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Sample paper on Intrusion Prevention Introduction: The advancement in the technological equipment has also revolutionized the negative aspect of the usage of the paraphernalia. Since the dawn of computers we have found people getting worried over the privacy and the protection of their data which is stored on the hard disks and the computer files, this grew even more after the introduction of internet facility after which the world saw a great advancement in the criminal acts of the people who can interfere with the information on the computer systems, better known as Hackers. Hence the management department in companies and corporations looks forward to install the best kind of anti-viruses and the anti hacker programs to safeguard their data while some hire professionals to do this job with the same purpose, to prevent intrusion. This paper will talk about the intrusion preventions via some methods while keeping the considering fact whether if a hacker is the best preventer of the data. Intrusion Prevention: Nowadays, everything is computerized from school attendance data to the highly classified government information and due to this reason every company wants to have the best privacy and methodologies to protect their Information Technology (IT) data. Intrusion detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) are one of the most known methods in the protections of the computer system so that the data might remain safe which include anti-viruses, anti-spyware, and anti-malicious programs for Trojan horse worms and to have a safe networking by employing the best kind of firewall system. IDPS are at first attentive on identifying prone prevalence logging records in relation to them, trying to put off the pervasiveness, and providing the data on distorted systems to security administrators. However as mentioned that the technology has no doubt increased to such an extent that each and every thing can get hacked in few moments. There is a famous one liner which people use when dealing with a intruded equipment, “Think like a criminal” or “Think like a Hacker”, this tells that the only way to solve a case of intrusion is through the mentality of a criminal or if the person caught up in the situation is him/her self a hacker. The question rises if it’s better to hire a hacker or to bring into play the high performance IDPS, because one thing is for sure, even with an IDPS running in the company there should be a highly trained software programmer who knows all the methodologies through which the system can be intruded. Hence, in other words he/she must be a trained hacker, somehow. There have been debates and lectures over the term “white hat” and “black hat” hackers, and the only difference between the two terms is that the white hat hacker, hacks in order to testify the security or for a positive purpose, that is he/she is a certified ethical hacker while a black hat hacker intruded to violate the whole system. A very best example can be seen in the movie “Die Hard 4.0” in which the hacker, portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, first advises the government that their network is vulnerable to attacks by the hackers by hacking in front of them only to offer security for a certain amount of money, this was his white hat side, while after the government neglects his offer he goes into the dark side hacking the overall system depicting the black hat hacker and does an incredible job. This shows that be it any

kind of hacker, the main goal is sufficient amount of money in return, therefore a white hat hacker would be highly paid by a corporation even with the IDPS installed while black hat hacker gets what he/she wants through any means. Therefore it is better that a company must hire an experienced hacker to protect the IT information due to the reason that they know the whole tactics on how the system is supposed to be protected in order to prevent it from the attacks which normal IT professionals do not know, and as the threats would be known to the hacker so they might also work fast on the method to annul it. However, most of the people think that employing a hacker to do the work of a professional IT worker might be dangerous as we never know when the intentions of a person may change but the real problem in the intrusion detection alarm is that there has to be a professional who should have a knowhow of all the negative aspects and the ways to solve a troubled situation. However, the only reason a hacker would agree to work for a company is if he/she is paid according to the demands or as per the value of the data which is supposed to be protected like for example a bank or a governmental agency have quite valuable information which should not go in wrong hands, so if they hire a professional hacker they must pay according to the demands as we know that hacker are capable of doing some extraordinary and horrible things. Conclusion: Hence, a corporation should employ the usage of IDPS but they must also hire a white hat hacker in order to check the system and prevent the intrusion, because if they are serious regarding the intrusion prevention then they must employ two people for this job, one who installs it and the other one who can verify its security through negative means, that is a hacker.

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