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Ambush Marketing - Critical Evaluation Critics often debate the importance of ambush marketing. For instance, is it an ethical practice? Secondly, ambush marketing might deter corporate sponsorships. The debate about ambush marketing being ethically correct or not is ongoing and intense. The answer of this lies in how one sees the situation. For corporate sponsors and event organizers, this practice is, of course, illegal and immoral as they see the non-sponsoring companies deriving the same benefits from an event in which they have invested nothing. On the other hand, we have ambush marketers who justify their stand on this act of marketing, asserting that it is a normal competitive strategy based on a strong economic justification . Crow and Hoek (2003) quote Mark Pilkenton, the then Nike manager, rationalizing ambush marketing by stating that in any major sporting event, Nike deserves the right to arrive and convey its message, as long as it does not meddles with official proceedings. Meenaghan (1996) states in his article that corporate sponsors and event organizers see ambush marketing as unethical. He quotes the marketing director of the IOC asserting ambush marketing as a deadly serious business with the potential of destroying sponsorships. If left unchecked, the independent financial revenue source of events might get hampered to an irreparable extent. On the other hand, there are advocates of ambush marketing who justify their actions as perfectly legal and ethical and falling within the ambit of normal business practices. He cites Jerry Welsh, a strong proponent of ambush marketing, as stating that companies involved in ambush marketing do not adopt this practice as being their right but they are even obligated to their shareholders to take advantage of these opportunities (Meenaghan, 1996).

History Of Debate And Profile Of Main Interested Parties The birth of ambush marketing is credited to Jerry Welsh who served as the global marketing chief of American Express during the 1980s. For the Olympic Games that were held that year of which Visa was the official sponsor, Welsh decided to exploit the sponsorship with a campaign centered at communications that reflected an association between the American Express and the Olympic Games. Since then, the debate about ambush marketing and its repercussions have been going on and is set to run and run, with the advocates and opponents both climbing down into the arena to settle the score in their favour. Marketing (00253650) (2002) quotes Welsh as stating that ambush strategies become successful due to the ineptness of the official sponsors and their ill-conceived sponsorships.

Conclusion To combat ambush marketing, countries as agile on the legal upfront as USA, UK and Germany have even failed to develop any statute regarding this issue. Therefore, as ambush marketers expand the horizons of their creativity, event organizers will also have to come up with innovative ideas to devise legal ways to save the sanctity of official sponsorships The questions that are mainly present in the minds of a teenager when getting familiar with such websites are: what is the correct way to guide myself to victory? Is there a website that will do my homework accurately? Is this mode of help expensive? Etc. The last question is something which they really are concerned with but when they find out that with less than $13 per page being given out, this

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