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TRANSIT PROJECTS Among the potential projects that could be addressed by a “My City” process focusing on the vision stages of the planning process, specific transit projects such as Pasadena’s Bicycle Plan would greatly benefit from a “My City” INFRASTRUCTURE process.


Whether the historic and scientific data suggesting the potential for California’s drought to last decades is true or not, a project and science fair type of event focusing on water and landscape architecture could be of great benefit in helping focus public sentiment and developing common solutions using the “My City” process.

The Passages Project expands on the 1916 proposal for a pedestrian promenade where the Gold Line is now buried and exists as a companion document available online. This proposal is used as an example case study and potential pilot-project in this document to illustrate how the “My City” process can be used today.

THE CIVIC CENTER With the potential of two prime building sites being available for development, Pasadena’s Civic Center is a prime candidate for a new Specific Plan by the Planning Department.


The “My City” CIVIC process could help the early CENTER stages of amalgamating and synthesizing public opinion and ideas to serve as input to the Planning Department’s creation of a new Civic Center Specific Plan.


NEW DOWN TOWN PARKS Pasadena has two downtown COMPLETE parks STREETS on either side of Old This approach to transportation Pasadena: design and policy prioritizes safe, Central Park convenient and comfortable street and Memorial access for all modes and ages, Park. East of Old encouraging safe and convenient Pasadena, there is travel for those walking, a dearth of parks. bicycling, driving, Recent public discourse or using public and advocacy by the transportation. COMPLETE Downtown Pasadena As Complete Neighborhood STREETS Streets has now Association calls for been adopted new mini-parks. A“My as state and City” process would municipal law, the help develop public “My City” approach sentiment. would go far in allowing users of all modes to express their wishes.

YOUR PROJECT HERE This page provides a range of potential project topics to help illustrate the potential of Dean Damon’s “My City” process. Your idea, project, plan, vision or issue can be turned into a “Version 0: Initial Project Proposal” as spelled out on page THE 116 of this chapter.


The preservation of the Arroyo Seco was one of the key projects in the 1916 “My City” Exhibit. A century later, calls for restoring the Arroyo can be aided by a “My City” process that builds public THE sentiment towards its restoration. ARROYO SECO





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"My City"  

"My City" tells the story of Pasadena’s City Beautiful Movement and the century that followed, exploring how this proven approach can be rev...

"My City"  

"My City" tells the story of Pasadena’s City Beautiful Movement and the century that followed, exploring how this proven approach can be rev...

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