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HOW YOU IMPACTED A VILLAGE Our Church’s response to Compassion Article by Katie Morgan


Article by Worship Leader Joe Warren

A place to call home Article by Sabrina Langley


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CONTENTS New to Church?..........................1-2 A place to call home...................3-4 Sabrina Langley Meet the team............................5-6 Church Worship ........................7-8 Joe Warren (Worship Co-ordinator) Missional Training Centre ........9-10 Life Groups............................11-12 How you impacted a village......13-14 ReviveUK...............................15-16 New Life Kids.........................17-18 Revival...................................19-20 Church Calendar....................21-22


New Life Christian Church exists to help people take their next step towards Jesus.

OUR MISSION: • • • •

To Celebrate and embrace Christ’s life today. To Connect through friendship and to build authentic community. Experience and Grow together through discipleship. Discover our purpose for living.

In order to influence and see positive change in the world around us.

WELCOME If you’re here for the first time, then we want to take a moment to welcome you to New Life Church – it’s great to have you here with us. Whether you’re visiting friends and family or looking to make New Life Church your home, why not check out pages 1 and 2 to give you all the information you need for your first visit here.

We are part of a wonderful church family that has a vision to keep growing in service and community, along the South Coast and beyond. We feel privileged to be part of this great move and are excited about all that’s planned for this new season. We’re having a great Year – our most exciting yet!

We are nearly half way through 2011 in the life of the church and we want to encourage you to make the most of every day, every conversation, every Stan & Averil Warren SENIOR PASTORS friendship and every moment.

NEW TO CHURCH? If this is your first time with us, we want to take a moment to welcome you. We are a church community of everyday people seeking to embrace the locality and beyond, with the hope and love of a compassionate and faithful God.

Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade meet every Monday during term time from 6:30-7:45pm.

The Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade programme at New Life provides a safe environment where our children can Our services are relaxed and informal come and enjoy a range of different activities each week and progress and it’s important to us that you feel towards some great achievements. comfortable, so please join in just as The ages range from 5 to 11 years old. much or as little as you want. Welcome Evening For newcomers we have regular ‘Welcome’ evenings and warmly invite you to come along for coffee and cakes and a short talk. This 30-minute informal introduction will provide a brief overview of our mission, strategy, and just who we are and how we function. New Life Kids Enjoying our children and building successful families has always been one of the great strengths at New Life Church, so our creative team at ‘Kids Church’ work very hard each week to make church the highlight of the week for the children. New Life kids are more than welcome to stay in the main service with their parents or they can attend our specially designed ‘Kids Church’ which runs alongside the main church services. They have their own venue (the Apex building), their own worship band, small group activities, games and interactive teaching. 1

Chris Ware Mariana Winter Crèche Parents with children under 4 years also have a fun, warm and safe space where they have the opportunity to leave their children with our talented nursery workers or watch the service in the Winsley Café area and attend to their children’s needs. Parents & Toddlers Every Tuesday 10am–12noon and held in the main church venue. Well organised and with fun-filled activities where the toddlers can play, develop and grow. There’s singing, story time, craft/creative tables, floor toys, table top activities, soft play and imaginative play. Plus refreshments for the children and the mums and dads too! Fridaze – Revive uk Youth The youth play a big part at New Life. We believe in raising the next generation to lead in life and live as

God intended. We have regular events groups and areas of specific interest. for 12-18s and young adults. They are informal and relaxed evenings, followed by a time of fellowship and We meet every Friday from 6.30pm for refreshments. small groups, worship, teaching and great social activities. We have two Alpha Course special events each year – ‘Winterfest’ If you are new to Christianity, or would and ‘Summer Camp’, which gather simply like to enquire more about the youth from the local area and also claims of Christianity, Alpha is a seven from abroad. week course that helps you discover the meaning of life. Replenish Replenish is our fast growing women’s Social Action – Helping People ministry, the heart of which is to This is one of the pastoral arms of the empower women to be God’s gift to church that is involved in pastoral care their world. They enjoy a variety of for the community, including marriage great events, including breakfasts, counselling, hospital visits, youth work, dinners and an annual conference. senior citizens’ care, our Beacon of Hope project in Senegal, sponsoring United children through the organisation Men’s core gathering at New Life Compassion International, and speaking Church, our values are to encourage out for Christians who are facing the rise of leaders and world influencers. persecution in volatile parts of the The many activities include conferences, world. dinners, breakfasts and small group activities. Compassion International Compassion International is a child Partnership sponsorship organisation with over 50 If you want to discover why New Life years’ experience of working with Christian Church exists and what some of the poorest communities in the the culture of the church is, then the world. During that time more than one Partnership Evenings would be a great million children have been assisted by next step. Compassion. Members of New Life Church are currently sponsoring 120 Every quarter we run a Partnership children in Ghana and another 20 in Evening, where we talk about the different locations worldwide. specifics of our journey together, the purpose of the church, how to get started, how to get plugged in to small 2

A place to call

HOME Article by Sabrina Langley

Karl & Sabrina and their 4 children (Saphire, Dylan, Bailey and Xander) decided to make New Life Church their home – here’s how their journey began… We have been coming to church since November 2008. Though we both grew up in non-Christian families, I have always believed there is a God but that was about all I knew. I remember praying once as a young child about my Dad’s work situation but I guess by the time I found out he had more work, I had probably forgotten about praying! I am a stay at home Mum and Karl is a mechanic and kick boxer. He has been training for just under two years and fighting for about 18 months. He has had five undefeated fights and won two title belts from these – I am a very proud wife and his biggest fan! Karl trains really hard; he works six days a week and can train up to 6-7 days a week. So the time we have as a family is precious. Some say I must be really patient but we’re just living the life we’ve been given and I’m supporting Karl in his passion.

you realise it’s the hand of God, for example, the first house Karl and I were going to buy together. We found the perfect house, it was beautiful, the price was right, and everything was coming together wonderfully. Then the sellers seemed to go off the radar.

It was 2 weeks before Christmas, we had a baby due in January, most of our stuff was packed and they decided they weren’t sure if they wanted to sell (well that’s what we thought). We were then told by the estate agent that the sellers had done the same thing a few times before. Then out of nowhere we There are so many things that seem were asked to look at a house we had to just happen but it’s not until you sit already viewed. We really weren’t keen down and really think about it, that on the house but they said they would 3

drop the asking price, so it was worth be questioned, as I didn’t have any a second look. We moved in 8 weeks answers. As soon as I was able to later. drive I was on my way. I already knew which church I was going to go to. I’d The reason this is so poignant to our been there before and the only way I lives is because in moving into that can describe my first experience was house we moved almost opposite WOW! It was alive, exciting, really someone who later become a very family orientated. It’s like being at a good friend, her name is Sarah live gig every Sunday with inspiring, Hollingsworth. She first brought me to uplifting music, not at all what I was church in 2005. Unfortunately I didn’t expecting. continue coming, then she moved and we lost touch. I arrived at church and Sarah wasn’t there, so I sat as far back as I could In 2008 I became pregnant with Xander and kept my children close (security for (number 4). I had had two caesareans me) because I was actually so scared before and was determined to have that someone was going to ask me this baby naturally. No matter how that awful question, “so what is it that many times the doctors brought up made you come to church?” Thankfully the subject of a c-section, I was going nobody did, but everyone was warm, to do this my way (but as I know now, friendly and welcoming. Phew! things don’t always happen the way you expect, it’s God’s plan not ours). The following week, much to my surprise, Karl came to church. He said Things weren’t straightforward and “you’re my wife and I will support you.” I agreed to another c-section. After We’ve been part of the church family all my planning and determination ever since. here I was again, I couldn’t believe it. During the procedure they discovered Our children love the Kids Church that the baby had the cord around his (where I am now a helper). Our daughter neck and was a little blue. If he had goes to her life group meetings and been delivered naturally he probably youth church on a Friday. Our elder wouldn’t have made it. That moment boys go to Boys’ Brigade on a Monday was like God shouting “Listen to me, where Karl is a leader. Karl and I it’s all part of the plan, My plan” and attend life groups which are fantastic boy, was I listening now! for getting to know people but more importantly, learning and developing I couldn’t drive for a few weeks and our faith in an environment where we didn’t tell Karl how I really felt. I told feel free to ask any questions and have him that I was going to church to them answered. get Saphire into a good school! Very wrong I know but I really wasn’t sure what he would think and didn’t want to 4


Stan & Averil Warren (Senior Pastors)

Matt & Vivi Warren (Assistant & Youth Pastors)

Sam (Operations Manager) & Noemi Warren (Missional Training College Leaders)

Frank & Sally Prideaux (Pastoral Team)

Joe & Jenny Watson (Pastoral Team)

Paul & Sarah Ellis (Pastoral Team)

Graham & Doreen Kemp (Pastoral Team)

Peter & Marion Owen (Child Protection & Pastoral Team)

Ben & Esther Ellis (Pastoral Team)

Nathan & Mariela Kemp (Pastoral Team)

Phil & Kim Ward (Pastoral Team)

Derick & Mari Wiesner (Connections Leaders & Pastoral Team)

George & Vivienne Guillen (Kids Leaders & Pastoral Team)

Luke & Carla Morgan (Kids Worship)

Peter & Rachel Kemp (Kids Worship)

Joe & Hannah Warren (Worship Leader & Pastoral Team)


Church Worship


How do you describe worship at New Life? Loud? Modern? Passionate? Intense? All, or maybe none of these things, depending on your point of view. A question I’m always asking myself is ‘why we do what we do?’

Why do we gather early on Sunday mornings when most people in need of a well earned rest would either be in bed or have their feet up reading the Sunday papers? Something must take place that is more refreshing than a lie-in and more satisfying than Sunday shopping bargains. If it was just the coffee, we’d go to Starbucks. If it was the pleasant grounds, we’d go to a country club. If it was the friendly company, it would be afternoon tea for the ladies and down the pub for the lads. If it was the emotionally charged music, then Coldplay do it much better and though the sermons are good, the God Channel has them on 24/7. There must something in our spiritual DNA, a call of the Spirit. A thirst to be united with the Body of Christ, stitched together by the Holy Spirit and brought alive by the breath of God. All in complete need of each other – not a lone organ but a living organism, fulfilling what it was created for. To lift up the name of Jesus for all men to see. This unifying act of corporate worship

has dual impact. Like a thunderbolt it shoots out, declaring the unrivalled power of Jesus, yet it rises gently like sweet burning incense to the throne of God. Congregational worship gives us quick entry into God’s presence. God inhabits the praises of His people. Yes, the Creator of the Universe and everything in it chooses to meet with us. What a privilege! Worship at New Life is a journey to get to know God in a deeper more tangible way. Not just in head knowledge but relationally, as Father to son and daughter, so that our relationship with Jesus permeates into all areas of our lives, releasing God’s power into our work, families, relationships, finances, health and all areas that are real to us. Yet the more we discover God, the more we realise we’re in need of Him. It’s a growing holy thirst. Always thankful for all that He has done, yet never content with where we are. Our desire is not just to sing about it but to Live it and Breathe it. As the woman pushed through the crowd to get a touch of Jesus, so we must push on, reaching out for a touch of Jesus. Yet He is the one knocking on the door of our hearts, so in our worship – let’s let Him in. For in this life of thirst is found a thirst for life..... How far can we go in this worship experience? I don’t know, but let’s find out together. 1 Corinthians 2:9 “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him”.


Missional Training Centre Mission starts at home in our local community and church. We want to train people to become rooted in the Word of God whilst at the same time walking a spirit led life which spurs them on to live a missional life wherever they may be. After all, if we have Christ in us, the outworking of that is fulfilling the Great Commission. Discipleship is at the centre of the curriculum. Jesus came to serve, so we expect our interns to be involved in a wide variety of ministries of service within the church. The benefit is in giving a greater understanding of the amount of areas of responsibility and service that actually go into running a modern community based church.


The teaching track covers: Old and New Testament Systematic theology Church ministry Leadership principles Celebration of discipline Developing personal faith and testimony Apologetics The Ten Commandments Work ethics Identity in Church, Christ and the family Mercy, mission and me (study on mission) Evangelism and marketing Personal development (e.g. music / dance / media etc.) Also included is an extensive variety of work within the church community, from youth to senior citizens. Sam Warren COLLEGE PRINCIPAL


Life groups Being part of one of the church’s weekly life groups is probably the best way to connect quickly into the life of the church. Although each group has its own unique identity, they are not static. Constantly growing and evolving, the groups provide the perfect opportunity for fellowship, friendship, encouragement, learning, sharing and caring. The many social activities arranged throughout the year make it easy to invite friends and relatives to also join in the vibrant life of the church. Meeting in homes across the south coast from Portsmouth to Southbourne (nr. Chichester), the life groups are definitely

a network of relationships –

For more information please call:

Emsworth – 0780 318 2887 Sam Warren not just a network of Noemi Warren Jenny Watson locations. Paul Ellis Sarah Ellis They’re varied and interesting and Joe & Hannah Warren cater for people from all walks of life Marion Owen and with all sorts of interests (and all sorts of ages!) – so please feel free to Special needs – 01243 443451 try out different groups. Peter Owen 11

Southbourne – 01243 371647 Frank Prideaux & Sally Prideaux

Young Adults – 01243 370573 Ben Ellis & Esther Ellis

Havant – 0776 466 6516 Derick Wiesner & Mari Wiesner

Youth – Friday Groups Matt Warren – 0782 529 0297 Yasmin Lane – 0758 020 6824 Luke Morgan – 0774 306 7241 Ben Knight – 0798 874 1088

Portsmouth – 0784 222 5721 Nathan Kemp & Phil Hollingsworth Mariela Kemp & Sami Hollingsworth Senior Citizens Monthly Service – 01243 371647 Frank & Sally Prideaux Morning Coffee Groups at the New Life Church Café Noemi Warren – 0792 805 0029 Mari Wiesner – 023 9247 5948

Secondary School Sam Knight – 0782 503 6260 Stephanie Knight – 0773 868 2000 Harriet Ward – 0782 504 4823 Carys Matthams – 0754 062 7622 Katie Morgan – 0791 021 3518 Sunday Evening Football 7.45pm (after evening service) 12

u o y w o H d e t c a p im e g a l l i v a

Much more than changing external circumstances, much more than charity; Compassion releases children from desperate poverty and places them where they can come to know God. Last October New Life held a Compassion Sunday, in which the church was introduced to the new child sponsorship project by Darren from Compassion UK and Julian, herself a former sponsor child.

As a nation we are not ignorant of the desperate poverty present in the world today. It is easy to feel helpless and pessimistic about the possibility of change. Julian’s inspiring testimony is a demonstration of the effect one person can have on another, and now she has the ability to change the circumstances of others herself. Her message was simple; do not doubt the God-given power you have.

This is only the beginning for New Life and the children in Ghana. To get involved or to simply find out more, visit the website: Corinthians 13 v. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

For more details about adopting a child or giving a regular monthly gift to the Through Compassion UK, the work of Compassion UK go to, church has gained 120 children in web: sponsorship, from two villages in Ghana. Now these sponsors have “Compassion is an international the opportunity to provide, pray for Christian child development and child and write to their child. It is through advocacy ministry. Partnering with these simple displays of love that local churches, we are committed to change truly occurs; and a life can be the spiritual, economic, social and transformed. What the sponsors are physical development of children living giving is more than money, because in extreme poverty in 26 countries, what they are investing in is worth a enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.� great deal more. 13

Article by Katie Morgan 14

Youth The youth play a big part at New Life. We believe in raising the new generation to lead in life and live as God intended. We have regular events for 12-18’s and young adults.

Fr i d a z e @ the base If you’re between the ages of 12-18 Fridaze@the base is the best place for you. Instead of just drifting through life we can develop our gifts, use our talent and live a life of significance. Hang out at great events, or choose to develop your talent in Music, Dance, Sport, Art, Communication and Leadership Skills. Build great friendships with people who want to make a difference. 15


‘Best in dep Worship endant A CBC A lbum’ wards





& m a 0 3 : 1 1 10am m p 0 3 : 7 6pm y a d n u S y r e Ev

2010 was a great year for We did all sorts of exciting things and discovered lots about God’s plan for our lives. The beginning of the year saw ‘Trust You’ released – the New Life Kids first worship album The preparation and release of this album has accomplished what the band were hoping and has taken worship into the daily lives of our children.

their goal of helping our children find their way in the Lord.

The small group times have come on in leaps and bounds with our teaching material being in line with what is being spoken about in the main church sermons. This has been done so that we as a family are all heading in the same direction, and all the teaching material We all know we have to get the foundations is written by Sarah Hollingsworth and of our lives firmly established in the Lord. her team. Last year was the year that The Kids Church foundations were laid. When How can I fail to mention the outstanding a new work is pioneered it brings up job Carla and her team did on the issues that are not always easy for us children’s Christmas play! As a parent all to deal with, but the foundations have it is great to see our children using their gone down deep and the two New Life gifting to serve God, and the singing Kids teams have rooted themselves in was great too. 17



Next a lb releaseum to be d soon

New Life Kids! The year ahead is going to see more and more exciting projects going on. The New Life Kids bands are working on a new album, we will be planning some special events where we can invite our friends along and there are going to be more opportunities for our children to use their gifting to serve God. I’m hugely proud of the New Life Kids team; there are too many to mention and they all deserve a pat on the back! God bless Pete Kemp NEW LIFE KIDS CHURCH WORSHIP LEADER

New Life Christian Church operate a policy for the care and protection of children and young people in the church in accordance with Government guidlines, and all youth workers are CRB checked.


Revival? A weekly experience

I’m sitting outside and currently flipping burgers for about 70 guests we are expecting after the evening service. The band has just finished playing an awesome set – by awesome I mean that the singing and the giving in the service is shouting louder than the quality of the music. (Some say personal renewal is present when the singing becomes louder than the music!)

Jesus changed their lives. Baptisms follow, and then more singing. The service spills out into the Coffee Shop, where there is a festival-like atmosphere, a euphoric buzz. Some people are still receiving prayer, others have decided to sponsor a child in extreme poverty, the youngsters have just started a game of football. During the week we will meet up in small groups to discuss how we can make a greater difference in our communities. The good news is preached – but Last week a group of mums got to there are also a lot of new stories from together and raised a substantial new followers of Jesus about how this amount of money for the earthquake 19

appeal in Japan.

Sometimes life

worship service, and now an evening service. We’ll probably start another is hard. We face injustice, the service next year, and eventually services in city locations. Why does needs seem immense, even too the church keep gathering momentum and planting services? Because ‘the much to bear – but the church love of Christ compels us‘. That love is not some ‘airy fairy spirit’ found I see is starting to experience a in ‘neverland.’ That love is found, practiced (worked out), in and through new kind of revival. the fellowship of believers. The fellowship of believers from Acts 2 wins Maybe that’s the kind of church God – Love wins. The church falling forward had in mind from the beginning of Acts in love can still experience a kind of 2 – called ‘the fellowship of believers.’ revival.

The Fellowship of Believers


Acts 2: 42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favour of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. Over the last few years we’ve implemented a Friday night youth service, a Sunday morning kids 20


Men’s Conference 20th - 22nd

Ladies Breakfast 4th Krispy Kreme Sunday 19th Chichester Carnival 25th



Music4 3rd Art Trail 9th Summer Camp 27th - 1st August

Summer Camp ends 1st August



Church Celebration 11th


Men’s Christmas BBQ 26th



Men’s Breakfast 1st Men’s surf trip 12th - 14th Ladies Seminar & Pamper Day 22nd OCTOBER

Ladies Christmas Dinner 3rd ReviveUK (Youth Service) 16th Christmas Celebration Service & Evening Candlelight Service 18th Christmas Day Service 25th DECEMBER

Dates to be released

Winterfest 10th - 13th



Replenish (Ladies Conference) 9th - 11th

Dates to be released

MARCH 2012

APRIL 2012

United (Mens Conference) 18th 20th

Dates to be released

MAY 2012

JUNE 2012

Summer Camp 23rd - 28th

Dates to be released

JULY 2012




Alone with the kids?

Join us from 2 - 4 for a chilled afternoon, some cakes, activities with the kids and good company!

rnoon? urday afte t a S a n o Bored

bar dates?

Partner away?

@New Life Church

March 26 May 14 th April 30 th July 16 th June 11th th S October eptemb er 8th Novemb 17th e Decemb er 17th r 12th

Weekly Services Kids Church Sunday 10:00am 6:30pm

Sunday 10:00am 6:00pm

ReviveUK (Youth) Friday 7:30pm HAVANT TO PORTSMOUTH






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