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Friday, September 23, 2011

of HOME CARE AND MEDICARE Medicare has made it possible for many seniors to receive home healthcare services. If the agency is approved by Medicare, and it is determined that the senior requires specific assistance, services are covered. The senior’s doctor must indicate that care is required at home, and an individualized plan must be outlined. Therapies such as physical or occupational must be required at least with some frequency. Although to remain eligible a senior must be homebound, they can leave the home for medical treatments. If non-medical trips are made, they must be for brief periods only, such as to church or for a hair cut. It is in these situations a home companion/ homemaker will add to the quality of life to the homebound senior, although their services may not be covered by Medicare. Calll uss att 203-720-9311 to learn how we can provide you and your family with home care tailored to your specific needs (and the senior’s pet also!) Office hours are 8:30-4:30 weekly with a 24/77 onn calll service for our clients and families. 246 Rubber Ave, Naugatuck. Wheree thee Heartt Is, Caringg Peoplee Caringg forr People. P.S. Durable medical equipment, usually Medicare covered, includes wheelchairs and walkers.

Pulled hamstring: Stretch is your way back Running along the back of the thigh from the pelvis to the shin, the hamstring muscles are responsible for bending the knee, along with moving the hip and other lower extremities.

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Thus, when a hamstring is strained, or pulled, the rest of the body can be affected. With a hamstring strain, pain n and d mobility y indicate the seriousness of the injury. Because a treatment protocol depends on the degree of the strain, it is important to know which type of hamstring injury you have sustained. First-degree e (mild) strains involve the tearing of only a small number of muscle fibers. There might be some swelling and mild pain, but you should still be able to move your leg normally, even if the muscles feel a bit tight. Second-degree e (mod derate)) strain is a larger, more complicated tear, often involving blood vessels as well as muscle. You will know that you are dealing with a more Continued on page15


Friday, September 23, 2011


of Pulled hamstring: Continued from page 14 serious injury because you may not be able to walk or even move your leg without feeling significant pain. Third-degree e (severe)) strain n can be a serious medical emergency. The muscle tears completely from end to end, causing severe pain and extremely limited or no mobility. This is one of those situations where a visit to the doctor would be in order. For first- and second-degree strains, you can control inflammation with RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression with an elastic wrap or bandage, and Elevation within two to four days following the injury. During this initial phase, you can also engage in exercises involving easy y motion n off the e lowerr leg, such as kicking and walking in the water and riding a stationary bicycle.

Unless you have suffered an extreme tear, most treatment plans involve gentle e stretching g and strengthening g exercises starting a few days after the injury. Slowly and regularly, activity and range-ofmotion n exercisess will increase. A physical therapy program tailored to the type of injury your hamstring has sustained may also focus on improving your overall physical condition. Strengthening the body’s core and increasing overall agility can help prevent future hamstring injuries and get you back to normal activity sooner. But “sooner” may still be six to twelve weeks away, so be patient – your hamstrings will thank you for it! Article provided by Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Centers.

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