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NEXT STEPS “My City” Teams can build social and community bonds as was the case with “Connecting Pasadena.”

Tournament of Roses Association Pasadena’s model of community oriented volunteer teamwork.

Support Teams The role of Support Teams is key to the functioning of “My City.” As the forgotten father of civic Pasadena, Dean George A. Damon was the ultimate model of the citizen who worked well in teams. Dean Damon was a leading organizer of the City Beautiful Association, the Natural History Museum, Carmelita (now the Norton Simon Museum), Throop (now Caltech) as well as being a director of Pasadena’s famous Tournament of Roses Association. The Tournament of Roses sets an excellent example. From its Rose Court, to its Board, the White Suiters, and all the teams that create the floats—the nationally televised Rose Parade is largely accomplished through the coordinated efforts of 32 committees and 935 volunteers that spend an estimated 80,000 hours each year. What attracts such dedication is a tradition of commitment to excellence, service, social camaraderie and community. The Association also is a fine example of how “My City” support teams could operate. Though not needing a home as stately as the Wrigley Mansion, the Support Teams are deserving of a great setting.

“My City” should offer Support Teams an inviting atmosphere in which to meet (p.137), with a setting that has the same capacity to engender the enduring commitment held by the Tournament of Roses Association or in the effort to build great libraries. Like the efforts to create a library from scratch, the essential aid of support teams is used to build the “Unified Map” project (p.107), a planning resource library, and many of the ingredients listed in the Planitorium chapter. The following are potential teams supporting a fully functioning “My City” process.

Project 115 Event Teams 122 The Venue Place Making Team 122 Unified Map 107 Visual Simulation and Services 133 Planning Archive 133 Public Outreach 133 Arts Infusion Team, see Passages Project. . page 022 “TED Talk” Public Forum Team . 136 Request for Solutions 122 The Videography 113 See also pages 137 for more details on the potential of Support Teams.

“50 Ways to Support, Join-in or Grab Hold” While support teams are geared to continual efforts, a “My City” process has the potential to draw participation from a public that loves their city, is interested in its future, and wants to contribute and help in the planning effort. By publishing an ongoing “50 Ways to Support, Join-In or Grab Hold” list in the organization’s activity guide (p.136), a long list of opportunities is offered ranging from “Requests for Solutions” (p.112 & 122), donation requests, event efforts, and outreach to students. For details on initiating “My City” in your city, see page 187.








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"My City"  

"My City" tells the story of Pasadena’s City Beautiful Movement and the century that followed, exploring how this proven approach can be rev...

"My City"  

"My City" tells the story of Pasadena’s City Beautiful Movement and the century that followed, exploring how this proven approach can be rev...

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