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The Path Not Taken Workout tips to power through the winter slump



Waking up early on a cold January morning to run is tough,

evenings can sap our motivation to exercise from

but if you know someone is waiting on you, it makes it easier

the best of us. I can certainly relate, especially

to get out of bed.

coming off the high of running the St. Jude half marathon

Another option is using fitness apps, such as MapMyFitness

in early December. But keeping active during the winter is

and Strava or GPS watches from Garmin or Soleus. Working

as important, if not more so, than in the warmer seasons.

on improving your pace and distance, and measuring your

Physical activity can improve your immune system during

stats against your friends online, is great motivation for

the cold-weather months, as well as improve your mood,

those of us who are competitive spirits. For those of us who

which is especially critical in keeping away the winter blues.

just enjoy the ride, it gives you satisfaction to look back at a

To stick with your exercise commitments, you may need to

month of successful runs, swims, and rides you’ve completed.

restock your closet and change up your exercise schedule.

An obvious alternative for winter-time exercise is to move

While finishing St. Jude was a huge milestone for me, I’ve

indoors with spin classes, yoga, treadmills and heated indoor

already made plans to follow up with another run to keep

swimming pools. The Desoto Athletic Club is a fantastic venue

me excited about the racing season. I have found that there

for someone that is looking for everything. They offer a full

is no better way to stay motivated and to stay consistent in

range of classes, personal trainers, tennis, indoor pool, indoor

your training than to have a race or event on the schedule

running track, and childcare to help meet your needs. Jane’s

to train for. For me, the Germantown Half Marathon, as

Gym is also a favorite amongst Desoto County females. Jane’s

well the Memphis in May Triathlon is where I want to see

Gym offers a wide variety of classes, personal training, child

my winter training pay off. There are a number of bike rides,

care, as well several pampering options for females only. If you

foot races, and group fitness and running events around the

are looking for a more simplistic approach to help shake off

MidSouth to keep you busy. It’s also a great way to meet new

your winter blues, Crossfit is a must try. OB Crossfit has quickly

friends with a similar fitness hobby. Here in Olive Branch, the

moved into the most talked about Crossfit Gym in the area.

DeSoto Runners Club meets on Saturday mornings and in the

From climbing ropes, flipping tires, and weight lifting, Von

afternoons for group runs at all different paces and distances.

and John’s classes will keep you and your body guessing and

Even if you’re a beginner biker or runner, these types of group

improving. Just like everything, nothing is created equally and

events are an opportunity to keep up your motivation, plus

the same goes for fitness facilities. The best way to decide what

it gives you a standing commitment to your other members.

is right for you is to try them out. Local gyms will often offer a 2

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