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Dearly beloved in Christ,

Blessed greetings to you in the name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. On behalf of the family of “My Daily Strength Ministries”, “Dr. John Joseph Memorial Prayer Tower” and “The Word Tabernacle” I wish all of you readers, a glorious, bright Christmas and a New Year filled with loads of blessings of great joy and surprises, a year of good health, strength, protection and peace in all your borders. I thank each and everyone who have responded to my THANK YOU letter which I had sent few days ago. Thank you once again for your quick response. As quickly as you respond the LORD will also bless you quickly with fruits of the earth and blessings from Heaven.

On October 29th, our Women's Wing “Deborah's Women's Fellowship” had their first prophetical and conference prayer in Chennai which was well attended. Our guest speaker was Mrs. Roseline Jesintha. Also on th E-mail: the 5 of November our Youth Wing “David's Troop for Christ” had a youth revival conference in Chennai. This was also well attended and many youth gave their hearts to be full time workers to serve the LORD. Website: By God's grace our magazine “Trumpet of Restoration” is reaching thousands of homes and like you many homes are blessed. All glory to Annual Offering:Rs.100/God. Dr. John Joseph Memorial Prayer Tower caters to the needs of Per copy: Rs.10/hundreds of people who call and get prayed and also receive a timely counsel. We thank God for the various events that have been taking place every day in our prayer centre. th

On 30 October our Church “The Word Tabernacle” celebrated the Sunday class programme. The Youth th Sunday was celebrated on November 13 . As the quote says, when you run alone it is called the “race” but when God runs with you it is called “Grace”. All these facets of the ministry is only because of God's grace and His mercy. We are waiting at the feet of God to go to the next level of God's choicest blessings to win souls for God in new arenas. We solicit your prayers. We thank you from the depth of our hearts for your timely support and ardent prayers that you have been rendering to “My Daily Strength Ministries” and to myself. As according to God's promise for this month from Luke 1:37, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Even in your life, you will overcome mountains, oceans and barriers as the LORD Jesus Christ is with you.

Be blessed. His servant, your brother,

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / DECEMBER 2016 / PAGE 03


with us

Message by: Rev. Dr. John Joseph

"For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones" (Isaiah 57:15). Praise be to the name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ for God is good and His mercy endureth forever. We have to praise God for all His goodness, for His presence with us throughout this year helping us in every way, proving His power and His everlasting love for us. GOD CAME TO DWELL WITH MANKIND Isaiah 57:15 tells us two things about the Almighty God. He dwells in the most Holy place and He dwells among men also. The Bible says in Isaiah 66:1, "Thus saith the LORD, the heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool." This verse draws our attention to God's habitation among His people. As a holy God He dwells in Heaven and at the same time He dwells among mankind. The angels gave the message "Glory to God in the Highest." They brought glory to God and talked about the power of God. He is the High and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity. He is the One who rules Heaven and earth. I Timothy 6:16 says, "Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light, which no man can approach unto;

Whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen." The High and Lofty One dwells in a place where no man can approach. Man cannot approach Him because he has sinned. The message of Christmas is that "love came down". John 1:4 says, "In Him was life; and the life was the light of men." John was just a messenger, fore runner of the LORD Jesus Christ. He was anointed with the Holy Spirit when he was in his mother's womb but He was not that light. Many people were around John the Baptist and they gave heed to his message. While he was preaching one day, he saw Jesus, the Lamb of God passing by. He could have ignored Jesus as he was the messenger of that time. As he was sent as the witness of the light, he had to project Jesus and he pointed out to Him and said, "Behold, the Lamb of God". Jesus was that light. God dwells in the light where no man can approach Him. It was that light which came down to mankind and that was the true light which lighteth every man. Man could not approach that light because it dwells in the most Holy place so God made that light come down to mankind. That is why Jesus said, "Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain"


as found in John 15:16. This is the election of God in our life.In the beginning God said, "Let there be light and there was light." God who is that light came down to mankind. GOD IS REVEALED BY THE INDWELLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT In Luke 1:35 we read, "The angel answered and said unto her, the Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee, therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the son of God." The Holy Ghost overshadowed Mary and she brought forth a Son Jesus and He is the Son of God. Mary acknowledged what the angel said and went in haste to Judah. Luke 1:39,40 says, "And Mary arose in those days, and went into the hill country with haste, into a city of Judah; and entered into the house of Zacharias, and saluted Elisabeth." Many times we miss the blessings of God as we fail to believe and accept God's promises through blessings. But as soon as we accept the promise, the seed of the promise is planted within us. Mary heard the message that the Holy Ghost would overshadow her and the child to be born is the Son of God. Another message was also given to her as found in Luke 1:36, "And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren." What Elisabeth did not make public was revealed to Mary. Since the blessing was from God, it was revealed to Mary. Mary went to meet Elisabeth and saluted her. "And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy

Ghost" (Luke 1:41). It was deep calling unto the deep. The babe in Elisabeth's womb was the predestinated seed of God. When Mary spoke there was something in that voice that made the child to leap in her womb and Elisabeth was anointed by the Holy Spirit. There was no stress or strain in receiving the anointing of the Holy Spirit. That is a true Christian life. When we have the Holy Spirit in us, when we speak our words will be full of power. The same thing happened in the life of Apostle Paul. Power proceeded as he preached. When the anointing came upon Elisabeth, she said, "Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb" Luke 1:42. "And whence is this to me, that the mother of my LORD should come to me?" was spoken by Elisabeth in Luke 1:43. The Holy Spirit in her revealed that the mother of the LORD was there. Although Elisabeth was older than Mary, she gave respect to Mary because Christ was in her. In the same way elderly people respect men of God who are younger to them because they see Christ in them. When Christ is in our life we need not run after respect for it will come to us automatically. Let Christ be conceived in our lives. We read in Luke 1:44, "For lo, as soon as the voice of salutation sounded in my ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy." The babe, the fore runner heard the voice and leaped in the womb which made Elisabeth confess that Mary was the mother of God. The Holy Spirit in her revealed who Mary was. We need the Holy Spirit in our lives. It is very very important for the Holy Spirit to reveal to us and leads us into all truth. The Holy Spirit revealed to Simeon that he would see Jesus. Luke 2:26 says, "It was revealed unto him by the Holy


Ghost that he should not see death, before he had seen the LORD's Christ." The Bible says in Luke 2:25 that, "Simeon was just and devout man and the Holy Ghost was upon him. As led by the Spirit of God; he came into the temple when the parents brought in the child Jesus." GOD CAME TO REVIVE THE HEART OF THE HUMBLE God dwells in the Holy of holies. Man could not reach out to Him so God reached out to man. If only we could accept that fact with our whole heart, our heart will melt at the love God had for mankind. God came in search of us who are sinners. We cannot boast about anything in our life. God chose us before the foundation of the world, that is why He came in search of us. He is that light. Through the Holy Spirit we can know about the great love of God. This great love came into the world to dwell in man. He not only dwells in the Holy of holies but also lives in man who is of a broken and contrite heart to revive the heart of the humble. To revive is to bring back to life once again. It is a testifying and witnessing life. The Holy Spirit tells about the character and nature of an individual. That is why David prayed, "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me" (Psalm 51:10). The spirit in man has to be revived. He must have a contrite heart, which is the message of Christmas. GOD IS WITH US IN AFFLICTIONS In the garden of Gethsemane, all left Jesus and forsook Him. The world would have come to the conclusion that something was wrong with Jesus that even His disciples had forsaken Him. But His heavenly Father was with Him. God

stands with us in our afflictions. Our help comes only from the LORD who has made heaven and earth. God is zealous for us. The Almighty God revived the spirit of Job in his affliction which made Job say, "I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but now my eye seeth thee" as in Job 42:5. God blessed Job before all those who criticised him. His latter end was blessed more than the beginning. God gave him twice as much as he had. As according to God's promise in Hebrews 13:5, "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." As God blessed the latter end of Job, He will bless us also. For the shame, suffering and affliction we had experienced this year, we will see the glory next year. GOD REVIVES THE BROKEN SPIRIT David went to God with a contrite spirit. He told the LORD, "Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities" Psalm 51:9. He did not put on an outward show having sin inside. He went to God's presence and said his sin was great. He asked God to hide his face from his iniquities. That is the prayer that comes from a contrite heart, the prayer of a sinner who has already tasted the love of God. He said, "Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not the Holy Spirit from me" Psalm 51:11. If God takes away the Holy Spirit from us we cannot have communion with God. David had a contrite heart and God revived his spirit. "And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus: for He shall save His people from their sins" Matthew 1:21. Jesus came to save His people from their sins. He has great blessings in reservation for us. God is with us always. Let the Spirit of the LORD revive us.


The Mighty Healing Series


Healing Ministry

Read: Acts 5:12-16

Message by: Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

“… at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them” Acts 5:15. Praise be to the name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ, for God is good and His mercy endureth forever. SIGNS AND WONDERS As according to the promise of our LORD Jesus Christ, those who believe in His Name and through His Name will be healed and miracles will happen and demons will tremble and leave. This promise was fulfilled through the hands of the apostles. Wherever they went many signs and wonders took place among the people. Acts 5:12 says, “… they were all in one accord in Solomon's porch.” The oneness to glorify God brought much results and the Word of God spread far and wide. Let the LORD bring revival among His servants today that when all will be in oneness and with one accord, truly mighty miracles will take place even in these days. PETER'S ACTS WERE TESTIFIED Acts 5:13 says even though people admired them a lot the outsiders were wary about joining them. But at the same time the people who had love for the LORD magnified them and gave glory to God. Today, the society

sees the testimony of those who preach the Word and how they live and what they do. To preach the Word of the LORD is easier than to practice it. The world around us sees the Word of God in action as it is preached so it should be done. Let the message through His servants not only touch the people but more than that let their testimonial life add more souls to God's Kingdom. BELIEVERS WERE ADDED On one side people feared to join them. Though they knew what they were preaching is the truth but yet they failed to join them. Yet on the other side according to Acts 5:14, “And believers were more added to the LORD multitudes of both men and women.” This kind of ministry is what is needed in the present age. Each and every day many souls should be added to the fold of the LORD. It can be through any church or through any ministry. Multitude should increase in the church and there should not be any decline. You have to pray for a revival that should take place in all our quarters. SIGNS FOLLOWED THEM Acts 5:15 says as the Word of God touched the hearts of the people and when the people saw their good works, they brought forth the sick people into the streets and laid them on


beds and couches that at the least, the shadow of Peter while passing by might overshadow some of them. It is not a wonderful work of the LORD rendered through His servants especially through Apostle Peter? The Church needs ministers of God like Peter whose shadow healed many and people thronged to get healed and delivered. Let the LORD revive this history again as it is the last pull before His secret coming. MULTITUDES WERE HEALED AND DELIVERED Acts 5:16 says, there came also a multitude out of the cities round about to Jerusalem bringing their sick folks and also people who were vexed with unclean spirits and they were healed everyone.

The name of Jesus Christ, the name above all names was glorified during the days of the Apostles when they were anointed by the Spirit of God during the day of Pentecost. The anointing which came from the LORD moved mightily upon the Apostles. They were like firebrands standing for the truth and for the LORD. The zealousness towards God's Kingdom made them stand as God's witnesses and the good news was received by many. When it was preached through them, mighty miracles and powerful wonders took place. Those who were possessed by evil spirits were delivered and set free. Let the LORD of the harvest send His supernatural power during these days for the end time revival in every Church and to every Christian throughout the whole world. God bless you.




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God’s Word:

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What is “For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. …” (Matthew 5:46-48). “Mommy, what is Christmas?” asked the five year old girl. Her mother carefully explained that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. “Then why do we not give gifts to Jesus if it's His birthday?” The mother explained the tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts as expressions of our love for each other and that seemed to end the matter. It did not come up again until Christmas eve when the sleepy little girl placed a package under the Christmas tree on her way to bed and explained that it was a birthday gift for Jesus which she was sure He would open during the night while she slept. After she was asleep the mother not wanting her daughter to be disappointed, opened the clumsily wrapped package and found the box empty.


On Christmas morning the little girl was thrilled to find the package had been opened and her gift was gone. “What was in it?” asked the confused mother. “It was a box full of love” came the answer from the little girl. How childlike! How Christ-like! Dear youth, what does Christmas mean to you? Is it only an exchange of gifts or distribution of sweets or wearing new clothes? Just ponder for a few minutes on what Christmas means to you. Let this Christmas be a meaningful one to you. Express your love in action towards the less fortunate and the needy in your neighbourhood. Remember to share your good gifts with others. It will give you a sense of happiness and gratitude to the LORD who has blessed you. Do something different that will please the LORD. Time is very short. The coming of the LORD is very soon. Do not waste your time but use every moment usefully for the LORD. May this Christmas bring you great joy and happiness as you share this joy with others. God bless you.

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Giving is blessed

“... and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). A certain businesswoman at her own cost supported several missionaries and orphanages and gave liberally to the cause of Christ. On being asked how she could afford to do it she replied, “Before my conversion, when I served the world and self, I did it on a grand scale and spent all my money on the perishable things of the world. And when God, by His grace, called me out of darkness, I resolved that Christ and His cause should have more than I had even spent for the world. And as to giving so much, it is God who enables me to do it for at my conversion I solemnly promised that I would give to His cause a fixed proportion of all that my business brought in to me and every year since I made that promise it has brought me in about double what it did the year before, so that I easily can as I do, double my gifts for His service.”

John Bunyan tells us, “A man there was, some called him mad, the more he gave, the more he had.” There are more inscriptions on the tombstones one of which was “What I gave a way I saved, what I spent I used, what I kept I lost.” “Giving to the LORD” says another “is but transporting our goods to a higher floor.” We always find a liberal man is always rich for God's providence is his estate, God's wisdom and power his defense, God's love and favour his rewards, and God's Word his security. Dear sisters in Christ, may what we have read above be found in our lives also. It is more blessed to give than to receive for it helps us have a tender spirit, a wakeful conscience, an onward look of hope for more opportunity to do good to promote happiness and become a blessing to the world at large. On the other side God blesses us with more than we can imagine or think of. God bless you.



This month’s night prayer is on

Skidmore Hall,

23rd DECEMBER 2016

Balar Kalvi Nilayam (BKN),

Time: 10

PM to 2.30 AM

(Sick and needy will be prayed for individually) (Mini buses will be provided for dropping people)

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God’s Word:

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar


Luke 2:1-20

The birth of


There went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.

Joseph took his espoused wife Mary who was pregnant to be taxed.

All went to be taxed everyone to his own city.

The days were accomplished and Mary delivered a baby boy.

She wrapped her first born Son in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in the manger.

The angel of the LORD appeared to the shepherds watching over their sheep at night.

The angel told them not to fear, for he brought good tidings that a Saviour Christ the LORD is born.

Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of heavenly hosts praising God.

The shepherds decided to go and see Jesus.

They came in haste and Mary pondered in her heart about They went out and spread found Mary and Joseph what the angel told her. the good news. and the Babe lying in the manger. TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / DECEMBER 2016 / PAGE 11


of the Century

A biography of late Rev. Dr. John Joseph

(Part 64)

There was another revelation about the increase in the water levels in the sea due to the increase of the heat. He said there will be a warning of floods and sea water entering cities, towns and villages. He spoke about the bridges being washed away and the mighty ships in the sea breaking and washed to the shore. He said that unusual climatic changes will melt the ancient old glaciers in Antarctica and mighty ice bergs dissolving whereby there will be a fear of the increase of sea levels in the oceans. We read in the newspapers about the El-Nino factor which is an irregular occurring and complex series of climatic changes affecting the equatorial region and beyond every few years characterized by the appearance of unusually warm, nutrient-poor water off Northern Peru and Equator typically in late December. The effects of El-Nino include reversal of wind pattern across the Pacific which brought drought in Australia and unseasonal heavy rain in South America. We saw it happening last year in the city of Chennai. The revelations were given by the LORD to the present generation and the future that people may watch and pray that God's grace may be showered on them to safeguard them from natural disasters whereby lives may be preserved. ... to be continued


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God’s Word:

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar (Sick and needy will be prayed for individually)

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Come and Be Blessed

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Testimony Miraculous Healing

“But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name” (John 20:31)

"I know that Thou canst do every thing..." (Job 42:2)

I praise God for the wonderful healing God gave my sister Ruth. On October 10th in the night suddenly blood started gushing out of her nose. We rushed her to hospital and doctor admitted her. The bleeding could not be stopped so doctor had to plug the nose with 2 huge scissors on either side. On October 14th I told Brother Sudhakar. He said the LORD will heal her. That night at 11.30 he came to the hospital and prayed for her. At 2 in the morning the scissors fell off her nose and the bleeding stopped. Routine tests were taken but it was found that she had a growth on the liver. Doctor said 90 percent of the liver failed and the growth on the liver was cancer. We were so troubled but Brother Sudhakar told us not to fear as the LORD has healed her. A week ago they took the biopsy and sent her to another hospital. This Tuesday the doctors said the result came and the growth is not cancer. I praise and thank the LORD for healing my sister. All glory goes to HIM. I also thank Brother Sudhakar for his prayers and his concern for my sister. Praise God. Sis. Amutha, Periamet, Chennai


Deliverance and Miracle Monthly Fasting Prayer Day:

Held every second Saturday This month’s fasting prayer on

10th DECEMBER 2016 Time: 10

AM to 2.30 PM


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God’s Word:

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar (Sick and needy will be prayed for individually)

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"... Let us rise up and build..." Nehemiah 2:18.

Urgent Need: The ministry of "My Daily Strength" needs about 3 to 5 grounds of land in and around Egmore, Doveton, Purasawalkam or Kellys. Kindly pray for it and donors who are led by the Spirit of God to donate the land or willing to contribute for this purpose are most welcome. God bless you. TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / DECEMBER 2016 / PAGE 13

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Our courses are designed to transform our students as servants of God to share the Word of God to others with the intention of winning them for Christ.

D.Th. (2 years, 60 Credit hours) The doors are open for you to join immediately. Eligibility: 10th pass Contact: The Co-ordinator, ZOE Bible College and Theological University B.Th. (3 years, 90 Credit hours) Eligibility: 12th pass / D.Th. Phone: 044-26402222, 26403333 Email: TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / DECEMBER 2016 / PAGE 14

cºï^ ļïV>«M¦tòÍm...

þ¤üm¡Âz^ ¸öB\Vªkìï¼e, ïìÝ>òD Ö«âÄïò\VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ åV\Ý]_ gæìkV>\Vª kVµÝmÂïçeÝ Ø>ös þ[¼Å[. ""¨[ ¶Ð]ª ØÃé['' »aBºï^, ""¦V¦ì. ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ© W窡 ØÛüïVA«D'' \u®D ""kVìÝç> í¦V«Ý]['' ÄVì¸_, kVÄïìï^ ¶çªkòÂzD \þç\¥^e, ¸«ïVÄ\Vª þ¤üm\ü å_kVµÝm ïçe¥D, cºï^ ¨_çél_ ØÃò\þµßEl[ gæìkV>ºï^, gßÄöBºï^, å_é g¼«VÂþBD, ØÃé[ \u®D ÃVmïV©ÃV_ W«D¸B Amkò¦å_kVµÝmÂïçe¥D Ø>ösÂþ[¼Å[. EéåVâïÓÂz x[ªì åV[ ¶Ð©¸B å[¤l[ ï½>Ý]uz© ¸«]¥Ý>«D ØÄKÝ]ª cºï^ ÎËØkVòkòÂzD å[¤ ØÄKÝmþ¼Å[. ØkzæÂþ«Ý]_ Àºï^ ¶¹Ý> Ã]KÂïVï \®Ã½¥D å[¤ í®þ¼Å[. Àºï^ mö>\Vï Ã]_ ¶Ð©¸Bý¼B, ïìÝ>òD cºïÓÂzÝ mö>\Vï© Ã]é¹Ým, ¯tÂzöB åuÃé[ïçe¥D, ë¼éVïÝ][ gæìkV>ºïçe¥D ¶òÓkVì. ï¦Í> ¶Â¼¦VÃì 29D ¼>]B[®, å\m »aBÝ][ ØÃõï^ ¸ökVª Ø>¼ÃV«V^ ØÃõï^ nÂþBÝ][ ÄVì¸_ x>[xçÅBVï yìÂï>öĪ, \u®D ØÛà xïVD Î[® å¦Ý>©Ãâ¦m. ]«eVª ļïV>öï^ ïéÍmØïVõ¦ ÖÂïòÝ>«ºï¹_ ]ò\]. ¼«Vüo[ ØÛEÍ>V ¶kìï^ EÅ©A ¼>kØÄF] ¶¹Ý>Vìï^. \â|\[¤, åkDÃì 5D ¼>]B[® å\m kVoÃì ¸ökVª þ¤üm¡ÂïVï >VT][ ¼Äçª ÄVì¸_, ØÄ[çªl_ Îò ¨¿©A>_ xïVD Î[® å¦Ý>©Ãâ¦m. Ö]KD ¶¼åï kVoÃìï^ úzØÃuŪì. x¿¼å«\Vï ïìÝ>òÂz »aBÞØÄF¥Dý ¶¼åï kVoÃìï^ >ºïçe ΩAÂØïV|Ý>ªì. ¼>kÐç¦B þòçÃlªV_ å\m \V> Ö>wVª ""½«DÃâ gà© Ø«üئV¼«r['' gl«ÂïðÂïVª T|ïçeß ØÄ[Åç¦þ[Åm. cºïçe©¼ÃVé¼k ¶¼åï Ö_éºï^ gæìk]Âï©Ã|þ[Ū. ¼>kмï \þç\. ¦V¦ì ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ© W窡 ØÛüïVA«D ÎËØkVòåVÓD ±u®ÂïðÂïVª Ûªºï¹[ gsÂzöB ¼>çkïçe©¯ìÝ] ØÄFþ[Ū. ¶¼åïì Ø>V¦ìAØïVõ| ØÛ¸ÝmÂØïV^km \â|\[¤, °uÅ g¼éVÄçªïçe¥D ØÃu®Â ØïV^Óþ[Ūì. ÎËØkVòåVÓD å\m ØÛÃç\BÝ]_ åç¦ØîD Ã_¼k® WïµßEïÓÂïVï ¼>kÐÂz å[¤ ØÄKÝmþ¼ÅVD. ï¦Í> ¶Â¼¦VÃì 30D ¼>]B[®, å\m ""kVìÝç> í¦V«D'' QVl®Ã^¹ E®kìïÓÂïVª WïµßEçB ØïVõ¦V½Bm. kVoÃòÂïVª ØïVõ¦Vâ¦D åkDÃì 13D ¼>]B[® å\m g«V>çªl_ åç¦ØÃuÅm. Àºï^ >M geVï {½ªV_ ¶m ""{â¦D'' (Race). gªV_, ¼>k[ cºï¼eV| ¼ÄìÍm {½ªV_ ¶m ""þòçÃ'' (Grace) ¨[® Îò gºþéß ØÄVuØÅV¦ì cõ|. å\m »aBD Ã_¼åV¼ïV| ØÄB_æ¼>kÐç¦B þòçÃ, \u®D ¶kòç¦B Ö«Âï¼\ ïV«ðD. A]B Ö¦ºï¹_ ¼>kÐÂïVï gÝm\VÂïçe g>VBÞØÄF¥Dý, ¶kòç¦B gæìkV>ºï^ ¨ºï^ ¼\_ ØÃVaÍ>òe©Ã|\V®, ¼>kÐç¦B ÃV>Ý]_ ïVÝ]òÂþ¼ÅVD. ""¨[ ¶Ð]ª ØÃé['' »aBºï^, \u®D ¨ªÂïVï Àºï^ ØïV|ÂzD ÎÝmçw©A, \u®D »Âï\Vª ØÛúïÓÂïVï c^eÝ][ gwÝ]oòÍm å[¤ ØÄKÝmþ¼Å[. ""¼>kª V¼é í¦V> ïVöBD Î[®t_çé...'' (ÙÂïV 1:37) ¨[®, ÖD\V>Ý]_ ïìÝ>ì ØïV|Ým^e kVÂzÝ>Ý>Ý][ ý, ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm cºïÓ¦¼ªí¦Öò©Ã>V_ cºï^ kVµÂçïlKºí¦ \çéïçeÝ >Võ|Tìï^, ï¦çé¥D >ç¦ ïçe¥D t]Ýmß ØÄ_KTìï^. ØÛÃÝm¦[ x½Âþ¼Å[. ¼>k »aB[, cºï^ ļïV>«[,

(Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì) TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / DECEMBER 2016 / PAGE 15



""WÝ]BkVE¥D Ãö·Ý>ì ¨[þÅ åV\x^ekò \VþB \ïÝmkxD c[ª >x\Vª kì ØÄV_K þÅVì: c[ª >Ý]KD Ãö·Ý> ü>éÝ]KD kVÄD ÃõbþÅ åV[, ÃèÍ>kìï¹[ gsçB clì© ¸ÂþÅ>uzD, ØåV®ºþª kìï¹[ Öò>BÝç> cl쩸ÂþÅ>uzD, ØåV®ºzõ| ÃèÍ> gs¥^ekì﹦Ý]KD kVÄDÃõbþ¼Å['' (°ÄVBV 57:15). åDxç¦B gõ¦kòD Ö«âÄïò\VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ åV\D ü¼>VÝ]öÂï©Ã|k>Vï. ïìÝ>ì å_ékì, ¶kì þòçà ¨[®x^em. ¼>k[ ¶ò¹B å[ç\ïÓÂïVï¡D, ÖÍ> kò¦D x¿kmD åD¼\V½òÍm, åDxç¦B kaï¹Øé_éVD å\Âz c>sØÄFm, ¶kòç¦B k_éç\çB¥D, åD ¼\K^e ¶åV] E¼åïÝç>¥D ïVõ¸ÂþÅ ¶k«m ¸«Ä[ªÝ]uïVï åVD ¼>kçªÝ m]©Ãm ¶kEBD.

\M>ìï^ \Ý]l_ kVÄDÃõð ¼>k[ kÍ>Vì Äìk k_é ¼>kçªÂ z¤Ým Ö«õ| ïVöBºïçe °ÄVBV 57:15 seÂzþ[Åm. ¶kì Ãö·Ý> ü>éÝ]_ kVÄD ÃõbþÅVì. ¶¼>¼kçel_, \M>ìï^ \Ý]lKD kVÄDÃõbþÅVì. ""ïìÝ>ì ØÄV_KþÅm ¨[ª Øk[ÅV_: kVª D ¨ª Âzß EºïVĪ D, ¯t ¨ª Âz©ÃV>ý'' ¨[® °ÄVBV 66:1 í®þ[Åm. ÖËkĪD, \M>ìï^ å|sK^e ¼>kÐç¦B kVÄü>éÝmÂz ¼å«Vï åD ïkªÝç> ~ìÂþ[Åm. ""c[ª >Ý]oòÂþÅ ¼>kÐÂz \þç\¥D...'' ¨[® ØÄV_o ¼>k #>ìï^ ¼>kçªÝ m]Ý>Vìï^. ¶kìï^ ¼>kÐÂz \þç\ çBß ØÄKÝ], ¶kòç¦B k_éç\çB sköÝ >ªì. ¼>k[ WÝ]BkVE¥D, Ãö·Ý>ì ¨[þÅ åV\x^ekò\VþB \ïÝmkxD c[ª >x \Vªk«VF, Ãö·Ý> ü>éÝ]_ kVÄD Ãõb þÅVì. ¶k¼« kVª Ýç>¥D ¯tçB¥D gÓþÅkì. ""Îòk«VF, ÄVkVç\¥^ekòD, ¼Ä«Âí¦V> ιl_ kVÄDÃõbþÅ kòD, \Ðrö_ ÎòkòD ïõ½«V> kòD, ïVðÂí¦V>kò\VlòÂþÅkì; ¶kò¼ï ïª xD WÝ]B k_éç\¥D

cõ¦Vlò©Ã>Vï. gØ\['' ¨[® 1 y¼\Vݼ>¥ 6:16 í®þ[Åm. ¼>k[, ¨Í>ØkVò \M>ÐD ¼Ä«Âí¦V> c[ª>Ý ]KD Ãö·Ý> ü>éÝ]KD kVÄÞØÄFþÅVì. ¼>kÐÂz s¼«V>\Vï \M>[ ÃVkÞØÄF>ýBV_, ¶kö¦Ý]_ Øåòºþ ¼Ä«Â í¦V\u¼ÃVlu®. ""¶[A Öźþ kÍ>m'' ¨[ü> þ¤üm\ü ØÄF]BVzD. ï ì Ý > «V þ B Ö ¼ B · þ ¤ü m s [ k ò ç ï  z x[¼ªV½BVï¡D, yìÂï>öEBVï¡D ¼BVkV[ üåVª[ ¶Ð©Ã©Ãâ¦V[. ¶k[ >ªm >Vl[ klu¤oòÍ>¼ÃV¼> Ãö·Ý> gsl[ ¶¸¼rïÝ ç>© ØÃu¤òÍ>V[. gª V_, ¶k[ ¶Í> ιB_é. ¶¼åï Ûªºï^ ¶kçªß óµÍ]òÍm, ¶kÐç¦B ØÄF]Âzß ØÄsØïV|Ý>ªì. ¶k[ ¸«ÄºþÝmÂØïVõ½òÍ> ¼kçel_, ¼>k gâ| zâ½BVþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm ï¦Ím¼ÃVkç> ïõ¦V[. ¶k[ ¶Í¼å«Ý]_ ¼>k ØÄF]BVeªVï ÖòÍ>ýBV_, Ö¼B·çk ïõ|D ïVðV>k[ ¼ÃVé ÖòÍ]òÂïéVD. gªV_, ¶k[ ¶©Ã½ß ØÄF BV\_, ¶Í> ιçB z¤Ým ÄVâE ØïV|ÂzDý BVï ¶Ð©Ã©Ãâ½òÍ>ýBV_, Ö¼B·çkß ·â½Â ïVâ½, ""Ö¼>V, céïÝ][ ÃVkÝç>ß ·\Ím yìÂþÅ ¼>k gâ|Âzâ½'' ¨[® í¤ªV[. Ö¼B·¼k ¶Í> Ø\FBVª ι. ÎòkòD ¼Ä«Âí¦V> ιl_ ¼>k[ kVÄDÃõbþÅVì. ÖÍ> ιBVª ¼>k[, ÎËØkVò \M>窥D ¸«ïVEÂï©ÃõbD Ø\F BVª ιBVF \M>ì﹦Ý]_ ÖźþkÍ>Vì. \ïV c[ª>\Vª Ãö·Ý> ü>éÝ]_ ¼>k[ kVÄÞ ØÄFk>V_, Îò \M>ªVKD ¶kç«Øåòºþß ¼Ä« x½Bs_çé. ¨ª ¼k>V[ Ö¼B·, ""Àºï^ ¨[ ç ª Ý Ø > ö Í m Ø ï V ^ e s _ ç é , å V [ cºïçeÝ Ø>öÍmØïVõ¼¦[; Àºï^ ¨[ åV\Ý]ª V¼é ¸>Vçk ¼ïâ|ÂØïV^km ¨m¼kV, ¶ç> ¶kì cºïÓÂz ØïV|ÂïÝ>Âï >Vï Àºï^ ¼ÃVF ïMØïV|ÂzDýÂzD, cºï^ ïM WçéÝ]òÂzDýÂzD, åV[ cºïçe °uÃ|Ý]¼ª ['' (¼BVkV[ 15:16) ¨[® í¤ªVì. Öm¼k å\m kVµÂçïl_ ïVð©Ã|D ¼>kM[ Ø>öÍmØïV^Ó>_ gzD.


g]l¼é ¼>k[, ""Øk¹ßÄD cõ¦VïÂï¦km ¨[ÅVì. Øk¹ßÄD cõ¦Vlu®.'' ¶Í> ιBVþB ¼>k[, \ÐÂzéÝç> *âï ÖźþkÍ>Vì. ""°Øª [ ÅV_, ¼>kÝmkÝ][ Ãö¯«ð Ø\_éVD ÄZ«© ¸«ïV«\Vï ¶kòÂz^ kVÄ\VlòÂþÅm'' (ØïV¼éVØÄBì 2:9) ¨[® ¼k>D í®þÅm.

Ãö·Ý> gsBVªkì kVÄDÃõbk][ JéD ¼>k[ Øk¹©Ã|þÅVì ""¼>k#>[ ¶kÓÂz© ¸«]¥Ý>«\Vï: Ãö·Ý> gs c[¼\_ kòD; c[ª >\Vª kòç¦B ÃéD c[¼\_ Wwo|D; g>éV_ c[M¦Ý]_ ¸ÅÂzD Ãö·Ý>x^em ¼>kÐç¦B z\V«[ ¨[ª © Ã|D'' ¨[® ÙÂïV 1:35_ kVEÂþ¼ÅVD. Ãö·Ý> gsBVªkì \öBV¹[¼\_ Wwoâ¦Ã½BV_, ¶k^ Îò z\V«çª© ØÃuØÅ|Ý>V^. ¶kì>V[ ¼>k z\V«ªVþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm. ¼>k#>[ í¤Bç> °u®ÂØïVõ¦ \öBV^, mö>\VF© AÅ©Ãâ| R>V¡Âz© ¼ÃVª V^. ""¶ÍåVâï¹_ \öBV^ ¨¿Ím, \çéåVâ½¼é R>VsK^e Îò Ãâ¦ðÝ ]uzÝ ys«\VF© ¼ÃVF, ÄïöBVs[ Tâ|Âz^ ¸«¼kEÝm, ¨oÄØÃÝç> kVµÝ]ª V^'' ¨[® ÙÂïV 1:39,40 í®þÅm. ¶¼åï ¼å«ºï¹_ ¼>k Ðç¦B kVÂzÝ>Ý>ºïçe °u®ÂØïV^eV\KD, ¶kuçÅ s·kVEÂïV\KD ÖòÂþÅýBV_ gæìkV>ºïçe ÖwÍms|þ[¼ÅVD. gªV_, kVÂzÝ>Ý>Ýç> °u®Â ØïVõ¦¡¦[, ¶Í> sÝm å\Âz^ 妩Ã|þ[Åm. Ãö·Ý> gsBVª kì Wwo¦©¼ÃVþÅVì, ¼>k z\V«[ ¸ÅÂ塚ÃVþÅVì ¨[Å ØÄF]çB \öBV^ ¼ïâ¦V^. ""¨oÄØÃÝm \öBVÓç¦B kVµÝm>çé ¼ï⦠ØÃV¿m, ¶kÓç¦B klu¤oòÍ> ¸^çe m^¹u®; ¨oÄØÃÝm Ãö·Ý> gslª V_ W«©Ã©Ãâ|,'' (ÙÂïV 1:41) ¨[® kVEÂþ¼ÅVD. gwÝç> gwD í©¸|D ¶ÐÃk\VF ¶m ¶ç\Í>m. ¨oÄØÃÝ][ klu¤oòÍ> zwÍç> ¼>kªV_ x[z¤Âï©Ãâ¦sÝ>VlòÍ>m. \öBV^ ¨oÄØÃÝ]¦D ¼ÃEBØÃV¿m, ¶Í>ß ÄÝ>Ý]_ ïVð©Ã⦠k_éç\, ¨oÄØÃÝ][ klu¤oòÍ> ¸^çeçBÝ m^ÓDý ØÄF>m. \â|\[¤, ¨oÄØÃÝm Ãö·Ý> gslªV_ W«©Ã©Ãâ¦V^. ¨oÄØÃÝ][¼\_ ¶¸¼rïD kÍ>ØÃV¿m, ¶k^ c«Ý> ÄÝ>\VF, ""ü]ZïÓÂz^¼e À gæìk]Âï©Ãâ¦k^, c[ ïì©ÃÝ][ ïM¥D gæìk]Âï© Ãâ¦m. ¨[ gõ¦kòç¦B >VBVì ¨[M¦Ý]_ kÍ>m ¨ª Âz ¨]ª V_ þç¦Ý>m'' (ÙÂïV 1:42,43) ¨[ÅV^. ïìÝ>òç¦B >VBVì ¶ºz kÍ]òÂþÅV^ ¨[Ãç>, ¶kÓÂz^ ¹òÍ> Ãö·Ý> g s B V ª k ì Ø k ¹ ©Ã | Ý ] ª V ì .

¨o Ä Ø Ã Ý m \ ö B V ç e ©Ã V ì  þ K D k B ] _ JÝ>keVlòÍ>VKD, \öBVÓÂz^ þ¤üm ÖòÍ>ýBV_ ¶kÓÂz \öBVç> ØÄKÝ]ªV^. ""Ö¼>V, À kVµÝ]ª ÄÝ>D ¨[ ïV]_ s¿Í> ¡¦¼ª , ¨[ klu¤K^e ¸^çe ﹩ÃVFÝ m^¹u®'' (ÙÂïV 1:44) ¨[® ¨oÄØÃÝm í¤ªç> kVEÂþ¼ÅVD. þ¤üm¡Âz x[¼ªV½BV lòÍ> zwÍç>, ¶¸¼rþÂï©Ã⦠ÄÝ>Ýç> ¼ï⦡¦[ ﹩ÃVFÝ m^¹u®. ¨ª ¼k>V[ ¨oÄØÃÝm \öBVçe, ""¨[ gõ¦kòç¦B >VBVì'' ¨[® ¶çwÂïx½Í>m. Äïé ÄÝ]BÝ]uz^ÓD åVD å¦Ý>©Ã|k>uz, å\m kVµÂçïl_ Ãö·Ý> gsBVªkö[ ¶¸¼rïD tï¡D ¶kEB\VzD. Et¼BVÐÂz^¹òÍ> Ãö·Ý> gsBVª kì, ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤ümçk ¶k[ ïVõÃV[ ¨[Ãç> Øk¹©Ã|Ý]lòÍ>Vì. ""ïìÝ>òç¦B þ¤ümçk À ïVbx[¼ª \«ð\ç¦B\Vâ¦VF ¨[® Ãö·Ý> gslª V¼é ¶kÐÂz ¶¤sÂï© Ãâ|tòÍ>m'' (ÙÂïV 2:26). Ö¼B·kVþB zwÍç>çB ¶kö[ ØÃu¼ÅVì géBÝ]uz ØïVõ| kÍ>¼ÃVm, Et¼BV[ Ãö·Ý> gslªV_ kaå¦Ý>©Ãâ|, ¶ºz kÍ>V[. Ö¼B·¼k ka¥D ÄÝ]BxD ýkÐ\VlòÂþÅVì. Ãö·Ý> gsBVª kö[ þöçBïçeÂz¤Ým kVÂzkV>ÞØÄFBV\_, ¶kç«°u®ÂØïV^Ókm ¶kEBD. Ãö·Ý> gsBVªkö[ ¶çÄkV|>¼éV| åVD ÖçðÍmØÄ_é¼kõ|D.

>Vµç\¥^¼eVö[ Öò>BÝç> cl쩸Âï ¼>k[ kÍ>Vì ¼>k[ \ïV Ãö·Ý> ü>éÝ]_ kVÄÞØÄFþÅVì. \M>[ ¶kç«ß ØÄ[Åç¦B x½BVm. gçïBV_, ¶kì \M>çªÝ ¼>½ kÍ>Vì. ÖÍ>ß ØÄBçé åVD EÍ]©¼ÃV\Vl[, \M>[¼\K^e ¶kòç¦B ¶[çà WçªÝm, å\m c^eD còzD. ÃVsï eVþB åDç\Ý ¼>½ ¼>k[ kÍ>Vì. åDxç¦B kVµÂçïçBÂz¤Ým ØÃòt>ºØïV^e Î[® t_çé. ÖÍ> céïÝ ¼>VuÅÝ]uz x[ÃVï¼k ¼>k[ åDç\Ý Ø>öÍmØïVõ¦Vì. Ãö·Ý> gsBVªkö[ Jé\Vï ¼>kÐç¦B \VØÃòD ¶[çà åVD ¶¤ÍmØïV^ex½¥D. ÖÍ> \VØÃòD ¶ [ A , \ M > ì ï Ó ¦[ k V Ä D à õ b D à ½ ÖË¡éþuz kÍ>m. ¶kì \ïV Ãö·Ý> ü>éÝ]_ kVÄD Ãõbkm \â|\[¤, ÃèÍ>kìï¹[ gsçB cl쩸ÂþÅ>uzD, ØåV®ºþªkìï¹[ Öò>BÝç> cl쩸ÂþÅ>uzD \M>ÐÂz^ kVµÍmØïVõ½òÂþÅVì. cl쩸©Ãm ¨[ÅV_ \M>ÐÂz *õ|D ýkçª ¶ò¹, ÄVâE¥^e kVµÂçï kVwßØÄFk>VzD.


Ãö·Ý> gsBVªkì Îò \M>Ðç¦B zðV]ÄBÝ ç>¥D, ·ÃVkÝç>¥D Øk¹©Ã|ÝmþÅVì. Îò \M>ÐÂz^¹òÂzD gs ¨©Ã½¼BV, ¶©Ã½¼B ¶kÐD ÖòÂþÅV[. ¨ª¼k>V[ >VTm, ""¼>k¼ª , ·Ý> Öò>BÝç> ¨[M¼é Eòi½¥D, Wçék« \Vª gsçB ¨[ c^eÝ]¼é Am©¸¥D'' (ĺÿ>D 51:10) ¨[® ØÛ¸Ý>V[. Îò \M>ÐÂz^¹òÂzD gs cl쩸Âï©Ã¦ ¼kõ|D. ØåV®ºzõ¦ Öò>BD ¶kÐÂz ¶kEBD. Öm¼k, þ¤üm\ü ØÄF]BVzD. >Vµç\¥^¼eVö[ gsçB clì© ¸Âï ¼>k[ Ö©¯tl_ ÖźþkÍ>Vì. å\Âz^ >Vµç\ ïVð©Ã|km ¶kEBD.

cÃÝ]«kºï¹_ åD¼\V½òÂzD ¼>k[ g¸«ïVD ¼>k¼ªV| ¼ÃEB Îò \M>[. ¼>k[ ¶kçªÝ >\m E¼åþ>[ ¨[ÅçwÝ>Vì. yìÂï>öE BVlòÍ> ¶kÐÂz, ÄDÃsÂïsòÍ> ïVöBº ïçeÂz¤Ým ¼>k[ Øk¹©Ã|Ý]ªVì. ¼ÄV¼>VD, ØïV¼\V«Vs[ ¶açkÂz¤Ým ¶kÐÂzÝ Ø>öB© Ã|Ý]ªVì. ¶k[ ÃöÍm¼Ã·D gsçB¥ç¦B kªVF, #E¥D ÄVDÃK\VlòÂþÅ ¶½¼B[ ¨[® ØÄV_o, >[çª Ý >VµÝ], ]Å©¸[ kVÄo_ W[ÅV[. ""¶©ØÃV¿m g¸«ïVD ¸«]¥Ý>«\Vï: Ö¼>V, #ÓD ÄVDÃK\VlòÂþÅ ¶½¼B[ gõ¦k¼«V¼¦ ¼ÃÄÝmèͼ>['' (g]BVï\D 18:27) ¨[® í¤Bç> ïVõþ¼ÅVD. ¼BVA >ªÂþòÍ> ¶çªÝç>¥D ÖwÍm W[Å ØÃV¿m, ""gçïBV_ åV[ ¨[çª ¶òkòÝm, #¹KD ÄVDÃoKD ÖòÍm \ª ü>VéÃ|þ¼Å[ ¨[ÅV['' (¼BVA 42:6). ¶kÐç¦B \çª s ¶kM¦D, ""¼>kçª Ý #´Ým ýkçª s|D'' (¼BVA 2:9) ¨[® í¤ªVKD, ¼>kçª s¦V\_ ¶k[ Ãu¤ÂØïVõ¦V[. ¶kÐç¦B åõÃìïÓD ¶kçªÂ zçÅí¤, ¶kÐç¦B ÃVkÝ][ sçe kVï¼k ¶çªÝmD ÄDÃsÝ>ª ¨[® í¤ªì. åVD kV¿D céïD ֩ý©Ãâ¦m>V[. ¼>kÐÂz© ¸öB\VF åVD kV¿DØÃV¿m, å\Âz ¼åö|D Ãés>\Vª óµWçéïçe ïVbD \M>ìï^, åDç\¥D zçÅí¤, zuÅ©Ã|ÝmkVìï^. ¶]MtÝ>D cDxç¦B c^eD cç¦þ[Åm. gª VKD, Ö¼B· åDç\ Îò¼ÃVmD çïs¦\Vâ¦Vì. ¨ª¼k, åVD ÃB©Ã¦Â í¦Vm. ØïÝØÄ\¼ª ¼>Vâ¦Ý]_ ærìïeçªkòD Ö¼B·çk >[ªÍ>M¼B sâ|sâ|© ¼ÃVF s⦪ì. Ö¼B·s_ °¼>VØkVò zçÅlò©Ã >V_>V[ ¶kòç¦B ærìïÓD ¶kç«Â çïsâ| sâ¦ªì ¨[Å Îò x½¡Âz céïD kÍ]òÂïéVD. gªV_, ë¼éVï ¸ > V ¶ k ¼ «V ½ ò Í > V ì . å D x ç ¦B

cÃÝ]«kºï¹_ ¼>k[ åD¼\V½òÂþÅVì. kVªÝç>¥D ¯tçB¥D cõ¦VÂþª ïìÝ>ö¦Ý] oòÍm å\Âz ÎÝ>VçÄ kòþ[Åm. ¼>k[ å\ÂïVï çk«VÂþBD ÃV«Vâ|þÅVì. ¼BVAÂz^ ¹òÍ> gsçB ¼>k[ cl쩸Ý>]ªV_ ¶k[, ""¨[ ïV]ª V_ cDç\ z¤Ým ¼ï^s©Ã⼦[; Ö©ØÃV¿¼>V ¨[ ïõ cDç\ ïVõþÅm'' (¼BVA 42:5) ¨[® í¤ªV[. ¼BVçÃÂz¤Ým zçÅ í¤ªkìïÓÂzx[ÃVï ¼>k[ ¶kçª gæì k]Ý>Vì. ¶kÐç¦B x[Mçéç\çB© ÃVì þKD ¸[Mçéç\ gæìk]Âï©Ãâ¦m\[¤, ¶kÐÂz ÖòÍ> BV¡D ֫⽩ÃVF ØïV|Âï© Ãâ¦m. ""åV[ c[çª sâ| sézkmt_çé, c[çª Â çïs|kmt_çé'' (¨¸Ø«Bì 13:5) ¨[Å kVÂzÝ>Ý][ý¼B, ïìÝ>ì ¶kçª gæìk]Ý>Vì. ¼BV¸[ ¸[Mçéç\çB gæìk]Ý>m¼ÃVé¼k, åDç\¥D ¼>k[ gæìk]©ÃVì. ""À s·kVEÝ>V_ ¼>kÐç¦B \þç\çB ïVõÃVF'' (¼BVkV[ 11:40) ¨[® ¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç> í®þÅm. ÖÍ> gõ½_ åVD ¶ÐÃsÝ> ØkâïD,¼k>çª \u®D ØåòÂïÝ]uz© Ã]éVï, k«sòÂzD gõ½_ \þç\çB åVD ïVõ¼ÃVD.

ØåV®ºzõ¦ gsçB ¼>k[ cl쩸ÂþÅVì >VTm ØåV®ºzõ¦ gs¥¦[ ïìÝ>ö¦Ý]_ ØÄ[ÅV[. >[ c^eÝ]_ ÃVkÝç> \çÅÝm çkÝm, Øk¹¼krD >öÂïs_çé. \VÅVï, ¼>kÐç¦B ÄxïÝ]uzß ØÄ[®, >ªm ÃVkD ØÃöBm ¨[® ï>¤ªV[. >ªm ÃVkÝç>© ÃV«V> ý, ¼>k[ >\m xïÝç> \çÅÂï¼kõ|Ø\[® \[ÅV½ªV[. ¼>kÐç¦B ¶[çà òEÝ>, ØåV®º zõ¦ gs¥ç¦B Îò ÃVsl[ ØÛÃD Öm¼k BVzD. ""c\m ÄxïÝç>sâ| ¨[çª Ý >^eV \KD, c\m Ãö·Ý> gsçB ¨[M¦Ý]oòÍm ¨|ÝmÂØïV^eV\KD ÖòD'' (ĺÿ>D 51:11) ¨[® ¶k[ ØïÞEªV[. ¼>k[ >\m Ãö·Ý> gsçB åDtoòÍm ¨|Ýms|kVØ«M_, ¶k¼«V| åVD nÂþBº ØïV^ex½BVm. ØåV®ºzõ¦ Öò>BÝ ¼>V½òÍ> >VT][ gsçB ¼>k[ cl쩸Ý>Vì. ""¶k^ Îò z\V«çª © ØîkV^. ¶kòÂz Ö¼B· ¨[® ¼Ãö|kVBVï; °Øª M_ ¶kì >\m Ûª ºï¹[ ÃVkºïçe ÀÂþ ¶kìïçe Ö«âE©ÃVì'' (\ݼ>¥ 1:21) ¨[® ¼k>Ý]_ kVE þ¼ÅVD. >\m Ûª ºï¹[ ÃVkºïçe ÀÂþ, ¶kìïçe Ö«âEÂï Ö¼B· Ö©¯tl_ kÍ>Vì. ¶kì å\ÂïVï s¼Ä´Ý> \VØÃòD gæìkV>ºïçe çkÝ]òÂþÅVì. ¼>k[ ¨©ØÃV¿mD åD¼\V½ò þÅVì. ïìÝ>òç¦B gsBVªkì >V¼\ åDç\ cl쩸©ÃV«Vï.


·ï\¹ÂzD ØÄF]ï^


k_éç\BVª zð\VÂzD »aBºï^

kVEÂï¡D: ¶©¼ÃVü>éì 5:12d16 ""¸èBV¹ïçe©Ã|Âçïï¹[ ¼\KD ïâ½_ ï¹[¼\KD þ¦Ý], ¼Ãmò å¦Ím¼ÃVçïl_ ¶kÐç¦B WwéVþKD ¶kìï¹_ Eéì¼\_ Ã|DýÂz, ¶kìïçe Øk¹¼B T]ï¹_ ØïVõ|kÍm çkÝ>Vìï^'' (¶©¼ÃVü>éì 6:15). ïìÝ>òD Ö«âÄïò\VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ åV\Ý]uzÝ m]¥õ¦Vk>Vï. ïìÝ>ì å_ékì, ¶kì þòçà ¨[®x^em.

¶uA>ºïÓD ¶ç¦BVeºïÓD åDxç¦B ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm ¶¹Ý> kVÂzÝ>Ý>Ý][ý¼B, ¶kòç¦B åV\Ýç> s·kVEÂþÅkìï^Jé\Vï, ¶kòç¦B åV\Ý ]ª V_ ¶uA>ºï^ åç¦ØîD, Ûª ºï^ zð\ç¦kVìï^, ¸ÄV·ï^ å|ºþ {|D. ÖÍ> kVÂzÝ>Ý>D ¶©¼ÃVü>éìï¹[ 﫺ï¹_ åç¦ØÃuÅ ¶uA>ºï¹[Jé\Vï Wçżk¤Bm. ¶kìï^ ØÄ[Å Ö¦ºï¹Øé_éVD Ûªºï¹[ å|s_ ¶uA>ºïÓD ¶ç¦BVeºïÓD ]«eVF åç¦ØÃuŪ. ¶©¼ÃVü>éØ«_éVòD Îò\ª© Ãâ|ß ÄV¼éV¼\VÐç¦B \õ¦ÃÝ]_ ÖòÍ>Vìï^ ¨[®, ¶©¼ÃVü>éì 5:12 í®þ[Åm. ¼>kçª \þç\©Ã|ÝmDý ¶kìïÓÂz^ ïVð©Ã⦠Îò\ªD tzÍ> ÃéçªÂ ØïVõ|kÍ>m. ¼>k Ðç¦B kVìÝç> ¨ºzD ëD¸, \þç\©Ãâ¦m. Ö[®, ïìÝ>ì>V¼\ ¶kòç¦B »aBìï¹[ å|s_ ¨¿©A>çé ØïVõ|kòkV«Vï. ¶kìï Øe_éVòD Îò\ª©Ãâ|, μ« ¼åVÂïݼ>V| ïVð©Ã|kVìïeVªV_ Ø\FBVï¼k k_éç\ BVª ¶uA>ºïÓD ¶ç¦BVeºïÓD ÖÍåVâ ï¹_ åç¦ØîD.

¼Ãmòs[ þöçBï^ ÄVâEB¹Ý>ª ""\uÅkìï¹_ ÎòkÐD ¶kìï Ó¦¼ª ¼Ä«Ý mèBs_çé'' ¨[® ¶©¼ÃVü>éì 5:13 í®þ[Åm. gªV_

¼>kØÄF]: Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì ¶¼>¼kçel_, ¶©¼ÃVü>éìïçe Ûªºï^ ¶]ï\]ï\VF ¼åEÝm, ¶kìïçe ¼\[ç\©Ã|Ý], ¼>kÐÂz \þç\çBß ØÄKÝ]ªVìï^. Ö[®, ¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç>çB© ¸«ÄºþÂþÅkìï^ BVì ¨[Ãç>¥D, ¶kìïÓç¦B kVµÂçï ¨©Ã½©Ãâ¦m ¨[Ãç>¥D, ¶kìï^ ¨[ª ØÄFþÅVìï^ ¨[ à ç > ¥D Ö Í > Ä x > V B D à V ì Ý m  ØïVõ½òÂþÅm. ¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç>çBß ØÄB_Ã|Ýmkç>s¦, ¶>窩¸«Äºþ©Ãm ¨¹m. åD\V_ ¸«ÄºþÂï©Ã|D ïìÝ>òç¦B kVìÝç> çBß ØÄB_Ã|Ý>¼kõ|D ¨[® céïD ¨]ì ÃVìÂþ[Åm. ¼>k »aBìï^Jé\Vïß ØÄV_é© Ã|D ØÄF] ÛªºïçeÝ Ø>V|þÅm. gªV_, »aBìï¹[ ÄVâE¥^e kVµÂçï ]«eVª gÝm\VÂïçeÝ ¼>kÐç¦B Ö«Vë÷BÝ]_ ¼ÄìÂþÅm.

s·kVEï^ ¼ÄìÂï©Ãâ¦ªì ¶©¼ÃVü>éìïÓ¦[ ¼Ä« Ûªºï^ mèB s_çé. ¶©¼ÃVü>éìï^ ¸«Äºþ©Ãm ÄÝ]BD ¨[Ãç> Ûªºï^ ¶¤Í]òÍ>¼ÃVmD ¶kìïÓ¦[ ¼Ä«s_çé. gªV_ \uØÅVòAÅD ¶©¼ÃVü>éì 5:14 í®km¼ÃV_, ""]«eVª AòrìïÓD ü]Z ïÓD s·kVÄx^ekìïeVþ ïìÝ>ö¦\Vï ¶]ï\]ï\VFß ¼ÄìÂï©Ãâ¦Vìï^.'' ÖÂïVéÝ]_ ¼>çk©Ã|km ֩ý©Ã⦠»aB¼\ gzD. ÎËØkVòåVÓD ïìÝ>òç¦B \Íç>l_ ]«eVª gÝm\VÂï^ ¼ÄìÂï©Ã¦ ¼kõ|D. ¶m ¨Í> ÄçÃl[Jé\Vï¼kV, ¶_ém »aBºï¹[Jé\Vï¼kV åç¦ØÃżkõ|D. ]«eVª Ûª ºï^ ¼ÄìÂï©Ã¦¼kõ|¼\ >s« ÎòkòD zçÅÍm¼ÃVï í¦Vm. å\m ÃèÝ >eºï^ ¨_éVku¤KD ¨¿©A>_ cõ¦Vï ¼kõ|Ø\[® ØÛ¸¥ºï^. ïìÝ>ì >V¼\ ¶uA>º ﹪VKD ¶ç¦BVeºï¹ªVKD >\m kĪÝç> c®]©Ã|ÝmDý \[ÅV|ºï^.


¶uA>ºï^ åç¦ØÃuŪ ¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç> Ûªºï¹[ c^eº ïçeÝ Ø>Vâ¦m. ¶©¼ÃVü>éìï^Jé\Vï åç¦ ØÃuÅ åuþöçBïçe Ûª ºï^ ïõ¦ª ì. ""¸èBV¹ïçe© Ã|Âçïï¹[ ¼\KD ïâ½_ï¹[¼\KD þ¦Ý], ¼Ãmò å¦Ím ¼ÃVçïl_ ¶kÐç¦B WwéVþKD ¶kìï¹_ Eéì¼\_ Ã|DýÂz, ¶kìïçe Øk¹¼B T]ï¹_ ØïVõ|kÍm çkÝ>Vìï^'' ¨[®, ¶©¼ÃVü>éì 5:14 í®þ[Åm. ïìÝ>ì >Dxç¦B ¶©¼ÃVü>éìï^Jé\Vï, z¤©ÃVï ¼Ãmò Jé\Vï ֩ý©Ã⦠¶uA>ºïçeß ØÄF>m ¶]ÄB\_ékV? ¼Ãmòs[ Ww_Ãâ| Ûª ºï^ ¶uA>º ïçe¥D s|>çéçB¥D ØÃu®ÂØïVõ¦Ã½BV_, ¶ k ç ª Ý Ø > V | D à ½ ] «e V ª Û ª º ï ^ ØåòÂþªì. ¼Ãmòçk©¼ÃV[Å »aBìï^ ÖÍåVâï¹_ ]òßÄçÃÂz ¶kEBD. ïìÝ>ì >V¼\ >Dxç¦B Ö«ïEB kòçïÂz x[ªì ÖÍ> k«éVuçÅ \®Ã½¥D cl쩸Ým, ¶ ¼ å ï ç «Ý > D à  ï \ V ï Ö ¿ Ý m  ØïV^ÓkV«Vï.

]«eV¼ªVì ·ïÝç>¥D s|>çé çB¥D ØÃu®ÂØïVõ¦ªì ·u®©Ãâ¦ðºï¹KtòÍm ]«eVª Ûª ºï^ ¸èBV¹ïçe¥D ¶·Ý> gsïeV_ kV]Âï©Ãâ¦kìïçe¥D ¨òļéxÂz ØïVõ|kÍ>Vìï^.

¶kìïØe_éVòD zð\VÂï©Ãâ¦Vìï^ ¨[®, ¶©¼ÃVü>éì 5:16 í®þ[Åm. ¶©¼ÃVü>éì ï¹[ åVâï¹_ ¨_éV åV\Ý]uzD ¼\éVª ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ åV\D \þç\© Ãâ¦m. ØÃÍØ>ØïVü¼> åVe[® ¶kìï^ Ãö·Ý> gsl[ ¶¸¼rïÝç> WçÅkVF© ØÃu®Â Ø ï V õ ¦] ª V _ Ö ç k ï ^ Ä V Ý ] B \ V l u ® . ¼>kM¦Ý]oòÍm ÖźþkÍ> ¶¸¼rïD ¶©¼ÃVü>éìï^¼\_ k_éç\BVï ¶çÄ kV½Bm. ¶kìï^ ¶ÂþM©¸wDÃVF ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm¡ÂzD, ÄÝ]BkĪÝ]uzD ÄVâE ïeVF seºþªì. ¼>kÐç¦B Ö«Vë÷BÝç> z¤Ým ¶kìï^ ØïVõ½òÍ> çk«VÂþBD, ¼>kÐÂz k_éç\¥^e ÄVâEïeVF ¶kìïçe WçéW®Ý]Bm. ¶kìï^JéD ¸«ÄºþÂï©Ã⦠åuØÄF]çB ¶¼åïì s·kVEÝm, °u®ÂØïVõ ¦ªì. ¶Í> åuØÄF] ¶kìï^Jé\Vï© ¸«Äº þÂï©Ãâ¦ØÃV¿m, k_éç\BVª ¶uA>ºïÓD \þç\BVª ¶]ÄBºïÓD åç¦ØÃuŪ. ¶·Ý> gs﹪V_ ¸½Âï©Ãâ¦kìï^ s|>çéçB© ØÃu®ÂØïVõ¦ªì. ¶®kç¦l[ gõ¦kì >V¼\ ÖÂïç¦E åVâï¹_ céïx¿kmx^e ÎËØkVò ]òßÄçà lKD, ÎËØkVò s·kVEl[ kVµÂçïlKD >Dxç¦B ÖBuçïÂz ¼\uÃ⦠k_éç\çB© ØÃVaÍ>ò¹, >Dxç¦B åV\ \þç\Âzß ÄVâEBVï WçéW®Ý>â|D. ¼>k[ cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì.


s|>çé \u®D ¶uA>ºï¹[\V>VÍ]«Ö«¡ØÛÃD åV^: ¸«] \V>D ïç¦E Øk^¹Âþwç\

ÖD\V> Ö«¡ ØÛÃD åç¦ØîD åV^:

23 ½ÄDÃì 2016

Ö«¡ 10 \èx>_ 2 \èkç« ¼>kØÄF]:

Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï >MØÛÃD °ØÅ|Âï©Ã|D


üþâ¼\Vì ÇV_

ÃVéì ï_s WçéBD ¶M>V Ø\âöÂz¼é­[ Ã^¹ keVïD, öÝ>ì¦[ ÄVçé, ¼k©¼Ãö, ØÄ[çª-600007. ØÛÃD x½Í>¸Åz T|ïÓÂzß ØÄ_é z¤©¸â¦ Ö¦ºïÓÂz ¼k[ kÄ] ØÄFB©Ãâ|^em.


E®kìïÓÂïVï... E®kìïÓÂïVï... ÙÂïV 2:1d20

¶ÍåVâï¹_ céïØ\ºzD z½\]©A ¨¿>©Ã¦¼kõ|Ø\[® ¶züm«VBªV_ ïâ¦çe ¸ÅÍ>m.

Ö¼B·s[ ¸Å©A

¼BV¼Ä©A >ªÂz \çªsBVï WBtÂï©Ã⦠ïì©Ãk]BVª \öBVÓ¦¼ª ØÃÝé¼ïxÂz© ¼ÃVªV[.

Ûªºï^ ¨_éVòD z½\]©Øÿ>©Ã|Dý >ºï^ >ºï^ »ìïÓÂz© ¼ÃVªVìï^.

¶Ë¼kçel_ kB_Øk¹l_ >ºþ, ¶Ës¦Ý]¼é ¶kìï^ ÖòÂçïl_ ¶k^ ¶Í>© ¸^çeçBÝ \öBVÓÂz© ¸«ÄkïVéD mèï¹_ ·u¤, x[ªçðl¼é >ºï^ g|ïçe ïVÝmÂØïVõ½òÍ> ¼åöâ¦m. ¶k^ >ªm x>u¼ÃÅVª ¼\F©ÃìïÓÂz ¼>k#>[ Îòk[ þ¦Ý]ªV^. z\V«çª© ØÃuÅV^. ¼>V[¤ªV[.

¶k[ ¶kì﹦D, ""ÃB©Ã¦ ¶Ë¼kçel_ ë\¼Äçªl[ ]«^ ¼kõ¦VD. cºïÓÂïVïÝ >VT][ ¶Í>Ý #>Ц¼ª ¼>V[¤, »ö_ Ö«âÄïì ¸ÅÍ]òÂþÅVì'' ¼>kçªÝ m]Ý>Vìï^. ¨[ÐD åuØÄF]çB ¶¤sÝ>V[.

¶Í> ¼\F©Ãìï^ ¼ÃVF, Ö«âÄï«VþB Ö¼B·çk© ÃVìÂzDý yì\VMÝ>ªì.

¶kìï^ sç«ÍmkÍm, ¸[ªì Äͼ>Vrݼ>V| ]òD¸ß \öBV^ ÖçkïçeØB_éVD >[ ¼BV¼Ä©çÃ¥D \öBV ØÄ[®, ¨_¼éVòÂzD ¶¤sÝ>ªì. Öò>BÝ]¼é çkÝm, EÍ>çª ÃõèÂØïVõ½òÍ>V^. çe¥D zwÍç>çB¥D ïõ| \þµÍ>ªì. TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / DECEMBER 2016 / PAGE 21

þ¤üm\ü ¨[ÅV_ ¨[ª ?


""cºïçeß E¼åþÂþÅkìïçe¼B Àºï^ E¼åþ©¬ìïeVª V_, cºïÓÂz© Ãé[ ¨[ª ? gBÂïV«òD ¶©Ã½¼B ØÄFþÅVìï^ ¶_ékV? cºï^ ļïV>«ç«\VÝ]«D kVµÝmTìïeVª V_, Àºï^ s¼Ä´Ýmß ØÄFþÅm ¨[ª ? gB ïV«òD ¶©Ã½¼B ØÄFþÅVìï^ ¶_ékV? gçïBV_, ë¼éVïÝ]oòÂþÅ cºï^ ¸>V ¯«ð Äuzð«VlòÂþÅm¼ÃVé, ÀºïÓD ¯«ð Äuzð«Vlòºï^'' (\ݼ>¥ 5:46d48). ""¶D\V, þ¤üm\ü ¨[ÅV_ ¨[ª ?'' nÍm kBm^e E®ØÃõ >ª m >Vl¦D ¼ïâ¦V^. ¶Í>Ý >VF, ""þ¤üm\ü ¨[ÅV_ þ¤üm ¸ÅÍ>åV^'' ¨[®, tï ïkª \Vï seÂþª V^. ""¶©Ã½ BVª V_, þ¤üms[ ¸ÅÍ>åV¹_ åVD °[ ¶kòÂz© Ãö·ïçe ØïV|ÂþÅ]_çé?'' ¨[® ¶Í>ß E®t sª sª V^. þ¤üm\ü Ãö·ïçe ¶[¸[ Øk¹©ÃV¦Vï ÎËØkVòk¼«V|D ÃþìÍm ØïV^ÓD ÃV«DÃöBÝç>Âz¤Ým ¶Í>Ý >VF >[ \ïÓÂz ¨|Ýmç«Ý>V^. ¶Í>ß ÄDÃVrçª ¶Ým¦[ x½Í>m. þ¤üm\ü ØïVõ¦Vâ¦D Ø>V¦ºþBm. #Âï \BÂïÝ]oòÍ> ¶ßE®ØÃõ, >[ Ã|ÂçïÂzß ØÄ_KD kalK^e þ¤üm\ü \«Ý][ÿµ Îò Ãö·© ØÃâ½çB çkÝ]òÍ>V^. ¶m Ö¼B·s[ ¸ÅÍ>åV¹_ ¶kòÂïVïÝ >V[ ØïV|ÂzD Ãö· ¨[®D í¤lòÍ> ¶k^, >V[ #ºzDØÃV¿m WßÄB\Vï ¶kì kÍm ¶Í>© Ãö·©ØÃâ½çBÝ ]ÅÍm ÃVì©ÃVì ¨[þÅ WßÄBݼ>V| cźïß ØÄ[ÅV^. ¶ßE®t °\VuÅD ¶ç¦BÂí¦Vm ¨[® ¨õèB >VF, ¶k^ #ºþB¡¦[ ¶Í>© Ãö·©ØÃâ½çB ¨|Ým, ¼kï\Vï ¶>çª © ¸öÝm© ÃVìÝ>V^. gª V_ ¶m Øk®D


ØÃâ½BVlòÍ>m. þ¤üm\ü ]ª Ý>[® ïVçél_ ¨¿Í> ¶ßE®t >ª m Ãö·©ØÃâ½ ]ÅÍ]ò©Ãç> ïõ|, ¶]K^eç> Ö¼B· ¨|ÝmÂØïVõ¦Vì ¨[® ¨õè \þµÍ>V^. gª V_ ¶Í>Ý >V¼BV zw©ÃÝ ¼>V| >[ \﹦D, ""¶Í>© ØÃâ½Âz^ ¨[ª ÖòÍ>m?'' ¨[® ¼ïâ¦ØÃV¿m, ""¶Í>© ØÃâ½ x¿kmD ¨[Ðç¦B ¶[A WçÅÍ]òÍ>m'' ¨[® ¶ßE®t Ã]_í¤ª V^. E®¸^çel[ ·ÃVkD þ¤üms[ ·ÃVk\VlòÂþÅ>_ékV! ¶[ÃVª kVoü«, þ¤üm\ü cºïÓÂz ¨[ª ¶ìÝ>Ýç> ØïV|ÂþÅm? Ãö·©ØÃVòâ ïçe ¶Ð©Ak]KD, ÖM©Aïçe kwºzk]KD, AÝ>Vç¦ïçe c|Ýmk]KD \VÝ]«¼\ ï¦Ím ØÄ_KþÅ>V? þ¤üm\ü cºïÓÂz ¨ËkV® ïVð©Ã|þÅm ¨[® Äu¼Å EÍ]Ým© ÃVòºï^. ÖÍ> þ¤üm\ü cºïÓÂz ¶ìÝ>D WçÅÍ>>VlòÂïâ|D. cºï^ ¶òþ_ kEÂzD ¨¹¼BVòÂzD k¤¼BVòÂzD cºïÓç¦B ¶[çÃß ØÄBo_ ïVõ¸¥ºï^. cºï¹¦Ý] oòÂzD EÅ©ÃVª çkïçe \uÅkìï¼eV| ÃþìÍmØïV^Óºï^. ¶m cºïÓÂzß Äͼ>VrÝç> ØïV|ÂzD. cºïçe gæìk]Ý> ïìÝ>òÂz å[¤ ØÄKÝmD s>\Vï ¶ç\¥D. ïìÝ>òÂz© ¸öB\Vª s>\VF sÝ]BVÄ\Vïß ØÄF¥ºï^. ÖM¼\_ ïVéD ØÄ_éVm. ïìÝ> òç¦B kòçï ØkzÄ*ÃD. cºï^ ¼å«Ýç> Tð½ÂïV\_, ïìÝ>òÂïVï ¸«¼BVÛª \VF ØÄéka¥ºï^. cºï^ Äͼ>VrÝç> \uÅkì ïÓ¦[ ÃþìÍmØïV^Ók>V_ ÖÍ> þ¤üm\ü cºïÓÂz \VØÃòD \þµßEçB¥D Äͼ>VrÝ ç>¥D ØïVõ|kòk>Vï. ¼>k[ cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì.



¼k>ÃV¦D \u®D s|>çél[ íâ¦D Øk^¹Âþwç\¼>V®D (ïç¦E Øk^¹ >s«)

¼å«D:\Vçé 7 x>_ 9 \èkç« sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï >MØÛÃD °ØÅ|Âï©Ã|D.

ïV[àë[ü ÇV_ ÃVéì ï_s WçéBD

¶M>V Ø\âöÂz¼é­[ Ã^¹ keVïD, öÝ>ì¦[ ÄVçé, ¼k©¼Ãö, ØÄ[çª-600007.


Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J.


ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì


gæìkV>D ""...kVºzþÅç>©ÃVìÂþKD ØïV|Âþż> ÃVÂþBD ¨[® ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· ØÄV[ª kVìÝç>ïçe Wçª Âï¡D ¼kõ|Ø\[® ¨_éV s>Ý]¼é¥D cºïÓÂz ïVõ¸Ý¼>[...'' (¶©¼ÃVü>éì 20:35). Ø>Vaé]ëVlòÍ> Îò ØÃõ\è >[ ØÄVÍ>© ÃðÝ]_ ¶¼åï t´ª öïçe¥D, ¶ª Vç> Ö_éºïçe¥D >VºþkÍ>Vìï^. þ¤üms[ Ö«Vë÷B© ÃèÂïVï tï¡D >V«Ve\Vï ØïV|Ý >Vìï^. ÖÍ> ïVöBºïçe ¶kìïeV_ ¨ËkV® ØÄFBx½þÅm ¨[® ¶kì﹦D ¼ï⦼ÃVm, ""¨[Ðç¦B \ª \VuÅÝ]uzx[ª ì åV[ ¨ª  ïVï¡D ÖÍ> céïÝ]uïVï¡D kVµÍmkͼ>[. ¶aÍm¼ÃVzD ÖË¡éïÝ][ ïVöBºïÓÂïVï¡D, g¦Dë\Vï kVw¡D ¨[ ÃðÝç>ß ØÄé¡ ØÄF¼>[. gª V_, ¼>k[ >Dxç¦B ØÃö>Vª þòçÃlª V_ ¶Í>ïV« Öò¹oòÍm ¨[çª ¶çwÝ>¼ÃVm, ÖË¡éïÝ]uïVïß ØÄékaÝ>ç> s¦þ¤üm¡ÂïVï¡D ¶kö[ ÃèÂïVï¡D tï¡D ¶]ï\Vïß ØÄé¡Ãõð¼kõ|Ø\[® yì\VMÝ ¼>[. åV[ ¨Ëke¡ ¶]ï\Vï ØïV|Âþ¼Å¼ª V, ¶ç>ÂØïV|ÂzDý ïìÝ>ì c>sØÄFþÅVì. åV[ Îò z¤ ©¸â¦ sþ>Ýç> ïìÝ>òÂz ØïV|©¼Ã[ ¨[® kVÂz©ÃõèB]oòÍm, ¨[ Ø>Va_ ¶Ãöt>\Vï gæìk]Âï©Ãâ¦m. ï¦Í> gõ|ï¹_ ØïV|Ý> éVÃÝç>s¦ Öò\¦ºz ¶]ï\Vï éVÃD þç¦Ý>m. ¨ª ¼k, Ö Ë k V ® ¼ > k Ö «V ë ÷ B Ý ] u ï V ï Ö ò \ ¦º z ¶ ] ï \ V ï Â Ø ï V | ©Ã ç > ¨[ ª V _ ¨¹ ] _ Ø Ä F B x ½ þ Å m ' ' ¨[ÅVìï^. ""Îò \M>[ ÖòÍ>V[. Eéì ¶kçª © çÃÝ]BD ¨[Ū ì. ¶k[ ¨Ëke¡ ¶]ï\Vï ØïV|Ý>V¼ª V,

¶Ëke¡ ¶]ï\Vï© ØÃu®Â ØïVõ¦V['' ¨[®, ÛV[ ÃMB[ z¤©¸|þÅVì. ï_éçÅÂz¼\_ à ] Â ï ©Ã â ½ ò  z D ï _ Ø k â | ï ¹ _ ¶ ¼ å ï kVìÝç>ïÓD kĪ ºïÓD ¨¿] çkÂï© Ã|kmõ|. ¶çkï¹_ Î[®, ""åV[ ¨ç> ØïV|ݼ>¼ª V ¶ç>ß ¼Ätݼ>[. ¨ç>ß ØÄékaݼ>¼ª V ¶ç>© ÃB[Ã|Ý]¼ª [. ¨ç> ¨ª ÂØï[® çkÝmÂØïVõ¼¦¼ª V ¶ç> ÖwÍm s⼦[.'' ïìÝ>òÂØï[® ØïV|©Ãm åDxç¦B ØÃVòâïçe ¼\éVª céïÝ]uz ¶Ð©¸ çk©Ã>VzD ¨[® \uØÅVòkì z¤©¸|þÅVì. >V«Ve zðx^ek[ ¨©ØÃV¿mD n·köBkVª V lò©ÃV[ ¨[Ãm åVD ïõ¦¼>. °Øª M_ ¶kÐç¦B ¼>çkïçeÝ ¼>k[ ÄÍ]©Ã>V_ ¶k[ cBìÍ]òÂþÅV[. ¼>kÐç¦B QVª xD k_éç\¥D ¶kÐÂz© ÃþìÍ>¹Âï© Ãâ|^em. ¼>kÐç¦B ¶[AD >B¡D ¶kÐÂz© Ãéª Vï ¶ ò e ©Ã â | ^ e m . ¼ > k Ð ç ¦B k V ì Ý ç > ¶kÐÂz©ÃVmïV©ÃVlòÂþÅm. þ¤üm¡Âz^ ¶[ÃVª ļïV>öï¼e, ¼\¼é åVD kVEÝ> ïVöBºï^ åDxç¦B kVµÂçïlKD ïVð©Ã|k>Vï. kVºzþÅç>© ÃVìÂþKD ØïV|©Ã¼> gæìkV>\Vª m. °Øª M_ ¶>[ J é \ V ï å V D Ø \ [ ç \ B V ª g s ç B ¥D , sa©A^e \ª ÄVâEçB¥D, åD¸ÂçïçB¥D cç¦BkìïeVþ¼ÅVD. å[ç\BVª ïVöBºïçeß ØÄF¥D ÄÍ>ì©Ãºïçe© ØÃu®, Äͼ>VrÝç>© ØÃòïßØÄFm, céïÝ]uz tï©ØÃöB ¶es_ gæìkV>\Vï seºï c>sØÄFþÅm. ¶¼> ¼ å «Ý ] _ å V D ¼ k õ ½ Â Ø ï V ^ Ó þ Å > u z D Wçª ÂþÅ>uzD ¶]ï\VF ¼>k[ åDxç¦B kVµÂçïl_ ØÄFþ[ÅVì. ¼>k[ cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì.

¶[ÃVª ""½«DÃâ gà© Ø«üئV¼«­['' kVÄïìïÓÂz. cºïem gõ|ß ÄÍ>VkVª Ô.100/- nß ØÄKÝ], cºï^ ØÃBç«© Am©¸ÝmÂØïV^Óºï^. cºïÓç¦B åõÃìï^, \u®D cÅsªìïÓÂz ÖÍ>© AÝ>ïÝç> ¶¤xï©Ã|Ýmºï^. cºïÓç¦B xïköÂz Î[®ÂzD ¼\uÃ⦠AÝ>ïºï^ kòØ\M_, >B¡ØÄFm å\m ¶KkéïÝ]uzÝ Ø>öB©Ã|Ýmºï^. å\m Ø>Vçé¼ÃE ¨õï^ 044-26402222, 26403333, 26472645 TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / DECEMBER 2016 / PAGE 23


“Ö¼B· ¼>kÐç¦B z\V«ªVþB þ¤üm ¨[® Àºï^ s·kVEÂzDýBVï¡D,

s·kVEÝm ¶kòç¦B åV\Ý]ªV¼é WÝ]Býkçª ¶ç¦¥DýBVï¡D, Öçkï^ ¨¿>©Ãâ½òÂþÅm” (¼BVkV[ 20:31).

¶uA> ·ïD

""¼>kZì ÄïéÝç>¥D ØÄFBk_ékì...'' (¼BVA 42:2).

¼>k[ ¨[Ðç¦B ļïV>ö ÔÝ]uz ¶ò¹B ¶uA>\Vª ·ïÝ]uïVï ¶kç«Ý m]Âþ¼Å[. ¶Â¼¦VÃì 10D ¼>] Ö«¡, ¨[ ļïV>öl[ JÂþoòÍm ]ÏØ«[® Ö«Ý>D ØïVâ¦Ý mkºþBm. åVºï^ ¶kçe ¶çwÝmß ØÄ[¼ÅVD. ¶º¼ï ¶kçe ¶Ð\]Ý>Vìï^. Ö«Ý>D ØïVâ|km WuïV>>V_, ¶kÓç¦B JÂþ[ Ö«õ| ÃÂïÝ]KD ïÝ]ö¼ÃV[Å Î[çÅçkÝm ¶ç¦Ý>Vìï^. ¶Â¼¦VÃì 14D ¼>], ļïV>«ì ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì ¶kì﹦D Ö>çª Â í¤¼ª [. ""ïìÝ>ì cºï^ ļïV>öçB zð\VÂzkVì'' ¨[® ¶kì ¨[M¦D í¤ª Vì. ¶[¤«¡ 11.30 \èÂz, ļïV>«ì ¶kìï^ \òÝmk \çª Âz kÍm ¨[ ļïV>öÂïVï ØÛ¸Ý>Vìï^. ¶]ïVçé 2 \èÂz ¨[ ļïV>öl[ JÂþ_ \V⦩Ãâ½òÍ> ïòs >Vª Vï s¿Í>m. Ö«Ý>D ØïVâ|kmD W[®¼ÃVlu®. \òÝmk\çª l_ ¶kÓÂz© Ãö¼ÄV>çª ï^ ¼\uØïV^e©Ãâ|, ~«o_ Îò ïâ½lò©Ã>Vï¡D, ¶m Au®¼åVF ¨[®D í¤ª Vìï^. åVºï^ tï¡D ïéÂï\ç¦Í¼>VD. ļïV>«ì ·>Vïì ¶kìï^ ¨ºï¹¦D, ""ÃB©Ã¦¼kõ¦VD, ïìÝ>ì cºï^ ļïV>öçB zð\VÂþsâ¦Vì'' ¨[® í¤ª Vìï^. ÎòkV«Ý]uz© ¸[ª ì, ÃBV©E Ãö¼ÄV>çª ØÄFm, ¼kØÅVò \òÝmk\çª Âz ¶Ð©¸ª Vìï^. \òÝmk ¶¤Âçïl_ ¶Í> ïâ½ Au®¼åVF ¶_é ¨[®D, ÄV>V«ð ïâ½ ¨[®D í¤sâ¦Vìï^. ïìÝ>ì ¨[ ļïV>öÂz ØïV|Ý> ·ïÝ]uïVï ¶kòÂz å[¤ØÄKÝmþ¼Å[. \þç\ØB_éVD ¶kò¼ï cõ¦Vk>Vï. ļïV>«ì ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì ¶kìï¹[ »Âï\Vª ØÛÃÝ]uïVï¡D, ¨[ ļïV>ö¼\_ ¶kìï^ ØïVõ½òÍ> ïöÄçª ÂïVï¡D ¶kòÂz å[¤í®þ¼Å[. ¼>kмï \þç\¥õ¦Vk>Vï.

ļïV>ö ¶x>V, ØÃöB¼\|, ØÄ[çª .

¼\ïü>DÃD s|>çé \u®D ¶uA>ºï¹[ \V>VÍ]«cÃkVÄ ØÛÃD

¸«] \V>D Ö«õ¦Vkm ÄMÂþwç\ ÖÍ> \V>D åç¦ØîD åV^:

10 ½ÄDÃì 2016

ïVçé 10 x>_ \]BD 2.30 \èkç«

üþâ¼\Vì ÇV_ ÃVéì ï_s WçéBD

¶M>V Ø\âöÂz¼é­[ Ã^¹ keVïD, öÝ>ì¦[ ÄVçé, ¼k©¼Ãö, ØÄ[çª-600007.

\]B cð¡ kwºï©Ã|D. ¼>kØÄF]: sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï >MØÛÃD °ØÅ|Âï©Ã|D. Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì z|DÃ\Vï© ÃºzØÃu®, ¼>k gæìkV>ºïçe© ØÃu®ÂØïV^Óºï^. ØÛÃD x½Í>¡¦[ \]B cð¡ kwºï©Ã|D. TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / DECEMBER 2016 / PAGE 24



\çÅÍ> Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ©¶kìï¹[ kVµÂçï Äöç>


As Øk©Ã\B\Vk>V_ ï¦o[ Àì\â¦D ¶]ïö©Ãç>Âz¤Ý> \uØÅVò Øk¹©ÃV|D cõ|. Øk^eºïçeÂz¤Ý> ¨ßÄö©A cõ¦VzØ\[®D, ï¦_Àì Ãâ¦ðºïÓÂz^ÓD, å﫺ïÓ z^ÓD, þ«V\ºïÓÂz^ÓD AzÍms|D ¨[®D í¤ª Vì. ÃVéºï^ >õ§ «V_ ¶½Ýmß ØÄ_é©Ã|D ¨[Ãç>¥D, ØÃöB ï©Ã_ï^ ¶çé﹪ V_ ¼\V] cç¦Ím, ïç«l_ ÎmºïD ¨[®D í¤ª Vì. ¶ÄV>V«ð\Vª >âÃØk©ÃWçé \VuÅÝ]ª V_ ¶õ¦Vì½ïV Ãz]lK^e ØÃöB ÃM© ÃVçÅï^ còþ \çÅ¥D ¨[®D, ÄxÝ]«Ý][ Àì \â¦D cðìk>V_ cõ¦VzD ÃBD ¨ºzx^ ¼eVç«©Ãu¤ÂØïV^ÓD ¨[®D í¤ª Vì. ¨_dW¼ª Vs[ ÃV]©¸ª V_ οºïuÅ Ãòk \VuźïÓD, ¶>ª V_ ¯\Ý]B ¸«VÍ]BÝ]_ ÃV]©AïÓD, ¶]ª V_ cõ¦Vª ¶ÄV>V«ð Øk©ÃxD, kÅâE¥D k¦Âz ØÃò \u®D ~Âzk¦Vì Ãz]ïçe ï¦Í> ½ÄDÃö_ tï¡D ÃV]Ý>ç>Âz¤Ým ØÄF]Ý>V¹_ kVEݼ>VD. ¨_dW¼ª Vs[ ÃV]©¸ª V_ ïVu® T·D ]çÄ \V¤, ÃE¸Â Ãz]l_, gü]¼«oBVs_ kÅâEçB ØïVõ|kÍ>m. kwÂïÝ]uz \VÅVï Ø>[ ¶Ø\öÂïV Ãz]l_ ïª \çw ØïVâ½Ý yìÝ>m. ÖÍ>Ý >çéxçÅlª òÂzD ÖMkòD \ÂïÓÂzD ¼>kª V_ cç«Âï©Ã⦠Øk¹©Ã|Ý>_ï^ ¨ßÄö©ÃVï \â|\[¤, ÖBuçï© ¼Ã«a¡ï¹oòÍm ¶kìïÓç¦B kVµÂçï ÃVmïVÂï©Ã¦¡D, ¼>kÐç¦B þòçà ¶kìï^¼\_ ØÃVaÍ>òe©Ã¦¡D saÝ]òÍm ØÛ¸Âï¡D ØïV|Âï©Ãâ|^eª . Ø>V¦òD...

¶[ÃVª kVÄïìï¼e, ¼>kÐç¦B Ö«Vë÷BÝmÂØï[® gÝm\VÂïçe g>VB©Ã|ÝmD Ãèl_ mö>\VFß ØÄB_Ã|D ¨[ ¶Ð]ª ØÃé[ »aBºïÓÂïVï cºïÓç¦B ïVèÂçïï^, \u®Då[ØïVç¦ïçe, ¼å«½BVï kºþ ïðÂþ_ ØÄKÝ>éVD. kºþ ïðÂz sk«D: MY DAILY STRENGTH MINISTRIES Indian Overseas Bank, Purasawalkam Branch S.B. A/c No. 007501000123456 IFSC: IOBA0000075

ØÄËkVFÂþwç\ z|DÃ gæìkV> nÂþBD ØÄËkVFÂþwç\¼>V®D \Vçé 7 \èx>_ 9 \èkç« ¼>kØÄF]:

Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì


üþâ¼\Vì ÇV_

ÃVéì ï_s WçéBD ¶M>V Ø\âöÂz¼é­[ Ã^¹ keVïD, öÝ>ì¦[ ÄVçé, ¼k©¼Ãö,ØÄ[çª-7. sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï >MØÛÃD °ØÅ|Âï©Ã|D


¸öÝs 2 °¡ïçð ¼ÄV>çª Øku¤: m_oB\Vï ÖéÂçïÝ >VÂþBm νÄV \VWéD ÄÍ]©¯ì ï¦_ Ãz]l_ ¸öÝs 2 °¡ïçðçB ÖÍ]BV Øku¤ ï«\Vï ¼ÄV>çª ØÄF>m. gl«D þ¼éV ¨ç¦¥^e ¶b g¥>ºïçeß ·\Í>ý ÃVFÍm ØÄ[® 350 þ¼éV *â¦ì #«Ý]_ c^e ÖéÂçïÝ >VÂþ ¶aÂzD guÅ_ ØïVõ¦ ¸ ö Ý s 2 ° ¡ï ç ð Ö ò x ç Å Ø k u ¤ ï «\ V ï Ãö¼ÄV]Âï©Ãâ¦m. åVâ½[ ÃVmïV©AÂïVï ¸öÝs «ï °¡ïçðï^ còkVÂï©Ãâ|^eª . Ö]_ ¸öÝs 2 °¡ïçð ·\Vì 350 þ¼éV *â¦ì #«Dkç«ÃVFÍm ØÄ[® >VÂzD ÄÂ] ØïVõ¦m. ¸öÝs 2 «ï °¡ïçðï^ «Vbk ÃB[ ÃVâ|ÂïVï °uïª ¼k ¼ÄìÂï©Ãâ|sâ¦m ¨[ÅVKD ¶m ¶½Âï½ åTª \VÂï©Ãâ|, ¼ÄV>çª ØÄFB©Ãâ| kòþÅm. ¶Í> kçïl_ ¸öÝs 2 °¡ïçð ¼ÄV]Âï© Ãâ¦m. ÖÍ]B «VbkÝ][ g«VFßE \u®D ¼\DÃVâ| ïwïD ¸öÝs 2 °¡ïçðl_ >u¼ÃVm Eé \Vuź ïçeß ØÄFm^em. ¶>[ý ¸öÝs 2 °¡ïçðï¹_ 500 x>_ 1000 þ¼éV ¨ç¦ØïVõ¦ Øk½ØÃVòâïçe çkÝm©ÃB[Ã|Ý>x½¥D. Öm 350 þ¼éV*â¦ì #«Ý] K^e ÖéÂçï Øku¤ï«\VïÝ >VÂþ ¶aÂzD ]Å[ ØïVõ¦m.

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c^åVâ½_ >BVöÂï©Ã⦠tï©ØÃöB ¼ÃVì ï©ÃéVª n.¨[.¨ü. ØÄ[çª 164 *â¦ì ÀexD, 7500 ¶b g¥>ºïçe¥D °Í]ßØÄ_KD ÖÍ> ¦[ ¨ç¦¥D ØïVõ¦m. °¡ïçðïçe ØïVõ| °¡ïçðï^ ]«k ¨öØÃVòeV_ ÖBºzD Ö«âç¦ Ø>Vçé#« ÖéÂzïçeÝ >VÂzD ]Å[ØïVõ¦ ¨[÷[ï^ ØïVõ¦m. νÄV \VWé 寮éV« åï«\Vª Ö Â ï ©Ã ç é Ö Í ] B ï ¦u Ã ç ¦l [ k ½ k ç \ ©A Ãé¼ÄVö_ c^e ÄVÍ]©¯ì °¡>eÝ]_ ÖòÍm 2 ÖBÂzå«ïD còkVÂþBm z¤©¸¦Ý>Âïm. °¡ïçðï^ ÖòxçÅ sõè_ ØÄKÝ] Ãö¼ÄV]Âï© xDçÃl_ åç¦ØÃuÅ WïµßEl_ åVâ|Âz Ö>çª Ãâ¦m. ÖÍ> Öò ¼ÄV>çª ïÓD Øku¤ï«\Vï å¦Í>m. ¶ì©ÃèÝ> ÃVmïV©AÝmçÅ ¶ç\ßÄì \¼ª Vïì z¤©¸â¦ ÖéÂçï ¶Í> °¡ïçð Øku¤ï«\Vï ÃVöÂïì, n.¨[.¨ü. ØÄ[çª ¼ÃVìÂï©Ã_ åVâ|Âz >VÂþBm ¨ª ÖÍ]B «VbkÝ][ g«VFßE, \u®D ¶ì©ÃèÂï©Ãâ¦]ª \Vª Ö[®, ÖÍ]B ï¦uÃç¦l[ ¼\DÃVâ| ïwï ¶]ïVöï^ Ø>ösÝ>ª ì. k«éVu®ß EÅ©AtÂï åV^ ¨[ÅVì. ÖÂï©Ã_ céïÝ åVâ½¼é¼B Àe\Vª ¶]ï¼kï Øå|ÞÄVçé ]Å©A >«Ý]_ >BVöÂï©Ãâ|, åVâ|Âz ¶ì©ÃèÂï© swVdÃVìçkBVeìï^ ëkÄD: ØÛâ s\Vª ºï^ Ãâ|^em. ØÄ[çª çB© ØÃòç\©Ã|ÝmD s>\Vï >ç«lźþ ÄV>çª ï©ÃKÂz ÖÍ> ØÃBì ó⦩Ãâ|^em ¨[®D ¶kì åVâ½¼é¼B tï¡D Àe\Vª g«Vd鼪 V Ø>ösÝ>Vì. ¶]¼kï Øå|ÞÄVçé ]Å©A swVçkØBVâ½ «Vbk ÖÍ]B >BVö©¸_ còkVª n¨[¨ü ØïV_ïÝ>V s\Vª ºï^ ¶]_ >ç«lźþ ÄV>çª Ãç¦Ý>ª . ï¦Í> 2014D gõ|D, n.¨[.¨ü. ØïVßE, ï¦Í> 2015D cÝ]«©¸«¼>Ä \VWé >çéåïì 鼪 VsoòÍm gõ|D ÖÍ]B ï¦uÃç¦l_ ÖçðÂï©Ãâ¦m Äìk¼>Ä ·u®éV åï«\Vª g«Vkç«305 þ¼éV*â¦ì z¤©¸¦Ý>Âïm. ÀéeÝ]uz ¶]¼kï Øå|ÞÄVçé ¶ç\Âï©Ãâ (]ª ï«[ 21d11d2016) TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / DECEMBER 2016 / PAGE 26

Trumpet of Restoration - December 2016