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A Local “My City” Board There are many ways a local “My City” organization could operate, but having a board to guide an Executive Director in steering the organization would be key, especially for a non-profit organization. The board sets agendas for events, prioritizes projects, and at times helps synthesize public input, shaping revisions of the project document and video to help better represent the full spectrum of public input. The following are potential members of a board of directors. BOARD CHAIR Outreach, liaison, funding, clarity of vision and direction. A driven personality who has the time and passion. VICE CHAIR Same as above with a focus on coordinating. EXHIBIT LEAD­This is the member who coordinates the general securing of an exhibit location and serves to help coordinate the “home-made planning” aspects of the exhibit objective This person ideally has experience developing and curating exhibits, public planning or interactive experiences. Coordinates subcommittee of volunteers. HISTORIAN LEAD As initial project proposals suggest potential themes, this board member coordinates and helps flesh out the historic background of projects, the inclusion of previous plans and proposals. Also helps direct planning archive (p.133).

FUNDRAISING A talented grant writer would help serve as the engine of “My City,” soliciting financial support and potential permanent space. EDITORIAL LEAD This board member coordinates the re-editing of documents and videos so that information is understandable, interesting and succinct. SOCIAL & TEAM COORDINATOR This board member helps make sure the setting and atmosphere for events and volunteers is exciting. The public is drawn to opportunities to be involved in their city, but are especially interested if it is inspiring and in a social venue. Events for the “Friends of the High Line” in New York were transformed by a new social coordinator, an effort that helped insure its success.

ARTS INFUSION LEAD This member from the arts community helps set goals and approaches for infusing artistic expression into projects and events.

UNIFIED MAP AND VISUAL STUDIES This board member helps lead the effort to create a unified map of the city (p.107) by helping set technical and interface standards flexible for both the online, meeting and exhibit presentations.

CITY LIAISON: This member of the board is either someone working for municipal government, someone with a strong relationship with the city, or a direct representative.

THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Serving at the behest of the board, the director executes the decisions of the board which in turn takes its cues from the public which is the true leader of the organization.





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"My City"  

"My City" tells the story of Pasadena’s City Beautiful Movement and the century that followed, exploring how this proven approach can be rev...

"My City"  

"My City" tells the story of Pasadena’s City Beautiful Movement and the century that followed, exploring how this proven approach can be rev...

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