¼B· ¼>kÐç¦B z\V«ªVþB þ¤üm ¨[® Àºï^ s·kVEÂzDýBVï¡D,

s·kVEÝm ¶kòç¦B åV\Ý]ªV¼é WÝ]Býkçª ¶ç¦¥DýBVï¡D, Öçkï^ ¨¿>©Ãâ½òÂþÅm” (¼BVkV[ 20:31).

ØÛÃç\BÝ][Jé\Vï åç¦ØÃuÅ ¶uA>D

¨[ ØÃBì åì\>V. åV[ E®À«ïÝ Ø>Vu¤ª V_ ¶¼åïxçÅ ïi¦©Ãâ|kͼ>[. Ãö¯«ð ·ïD þç¦Ý>ÃV½_çé. ¶¼åï \òÝmkì ﹦D EþßçÄ ØÃu®D ·ïD þç¦Âïs_çé. ]òDÃÝ ]òDà ¶Í>Ý Ø>Vu® ¨ª Âz kÍmØïVõ¼¦lòÍ>m. W«Í>« ·ïÝ]uïVï °ºþ ïVÝ]òͼ>[. ¨[ ÃöïVöBVþB ïìÝ>¼« ¨ª Âz^ ïVð©Ã⦠μ« åD¸ÂçïBVlòÍ>Vì. ¼k>çª ¥uÅ ¨[ WçéçB ïõ¦ ¨[ ļïV>«[ ÎòåV^ ¦V¦ì ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ© Wçª ¡ ØÛÃç\BÝç>Ý Ø>V¦ìAØïVõ|, ¨ª ÂïVï ØÛ¸ÂzDý ¼ïâ| ØïVõ¦V[. ¶ºþòÍ> ØÛÃT«ì ¨ª ÂïVï Ø>Vçé¼ÃEl_ tzÍ> ÃV«Ým¦[ ØÛ¸Ý>Vì. åV[ c¦ª ½BVï ·ïÝç>© ØÃu®Â ØïVõ¼¦[. ¨ª Âï ¶es_éV \þµßE cõ¦Vª m. å_ék«VþB ïìÝ>ì ¶Í> ØÛÃT«ö[ ØÛúïçe ¼ïâ|, c¦ª ½BVï ¨[çª Â zð\VÂþª Vì. m], ïª D, \þç\ ¶çª Ýç>¥D ¼>kмï Ø>öB©Ã|Ýmþ¼Å[. ØÛÃç\BÝ]K^e ØÛÃT«ìï^ ¨ª ÂïVï °ØÅ|Ý> »Âï\Vª ØÛúïÓÂïVï ¶kìïÓÂzD ¨ª m å[¤lçª Ý Ø>ös þ¼Å[. ļïV>ö. åì\>V

cºï¹[ z|Dà gæìkV>Ý]uïVï

¼BV·kV z|DÃ gæìkV> nÂþBD

Ö¦D: ØÄËkVFÂþwç\¼>V®D \Vçé 7 \èx>_ 9 \èkç« üþâ¼\Vì ÇV_ ÃVéì ï_s WçéBD

¼>kØÄF]: Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì

¶M>V Ø\âöÂz¼é­[ Ã^¹ keVïD, öÝ>ì¦[ ÄVçé, ¼k©¼Ãö,ØÄ[çª-7.

sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï >MØÛÃD °ØÅ|Âï©Ã|D sBV]BV? ¸ÄVE[ ¸½BV? ÄVàïâ|ïeV? gõ¦kì Ö¼B· ¶òÓD s|>çéçB© ØÃuÅÐÃsÂï z|DÃÝm¦[ úzØîºï^. Ö¦D:



¼k>ÃV¦D \u®D s|>çél[ íâ¦D Øk^¹Âþwç\¼>V®D (ïç¦E Øk^¹ >s«)

¼å«D:\Vçé 7 x>_ 9 \èkç« sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï >MØÛÃD °ØÅ|Âï©Ã|D.

ÄV«V ¼\ªì

4/N2, 3km

\V½, Prof.·©¸«\èBD Ø>ò ÿµ©ÃVÂïD, ØÄ[çªd600 010. ~ïV ]¼Bâ¦ì ¸[AÅD, ç«â \òÝmk\çª ¶òþ_


Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J.


ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì

±uÅVõ½[ yìÂï>öE

\çÅÍ> Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ© ¶kìï¹[ kVµÂçï Äöç>

(Ãz]-101) Ø>V¦ìßE (Ãz]-99)

ÖÍ> \V>D ï¦Í> \V> Ö>a_ åV[ z¤©¸â¦ J[® ļïV>öï¹_ J[ÅVkm ļïV>öçB z¤Ým ¨¿>sòÂþ¼Å[. ¶kìïÓD ¶kìïÓç¦B ïðkòD ļïV>«ì ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ©¶kìï¹[ »aBÝ]_ å_é Îò ØÛéúïVe«Vï¡D, »aBÝ]uz å[z c>sØÄFþÅkìïÓ\V lòÍ>Vìï^. ïðk[ \çª s ÖòkòD í⦺ï¹_ xwºïVuýlâ¦kV® ØÛ¸©ÃVìï^. z¤©ÃVï, Øk^¹Âþwç\ï¹_ åç¦ØÃuÅ í⦺ï¹_ ÄçÃ\Âï^ ØÛ¸ÂzDý í®D¼ÃVm ¶kìï^ ¶ËkV® ØÛ¸©ÃVìï^. kB]_ x]ìÍ>kìïeVlòÍ> ÖÍ>Ý >DÃ]lª ì >ºïem ïç¦E \ïçª ÖekB]_ äØïV|Ý>¼ÃVmD ¼>kÐÂzß ÄVâEïeVFÝ ]ïµÍ>ª ì. ¼>kÐç¦B þòçÃlª VKD ¼>k »aBìï¹[ ØÛú﹪ VKD ¶kìï^ ØÃé©Ã⦪ ì. ÎòåV^ ¶Í> kB>Vª ļïV>«[ >ª m \çª sçB sâ|sâ| ïìÝ>¼«V½òÂzDÃ½ß ØÄ[®sâ¦Vì. ïìÝ>ì ÖÍ> ļïV>öçB© ØÃé©Ã|Ý]ª Vì. ¶kìï^ >[Ðç¦B JÝ> ļïV>ö¥¦[ ÖçðÍm í⦺ï¹_ úzØÃÅÝ mkºþª Vìï^. ¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç>l[¼\_ ¶kìï^ ¼åVÂï\VlòÍ>ç> ¨kòD ïõ|ØïV^ex½¥D. >Vºï^ ¼ï⦠¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç>l[ý¼B ¼>kÐÂzß ÄVâEBVlòÍ>Vìï^. ïìÝ>ì ¶kìïÓç¦B z|DÃÝç> gæìk]Ý>Vì. ¶kìï^ tï¡D kBm^ekìïeVlòÍ>¼ÃVmD ïìÝ>ç« c®]BVï© Ãu¤ÂØïVõ¦ª ì. ¶kìï^ ÃBðD ØÄFBx½BV> óµWçélKD »aBÝ]uïVï ØÛ¸ÂþÅ T«Vºïçª BVlòÂþÅVìï^. ÖÍ> kBmx]ìÍ> ļïV>ö ¼>kÐç¦B »aBìïçeÂz¤Ým tï¡D çk«VÂþBx^ekìï^. ¼>k »aBìïçeÂz¤Ým BV«VþKD >kÅV塚ÃEª Vì tï¡D ¼ïVÃ\ç¦kVìï^. (Ø>V¦òD)

å\m ÃÝ]öçïl[ gõ|ß ÄÍ>V Ô.100/-nß ØÄKÝ], Ö©ÃÝ]öçï ÃÝ]öçïl[ gõ|ß ÄÍ>V ØÄKÝ]sâÏìïeV? Ø>V¦ìÍm Øk¹k«c>¡ºï^. cºï^ ÄÍ>Vçk ïV¼ÄVçé, ½.½. ¶_ém Name : “Trumpet of Restoration” \èBVì¦ìJé\Vï ¶Ð©ÃéVD. å\m A/c. No : 007501000000111 kºþÂïðÂþKD ¼å«½BVïß ØÄKÝ>éVD. IFSC Code: IOBA 0000075 Bank : Indian Overseas Bank, Purasawalkam Branch, Chennai – 7.

½«DÃâ gà© Ø«üئV¼«r[

¼\ïü>DÃD s|>çé \u®D ¶uA>ºï¹[ \V>VÍ]«cÃkVÄ ØÛÃD ¸«] \V>D Ö«õ¦Vkm ÄMÂþwç\ ÖÍ> \V>D åç¦ØîD åV^:

8 ¸©«kö 2020

üþâ¼\Vì ÇV_ ÃVéì ï_s WçéBD

¶M>V Ø\âöÂz¼é­[ Ã^¹ keVïD,

ïVçé 10 x>_ \]BD 3.00 \èkç« öÝ>ì¦[ ÄVçé, ¼k©¼Ãö, ØÄ[çª-7. ¼>kØÄF]: (ÎËØkVòkòÂzD ¨õØðF ¯E ØÛ¸Âï©Ã|D) J. z|DÃ\Vï© ÃºzØÃu®, ¼>k gæìkV>ºïçe© ØÃu®ÂØïV^Óºï^. ØÛÃD x½Í>¡¦[ \]B cð¡ kwºï©Ã|D.

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åV|x¿kmD Ã_¼k® \VWéºï¹_ kwÂïÝç>s¦ 3 \¦ºz ¶]ï\Vª \çw©ØÃVa¡ Ûª kö J[ÅVkm kV«Wék«©Ã½ åV| x¿kmD 120 Ä>T>D \çw© ØÃVa¡ Ã]kVþ c^e>Vï ÖÍ]B kVMçé gF¡ ç\BD Ø>ösÝm^em. Öm Ø>V¦ìÃVï ÖÍ]B kVMçé gF¡ ç\BD Øk¹lâ|^e ¶¤Âçïl_ åV| x¿kmD Ã_¼k® \VWéºï^ kwÂïÝç>s¦ Ö«õ|x>_ 3 \¦ºz ¶]ï\Vª \çw©ØÃVaçk© ØÃu®^e>Vï z¤©¸â|^em. ÖÍWçél_ cÝ>«ïõâ, cÝ>«©¸«¼>ÄD, \u®D ÃÞÄV© gþB \VWéºï^ Ûª kö \V>Ý]_ 300 s¿ÂïV|ÂzD ¶]ï\Vª \çw©ØÃVaçk© ØÃun ®^e>Vï¡D, k¦þwÂz \VWéºï¹_ kwÂïÝç> s¦ ]öA«Vs_ 670 s¿ÂïV| \çw¥D, t¼ÄV«D \VWéÝ]_ 295 s¿ÂïV| \çw¥D ØÃFm^e>Vï >ïk_ Ø>ösÂï©Ãâ|^em. ¼\KD, \Ý]B >ç«Â ï¦_ Ãz]l_ °uÃ|D ïVu® ïV«ð\Vï ÖÍ]B mçð ïõ¦Ý]_ \çw©ØÃVa¡ °uÃâ¦>Vï¡D, Ö\B\çéï¹_ ¼\V]B ÖÍ> ïVu¤[ >VÂïÝ ]ª V_ k¦ÂïÝ]B Ä\Øk¹ï^, \u®D ïºçïß Ä\ Øk¹l_ \çw ØÃFsÝ>>Vï¡D ¶]_ Ø>ösÂï© Ãâ|^em. Ömz¤Ým© ¼ÃEB ÖÍ]B kVMçé ç\BÝ][ JÝ> sÞQVM gì.¼ï. ØÛª \è, ÖÍ> gõ| \Ý]B >ç«Âï¦_ Ãz]l_ °uÃ|D ïVu® ïV«ð\Vï \çwçBs¦ ¶]ï\Vï ÃM©ØÃVa¡ °uÃâ|^e>VïÝ Ø>ösÝm^eVì. ÖÍ]B© ØÃòºï¦_ Ãz]l_ °uÃ|D gÃÝç> x¤B½Âï >ÞÄVÆì s\Vª©Ã禩 ¸ös_ ·¼ïVFd30 «ï ¼ÃVì s\VªD Öçð©A >ÞçÄl_ A]>Vï °uÃ|Ý>©Ãâ|^e ·¼ïVF ¼ÃVì s\Vª ©Ãç¦ >eD åVâ|Âz ¶ì©ÃèÂï©Ãâ¦m. ¸«D¼\Vü °¡ïçðïÓ¦[ Öºz ¶èkzÂzD ·¼ïVFd30 ¨D¼ïn «ï ¼ÃVì s\Vª ºï^ ÖÍ]B© Ø Ã ò º ï ¦_ à z ] l _ c õ ¦V z D g Ã Ý ç > x¤B½ÂzD k_éç\ ØïVõ¦çk. ÖÍ]B ÃVm ïV©AÝmçÅl_ >ÞçÄ tï xÂþB ïâ¦Ýç> ¨â½ lòÂþÅm. x[ª èl_ Äõç¦ ¼ÃVì s\Vª º ïeVª ·¼ïVì ¼ÃVì s\Vª ºï^ ¨[® ¸«Ý¼Bï s\Vª ©Ãç¦Ý>eD °uÃ|Ý>©Ãâ½ò©Ã¼> Ö>uz xÂþB ïV«ðD.

c^em. Ö>uzÝ yì¡ ïVbD kçïlKD ¶kÄ« ïVéÝ]_ T«ìïçeÝ >ç«lÅÂzD ¼åVÂïÝ]KD ÂÔ ½«Vï[ ¨[ÐD A]B ¼ï©ó_ ¶ç\©çà ü¼Ãü ¨Âü W®kª D >BVöÝ>m. Öm Ø>V¦ìÃVª ¼ÄV>çª °uïª ¼k ¼>V_s ¶ç¦Í> Wçél_ *õ|D ÖÍ>ß ¼ÄV>çª å¦Ý>©Ãâ¦m. ¶Ø\öÂïVs[ A¼eVö¦V \VïVðÝ]_ c^e ¼ï© ¼ïª k«_ °¡>eÝ]_ ÖòÍm ÃV_ï[ 9 kçï «VÂØïâç¦ °k ]â¦t¦© Ãâ¦m. Ö]_ ¼ï©ó_ ¼ÃV[Å ¶ç\©¸Ð^ ÄV>V«ð \M>ìïçe©¼ÃV[® Ö«õ| ØÃVDç\ï^ çkÂï©Ãâ½òÍ>ª . ¶çª Ým ¼ÄV>çª ïÓD Ö®]Bç¦Í> ¸ª ª ì ÃV_ï[ 9 «VÂØïâ sõè_ °k©Ãâ¦m. ØkõèÅ AçïçB ctµÍ>ý sõè_ ÃVFÍ> «VÂØïâ ¶âéVõ½Â ØÃòºï¦KÂz ¼\¼é ·\Vì 19 þ¼éV *â¦ì cB«Ý]uzß ØÄ[żÃVm «VÂØïâ½[ Îò Ãz] Øk½Âï çkÂï©Ãâ¦m. ¶©¼ÃVm ¼\_¼åVÂþß ØÄ[Å ¼ï©ó_ ·\Vì 32 þ¼éV *â¦ì cB«Ý]uzß ØÄ[ÅmD ¶ºþòÍ> 4 ÃV«Vóâ|ï^ söÂï©Ãâ| ¼ï©ó_ ¶âéVõ½Â ï¦o_ >ç«lÅÂï©Ãâ¦m. Ö>çª Â ïõ¦ ü¼Ãü ¨Âü W®kª g«VFßE BVeìï^ çï>â½ g«kV«D ØÄF>ª ì. Ö>çª Ý Ø>V¦ìÍm ï¦o_ s¿Í> ÂÔ ½«Vï[ ¼ï©ó_ ¸[ª ì *âï©Ãâ¦m. ¼\KD, ÖÍ>Ý ]â¦D m_oB\Vï WçżkuÅ©Ãâ|^e>Vï ü¼Ãü ¨Âü >çéç\ß ØÄB_ ¶]ïVö ¨éV[ \ü Ø>ösÝm^eVì

æª gâEçB© AÅÂïèÂï¼ïVö gl«ÂïðÂïVª \Âï^ ÇVºïVºþ_ ¼ÃV«Vâ¦D

æª Vs_ gÓD ïDRMüâ ïâEçB© AÅÂïèÂï ¼kõ|D ¨[Ãç> ko¥®Ý] ÇVºïVºþ_ ¼ÃV«Vâ¦D åç¦ØÃuÅm. ÇVºïVºþ_ zuźï¹_ ~|Ã|Ãkìïçe åV| ï¦Ý], >VF åV¦Vª æª Vs¦D ΩÃç¦ÂzD çï]ï^ Ãö\VuÅ Äâ¦Ý ]òÝ> \¼ÄV>V¡Âz ÇVºïVº \Âï^ ï|D ¨]ì©A Ø>ösÝm kòþ[Ū ì. Ø>V¦ìÍm kV« Ö®] åVâï¹_ ¶kìï^ Ã_¼k® s>\Vï© ¼ÃV«Vâ¦D å¦Ý]kòþ[Ū ì. Ö]_ ¼ÃVÜÄVì Î|ÂzxçÅl_ Ãéì \ÅÍm^eª ì. ÖÍWçél_, ¼>ì>_ æì]òÝ>D \u®D æª Vs[ gÓD ïDRMüâ ïâEçB© A Å Â ï è Â ï ¼ k õ | D ¨[ à ç > k o ¥® Ý ] ¸«D\Võ¦¼ÃV«Vâ¦D åç¦ØÃuÅm. ÄV¦ì ¯ºïVs_ ]«õ¦\Âï^, ·>Í]«ÇVºïVº ¼>çk ¨ª  ¼ïVö ¶kÄ«ïVéÝ]_ «VÂØïâ½_ ÃBèÂzD xwÂït⦪ ì. ÖÍ>© ¼ÃV«Vâ¦ÝmÂz ÇVºïVº T«ìï^ ÃÝ]«\Vï >ç«lźzD ü¼Ãü ¨Âü ¼ÃVÜÄVì ¶Ð\] ¶¹Ý]òÍ>ª ì. gª V_, ¼ÄV>çª Øku¤ ¼ÃV«Vâ¦ÂïV«ìï^ ¼Ã«èBVï ØÄ_k>uz ¶Ð\] sõØk¹Âz \M>ìï^ ÃBð©Ã|D¼ÃVm °uÃ|D >«s_çé. ¼ÃV«Vâ¦ÂïV«ìïeV_ ¯ºïV W«D¸ ¶¿Ý>D, \u®D Ø>Va_OâàzçÅÃV| c^¹â¦ kaÍ>m. ïV«ðºïeV_ «VÂØïâ Øk½Ýmß E>®D ¶ÃVBD (]ª ï«[ 20d01d2020) TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / FEBRUARY 2020 / PAGE 26

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Trumpet of Restoration - February 2020  

Trumpet of Restoration - February 2020