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Friday, December 17, 2010



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CND Shellac ...and more

Conveniently located 3 miles up Route 68 in the center of Prospect

40 Center Street, Prospect, CT 06712 • 203-758-0709

Caring for Your Pet the Natural Way 572 Middlebury Rd., Middlebury • 203-598-7387 We offer natural food, treats, holistic remedies, grooming supplies, clothing and outdoor gear.

Toys You’ll Feel Good About Giving Children In the race to find the ultimate holiday gifts for our children, sometimes we take the “oohs and aahs” into consideration more than we do seeking out presents that will allow for truly redeeming qualities to come to life in children. Gift-giving shouldn’t be about being the “best” in the eyes of our kids and submitting to all of their holiday wants. It should be more about finding treats that will bring out the best in kids. As our children become somewhat brainwashed by the toy commercials this time of year, it’s easy to head to the store and buy the latest craze or video game installment that they’re promoting on TV. But for those who are looking for something more uplifting and meaningful in terms of toys, it pays to work a little harder to find the right gifts. Toys that evoke compassion: There’s much to be said about a toy or game that will bring out the compassionate side of a child. A baby doll for whom a child has to care and nurture is a good example. Playsets that enable children to dress up as their unsung heroes, such as doctors, police officers, and firefighters, are another example of toys that instill compassion in a child. Toys that encourage physical activity: Exercise is a known moodbooster, and every opportunity to get kids up and moving is good for their physical and mental health. What about a gift of a sled or snow shoes so that he or she can hit the fresh powder on a snow day? How about a membership to a swim club, so that your child can enjoy

the joys of swimming year-round? Who knows, you might inspire the next Michael Phelps. Toys that boost mental acuity: Making learning fun is one way to help children enjoy learning in and out of school. Hands-on experiences can make that learning even better. Consider constellation cards or books that help children identify those star clusters in the night sky, promoting an interest in astronomy. Puzzles and trivia games target different areas of the brain – ones responsible for problem-solving and fact recollection. For the young bookworm, a new library of books will keep reading comprehension and vocabulary building going even over holiday breaks. Toys and other gifts that enable families to have fun together: Choosing gifts that are not bound by age restrictions can foster growth and closeness among the entire family. Games like Twister(R) remain family favorites for the fun factor and the opportunity to play together. For those thinking of investing in a Nintendo Wii console, now may be the time to foster some healthy competition among family members, and boost some physical activity as well. New board games are always being released in time for the holidays, Choose games that enable the family to sit around the table with snacks, conversation and good times. When you’re scouring the aisles of the toy store this holiday season, put more time and consideration into choosing redeeming children’s toys.

LUNA aka “The Grinch”

223 Meadow St. Naugatuck


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YOGA, PILATES, QI GONG One Class $10 or 5 Classes $50




Michelle Rosenthal LMT 203-723-8874

(Treats Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Muscle Aches/Pains, Arthritis, Insomnia and much more...)

60 for all types of 1 hour massages


10 OFF

New Year ~ New Price

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Wendy Haskell L. Ac. 203-598-4351 •


One Acupuncture Treatment Gift Certificates must be purhased by 12/30/10 in person or on the phone but do not expire!!

For more info and for class times see our website

Santa Loves Yogag



Friday, December 17, 2010

“TANNING AT ITS BEST” 52 Waterbury Rd. (Rt. 69) Prospect 203-758-4333

& Hair Studio LLC

Over Subway & Prospect Pools All Wolff State of the Art, High-end 12-minute tanning beds and high powered 10-minute stand-up Fully Automated UV-FREE Mystic Tan Spray Booth

WE’VE MOVED! Now Located next door at 50 Waterbury Rd., First Floor (Crosspointe North Plaza)

Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Gifts of Yesteryear

Today’s kids have scores of technological games and gadgets from which to choose for their holiday wish list. How much do they differ from the toys children requested just 10 to 20 years ago? Here’s a look at some of the popular toys of the 1980s and 1990s.

Happy Holidaysfrom



If you were a kid growing up during the age of excess you were a part of the mass hysteria explosion for new toys. Most memorable during the ‘80s was the shortage of Cabbage Patch Dolls that coincided with Christmas shopping season. This led to fights at area stores and bidding wars over the dolls. Boys in the ‘80s were enthralled by the action figure craze sparked by favorite cartoon characters. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man and Transformers were just some of the action figures played with primarily by boys. However, girls enjoyed spin-off series, such as She-Ra and the co-ed Thundercats and subsequent action figures. In terms of dolls, apart from Cabbage Patch Dolls, kids could choose among Rainbow Brite and her cohorts, Popples, Care Bears and many others. For those looking for video game action, the introduction of Nintendo in the late ‘80s created mass appeal and totally eclipsed earlier efforts by Atari.


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Advancing technology in the ‘90s and improved marketing campaigns turned every toy into that “must-have toy.” There are a few toys that stand out from this decade that kids were eager to own. Rollerblades were one of the big trends of the era. It was no longer cool to roller skate on four wheels. Rollerblades took over, enticing children and adults alike. Today in-line skating continues in popularity. Younger children had to have Tickle Me Elmo, which sold

out in stores almost as fast as Cabbage Patch Dolls from a decade earlier. Children today still enjoy other animated Elmo reincarnations. Another toy craze that hit the 1990s were Beanie Babies. These bean-filled collector’s items soon became very expensive and their appeal died off. Furby was a computerized creature that actually “learned.” It would acquire words and phrases if you bestowed attention on the toy. Furbys required a lot of attention, feeding and sleep – just like a person. This could be why their appeal quickly wore off after the first few years. In terms of outdoor action, summertime fun was forever changed by the S u p e r S o a k e r, which was more powerful than any water gun before it.

Friday, December 17, 2010



Valentino’s Day Spa

Happy Holidays ❅

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Spa Manicure & Deluxe Pedicure

Omega 3 Firming Mask - $60 Lifts, Tightens & Firms Face & Neck $

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Casey’s Classic Cuts

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A Full Service Family Salon

Aromatherapy Body Treatment, Manicure & Deluxe Pedicure

Prospect Professional & Business Center

Prospect Center Square

44 Waterbury Road • Rt. 69 • Prospect, CT 06712


6 New Haven Rd. • Rt. 69 • Prospect

★★ HOURS ★★

(Next to Mobil Station)

Mon. 9-5 • Wed. 9-6 • T & Th. 9-8 • Fri. 9-6 • Sat. 7-12 Noon


American Vintage Furniture, LLC AMERICA’S COUNTRY STORE Country Home Decor & So Much More ★ A truly outstanding selection of country furniture, lighting, linens and accessories ★ Hard to find, rare and truly unique solid wood Amish furniture ★ Always free gift wrapping ★ New items arriving daily year round! ★ Most unique, different and unusual gifts ★ The largest and finest collection of country home furnishings to be found anywhere in the northeast ★

★ Curtains ★ Rugs ★ Linens ★ Lighting ★ Wreaths ★ Berries ★ Candles & Accessories ★ Amish Black Iron ★ Lamp Shades ★ Tables ★ Chairs ★ Hutches ★ Prints ★ Side Tables ★ Bedroom Furniture ★ Upholstered Furniture ★ Bachmann Trains Visit the country store... it’s like walking into your favorite country catalog.

Super Stocking Stuffers for Kids ‘Tis the season for presents under the tree and treats tucked into stockings hanging on the mantle. Who benefits more from the holiday season than youngsters? After all, it seems the winter months were just tailor made for them, with snow days, whimsical decorations, and lots and lots of gifts! Today’s kids seemingly have it all, which can make holiday shopping a bit of a challenge for those looking for something special to slip into a stocking. Thinking outside of the box is one way to come up with some clever gift ideas, especially ones that serve dual purposes. Think about these stockingstuffers that are both fun and functional. Treat of a toothbrush – Kids tend to tune out when Mom or Dad tells them to take care of a chore or handle daily grooming. But with recognizable and enjoyable music as their partner, they’ll want to tune into something that won’t be a chore at all. Snow White “whistled while she worked” and now kids can hum along to “Old MacDonald” while keeping their teeth pearly white. The colorful and quirky FireFly(R) Boppin’ Barnyard Musical Timer Toothbrush from Dr. Fresh(R) plays that familiar childhood tune for the length of one minute – the amount of time dentists say each row of teeth should be brushed for optimal health. “Young children love music and animals, so we’ve combined them in a toothbrush that is sure to banish boredom, and to encourage good oral care from an early age,” says Dr. Fresh.

Conveniently located directly off Route 8. Call for directions.

149 Maple Street, Naugatuck, CT 06770 203-723-1823 Sun. 11-3 • Mon.-Tues. 10-3 • Wed. 9-5 • Thurs. 9-7 • Fri. 9-5 • Sat. 9-5

$5 Manicure Belle Special

Soft, yet resilient, rounded bristles guard delicate young gums from irritation and microscopic cuts, and the toothbrush is ergonomically designed for a child’s small hand. Learn more by visiting

$25 CN

Colorful toy bins – Chances are that the children you know will receive dozens of new toys this holiday season. And there’s an even greater chance that they’re joining an already mile-high pile of toys collected from birthday parties and doting grandparents. A toy sorter, toy chest, colorful bins, or stackable units can be the ideal complement to all of these toys. While it actually won’t fit in a stocking, it’s still useful nonetheless. Kids will learn the lesson of keeping their toys in top-notch condition by putting them away neatly and an in an organized manner. Parents will bestow on you words of great praise for helping to tidy up the house. Spectacular stationery and more – A trip to a stationery or office supply store can open doors to many wonderful stocking stuffer ideas. Additionally, these finds can be put to good use by children for homework and in school. Stock up on colorful pens, pencils, sticky note pads, card stock and coordinating envelopes (for sending secret notes to friends), and stickers. These stores often also sell arts and crafts supplies that will fit right in with the theme. Kids can spend time expressing their creativity in between taking breaks from playing with their new holiday toys.

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is an Official “US Marines Toys for Tots” Drop Off Station

Just donate a new, unwrapped toy and get a FREE wash, cut, & style.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Knights of Columbus

FUNDRAISING Also selling Non-Flammable Bags with Candle

All proceeds the K of C receives from the sale of these pins go to local charities such as food banks and homeless shelters. Bag Design with Candle

The Knights with the Lights Pins are sold at the following locations: Hair By Karen *Team Image Sport & Trophy Golbie’s Auto Service Atlantis Diner

*Rosenblatt’s Dept. Store Carrie Welton’s Restaurant Physician’s Helth & Wellness *Ballys Total Fitness

Ed’s Hardware Anna Donté Restaurant St. Francis Church St. Hedwig Church Fair * See locations for special offer


160 Rubber Avenue Naugatuck, CT 06770

We Sell and Service All Brands




35 Old State Rd. 67 • Oxford • CT • 06478 • 203-888-9196

Sapphire 835 Sewing Machine. $

SAPPHIRE™ 835...


999 Pandora, Troll & Blagi Beads also Interchangeable

murano glass interchangeable bead

with purchase of ring. Expires 12/24/10.

MARIE’S JEWELRY 230-755-GOLD (4653)

Sunbeam Park, 2457 East Main St., Waterbury •

Don’t Get Unravelled Over Wrapping Gifts The countdown to Christmas has begun and in the race to get every gift bought, and every detail right for the ensuing holiday, we often forget one crucial step: wrapping the presents. While some people may shutter at the idea of spending hours in crowded stores picking out presents, many others cringe at the idea of having to wrap all of their holiday finds. That’s why it becomes easy to forget about those sacks of unwrapped gifts hiding in attic eaves or lying low in the trunk of the car. But being present procrastinators won’t get the task done. Wrapping gifts may take some time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Find your niche: Not everyone is a master gift-wrapper. But maybe there’s a unique flair you place on your gifts that sets them apart from others ... a hallmark. It could be a certain type of paper, or an interesting gift tag. Discover your niche and embrace it. For example, professional gift wrapper Connie Rheas says that in her experience, “there are certain techniques that you must follow for a great gift but in the end, it’s all about the bow.” So maybe your niche can be creating fabulous bows to adorn the gifts you wrap. There’s fun in numbers: What’s just about everyone you know doing this time of year? Shopping for and wrapping presents and attending parties. Why not marry the activities for a spectacular evening? Host a gift-wrapping party. Everyone volunteers to bring a specific set of supplies and one person hosts the venue. Have snacks catered or simply order out for pizza. With the chatting and working going on simultaneously, you’ll get through that mountain of gifts in no time. Skip the paper and go for the bag: Gift

bags can be the time-crunched gift-wrapper’s saving grace. These bags come in all sizes and require just about a minute’s time of packing to make gifts look great. What’s more, gift bags can be reused over and over. To further expand the recycling power of gift bags, choose solid-color or holiday-neutral bags so that their reuse won’t be restricted to Christmas. Delegate: There is a quote by an unknown author that says, “Some parents could do more for their children by not doing so much for them.” This may be a good time to put this line of thinking to the test by enlisting the help of your children in wrapping presents. Naturally they shouldn’t be given their own to wrap, but they can help out with other family members’ gifts. It can be an enjoyable job for them, and it will lighten your burden. Set up a wrapping station: Sometimes the anxiety over wrapping gifts stems from the level of disorganization with which some people start the task. Take a few minutes to clear a space for wrapping. A table or another solid surface that doesn’t require you to hunch over will be most comfortable. Lay out your supplies, such as tags, pens, bows, ribbons, paper, scissors, gift receipts, etc. so that they are within easy reach. Gather together the gifts that are going to each specific person and wrap them in order. Later separate the wrapped presents according to whether they’ll be placed under the tree or put in the car to travel to a friend or relative’s house. When all else fails: For a small donation, many stores offer complimentary giftwrapping. Take advantage of this service. Shopping on off-hours will ensure the lines at the wrapping area will not be too long.

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