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Is it DRESSED TO SELL? Ken and Chris Say: We’ll show you, free of charge, the value approach to Creating Maximum Appeal! Let’s minimize those Negative Mental Triggers that affect a Buyer’s Scorecard of your home and property.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Spring Home e & Garden

We call it DRESSED to SELL but you’ll call it SOLD!

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NAUGATUCK WINDOW & GLASS “Serving the Naugatuck Valley Since 1950”

Replace Windows NYour O For A Coo Wle Summer! r

Has the severe winter damaged your home?

We can help you reduce future damage from water & ice dams!

• Vinyl Replacement Windows • All Welded Construction - Main Frame & Sash • Double Hung, Casement, Bay or Bow, Patio Door & Sliding Windows • Complete Installation • Aluminum Trim Replacement Including All Caulking & • Flashing Replacement Insulation As Well As Exterior • Soffit Venting • Ridge Venting Aluminum Trim As Required Also Offering... Storm Windows & Doors • Storm Window & Screen Repairs • Tub & Shower TES MA STI E E FREE IN-HOM Glass Enclosures • Mirrors – Any Size, Shape & Design • Glass Tops ~ For Furniture, Desks, SATURDAYS DAYS, EVENINGS & Tables • Commercial Storefront Doors, Windows – Repair or Replacement

253 PROSPECT STREET • NAUGATUCK • 203-729-4536

FREEZER HILL MULCH CO. • Color Enhanced Mulch • Playground, Bark & Natural Mulch • Wood Chips • Screened Top Soil Enriched with Organic Compost WHOLESALE & RETAIL DELIVERY AVAILABLE

203-758-3725 MONDAY-SATURDAY 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Buy From the Sour ce and Save The Area’s Only State Registered Facility 845 Carrington Rd. (Rt. 69), Bethany, CT 1/4 Mile North of Rt. 42 on Left Theron Simons • Robert Carrington, Owners

How to eliminate weeds on interlock pathways Inter-locking brick and cobblestone are attractive choices for driveways, patios, and connecting paths. Weed growth is a common problem around these pavers and, if left unchecked, can ruin the look if you don’t literally nip them in the bud. When left too long, pathway weeds soon take over and the eventual removal becomes far more difficult and far more costly. Since this growth begins in the spaces between the interlock bricks, it is largely inaccessible. If some of the roots are left behind when pulling out the weeds, these weeds will simply grow back. Alternative solutions Herbicides are under scrutiny in most municipalities and as a result homeowners have developed many home-made remedies to deal with these weeds. Some examples include pouring bleach, vinegar, or boiling water on the weeds that are grow-

ing in between the paving stones. These remedies are unproven and in some cases are highly dangerous if splashed on your skin or in your eyes. “Fortunately, horticulture scientists have produced a selective herbicide that is both effective at killing weeds, but keeps the environment in mind,” says Reinie Drygala, Lawncare Products Manager for Clear Choice, a leading name in innovative garden products. “Our researchers from leading universities have tested, proven and produced a breakthrough in weed control technology.” When shopping for herbicides, compare the label on a Clear Choice bottle to competitive products using the same active ingredients. The Clear Choice formulation contains up to 85 percent less active ingredients. Utilizing microtechnology, the Clear Choice formula contains extremely small particle droplets so that the formulation can easily penetrate into the weed. The result is that the active ingredients are used more efficiently. “This breakthrough in technology reduces the amount of active ingredient required to kill the majority of broadleaf weeds,” Drygala explained. “It is effective on at least 60 varieties, including dandelions, clover and plantain while being friendly to your lawn.”

Beacon Valley Greenhouses 194 Beacon Valley Road, Beacon Falls • 203-729-4247

All ANNUALS and HANGING BASKETS are REDUCED! STILL LARGE SELECTION AVAILABLE ––– WE GROW OUR OWN SO YOU KNOW IT’S THE BEST! ––– OPEN: Monday-Friday 8 am - 6 pm • Saturday 8 am - 5 pm • Sunday 8 am - 5 pm

Friday, June 17, 2011


Spring Home e & Garden


Spring g Is s Here & Wee are Ready Capital Quarry forr You! Materials llc Producerr off Fine e Aggregate e att Affordable e Prices

We are a family owned and operated quarry producing and delivering fine aggregates to both homeowners and contractors at wholesale prices for 25 years.

Perennials are a gardener’s friend Gardening is often seen as an art form to men and women with a green thumb. Once the landscape is designed, homeowners may not want to change much from year to year. That is where perennial plants can be an advantage. Designing a landscape and keeping the garden looking beautiful can take a keen eye. It also may require a lot of time and commitment. If home gardeners have to replant items year after year, gardening can become time-consuming and expensive. Turning to perennial plants and flowers to serve as the anchor for a home garden can make the process easier. Perennials are plants that live indefinitely. In terms of flowering plants, perennials will bloom every year. In essence, they have the staying power of shrubbery but are more delicate in nature and often appealing to the eye. There are perennials for every season, soil type and sun exposure. Perennials come in a wide variety of blooming flowers or attractive foliage. Chances are if a homeowner wants to add perennials to the garden, there is a variety available that will fit his or her needs. Here are some perennials that can be added to the garden: • lavender • ornamental grasses • asters • chrysanthemums • irises • poppies • milkweed • goldentufts • anemones

• columbines • daylilies • peonies • hostas Once perennials are in place, there is relatively minimal maintenance that is required. The tune-ups that may be needed are some deadheading to promote new and stronger growth and some cleaning up after winter before the new blooming season takes place. Once the early spring season arrives and the ground is not too muddy or rainsoaked, clear out any leaves and debris that have gathered around where perennials are located. Gardeners can also till the mulch or soil in these areas to aerate the planting beds. Using shears, cut down any dead grasses, stems and stalks from spent perennials that overwintered. Remove any dead wood and broken branches. Be careful not to trim spring-blooming shrubs because some flowers bloom on year-old stems and this can cause the plant not to flower. Perennials that aren’t flowering as well as they used to or have dead centers may need to be divided to promote stronger growth. This should be done in early spring before the plant blooms or late fall before the winter arrives. Dividing plants and replanting not only grows the garden, but also it is a healthy revitalization for the plant. Gardeners who prefer to take a laidback approach to gardening may appreciate the ease with which a beautiful and easy-to-maintain landscape can be created with perennials.

SPRUCE UP your yard with mulch


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Spring Home & Garden  

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