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Friday, May 27, 2011

S pring H OME and G ARDEN

Natural Fencing Options for the Yard A backyard can be a sanctuary for some people. It’s a place to which individuals can retreat, offering an extension of living space in the great outdoors. Chances are, a homeowner prefers to have his or her yard fenced in to maintain privacy. But homeowners aren’t always fond of traditional fencing materials. A natural fence can be an option that offers a bounty of benefits. The purpose of a fence is to keep things in or out. Fences are often erected to serve as a barrier between properties and offer privacy. To achieve these goals, a homeowner doesn’t necessarily have to construct a wooden, plastic or wire fence. Many plants can serve as natural fencing options and be very attractive to look at. Grasses Consider the fast-growing bamboo. It is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. Some varieties may grow as much as 50 inches per day! This tall, dense grass can be an inexpensive fencing option that quickly fills in on the perimeter of the yard. Just be sure to take inventory of the bamboo because it can spread quickly. Trees How about planting trees on the property? Evergreen trees, like Leyland Cyprus, may grow quickly. The dense

The Area’s Only State Registered Facility 845 Carrington Rd. (Rt. 69), Bethany, CT 1/4 Mile North of Rt. 42 on Left Theron Simons • Robert Carrington, Owners

Much in the same way that evergreen trees can offer privacy on a larger scale, so can shrubs. There are scores of different shrubs that can be as dense or thin as a homeowner desires. Rose bushes can look very attractive and serve as a deterrent to animals and people trying to get through the thorny brambles. The same can be said for holly bushes, which will be prickly but attractive with their shiny, dark green leaves and bright berries. Certain shrubs are even marketed as natural fencing. A chat with a landscaper can yield many ideas of species that make great fences. Flowers and Plants Shrubs and trees aren’t the only fencing options. Many homeowners like the cottage look of a garden full of wildflowers and other plants. Congregating certain plants on the perimeter of the property can make an informal fence. Trailing vines like ivy or vinca can be trained to climb vertically. A thin mesh material or vertical slats can be installed and the vines tied to these items before they fully establish. Hardscapes

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Instead of living natural fencing, rocks and boulders or even water features can also be used as fences. This type of fencing may be more aesthetic than practical, however, and can be used intermittently with other fencing options.


foliage will quickly fill in and can create an attractive border around the house. But evergreens aren’t the only options. Deciduous trees can also be planted. The thick leaves will form a privacy screen and in the winter the leaves will drop and let light into the landscape.

The possibilities for natural fencing are endless and can be mingled to create a landscape unique to any homeowner.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

S pring H OME and G ARDEN


Spring g Is s Here & Wee are Ready Capital Quarry forr You! Materials llc Producerr off Fine e Aggregate e att Affordable e Prices

We are a family owned and operated quarry producing and delivering fine aggregates to both homeowners and contractors at wholesale prices for 25 years.

SPRUCE UP your yard with mulch

Decorating the All-Season Room All-season rooms can add additional living space to a home and provide areas that marry the outdoors with inside. These rooms serve many purposes depending on the homeowner. Some are a screened-in area used for watching nature while others serve as an artist’s gallery. Still other all-season rooms are the family gathering spots. All-season rooms tend to be very bright and airy and filled with many windows that look to the outdoors. Depending on their uses and the homeowners’ design styles, there are many ways to decorate allseason rooms for comfort and convenience. • The solarium: Many homeowners use their all-season room as a greenhouse. Bright sunlight and plenty of plants fill the space. Because this area tends to get a lot of unfiltered sunlight, light fabrics that won’t fade from the sun’s rays are ideal. This sort of space may be best furnished with wicker or indoor/outdoor furniture because it is essentially a garden brought indoors. Tile flooring or easily cleaned laminate or wood make mopping up spills or cleaning up potting soil a breeze. • The library: Some choose to turn their all-season room into a relaxing space for quiet contemplation or reading. While gazing outdoors, homeowners can nestle into an overstuffed chair or recline on a

comfortable sofa. Curtains can add texture to the room and filter out some of the sunlight. A rocking chair, recliner or other cozy spot for sitting can be enhanced with throw pillows and a table with lamp for ease in reading. • The family room: Other homeowners turn their all-season room into a family space, preferring to leave the living room as a formal set-up. The comfortable allseason room houses the television, kids’ toys and casual furnishings. Decorating this space may involve a microfiber sectional that is easily cleaned when pets or kids leave behind a mess. Durable, lowpile carpeting will be comfortable underfoot and serve as other lounging spots when seating is at a premium. • The home office: A bright and quiet spot, the all-season room is the perfect office retreat for those who work from home. Bookshelves can house important periodicals, files and some decorative elements. The focal point of the room can be a large, antique desk that is both stylish and functional. Use accordion blinds or shades to keep the space comfortable and protect computer equipment from direct sunlight. • The mudroom: An all-season room can also serve as the transition space between the yard and the main house. Durable flooring, a few benches for removing shoes and some garden accents can brighten the space.


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