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Dear Readers Hope you are all well, and are now getting yourselves into Christmas mode. Not long to go now. In fact as I write this, I am thinking to myself that I need to get my act into gear and start Christmas shopping for my little ones. This issue is first of our two Christmas issues, in the run up to Christmas. With some great articles in as always, contributed by some of our lovely helpers. Here at the Hub, we do like to support local charities with free editorial. We are currently supporting Haworth Cat Rescue, a fantastic charity which homes unwanted cats and kittens, some of which have been abandoned. We also support SSAFA – a military charity that helps individual people who have served in the armed forces, and is the oldest military charity, which has been going now for 127 years, and last but not least Cancer Support – Bradford and Airedale, a local cancer charity supporting families in need of care and support. These Charities need all the help they can get, when looking at spreading the word locally, and we are so happy to be able to help them through the pages of My Community Hub. We also offer Advertisers the chance to also help support these charity pages, by sponsoring the page. From as little as £29 per month, you will receive your company’s name across the page in a banner style advert, highlighting that you are sponsoring the page. If you want to find out more about this, please contact me on the number to the left.

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Funny stuff

What do they pack Styrofoam in?

Do boxer shorts box?

Why is it called a “near miss” when you don’t hit something? Why does the word monosyllabic contain five syllables?

Why do you wear a pair of panties and only one bra?

If you wear an antennae to a wedding, would the reception be better?

Why don’t sheep shrink when it rains?

Why is abbreviated such a long word?

Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?

If you put a chameleon in a mirrored box what color would it change to?



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Why is there an ‘s’ in lisp? If you were scared half to death twice, would you be 3/4 dead or 100% dead? If the cops arrest a mime, do they tell him he has the right to remain silent? If you ate pasta and antipasti, would you still be hungry?

If you asked a librarian where the books on self help were would they tell you, or would that defeat the purpose?

Why did God give men nipples?

If you spin an Oriental person around and around, does he become disorientated?

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

If a man is standing in the middle of the forest speaking and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?

Why is a pear called a pear when there is only one?

When sign makers go on strike, is there anything written on their signs?

If a vegetable goes into a coma, is it called a person?

What should you do if you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

Before the light bulb was invented, what appeared over peoples heads when they had an idea?

the time? Do I point to my crotch when I want to know where the bathroom is?

Why do people point to their wrist when they want to know

If ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine, why do we call it an ATM machine? And if PIN stands for Personal Identification Number, why do we call it a PIN number? Sotally Tober Starkle starkle little twink who the hell you are I think I’m not under what you call the alcofluence of incohol I’m just a little slort of sheep I’m not drunk like tinkle peep I don’t know who is me yet but the drunker I stand here the longer I get Just give me one more drink to fill me cup ‘cuz I got all day sober to Sunday up.

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Bingley Youth Café reaches out Bingley Youth Café is an open access youth provision for young people aged 13 – 19 (25 with a disability) . The Youth Café is lottery funded and managed by Shipley and Bingley voluntary services. Since opening in July 2011, the café’s safe place for young people to have fun, relax and meet friends has proven popular. Activities from cook and eat to arts and crafts are run by trained professional youth workers. One year on, the café has begun to make plans to work with harder to reach young people in the more rural areas of Bingley. Funding has just been 6

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secured from the West Yorkshire

Police Community Trust fund to deliver some outreach work from a mobile outreach vehicle in the Eldwick area. The project will run from late November to early March on Tuesday evenings 6.30 – 8.30 and will provide young people with a range of activities and learning opportunities such as Music production, drugs and

alcohol awareness sessions, Dj sessions, healthy eating sessions and recreational activities. Paula Stone, Bingley Youth Café Development Worker said “We are so pleased to have been given the opportunity to provide an area with no youth work with such a variety of activities. This funding has enabled us to reach young people who may not usually access the youth café, we hope that we can maintain contact when the project ends.” Membership is free for young people. For more information or to get involved please contact Paula Stone on 01274 561305 or email


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Joe Tilston, Ab Fab Tribute, Celebrity Christmas Gift Hunt, Ben “Blues” Waters, Grannie Turismos, Santa’s Flagship, Toby Davies, Patch Kelly, Den Miller, Tia, Foxes Faux.

Royal Arcade Roasted Chestnut stall, Candy Floss, Balloon Toys, Face painting. TIMETIME PERFORMERS 11.00am - 4.00pm

Joe Tilston, Escapedes, Blue Star Tattoo, Grannie Turismos, Santa’s Flagship, Toby Davies, Louisa Rose and Kieran, Bag of Tricks, Ab Fab Tribute, Celebrity Christmas Gift Hunt, Den Miller, Tia, Foxes Faux.

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Great shopping experience. TIME PERFORMERS 11.00am - 5.00pm Stilt Walkers, Santa’s Flagship, Balloon Modeller, Ab Fab Tribute, Celebrity Christmas Gift Hunt, Balloon Modeller, Grannie Turismos, Toby Davies - Magician, M. C. Voices – (Musicians Centre Vocal Group), Joe Tilston, (Ben “Blues” Waters, Patch Kelly Den Miller, Tia, Foxes Faux, also on stage), Ab Fab Tribute, X Factor star. My Community HUB




Ten tips for dressing your home this Christmas Create a magical atmosphere by dressing every area of your home to make Christmas really special this year. 1. A warm welcome A pretty garland of sparkling foliage and rustic decorations around the front door will welcome your visitors during the holiday season. 2. Dress your door Decorate your front door with a wreath that matches the style of decorations inside the house 3. Light the way On cold dark winter evenings, put a welcoming glow in your window by lighting candles in lanterns on the windowsill. 4. Deck the hall Create a fantastic Christmas display in your hallway with a decorated mini tree. Or make your own fresh ivy and eucalyptus garland to snake up the banister. 5. Group your decorations Grouping decorations in clusters will have greater impact than scattering them thinly. A few statement baubles in toning colours, hung at different heights from the ceiling will make an eyecatching display. Scotch magic tape will not damage your ceiling. 6. Hang up stockings Make sure that every member of the family has hung their stocking above the fireplace (or at the foot of the bed) ready for Father Christmas. Don’t forget to put the fire out! 7. Play traditional board games Get out your classic board games for a cosy night in. 10


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8. Pep up paper placemats Get the kids to add a homemade festive flourish by adding their Christmas pictures to plain disposable placemats. 9. Bag up treats Get all the family making biscuits in traditional shapes, such as stars, bells and Christmas trees. Tie them in bags with ribbons or seasonal

stickers to use as personalised treats for visitors – or use as stocking fillers! 10. Serve a warming tipple Spiced mulled wine will make a delicious welcome. Heat red wine with mulled wine sachets, sugar and a couple of orange slices. Pour into heatproof glasses.

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Local History Proudly sponsored by Jon Beasley:

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New pool, 1927

Pool covered with floor for Bingley College dinner, 1932

Bingley Swimming Pool and Princess Hall What happened to the floor that covered the pool? At about this time of year from 1928 until 1972 Bingley Swimming Pool was covered over in the Autumn and transformed by the addition of a maple floor into a public hall called the Princess Hall. In this article, our local historian Alan Cattell traces the background to the swimming baths being built in Bingley and the opening of the facility in 1927. As part of his Living History project he has also interviewed Arthur and Mary Pitchforth who share some of their memories based on family and work experience of the Pool and Princess Hall. Introduction From the initial idea of building a swimming pool/public baths in Bingley to such a facility being built took a period of 58 years. The intention of the first part of this article is to identify key dates in that development. First Mention of a Public Baths in Bingley - 1869 At a meeting held in March 1869 the Bingley Improvement 14 | My Community HUB

Commissioners stated that they were “anxious to have public baths situated in the new Prince of Wales Park”. They were concerned that the river and canal (which had previously been used for bathing and swimming) were “not as pure in water” as they had once been. Additionally newspaper accounts throughout the 19th Century reported drownings in the canal and the River Aire, of people who could not swim. Consequently the meeting proposed that baths and a bath house should be built in the Park to “accommodate both males and females”. The baths were however never built and it was to be another 29 years until

Swimming in the canal

bathing facilities were built in the centre of Bingley. Original Public Baths - 1892 The first public baths in the town were opened in the basement of what was then the Library and Town Hall situated in the Mechanics Institute on Main Street. In July 1892 the Improvement Commissioners adopted the Baths and Washouses Act at a public meeting in Bingley. £300 was spent in converting the basement of the Mechanics Institute into public baths. The Leeds Mercury of March 12th 1892 had previously reported “The erection of public baths at Bingley Town Hall is almost completed. There is a Turkish Bath and two first class and five second class slipper baths, each fitted with arrangements for rapid filling and hot water”. Only the rich of the period could afford bathing facilities in their houses and the public baths offered the opportunity for a wider range of people to have access to such luxuries. Slipper baths represented the

opportunity for people to have an individual and private bath for a relatively small cost. New Swimming Baths and Princess Hall -1927 In 1926 the whole of the Mechanics Institute was handed over to house Bingley Library and Myrtle Grove then became the Town Hall. A new Swimming Baths and a public hall called Princess Hall, costing £28000 for the building and equipment was erected during 1927 on land belonging to Bingley Urban District Council. Dodd in Bingley (1930) stated “The long talked about baths were decided upon in 1924. A building was put up at the entrance to Myrtle Park and was opened as the Princess Hall by Princess Mary in 1927: the baths were brought into use in the following Spring. As identified by Dodd, the opening was carried out on 24th November 1927 by HRH Princess Mary, Viscountess Lascelles with her husband The Earl of Harewood. The swimming pool was opened on 12th March 1928 and included exhibitions by Ivy Gill who had swum the English Channel in 1927 and by George Webster (appointed an instructor at the pool) who had represented Britain in the 100 metres backstroke at the 1912 and 1920 Olympic Games. Design of the Facilities The Council Architect Eric Robinson designed the building so that in Summer it was used as a swimming pool and in the Winter a sectional floor was installed which covered the pool and provided a dance floor and solid area for functions. This Dance floor was 80 feet long and 45 feet wide. There was seating accommodation for 762 people ( 578 in the Hall and 184 on the Balcony) The Princess Hall was available for events from October to March. During the summer months alternative venues for dancing and functions included the local Cooperative Assembly Hall amongst others.

The Swimming pool was 75 feet long and 33 feet wide with a deep end of 6 feet 9 inches and a shallow end of 3 feet 3 inches. The pool also featured three automatic foot sprayers which swimmers had to use before entering the pool, and a number of diving platforms. These consisted of a five metre and a three metre platform and a one metre springboard. On the evening of the opening an exhibition of high diving and swimming were held at the pool. The facilities also included three slipper baths for children and nine First Class and 5 Second Class adult slipper baths. Centre for Electric Therapy and Curative Treatments In 1925 Bingley UDC were one of the first authorities to provide sun ray facilities in England. Dr Angus the local Medical Officer and J H Wright the Baths Manager oversaw the introduction of a range of medical, electrical and heat treatments to the new building at Bingley in 1927. Many of these were leading edge innovations for the time. Additional to sun ray, these included Russian baths and showers, Vichy Douche, Schnee Bath electrical treatment, Radiant Heat cabinets, Diathermy, Mud treatments, Bergonic treatments, massage and Pyretic and foam baths. Examples of Princess Hall Usage Many patrons of the Princess Hall remember it being used as a dance hall often with live bands and a resident MC. However, the Arts and Community Events also featured heavily in the activities held at the Hall. Below are a few examples of these to give a flavour of events: 1927 Following the opening ceremony and dinner a dance was held on the following Friday when over 250 dancers took to the floor. 1927 The honour of the first public engagement at the new Princess Hall, Bingley fell to the

Bingley Primitive Methodist Dramatic Society and their production of Merrie England. 1927 On Wednesday 21st December 1927 Bingley Grammar School held their Annual Speech day at the Princess Hall. “For a few years after the First World War the closing function at Christmas was confined to a gathering in the school hall. From 1925 more ambitious speech days have been revived, first in the Co-operative Assembly Rooms, later in the Princess Hall” Dodd (1930) A History of Bingley Grammar School. 1928 The Arts have played an important part in the town since it was recorded that in 1928 Bingley Primitive Methodist Operatic Society produced Tom Jones at the Princess Hall 1931 With the opening of the Princess Hall amateur drama revived: for some years (from 1931) the Green Room Players put on plays. 1947 The Importance of Being Ernest played by Bingley Little Theatre in the Princess Hall over the covered swimming baths 1955 Bingley Grammar School were still holding their annual Speech Day at the Hall The Torch - Bingley Grammar School Magazine July 1955 - Speech Day was held on Tuesday 29th March as usual in the Princess Hall. 1958 Bingley Schools Poetry Competition Finals at Princess Hall 1958 won by Myrtle Park School Living History Two local residents, a husband and wife have shared their recollections of Bingley Swimming Pool and the Princess Hall with me, based on their first hand experience and knowledge of the facilities from 1943 to date.. Continued on page 18 My Community HUB | 15

Local History Arthur Pitchforth Connections to the Pool Arthur Pitchforth was born in 1943 and initially attended Myrtle Park Primary School. Arthurs father Alec William (Bill) was a strong swimmer and water polo player. He represented Great Britain in the 100yards freestyle at the inaugural YMCA World Games at Copenhagen in Denmark in 1927 and also played water polo against Canada and Sweden. In 1933 he became a swimming instructor and later a Superintendent at Bingley Swimming Pool and lived at a house attached to the pool which prior to conversion had previously been the stables to Myrtle Park mansion. His tenure at Bingley was interrupted by war service in the RAF after which he returned to Bingley as a swimming instructor. Arthur was born at the swimming pool house in 1943. One of Arthurs strong memories is that for health and safety reasons the diving facilities were removed owing to one of the diving platforms being five metres and the pool only two metres at its deep end! Arthur is currently President of Bingley Amateur Swimming Club.

Diving boards, 1929

16 | My Community HUB

Mary Heaton/ Pitchforth Arthur later married Mary Heaton who worked as a Swimming Instructor at Bingley Pool from 1960 until 2008. Mary was born in Shipley, went to Holy Trinity Primary School and then to the Modern School (now Beckfoot.) She met Arthur Pitchforth when he used the swimming pool in his lunch hours. He worked at his mother’s hairdressers in Myrtle Place and the pool was near to his work. Mary started work there in 1960. New Site for the Pool? Bert Lax the then Superintendent prepared a model of a suggested new pool to be sited in the Bottom Meadow at Myrtle Park. The proposal was to have a pool with two shallow ends and a specific diving pool at the side of the main pool. This was considered by Bingley Urban District Council but turned down. Nothing Was Ever Wasted! In November 1960 the Myrtle Cinema in Bingley closed down and a number of 5 seat rows of gold plush fabric tip- up chairs were bought by the Princess Hall. These were either placed round the edge of the hall when dances were being held or used as main seating in the hall when shows were being held. Examples of Princess Hall Usage During the 1960’s the pool was closed from the end of October and opened again on 1st March. Mary remembers the Princess Hall being used for dances on most Saturdays. Many of the local Mills held dinners and dances on Fridays there as did NALGO and the Young Farmers. The venue was also used for a Civic Ball each year. An Annual Bingley Week celebration was also held there at which a Miss Bingley was chosen. There were also Talent Contests held for the annual Bingley Children’s Gala. Mary also remembers wrestling being held at Princess Hall but only for one season. Wedding

receptions were held in the Solarium. Originally when the Solarium was built, the middle section of the glass windows in the roof were on wheels so that they could be opened. Millworkers use the Pool She also remembers that during the 60’s and 70’s Saturday morning usage of the slipper baths was “manic” and queue’s back to Myrtle Place would form. Many local millworkers having finished their shift would come straight from work to take their Saturday morning bath. Medical Treatments A large number of the treatments offered in the medical facilities in the early years were no longer practised. Whilst J H Wright had retired in the mid 1960’s as Superintendent, he and his wife still rented rooms and provided some treatment for rheumatism. Mary remembers herself and colleagues being asked to carry out pyretic treatment on customers. What Happened to the Dance Floor? The dance floor was made of maple and took ten working days to take up or lay over the swimming pool. All employees were involved in this mammoth task and Mary and colleagues remember large numbers of wood splinters (spells) in their hands as a result of the job. The sprung floor “slotted together like a jigsaw” and was supported on wood beams and trestles laid below it. 1972 was the last year that the floor was laid over the swimming pool. Mary states that the floor was then sold and “Is now all over Bingley”, but primarily at Bingley Little Theatre. Recently Jeff Peacock, Chairman of Bingley Little Theatre showed Alan the section of the floor transferred to BLT. Closure of the Princess Hall Dances In October 1972 the venue

Top: 1926, Pool - Deep End construction, and 1927 new building exteriors Middle: 1927 opening by Princess Mary, and casket presented to her Bottom: 1960’s pool exterior, 1970’s Princess Hall exterior, 1980’s aerial exterior

closed as a public hall and from 1973 was opened as a swimming pool only. Mary attributes the closure to the diminishing number of dances being held in such a large venue. She points towards dances being held in smaller halls such as Eldwick Memorial Hall and the Co-op Hall. Theatre/The Arts and Community Events and Space The area in close proximity to the Princess Hall was utilised for community usage and “Bingley Little Theatre with seats for 150 was in 1974 merged with the Arts Centre. Previously the site of the Oddfellows Hall it was converted in 1948 into a theatre but was compulsorily purchased and

demolished in 1974 when the Arts Centre opened - an adjacent building to the Arts Centre formerly a St Johns Ambulance Hall was converted to a rehearsal space” (The Theatre Trust 1974.) Management of the BLT and Arts Centre and running of the facility have also been subject to recent change which was reported in the Bingley Little Theatre Newsletter of June 2012. The Future of the Swimming Pool During 2010/2011 speculation that the Pool would be closed was rife. A local campaign and over 2000 signatures aided the decision that the Pool would not be closed at present but would be subject to more limited times

and opening hours. It would be a sad day for Bingley if the 1927 vision and provision by the Bingley Urban District Council should no longer exist. Thanks to Arthur and Mary Pitchforth and Bradford Leisure Staff at Bingley Pool for their contributions and access/ permission to use original photographs. Thanks to Bradford Libraries for permission to use photographs and to Jeff Peacock of Bingley Little Theatre for access to the original swimming pool sectional floor. Alan Cattell BingleyOctober 2012 My Community HUB



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A fascinating history book by My Community Hub writer Alan Cattell

How to order a copy of Bingley and Surrounds: Forgotten Moments from History Call into Overt Marketing Ltd - 143 Main Street, Wilsden, BD15 0AQ. Tel: 01535 275355 or email:



Or look out for the book at The Card Emporium, Woodbank Nurseries and The Little Yorkshire Gift Company.


le ite, th,


baskind pharmacy

, rth for all your healthcare needs wo , n do Baskind Pharmacy offers a quick and efficient service to Under NEW , cater for all the needs of the community. Our pharmacy te, h t r is under new management and is situated next door to o w MANAGEMENT ing n, Oak Glen surgery. We will now be open the same hours o as the doctors surgery. This will make it easier for ild Ba you to , 10% , pick up your prescription and access e t i rthwide range of services. our o wa discount w g llin in store Cu n.

SERVICES WE OFFER le Flu jabs now availab appointment free!!


We offer special promotions throughout the year and with our extensive range of cosmetics and £1 lines, we have everything for all your healthcare needs at great prices! We are located in a prime, convenient location, with a doctors surgery, dental practice and child care centre and we have FREE car parking right outside. We also have a treatment room available to hire for free!

Free tea & coffee

Take advantage of our free prescription collection service. We will manage your prescription for you – request your medication and have it ready for you within 48 hours. All you have to do is complete a simple form!

Baskind Pharmacy, Eldwick & Gilstead Health Centre 194 Swan Avenue, Eldwick, Bingley, BD16 3PA TEL: 01274 550080

This Dental Breakthrough Has Slashed The Price of New Permanent Teeth By 50% Now smile confidently. Easily bite into apples, chew nuts or eat a steak


icture this. You walk into a dentist with gaps in your teeth or you’re wearing dentures. And you leave with new teeth the same day. No need to wear dentures anymore. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. That’s because there is a newer dental tooth implant procedure available. And this procedure is up to 50% less expensive than older tooth implant procedures. What’s more, there’s NO gum flap surgery, NO extensive bone drilling and NO stitches afterwards. Minimal disturbance to your mouth This newer procedure uses “keyhole” surgery. So your mouth is quicker to heal after any procedure. And the good news is this new type of tooth implanting is accessible to patients who haven’t been able to get tooth implants before - because of either cost, difficulty or any lack of bone height or width. And it’s ideal for patients who are nervous when visiting a dentist as this process involves fewer dental visits. So, what exactly is involved? Well, an initial tiny keyhole is made where the tooth implant is to go .The correct size implant is placed which will eventually be used to anchor to take

the permanent tooth. Your implant then has a temporary crown attached to it. This new tooth is then left for 8 – 12 weeks to allow the bone to fuse the new implant. Next, an imprint for a new crown is taken. Once the new crown is ready, you return to have your new crown fitted. In fact, you can even have a new tooth implant the same day as you have any teeth removed. And if you have 3 or even 4 teeth missing, then these can be replaced with only 2 implants. But do you get any soreness from tooth implanting? This may occur in the first 24 – 48 hours. But it’s easily overcome by taking Paracetamol or similar. But are all tooth implants successful? The answer is no. However, I do have a 95% success rate when I perform a tooth implant. That’s 9 out of every 10 people who don’t have to wear dentures anymore. And if your implant doesn’t ‘take’ I re-do it for FREE. And, if the new implant still doesn’t ‘take’, then I refund you your money. So you’re NOT risking a single penny. Here’s what just a few of my tooth implant clients have to say:

“At 30 I lost my bottom front teeth and I became very self conscious. Since having the implants done I am very happy and would definitely have others done in the future. The procedure is easy and the results are fantastic.” Yolanda Gallagher, Huddersfield “I was very nervous about having my tooth implant but need not have worried. I’m delighted with my new teeth and feel much more confident!” Carol Armitage, Halifax “Having my tooth implants was painless and easy. My new implants are absolutely brilliant. They have transformed my smile and made me more confident. My friends tell me how good they look.” Gwen Rika, Bradford “After a motorway accident 5 of my front teeth were completely snapped off. Dr Zaman replaced my front teeth with temporary ones immediately I couldn’t believe the quality of work and the quick and speedy service.” Karen Adams, Almondbury “I’m 82. When I started to lose my bottom teeth I didn’t want a lower denture. As I already have a top denture. So I asked Dr Zaman what were the alternatives. He told me I could have a bridge or two teeth implants. So I had the implants. It was easy having them put in. No pain. And they’re one of the best things I’ve ever had done.” Jean Batley, Brighouse

Imagine being able to eat an apple... nuts... or chew a steak. Imagine feeling confident when talking to others. Imagine roaring with laughter because you’re proud of your smile. Do you Qualify? As not everyone is suitable for tooth implants, I’m offering a FREE 15 minute consultation (Value £42) for 10 readers of My Community Hub who respond before September 30th. I check for gum disease, tooth decay, assess which type of tooth implant will be best suited for you and to see if your mouth is suitable for tooth implants. During your consultation you will NOT be sold to. So phone 01484 714640 (24 hours) or email info@ and reserve your free consultation today by quoting CODE: My Community Hub Dr Zaman, BDS, LDS RCS, is the head dentist at the Fresh Smile Clinic in Brighouse. He has completed over 1000 successful tooth implants after completing a course certified by the Royal College of Surgeons. Also, he mentors other dentists on behalf of Osteocare, an implant training company.

Fresh Smile Clinic, 2 High Street, Brighouse, West Yorkshire HD6 1DE


Is 50 Shades of Grey good or bad for your health? By Sue Copeman Stan is 72 years old and he is sat in his favourite chair in the village of Harden, eating a pork pie from his favourite village butchers and drinking a bottle of stout. He is watching the golf and having a right old relaxing evening. His wife aged 70 to whom he has been married for 48 years shouts him upstairs and when he opens the bedroom door the winciette nighty of 40 years that Beryl has always worn is no longer there but instead she is adorned in a bunny outfit and beside her is a B&Q carrier bag with what appears to be a bundle of rope sticking out of the top. Come here you love god shouts Beryl. After taking a beta blocker, wiping the sweat from his forehead and feeding the dog the left overs of his pork pie, Stan considers calling the emergency services to check his wife into therapy as soon as possible as she is obviously suffering from that split personality disorder. He is regulating his breathing by blowing in to a brown paper bag as he contemplates what to do next.

So...... the question is...... is this Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy good or bad for your health? My facebook news feed has been inundated with status updates ‘going on holiday with Mr Grey’, ‘Kids in bed, time to get back to Mr Grey’, ‘Sunday morning, husband playing fivea-side where is Mr Grey’. This trilogy has gone from being selfpublished by a previously unknown author to the subject of a USA publisher bidding war! These books tap into our sexual sub conscious minds and allows us to read words and envision scenarios like never before, even if the idea had never crossed our minds. So apparently if you are single or coupled, with kids or without kids, having an amazing life in the bedroom or stuck in a rut, this trilogy allows women to escape from the routines of their every day lives. The only problem is men like poor Stan are unaware that in these lovely little villages all over West Yorkshire, women are being educated like never before. So maybe it’s about time that we introduced our men to Mr Christian Grey in a subtle 22


My Community HUB

way rather than putting them in intensive care for a week. Men if you are reading this, its time to get up to speed with the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy! If you have read this story and are a 50 shades of Grey fanatic – we want pictures of you with your 50 shades of grey book. This could be whilst sunbathing on the beach, at home whilst hubby is watching football, or in the garden whilst the kids are playing - send them in to and we will publish them next month! The phenomenon lives on ……




Gourmet Wine Evenings ÂŁ35 per head

Including 6 course meal, all wines & VAT

Friday 23rd November 2012 Italian theme

Now taking bookings for Christmas Dinner See website for further details

Arrive at 7pm for a glass of wine and canapĂŠs. 7.30pm sit down to a 6 course set themed dinner. A different wine will be served with your starter, middle course, main course and either dessert or cheese. Wines will be described by our Connoisseur. Club tables operate on these evenings.

Early Bird 2 C the Price of Oonurses for e. Monday to

Saturday 6.30 pm to 7.30pm (orders mus t be in by 7. 30pm) The price of the Main Co urse includes FREE Starte a r or Dessert . Last order fo A la Carte M r the enu is 9.15 pm .

AA Rosette Restaurant

Five Rise Locks - Hotel & Restaurant, Beck Lane, Bingley BD16 4DD Tel: 01274 565296 Fax: 01274 568828 email: Vat Reg. 923 9835 91

Richard and Margaret Stoyle Proprietors

Cat’s Corner mmunity Hub is nthly feature, My Co ing In our continuing mo you up to date news of what is happen ing ch ng su bri th wi be to ng rki ed as wo ple be r e. We are pleased to at the homing centr ich helps re-home unwanted cats in ou wh ty, a fantastic chari region.

What is fun for half an hour can lead to suffering over prolonged periods

Keep your cat warm this winter One of the most common mistakes cat owners make is thinking that because they have ‘fur coats’ it’s alright to shut their pet out any time of the day or night for hours on end. This is not the case. Cats feel the drop in temperature when they are outside just as we do and cats have been known to freeze to death. In Yorkshire we have experienced sub-zero temperatures during successive winters and it’s important to prepare for this to ensure your cat is kept safe and well. Cats need a place of safety and warmth that they can retreat to when they feel threatened or are in need of physical comfort. The easiest solution is to install a cat flap. That way your cat can come and go as he pleases. If nobody is home your cat can still come indoors to shelter from heavy rain and freezing cold, and can escape from danger if he or she is frightened by someone or something. The cheapest cat flaps are around £10 but for a little more money you can get one that enables you to adjust the settings so that your cat can come in but not go out again, or even one you can set to work with your cats’ microchip so that other cats can’t come in and scare it. Although there will be the cost of installation if you are not good at DIY, this is money well spent. It will give you peace of mind and transform the life of your cat. If there is nowhere suitable in your house, would it work to have a cat 24


My Community HUB

flap put into your garden shed? You can put down cosy blankets or straw-lined kennels inside and it will give your cat somewhere to go when you are not home. Now the evenings are drawing in your cat is less visible to drivers and the threat of being run over is even greater. That’s why it’s good sense to make sure your cat is safely home before dark and stays indoors until daylight. It is also a good idea to get a litter tray so that you don’t need to let him out to ‘do his business’ and have the worry he might not return. If you really cannot install a cat flap there are some simple things you can do to help your cat keep safe. A dustbin turned on its side and packed with a straw lining that he can burrow into will keep him warm and dry – and hidden from sight. This is also a good way to help any stray or feral cat you are worried about in your area. We hope you and your cat enjoy lots of cosy winter evenings in together! For enquiries please call Haworth Cat Rescue on 01535 647184 or Opening times: Weekdays 1pm – 4pm. Sat and Sun 10.30 – 4pm Closed all day Wednesday.

“We save you money, we save you time, we take care of everything”

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For more information, please contact Angel Telecom Address: 100 Rooley Avenue, Odsal, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD6 1DB Phone: 01274 758010 Web:

Woodbank Nurseries See It Growing, Buy It Nursery Fresh Our eagerly awaited amazing christmas department is open. We are very excited about the new colour schemes and amazing displays; which are all created in store by our very talented staff. We have been travelling both abroad and at home from January to ensure that we bring you the best and newest ideas available for 2012. There are some stunning new schemes, so there is bound to be something to excite everyone. There is the traditional red and gold, For the ladies we have a fifty shades of grey theme based on the book, Home wares, candles and lighting matched in to co-ordinate the themes or for retailers there is a wonderful selection of everything you could possibly need to make a magnificent window

display. The extended lighting range at competitive prices cover all your indoor and outdoor display needs, with some lovely, amazing new pieces to set your home and garden a glow. The christmas tree range has also been expanded to include some stunning new pieces, beautifully dressed by our designers in ways you would never have imagined!!

Deck The Halls

On Wednesday 7th November at 7pm till 8pm we will be an event to raise money for Manorlands Hospice. If you’re looking for inspiration for that perfect centre-piece for your Christmas table or slightly different Christmas gift why not come along and watch our florists turn sprigs of holly, lengths of ribbon and a few candles, into superb Christmas decorations. Tickets cost £5 each. Early booking is recommend as places fill up fast.

Christmas Preview Nights

Enjoy wine and mince pies on us. Come & see Christmas at its best on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th November between the hours of 5:30pm - 9pm and as a thank you we will give you 10% off your shopping. Offers excludes gift tokens, clearance lines as well as food and drink served in the potting shed restaurant.

Cant make it?

w re no r ings a Book g taken fo r bein as dinne m f christ p a copy o or picku u in store ur o en our m the link on w . o e it foll web s

Our sister company ACW Garden Centre are also holding two preview days. Visit for even more inspiration and 10% discount on Saturday 17th November between the hours of 9am till 5:30pm and Sunday 18th November between the hours of 10:30am till 4:30pm .

ACW Garden Centre, Canal Road, Bradford, BD2 1AL Tel: 01274 392344

We enjoy creating the christmas displays and we aim to create a wonderful magical experience for you all to enjoy. Do come and be among the first to see the displays at our preview evenings and join us and drink in the atmosphere at our Magical Evenings.

Woodbank Nurseries, Harden Road, Near Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 1BE Tel: 01274 562971


Taking a close look at Meningitis In our third article, Harden Pharmacy have continued with “back to school” common ailments in children, offering advice on how to treat each individual condition. Parents should always feel at ease discussing any of these conditions with their health care professional, alternatively, Harden Pharmacy are available to speak to confidentially. Focus on Meningitis Meningitis is inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, known collectively as the meninges. The inflammation may be caused by infection with viruses, bacteria, or other microorganisms, and less commonly by certain drugs. Meningitis can be lifethreatening because of the inflammation’s proximity to the brain and spinal cord; therefore the condition is classified as a



My Community HUB

medical emergency. The most common symptoms of meningitis are headache and neck stiffness associated with fever, confusion or altered consciousness, vomiting, and an inability to tolerate light (photophobia) or loud noises (phonophobia). Sometimes, especially in small children, only nonspecific symptoms may be present, such as irritability and drowsiness. If a rash is present, it may indicate a particular cause of meningitis; for instance, meningitis caused by meningococcal bacteria may be accompanied by a characteristic rash. Tumbler test for septicaemia If someone is ill and gets a rash, do the ‘Tumbler Test’. Check for spots over the whole body. If a glass tumbler is pressed firmly against a septicaemic rash, the marks will not fade. You will be able to see the rash through the glass. If this happens get medical advice immediately. It is harder to see on dark skin, so check paler areas. Remember someone who is very ill needs medical help even if they have no rash or a rash that fades.

THIS IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY GO TO A&E URGENTLY • Fever and/or vomiting • Severe headache • Limb/joint/muscle pain (sometimes with pain/ diarrhoea) • Cold hand and feet/shivering • Pale or mottled skin • Breathing fast/breathless • Rash (anywhere on the body) • Stiff neck (less common in young children) • Dislike of bright lights (less common in young children) • Very sleepy /vacant /difficult to wake • Confused /delirious • Seizures (fits) may also be seen Other meningitis symptoms in toddlers and babies: • Refusing to eat/feed • Irritable, not wanting to be held/touched • A stiff body, with jerky movements, or floppy, unable to stand up Babies and tiny tots may also have: • A tense or bulging soft spot on the head (fontanelle) • A high pitched or moaning

Your friendly local pharmacy on Wilsden Road

Mon - Fri 8:30AM - 1PM & 2PM - 6PM |Sat 8:30AM - 12:30PM


and Prescription Collection & Delivery Service We can collect your prescription from all local doctor surgeries. Simply hand in your repeat medication slip to us and we will have it ready for you to collect in 2 working days or we can deliver to your door. Take advantage of our FREE and delivery service 5 days a week across all areas. All you have to do is pop in and complete a simple form or simply call us.

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Harden Pharmacy, 2 Wilsden Road, Harden, Bingley, BD16 1JP Tel: 01535 271211 Email:

Green fingers In our new feature we will be bringing you up to date gardening tips for growing your own veggies. For November, we have listed some of the jobs you will need to do in your garden before Winter approaches.

Get set for Winter Sow broad beans It is only worth making an autumn sowing of broad beans in reasonably mild areas - in cold, exposed gardens, wait until spring. Sow where cloches have been sheltering the soil, and use a hardy variety like ‘Aquadulce’ or ‘The Sutton’. Start winter digger As areas of the vegetable plot become vacant, dig them over and leave the soil in rough clods to be broken down by winter frosts. Cover compost heaps Cover filled compost heaps with a layer of thick cardboard or old carpet to keep in the heat and keep ot most of the rain. It pays to have two compost heaps; as soon as one is full, leave it to rot down while you start building the other one. Don’t forget you can add kitchen waste to the heap, but avoid cooked food and meat, which can attract rats. Remove plant debris promptly Old leaves and crop remains make ideal hiding places for slugs and snails. Despatch them to the compost heap as soon as possible. Make out seed orders The sooner you order your seeds, the more likely you are to



My Community HUB

get everything you want. Some popular varieties sell out quickly. Keep in mind what crops did particularly well or badly this year when considering what to order for next season. Revive rhubarb Old rhubarb crowns will benefit from being lifted and divided into sections with a sharp spade. Make sure each piece has some growth buds. Replant in soil that has been enriched with well-rotted compost or other organic matter. Keep crops handy In cold areas where the soil might be frozen for prolonged periods, dig up some parsnips Swedes and leeks. Heel them in shallowly in a convenient spot, where they will be easy to lift in cold weather. Harvest early sprouts Early maturing varieties of Brussels sprouts will be ready for picking this month. Always pick sprouts from the bottom of the stem upwards. Use your heel to firm the plants in the soil if they have been loosened by autumn gales.

Next issue: we will be advising how to clear, tidy and protect your garden for Winter.

Reserve ramblings

Classrooms now in place on the reserve

By Steve Warrilow Denso Marston Nature warden At last the classroom and toilets are firmly in place and looking, dare I say rather splendid. There will be a large amount of work to be done. One consequence of the work there is that the bird feeding has been delayed and we are now starting in November. The ground is prepared and is looking great all we need now is the birds. The area is smaller than before but still plenty of room for the birds to feed. There have been several sightings of the first winter visitors, siskin’s



My Community HUB

small flocks have been seen nibbling on the catkins of the Alder and Silver birch. All being well the numbers will increase. These birds and other species will be getting easier to see as all the leaves will have just about fallen this month. Hopefully we will have a month without rain. I have worked most of my working life outdoors and in all weathers. But I have got somewhat bored with the rain. Although with all that rain, the trees will put on a good spurt of growth which cannot be a bad thing. Over the winter when we are not working on the classroom we will be looking for hibernating insects such as ladybirds and millipedes. We will also be taking note of snails and slugs found as we now have begun recording slugs and snails. As you could imagine there have been one or two about this year.

Now winter is almost upon us we will be doing a lot of mammal trapping. A few weeks ago in the spider club area we found a new short tailed field vole nest complete with 3 voles, and a universal awww hit the group. They are cute mind, even this weather beaten hardened warden goes all gooey when he sees these creatures. With all the leaves falling I will be having another walk this time on Sunday 18th November at 2.15pm meeting at the gateway opposite the lay-by on Otley Road. We will be looking at buds, lots of them and trying to identify the species of trees on the reserve. I may even have ago at identifying the willows, which can be a nightmare to identify. If you want information about the walks and other bits and bobs concerning the reserve please contact me on 07919525913. Meanwhile time for searching for those snails‌ If you want to find out about vismiging and other walks you can contact me on 07919525913 or email: whirlygigwarrillow@

Retirement Complex

Get the most from your retirement years and maintain your independence for as long as possible.

A luxury retirement complex in the heart of Baildon Village, built to the highest possible standards, allowing you to enjoy a truly independent lifestyle free from the worry of having to move again should your circumstances change. Self contained one bedroom apartments finished to your own requirements; with south facing garden, house manager, 24 hour support line, weekly domestic and maintenance help, communal lounges, security camera entrance, onsite parking, overnight suite for visiting family or friends and the list goes on.

Assisted Living Should you or your partner ever need extra care, Holden Grange can be a real alternative to homecare or a residential home. With a flexible tailor-made care package ranging from a little help now and again to full nursing care. Financial peace of mind Various options from Part Exchange to 50% equity or outright purchase means you can rest assured that your capital investment is safe while you enjoy your retirement years. If you would like more information about retirement living in Baildon, for yourself or someone you know.

Please call: 01274 458007


Holden Lane, Baildon, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17 6RZ


Local cancer charity celebrates their Silver Jubilee Cancer Support Bradford and Airedale are celebrating 25 years of supporting cancer patients and their carers and families throughout the whole of 2013. We would like to ask locally based organisations and groups to consider us as your chosen charity for one of your fundraising events in 2013 or indeed to choose us as your ‘charity of the year’ Like many local charities we have been affected by recent changes in funding. However, financial pressures on families affected by Cancer mean our work is needed more than ever before.  2013 is our 25th year! This is an exceptional milestone in the Charity’s history and one which we want to celebrate, and hope that you will join us. By choosing to support us in some

way in 2013 you could help us to be here providing support to local cancer sufferers and their families for the next 25 years. The ways you can help would include: • Choose us as your charity of the year 2013 in support of our Silver Jubilee Celebrations • Hold an event in aid of the charity i.e. • Car Boot or Table Top Sale • Coffee Morning or Afternoon Tea • Tea Dance, Salsa Night • Race Night • X Factor Night • Sponsored Walks, Swims etc.

• Promote the Charity’s Recycle Projects - Jewellery, Mobile Phones and Clothing Banks • Participate in Supermarket Bag Packing events • Ask family and friends, do they work in a company that match fund £4£. Would they fundraise for Cancer Support Bradford & Airedale? Every penny raised will go directly to help someone who has been affected by a cancer diagnosis. If you feel your community group may be able to support us in some way please contact Linda Enderby, Community Fundraiser on 01274 776688, l.enderby@

Making a difference to Jane’s life One of the charities trustee’s Jane Hughes, from Bradford, knows how much of a difference the charity can make “In January 2009 my known world fell apart when I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. I had a busy life as a working Mum of 2 teenagers with a passion for fitness and the outdoors. Major surgery and several weeks of treatment followed. Money was a huge stress with my oldest about to apply for university, but returning to work quickly was out of the question. I was used to being in control of my life and felt at rock bottom. My nurse suggested I contact Cancer Support. A member of the Welfare Rights Team responded quickly with a home visit, providing much needed peace of mind with advice on a range of benefits and ideas on how we could restructure our finances until I returned to work. With this support I was able 34

| My Community HUB

to focus on getting on with radiotherapy, and the long period of Registered charity no 519429 recovery needed. I was lucky and my employer could not have been more supportive. When the demands of further treatment meant I could no longer carry on working, leaflets and advice from Cancer Support helped me to take stock and make the necessary adjustments, both to our home and our finances. 18 months on, my health is stable and I’m enjoying life again. I’m retraining and setting up my own “micro business”, a move that has bought me great personal satisfaction and enables me to work flexibly when my health allows. Key to this success has been the thoughtful way in which Cancer Support Bradford and Airedale works: it’s not about “doing it for you” (the patient) but doing it “alongside you”, helping you to take back control of your life at a time when it’s so easy to lose it. In these uncertain times, none of us really know what the future holds. Yes, Cancer may take away your dreams, but with the right support, we can all find new ones.”

Inspired by the Olympics? Riding School For children aged 4 years + From beginners to advanced riders & adults welcome Small groups of 7 or less Offer – Book 5 lessons and get 1 free (pay for 4) (introductory offer for new customers)

Pony Club A fun way to learn how to ride and care for a pony

Start your Olympic dream with us Contact us for more information about Dressage competitions

Membership opened to boys and girls aged 21 and under A fun way of learning to ride, including competing in competitions and gaining achievement badges Get involved in competitions and rallies

For bookings of any of the above activities – contact Aireview Equestrian Centre on 01535 665055. Harden Road, Long Lee, Keighley, BD21 4TP Email:


Dog separation anxiety from leaving dog alone Dogs are very social animals, and they would like nothing more than to be by your side 24/7. But we know (even if they don’t) that dog food doesn’t buy itself, and that may entail you having to leave them home alone while you go off to bring home the bacon (and the dog treats). When we leave in the morning, there is a high possibility that our dogs are experiencing some level of separation anxiety. This separation anxiety might manifest itself as anything from nuisance barking or whining to stinky surprises left for you when you return home. If your dog is one to chew his feelings, you may also find some prized possessions or furniture vandalised during your absence. What to do? Help separation anxiety by putting your dog to sleep (in a good way) If you want a calm dog, it doesn’t get any calmer than sleep. Before you leave the house, make sure you schedule time for a brisk walk or a vigorous game of fetch in the back garden or nearby field. Having an anxious dog home alone is bad enough. Having a dog that is anxious and hyper is a recipe for disaster. Exercise helps calm your dog down in two ways. Physically, it tires your dog out, so he might be up for a nap while you’re away, and emotionally, exercise can level out your dog’s brain chemistry in the same way a good workout can leave humans exhilarated. Hire a dog walker for dog exercise. The best-case scenario is you can come home for lunch and spend a little quality time to break up your dog’s day. But 36

| My Community HUB

if your schedule or commute doesn’t always allow that then there are other options. If you have someone close by with pets, see if you can help each other out. Try and arrange to let each other’s pets out when the other one isn’t home. There are also numerous local dog walkers who can come by and provide a professional field trip. More dog toys, less noise A bored dog left to his own devices may act out by chewing up your devices. Boredom can be as much of a cause for acting out as separation anxiety. For this reason, it’s vital to leave out your dog’s favourite toys and anything else you can think of that he can use to entertain himself in your absence. Dog toys make great diversions. Aside from keeping

him away from your toys, you’ll provide distraction for your dog during the day, so he won’t be as anxious about you being gone. One word of caution: don’t rely on toys with treats hidden in them. Once the dog eats the treat (which could be in minutes), he’ll grow bored and move on to the furniture. Are two dogs company or double trouble for separation anxiety? A common solution that many pet owners advocate is to adopt a second dog to keep the first dog company. This can be a great idea or a bigger dog problem. There are many variables to consider, including the size, gender, breed, and temperament of your dog and of the potential new dog. Talk to your vet or professional trainer about whether a second dog is a good idea for your current dog and what you should look for in a new companion. Contact: Andy Thompson on 01535 274 431. Wilsden Animal Feeds, The Old Stable, Main Street, Wilsden, Bradford, BD15 0HY

Wilsden Animal Feeds OPEN NOW


Find us on:

Mon: Closed

Tue - Sat: 9am - 5pm

Sun: 10am - 3pm

The Old Stables, Main Street, Wilsden, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD15 0HY

Tel: 01535 274431

Movie Reviews

Embark on a magical journey this December Academy Award winning director Ang Lee (“Brokeback Mountain”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) directs LIFE OF PI in 3D, utilizing ground-breaking techniques to capture the story’s epic scope.

The film is based on Yann Martel’s beloved book, one of the biggest publishing events of the past decade. Audiences will follow Pi Patel as he travels from an exotic zoo in India on a voyage across the Pacific, where he survives a

LIFE OF PI, starring Suraj Sharma, Gerard Depardieu, Tobey Maguire and Irrfan Khan. Directed by Ang Lee, will be released on December 21st 2012. shipwreck and is cast adrift in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger as his only company. Adrift in an endless expanse of ocean, Pi struggles to survive and train his companion. He lands on a magical island before finally completing a remarkable journey.

Win with For a chance to WIN a 1st prize of 2 free tickets to see a movie of your choice at Cineworld in Bradford and 1 set of Merchandise and a runner-up prize of Merchandise simply ‘like’ the Life of Pi photo on our Facebook page. Terms and conditions: Closing date 30th November 2012 – the winner will be selected at random, and notified shortly after. Winning tickets will be posted shortly after, along with the merchandise.



My Community HUB

Do you want a career which will make you feel rewarded and valued? Do you have personal qualities such as warmth, enthusiasm and empathy? Are you ready to progress in a career in Health and Social Care? Due to the expansion of our services we are looking to recruit dedicated individuals to work with service users in Bradford.

Housing Related Support Worker

Ref: 4414

Up to £13,845pa/£7.10ph based on experience

Floating Support Worker

Ref: 4415

Up to £13,845pa/£7.10ph based on experience

Relief Support Workers

Ref: 4416

£7.10ph plus accrued holiday credit We are looking to recruit talented and highly motivated individuals to join our Bradford Services. This innovative service offers long term domiciliary care to service users with mental health needs (ref: 4415) and housing related support to older people throughout Bradford and the surrounding areas (ref: 4414). We need hard working and flexible individuals to promote our person centred ethos and work in close partnership with families and other agencies. Car drivers/users essential. No previous experience is required as we offer full training. Applications are encouraged from graduates and people with life experience as well as experienced care workers. All staff are subjected to enhanced CRB which we will pay for.

To apply visit Alternatively, email: or call our recruitment line on 0161 237 1014 leaving your name, address and the job reference number. Closing date: Ongoing. A progressive not for profit agency (charitable status 27440R) which promotes equality of opportunity for all.

Movie Reviews

Billy Crystal breaks all the rules in this family comedy PARENTAL GUIDANCE, starring Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei. Directed by Andy Fickman, will be released on December 28th 2012. Comedy legends Billy Crystal and Bette Midler play Artie and Diane Decker, who are called in by their daughter (Marisa Tomei) to help care for their three grandkids when she goes away for work. When their oldschool parenting methods collide with their daughter’s newschool ways, the once-orderly household spins out of control.

rget Don’t foter n e to vie our mo n on titio e p m o c and wing amazin prizes



My Community HUB


for only



Save £24

Please mention this voucher before booking an MOT to receive discount

Don’t forget your winter service

Small service only £30

VAT with additives just £50 +&Parts Annual Service only £60 VAT with additives just £80 +&Parts

Aircon Service & Re-gas from only



Puzzles Proudly sponsored by Jon Beasley:

Tel: 01274 567428

BrainWave Down





2. Enthroned (7) 3. Appointed committee (5)



4. Lessee (6) 5. Large ape (7) 12

6. Fruit of the oak (5) 7. Wilderness (6) 13. Writing implements (7) 15. Leviathan (7)











16. Takes over without authority (6) 17. Elongated fruit (6)



18. Treasure (6) 20. Terminus (5) 22. Dull pains (5)



Sudoku B 2

8 6 5 3 4 1 7 3 9 3 9 7 4 5

6 1 7 6 2 9 1 8 5 3 9 3 6 2 8 6 3 7

3 7 5 1


4 8 3 3 5 9 1 4 3 8 7 6 3 4 6 7 2 9 5 8 2 7 8 6 1 5 9 3 2 9 3 8 7 4 1 8 5 2 4 6 3 9 3 7 9 5 1 6 2 1 4 5 6 3 2 7 6 2 8 7 4 1 5 7 5 3 1 9 2 8 4

6 1 4 8 9

6 2 1 4 5 7 8 9 3

Crossword and Sudoku Answers

5 4 9 1 8 7 6 3


Down: 1: Jackal, 2: Crowned, 3: Panel, 4: Tenant, 5: Gorilla, 6: Acorn, 7: Desert, 13: Pencils, 15: Monster, 16: Usurp, 17: Banana, 18: Riches, 20: Depot, 22: Aches. Across: 1: Jackpot, 5: Guard, 8: Clown, 9: Nervous, 10: Nylon, 11: Lunar, 12: Adept, 14: Balmy, 19: Sedan, 21: Again, 23: Replica, 24: Hutch, 23: Sites, 26: Assimilates

| My Community HUB

7 8

5 1

9 2

2 8 1



6 7 2 5 4 3 1 8

8 9 5




1. Nocturnal canine (6)

Sudoku A




2 7 8 4 8 3 1 6 5 3 2 1 9 8 8 4 1 5 6 7 3 9 6 7 4 8 2 1 5 3 9 2 6 2 8 6 5 1 9 3 7 8 2 4 5 6 2 9 7 5 4 5 8 4 1 3 6 7

1. Major prize (7) 5. Sentinel (5) 8. Circus performer (5) 9. Skittish (7) 10. Synthetic fabric (5) 11. Relating to the moon (5) 12. Proficient (5) 14. Mild and pleasant (5) 19. A closed litter for one passenger (5) 21. One more time (5) 23. Copy (7) 24. Rabbit shelter (5) 25. Locations (5) 26. Assimilates (7)


3 7 4 9 1




Tom Davies Bespoke; glasses as unique as you are Airedale Opticians now offers eyewear designer Tom Davies’s made-to-measure service, bringing bespoke eyewear to Keighley.

everything from the material used to the colour of the frame is up to you.

Established ten years ago, British brand TD Tom Davies has truly revolutionised the eyewear market. No longer do you have to compromise between glasses that are comfortable and those that fit with your personal style.

All frames are precision-made in TD’s own factory. Every frame is made by hand, to the highest quality. The materials used include natural buffalo horn, titanium and premium acetate. From the design stage, the customer can expect to be wearing their glasses in five weeks.

TD offers something rare to the eyewear world – custom made frames. This service gives you the chance to create one-of-a-kind glasses and sunglasses, in perfect harmony with your facial features.

Get £25 off the Tom Davies range at______________

TD Bespoke frames are tailor-made for the customer, to every last detail. A series of facial measurement are taken to ensure a perfect fit and

Gift vouchers also available

Present this voucher to receive your discount. Offer ends December 31st 2012. Terms and conditions apply

50 Towngate, Keighley, BD21 3QE Tel: 01535 690077 Email:

Advertisement sizes and costs

Reach 5000 local readers every month

One off Full page Half page Quarter page Back cover Centre page Double page spread IFC/IBC Business Listing (12 months only)

3 months

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* We can design your advert artwork for a minimal charge.

Insert leaflets into the magazine

Distribution areas POS stands in: Woodbank Nurseries, Harden, Stephen H Smith Garden Centre, Wildsen, Co-op Bingley, Co-op Wilsden, Co-op Baildon Council Shop, Bingley, Canalside Health Centre, Bingley. You can also pick up a copy in café’s, doctors, dentists, retailers, hairdressers, post offices, beauty salons, gyms, etc. Areas : Bingley, Eldwick, Gilstead, Cottingley, Harden, Wilsden, and Cullingworth. 5000 copies printed per month.

Only £25 per 1000 5000 A5 Flyers full colour printed both sides - £99 1000 business cards 300gsm with a matt laminated smooth finish - £85

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print of

1,000 quality business cards, printed full colour both sides on a 300gsm matt coated board with a matt laminate finish

Sted both T E L F A E L rin

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We can insert leaflets into My Community Hub - only £25 per 1000

colour, p ssy paper l l u f 5 A lo 5,000 135gsm g a n o s e sid


For a limited time only

Contact us on 01535 275 355 for more information or to place an order

143 Main Street, WIlsden, Bradford BD15 0AQ



• General Plumbing • Tiling • Appliance installation • Fully qualified tradesman

For more information please call: 01274 566100 Member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen

Unit 2 Leonards Place, Leonard Street, Bingley, BD16 1DP Email:

For Local trades and services

S ONLY RUG d and


Carpet cleaning service With our professional carpet cleaners, you can be sure that we will be able to complete a high level of service. We are also available in Bingley, Bradford, Halifax, Keighley, Shipley and Wilsden.

2nd Carpet cleaned for half price

Ling Park Approach, Wilsden, Bradford BD15 0NF Tel: Lee on 0787 926 4673 Email:

Advertisehere only £29 per month

/8 page - 6 month contract


Advertising | Marketing Events | Graphic Design | Web Design | PR | Print Management

Contact Kim on 01535 275 355 for more information 46


My Community HUB

Contact Simon on 01535 275 355 or email:


Trade & DIY Warehouse Ash Terrace Bingley BD16 1HB Tel: 01274 510 510


Community Events

What’s on and where NOVEMBER Friday 2nd 8pm Sons of the Desert. Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society. East Bowling ILP Club, Leicester Street, (off Wakefield Road A650,) BD4 7HS. Films, raffles, family friendly. Meeting is on the first Friday of every month. Saturday 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th 7.45pm Baildon Orchestral Society meets to play music for pleasure. New players, particulary strings, are welcome. At St Hugh’s Church, Coach Road, BD17 5HS. Tel: 01274 546156 for more information. Sunday 4th, 11th, 18st & 25th 12:00pm - 4.30pm Shipley Glen Tramway. The Shipley Glen Cable Tramway is the oldest working cable tramway in Great Britain (cliff lifts excepted). Dating from 1895, the line was built to serve the local beauty of Shipley Glen, near Saltaire in West Yorkshire. A short walk brings a Cafe and Pub within reach as well as the Brackenhall Countryside Centre plus the rocks and woods of Shipley Glen. The bottom station allows access to Roberts Park and the River Aire and the delights of Saltaire with Salt’s Mill and its famous Hockney Gallery. Prod Lane, Baildon, Shipley BD17 5BN. For more information visit or Tel: 01274 589010. Sunday 4th 11.15am

St. Saviour’s Church, Harden Reopening. Service of Holy Communion.

If you have an event and would like it listing, please email details about it to



My Community HUB

Everyone welcome. Try out our new seating and heating and hear our visiting preacher The Ven. Paul Slater, Archdeacon of Craven. (please note - no service at St. Matthew’s Wilsden this morning)

Monday 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th Friday 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th Saturday 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th 9:30am - 4.30pm Shipley Open Market provides a focal point to the town centre; the open market operates on a Monday selling a selection of second-hand items and bric-a-brac. On a Friday and Saturday, a wide selection of goods and fresh food products are available on over 40 stalls. For enquiries tel 01274 432245. Email: bradford. Market Square, Shipley, Bradford, BD18 3QB. Wednesday 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th Friday 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th Saturday 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th 8:30am - 4.30 Bingley Open Market now trades on the newly refurbished Town Square with 36 stalls featuring Fresh Bread, Fish, Meat and Game, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Flowers & Plants, Shoes and Much More. There’s something to tempt everyone at the new Bingley Open Market. For enquiries tel 01535 618389 or 01274 432245. Bingley Market, Town Square, Bingley, BD16 2JS. Tuesday 13th - Saturday 17th December

19th Bradford Animation Festival. The UK’s longest-running animation festival at the National Media Museum in Bradford, UK. Host to screen talks, retrospectives, workshops and special events by some of the industry’s top names the festival culminates in the annual BAF Awards. For more information contact National Media Museum, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1NQ, tel: 0844 856 3797 or email: talk@

Wednesday 14th Open Mic Night at Foundry Hill Bar & Lounge. Usually on the Second Wednesday of every month, everyone is welcome to sing or play, just bring along an instrument. A sound system is available, but feel free to bring along your own. Wellington Street, Bingley BD16 2NB. Tel: 01274 566 144 for tickets. Saturday 24th 7.30pm - 11.30pm The Record Club. An informal night of vinyl records. We play vinyl albums in full along with a mix of 7”s and 12”s too. Contact us to book your slot, get involved via the website, where you can vote. Price: £1.50 (min. donation to help run the evening.) The Kirkgate Centre, 39a Kirkgate, Shipley BD18 3RR. Saturday 18th 2.15pm ‘Winter Tree Identification’ walk with Friends of Denso Marston Nature Reserve. All walks start on Otley Road at the start of the Public Footpath opposite the lay by near St James Church. Saturday 8th December 11am - 2pm

St. Matthew’s and St. Saviour’s invite you to a CHRISTMAS BRING AND BUY with TURKEY SANDWICH LUNCH at St. Matthew’s Church, Wilsden. Games for children, cake decorating, seasonal stalls, tea, coffee, mince pies.



your local independent card shop

cards for all occasions Hand made cards from £1 Gift wrap – 10 sheets for £1 Helium balloons Latex - From 80p Foil - from £1.99 Large foil numbers - £6.99

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Party goods inc. banners, invites, balloons, candles, cake boards & frills


Pocket money toys for children parties Now stocking “Extreme Eyes” – coloured contact lenses

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PersonaliseD Christmas Cards

50 cards only £45

Printed with your corporate business, company or personalised details & logo Choose from one of the designs in our 2012 range, each card is personalised with your chosen Christmas greeting, add your logo, Web address and any other details.

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All our other services available as usual AND MUCH MORE...

Advertising | Marketing | Social Media | PR | Events Graphic Design | Web Design & Development | Print Management

OVERT COVERT VIRAL ALTERNATIVE GUERRILLA BUZZ ASTROTURFING RELATIONSHIP? ...are you confused about these terms or what kind of marketing you should be doing?

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oom showr lays d e d isp Exten r 20 d

Kitchens coming soon

ove Now

A complete bespoke, design, planning & installation service, or supply only • Fabulous range of bathrooms, tiles, mirrors & accessories • 25 years experience, family run business • Fully qualified tradesman

For more information or to discuss your project please call: 01274 566100 Member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen The sign of craftsmen dedicated to upholding the highest standards of workmanship and integrity.

Free accessories worth upto £200.

Available on orders over £3,500 booked before 31st January 2013 • On production of this advertisement

Plus a 7-day pass at

Unit 2 Leonards Place, Leonard Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 1DP Email:

Mon-Fri: 10am - 3pm (Closed Tuesday)

Sat: 10.30am - 1.30pm

(Evenings & Weekends by appointment only)

My Community Hub - Issue 7  

A Hub for our community! The seventh issue of our new magazine (online & print) from the publishers of The Prosider, Overt Marketing. A loca...