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With A Projected Increase in Hiring Rates, My Colleges and Careers Helps Students Make the Most of Their College Investment As seniors in college go into their last year of school they may be wondering if it was all worth it. Will their degree be enough to land them a lucrative job in this tough economy? Surveys and projections show that 2011 graduates may have a better chance than other recent grads at finding jobs. Despite a tough economy, employment statistics for the class of 2011 are positive.

My Colleges and Careers follows these trends and gives students the chance to see what it’s like the day of the life of a professional. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) conducted their Job Outlook 2011 Fall Preview survey and found that hiring trends for 2011 graduates are looking positive. Some industries expect to hire more and employers reveal which majors they gravitate toward. My Colleges and Careers helps students educate themselves before going to school for the first time or going back to school to finish a degree; whether at traditional schools or online universities. They help students do the research before deciding on a major. Knowing what industries are growing and which ones are expected to provide more career opportunities can help a student decide what major will give them the largest return on their college investment. The survey conducted by NACE reveals that employers are especially interested in students who majored in business, computer science and engineering. These degrees, that can often be earned from online universities, which can be extremely convenient, can be beneficial to students since they are broad enough to encompass many careers but specialized enough to make the student an asset. The NACE survey found that 62 percent of employers plan to hire accounting majors this year and 57 percent plan to hire finance majors. Accounting and finance majors can work as accountants at large firms or corporations. Or they can even work in small business and non-profits. Some specialize in specific types of accounting or even taxes.

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With this kind of flexibility, accounting and finance graduates may have more options than majors in other fields. My Colleges and Careers helps students explore these options and understand the career potential they could have with the major they choose. With resources about top careers, program descriptions, the cost of online colleges and salary statistics, My Colleges and Careers is the one-stop guide for education. According to the survey, about 53 percent of employers would like to hire electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science majors. These industries have experienced growth so it’s no surprise that employers will be looking to hire. My Colleges and Careers follows these trends and gives students the chance to see what it’s like the day of the life of a professional. The site posts videos of interviews with professionals in their work place so students can learn what it’s like to have a specific job and get tips on how to land that job directly from the experts. A recently updated video featuring an information technology professionals can help students learn what it takes to be successful in this ever-changing industry. Students can then explore accredited online college courses and find enroll in the ones that will help the land the degree they need for their dream job. The NACE survey also revealed that 52 percent of employers would like to hire business administration or management majors. This major prepares students to enter management-level jobs in almost any industry. One benefit students with this major might enjoy is the ability to change industries throughout their career. They may work as the manager at a high-tech company and then change to work as the director of a non-profit organization. However, while certain industries are planning to hire students with these degrees, that is not all the good news the survey brings. The NACE research also shows that in 2011, employers are planning to hire 13.5 percent more new bachelor’s degree program graduates than the did from the class of 2010. This is good news for students who are working toward their degree. My Colleges and Careers believes that an education can help students reach their highest potential. It helps students find the right school for them so they can earn the bachelor’s degree and start a successful career. The site also helps students find ways to earn an online PhD or one of many online master’s degrees while they continue with their full-time job. These findings are in line with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic’s projected job growth for 2008 to 2018. The bureau predicts that some of the jobs to be in higher demand in the next several years include: retail salespersons, office clerks, accountants and auditors, bookkeepers, accountants, and auditing clerks and computer software engineers (applications), just to name a few.

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With A Projected Increase in Hiring Rates, My Colleges and Careers Helps Students Make the Most of T