Holladay City Newsletter | September 2023

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each member of the Council to relate how he or she became involved in city government. To our surprise, each of us said that they were first invited and encouraged to run by someone already serving in local government.

In my case, the invitation came on June 5, 1999. On that day Liane Stillman, then a leader in Holladay’s successful incorporation drive, knocked on our front door to discuss plans for the new city. My wife, Julie, and I invited her in for a conversation. After a half hour visit in our living room, Liane paused, and to my surprise suggested that I ought to run for city council. I immediately thought, “I could do that,” and decided to give it a try. I was elected later that year, which began a quarter of a century of association at city hall. I’ll be forever grateful to Liane for giving a then-much-younger man the courage to put myself out there and toss my hat in the political ring.

Amazingly, this pattern of receiving an invitation to serve was repeated twenty years later, to the day. On June 5, 2019 I was having a casual conversation with former Council Member Mark Stewart. He mentioned that he was not running for reelection, and said, “You ought to run, Dan.” I once more thought, “I could do that!” and gave it a try. I am grateful for this little boost of encouragement from Mark.

Now, as I conclude what will be my final term on the Council, I’m hoping that there are some who read this who might also think to themselves, “I could do that!”

I encourage anyone who has ever thought about giving their time and heart in public service to give it a try. Besides running for a seat on the City Council, there are many other opportunities to serve in Holladay City, including service on the Planning Commission, Arts Council, Tree Committee, Historical Commission and in many other ways.

Holladay has great need for rising generations of leaders who are willing to prepare themselves for service and who have the courage to step up and say, “I could do that!” I promise you that if you do, however and wherever you serve, that it will enrich your lives, as it has mine.

—Council Member Dan Gibbons -District 5

Rooted in Community!

The City of Holladay has kicked off a grassroots fundraising effort called Friends of Holladay to engage residents in supporting and investing in the community that we all love. These efforts will be focused on things that are not necessarily “essential services” for the City, but enhancements that will improve the quality of life for all residents. Join us in bringing these great projects to Holladay! Learn more and donate at cityofholladay.com/community/friends.

• Skatepark Sports Lighting: Bring new sports lighting to Holladay Skatepark. The new lights will allow users to ride in the cooler summer evenings, as well as during the fall and winter evenings when daylight savings ends. They also support safer skateboarding conditions and enhance security for the park. Once our funding goal is secured, the new lighting could be in place in a few short weeks.

• Concert Stage: Support Holladay Arts! Enhance the Holladay City Park Gazebo with the addition of a portable stage that will be used for summer concerts and festivals. The stage addition will improve the experience of audience members and create a larger performance space for artists. Our aim is to have the stage in place for the 2024 Holladay Arts Council summer concert season.

• Historic Exhibit Experiences: Help share our community’s history with new historic exhibit experiences that will highlight the people, places, and stories that make our community unique. The project includes exhibits in Holladay City Park, displays in Holladay City Hall, and engaging kiosks in community centers. The project will kick-off this fall with a public opening targeted for 2025.

FREE Ham Radio Technician Class

Saturday, September 16, 2023

10:00 am – NOON

Laser Financial Offices - 6330 S 3000 E, STE 600

This class is intended to get you ready to take the FCC test. Classes will be taught in the corporate offices of Laser Financial. There will be Audio/Visual screens and even the ability to broadcast the class! Invite family, friends, neighbors, school teachers, CERT-Trained, First Responders, City Officials--anyone with interest in disaster preparedness communication.

Many thanks to Emron Andrew for offering his business location training center for our Ham Radio Class. Questions about materials and text for class? Email: Dave McPhie k7sx73@gmail.com

To register for this class, email bikerdansker@hotmail.com,


Apply for the New Business Advisory Board

Holladay is looking for individuals who want to share their knowledge about business growth along with ways to build and maintain strong partnerships within the Holladay business community. We invite Holladay City business owners, partners, and those in the business community to apply for and join the City of Holladay’s Business Advisory Board. You have the opportunity to make your voice heard, to make a difference by improving communication, and create more collaborations within the community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ann Frances Garcia , Economic Development & Housing Manager at 801-527-3890

Apply Now by scanning the QR code. Return the completed application to Ann Frances Garcia at annfgarcia@cityofholladay.com


Thank you to our UPD precinct and officers for our Night Out event. We appreciate all their time and hard work putting on this event. It was a great evening and a fun opportunity to visit with so many members of the community. Thank you also to all of our partners who came out to show their equipment, hand out literature, and cook hotdogs. We look forward to seeing you again at next year’s Night Out on August 6, 2024!



Rob Dahle, Mayor rdahle@cityofholladay.com


Ty Brewer, District 1 tbrewer@cityofholladay.com


Matt Durham, District 2 mdurham@cityofholladay.com


Paul Fotheringham, District 3 pfotheringham@cityofholladay.com


Drew Quinn, District 4 dquinn@cityofholladay.com


Dan Gibbons, District 5 dgibbons@cityofholladay.com


Gina Chamness, City Manager gchamness@cityofholladay.com


City Council

– rst and third Thursday of the month at 6 p.m.

Planning Commission – rst and third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.


Mon-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. • 801-272-9450 4580 South 2300 East • Holladay, UT 84117

Community Development 801-527-3890

Finance 801-527-2455

Justice Court 801-273-9731

Code Enforcement 801-527-3890


Emergency 911

UPD Dispatch (Police) 801-840-4000

UFA Dispatch (Fire) 801-840-4000

Animal Control 385-468-7387

Garbage/Sanitation 385-468-6325

Holladay Library 801-944-7627

Holladay Lions Club 385-468-1700

Mt. Olympus Sr. Center 385-468-3130

Holladay Post O ce 801-278-9942

Cottonwood Post O ce 801-453-1991

Holliday Water 801-277-2893

Strengthening Community Resilience: Lessons from Hawaii Upgrades Coming to City Hall

As the vibrant city of Holladay, Utah, transitions from the heat of summer to the beauty of autumn, it’s important for us to reflect on the recent events in Hawaii and how they can offer valuable insights for our own community. While the geographical differences between our two locales are evident, the lessons of preparedness, unity, and resilience that emerged from Hawaii’s experiences can serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for us all.

Hawaii’s recent encounters with natural events like wildfires and volcanic eruptions underscore the vital importance of preparedness. In Holladay, where the threat of earthquakes and extreme weather conditions exists, these lessons hold true. As we head into the fall season, it’s a timely reminder for residents to review their emergency plans, update contact information, and ensure that emergency supplies are well-stocked. By taking proactive steps now, we can face whatever challenges may come our way with greater confidence.

Hawaii’s response to adversity showcased the power of community unity. In the face of natural disasters, neighbors came together to support one another, offering assistance, shelter, and emotional comfort. This spirit of solidarity serves as a model for Holladay’s tight-knit community. By fostering strong relationships with our neighbors, we can create a network of support that strengthens our collective resilience. Simple acts of kindness, like checking in on elderly neighbors or sharing emergency resources, can make a significant difference when it matters most.

The City of Holladay will be reconstructing its front entryway stairs, ADA ramp and landscaping. A snowmelt system will also be added to increase winter access safety. This will bring the City Hall entrance up to current ADA standards and provide a modern, efficient, and safe upgrade to City Hall.

Construction will start on or around September 6th. During this construction period, entry to City Hall will be through the West door across from the City Park gazebo. ADA access will be at the south door of the building by the dumpster. Parking will be maintained in the northwest lot behind the police station and the southwest lot by the playground.

Historical Commission

Historical Commission

In the age of technology, staying informed is easier than ever. Hawaii’s experience highlighted the significance of clear and reliable communication channels during emergencies. Holladay residents can benefit from establishing a comprehensive family communication plan, similar to those employed in Hawaii, which includes multiple modes of contact and designated meeting points. Additionally, staying informed about local emergency services and resources is crucial. Familiarity with Holladay’s emergency response systems can help us navigate challenging situations more effectively.

As September arrives in Holladay, let’s draw inspiration from the resilience demonstrated by the people of Hawaii. By prioritizing preparedness, cultivating community unity, maintaining effective communication, and respecting our environment, we can create a safer and stronger city. Whether it’s reaching out to a neighbor, updating our emergency plans, or simply being more aware of our surroundings, every small action contributes to our collective well-being. Just as Hawaii emerged from its challenges with renewed strength, so too can our community thrive in the face of adversity.


The History of Homes with Adrienne White

The History of Homes with Adrienne White

Adrienne White, founder of House Genealogy, is a professional house historian, researcher, and preservationist. She will be presenting interesting stories she’s uncovered while digging into the history of homes throughout Utah. You will learn that there's always more to discover about the place you call home

Adrienne White founder of House Genealogy is a professional house historian researcher and preservationist She will be presenting interesting stories she’s uncovered while digging into the history of homes throughout Utah You will learn that there's always more to discover about the place you call home



History Library Now Available

History Library Now Available

Mon, Oct 9 from 7 to 9 pm


Holladay City Hall

Mon, Oct 9 from 7 to 9 pm

Holladay City Hall

Check out the new collection of local history now available at the Holladay Library. @holladayhistoricalcommission

Check out the new collection of local history now available at the Holladay Library.

Look for us on
Night is Back!
Look for us on
Night is Back!

Holladay Library Happenings

Eclipse Solarbration

Saturday, September 30

10:30am - 1:30pm

Presentation by JoAnn Brown. JoAnn is a Solar Eclipse Partner for the National Science Teaching Association/Solar Science Institute. She will tell us all about what causes eclipses, where to go to see them, why we wear eclipse glasses and more! After her presentation, there will be solar eclipse crafts, solar eclipse glasses and fun at the library.

Teen Gaming Tournament

Late Night Activity! Library after-hours event!

Friday, September 08

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Compete in a Guilty Gear Strive (rated teen) gaming tournament! Winners win prizes! Join us for food, fun and new friendships. 6:30 pm8:30 pm. Register online if you would like to compete in the tournament. Please still join us if you are not planning on playing games!

Petapalooza, an Adoption Extravaganza!

Salt Lake County Animal Services

Join Salt Lake County Animal Services for Petapalooza, a pet adoption event on Saturday, September 23 from 9 AM – 4 PM! This is a Pet Adoption Extravaganza you won’t want to miss. This is a FREE, family and dog-friendly event at Wheeler Historic Farm which is located at 6351 S 900 E in Murray. Celebrate your pets with us!

There will be adoptable dogs, cats, and other small mammals from more than 15 pet rescues across Utah! There will also be local pet product vendors, a pet psychic, “tattoos” for pets, food trucks, and a chance for your pup to run through our new Agility Run.

Petapalooza is an incredible opportunity to adopt a new forever friend, spoil your pet while supporting local businesses, and get connected with the animal welfare community. Animal Control Officers will be on hand to microchip, and license pets in our jurisdiction as well. Remember all pets in Salt Lake County with a pet license can get a FREE microchip.

For more information visit AdoptUtahPets.org or email events@slco.org.