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New Life Christian Church exists to help people take their next step towards Jesus.

OUR MISSION: • • • •

To Celebrate and embrace Christ’s life today. To Connect through friendship and to build authentic community. Experience and Grow together through discipleship. Discover our purpose for living.

In order to influence and see positive change in the world around us.

WELCOME I’m glad you’re reading the ‘second’ issue of ‘my CHURCH’. The team have put in many voluntary hours to create and design this magazine and I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ve done an incredible job! They are just some of the amazing people who make up this diverse community we call church. For many of us the word ‘church’ was once synonymous with irrelevance, meaningless tradition and general boredom. We would talk about going to a church event, a Christmas service, a christening, a church fête!!!, but the word ‘church’ in the first century meant ‘called out ones’. It was for people who wanted to live their lives authentically, serve, sacrifice, and build a better world as modelled through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

That’s why we always say you don’t go to church you are the church! The church isn’t steeples, bricks, mortar, or a social club. It’s people living out their lives graciously and with courage in all different walks of life.

This magazine is about the people who feel ‘called out’ to this particular community, their lives, dreams and inspirations to make the world a better place. Matt Warren



If this is your first time with us, we want to take a moment to welcome you. We are a church community of everyday people seeking to embrace the locality and beyond, with the hope and love of a compassionate and faithful God.


Our services are relaxed and informal and it’s important to us that you feel comfortable, so please join in just as much or as little as you want. Welcome Evening For newcomers we have regular ‘Welcome’ evenings and warmly invite you to come along for coffee and cakes and a short talk. This 30-minute informal introduction will provide a brief overview of our mission, strategy, and just who we are and how we function. New Life Kids Enjoying our children and building successful families has always been one of the great strengths at New Life Church, so our creative team at ‘Kids Church’ work very hard each week to make church the highlight of the week for the children. New Life kids are more than welcome to stay in the main service with their parents or they can attend our specially designed ‘Kids Church’ which runs alongside the main church services. They have their own venue (the Apex building), their own worship band, small group activities, games and interactive teaching.

Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade meet every Monday during term time from 6:30-7:45pm. The Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade programme at New Life provides a safe environment where our children can come and enjoy a range of different activities each week and progress towards some great achievements. The ages range from 5 to 11 years old. Chris Ware Mariana Winter Crèche Parents with children under 4 years also have a fun, warm and safe space where they have the opportunity to leave their children with our talented nursery workers or watch the service in the Winsley Café area and attend to their children’s needs. Parents & Toddlers Every Tuesday 10am–12noon (term time only) and held in the main church venue. Well organised and with funfilled activities where the toddlers can play, develop and grow. There’s singing, story time, craft/creative tables, floor toys, table top activities, soft play and imaginative play. Plus refreshments for the children and the mums and dads too! Fridaze – ReviveUK Youth The youth play a big part at New Life. We believe in raising the next generation to lead in life and live as God intended. We have regular events for 12-18s and young adults. We meet every Friday from 6.30pm

for small groups, worship, teaching and great social activities. We have two special events each year – ‘Winterfest’ and ‘Summer Camp’, which gather youth from the local area and also from abroad.

purpose of the church, how to get started, how to get plugged in to small groups and areas of specific interest. They are informal and relaxed evenings, followed by a time of fellowship and refreshments.

Replenish ‘Replenish’ is our diverse and very busy women’s ministry. They work together in the community among women and girls of all ages and backgrounds and also in the church, teaching and encouraging the ladies and young mums. They have an annual conference, breakfasts, dinners and enjoying vibrant and fun loving social activities is also an important part of this ministry.

Alpha Course If you are new to Christianity, or would simply like to enquire more about the claims of Christianity, Alpha is a seven week course that helps you discover the meaning of life.

United ‘United’ – our well-named men’s ministry. It’s rare to see so many men, from so many different backgrounds, united in their desire to serve and work in the church and locality and to be an example and encouragement to others. They have great times together – an annual conference, breakfasts, barbecues, small group meetings, weekends away (surfing!) and even work days! Partnership If you want to discover why New Life Christian Church exists and what the culture of the church is, then the Partnership Evenings would be a great next step.

Social Action – Helping People This is one of the pastoral arms of the church that is involved in pastoral care for the community, including marriage counselling, hospital visits, youth work, senior citizens’ care, our Beacon of Hope project in Senegal, sponsoring children through the organisation Compassion International, and speaking out for Christians who are facing persecution in volatile parts of the world. Compassion International Compassion International is a child sponsorship organisation with over 50 years’ experience of working with some of the poorest communities in the world. During that time more than one million children have been assisted by Compassion. Members of New Life Church are currently sponsoring 120 children in Ghana and another 20 in different locations worldwide.

Every quarter we run a Partnership Evening, where we talk about the specifics of our journey together, the 3

Interview with

Joel Ward Can you tell us a bit about your background – where you’re from, family, early childhood etc. I was born in Chichester and I’ve lived in the Emsworth area all my life. I grew up in the church and for 10 years lived on site in the church Training Centre. My parents are leaders in the church and in 1991 we moved into the Training Centre with the Pastors, Stan & Averil and their family, to support them in the running of the large church complex. Similar to today, back in the early 90’s the Training Centre gave the opportunity for students to come together and live, learn and serve the church in many ways. Growing up within an environment at the heart of the church gave me a unique and rich opportunity in life to enjoy the diversity of people and a fantastic sized back garden (20 acres)!! With such a vast space of land you could get lost for hours just running around and not having a care in the world. I was always out with my brother and sister (Alex and Harriet), whether it was playing football or climbing trees. Harriet, bless her, never knew the passwords to 4

access the tree houses we somehow constructed high in trees but thankfully my wonderful sister was more interested in her horses than climbing! I look back on my childhood and think how privileged I was to be surrounded by a loving family, church and some great students who were like big brothers and sisters to my own brother and sister and me. There are so many great memories that will stay with me.

When you were growing up what did you hope/want to be – were you always into football? Growing up and having the life I had, I was always told that whatever you put

your mind to you could do. My parents have always helped me to reach out and go after my dreams but, as I think every parent out there knows, when you’re a kid your mind takes you all over the place and you chop and change like the wind; one minute you want to be a fireman and the next you’re a superhero and the list is endless. For me, from the moment I could walk and run I loved playing football, even when I wanted to be a superhero or something else I always had time for my football and I soon forgot about anything else. As I get older, I’m learning a lot about holding on to a dream and yet maintaining the balance life is teaching me. I guess I’m learning about holding things in the right perspective – realising things in life that hold value and purpose for me and how I can best use them to help people in a positive way. My faith in God has a big bearing on my life and how I live it.

school and competed competitively in most sporting events, so there was some flexibility in going to lessons and representing the school and county in sport.

What were you like at high school – how did you manage to mix studies & sport?

Looking back at it now I guess it didn’t really sink in until I was signing my scholarship once I left school. I always wanted to have a career in football as it has been my dream for as long as I can remember. We were told at the age of 14 that the focus in the game had to change from just having fun to becoming serious and I had to develop a very focused attitude. Our family commitment with church meant I couldn’t play many Sunday mornings and therefore when an opportunity arose to play up an age group (so I could play regularly), I had to really up a gear in my determination to impress.

I guess you wouldn’t normally get this answer from most people but school for me was great, especially the social side. I always had a good relationship with the teaching staff and fellow pupils. My Mum and Dad always made sure we knew the importance of education and respect for people. Bishop Luffa School were always supportive of students who were involved in sports as we were a good

When/How did you become a Christian? As I said earlier, I was brought up in the church and have always been involved in the many different events that are going on. It’s difficult to define an exact time I wanted to accept Jesus as my personal Saviour, but I chose to be baptised at the age of 8 as a commitment to a heartfelt desire. Mind you, I can’t remember it being a heated pool!! It felt so cold it may well have been filled from the hose across the courtyard.

At what age did you seriously consider a career in football?


However, I was also aware how hard it was to make the next grade and I was very aware of the amount of lads who miss out or don’t get the chance. So I feel extremely blessed and honoured to get this far, and to this day it is a motivation for me to press on as I have seen a lot of young lads’ dreams shattered. By the grace of God I am where I am.

Have you ever had doubts/ knock-backs and how did you deal with them? Through the early days of my scholarship and first couple of years as a professional I really struggled with injuries and I was missing large chunks of the season due to various injuries I sustained. One thing I know for sure is, if I hadn’t stayed focused and 6

true to God I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now. It is through His grace that I have come out and managed to get back on track. A lot of clubs may have not stuck with me when I picked up the injuries and it would have been easy to have just let me go, but it is credit to Portsmouth FC that they showed that commitment to me, and I am very thankful to the club. But I know God had His hand in it and through a lot of prayer I came through and am in a place to make His name famous.

What was it like when you made your league debut – could you believe it? I made my first league debut at Bournemouth when I was on loan in 08-09. It was a great feeling to put on a shirt and go and play football in

the league, although for me putting on my local shirt and walking out to play for Portsmouth was incredible! I remember going down to watch games when I was younger and Dad saying that it will be you one day out there playing. Now I’m privileged to be running out wearing the blue shirt of Pompey and knowing the traditions of a great club. It was a dream come true and a great feeling when I made my first start in the Carling Cup and in the Premier League against Wigan.

Was it difficult to keep your place in the team – do you ever worry you might lose it? As anyone knows, it’s a competitive sport and if you get slack and sit back you will lose out. There is always

competition and someone who wants to take your place and prove they are better; we are always told ‘you have to fight for your shirt and make sure you keep it when you get the opportunity’. For myself I want to play and as a footballer I don’t want to sit and watch, I want to be out there doing what I love.

Do you pray before a game and if so, do you pray to win? I always pray before a game. I know I wouldn’t be in the position I am if it wasn’t for God in my life. I want to make Him famous and to glorify His name as He has given me the ability to play and to influence others. At home games we get together and pray in the laundry room; Mick Mellow leads it with Linvoy. It’s amazing to 7

see God working in the club and we want Him to be in the centre. The room is always packed and it’s a great and exciting feeling to see God moving.

to achieve and to be the best I can be, for example David Beckham and Linvoy Primus.

Why New Life Church?

New Life is a great church. I love it. The church has helped me in so many ways and having the people around me and influencing me is something that I am so thankful for. Everyone is so loving, caring and always looking The biggest influences on my life out for you. It’s home in my heart, and have got to be my family – Mum, Dad, there is no place like home. brother and sister. They’ve supported me through thick and thin, the hard With your busy schedule how times and the good times. They’ve do you serve into our local helped to keep me focused but also church community, or how helped me to remember the reason why I’m in the place I am. Having their would you like to serve more? support in my football and in my faith is something I treasure so much. In As an individual I love to give back to football I love watching and seeing the local community. I know myself the top players and will always aspire that I am very blessed to be where I

Who have been major influences on you [who do you admire] both in football and your faith?


am and doing what I am doing, and to give something back and to see the smiles on the kids’ faces and to help them out is awesome. Working with faith in football and seeing the kids learn about God and to share with them is a great feeling.

People might ask why, with all the glamorous lifestyle that football offers, would you need God and the church? For me, I’ve had a great upbringing and I’m so honoured to have so many people around me to help me and who are there for me. But I know as well that God has got a plan for my life and it is better than I can ever imagine. He has given me strength when times have been hard and because I know He is always with me, I know all things

are possible. What my faith walk brings is something inside that has no substitute.

What advice would you give young sports persons who are looking to achieve well in their sphere? I feel that if you’ve got a dream then it’s there for a reason and if you put your mind to it and work hard but most of all trust in God, then why shouldn’t you pursue to be the best you can be. Anything of value has a cost attached to it. Achieving your best in sport carries that tag; it’s not going to be easy but we have a God who is immeasurable. The Sky’s the Limit…


e 10


children poverty



Katie Morgan

We have all seen the disturbing images, heard the facts and figures and the unbelievable stories. It is an overwhelming thought; the degree of poverty in the world today. So more often than not, we just do not think about it.   However it does not have to be a burden. Many people at New Life have discovered that they can help in a way which is both easy and extremely effective. Last October New Life were introduced to the child sponsorship project Compassion UK. We are now as a church, sponsoring over 130 children.  In the small town of Emsworth we are radically changing the circumstances of those children from two villages in Ghana. Certainly this is confirmation that change is possible.

the beginning; not only do sponsors give a small monthly donation, but they write and receive letters from their child. These letters are important. Through them you see your child’s development; you build a relationship, cheer them on; show them that they are valued and loved.  It hits your heart when you receive a letter in which your sponsored child writes that they are praying for you.  They are praying for you!  

We are now as a church, sponsoring over 130 children

Furthermore this change is not superficial. Financial support is just

There is no way of sugar coating poverty. There is desperate need, and it is in many cases a matter of survival. So we cannot just think about it. We must act on it. But that part is easy, once your heart is in it. For more details about adopting a child or giving a regular monthly gift to the work of Compassion UK go to; web: 11

Art As long as I can remember, drawing and making have been an important part of life. I became a Christian at a very early age and for me creativity and faith are woven together; each helps my understanding of the other. When my youngest child started nursery school, I got a place at Wimbledon School of Art (we lived in London at the time) where I studied Art for six years. I learned a lot during my time there, not least how much more there was to learn; art-making is a continual journey of discovery. I now paint or draw portraits to commission and also work with textiles and mixed media. I teach art through the West Sussex Enrichment Programme, run workshops in schools and youth clubs and occasional short courses for adults from my studio in Bosham. Soon after moving to the south coast, I joined a carnival production training programme where we learned how to make large scale puppets, costumes etc and deliver workshops in local schools. I’ve now worked on the NEWS parade, which takes place in the centre of Chichester at the beginning of the summer Festivities, for several years. Over the last three years New Life has taken on the South Street branch of the parade 12

in the


and it has been great working with the Boys’ Brigade, Youth Club and Life Groups. People of all ages and abilities took part; making, performing and stewarding. This type of activity really does “mobilise the imagination, strengthen communities and gladden the heart.” I love encouraging people to ‘have a go’, as any sort of creative activity is hugely beneficial to mind, body and spirit. My main advice, if you are starting out, is to turn off your inner critic and learn from small children. They approach art making with total concentration but for them it’s much more about the process than the finished product. And that’s the way to learn and improve. Art-making can be quite a solitary activity and it’s really beneficial sometimes to work with others towards a common goal. In July 2011 a group of local Christian artists, including some from New Life, got together to put on a one-day arts festival – ‘The Gift’ – in their home churches. This included exhibitions of paintings, textiles, photography, installations etc, music and poetry recitals and workshops. The churches ranged across denominations and the next event is scheduled. It’s been great meeting other Christians involved in the arts; sharing skills,

mmunity bouncing ideas off each other and building friendships. A lot of contemporary art has its roots in the idea that God is dead and we are just left playing with the fragments of the old ‘big ideas’. For me, belief in God and that we are His children gives freedom, meaning and a sense of purpose to art-making. The Bible opens with ‘In the beginning, God created....’ Creativity is part of the family DNA.

Rosie Morgan



music future is the

Joe Warren

If the news is to be believed we are living in troubled times. In an era of austerity, pay cuts, higher taxes and inflation, areas of growth seem hard to find. There is however, an industry that is not only surviving but positively thriving. The live music scene seems to have developed a life of its own. Bands and artists are no longer making millions from CD sales as in years gone by and are now turning their backs on album contracts and signing multi million pound live deals. It seems that the general listening public are no longer happy for their music to sound like the CD – polished and plastic. Madonna has signed a 10 year deal with Live Nation for $120 million, whilst rock band U2 signed a 12 year deal worth an estimated $100 million. Over the last two years U2 have 14

toured the globe with their latest ‘360°’ tour, playing to 7,268,430 people and grossing $736,137,344. In the past decade they have sold every ticket to every tour. Many of us would look at these vast sums and question how anyone could earn this much from standing on a stage and singing a couple of songs for a few hours. After a few minutes of jealous reflection, I am left with one obvious fact: Live music has mass appeal. Why? Because it serves the needs of those who participate. In other words, we are willing to invest in what we find fulfilling. New Life is a church that strives to be part of the community; quite simply we are here to fulfil the needs of our local area. We have pastors to serve our spiritual needs and youth and kids workers who volunteer their time to help us parents raise

good and well rounded children who will thrive through the pressures of adolescence. Even the musicians work hard on their sound to appeal to the ‘everyday man’. Not stuck only in the nostalgia of yesteryear, but producing today’s and even tomorrow’s sounds. What is said about church can also be said about music – it should be a movement not a monument. Surely that is what gives both church and music mass appeal, the buzz and excitement that comes from the expectation of, and involvement in, something new. People all over the world are turning to the live sound, where perfect digital benign music is replaced with a communal ‘edge of your seat’ ride. Where captivating lows and euphoric highs resonate the depths of our inner man.

I believe New Life Church can fulfil this need and is one of the reasons why our church has an ever growing appeal in the community.


Kids Church Hi, I’m Sarah. Mum to five wonderful boys, wife to John and worker in New Life Kids. Being a mum working in the Kids Church has many advantages. One being that as I’m so excited about being a mum and looking out for my kids, I can transfer that excitement and energy to the kids at church. The dream I have for my kids to live life from the heart for Jesus, is the same dream I have for the Kids Church. To see them able to take on whatever life throws at them, secure in the knowledge that they are loved, cared for and armed to protect themselves against the difficulties in life. As someone who came into the church through the church’s Kids Club, I am passionate about encouraging families to come right into the centre of the church, to be involved in anything they can. As my boys are growing up I am more and more aware of the need for them to be able to be in a safe environment. Of course, in the home is one of those places but in the church, where all the activities are going on, like Kids 16

Church, Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade and the youth work, I always have assurance that they are safe and well looked after. The worry of my children hanging around on street corners with nothing to do is totally eliminated. As a family we love to get right into whatever is happening in the church. The boys have been inspired to learn to play musical instruments due to the bands, both in the Kids Church and in the main church. We love to clean the church, feeling very secure that it’s our church and we need to look after it. Kids Church is a very exciting and dynamic place to be. We are always having lots of fun, playing games (sometimes messy), doing crafts and, of course, learning about and singing to Jesus. We are just about to embark on learning all the songs for the Christmas production – something the children and adults always look forward to. My dream for the future with the Kids Church is to see us going into schools, taking assemblies and having parties, showing the children

how much fun church is and how serious we are about loving Jesus. Also, of course, to see more and more families enveloped in the church, with happy, confident kids.

Sarah Hollingsworth


Rugby, my faith, and making a difference. Sam Cutting

mixtures attached to it with cocktail sticks – I thought, ‘excellent free food’. Then somebody stuck a candle in it! If anybody could explain this to me, then please do. So to me the church seemed a strange place – however I always felt a certain peace or a pull if you will. I remember coming to New Life Christian Church for the first time. Luckily for me I had Harriet, who has My wife to be Harriet Ward first introduced me to the church. We met grown up in the church her whole life. She warned all the big lads not at college where I was attending the to be nasty and all the girls to be wrong course and became pretty lovely, and it was pretty amazing. good friends. It took a while for The service was taken (in my eyes), Harriet and I to be truly open about the church as I’m pretty sure I wasn’t by a crazy man, who turned out to be Pastor Stan. All I could think was, the easiest young man to discuss ‘these people don’t care where I’ve such matters with! I thought church been, what I’ve done, who I am. was for older people, unsocial They care about my future and my people and ‘creepy’ Christians and, well-being, no judgement’. Before, if you’re thinking, ‘I don’t know any I’d had the impression that I had to creepy Christians’, well then it’s sing hymns and sit on a pillow like at probably you! Primary School and listen to 5 hours of boring preaching. (Luckily it’s only I had never ever been to church about an hour usually.) However except for family times, funerals etc., none of these things happened although I do remember attending and the only way I could describe a Christmas service when I was everything was, ‘normal’, whatever young. The church helpers passed me an orange with sultanas and dolly that is. 18

From the very first moment I walked into the church and heard the Word of God I knew I wanted to be a Christian, I wanted what these people had. At the start I thought that this is what I want for me; however I know now, that God wanted it for me so that He can use me to show people the vision of a brighter day, or HOPE as I like to put it. Before becoming a Christian I ate many a forbidden apple off the tree in Eden, but that is my past. My future is secure in Jesus Christ but if anybody wants to know anything about me, especially the younger guys and girls, just ask. I hope my story can show some people that the grass is definitely greener on this side. So I was attending church, reading my Bible, talking to the people and praying but in my own admittance I

was still searching for that thing that said He is real and my Saviour. I play rugby and I played professionally for a while and plan to get back to that level (so pray for me). God will always approach you in the best way for you and for me a gentle smack in the head did the trick! When I play I always write something inspirational on my wrist, maybe ‘Harriet’ or my Dad’s name, or maybe just the word ‘Family’. One particular day I wrote, ‘The Lord is my helper, so I will not be afraid, what could MERE MORTALS do to me’. I walked off that pitch with a lightening bolt on my head and received 40 stitches – that day GOD literally sewed Himself into my life. I started playing rugby at the age of 11 and without it I really don’t know where I would have been. With the loss of my dad and other things I was a pretty angry child. Rugby helped me 19

Fridays and the Children’s Church on Sundays. It’s amazing to help plant the seeds of our ever expanding church. Serving to me is worldwide – if we can make a difference anywhere I want God to put me there. The continued support of Compassion and our related churches in Europe is so important. As an individual I always feel we cannot fall into our ‘holy huddles’, we need to get out into the I try to wake every morning with a smile on my face and ready to receive world and praise the name of Jesus. I also like to get up on the stage and God. Not just hear Him but receive tell everybody what God has been Him. When it comes to serving in speaking to me about, to give a few the church this is how I try to feel, as laughs and to share with everybody we know sometimes it’s hard but we the amazing things that God has done have to buck up, pull our socks up in my life. and enjoy. I serve simply because the Bible tells me to do so; God GOD has given us an amazing church. served, Jesus served, so therefore we should serve. However I also love to serve, especially with the youth on Sam Cutting release my anger and gain amazing relationships with people, it made me feel wanted and loved. I have made several International appearances at age groups 16, 18 and 21. I will make it back to my potential as GOD has promised me this, Phil 4:13 ‘I can do all things through him who strengthens me’.


Replenish Twenty 12 Women’s Conference

March 9th – 11th






25 - 27

MAY 21

Music4 festival Help for Heroes and Bourne Community Trust

The Music4 festival started with an idea three years ago to help support the Help for Heroes charity and the Bourne Community College. Taking place on the superb grounds of New Life Christian Church, Emsworth, this unforgettable live music experience features some of the most talented and up-and-coming stars performing for two great causes. Guests of all ages can also enjoy food, attractions and activities as diverse as the musical lineups.

Next year’s event takes place on Sunday 15th July and we extend an invitation for all to join this ever growing and popular event. See you there!

15th July 2012 from 1pm

Help for heroes and Bourne Community Trust @ via Thorney Rd, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 8BN 22


CHURCH CALENDAR 2011 – 2012 24

Nov 26th Men’s Christmas BBQ Dec 3rd Ladies’ Christmas Dinner 16th ReviveUK (Youth) Christmas Celebration 18th Christmas Services 9:30am &11:30am 23rd Candlelight Service 7pm 25th Christmas Day Service 11am-12noon

Sunday 1st 11:30am Service Only 28th Family Bar



10th-13th Winterfest

9th-11th Replenish Ladies’ Conference

25th Family Bar


6th Good Friday Service 7pm 8th Easter Sunday Services 9:30am & 11:30am 28th Family Bar APRIL 2012

31st Family Bar

MARCH 2012

5th Ladies’ Breakfast 25th-27th United Men’s Conference

MAY 2012

15th Music4

23rd Family Bar

25th-30th Youth Summer Camp

JUNE 2012

JULY 2012

9th Church Picnic 29th Family Bar


6th Ladies’ Pamper Day 27th Family Bar



24th Family Bar


1st Ladies’ Christmas Dinner 8th Men’s Christmas Dinner 14th ReviveUK (Youth) Christmas Celebration 21st Candlelight Service 7pm 23rd Christmas Services 9:30am & 11:30am 25th Christmas Day Service 11am-12 noon DECEMBER 2012



Alone with the kids?


rnoon? e t f a y a d r Satu Bored on a


Partner away?

@New Life Church

Join us from 2.30 - 5pm for a chilled afternoon, some cakes, 2012 activities with the kids and Januar good company! y 28t March



dates? Februar

y 25th

April 2 8th

Our Christmas Services on Sunday 18th December, 9.30am & 11.30am

include a

Children’s Christmas


Candlelight Service: Friday 23rd December at 7pm Christmas Day Service: 11am-12noon

Weekly Services Sunday 9:30am 11:30am

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