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Friday, May 17, 2013

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Addressing moss growth on your property Lawn care enthusiasts put lots of time and effort into their lawns and take great pride when that work pays off with a luscious green lawn. But no lawn is immune to problems, and even the most well-maintained property can develop issues that compromise the lawn’s health and aesthetic appeal. Moss is one potential lawn issue that many green-thumbers would prefer to avoid. While moss is not always harmful, it can be unsightly and lawn care enthusiasts may spend a significant amount of money attempting to control it. Controlling moss can be costly, but there are some ways to control moss that will not cost homeowners much money at all. Before addressing moss in your yard, it helps to understand why moss grows and then look at the various ways to control it once it does. What causes moss growth? Moss can grow in a yard for a variety of reasons, but the most common cause of moss growth is insufficient sunlight to support the grass. Sunlight might be blocked by shade from nearby trees or shrubs or even shadows from your home. Soil conditions may also be responsible for moss growth. Soil that is very acidic can promote moss growth, and

the moss that grows because of acidic soil will appear very healthy. Compacted soil can also promote moss growth because such soil has low oxygen levels that make it hard for the turf to establish strong roots, and moss will take advantage of those weaker roots. Soil with low fertility levels is also amenable to moss, as it does not produce a healthy turf. Unhealthy turf makes it easy for plants with a low demand for nutrients, including moss, to establish themselves. How can I solve the problem of moss growth? Moss that grows because of excessive shade can often be addressed with some minor efforts. If the shade is a result of trees or bushes, prune them regularly so sunlight can reach the turf and promote strong turf and roots. If the shade is caused by your house, then you might consider removing the existing turf and then seeding the area with a turf mix that caters to shaded areas. If moss is growing because of compacted soil, aerate the turf and soil to break it up and allow the oxygen to reach the soil. When that occurs, the turf will begin to establish stronger roots and make it more difficult for moss to grow. When soil is tested and it is determined that the soil is acidic, then the soil must be adjusted. Lime might be applied to rebalance the soil, but homeowners should consult a lawn care professional for advice as to the best way to rebalance their soil.

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Lawn-care enthusiasts often bristle at the sight of moss on their luscious lawns. But moss is often an easily remedied issue that homeowners can address in a variety of ways.

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spring home garden 051713