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Friday, April 4, 2014

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rom night is a momentous occasion for high school students. Prom is marked by tradition and serves as an opportunity for students to get together with friends for a final school-sponsored party before everyone embarks on life after high school. Prom may be the social event of the season, and students often take prom preparation quite seriously, with careful thought given to wardrobe and transportation. But finding the right partner on prom night is also part of the prep work.

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Kids will look back on prom night for years to come, and ensuring the night is memorable for all the right reasons often involves finding the right person to partner up with on prom night.

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Students can avoid some of the pressure of finding a prom date by beginning their search early on. Students in established relationships won’t have much trouble picking their prom date. But many high school students are not in such relationships, making their choice of a prom night partner a little more complicated. The following are a few pointers prom-goers can consider when finding a date for prom night. # Proms make poor first dates. Prom night is probably not the best time to go on a first date. Not that a new romance is impossible on prom night, but prom carries with it added pressure and the night may prove more enjoyable if you go with someone who knows you and your friends. Proms also are expensive, and you would put a relative stranger into an awkward spot to spend a great deal of money for a relationship that may never flourish. Dates may also be uncomfortable when asked to mingle with people they don’t know, so avoid turning prom night into a first date. # Prom doesn’t have to be a romantic date. Students may feel pressured to take a potential romantic interest to the prom. But sometimes it can be much more enjoyable to take a friend. This way you can let loose and

enjoy the festivities without feeling the pressure of making the night romantic. # Know your school’s rules on couples. Some schools employ a laissezfaire attitude with regard to prom couples, allowing students to bring anyone along as their dates, while others restrict dates to current students. Confirm any restrictions regarding dates before asking anyone to prom or spending any money on tickets and other prom-related necessities. # Begin the search early. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask someone. Prom can be a competitive time of year, and you may rest easier knowing your date is already secured. Start testing the waters early to see who might be interested in going as your date. # Be open-minded. Circumstance may find you and a fellow student without a date for the prom. Rather than attending alone, you may consider teaming up. The results may be better than you had expected when both of you have a nothing-to-lose attitude. Keep in mind that going with a date does not mean you have to remain glued to this person’s side the entire time. If it’s not working out, mingle with other friends.

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