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Midvale City Housing Plan

City Council approves monthly bulky and green waste program

Midvale City is commencing with the preparation of the Midvale City Housing Plan. The Housing Plan will use the housing goals outlined in the 2016 General Plan as its foundation. These goals recognize the need to support new and established residential neighborhoods, as well as encourage excellence in design and a diversity of housing types throughout the city. The Housing Plan will incorporate current data, best practices, and public input to establish objectives and strategies for making progress over the next five-years on accomplishing the City’s housing goals. The planning process is anticipated to be completed in the Fall of 2018.

On February 20, the City Council approved an agreement with Ace Disposal to provide monthly curbside bulky and green waste pickup to homeowners who pay for waste collection services through Midvale City. This monthly program replaces the annual bulky and green waste events that are held in April and October. Starting April 16, Ace Disposal will pick up bulky and green waste items that are too big to fit in trash cans. Items will be picked up on the third week of every month on the your normally scheduled trash day. The City encourages everyone to recycle bulky items that can be reused by donating them to a local charity. Several charities will pick up the donated items at your house. If you have items that you need to dispose of, please follow these guidelines: 1. Bulky waste items include furniture, carpet, mattresses, water heaters, lamps, minor/small automobile parts, car seats, bikes, large toys and household appliances (without Freon). There is a 75-pound limit. 2. Green waste items include wood products such as 2 x 4’s, particleboard, plywood, etc. (large metal and concrete must be removed), leaves, twigs, pine needles, wood chips, and tree limbs. Green waste does NOT include grass clippings, weeds or non-woody plants. 3. Place bulky and green waste items on your curb no sooner than 2 days prior to your normally scheduled trash day and no later than 6:00 a.m. on trash day. Ace Recycling will not return to pick up items if they are not properly prepared and placed on the curbside in time. 4. Stack green waste together, bundled in 4-foot sections. Place bulky waste in another pile at least 2 feet away from green waste. Do not park vehicles within 15 feet of either pile. 5. All materials including tree limbs and stumps should be cut into 4-foot lengths and be no more than 18” in diameter, and must weigh less than 75 pounds. 6. Loose material (leaves, twigs, pine needles, wood chips, etc.) should be placed inside trash bags or boxes. They may also be placed in trash cans. 7. Snow blowers and lawn mowers must have the oil and gasoline removed. 8. Freon must be removed from items (refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners) by a professional and be tagged with a copy of the receipt. 9. 55-gallon drums must be emptied and have the tops removed. 10. Do not place items in front of your neighbor’s home. 11. Scavenging is discouraged. 12. If you hire a landscaper or carpenter to do work at your home, they are responsible for removing contractor debris.

Unacceptable items include: • Rocks, concrete, gravel, dirt, asphalt, or construction debris • Vehicle parts, tires, or propane tanks • Oil, gas, batteries, paint flammable toxic or hazardous chemicals. • Regular household waste (these items should be put in your garbage container) Additional information to help with items that are not accepted for bulky pick-up: TIRES Trans-Jordan Landfill - 10600 S 7250 W, 801-569-8994 (Limit 2 per load) MOTOR OIL O’Reilly Auto Parts - 8164 S State Street, 801-569-1886, or 681 E Ft. Union Blvd., 801-563-5142 (Limit 5 gallons) BATTERIES Intermountain Battery - 2775 S 300 W, 801-266-7465 Caesars Motorcycle Empire - 7922 S State Street, 801255-4466 CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS Trans-Jordan Landfill - 10600 S 7250 W, 801-569-8994 HAZARDOUS WASTE Trans-Jordan Landfill - 10600 S 7250 W, 801-569-8994 PAINT Trans-Jordan Landfill - 10600 S 7250 W, 801-569-8994 GLASS Midvale City Park-7720 S. Chapel St. (325 West - In the SE corner of the parking lot) ELECTRONIC WASTE Trans-Jordan Landfill - 10600 S 7250 W, 801-569-8994 Any Best Buy or Staples store Locations PRESCRIPTION DRUG DISPOSAL To ensure proper, safe disposal of prescription drugs, a drop off location has been established at the Unified Police Department Midvale Precinct (7912 South Main Street) For more information or assistance: Please call Midvale City Public Works at 801-567-7235.

As part of the planning process, the City will be conducting a robust public outreach program, including public meetings and online engagement. The public is encouraged to participate and provide their feedback. For more information, please visit the City’s website at Additionally, anyone with questions about the Housing Plan or the housing in general can contact Patrick O’Brien at 801-567-7261 or at

Community Council of Midvale City – Council Updates By Community Council Chair Andrew Stoddard We have some exciting things going on with the Community Council this year! We are going to be helping out with some local events and are looking for other service opportunities. The program for our meetings has been set for the year and we are trying to bring some interesting presentations to the citizens of Midvale. We will be hearing about things such as the Jordan Bluffs development, the future of Midvale Main Street, the state of homelessness, and the future of Midvale housing. The Community Council meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Midvale City Hall. All members of the community are welcome to attend, and if you are interested in becoming a member of the council, please email me at and can send you the information you need. One thing the Council is really excited about is sponsoring a contest to design our new logo. This contest is open to any Midvale resident age 18 or under. The artist who designs the logo that is picked by the Council will receive $100. The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2018. If you would like to enter your design, please email it to by the deadline.

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Midvale March 2018  

Midvale Journal- March 2018 Edition Published by The City Journals