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My Reasons for Change • Because I want to learn again to be human following the basic example of nature and its most simple creatures that with smaller brains are still doing their part and the right thing for the survival of our planet. • Because its never to late to wake up and amend my mistakes. • Because everyday we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. • Because I’m not afraid or embarrassed to accept that I was raised and trained for unconsciousness. • Because ignorance, superstitions, fears and smooth ways of financial repression where purposely created by those with hunger of power. • Because I feel that I was part of a vicious cycle and a world ruled by money, that trains humans to gradually become unconscious beings generators of waste. • Because the concepts and values have been manipulated conveniently for the benefit of a few and we still allow it. • Because the meaning of a concept like “greed” was disguised and renamed “capitalism” just to satisfy our uncontrollable desires to obtain unnecessary possessions without feeling guilt. • Because the word “Socialism,” has been corrupted and used by dictators with egos of inmortal gods and does not include animals and nature. • Or because communism has been disguised and distorted, as a new way of slavery in a capitalistic system disguised of socialism. • Because it is easier and better to come up with a new word, instead of fixing what has been damaged. I came up with the NEW UNIVERSAL POLITICAL SYSTEM CALLED “INTEGRALISM.” • Because animals give me an example of loyalty, because everything they do, they mean it. THAT’S WHY I ADMIRE THEM. • I want to find the human connection with nature, in the same way that animals do in order to preserve the proper functioning of the natural cycle of life. • Because I don’t want to keep wasting the potential of my brain, and I want to be conscious of everything I do at all times. • Because all of the advances in technology, medicine, and science, we have basically extracted them or imitated them from nature and animals. • Because being awake, in balance, and in control of my mind and body; makes me feel at peace. I know what I want and I have no fears. • Because I feel some type of ecstasy when all of my senses are connected with my mind giving me confidence. • Because an adequate administration of our resources, control of greed and desires, it’s a good start. • Because we can think of something different to avoid the outcome of what seems to be inevitable.

• Because I’m not going to sell my dreams and values for money. • Because we are obligated to follow the cycle of destruction offered by these systems, as the only option of survival. • Because none of these systems are working, they are not sustainable or self sufficient, and especially because they don’t practice what they preach. • Because they offer us two or three options to make us believe that we have choices, but at the end they all are the same options based in the same fundamentals of greed. • Because I am willing to sacrifice my own dreams and renounce to all the comforts and personal satisfactions. • Because I am a man of peace and not a violent martyr, I wont fight against anybody, But my only weapon of protest and freedom will be my brain, to accomplish this adventure and my body to build it. • Because all of these reasons, and because ultimately by being part of these systems, I feel like one more of the growing cancerous cells that unconsciously is invading and contaminating the little pureness we have left in this natural and precious paradise. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE.


My Reasons for Change • Becauseallofthesereasons,andbecauseultimatelybybeingpartof thesesystems,Ifeellikeonemoreofthegrowingcancerouscellsth...

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