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Friday, April 26, 2013

FREEZER R HILL MULCH H CO. • Colorr Enhancedd Mulch • Playground,, Barkk andd Naturall Mulch • Woodd Chips • Screenedd Topp Soill Enrichedd withh Organicc Compost • Dumpsterss Available WHOLESALEE & RETAILL DELIVERYY AVAILABLE

How to prevent soil erosion Homeowners who spend time tending to their landscape are increasingly looking eco-friendly ways to maintain their lawns and gardens. Homeowners who once relied on potentially harmful pesticides to craft a lush lawn now prefer ways that don’t leave such a significant carbon footprint. Preventing soil erosion is one way to incorporate conservation into lawn and garden care. Conservation is one of many environmental practices aimed at preserving the planet’s natural resources, which include soil. Preventing soil erosion is easy and can be accomplished in a number of ways. • Don’t overwater. Some may assume that keeping soil as damp as possible keeps it healthy. However, overwatering the soil can cause runoff that washes the soil away. In addition, overwatering the soil can degrade it and contribute to erosion. Instead of overwatering, keep the soil moist but don’t overdo it. If you’re having trouble keeping soil moist, consider laying 101 Waterbury Road Prospect, CT 06712


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down some mulch, which helps retain moisture and deliver nutrients to the soil that keep it healthy. • Plant trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs are friends to soil, providing shelter while their roots keep the soil in place and prevent it from easily blowing away on a windy day. It also helps soil from washing away when warm weather arrives and the landscape must be watered on a daily basis. • Create runoff barriers. Runoff barriers are edges that can be made of brick, stone or other materials that help reduce runoff. Many homeowners install runoff barriers along sidewalks and driveways to ensure the soil does not spill out onto the pavement, but these also help the soil as much as they help to keep walkways and other areas free of soil and looking tidy. • Consider leaving some grass around the garden. Tillage is the process of preparing land to grow crops. While many homeowners don’t view their weekend gardening as growing crops, similar principles apply whether you’re growing crops on a farm or just a few vegetables in the backyard. One such principle is conservation tillage, which means leaving a portion of vegetation in the ground instead of stripping everything away before planting. For home gardeners, consider leaving a small amount of grass around the garden to keep the soil within the garden’s boundaries. It’s a principle similar to installing runoff barriers, and it can be just as effective at preventing soil erosion.


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