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The Imperial Court of Toronto With HerMost Imperial and Sovereign Majesty

Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier CBT proudly present

CORONATION XXIV A Gala Benefit Supporting The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation Food Programs &

Saturday, October 9, 2010 Marriott Eaton Centre Grand Ballroom 525 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada Program Design & Production

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Message from the Chair of the Executive Committee I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the Executive and the membership of The Imperial Court of Toronto to welcome all visiting Monarchs, their Court Members, Honoured Guests and Friends to this our XXIV Coronation, Alice in Wonderland Through a 3D Looking Glass. We have worked hard to bring you a night of Fun, Glitz, Glamour and Entertainment. Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress XXIII, Thelma Bouvier, has worked hard, representing The Imperial Court of Toronto across North America travelling to many Kingdoms, and serving Her community well. I also want to thank His Most Imperial Majesty Dave Beauchamp for his commitment and contribution to The Imperial Court of Toronto and Reign XXIII, you have done us all proud. This was not an easy year, but I want to thank all those Members, our Friends and our Community Supporters that believe in why we all are in this game and helped us raise much needed funds for the PWA Food for Life Program. With your continuous support we as an organization and community grow stronger. We as a Court are especially grateful to our Corporate Sponsors The Bank of Montreal and iTravel 2000, without your continuous support we would not have been able to put on such a great event as tonight surely will be. We as a Court also, want to thank the staff and customers of PLAY who welcomed us and gave generously to our Charity this year. A very special Thank You goes to the owners, and staff of Crews & Tangos Bar and Restaurant who at the last minute offered us the space for our Coronation Events, as well sponsored Hospitality this year; your generosity and that of your customers will always be remembered. I want to personally thank the following members of the Executive for their continued support and all the hard work done throughout this sometimes challenging year. Leonard Kelly, Vice-Chair; Kevin Levere, Treasurer; Mychol Scully, Secretary and Webmaster; Tom Ivison, Protocol; Simon Abbass, Ball Co-ordinator, Fred Day and Robert McCutcheon, College Reps; Joseph Philpott, Facebook; Mick Petitpas, Social Convenor, George Palmer and Leonard Kelly, Hospitality Food; and many countless others that without your dedication to the organization and our charities, we would never be able to succeed. So straighten your hair, hold onto your jewels and grab your 3D glasses, as we travel down the rabbit hole to the world of Alice in Wonderland and celebrate the past, present and future of The Imperial Court of Toronto. Yours Truly, Ron Gullis Executive Chair to Reign XXIII ICP to Reign XXIII



Message From The College of Monarchs Council Welcome to Courtiers and Majesties from near and far, Toronto has now been offering an annual coronation function for twenty-three years. Each year, Monarchs worked hard to create a party to end their reign celebrating success and welcoming in the newly elected Monarchs. As we look back we can clearly see that each year seems to have been vying to 'up' the next. Our functions started at the Masonic Temple, up at Yonge and Davenport. It seems odd thinking back that we had our sort of 'dress up' parties in a stone palace built for Shriners. But, we did and they didn't seem to bat an eye at our comings and goings annually. The gay community often used this facility for all kinds of rather… memorable parties. All the first four balls at the Masonic Temple hold a certain 'something special' in memory. Perhaps it was just the way our community was at this time as we explored fun, unity and nonsense. In the early 90's with Emperor V Daddy Paul and Empress V Sophie Delee, things started to look up for the Coronation Balls in Toronto. We move officially to the Grand Ballroom at the Colony Inn (jokingly called the Colon Inn) for several years. This move set a certain standard of formal elegance only seen from courts like, San Francisco, San Diego and New York at the time. It was such a pleasure to get ready and just take the elevator to the ballroom… who knew! No need for the usual rush and taximares in a crown! For this first year in a hotel, Empress V Sophie demanded there be food and lots of it! So, an endless buffet was served with more food than should have been consumed by people wearing corsets. The eating of food added a certain element of calmness and endurance for courtiers, well needed, as the court's demand for time on stage grew and balls started ending well after 1 AM. However, the wonderful thing about these early years at the 'Colon Inn' was that there so much room for cocktailing as socializing. The Ball became an exciting event off stage with table hopping, lobby cruising, pictures taken by Asian tour groups and many other likely more private moments of excitement… if you can catch our drift. More importantly, our move to a larger hotel showed that Toronto was quite serious about this business of fundraising. Each one of our Monarchs has coloured their year as unique and those balls after reign ten began to show their uniqueness also in their version of our annual Balls, too. With Empress XI Rose, we ventured into the Government Night Club at the waterfront. A fun ball that allowed our Monarch and The Widow Norton to enter the ball ROOM in a limousine… that is, the limousine came into the ballroom and dropped them off at the bottom of the red carpet. Later, Rose was hoisted into the rafters in some sort of Cherry Picker. Empress XII Chantal wanted something different too, showing us the Docks Night Club and a stage show to be remembered. Emperor XIII Bob and Empress XIII Ellie took their celebration to the Church On Berkley Theatre for a dramatic night out. Who'd have thought we'd end up in an old church? TICOT just snapper her fingers and moved on… NEXT! The Chelsea Inn, for just one year with Emperor XIV Chris and Empress XIV Candice. Then, Emperor XV Tom and Empress XV Bitch's did not think their theme matched any 'fancy dress up' hotel. They needed a real Music Hall for the presentation of live singing by both Monarchs and Mr. Christopher Peterson. This was a great party space for a 'one off' Ball, as it was an adventure and caused a lot of socializing in the balconies, well away from the stage. The show that night was like an added bonus to a great night out with friends. Our court took on a very serious switch back to a more formal elegant night with both Emperor XVI Nelson and the elegant peacock Empress XVI Plum as we moved the ball to our home chain for these past many reigns, Marriot Hotels. First with the Bloor Street location, this offered a unique space perfect for our celebrations. Contracting issue lead us to move to the second of the Marriot's grand downtown facilities, the Eaton Center, where you all sit tonight. This ballroom is particularly spacious and grand offering a dinner service on gracious rounds of ten in a spectacularly large room with a long dramatic walkway to a platform staging area for all to see. Join the College of Monarchs, those responsible for showing you elegant and exciting balls in prior years, as we lift our glasses in amazement of the spectacle anticipated from Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Empress XXIII Thelma and her Executive tonight. We remain in service, Chair of the College of Monarchs Council, His Most Imperial Majesty, The Golden Winged Sapphire Lion Emperor Emperor XVI, XVIII & XIX Nelson Jeronimo

Vice Chair of the College of Monarchs Council, Her Most Imperial Majesty, The Golden Emerald Executive Empress Empress II Veronica Blake


Message From Toronto People With AIDS Foundation




Message from Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier CBT Good Evening Fellow Monarchs, Courtiers and Guests Welcome to the 24th Annual Charity Coronation Ball of The Imperial Court of Toronto. I would like to welcome you to our lovely city. Our theme is Alice in Wonderland through a 3D Looking Glass. It has been a honour to serve our community as Empress. It has been an amazing year with the ups and downs of being an empress. Where did it begin! Well it is quite simple. I decided finally to run for Empress when I got off the plane coming back from the Calgary Ball in April 2009. My Voyage had just begun. Now it comes down tonight as the mission of my Voyage has been completed by raising a large sum of money for my charity of choice, PWA Foundation. I have so many people to thank. For those here in the community who help us out this reign in any way of form: thank you so much. Without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers, we would not be able to be here to celebrate an ending to a busy but fantastic year. During these economic recession periods, businesses and people in our community have found in their hearts to give so generously. Our court members are the same. I have always said that every dollar counts and adds up to a lot of money. Without the upper house that guided me through some of the rocky periods, I thank you for your advice and guiding me through the difficult moments. From my executive, the membership and my friends out there also, I thank you so very much. As a member of our kingdom of many years, I have many experiences with seeing what goes on in each Imperial Kingdom. My travels outside my Kingdom have not gone unnoticed with so many incredible praising comments from my fellow monarchs and court members. I have travelled to 15 Balls during my reign. St Catherine’s Wow! My first out of town Canadian ball ever so many years ago. Thomas and Rhonda Richards true believers of our court system. Claudia a Diva Mafia Empress for sure. Helium Heels thank you for being my friend and your kind words of praise and saying at one time that we are all equal regardless of the title. Many more, BD Hooters, Michael, Chrisy Snow, ICP Davie you will be an emperor someday. Katana Wow A Classic Empress! Empress Deanna and Emperor Frankie thank you so much for everything and wish you both well on your step-down. Halifax Boom Boom you are a true Empress. Our paths have crossed so many times in the last 5 years. Thank you for the LuLu LaRude distinction award. Nina Diamonds so much fun and now in Toronto helping our court and Thank you. Emperor Nate and Empress C. Leah Cruise the best for a good year. Seattle Went to see my Emperor named as Heir Apparent and had some good down time to walk around. Forgot my Pumps. Borrow the Empress of Seattle pumps thank you Candace. Nice to see Emperor Larry and Emperor Bruce again. Precious Cargo you are so much fun and you will be an Empress someday Dan of Denver showed up also nice to see you again Hm! Vancouver Emperor Michael and Empress Iona Whip nice to meet you. Emperor Marty and Empress Raye Sunshine looking forward to see you in Toronto. God I knew everyone almost in the Hospitality suite- Edmonton, Regina, Calgary Winnipeg wow! New York My third time there Emperor Tony you did it again Anne Tique well done James, Swana, Gabriel, Rob Hunter De Woofs, Fantasia, Craig, Robin Craddles, CoCo LaChine, Panzi and my two sisters Empress Charlene and Empress B (my American half) always a pleasure to see you all Tim thank you for making my step down jewellery Calgary This is were it started last year. Nice to see everyone again. Emperor Joey the party guy for sure you did it! Empress Bianca what can I say proud of you and well done. Michael, Nina Tron, Mz Rhonda(thanks for great advice always), Wayne, Corey, Conrad, Lonnie Starlight, Dion Boink, Argintina and Marty Mojo Stevens back in your hometown for a visit. Calgary you rock!! Fresno Thanks to my best friend and ICP Ron for accompanying me to this Parliament Session. This was a great experience and so nice to see many familiar faces. The 3Rd Session Parliament was something I will not forgot for many years to come. My Dear King where are your steel boots these days?


Buffalo My first USA court ever - so many fond memories to my Sister Sible you make me laugh every time Toy and Luis You are a true supporters of your court Nice to see Minnie, Thom, Rich, Kerin, Johnny, Malibu, Chris(bad boy in New York), Vanity, Vicky sorry I was unable to see you. CoCo LaTique you did it well Lexington – A wonderful experience again for the Jose Honours awards and 45 th Anniversary. Well done by Toronto with our presence. Donnie Emperor 19 and 23, thank you again for your kind hospitality. Lots of ICS members, which I knew. The Hospitality was unbelievable by Kentucky. Wes and Nicole-you made your court proud again. Winnipeg What a trip this was. Boy were do I start. Club Scout thanks you for your support during my reign. Well again, I knew a lot of people in the Hospitality suite and Ballroom. My commands from the west were present also. Breyanna Love you thank you for the fun times and allowing me to sit on the Diaz. Bianca of Calgary swimming much in the Pool late at night lately! Hamilton Robert Valentine thank you again Nikki thank you for words of wisdom, awards and fun times through out travels together. Munro and Robin Hm! Hm! My sisters for life Great to see my friends- Zelda of 35 years or so, Tig, BD Hooters, Krystoffer, Christina Dior, Mercedes, Princess Chantal, John and Kevin who both now live in Toronto, Robert George cute as ever, Natasha and Micheal great to see on the circuit this reign and a thank you for a visit to your home. Emperor Frank of St. Catherine’s Praise the lord that was funny Edmonton Well I got there barely on a Thursday flight Thanks Bob Toane Emperor 6 and 13 of Toronto(now living in Edmonton) Bob T. you will be always my friend for life Well where do I begin. Thanks to Court members that I meet. Enjoyed the In town show on Thursday I knew lots of people from Vancouver, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg also. Big Daddy Pump and Ivanna Diamonds thanks for the enjoyable ball and you both did your community proud. Leah Way always working so hard and again with the partner in the top spot. Marni Gras a pleasure always to see you again Kelsey Breeze who stole the ball command and what a pleasure always. The Best to the new monarchs L J Steele and Mz. Dee Luv what a pleasure meeting you on the circuit over the years and the best for your reign. Tough Drag(it was for sure) Sir Wayne partner of Mz. Rhonda you never look so good but please wear you shoes during the number, which was funny. London Thank you to our daughter for your kind hospitality. Congratulations to your elevation to Imperial. Grade Duke 16 Tom, you are deserving of this magical moment as you step down and I have the pleasure of meeting you so many times over the past few years. Grand Duchess 16 Suzanne the same goes for you and so polite and courteous to all of us. Elliott thank for you support. Mamaacorn a heart of gold as usual. Thank you Shantall Ice, Nancy, Dante, and Stan. The Best to you the New monarchs on your reign Empress Leigha Divine Dior and Emperor Robert Carrington-Sugarbaker Cincinnati My first time in this wild city and what a time it was. I enjoyed In Town and Out own (Boat Cruise) shows. Empress Tamika and Emperor Scott I so proud of you on what you have achieved for your charities. Mike Burke truly a great Emperor along with your Imperial wife Empress 17 Poison Ivy(we will talk next year about Thursday night ok), Empress 18 Priscilla I told you that I would make it someday down. Nice meeting Donnie , Empress 13 Truly Scrumptious (Boy do you know how to have good time), Empress 12 Ginger Snap, Empress Sylvia a pleasure always and a special thank you Emperor 12 Sam Clemons for escorting me to the Diaz on ball evening. Thank you to all members of this court for your kind hospitality. Good luck to the new monarchs Emperor 20 Dennis De Claire and Empress 20 Shanice McCoy-Patton Regina My second trip back again. What amazing small court. Nice seeing the gang again. Bruce, Avaughna, Daniel, Anne Whatsititoya(Balls), Yadda Ya-Oughtta-Booka-Head(are you nuts again), Krickett a classy Empress. To my Canadian half, Roxy Diva thank you again for your kind words always and support. Emperor Ceasar Melons Wow! So cool for all of the times I meet you and thank you again. Empress Simone DuVall you are amazing person and I love you so much. Both of you did your court proud. Good luck to the new monarchs Regent Emperor 20 Andy and Empress 20 Yadda Ya-Oughtta-Booka-Head Through out my travels, I had the pleasure of meeting our Queen Mother of the Americas Nicole the Great. I am sure our paths will cross soon. Thank you again. I have wore the State Crown with great Pride, Esteem and Dedication for my Court and Community though out this reign. My Travels have been far but I have felt that I have left a long-standing impression of goodwill giving promotion of our court within the Court Circuit. Toronto Community So many people to thank but so little time to do so. The Business Community-Gladaman’s, Café California,


Woody’s/Sailors, Crews/Tango and Play of course. A Special thanks to our Corporate sponsors. Bank of Montreal and staff on Church Thank you for financial support and as a customer of yours. Again you out did yourself again. Thank you for your Pride Float support. Labatts and Polar Ice again thank you. My friends from Spearhead thank you for you support and inviting me to so many functions. The Member of The Imperial Court of Toronto - Wow! And thank you all. Sabrina and Rob The past Trilliums thank for the fundraising support Dusty Good Luck tonight Colin Lamont thank you for support. Steve Roseland thank your dedication and support all year The College of Monarchs who came out to support me. My Executive thank you all Kevin, Mick, Mychol, Candice and Rose King Father Barry you will always be part of my thoughts for ever thank you for accepting this very distinct title. Drucsilla Queen Mum thank you also for accepting this very distinct tile. Clint and Dolly good luck in the next reign and the Best. Candice thank you also for holding me together and helping me near the end. Nina Diamonds without you tonight may not have happen thank you. Maynard Olson what I can say about you always around in support and travelling. My mother Michelle DuBarry You have been so helpful and supportive of me all of these years. Nelson thank you for you support and My sister for life Madame who got me into this make belief person. Thanks from the bottom of my heart I am stronger because of you. Bob Toane Emperor 6 and 13 You may not live here but in Edmonton but you are so supportive and thank you for sponsoring me also. You certainly been a good friend and will be for me for many years to come. Hope to see every year in Edmonton My Emperor Dave although we did not end together ―My Memories‖ I will never forget what you have meant to me over these past 5 years. You are surely a fun person to be with and you always made laugh so many times this year. You are a true court believer. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for ever. My Imperial Crown Princess Teran Blake Bouvier thank you for taking on this position and go for it again here in Toronto Hit the stage and dance my sister. My Dear Friend George Pratt without you I would be nowhere. Your staff at Play also I thank so much. Thank you for the major sponsorship this year Letting me travel on the far side sometimes. You now can rest for a long time and I remain a true friend for life to you. At last, My friend for life My Imperial Crown Prince, Ron what can I say about you. You stood by my side through out this reign from the beginning to the final end. You pushed me hard and to the end For that I am stronger for that You were there always there even when my Emperor was also. I love you for ever for doing this for me. I got you into this and maybe you will also be stronger Thank You! Thank You! Now go with your Partner Kevin and enjoy some down time Go forth to tonight and be happy on what we have done in this reign Incredible! Thanking you all for coming tonight. Good night to all I remain, H.M.I.S.M The Blue Red Sapphire, Queen of Hearts Empress Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier, CBT


The Imperial Crown Prince | HMIH Ron Da Mae Bouvier CBT Once again a warm welcome to all our guests to this year's Coronation XXIII, Alice in Wonderland, through a 3D Looking Glass. If someone a year ago said I would be back in the position of Imperial Crown Prince, and also Chair, I would have said are you nuts, then maybe it's just that I am a little bit crazy. It has been a very challenging year but as well a fun year. I want to thank Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Empress XXIII, Thelma Bouvier for her confidence in me in asking me to take on this position. We may have had our differences at times, but we always made it through and got the job done with fun and laughter. I also want to thank His Most Imperial Majesty Dave Beauchamp for letting me be his right hand man, so to speak. He has taught me why we are here and how to play this game with Fun, Unity and Nonsense, and in addition has taught me the qualities required to be a Great Emperor if I ever decide to walk that path. Thank you Dave you will always have my respect as a Monarch and as a Good Friend. This year I had the opportunity to travel to 6 out of town Coronations, 3 were to new Kingdoms that I have never previously traveled to for a Coronation. Now I don't remember many of the names of all the people I met, old age is quickly creeping up on me. I do however remember that I had a blast at all the Balls I attended. My fist stop on my North American tour was LAS VEGAS, in December, my first time for their ball. Now, if you have never been to the Las Vegas Coronation mark it on your calendar to do one year. Granted it is a long Ball, but definitely make sure you are there for the Friday Out of Town show and the famous (I am sure) Bus Tour, and watch out for that Dam Water. I was there this year with my court mistress Maxine, and we had a blast, don't remember much about the Friday night, we were on the Candidates Bus and it was wild to say the least. My next stop on my tour was in February for the HALIFAX Coronation. I know some may say are you crazy Halifax in the winter, but I had the most fun I think that I ever had at a Ball and if there was a prize for the funniest opening number it should go to Halifax, the Emperor Candidate in a chicken suit doing the chicken dance, YES, you heard me right the Chicken Dance. But the best moment of Halifax was at the airport on my way home. The look on Monroe and Robin, from Hamilton, faces as I strolled past them 30 minutes after my plane left. I think the Empress was ready to shout "off with his head", as I had given up my seat, sent the Empress on her way, and waited 5 hours to get a later flight but in First Class. My next stop was CALGARY and as always I had a great time. My 3rd new Kingdom to visit was FRESNO, for parliament, and what a great time I had. They sure know how to make you feel welcome, and I had a blast bar hopping after the Out of Town show. The last two coronations attended for this year were BUFFALO and HAMILTON. Finally I want to thank my Husband and Life Time Companion Kevin for his continuous support of me and understanding when I needed to travel . I promise we will go on at least two more Cruises in the near future, my Love. Now sit back and enjoy the fun filled evening we have planned for you all, it's not every day you get to step through a Rabbits Hole and into a world of Glitz, Glamour and Illusion. HMIH The Ruby Jewelled, Leather Giraffe, Two Times the Fun, But Half the Calories, Imperial Crown Prince to Reign XXIII Ron DaMae Bouvier CBT Alternate Member of Her Majesty's Parliament





The Imperial Crown Princess | HMIH Teran Blake Bouvier Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to Toronto's Coronation Ball. Have a great night and enjoy your stay. Where do I begin after a year like this; there are so many people and Realms to thank and so little space, if I miss anyone, please know that you are not forgotten but that you are in my heart. To London, WOW!! It's about f******g time! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Robbie, WHAT where you thinking?!?!?! Leigha, my dearest daughter, I am so proud of you, don't change for anyone. One day I WILL return; that's a promise. To St Catherines, It's always a pleasure going back to a place I once called home and seeing everyone. Frankie; I told you that one day this would happen to you. Dianna… EVIL sister, it is time to go shopping!! I will see you both at your step-down. To Hamilton, to the "Steel-town" Empire; what a gang where do I begin…John Ribson, your absolutely INSANE….WHAT where you thinking…doesn't matter….I LOVE YOU. Miss Drew, have a great year and lots of fun. Robin, I can't tell you how much I miss tea time with you. Monroe, you are always a lady….till the ball is over lol (said with love). Christina Dior, we need a day out….how about oh I don't know…"Donuts"??? Christine Neale, when are you ever coming to Toronto so we can do lunch?!?!? Kiki, your time is coming….just remember BE A GOOD GIRL!! Stephanie, I am really glad to see that you are so happy, you really do deserve only the best in life and I miss the times we use to have. Reg, WOW!! Is all that comes to my mind. You have a great heart and a wonderful personality, I certainly see "Emperor" written in your future; you are my BFF and for that I am so greatful, thank you for always being there whenever I need you. To Toronto, what a year this has been I am so happy that no friendships have been destroyed. Colin, I love you!! You are wonderful man no matter what anyone has to say about you. What will you be doing in 2 years… it a date?????? Jason, the clock starts ticking now…time to start travelling see you on the road. Farra, I am so looking forward to travelling with you; I can't wait for your day in sun. Candice, you are truly amazing and you are always there for the Court; thank you. Kevin, now you can finally have your husband back. Ron, my Imperial Husband…it has been a great year, I hope you had F.U.N. I certainly know I did. Thelma, your night is finally here, so sit back relax and enjoy you are almost A.F.D. congratulations on a great year no matter what anyone says, now it's time for a holiday; enjoy your number Your Majesty. To Mr. George Pratt, I had a great time in Calgary, thank you so much; you have truly done great things for the Imperial Court of Toronto and I would like to thank you personally. To everyone that I have not mentioned but have travelled with, seen out on the circuit, or have not mentioned, thank you for your support and friendship, again you are not forgotten. To everyone reading this letter; please remember that those who live in glass houses should NOT throw stones! NO ONE is any better than anyone, please remember that this is a game and we are here to raise money for our communities, but if you are here for yourself or to build a personal Empire then you are here for ALL of the WRONG reasons. People who volunteer their time, money, heart and soul; deserve to be treated with the same amount of respect as you would wish to be treated with yourself. All the best of luck to next years Reign. Dusty, remember I am only a phone call away, Good Luck. Sincerely Imperial Crown Princess To Reign XXIII Teran Blake



Executive Committee 2009 - 2010 Chairperson Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer Social Convenor Minister of Protocol Ball Coordinator College Representative College Representative

Ron Gullis Leonard Kelly Mychol Scully Kevin Levere Mick Petitpas Tom Ivison Simon Abbass Fred Day Robert McCutcheon



Aspirant to the Throne

Dusty Balfour 19

Double Decade Honour | Emperor IV Andrew Kennedy

Double Decade Honour | Her Late Imperial Majesty Empress IV Ryan Waters 20

Decade Honour | Emperor XIV Chris Holmgren

Decade Honour | Empress XIV Candice 21

Silent Auction From The Imperial Court of Toronto, welcome to Coronation XXIV. It is my honour to bring you this year's Silent Auction. We have more than 50 pieces from Designer Clothing to Art and of course jewelry, all of which you may find interesting and hopefully useful. Our Silent Auction is located just across from the Ballroom adjacent to the large greeting area. We have a good number of donations this year from both our Members and the Community. We look forward to this being another successful Silent Auction. There will be a bidding sheet, which will have an opening bid already in place. If you are interested in an item please fill in the appropriate spaces for your bid. All bidding will end at 10:30 p.m. You may pay by Cash, Visa or MasterCard. We will have our volunteers from The People With Aids Foundation stationed outside the Ballroom with the items for you to purchase when the bidding is completed at 10:30 p.m. We will announce shortly after 10:00 p.m. that the Silent Auction is closing, and at that time please check to see if your bidding was successful. All items must be picked up by the end of the Ball. Thanks to all those who donated and assisted, helping to make this a successful Silent Auction and Coronation XXIV a Special Event. We also have had a number of contributors who have chosen to donate anonymously.


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Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier CBT

iTravel 2000 - Maynard Olson

Emperor XX Dave Beauchamp

Reflections on

Empress III Dawn Valley Parkway

Thorin & Company - Tim Szlyk

Sissy Top DuBarry, Ultima

Court Portrait Photography We wish to offer a special thank-you to Jessica and Bob Menard, who are donating a portion of proceeds from their Court Portrait Photography work this evening to TICOT. The $20 you spend for your portrait includes a donation to Reign XXIII.




Set One Greeting from the executive chair - Ron Gullis Introduction of Master of Ceremony Presentation of Colours National Anthems Imperial Court of Toronto Opening Number Invocation: Reverend Introduction of HMISM Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier, CBT American Court Walks Introduction of Guests to the dais Command Performance 1 Citizen of the Year Award Command Performance 2 Command Performance 3 Excuse Guests from the Dais Excuse HMISM Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier, CBT Intermission

Set Two Introduction of Master of Ceremony Introduction of HMISM Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier, CBT Presentation of The Imperial Court of Toronto Presentation of Charity Cheque and Awards Canadian Court Walks Introduction of Guests to the Dais Command Performance 4 Command Performance 5 Command Performance 6 Decade Honour Walk: HIM Emperor XIV Chris Holmgren Decade Honour Walk: HIM Empress XIV Candice Excuse Guests from the Dais Excuse HMISM Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier, CBT Presentation of Candidate for Empress XXIV Dusty Balfour 26

Set 3 Introduction of Master of Ceremony Introduction of HMISM Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier, CBT Introduction of Guests to the Dais Emperor Dowager Walk Empress Dowager Walk Command Performance 7 Command Performance 8 Empress Presentation Court Command Proclamations and Ultima Titles Excuse Guests from the Dais Excuse HMISM Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier, CBT Intermission

Set 4 Introduction of Master of Ceremony Final Walk of HMIH Imperial Crown Prince XXIII Ron DaMae Bouvier Final Walk of HMIH Imperial Crown Princess XXIII Teran Blake Final Walk of HMISM Empress XXIII Thelma Bouvier, CBT

~ Coronation Ceremony ~ Introduction of Executive Chair and Auditor Introduction of the College of Monarchs Introduction of Heirs Crowning of Reign XXIV Monarchs


Courtiers Her Grace Lady Rachel His Grace Lord of Laughter His Grace Lord of the Flies His Grace Lord, Chauffeur to Empress 23 His Grace Lord of the Lasso His Grace Viscount His Grace Viscount His Grace The Frog Footman Viscount His Grace The Gryphon Viscount His Grace The Doorfly Viscount His Grace Viscount Her Grace Countess Her Grace The Puppy Countess His Grace The Rocking Chair Count Her Grace Countess , Mistress to ICP Ron Da Mae His Grace Count of the Chicken

Rachel Scully Paul Thomas Dave Robert Dan Potts George Young Wim Beers Henry Oki Mike Morrell Mark Stenabaugh Rick Simonato Salvatore Buccellato Kira Vallen Sable Waters Ward Xamin Maxine Kris Papakiriazis

Royal House Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess His Royal Highness Grand Duke His Royal Highness Grand Duke of Alexandra Her Royal Highness The Princess Of Dur Ham His Royal Highness Prince of Pretty His Royal Highness The Prince of Pandora’s Box His Royal Highness Fish Footman Prince Consort to the Regent His Royal Highness The White Crow Prince His Royal Highness The Oyster Prince His Royal Highness The Mock Turtle Prince His Royal Highness The Barfly Prince His Royal Highness The Head Barfly Prince His Royal Highness The Horse Prince Her Royal Highness The Tiger Lily Princess Her Royal Highness The Cherry Blossom Princess His Royal Highness Prince of Harmony


Champagne La Dot Tim Thomas Jim ―Wendy‖ Wigmore Lauren Lovelace DuBarry Stephen Martin Charles Seymour Frank Godfrey Stephen Weiss Gerry White Lennard Burke Darren Hansford Gilles Berthelot Justin Easton Kristen Lawrie Katherine Goodlay Kevin Tinianob

Imperial House His Imperial Highness Imperial Court Jester Her Imperial Highness The Fishmonger’s Wife Princess His Imperial Highness The Frog Footman Prince His Imperial Highness The Green Knight Prince His Imperial Highness The Red Pussycat Prince Her Imperial Highness The Hermit Aphrodite Princess His Imperial Highness The Beetle Prince Her Imperial Highness The Dormouse Princess His Imperial Highness The Dormouse Prince His Imperial Highness The Chem – mix Prince His Imperial Highness The Black Rubber Prince His Imperial Highness The Black Velvet Prince His Imperial Highness The Humpty Dumpty Prince Mr. Trillium 2009 Her Imperial Highness The Orchid Princess Miss Trillium 2009 His Imperial Highness The Gardener 5, 7 and 2 Prince Equerry to Empress 23 Her Imperial Highness The Flamingo Princess His Imperial Highness The Mighty Mouse Prince Her Imperial Highness The Baby Duck Princess His Imperial Highness The White Knight Prince Her Imperial Highness The White Maiden Princess His Imperial Highness The Rocking Horsefly Prince Brother to the Reign King Father 2009

The Gay Dragon Alexis Van Cartier George Palmer Nuno D’Abreau Jody Z. Mama G. Paul Willis Carrie Sinclair Dwayne Shaw Jacques Demers Shawn DiVirgilio Corey Breau Robert Jeyes

Her Imperial Highness The Snap Dragonfly Princess Sister to the Reign Queen Mum 2009

Savannah Georgia

His Imperial Highness The Dragon Fly Prince His Imperial Highness The Bread and Butterfly Prince Imperial Consort to Empress 23 His Imperial Highness The Elvis Prince Royale Her Imperial Highness The Llanfairpwyllagwyllagawatch Princess Royale His Imperial Highness The Knave of Hearts Prince Royale Brother to the Reign Mr. Dot 2009

Robb Harper Parkway CBT Kevin Levere

Her Imperial Highness The Bird of Paradise Princess Royale His Imperial Highness The Knave of Spades Prince Royale

Stephanie Stephens Jason Dickson Vanderbilt

Sabrina Perez Mychol Scully Drucilla DuBarry Glenn Denholm Trish De Wolfe Richard Durk Gallant Fontaine Tony Ballarino

Jim Lapore Dolly Jones Colin Lamont


Her Imperial Highness The Rose Princess Royale His Imperial Highness The Knave of Diamonds Prince Royale Her Imperial Highness The Tiger Lily Princess Royale His Imperial Highness Mad Hatter Brother to the Reign Prince of the Realm Her Imperial Highness The Queen of Hearts Princess of the Realm Her Imperial Highness Pineapple Sister to the Reign Imperial Crown Princess 18 Her Imperial Highness Keeper of the Melody Imperial Crown Princess 19 His Imperial Highness White Rabbit Son to the Regent Keeper of the Cards to Empress 23 Imperial Crown Prince 20

Carlotta Carlisle Clint Lyckher Nikki Chin Maynard Olsen

Her Imperial Highness Cinderella Sister to the Reign Keeper of the Empresses Sequins Imperial Crown Princess 21

Farra N Hyte

His Imperial Highness The Jabberwock Brother to the Reign Imperial Crown Prince 22 Her Imperial Highness Imperial Crown Princess 19 and 22

Mick Petitpas CBT

H.M.I.H. The Ruby Jeweled Leather Giraffe 2 times the fun, but ½ the calories Imperial Crown Prince to Reign 23

Ron DaMae Bouvier CBT

H.M.I.H. The Tiger Lily Imperial Crown Princess To Reign 23 His Imperial Highness The Bumble Beefly Brother to the Reign Keeper of Dreams Ultima His Imperial Highness The Gentleman in White Paper Brother to the Reign Prince Imperial 1 Ultima

Teran Blake Bouvier Karl Blindheim

His Imperial Highness March Hare Brother to the Regent Leather Daddy to all Leather Boys Ultima His Imperial Highness Baby Pig Brother to the Regent Prince of Dedication, Duty and Dungeons Ultima His Imperial Highness The Blue Knight Warbler Brother to the Reign Prince of the Silver Dollar Lounge Ultima

Daddy John Burch

His Imperial Highness White Queen Sister to the Reign Sister for Life to Empress 23 Princess of Gowns and Treasure Chests Ultima

Sissy Top DuBarry

His Imperial Highness Chrysanthemum to the Reign Butterfly Princess Ultima His Imperial Highness The Plum Pudding Sister to the Reign Princess Imperial 3 Ultima Her Imperial Highness The Gilded Lily Sister to the Reign Princess of the Lycan Pack Ultima His Imperial Highness Caterpillar Brother to the Reign The Jeweled Diamond Prince Ultima

Diet Pepsi


Dusty Balfour Maria Del Monte Sherry Sylvain Barry Bam Bam CBT

Charo Batista

David Wilson

Christopher Evans Steve Roseland

Lynda Louise DuBarry Morgan James George Pratt

H.I.M. Keeper of the Silver Dagger Empress 6 of Halifax H.I.M. The Pepsi King Brother to the Reign Emperor 2, 6 and 9 of Hamilton H.I.M. Great Aunt Lily to the Reign Empress 1 Elect of Toronto H.I.M. The Swimming Duck Sister to the Reign Empress 2 of Toronto H.I.M. The Tulip Sister to the Reign Empress 3 of Toronto H.I.M. TheTweedle DD Brother to the Reign The Double Decade Monarch Emperor 4 of Toronto

Nina Diamonds John Ribson

H.I.M. Great Aunt Ivy to the Reign Empress 5 of Toronto H.I.M. Imperial Mother to Empress 23 Snowdrop Sister to the Regent Empress 6 of Toronto

Sophie De Lee

H.I.M. The Carpenter Uncle to the Reign Emperor 8 of Toronto H.I.M. Sister to the Reign Empress 10 of Toronto H.I.M. The Red Rose Sister to the Reign Empress 11 of Toronto H.I.M. The Twisted Hair Sister to the Reign Empress 12 of Toronto H.I.M. Imperial Father to Empress 23 Black Diamond Brother to the Regent Emperor 6 and 13

Andre Heasman

H.I.M. The Tweedle Dum Brother to Reign 23 The Decade Monarch Emperor 14 of Toronto

Chris Holmgren

H.I.M. The Songbird Sister to Reign 23 Empress 15 of Toronto H.I.M. Flaming Feathered Sister to Reign 23 Empress 16 of Toronto H.I.M. The Cheshire Cat Brother to Reign 23 Brother for Life to the Regent Minister of Protocol to Reign 23 Emperor 15 and 17

Bitch Diva CBT

H.I.M. The Tweedle-Dee Sister to Reign 23 The Decade Monarch Empress 9, 14 and 17


Lauren Michaels Veronica Blake Dawn Valley Parkway Andrew Kennedy

Michelle DuBarry

Scarlett Fever Rose Zen Chantelle Cartier Bob Toane aka Thelma Toronto CBT

Plum Vicious Tom Ivison Parkway CBT


H.I.M. Blue King Brother to Empress 23 Heir Apparent to the Regent Emperor 16, 18 and 19

Nelson Jeronimo

H.I.M. Heir Apparent and Sister for Life to Empress 23 The Turquoise Queen Sister to the Regent Empress 18 and 19 of Toronto


H.I.M. Hummingbird Sister to Empress 23 Purple Diamond Wife of Past Lives to the Regent Empress 20 of Toronto

Nikki Leblanc

H.I.M. The Pink Wolf Brother to Reign 23 Emperor 19 ½ of Buffalo Emperor 10 ½ of Winnipeg The Dowager Emperor Emperor 22 of Toronto

Hunter James

H.I.M. The Black Violet Sister to Reign 23 Sister for Life to Empress 23 The Dowager Empress Empress 22 of Toronto

Tiffany Louise Charles

H.M.I.M. Imperial Grandson to Queen Mother of the Americas Regent Emperor to Reign 23 H.M.I.S.M. The Blue Red Sapphire Queen of Hearts Empress Empress 23 of Toronto

Dave Beauchamp Bludd Boink CBT Thelma Bouvier CBT


Ultimas David Wilson Daddy John Burch Christopher Evans Linda Louise DuBarry Diet Pepsi Sissy Top DuBarry Steve Roseland Maria Del Monte

Karl Blindheim George Pratt Morgan James

His Imperial Highness – Prince Imperial One - David Wilson De Lee Parkway CBT His Imperial Highness – Leather Daddy To All Leather Boys - John Burch His Imperial Highness – Prince Of Dedication, Duty, And Dungeons – Ultima – Mister Christopher Evans Her Imperial Highness – Princess Imperial III – Ultima – Linda Louise DuBarry Her Imperial Highness – Princess Of Butterflies – Ultima – Diet Pepsi Her Imperial Highness – Princess Of Gowns And Treasure Chests – Ultima – Sissy Top DuBarry Brother to Emperor Prince of the Silver Dollar Lounge – Ultima – Steve Roseland Keeper of the Imperial Pineapples Imperial Crown Princess 18 Princess of Pineapples – Ultima – Maria Del Monte Grand Duchess Charlene, Keeper of Dreams – Ultima – Karl Blindheim His Imperiual Highness – The Diamon Jewelled Prince Ultima – George Pratt Her Imperial Highness – Princess of the Lycan Pack Ultima – Morgan James


Past Monarchs Lauren Michaels

Her Imperial Majesty – Empress I Elect Of All Ontario – Lauren Michaels

Veronica Blake

Her Imperial Majesty – The Widowed Golden Emerald Executive Empress - Empress II Of All Ontario – Veronica Blake Her Imperial Majesty – Heir Apparent To Queen Mother Of The Americas Empress Nicole The Great – The Amethyst Angel Of Love Empress – Empress III Of All Ontario – Dawn Valley Parkway His Imperial Majesty – The Urban Cowboy – Emperor IV Of All Ontario – Andrew Kennedy Her Imperial Majesty – The Absolute Golden Topaz Empress – A Five Crown Empress - Empress V Of All Ontario – Sophie De Lee Her Imperial Majesty – The Absolute Queen Mother Empress – Matriarch Of The Imperial Court Of Toronto – Empress VI Of Toronto – Michelle DuBarry His Imperial Majesty – The Diamond And Denim Double D Emperor – Emperor VI Of Toronto – Art Tomlin Her Imperial Majesty – The Ravishing Radiant Red Ruby Black Orchid Two Bit Empress – Empress VII Of Toronto – Mister J. J. Murray His Imperial Majesty – The Torch Light Crash Test Dummy Emperor – Emperor VIII Of Toronto – Andre Heasman Her Imperial Majesty – The Showgirl Goddess Of Fire – The Perfect Ten – X Files Empress – Empress X Of Toronto – Scarlett Fever Her Imperial Majesty – The Crimson Rose Of Love And Sunshine Empress – Empress XI Of Toronto – Rose Zen Her Imperial Majesty – The Golden Copper Flamed Mane Attraction Empress – Empress XII Of Toronto – Chantal Cartier His Imperial Majesty – The Wild Mustang Common Bar Trash Emperor – Emperor VI And XIII Of Toronto – Bob Toane A.K.A. Thelma Toronto Her Imperial Majesty – The Purple Beauty Of Her Own Design – Y II K – Y Not Empress – Empress XIII Of Toronto – Ellie Vader His Imperial Majesty – The Never Say Never Again Leather Phoenix Emperor – Emperor XIV Of Toronto – Chris Holmgren – Master Of Revels Her Imperial Majesty – The Silver Swallow Charmed Sorceress Empress – Empress XV Of Toronto – Bitch Diva Her Imperial Majesty – The Delicious And Nutricious Crystal Eyed Pucci Peacock Protector Of Feathers, Flare And Fancy – Etherial Erte Empress – Empress XVI Of Toronto – Plum Vicious His Imperial Majesty – The Silver Tongued Golden Gryphon Rainbow Koala Bear Emperor – Emperor XV And XVII Of Toronto – Tom Ivison Parkway C.B.T. Her Imperial Majesty – The Triple Crowned Ivory Elephant Empress That Won’t Take Anything Home Unless The Trunk Is Up – Empress IX, XIV And XVII Of Toronto – Candice – Lord High Chamberlain His Imperial Majesty – The Golden Winged Sapphire Lion Emperor – Emperor XVI, XVIII And XIX Of Toronto – Nelson Jeronimo Her Imperial Majesty – Jose Honours 2008 - Empress Of Loyalty, Integrity And Charity – Empress XVIII And XIX Of Toronto – Madame His Imperial Majesty – Grandson Of Queen Mother Of The Americas Nicole The Great – The Leather Amethyst Dragonfly Emperor – The Triple F Emperor Of Fun / Fundraising And Family – Emperor XX Of Toronto – Mister David Beauchamp C.B.T. Her Imperial Majesty – Granddaughter Of Queen Mother Of The Americas Nicole The Great – The Opulent Ethereal Jade Hummingbird – Resplendent In Gems Of Change / Integrity And Decadence – The Platinum Bone China And Emerald Anniversary Empress – Empress XX Of Toronto – Nikki Leblanc Her Imperial Majesty – The “New Look” Maple Leaf Empress – Empress XXI of Toronto – Bitsie Vanderbilt His Imperial Majesty – The Multimedia Inked and Pierced Lycan Emperor, Emperor XXII of Toronto – Hunter James Her Imperial Majesty – The Diamond Jewelled People's Empress, Empress XXII of Toronto – Ms. Tiffany Louise-Charles

Dawn Valley Parkway Andrew Kennedy Sophie De Lee Michelle Dubarry Art Tomlin Mister J.J. Murray Andre Heasman Scarlett Fever Rose Chantal Cartier Bob Toane Ellie Vader Chris Holmgren Bitch Diva Plum Vicious Tom Ivison Candice

Nelson Jeronimo Madame Mr. David Beauchamp

Nikki Leblanc

Bitsie Vanderbilt Hunter James Ms. Tiffany Louise-Charles







In-Town Events


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In Memoriam "Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We shall remember them."

Sophie DeLee Empress V of Toronto

Elle Mae Elwood George Gullis Myrtle Gertrude Gullis



TICOT Coronation XXIV  

Coronation XXIV Gala Souvenir Ball Program

TICOT Coronation XXIV  

Coronation XXIV Gala Souvenir Ball Program