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September / October 2017

Letter From The Editor September / October 2017 Happy Fall, Charlotte! We hope that you are enjoying the crisper weather and all things back-to-school. In this issue of My City Magazine, we introduce you to Carolina Craft Butchery, a shop opened by the folks down at Wild Turkey Farms. You will meet Josh Henderson of Relax Apparel and the designers down at Royal Peasantry. We also see the bricks and guitar picks, from Brian Carpenter, Justin Driscoll, and Neal Harper, that serve as a tribute to Tremont Music Hall. Martin “the Clown” Barry shares with us his haunted attractions list, his advice column, and his comic strip “Micro Monsters”. You will learn that the ArtPop billboard project is calling for submissions and we are sharing with you a list of area farms that have fall fruit pickin’ and activities (apples, pumpkins, corn mazes, and hayrides). Plus, as always, we include a list of events during September and October. We hope you enjoy this issue and thank you for reading. Don’t forget to check out the exhaustive event listing on and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Enjoy today and every day, Ellen Gurley and the other My City Magazine personalities

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Cover illustration by: John Hairston, Jr. Hire him for your next commission or event (he does live art). This cover is of Josh Henderson of Relax Apparel and Mariah Scott of Peculiar Hippie / Peculiar Talks.



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Carolina Craft Butchery words by Ellen Gurley photos courtesy of Michael Mellor The folks down at Wild Turkey Farms are at it again. They are making the pita people overwhelmingly happy with their selections down at the brand new Carolina Craft Butchery. Used to be, you had to stalk them at farmers markets to get goods from them, as their farm is not one that is open to the public. Now, you can just go visit them at their new Davidson storefront. Photographed here are Lee and Domisty Menius with their children Rosty and Charlie. This family is a My City Magazine favourite when it comes to representing the small farm and they are now proudly providing a place for other regional sources to sell their wares. This meat and cheese boutique has representation from, Johnny Ray’s Favourites, and www. “We buy whole animals from locals allowing us to do custom-cut butchery and maximize the support of our own farmers,” Menius says, when describing what to expect in his spot. At any given time, you can find great chorizo, lamb chops, chicken breasts, and more. Anyone can go home with something they desire, while feeling good about keeping the good ol’ boy in business (Rogers Cattle Company and Sharon Hill Farm, just to name a couple). Go down there and check this place out and don’t be shocked if you see two handsome, young men being prepped for their legacy. 605-B Jetton St., Davidson, NC 28036 704-897-7290 // PO Box 491, China Grove, NC 28023 704-202-9348 // | 5



Fall 2017 Haunted Attractions compiled by Martin "the Clown" Barry It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year when the temperature begins to drop, water bottles are safe in your car, and the talented people of the haunted house industry come out to play with their new concepts and features. This year, October has a Friday the 13th, so there may be extra special opportunity to take in the mayhem. These haunted attractions put on productions that are worth the drive and the admission. Netherworld Haunted House - Atlanta, GA Netherworld is the undisputed king of haunted houses in the region. Each year, this juggernaut undergoes re-imagining and reconstruction to tell a new chapter in a fascinating story. The attraction features two levels and each level houses its own concept. This year, the upper level features Primal Scream with creatures of claw, tooth, and bone set free to feast on your fears. The lower level features Mr. Grendel’s Fun House of Horror, a 3D house that will add a whole new dimension to your experience. As usual, the show at Netherworld begins the moment you step out of your vehicle. Beings lurk in the lot and along the lines to shock and terrify you before your journey through the dark dimension begins. Netherworld also features a resplendent gift shop. Tickets are available online or upon arrival and they take credit and debit cards. Open the last two weekends in September, every night in October, and the first weekend in November. Kersey Valley Spookywoods - Archdale, NC This massive haunt features indoor and outdoor attractions, a midway, and a gift shop. The Abomination, Urban Legend, Land of Folklore, Village of the Damned, and other features are sure to deliver the scares you seek. Recommended to buy tickets online. Bring cash if you do not. Parking is five dollars and wear sensible shoes. Check the website for dates of operation and special events. Scarrigan Farms - Mooresville, NC Weekends in October will see the transformation of this 170 acre farm into one of the scariest haunted trails in the region. Varying features along the trail will transport you to new dimensions of terror. Get your boots on and prepare for the thrills of this attraction. Cash only and worth the drive. | 7

Josh Henderson: Relax Apparel headshot & words: Ellen Gurley photography courtesy of Henderson himself, Mariah Scott, Lavonte Hines & Hnin Photo With so many talented people in the Charlotte area, we never run out of people to feature in My City Magazine. While that is a good problem to have, sometimes we do have to poke around to find the more elusive artists. Josh Henderson is one of those folks. An A&T graduate of fine arts, he expanded his interests while in school. Beginning as an illustrator, he quickly found himself excelling in graphic design. Henderson’s bulk of his portfolio is in album cover work, but recently he has launched his apparel line called Relax. When asking him why I’d never seen his brand before, he was pleased. Not wanting to blanket the city with his logo, he likes that it is a rarely seen entity. After speaking briefly with Henderson, I came to found out that he is developing some very interesting characters in a yet to be named comic book project that is a nod to anime and Groening. Urging him to put these characters on his hoodies, he laughs. Personally I would love to hear more of their adventures. “Sometimes we forget how far we have come. Maybe it's because we spend more time condemning ourselves than edifying. What if told you that you'd look back … and remember all the nights you toiled... praying for answers and the frustration of being overlooked… (asking yourself) will anyone give you a chance? You know you’re cut out for this thing. You know that you’re just as good as the rest of them. Then years later, that moment of peace hovers over that chaotic storm you call your mind. You just move with more intention and less anxiety. A grateful heart trumps that of a spiteful one. You learn to be beyond your mistakes and rest. You live your life with no regrets and be.” That’s what relax is to Josh Henderson. Henderson’s drive and young energy assure that the apparel line and his drawings are just the beginning of what we can expect from this gentlemen. Coupled up with another go-getter, Mariah Scott of Peculiar Hippie / Peculiar Talks, we are shure to see lots of good things from this power duo. | | 704-780-3282


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Ask The Clown What do I know I'm just a clown? Advice from Martin "The Clown" Barry


Dear Clown,

live together. I have accepted that there will be late nights and issues that require her attention with her band. Recently, the band has begun planning a tour with some other acts that will have her away from home for months at a time. I am worried for her safety and, frankly, I am worried about her being faithful on tour. Do I discuss this with her? How would you handle it?

My mother in law will need to change her living situation soon. We are worried for her safety and we don’t want her to live alone anymore. I have already suggested that she could come live in our house, but my wife is against it. Our house is big enough to accommodate her and we could adjust easily, but my wife insists that it is time for her brother or sisters to step up. I would rather just get this done. How can I get this done and maintain peace? Sincerely, The Good Son In Law

Sincerely, The Rocker’s Boyfriend ---


Seeing as you live together, she already has a stable home base with you. This is priceless on its own. I would suggest that you listen to all of the details of her plan and share in her excitement. When she is away, send things to increase her comfort and remind her that you care for her. Some room service, a room upgrade, or even some backup needs for touring stuck into her bag will help both of you maintain your bond when she is away. It is not easy to be the ground crew for someone that soars high, but I know you will do your best.



Dear Good, It is time for a family meeting and a gut level talk. Be sure to include your mother in law in discussion so that she can express her concerns and needs as well. At the very least, the others should help with expenses if you end up opening your home.

Rock on! The Clown

Wishing you harmony, The Clown, ---


Dear Clown, My girlfriend is a musician and I love going to see her band play. I work a 9 to 5 and we

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Dear Boyfriend,



Dear Clown, I have recently discovered that my wife has been looking up a lot of pornography on her computer. She left it open and I looked, but I did not touch her

computer. I asked her about this and she got very quiet. After a few days, she told me that she was fascinated with the photos and clips featuring two women together. She said she feels drawn to it, but would never do anything to damage our marriage. I am drawing a blank on how to proceed here. Help? Sincerely, Wondering ---


Dear Wondering, You and your wife have much to discuss here. Is this a passing fancy for her, or does she want to explore this part of herself? You both want to preserve your marriage and this is always possible in an open and honest environment, so be sure to maintain that without judging each other. Express your feelings honestly and allow her to do the same. There are hundreds of directions that this could take. As you proceed, remember that you two are the core bond of it all. Be safe, be honest, and be open. Cheers! The Clown ---


Dear Clown, I just found out that my girlfriend had an abortion in her past. Now every time I speak to her, it is all I can think about. I feel that she is beyond redemption for doing this and I don’t know if I can forgive her. I do love her, but this is beginning to make me put some distance between us. What do I tell her? Sincerely, Concerned ---


Dear Concerned, Item 1: You don’t know what love is. Item 2: YOU don’t know if you can forgive HER? How dare you judge someone you care for based upon what happened in the past? You probably have no idea what her situation was or what she went through because the word abortion set off all of the Neanderthal alarms in your tiny brain. Stop letting false beliefs and group psychoses to control your life and think for yourself. You should discuss these feelings with her so that she can lock you out of her life. Grow up, The Clown

Do you have a question for The Clown? Write him at | 11

Events In Your City My City Magazine has the most exhaustive event listing in town. We kid you not and we know that we do as we’ve seen all of the rest. Why go to all the websites when you can go to just one and see the only go-to event listing in town? Subscribe to the weekly event newsletter while you are there. You can do this at the bottom of any page. We spend a lot of time on our list and want you to be able to enjoy it. We no longer have room to list all of the events that we used to run in our print edition, but we urge you to go to MyCityMagazine. net and subscribe today. See the schedules for the Charlotte Knights, Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Independence, the RollerGirls, and Charlotte Checkers all on our website, in addition to all of the shows at the Comedy Zone and much, much more. Here are just a few events in the Charlotte area for the months of September and October 2017.

Mondays @ the Rabbit Hole 8-11pm 1st & 3rd Mondays : "Monocle" : Improv Monday Tuesdays @ Hattie's Tap & Tavern Bingo w.Garin / 1st Tuesdays 7-10pm Beard & Mustache Club of NC monthly meeting www. (+ tacos) Tuesdays @ Morehead Tavern 8pm Bill Hanna Jazz Jam

Saturdays @ NoDa Company Store 9am-noon Saturdays @ the Last Word 4th Saturdays : 7-9pm open mic w.Guerilla Poets Saturdays @ Pure Pizza 1pm Drag Brunch w.Buff Faye 9.23 "Sister Act" 10.28 "Haunted Horrors"

Wednesdays @ Central Coffee 15% off of pounds of coffee

Saturdays @ the Milestone 9.23 Digital Noir w.DJs Spider & Michael Price 10.14 New Wave Undertow w.Michael Price

Wednesdays @ Rhino Market Wak Wednesdays w.Derrick Hines 1st & 3rd mic

Sat., Sept. 9th @ the Charlotte Museum of History 10am-4pm Mad About Modern - Midcentury Modern Home Tour

Wednesdays @ Petra's karaoke Pucci Mane

Fri., Sept. 1st @ the Visulite Theatre the Mystics' Ball Masquerade

1st Wednesdays 10pm Bugalu (patio: Latin vinyl + Lady Go-Go's tortas)

Sat., Sept. 2nd @ the US National Whitewater Center 7-10pm River Jam w. the New Familiars

Thursdays @ Kale Farms (3232 Kale Ln., Matthews) 6:30-7:30pm Back Yard Yoga by Clean Living with m.e. (

Sun., Sept. 3rd @ the Spectrum Center Ed Sheeran

Thursdays @ the Harvey B. Gantt Center for AfricanAmerican Arts + Culture 6-10pm 3rd Thursdays free: Gantt After Dark

Fri., Sept. 7th @ Snug Harbor Permanent Vacation Presents: Player Made - Deep Fried Family Ode to Southern Rap feat.Elevator Jay, Jaboi B. Rab, A-Huf

Fridays @ Scorpio's DJ Lin Benfield + MC Tiffany Storm

Sat., Sept. 9th @ the Mint Museum (Randolph) 10am-4pm Pottery Market Invitational

Fridays @ Petra's last Fridays : Mirror Moves ('80's/'90's) w.DJs Cody Hare & Jah-Sun Rising (Jason Herring)

Tues., Sept. 12th @ Belk Theater Presents: Lang Lang Plays Beethoven's Emporer Concerto

12 |

Thurs. Sept. 14th @ the Milestone the Hooliganz, Destroi, the Commonwealth, Queen City Rejects

Thurs., Sept. 14th @ Spectrum Center Bruno Mars

Tues., Oct. 24th @ Ovens Auditorium PJ Masks

Fri., Sept. 15th @ Knight Theatre UB40 Legends: Ali, Astro & Mickey

Wed., Oct. 25th @ the Visulite Theatre Noah Gundersen

Sat., Sept. 16th @ Knight Theater Party

Sat., Oct. 28th @ Ovens Auditorium Evanescence (Synthesis) live orchestra

Mon., Sept. 18th @ the Neighborhood Theatre the Slants

Sun., Oct. 29th @ NoDa Brewing Co. Tap Room open 12-7pm w.Food Truck Tin Kitchen / 3pm tour. 6 Year Anniversary Celebration w.special beer release, tours, live music

Fri., Sept. 22nd @ the Fillmore Adam Ant Fri., Sept. 22nd @ the Neighborhood Theatre Chris Robinson Brotherhood (2 sets) Tues., Sept. 26th @ the Fillmore Trombone Shorty, Orleans Avenue Thurs., Sept. 28th @ the Evening Muse PigPen Theatre Co., David Luning Thurs., Sept. 28th @ Ovens Auditorium 8pm Loretta Lynn Sat., Sept. 30th @ NC Music Factory Festival Grounds 2-6pm feat. Spin Doctors, Amigo & more Thurs., Oct. 5th @ the Mint Museum (Randolph) 6-8pm an Evening Benefiting Mental Health American of Central Carolinas (Art in Mind) Tues., Oct. 10th @ McGlohon Theater Jerry Douglas Band Wed., Oct. 11th @ Belk Theater 6-8pm Peppa Pig Live Fri., Oct. 13th @ the Milestone ANTiSEEN Sat., Oct. 14th @ Petra's Jason Herring & the Mystery Plan Sat., Oct. 14th @ the Neighborhood Theatre 8pm-2am Presents: the Return of Purgatory #75 Inferno 15 Yr. Ann. Celebration w.Wolfling, Stevhan Hand, Arcane Arts, Icaria & Luna Rhea, Karol Helms, Pyro, Karolina Von, Josie Lotus & more

Sept. 7th-10th @ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral: Greek Fest. Sept. 8th-10th @ Sacred Grove Retreat: Root to Crown Productions Presents: Fade into You (a weekend of rest & restoration, sound soak w.Beth Brown, clean eating, meditation & much more) ( Sept. 22nd-24th @ Freedom Park FestivalInThePark. org THRU Sept. 30th @ Twenty-Two: InstaCLTLove feat. works by Mike Wirth THRU Oct. 14th @ the Matthews Heritage Museum: Widgets & Thing-a-ma-Jigs Pt. 11 (an exhibit of the mostly unknown) Oct. 19th-21st @ the Knight Theater: CharlotteBallet. org Presents: Fall Works Oct. 20th (7:30pm) & Oct. 21st (2pm) @ Ovens Auditorium: Presents: Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone (in concert) THRU Oct. 22nd @ Levine Museum of the New South : K(NO)w Justice K(NO)w PEACE THRU Jan. 22nd @ the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture: Simple Passion, Complex Vision: the Darryl Atwell Collection AND Instill & Inspire: Selections from the John & Vivian Hewitt Collection of African-American Art AND Immortal: a New Series by: Miya Bailey AND Sloane Siobhan: Archetypes of the Subconscious Go to and subscribe today.

Sat., Oct. 14th @ Gateway Village Sat., Oct. 14th @ Ovens Auditorium San Francisco's Gay Men's Chorus Thurs., Oct. 19th @ the Neighborhood Theatre Los Lobos Sat., Oct. 21st @ Ovens Auditorium David Sedaris | 13

Tremont Bricks and Picks words by Ellen Gurley photos of Tremont and bricks by Justin Driscoll photos of guitar picks courtesy of Brian Carpenter

Not all heroes have capes. Sometimes they just show up with trucks. Justin Driscoll and Brian Carpenter are two of those heroes. If there’s one thing that I have learned, having lived in Charlotte all of my forty years, it is that we cannot become attached to property. This is not an invitation to an open ended conversation about growth or gentrification, it is a call for the preservation of memories. Stay with me. Justin Driscoll became a man within the walls of Tremont Music Hall. Upon learning of their demolition, he hauled as many bricks as he could over to Neal Harper. Driscoll dragged the Tremont yellow bricks over to Harper who engraved them with the logo. In an attempt to hold onto something very precious to themselves, they put their sadness and anger in the trash and presented those instrumental with their own brick. Now every time Driscoll walks by his personal chunk of history, he can hear Converge, Glass Jaw, Snapcase, the Deftones, Green Day, Earth Crisis, the Gaslight Anthem, BoySetsFire, Fugazi, Social Distortion, Rancid, the Business, Shai Hulud, Poison The Well, Agnostic Front, ALL, H20, Avail, Hot Water Music, Helmet, Hatebreed, AFI, Offspring, Prayer for Cleansing, Bane, Comeback Kid, Defeater, BTBAM, Cro-Mags, Every Time I Die, Dillinger Escape Plan, Finch, Hopesfall, Candiria, Beloved, Zao, Evergreen Terrace, the Henry Rollins Band, A Life Once Lost, Bleeding Through, Hank the Third, Bayside, the Misfits, Gregg Allman, Neurosis, Soulfly, Tom Morello, letlive, Murs, Simon Says, 36 Crazyfists, Cave In, Cursive, ANTiSEEN, Five Times Down, Clout, Setback, Black Acid Disco, 14 Feet Wide, Swift, He Is Legend, the Beatdowns, Glass Casket, Wretched, Atreyu, From Autumn to Ashes, Reflux, Animals as Leaders, the Casualties, ASG, Devil Driver, Superjoint Ritual, and, as he says, “every local band ever”. Unless you’ve been living under a brick, you remember that Brian Carpenter crafted rings made from wood sourced from the Double Door Inn. He is still making these rings and has harvested wood and metal from the Tremont Music Hall for another fun project. Carpenter, a member of several of the bands mentioned above, has combined these materials to present to us guitar picks filled with love that are available at this time. My City Magazine thinks that these men are champions of historical preservation. To anyone who says that they are capitalizing on other people’s losses, we say to you that this is everyone’s loss. Anyone who has enjoyed years worth of shows in any venue, is grieving their demise. My experience has equipped me with the detachment to say goodbye to the buildings while holding onto the memories forever. What are you doing to hold onto the past? I collect recipes. Doing your part is the real call of action here that comes to you with the nudge to go enjoy the venues that are still standing. There are more memories to be made yet in Charlotte. (And there’s beer next door at the Craft Tasting Room.) To obtain a guitar pick from Brian Carpenter call 704-345-7506

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Royal Peasantry words & inventory photos by Ellen Gurley image of model Denise Shirley courtesy of Scott Graham of Fashion is an ever-changing living thing. It morphs and mates just like biology and, if we are lucky, it adopts characteristics from the past and far away places, making it a beautiful tapestry of time and culture. Occasionally you stroll into a boutique and find yourself both tumbling into the future and falling back into the past. Royal Peasantry is one of those places. Daniella Miller started her first spot in Asheville years ago and, now, Charlotte is lucky to be home to location number two (and probably not the final) right in the heart of Plaza-Midwood. Miller, a designer herself, is behind the machine. While wrassling product development and the bulk of the sourcing, she handpicks goods from craftspeople to bring her customers handmade headdresses, holsters, belts, vests, dresses, and many other one-of-a-kind pieces, while providing a platform for a handful of local artists (including, but not limited to, our own Collette Ellis). There are leather goods, animal fur adornments, and wonderfully, decadent accessories throughout the space. A bonus is that you always get a bottle of complimentary body oil (made by Miller) with each purchase. It smells of amber, wood, and intelligent purchasing decisions. The Royal Peasantry brand can be described as eco-luxury, as it saves otherwise discarded scraps and gems including them in each repurposing. Even if you don’t have a dragon to battle or a Viking wedding to plan, there are some amazing treasures and must-haves to be found at Royal Peasantry. Overwhelmed with her pride in market demand and customer satistifaction, Miller doesn't just have her doors open for that impluse buy. She is willing to supply all of your wadrobe needs backed by a skilled team. You can get outfitted like nobility on the budget of the lower caste. Go see them today and expect follow ups on all aforementioned folks. FB: @RoyalPeasantry.Charlotte 1318 A-11 Central Ave., 28205


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Micro Monsters by Martin "the Clown" Barry

ArtPop Submission Call words and photo by Ellen Gurley

ArtPop Street Gallery in Charlotte, is doing the call for submissions. Unless you never hit a main street in the Charlotte or surround, you know that ArtPop is the 80+ billboards that don local artists’ work. You may not know that it operates in fourteen cities and has had over two hundred placements. What you need to know, though, is that the deadline for submissions (to be considered for the run that happens in the beginning of 2018) is upon us. Photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and assemblage piece creators are urged to send high resolution images of their submissions starting on September 1st and ending on October 15th 2017 through Go to for more details and good luck.

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Area Farms for Fruit Pickin' and Fall Activities Apple Orchard Farm & Cider Mill, 2075 Pleasant Hill Ave., Morganton, NC 28655 | 828-437-1224 | (apple picking August-November / stores & stands August-December / closed Sundays) Aw Shucks 3718 Plyer Mill Rd., Monroe, NC | 704-709-7000 | (Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin : FALL) Bush-N-Vine Farm 803-684-2732 | (fall corn maze, Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin & hayrides) Carrigan Farms 1261 Oak Ridge Farm Hwy., Mooresville, NC | 704-664-1450 | (apples in Sept. / FALL : Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin) Cotton Hills Farm 2575 Lowrys Highway, Chester, SC 29706 | 803-581-4545 | (peaches June-Sept. / pumpkins FALL) Hall Family Farm 10713 Providence Rd. W. | 704-562-4021 | (FALL : Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin) Hodges Farm 3900 Rocky River Rd. | 704-494-0107 | (FALL : Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin) Hunter Farm 13624 Providence Rd., Weddington, NC | 704-846-7975 | (FALL : Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin & hayrides) Lewis Farm 3330 Lewis Rd., Gastonia, NC | 704-842-1208 | (FALL : Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin) Patterson Farm 3060 Millbridge Rd., China Grove, NC | 704-857-5242 | (FALL : Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin) Regal Farm (corn maze) Riverbend Farm 12150 McManus Rd., Midland | 704-888-2891 | (FALL : Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin) * My City Magazine suggests that you call each farm before planning your outing. | 23

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