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APRIL – MAY 2018 – YEAR V – NUMBER 07 MILAN CONCIERGE INFORMATION Bimestrale dell’A.L.P.A. Associazione Lombarda Portieri d’Albergo “Les Clefs d’Or”


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April - May 2018 |



Milan. In the Middle of the Future! Dear Guest, Welcome to Milano, a Place to Be Milan has been voted as one of the top European destinations, in an online voting session carried out by European Best Milan ranked second place in the list of the most popular European cities

Infact Spring Season is the best to visit Lake Como. Follow our Concierge suggestions and you’ll discover why Milan is the epicentre for art, design and food and why this city is between tradition and innovation. Enjoy your time in the city!

to visit. Milan is the Italy’s most international city. Visiting Milan means discovering another kind of Italy – the Italy of the future. Les Clefs D’Or April / May issue will guide you through all the events related to the

Mr. Bernie Gallotta President A.L.P.A - U.I.C.H. “Les Clefs d’Or” Lombardy Section Chief Concierge at Grand Visconti Palace

three Made in Italy “F”: Fashion, Food, Food never neglecting Art and Culture. Browse free on the internet The best appointment of this period

in Milan? Yes, you can!

is the Design Week: Milan is full of wonderfull events and exhibitions.

The Milanese Public Network provides the Wi-Fi connectivity for the Municipality

The Shopping&Style section includes

of Milan. The service is available both in

an editorial about” Dolce & Gabbana

public buildings (indoor) and outside

Sartoria and Nobu Milano.

(outdoor), in various squares and streets. The indoor service is currently called


Take advantage of the sunny weather to

Free Wi-Fi indoor (Wi-Fi public

explore new off track treasures through our

offices) while the outdoor service

itineraries, combining nature, sport and art!

is called Open Wi-Fi Milano.

| April - May 2018




ALPA Le Chiavi d’Oro - Les Clefs d’Or

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alpa_les_clefs_d_or ALPA_lechiavido alpa-le-chiavi-d-oro-les-clefs-d-or April - May 2018 |



Welcome to Milan. Enjoy your stay Welcome to Milan, a city that will surprise you. Milan is a contemporary city, always up to date and able to fulfill the many requests of the tourists that, every year more, decide to visit. Arts, design, fashion, cusine, music, theatre, nightlife, and innovative architecture: each aspect of our daily life in Milan shows an open and young city. Expo 2015 undoubtedly confirmed Milan’s international appeal. Thanks to the collaboration between the city’s institutions, its universities, the transport network, its green spaces, the new sharing systems, and its citizens Milan has become a place where people can grow both individually and professionally. It is easy to realise it. Let the splendour of the Duomo, of the new Porta Nuova area skyline, and the beauty of the Navigli canals charm you. Explore our city parks and the exhibitions held at Palazzo Reale, at Mudec, and at the Galleries of 10 | April - May 2018

Modern Art: you will be enchanted by the most famous artists in history. Visit the Sforzesco Castle, the Science Museum and Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. Go the a theatre play or enjoy the vibe of a football match at the stadium. Plunge into the elegance of the fashion district and do not forget the hidden beauty of independent boutiques and local markets. Milan offers the opportunity of living unique experiences, either if you are visiting for business of for a holiday. I am sure that our city will meet yor expectations. Enjoy your stay and come back soon. Giuseppe Sala Mayor of Milan

The Knitted Gaze, Lorenzo Vitturi

Krizia Boutique Milan, v. della Spiga 23


Contents WONDER


SHOPPING &STYLE 38 38 Rosso35 e Giobagnara

12 Frida kahlo oltre il mito 16 Impressionismo e Avanguardie Masterpieces by Philadelphia Museum of Art 20 GREEN HARMONIES 24 MAST GALLERY Mast foundation for photography grant 2018 on industry and work 26 The exhibition Generation Cerri 28 Trade Art Gallery The Passion for Contemporary Art 30 CLAUDIO PITTAN The tatoo artist 34 Marco Alberti and Alessandra Ferrandu When art becomes universal language 36 Less known “Walk of Fame” on the planet? It’s in the city center! 12 | April - May 2018


40 L’Arabesque A cult store in the heart of Milan

58 The wellness oasis in the heart of Milan 62 CLASSICO Restaurant & Bar


44 Spotti in Milan since 1986 48 Armani/Dolci celebrates Easter 2018 50 Nobu milano a unique experience 54 Dolce&Gabbana Sartoria The Temple of Male Vanity 68 Teatro Alla Scala




90 Our Itinerary For You 92 CERESIO7 GYM&SPA an Individual and Exclusive Experience

106 Bicerìn Milano: Milan’s first wine room project

72 Salone del Mobile 2018 edition 76 The Project Connessioni 78 Lake Como A small Paradise for Every Taste

110 Fly in style with Globeair



82 Welcome to Harry Potter - The exhibition comes to Milan

REMEMBRANCE 84 96 Ricetta Mondeghilli del Malnat by Marco Poncia

115 Alighiero Boetti The fantastic worldby Luigi Lanaro

98 PETRUS 1935 the tradition of north american oyster bar

118 Agenda

100 SpazioSushi, away from cliché. 84 HISTORICAL SIGHTS IN MILAN - An Exclusive Restaurant in the Old Liberty Railway Station Bullona

127 Les clefs d’or: hotel 128 Emergency and useful telephone numbers

102 Restaurants Our Concierges tasted them for you

88 Valentino Vintage A Milanese Restaurant inspired to a Great Icon of the Past

April - May 2018 | 13


FRIDA KOLTRE A HIL LM ITOO Artist Frida Kahlo was considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists who began painting mostly self-portraits after she was severely injured in a bus accident. Kahlo later became politically active and married fellow communist artist Diego Rivera in 1929. She exhibited her paintings in Paris and Mexico before her death in 1954. Frida Kahlo. Oltre il mito is the first italian exhibition about the artist. There are all the artist’s masterpieces from Museo Dolores Olmedo of Mexico City and from Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection: the most famous art masterpieces of Frida Kahlo’s collections. The exhibition is curated from Diego Sileo, and it’s composed from four different sections: DONNA, TERRA, POLITICA, DOLORE.

14 | April - May 2018


Frida Kahlo, Autoritratto alla frontiera tra il Messico e gli Stati Uniti, 1932, olio su metallo, dim.: 31x35 cm Prestatore: Modern Art International Foundation (Courtesy Maria and Manuel Reyero). Crediti: Banco de MĂŠxico Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo Museums Trust, MĂŠxico, D.F. by SIAE 2017

April - May 2018 | 15


Concierge Tips

where & WHEN

Frida Kahlo, Diego nella mia mente, 1943, olio su masolite Prestatore: The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection of 20th Century Mexican Art and The Vergel Foundation, CREDITI: ©Gerardo Suter © Banco de México Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo Museums Trust, México, D.F. by SIAE 2017

Frida khalo - oltre il limite MUDEC, Museo delle Culture Via Tortona 56 - 20144 Milano From 1st February until 3rd June 2018 Tel +39 02 54917 Zona Tortona - Centred around the streets of Via Tortona and Via Savona this area is where the young Milanese experiment in fashion, design and food. Expect hip cafes, sophisticated eateries in airy settings and small designer boutiques or temporary stores offering one of a kind pieces. Zona Tortona is where the cool kids are, so don your brogues, ditch your socks, roll up your trousers, ruffle up your hair and get ready to channel your inner hipster. A new addition to the area, this former warehouse-turnedrestaurant boasts a wonderful outdoor garden where you can enjoy the modern Italian dishes from Japanese Chef Kokichi Takahashi.

16 | April - May 2018

Matteo Girelli Concierge at Park Hyatt Milan

Frida Kahlo, Autoritratto, 1940, olio su alluminio Prestatore: Harry Ransom Center - The University of Texas, Austin, CREDITI: © Banco de México Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo Museums Trust, México, D.F. by SIAE 2017



Impressionismo e Avanguardie Masterpieces by Philadelphia Museum of Art

18 | April - May 2018


It’s almost like the opening of a new

Works by very famous artists such as Pierre

museum of modern art: for a special 180-

Bonnard, Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas,

day run from 8 March to 2 September,

Edouard Manet, Paul Gauguin, Claude

the Philadelphia Museum of Art is coming

Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Camille Pissarro

to Milan, to the magnificent setting of

and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, the artistic

the Palazzo Reale. A selection of fifty

experimentations of Georges Braque, Vasily

masterpieces offer a unique opportunity

Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Marc

to admire works by the greatest painters

Chagall, Constantin Brancusi and Pablo

from the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth

Picasso, and the surrealism of Salvador Dalí

centuries at the height of their artistic

and Joan Mirò. Not to mention the works

expression, in an exhibition designed

of three great women artists: Mary Cassatt,

for full appreciation of each individual

Marie Laurencin and Berthe Morisot.

work. The exhibition is sponsored and produced by City of Milan - Culture, the Palazzo Reale and MondoMostreSkira.

April - May 2018 | 19

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Impressionismo e Avanguardie PALAZZO REALE Piazza del Duomo 12 From 8th March until 2nd September Tel +39 02 88465230 Ten centuries of history. Palazzo Reale has ancient origins and its history is interwoven with that of Milan and of the families who governed the city. From the Sforza dynasty to Napoleon and from the plague to the bombardments, countless persons and major events have shaped both the structure and the functions of the Palazzo; it is a reflection of the influential powers that alternated in the city government and which changed the appearance of the edifice over the centuries, until it became the prestigious location for major art exhibitions in Milan that we know today. To peruse the history of Palazzo Reale is akin to examining the changes that have influenced one of the most important cities in Italy and its people.

20 | April - May 2018

Daniele Marsico Concierge at Art Hotel Navigli


April - May 2018 | 21


GREEN HARMONIES The Museo del Paesaggio in Verbania opens its spring exhibition season with an enchanting art show dedicated to the landscape.

After its reopening in 2016 with the great exhibition dedicated to Paolo Troubetzkoy, permanently set up on the ground floor, and the beautiful exhibition I volti e il cuore in 2017, the Museo del Paesaggio in Verbania opens its spring exhibition season with an enchanting art show dedicated to the landscape, ARMONIE VERDI. Paesaggi dalla Scapigliatura al Novecento (GREEN HARMONIES. Landscapes from the Scapigliatura to the twentieth century). An evocative and fascinating journey among art masterpieces of the late 19th century to the first half of the 20th century, along scenarios of great poetry, beauty and colors, to investigate the relationship between man and nature. The overview of the selected works attests the variations in the interpretation of the landscape, from the centrality that this theme occupies in the late 19th century painting, to the volumetric interpretation of the Twenties, when the landscape is constructed as an architecture and suggests a sense of solidity and duration, up to the new sense of precariousness expressed since the Thirties. The exhibition can also count on two prestigious groups of works: The lake, 1926 by Sironi, and an important series of landscapes by Tosi. 22 | April - May 2018


where & when MUSEO DEL PAESAGGIO Palazzo Viani Dugnani Via Ruga 44, Verbania from 24 March to 30 September 2018 April - May 2018 | 23

WONDER SARAH CWYNAR Tracy Grid (Green To Red), serie: Colour Factory, 2017 © Sarah Cwynar



The MAST Foundation for Photography Grant is now running for the fifth time. Over the course of its first four editions, it took place as GD4PhotoArt and now it is presented under its new name for the first time. At each edition, around 40 photographers are nominated by international experts. A jury then selects the four most convincing projects from among the candidates. The four chosen photographers subsequently have six months to complete their respective projects which are finally exhibited in the MAST PhotoGallery. Through this competition, MAST supports young photographers and artists who are engaging with the topics of industry, technology, territory and work. We see again and again how little we know about invention, research, production, marketing, and sale of machines and products, how little the images from these fields are different. The strides of technology and the financial economy have turned our world into an abstract. Thus the visualisations of this world become ever more important. Only by means of images are we capable of following the new paths, the new developments in research and in production. Mari Bastashevsky, Sarah Cwynar, Sohei Nishino and Cristรณbal Olivares are the four young photographers, selected from a list of 35 candidates from all over the world, who have developed original and neverbeforepublished projects for the MAST Foundation. On 31st January, during the press conference of the exhibithion, the jury has decided to award the prize ex-aequo to Sohei Nishino and Sara Cwynar.

April - May 2018 | 25


SOHEI NISHINO Il Po, 2017, 8 parti (dettaglio) © Sohei Nishino

SARAH CWYNAR Ultra Cosmetics (Blush 8 Shades of Brush On), serie: Colour Factory, 2017 © Sarah Cwynar

26 | April - May 2018


SOHEI NISHINO Il Po, 2017, Zuccherificio in rovina © Sohei Nishino

How to reach Bologna Bologna is very close to Milano and it’s an amazing city. You can reach it by train in 50 minutes. Departures are from Milano Central Station and Milano Garibaldi Station. For info

Concierge Tips

Chefs Concierge at Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe

where & WHEN

Jay Scott Guinta

MAST Via Speranza 42, Bologna Opening Hours : Tue – Sun 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. st From 31 January until 1st May 2018 Free Entrance Tel +39 051 6474406

April - May 2018 | 27


The exhibition

Generation Cerri

28 | April - May 2018


The city of Milan will pay homage to Lombard and Milanese culture with the exhibition “L’eredità nell’immagine dipinta”, placing the painting of Giancarlo Cerri and his son, Giovanni, face to face in a fascinating comparison. The exhibition, which will run from 10 to 27 May 2018 at the Centro Culturale di Milano, just a short walk from Piazza Duomo, has been realized in collaboration with Studio LTA Milan and born from Giovanni Cerri’s and Stefano De Angelis’s idea, highlights two different, but equally intense, methods of approaching the

world and industrial archaeology. His is a

canvas and narrating through colour.

“painting that narrates” and digs deep into the human soul, beginning with what man

Giancarlo Cerri, born in Milan in 1938, for

has realized and often then abandons.

over 20 years has been an abstract painter obsessed with the purity of colour. Over

In Milan, Giovanni Cerri will exhibit paintings

the years, he continued to synthesize

inspired by the Duomo. Milan, the city where

shapes, entrusting himself to pure colours

he grew up both humanly and artistically,

and the power of the colour black.

begins with Il Duomo bianco, a large painting (180 x 260 cm), realized in 2016 and

In Milan, Giancarlo Cerri will present a

other interpretations of Milan’s Cathedral,

selection of paintings created between 1995

from the spires to the multicoloured

and 2005, in particular some paintings of the

stained glass that characterizes the

“Sequenze” cycle, which express the intimate

architectonic symbol of our city.

study of total abstraction. The artist will also exhibit some religious paintings, connected

During the exhibition, it will also be possible

to the theme of the Cross, which the artist

to purchase some ad hoc works by Giovanni

intentionally painted upside down, after the

Cerri. The proceeds will be donated to CBM

tragedy of the Twin Towers on 11 September

Italia Onlus, an international humanitarian

2001 in New York. They are tragic images

organization working to cure and prevent

of great spirituality, which Giancarlo Cerri

blindness in southern hemisphere countries,

attempted to reproduce by abandoning

and in particular to support the ophthalmic

colour and using only black and white.

project at CBM’s Sabatya Eye Hospital in Kenya. The Milanese artist has painted a

Giovanni Cerri, born in Milan in 1969,

large canvas entitled “Per I tuoi occhi” (100

instead focuses on narrating urban themes

x 140 cm) and ten paper works (50 x 60

with a glance towards the outskirts of the

cm) that reinterpret the Madonna’s face. April - May 2018 | 29


JO FABBRI Dangerous Beauty acrilico su tela e acrilico su toilet paper- 2015

Trade Art Gallery

The Passion for Contemporary Art Trade Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Milan in Via Ramazzini 6. The aim of this gallery is to promote national and international artists.

Trade Art Gallery focuses on passion for contemporary art, we listen to our client’s needs and desires working relentlessly to satisfy both, while maintaining the highest level of customer service. 30 | April - May 2018


TOMMASO ARSCONE La donna e la farfalla olio su ecopelle - 2013

Trade Art Gallery has access to different works of art including painting, sculpture and original prints. Mauro, that is the director of this amazing gallery, prefers to work with emerging artists to have the possibility to deal with something original and exclusive. Among the main artists represented by

where & when Trade Art Gallery Via Ramazzini,6 20129 Milano Tel. 02.84965958 Cell. 339.5484965

the gallery or with whom we had the pleasure to work with, there are Alex Turco, Tommaso Arscone, Jo Fabbri, Tigran Yukhanyan, Ribana Szutor, Roberta Zambon, Vincenzo Magno, Luna Nguyen, Mimmo Rotella and Monica De Mattei. We are present at national and international events, fairs and exhibition like Art Bahrain in 2015, Private charity event in 2016, World Art Dubai in 2017 and Art Bahrain in 2018.

Messaggio promozionale

April - May 2018 | 31



32 | April - May 2018

WONDER A tattoo artist is someone who creates permanent images or words on the skin. Tattooing is one of the oldest art forms known to man; in ancient times tattoos were not only applied for decoration, but for religious significance or as a status symbol. We met Claudio Pittan one of the best italian tatoo artist. When did your tatoo business start? Where did your passion for tatoos come from? I was a young punk rocker from the Eighties and I loved to attend concerts in Berlin, Amsterdam and London. The coolest bands had tattoos. They were the first quality tattoos I’ve ever seen. My passion for art made me try to tattoo my friends. After the first efforts I got the right equipment and my career took off immediately. You have traveled a lot and met many different cultures. What was your most signifcant journey? I have been in USA, Mexico, Brazil and all around Europe. In Asia I felt welcome: beyond language barriers I found kindness and quietness that made me feel at ease. I specially love Japan, where I lived for two months, a modern country where tradition is still relevant. Discovering Japanese art was like exploring a new beautiful land. The most beautiful memory of your career

How would you define your business? A form of art?

I have been tattooing for thirty years. Tattooing is my passion and I met

When I started my career in

friends, girlfriends and wives thanks to

the Eighties my approach was

it. I could fulfill my interests like travels

different from other tattoo

and keep on studying. I received awards

artists. The project of the tattoo

at international tattoo conventions in

started from the desires and

Milan, Frankfurt, Bordeaux, Sao Paulo,

the inner needs the customer

etc. The most important thing to me

wanted. The resulting tattoo

is the friendship with special people,

was unique, original and

artists like me, from all over the world.

charged with meanings. April - May 2018 | 33


where & when Claudio Pittan Tattoo Studio di Porta Ticinese 50, Milano Tel +39 02 8393658

34 | April - May 2018

MARCO ALBERTI and ALESSANDRA FERRANDU WHEN ART BECOMES UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE In 2001 the painter Alessandra Ferrandu (Massa , 2/01/1979) together with the painter and sculptor Marco Alberti (Massa, 15/01/ 1974) have started the Project “Case Carpano + Rubbia”, using as house-studio the deserted premises of a former marble quarry situated in Massa Carrara (Tuscany , Italy). They partecipated to many exhibitions in Italy and France, and thanks for their manager Dario Fochi, the two artists have exhibited their works at The Museum Hall of Boscolo Hotel in Milan. This exhibition, entitled “alla tua Eco” (“to your Echo” ), has been shot and transmitted by World Fashion Channel all over the world. Their works have received the approval of artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Lina Wertmuller, Antonello Venditti, Roberta Armani and the businessman Massimo Moratti. The painter Alessandra Ferrandu has dedicated a wonderful portrait to Roberta Armani. The works have been exhibited at Palazzo Pirelli , in Milan, in the offices of the high finance company Permira and today, one of this work is in the private collection of the Emir of Qatar. On the centenary of the “Giro d’Italia” , Marco created the trophy entitled “cima Coppi” this trophy was won by the Spanish cyclist Mikel Landa.

Marco Alberti artist and Andrea Bocelli master. Marco Alberti delivers the soun sculpture Eccentrica, that excites the tenor.

WONDER Alessandra Ferrandu:

Messaggio promozionale

something more about the artist

Her natural and relaxed rythms allow her to acquire a more in depth knowledge of the classical myths and literature. It is the female figure in particular, which strikes her imagination and the artist recreates and remodels the female figure in contemporary key, so that the mythological figure takes a modern form and particular features. Her pictorial growth passes from a period of obsessive reserch of the particular to a period in which there is the research of the stylization of faces and bodies.

Marco Alberti:

something more about the artist

The artist Marco Alberti is deeply linked to the territory and this link gets stronger and stronger over time : marble, labour and ancient trades bind him to the social and cultural foundation of the place. His art flows like the water of a river, in particular the “River Frigido”, which has seen him being born. In the course of time , his relationship with the water increases more and more, and gets an important element of his sculptural and pictorial production.

Exhibition “EVOLUZIONE” Sunday 13rd May 2018 at Vigne Olcru, Via Buca 26, Santa Maria delle Versa (PV)

where Contacts: Dario Fox Management +39 329 411 4089

ALESSANDRA FERRANDU Salomè technique graphite on paper measures cm. 70 x cm. 50

April - May 2018 | 37


Milan Unknown Maksim Juricic Concierge at Park Hyatt Milan

Less known “Walk of Fame” on the planet? It’s in the city center! “In order to achieve anything you must be brave enough to fail” (Kirk Douglas) Although located in the very centre of the

It was intended that the “Walk” would have

city, this “Walk of Fame” – whose collectio

the the handprints of the more famous

of foot and hands prints was inspired

guests at the ceremony and of the award

by the one outside Grauman’s Chinese

winners, Having made hand and, sometimes,

Theater in Hollywood – is in a dark and

footprints within a slab of plaster, the stars

overlooked passageway. The idea for an

the gouged out their signature and the

italian version was first promoted in 1984

plaster was used to cast a concrete paving

by the magazine TV Sorrisi & Canzoni and

stone to be inserted alongside the others.

linked with the Gran Premio Internazionale dello Spettacolo (the Italian version of

There are not few celebrities who have lent

the Oscars, popularly known as Telegatti

themselves to leaving a handprint on the

because the stuette was in form of a cat).

Milan floor. Francis Ford Coppola and Sophia,

38 | April - May 2018

WONDER actors such as Kirk and Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Patrick Swayze and even one of the great 007: Roger Moore. Among the Italians, Sandra and Raimondo Vianello, I Pooh, Pippo Baudo and many more. The entrance to the passageway is at 21 Largo Corsia dei Servi, opposite the post office on the corner; it was originally chosen becaude the offices of the magazine Sorrisi & Canzoni used to be in this building (now moved to the Mondadori premises in Segrate). The hope is that the municipality, which certainly has a lot to do with the protection and recovery of important artistic and historical assets for the city, maybe one day decides to restore this street of forgotten celebrities. And, more important, I’d love to see that the municipality begins to add the handprints of writers, directors, artists and personalities who make this city and country great.

where 21 Largo Corsia dei Servi Milano, 20121

April - May 2018 | 39

ROSSO35 e GIOBAGNARA Two brands having common roots: Genoa,

That is why Rosso 35 has selected Giobagnara

the seaside city with its thousand hidden

for a grand debut in Milan during Milan

alleys. But most of all, having a shared vision

Design Week, the ultimate international

on style, matched in all of their creations.

event in the world of furnishing and design.

Striving for excellence, always, at any cost.

During Design Week, Giobagnara,

Aware that this type of quality can only

Genoese brand producing top quality

be delivered by a handcraft workshop.

leather objects for the home, will display

Knowing that each manufactured

its creations at the Rosso 35 boutique

piece is unique and original.

in the heart of the Brera district.

This is the concept of unostentatious

For a few days, clothes will share their

luxury. But it is also the ability to remain

space with design pieces that over

true to tradition when spea- king to

the course of a few years, have risen to

a growingly international public.

the forefront of the luxury market.

where ROSSO35 Via Pontaccio 7, Milano, 20121 tel. +39 02 365 38460


messaggio promozionale

April - May 2018 | 41


L’ARABESQUE 42 | April - May 2018


a Cult store in the Heart of Milan April - May 2018 | 43

We are made of the same stuff that dreams are made of (W. Shakespeare)

A cult store in the pulsating centre of

shoulders since then with the most

Milan – in Largo Augusto – a space that

creative and brilliant personalities who

both welcomes and recounts a new

have contributed to Milan’s history.

rhetoric of wonder, where elements of rare

Her painstaking research and creative

beauty constitute the exquisite narrative.

impulse are inspired by the etymology of

This is the kaleidoscopic universe of

the term “Arabesque” (a word used to define

L’Arabesque, composed of designer pieces

the extraordinary Moorish ornamental

from the 1950s and 1960s, alluring vintage

figures depicting stylised forms of plants

clothing, collections of contemporary

and animals) translating the concept into

garments imbued with timeless elegance,

a vibrant and visionary oneiric work, where

sparkling vintage costume jewellery,

dream becomes reality: a precious coffer

extremely rare books on design, fashion

composed of different spaces, where eyes

and art, Haute Parfumerie fragrances and

hungry for beautiful things can finally

exclusive couture services. All of which

savour the many creations on display,

are accompanied by the best traditional

and where the senses are stimulated and

cuisine from a forgotten Milan.

have the opportunity to experience new splendours. A petit salon de curiosités

L’Arabesque is a treasure trove and

housing colours, fragrances, flavours, shapes,

veritable gathering place for lovers of

plays of light and shadow, furniture, books,

art, fashion, design and fine cuisine.

textiles, clothing and unique accessories. Through its visionary aesthetic, L’Arabesque

It’s the brainchild of Chichi Meroni’s

celebrates the timeless bond between

creative genius. A prominent figure of

fashion, design and gourmandise; a lifestyle

Milanese culture, Chichi Meroni spent

reverie whose extraordinary and enriching

her formative years moving between the

vintage identity breaks with the mundane.

worlds of fashion and design, rubbing

where L’ARABESQUE Largo Augusto 10

SHOPPING & STYLE messaggio promozionale


April - May 2018 | 45



In Milan since 1986 Spotti has been in Milan since 1986, it selects and offers the best interior design solutions for a complete project tailored to the customer’s needs. We create the ideal living space in a harmonious whole of quality, aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to many years of experience, Spotti can offer an exclusive service to architects and private individuals alike with painstaking care for detail while seeking and selecting one-of-a-kind furnishing accessories. Spotti is at the crossroads between Italian and international clientele, in a process of continuous osmosis, gives and receives ideas and thoughts on how to create the ideal living space. The result is a continual comparison, research, selection, experience and tradition that Spotti makes available to pick out the solution most suited to the space, taste and needs of those who want to personalize every detail of their home. The consolidated partnerships developed over the years have also allowed the most ambitious quality levels to be achieved, merging as best we can the tradition of artisanal techniques with design and creative innovation.

where SPOTTI Viale Piave 27 Tel +39 02 781953 46 | April - May 2018

SHOPPING & STYLE “Heart of Glass” thematic set-up 2018 concept by Studiopepe. Photo by Valentina Sommariva

April - May 2018 | 47


“Heart of Glass” thematic set-up 2018 concept by Studiopepe. Photo by Valentina Sommariva

48 | April - May 2018


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April - May 2018 | 49


gift ideas

Armani/Dolci celebrates Easter 2018 Armani/Dolci celebrates Easter 2018 and springtime with new, elegant packaging inspired by the pictorial patterns from this season’s Giorgio Armani womenswear collection. The classic fragrant 1kg colomba, the 200g chocolate egg and the mini chocolate eggs in milk or dark chocolate with chocolate filling are packaged in the new elegant boxes covered with multicoloured paper, and secured with matching ribbon featuring a white embossed logo. As always there is a wide assortment of pralines available in packs of different sizes.

ARMANI/DOLCI - Ovetti in lattina

50 | April - May 2018


where & when armani/dolci Via Manzoni 31, Milano Tel. +39 02 62312686 The collection will be available in stores in Milan, Tokyo, Kuwait, Taiwan and New York and on



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April - May 2018 | 51


Nobu milano A unique experience Armani/Nobu is a meeting point for the

Highlighting these structural changes

subtle pleasures of gourmet cuisine and the

is an aesthetic that re-evaluates the

refined sophistication of discrete dining.

texture and fullness of materials, with

A complete redesign in 2014 has lent a new

a lavish use of colour in quiet shades

balance to the restaurant and emphasises

– typically Armani – paired with warm,

the feeling of the large structure’s space.

sensual tones. The floor has a wood-

Great care was taken with regard to the

effect herringbone pattern in classic

entrance hall (380 square metres), which

Armani greige. On the light marmorino

features a large bar counter as well as a

plaster walls are lighting installations in

smoking area. The veranda, which overlooks Via Pisoni, elegantly extends to the lounge area. The first floor (280 square metres) is structured around the new sushi bar, the centrepiece of the design, which is visible from the stairwell and is embellished with metallic champagne-coloured panels.

52 | April - May 2018


a moirĂŠ pattern outlined in dark wood.

Murano glass from the Armani/Casa

These alternate with woven matting panels

collection immerses the environment

in warm and natural shades. The Japanese

in a rich and sophisticated atmosphere.

inspiration, unstructured to abstraction,

Even the chairs evoke a distant oriental

finds expression in the wooden beams

inspiration, with wraparound backs in solid

decorating the ceiling and in skilful, gentle

bentwood. Exclusive fabrics selected by

lighting, and in design accents visible

Giorgio Armani are used for the upholstery,

in the wall decoration and the tables.

alternating different decorative designs

A special edition of the Hack lamp in

in which sunny orange tones stand out.

April - May 2018 | 53

SHOPPING & STYLE Over the years, Armani/Nobu has become a respected fixture on the Italian restaurant scene, combining chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s cuisine with the distinctive aesthetic quality that distinguishes the Armani brand. The layout of the space following the redesign allows for 130 seats on the ground floor, where the smoking area and temperature-regulated wine cellar are located, and 100 seats on the upper floor, where the sushi bar resides.

where & when ARMANI/NOBU Via G. Pisoni 1 - 20121 Milan +39 02/72318645 RESTAURANT From Monday to Saturday: 12:30pm to 2:30pm; 7:30pm to 11:30pm BAR From Monday to Saturday: 12:30pm to 3:00pm; 6:30pm to 11:30pm Sunday: 6:30pm to 11:30pm

54 | April - May 2018


TO NOT BE MISSED ! Following a special dinner last month, where Nobu Milano’s Resident Chef Antonio D’Angelo prepared an exclusive omakase menu with Nobu Tokyo and its Chef Takashi Wada, with the participation of the famous Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu Milano will host another exclusive dinner next May. This time the Resident Chef will work together the Michelin Star Chef Paco Mendez to create an unexpected menu for Nobu’s guests, on May 7th and 8th.

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April - May 2018 | 55


Dolce&Gabbana Sartoria The Temple of Male Vanity

56 | April - May 2018


The Dolce&Gabbana Sartoria is onto a

Various design pieces chosen for their

typical Milanese courtyard that was once

uniqueness decorate the rooms.

the home of several artisan shops.

A one-of-a-kind bookcase designed

Today one can still feel such an

by Gio’ Ponti for a luxurious hotel in

atmosphere which is further emphasized

Saint Tropez, a table by Ignazio

by a genuine Sicilian garden.

Gardella, and chairs by Gio’ Ponti

Celebrating male vanity, the rooms

for Reguitti adorn the room at the

are the ideal place where the modern

entrance. A masterpiece by Ercole

man can satisfy all his desires in

Barovier illuminates the space.

terms of style.

In the adjacent room is a unique piece:

The floors are an alternation of five

a majestic Palmengarten chandelier

different types of marble with parquet

with 140 light bulbs arranged

floors in typical 19th century fashion.

in a radial pattern reminiscent of the

April - May 2018 | 57


palms in the outdoor garden.

gratifying his almost hedonistic

Other rooms have works by Gio’

pleasure of owning a custom-tailored

Ponti: some were designed for Nino

bespoke suit and making his stylish

Zoncada and installed on luxury

dream come true.

cruise liners, such as the recessed ceiling fixtures that sailed the seas before landing in Milan. Several are from the Augustus cruise ship, while others come from the Conte Biancamano transatlantic ocean liner. The talented expert tailors who work in these rooms can satisfy the needs of the discerning customer,

where & when Boutique Sartoria – Man Corso Venezia, 13 20122 Milano T. +39 02 799135

April - May 2018 | 58


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April - May 2018 | 59


The wellness oasis in the heart of Milan Stop time and escape from everyday

building, among the Spanish walls that

madness, at least for one day. In Milan,

divide this paradise from all the rest, you

nevertheless it is said its people are always

find 2.500 square meters of pure relax.

in a hurry, you can do it. It is right in the city

Where at Qc Terme Milano, the perfect

centre, where cars are honking and you

destination for those who want to leave

wouldn’t expect to find an oasis of relax.

their smartphones in the locker and think

Where? In Porta Romana. In an Art Deco

“for one day I’m not there for anyone”.

where & when QC TERME Piazzale Medaglie d’Oro, 2 corner Via Filippetti, Milano Tel +39 02 55199367

60 | April - May 2018


THE HIGHLIGHT: the Biosauna-Tram The first biosauna in the world realized inside a tram!

Be it winter or summer time, the important thing is to go out of this peaceful sanctuary feeling completely renvigorated and reborned. The tram is there to help you reach your goal since it has been converted into a biosauna. It’s the first biosauna in the world realized inside a tram. This vehicle of the ATM (Milan Transport Company) – a real historical tram of Milan- parked in the grass brings you, on the side of a moment of wellness, also some laughs at the thought that you are sitting in a tram with steamy windows in your bathing suit! And after the 70°C degrees you breathe inside of it, you can immerse in the reaction tub at 15°C degrees and then, why not, enjoy a massage in the shade of the gazebo.

April - May 2018 | 61


In the event that it is that too cold to stay outside, in winter time you can wonder in the undergrounds of the facility, where you meet an endless wellness itinerary: more than 30 rituals with pools, saunas, hammams and Turkish baths. Among the geyser pools, the bicarbonate scrub and the chromotherapy you will find a wealth of options!

62 | April - May 2018


THE HIGHLIGHT: Beautiful and good The palate need to be satisfied just as much as the spirit!

The Termemilano’s wellness philosophy is inspired by the belief that the palate needs to be satisfied just as much as the spirit. The menu offers both wellness and taste, where everything can be eaten, in the right proportions, without sacrificing the joy of flavour. Because the lightness you seek comes from within.


April - May 2018 | 63



RESTAURANT & BAR Mediterranean Diet : INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE 64 | April - May 2018


The Mediterranean diet involves a set of

communication, an affirmation and renewal

skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols and

of family, group or community identity. The

traditions concerning crops, harvesting,

Mediterranean diet emphasizes values of

fishing, animal husbandry, conservation,

hospitality, neighbourliness, intercultural

processing, cooking, and particularly the

dialogue and creativity, and a way of

sharing and consumption of food. Eating

life guided by respect for diversity.

together is the foundation of the cultural identity and continuity of communities

If you love mediterranean diet and if you

throughout the Mediterranean basin.

believe that “We are What we eat” you can’t

It is a moment of social exchange and

missed to go to Classico Restaurant & Bar. April - May 2018 | 65


Clients entering in classico restaurant

At the Classico Bar you can taste

& bar can find empathy, service,

fresh fruit, centrifugal, baked goods,

entertainment, quality, health, all in

organic juices, cocktails with products

elegant and accessible environment.

the first brand, appetizers prepared

They search in the huge mediterranean diet

by their kitchen and more than 120

tradition the answer to the need of taste.

wines in paper (many organic).

Organic products & natural cuisine are the

The bar accompanies the guests

main elements of them kitchen.because

throughout the day with a range

they know that we are what we eat.

of products drawn from the great traditions of italian and american bar.

66 | April - May 2018


where & when CLASSICO RESTAURANT & BAR Via Tocqueville 9, Milano 20154 +39 02 84 92 78 61

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April - May 2018 | 67


April - May 2018 | 68


April - May 2018 | 69


teatro al 70 | April - May 2018


lla scala April - May 2018 | 71




From 15th April to 13rd May 2018 PREMIERE : Sunday 15th April

Teatro alla Scala Chorus and Orchestra New Teatro alla Scala Production Running Time:

2 hours 43 minutes intermission included


Fabio Luisi


David Pountney


Leslie Travers


Marie-Jeanne Lecca

Lighting Designer:

Fabrice Kebour

Choreographic movements:

Denni Sayers

NOTES ON THE PERFORMANCE Absent from La Scala since 1959, when Gianandrea Gavazzeni directed Magda Olivero and Mario del Monaco in the lead roles, D’Annunzio’s enthralling tale of passion and jealousy – written as a tribute to Dante and put to music by Zandonai –, comes back to life in a new production by David Pountney. On the podium, Fabio Luisi, a staunch fan of this distinctive score, ably draws out both its aspects of Verismo and the refinement of the twentieth century. In the lead roles we find Maria José Siri, acclaimed at the 2016 inauguration of Madama Butterfly, Roberto Aronica, who returns to La Scala after his successful role in the Fanciulla del West, and Gabriele Viviani.

72 | April - May 2018


LE CORSAIRE – PRIMA DELLE PRIME (free entrance) 18th April 2018

Sergio Trombetta “Amore e avventure secondo Petipa” (with videos) NOTES ON THE PERFORMANCE “Prima delle Prime” is La Scala’s cycle of public talks. Offered as a means of introducing and preparing audiences for playbill performances, talks are held several days before the first performance of ballets or operas in the Arturo Toscanini foyer, and feature discussions with field experts about the works in question, providing a great opportunity to find out more about lesser-known works and examine the most famous in greater detail. The “Prima delle Prime” cycle is organised and made possible by the Amici della Scala (“Friends of La Scala”), a not-forprofit association that supports La Scala’s fringe activities. Under the banner of the “Prima delle Prime” series, the La Scala Ballet also organises conferences, with video screenings, to introduce the season’s ballets. These talks are also held in the Arturo Toscanini foyer, with the same start time and the same conditions of entry. No tickets are required to access the Arturo Toscanini foyer: members of the audience are simply requested to present themselves at the theatre’s main entrance in good time. For health and safety reasons, numbers are limited to 150 attendees and entry is regulated by ushers. “A. Toscanini” boxes foyer Teatro alla Scala in collaboration with Amici della Scala Free entrance until the maximum seating capacity of the foyer (150) is reached

where Teatro alla Scala Via Filodrammatici 2 Tel +39 02 88791

April - May 2018 | 73



FLEXFORM Salone2017 An overview about the last edition

74 | April - May 2018


The Salone del Mobile Milano is coming back from 17th to 22nd April 2018 with a packed programme of innovations and appointments for the more than 300,000 expected visitors from over 165 different countries. More than 2,000 exhibitors will be ranged over an exhibition area covering more than 200,000 square meters, presenting outstanding products and solutions for contemporary living with an informed eye to the future and which combine design, technology, flexibility and sustainability. A vast array of exhibits that marry quality and creativity, thanks to the hard work, commitment and investment in research of the top companies within the sector. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is held concurrently with the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, split into the following style categories: Classic; Tradition in the Future, which draws on the values of tradition, craftsmanship and skill in the art of making furniture and objects in the classic style;

Press Conference Salone del Mobile 2018 Courtesy Salone del Mobile - AM

April - May 2018 | 75


Design, products that speak of functionality, innovation and boast a great sense of style and xLux, the section devoted to timeless luxury re-read in a contemporary key. 2018 marks the return of the biennial events EuroCucina /FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) and the International Bathroom Exhibition, which take place in even years; Euroluce and Workplace 3.0 are held in odd years. As always, the exhibits at EuroCucina and FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) will determine the trends and spark inspiration: tomorrow’s kitchen will be an interconnected, multipurpose and professional place, yet one where emotions never fail to run high. Similarly, the International Bathroom Exhibition will showcase a wide range of extremely high-end goods, responding to the increasingly pressing demand for excellent performance with an eye to relaxation.

where & when SALONE DEL MOBILE Milan Fairgrounds, Rho (Milan) Entrance gates: Porta Est, Porta Sud, Porta Ovest DATES AND OPENING HOURS 17-22 April 2018 9.30 am - 6.30 pm Open to the general public on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April PAVILIONS 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 76 | April - May 2018

PARTICIPATION BONTEMPI - Salone2017 An overview about the last edition

April - May 2018 | 77

The Project Connessioni

A great project organized by the Section of Design Companies focusing on the Technological Evolution of Design The Project Connessioni, organized by

that aims to bring out the different

the Section of Design Companies of

connections existing in the design world

Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza

through the concept of space and time.

and Brianza, enhances the Connections as

Launched last year, Connessioni is divided

a focal point of a system of relationships,

into a series of events that highlight

experiences, cultures and places.

the “beautiful and well done”, with

More in detail, this is a three-year project

the aim of qualifying Assolombarda’s

territory as a universally recognized

The participating companies will share

design brand: the result of the synergy

some of their flagship products for

between the best companies in that

Politecnico’s students who will study

sector and local institutions.

possible IOT (Internet Of Things) evolutions. The event will see the participation

The idea of the last event (May 2017) was a

of leading companies in the design

video installation at the Villa Reale in Monza,

sector, architects, designers and the

which showed images and videos of 18

Politecnico of Milan with its students

design companies which are excellences

as representatives of our future.

of the territory operating in a community and in a pulsing and lively system. A kaleidoscopic tale of our best production; of industrial processes, but also artisans that distinguish it; the hidden qualities of our design, which are often no longer recognizable in the final product. For the new edition of Connessioni, scheduled the 16th of May, the story of the beautiful and well done in the world of Design will cross present, past and future, focusing on the technological evolution of Design at man’s service. All with the precious collaboration of the Milan Politecnico University.


Lake Como A small Paradise for Every Taste “You can have no conception of real beauty unless you visit Italy at least once and you must only make the effort to fully enjoy it at leisure “ (Johannes Brahms)

Long before George Clooney decided

lake’s economy during the last 300 years.

to call it home, Lake Como was famous

Lake Como has a shape of an inverted “Y”, it

among aristocratic and wealthy families

is surrounded by high mountains and there

of northern Italy. Since roman times its

is a lovely village at its every corner. Every

shores offered refreshment during the hot

little stretch of coast can surprise you with

summers and warmth during the cold

superb palaces and astonishing gardens.

winters. The lake has been inhabited for

There is Villa del Balbianello, a property

more than four thousand years, but while

acquired by Fondo Ambiente Italia (Italy’s

long ago trade and commerce were the

National trust) on the charming promontory

main reason for visiting lake Como, while

of Lenno. In addition to the interesting

leisure and relax have been the center of the

collections inside the villa, the visitor can

80 | April - May 2018


admire the spectacular view on the lake

blue water, and the green mountains.

from the enchanting loggia in the middle

But while villas are the reason Lake Como

of the garden, a set for the Star Wars movie

is famous now, small towns are perfect

most famous kiss. On one side the view

for a short break. Como is the biggest

to the magnificent lake landscape, on the

one, located on the western point of the

other the little Comacina island, another

lake, it has a romantic city centre ideal

surprise in this area. Another beautiful

for walks and shopping. It can be easily

building is Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo,

visited since it preserves the typical squared

with its famous and luxuriant botanical

structure of roman towns. The Cathedral

gardens, where people fall in love with

foundations date back to the 14th century

the entire lake, its colorful villages and

and the church dominates the beautiful

April - May 2018 | 81

PARTICIPATION piazza typical of many Italian cities. The

where locals have been shopping since

Archeological Museum hosts an excellent

1926. After a walk along the narrow roads

collection to learn about the history of the

head for the port from where it is possible

city, while in the Palazzo Volpi’s Gallery

to to visit the lake on public transport or

you can admire paintings from local artists.

private taxi boats. The view from above is

If you want to understand why Como

breathtaking, so for those who are not afraid

region is so rich you cannot miss the Silk

of highs the Brunate Funicular takes you all

Museum, that preserves the remaining

the way to a panoramic view of the lake.

Concierge Tips

where & WHEN

of the glorious textile past of the “city of silk”. If you want a taste of the present silk

Then there is Bellagio is the small beautiful

head for the Croci historical boutique,

village on the central point of the lake.

como By car 50 km from the centre of Milan By train or by bus Info : Lake Como is a small paradise for every taste: relax and enjoy the panorama after lunch in the terrace of Ristorante Barchetta in Bellagio; indulge in shopping for silk at the Antica Seteria Comasca, ties and accessories made with artisanal ability. Or test your ability with the winds on a sailing boat on waters trying for the Lenno Port (http://www.; climb to Brunate and enjoy a steep walk to the crest, from where on clear days, there is a 360° view of the whole chain of the Alps. For the adventurous there is the Rifugio Riella 1.250 mt above the sea, it is the perfect retreat for mountain lovers. While the best way to get views of the magnificent private villas is from the water, if you want to explore all the small villages the best way is to rent a bike with experts (Fligh Cyclin Holidays) and take a tour.

82 | April - May 2018

Veronica Morrone Concierge at Hotel Crowne Plaza Milan City

PARTICIPATION Ancient churches stand by side of old

are passionate about Italian literature you

buildings that have now been transformed

cannot miss Villa Manzoni House Museum.

into restaurants, boutiques and shops: To

The 4th corner of the lake is on the north,

enjoy the best view of 3 different perspectives

very close to Switzerland at the cross

of the lake head to La Punta for a walk and

between the two branches of the alpine

relax overlooking the shores. On the other

Valtellina Valley. History and culture,

side of the Lake there is Lecco, a small city

but also sport, food and shopping.

with centuries old industrial history. It was a fortified fort and the strong walls can still be visited: The city is a celebration of the famous Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni, if you

Info and Itinerary

ELESTA TRAVEL Via Guglielmo Silva 39, 20149 Milano Tel. +39 02 00697153

April - May 2018 | 83




Silvia Sperandio Concierge at Santa Marta Suites

Finally, Harry Potter fans in Italy will have the chance to experience more from J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World when Harry Potter: The Exhibition comes to Milan. I’m proudly because Milan will be the only Italian city within the European tour of the exhibition and this will be the first time it can be enjoyed in Italian. Harry Potter: The Exhibition is a 1,400 square meter experiential exhibiton where visitors can enjoy dramatic displays inspired by the Harry Potter film sets and see the amazing craftsmanship behind authentic costumes, props and creatures from the films. The exhibition features settings from the films most popular locations, including the Griffindor common room and dormitory; classrooms like Potions and Herbology; and the Forbidden Forest which are filled with thousands of authentic props, costumes and creatures used in the filming of the iconic series. Guests can enter the Quidditch area and toss a Quaffle ball, pull their own Mandrake in the Herbology classroom vignette, and even tour a re-creation of Hagrid’s hut and sit in his giantsized armchair.

84 | April - May 2018


where & when Harry Potter: The Exhibition Fabbrica del Vapore From 12nd May to 9th September 2018 Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini 4, Milano info and tickets:

April - May 2018 | 85


An Exclusive Restaurant in the Old Liberty Railway Station Bullona

86 | April - May 2018

REMEMBRANCE and repurposing of the structure - now in private hands - is still underway. The FNM Bullona station was built in 1929 along the urban stretch of the Ferrovie Nord Milano, which still today connects the Cadorna station with the Bovisa industrial district. Mauro Delvai Senior Concierge

The structure, together with the Porta


Genova railway station, is one of last

Located in Via Piero della Francesca, along the railway line connecting the Cadorna and Bovisa stations, the old Bullona railway station is one of the most iconic industrial structures in the Sempione district. After it was closed down in 2003, it was landmarked, and refurbishment

remaining examples of early 20th century railway architecture in Milan. In particular, the old Bullona station has original formal features inspired by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, and it is not lacking in pre-Rationalist suggestions. Still today, the building complex is

April - May 2018 | 87

REMEMBRANCE made up of two main structures: a central one straddling the train tracks, which served the function of entrance and ticket office, and a lateral one used as waiting area and staff quarters. Now the station has been completely renovated and trasformed into an exclusive restaurant. From the exterior, it is still possible to see some vintage stucco decorations, such as the emblem and the words “Ferrovie Nord Milano.�

where & when La BULLONA restaurant From Tuesday to Sunday Via Piero della Francesca 64 Tel +39 02 33607600

88 | April - May 2018


April - May 2018 | 89


Valentino Vintage A Milanese Restaurant inspired to a Great Icon of the Past Valentino Vintage restaurant was founded

twenties with an environment that takes

in 2005 with the idea of merging flavours

you back in time by evoking the charm

of the Italian tradition with a warm,

of a very fashionable restaurant.

elegant and polished atmosphere. The location, based in the hearth of

The genuine Mediterranean cuisine is based

Milan (Corso Monforte 16, San Babila), is

on the combination of authentic Milanese

inspired to the great Valentino, actor,

traditional dishes and new flavors: our Chefs

latin lover and icon of the ‘20s; lights and

are completely dedicated to research and

furniture reflects the style of the roaring

exploration with the willing of refining every

90 | April - May 2018

REMEMBRANCE single course on the menu. The cuisine of

At the same time, the traditional Italian

Valentino Vintage is concerned with putting

roots makes the restaurant the perfect

much care and attention in choosing every

location for many different occasions.

day the best raw materials for its dishes. While tasting the flavours and aromas of Valentino Vintage you will be astonished by the suggestive environment that only an ancient building of the late ‘600 can recreate. The vintage furniture, which strongly recalls the belle époque, the elegant cutlery and the polished service are just some of the features that make Valentino Vintage the place to be for a unique experience. In 2017 Valentino changes “look”, just like a Hollywood star: a new website, where elegance of classic style meets modernity in a new online booking service.

where & when Valentino Vintage Corso Monforte 16, 20122 Milano Ph +39 02 76394369 +39 392 9823291 From business lunches (12:00 am– 2:30 pm) to exclusive dinners, Valentino Vintage is a must. From Tuesday to Saturday, starting from 8pm, the restaurant offers a wide range of live music shows performed by renowned artists of Milanese music scene.

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April - May 2018 | 91


Our Itinerary For You WHERE: Porta Nuova and Parco Sempione

START and STOP: Piazza Lina Bo Bardi

This time we start from the symbolic area

your look towards the sky. Now it’s time

of the new Milan. The center directional

to enter Corso Como, down the fast

of Porta Nuova is right behind the Hotel

descent takes you to one of the warmest

Palace and two steps from all the other

areas of the Milanese nightlife and

hotels in Piazza della Repubblica. We are at

shopping, fortunately closed to traffic.

the foot of the Torre Diamante, one of the

At the end of the old square XXX April

new profiles of the city’s skyline. The address

that brings us to the end of first kilometer.

is Piazza Lina Bo Bardi. From here take

Always straight, take Corso Garibaldi,

Via Mike Buongiorno, go up the staircase

arrived in piazza della Moscova turns

that goes up to the Aalvar Alto square

right and head towards Parco Sempione

to continue on the bridge that connects

through the little busy Via della Tenaglia.

Piazza Gae Aulenti. The cars are far away.

Parco Sempione is the biggest green lung

From Piazza Gae Aulenti began the

in the city center: heart of the Milanese

architectural revolution of the city

running. There will be many runners you

that hosted Expo 2015. Emblem of the

will meet on your own road, especially

square is the Unicredit palace, the tallest

in the morning, at dawn, at lunchtime

building in Italy. Impossible not to raise

and after clooffice hours. Meanwhile we

92 | April - May 2018

ENERGY are almost at kilometer number two.

the right, along the playground for children.

Follow the outside perimeter of the park

It goes around the hill that hosts the library

keeping the left, anti-clockwise schedule.

for later return to the Gianni Brera Civic

Soon you will meet another symbol of

Arena which dates back to the beginning of

the city: tthis one is historic, the Castello

the 19th century. It was the stadium in Milan

Sforzesco built in the fifteenth century by

and hosted many manifestations of Athletics.

Francesco Sforza, perfectly restored, home

On that track in 1973 Marcello Fiasconaro

to permanent and temporary exhibitions.

established the world record of 800 meters.

Pay attention to the passage of the

After an outside turn in the anti-clockwise

Fountain in front of the Castle entrance

direction, take viale Ghoete towards the

because it will be necessary to slalom

pond that you cross through the evocative

among the tourists engaged in selfies.

bridge of the sirens. Then head towards the

Meanwhile, we are at the third kilometer

Sforzesco Castle that you cross tocome out to

and we continue to circumnavigate

the fountain where we have already passed.

the Park on the sidewalk. Be careful

We are now at kilometer seven and

not to invade the bike path.

some changes wil begin comng

After the passage in front of the Triennale,

back to the starting point.

another important exhibition space

In front of the Civic Aquarium, built for

dedicated especially to Design, just when

the 1906 expo, it is necessary to cross the

we turn right, the Arco della Pace will in its

road, keep briefly on the right side of via

entirety, the fourth kilometer in front of it is

Legnano to take via Anfiteatro. After a

impressive. Inaugurated in 1838. In 1859 to

while, it turns into Corso Garibaldi and

celebrate the victory in the Battle of Magenta

from here always straight you end up going

the arch welcomed the passage of Napoleon

back the way to the point of departure.

and Vittorio Emanuele II king of Italy. Continue to run outside the park until the end of Viale Byron then enter inside keeping

Your training is done ! April - May 2018 | 93


an Individual and Exclusive Experience

94 | April - May 2018


Dsquared2 creative directors Dean and Dan Caten expanded their Milan’s Ceresio 7 project with a gym and a spa. Their project started in 2013 with the opening of a restaurant, a bar and two swimming pools, on the rooftop of the Dsquared2 corporate headquarters on Via Ceresio in Milan (ex ENEL’s building). The new 19,375-square-foot space, located in the building’s basement, was conceived by the Caten twins in collaboration with Milan’s high-end architectural firm Storage, which has been working on the development of the Ceresio 7 project from the beginning. Messaggio promozionale

April - May 2018 | 95

ENERGY “Ceresio 7 Gym & Spa” completes and intensifies the Dsquared2 lifestyle project. It’s not a gym, it’s a club organized in three different space : an area with cardio machines, a room with equipment for strenght training and a space for cross-fit and functional activities. In additition there are two rooms dedicated to personal training and two others to group classes. This place will offer you an individual and exclusive luxury experience. You can take a rest in the wonderfull spa that includes a relax area, a small swimming pool, as well as both unisex and women’s only Turkish baths and saunas. A staircase will lead to the beauty and massage cabins, where face and body treatments provided by French beauty brand Biologique Recherche will be available for members.

96 | April - May 2018


where & when CERESIO 7 GYM & SPA Via Ceresio 7 - Milano Tel +39 02 97162945 *Both single and multiple entry passes are available for those travelers who don’t want to break their training routine during their trips to Milan. April - May 2018 | 97


98 | April - May 2018


our recipe for you

Mondeghilli del Malnat by Marco Poncia

Instructions Wash the potatoes and put them in a saucepan with cold water without peeling them, cook them until they’re soft, peel them still warm. Put the boiled meat and veal in the meat grinder, with the liver mortadella and the potatoes still warm. Clean the parsley, using only the leaves, and the garlic, chop them both and put them into the tiepid mixture. Peel the lemon, removing al the white part and chop it into brunoise, put the peel in the mixture.

Chef at Osteria Dei Malnat Tradition, modern tecniques and care, most of all, on the taste. So it can be defined Marco Poncia, born in Morbegno, Valtellina, class 1988, after studies of Business Economics, he approaches the kitchen, starting at the Trussardi alla Scala Restaurant, where he passes from intern to Chef the partie, then he moved in many restaurants in the north of Italy, among which the Bauer Hotel of Venice and the Castello di Guarene Relais & Chateaux, currently works as Chef at Osteria dei Malnat.


Once tiepid add even the eggs and the parmesan and knead it until is hard and compact, add salt and pepper and portione it into meat balls from weight of 30 grams once. For the base wash the cherry tomatoes, dry them and slice them, salt them and put them on a baking pan with greaseproof paper, cook in a ventilated oven at 185°C for thirty minutes, until they’re semi-dry and a bit roasted, let them cool down. Whisk them and filter them, add a pinch of salt and emulsify it with the seed oil until is thick. Heat a no stick pan, add half spoon of seed oil and cool the Mondeghillis

Boiled beef 300 grams

until roasted, then put them in a

Boiled roasted veal 100 grams

oven 190°C for 4/5 minutes.

Half lemon peel

Add a pinch of Maldon salt and

Liver mortadella 50 grams

serve them with a spoon of the

Garlic clove one

tomatoes base on a warm plate.

Parsley one bouquet

potatoes 200 grams

parmesan cheese 50 grams

fresh eggs 3

salt and pepper enough.

For the base: •

Cherry tomatoes 300 grams

Seed oil

Osteria dei Malnat

Salt enough

Via Caccialepori 3, Milano

+39 02 23182024 April - May 2018 | 99



THE TRADITION OF NORTH AMERICAN OYSTER BAR Petrus 1935 offers its customers, in full respect of the tradition of North American oyster bars, a wide choice of crustaceans, oysters, coquillage and cruderie. The plateaus can be enjoyed comfortably on counters made from aged oak stacks accompanied by our selection of Italian and French wines. Not only raw, our chef proposes starting from raw materials of excellence, which have always been at the base of our philosophy of cooking, warm dishes translated into an urban key. To not be missed!

100 | April - May 2018

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where Petrus 1935- Urban Restaurant & Raw Bar Via Fiori Chiari 13, Milano Tel +39 349 0774198 April - May 2018 | 101


SpazioSushi away from cliché

In via Solferino 27, nestled among the

A varied menu, in which each dish represents

most beautiful historic houses in Milan, in

the meeting between the Japanese

the house of Giacomo Puccini, where the

tradition and Mediterranean taste creates

immortal songs of la Bohème and Tosca

original and unusual combinations, made

were born, lies the renowned SpazioSushi.

exclusively with high quality raw materials.

Its interiors have been created to inspire

Next to the classic sushi and sashimi, the

indulgence. Here is a place to take the

tartàre deserve a mention, in particular

right distance from the world, find peace

those of red shrimp or shrimp with

and intimacy and feel welcomed.

tropical fruit such as avocado or mango.

The fusion of good taste, art and

Also special is the uramaki, the result of years

soft music make up a unique and

of study and testing by the chef, including

complete sensory experience.

the winter roll with salmon, candied fig

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102 | April - May 2018


and walnuts, the sea roll with pumpkin

Carefully chosen is the wine list, mostly

flowers in tempura, avocado, prawns,

white, which covers all the regions of Italy

red shrimp and caviar and the Johnny

with over sixty labels and an excellent

roll, prepared with shrimp in tempura,

selection of sparkling wines and some

salmon, avocado and toasted almonds.

wines from Alsace and New Zealand.

The desserts, which may vary according to the season, are from the renowned French


patisserie “Patisserie de Reves�. In winter time it is possible to delight the palate with the tarte au citron, the tarte tatin, the tarte au chocolat and the special cheesecake.

SpazioSushi Via Solferino 27 Tel +39 0236587566

April - May 2018 | 103


HOSTERIA DELLA MUSICA ALLA FERROVIA Hosteria della Musica alla Ferrovia holds up to 400 seating places, concentrating always on gourmet high level cuisine, live music, professional service and unforgettable moments! Via Giovanni Battista Pirelli, 1 20124 – Milano Tel. + 39 02 66703885

SPAZIO SUSHI The fusion of good taste, art and soft music make up a unique and complete sensory experience. A varied menu, in which each dish represents the meeting between the Japanese tradition and Mediterranean taste creates original and unusual combinations, made exclusively with high quality raw materials. Via Solferino 27 Tel +39 0236587566

104 | April - May 2018


HOSTERIA DELLA MUSICA brera Hosteria della Musica, located in artsy Brera District. Rooms furnished in antique wood, brass, and stained glass, its kitchen offers world-known T-bone steak Fiorentina, traditional Milanese dishes as ossobuco and veal cutlet, and of course, a selection of ham, salame, pasta, and oven cooked pizza. In the dehor you can enjoy warm spring evenings, while a big room hosts live jazz, blues, cabaret, and pop music concerts. Vicolo Fiori 2, Milano Open everyday 12pm-1am Tel. +39 0239661149

OSTERIA DEI MALNAT It stands on the ashes of what was an old and prestigious pastry after World War II. The sometimes intact wooden roof and the preservation of some old walls, as well as the realization of the wine shop with dismantled oak barrels, give the Malnat Osteria the charm of an environment where it is nice to find yourself to “live with food”. Via Caccialepori 3, Milano +39 02 23182024

Il Tavolino Il Tavolino is located on Via Fara, in the heart of the new Porta Nuova neighbourhood: old alleys sorrounded by new skyscrapers and buildings. Chef Gaspare Rocca can boast one of the best T-bone Fiorentina steaks made of Chianina meat from Tuscany. Not in the mood for meat? Try a “panuozzo” the typical panino from Naples made with pizza dough and filled with delicious ingredients. Via G Fara 23, 20124 Milano tel +39 02 6703520 Open everyday 12pm-00am

April - May 2018 | 105


taverna visconti ANTICA TRATTORIA DAL 1994 In the “old restaurant since 1994” you can taste a great aperitif with salami, cheese and glass of the best wines, or if you like a dine, you can find savory dishes of meat, homemade pasta, risotto and traditional Italian meals. Via Marziale 11 Phone + 39 02 798334

taverna visconti TRATTORIA DI MARE Since 1990, Taverna Visconti was known as the perfect place where “to breathe” the real atmosphere in Milan. In the “seafood restaurant” you can relish a real, genuine, national fresh fish and fantastic plateaux with raw fish. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 75, Milano Open every day 10am-00.30am Tel. +39 0286464912

Petrus 1935 Urban Restaurant & Raw Bar Petrus 1935 offers its customers, in full respect of the tradition of North American oyster bars, a wide choice of crustaceans, oysters, coquillage and cruderie

Via Fiori Chiari 13, Milano +39 349 0774198

106 | April - May 2018


ristorante el brellin The El Brellin Restaurant overlooks the Naviglio Grande and the picturesque Vicolo dei Lavandai. In the 50’s, the laudresses used to come here with their buckets and soaps to rub their laundry by kneeling on the wooden “brellin”. Our kitchen ranges from Milanese and Lombard specialties to finest dishes. Vicolo dei Lavandai - Naviglio Grande – Milano Tel +39 02.58101351 -

valentino vintage The location, based in the hearth of Milan is inspired to the great Valentino, actor, latin lover and icon of the ‘20s; the genuine Mediterranean cuisine is based on the combination of authentic Milanese traditional dishes and new flavors. Corso Monforte 16, 20122 Milano Tel +39 02 76394369 +39 392 9823291

il cantiniere - milano Il Cantiniere is an exclusive restaurant in the heart of Milano for your business lunches or for special dinners.

Via Albricci 3, 20122, Milano (MI), Tel. +39 02 87 07 4880 Mobile + 39 345 46 33 269 / +39 347 0625647

April - May 2018 | 107


Bicerìn Milano: Milan’s first wine room project A place for sharing passion and know-how

108 | April - May 2018

ENJOY YOUR NIGHT Silvia Amoni, Alberto Gugliada and Lorenzo Viola are joined by a strong bond of friendship and a great love of wine, and have come up with a project that goes beyond the bounds of the usual places where wine is served and sold: an unusual wine room with multiple identities for an all-round wine experience. Bicerìn Milano’s interior design reveals its eclectic approach to wine. Different identities share a single space: a lounge area furnished with coffee tables, original armchairs and unique items designed by architect Lorenzo Viola to recreate the atmosphere of relaxation and conviviality of a Paris salon of the ’forties, where guests can enjoy a glass of wine with dishes from the Bicerìn Milano kitchen; a dining room with a long table for special events and private dinners, offering an exclusive, customised experience centring around wine; and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves containing a true “wine library” of more than 800 different labels selected with great care.

Messaggio promozionale

April - May 2018 | 109

Bicerìn Milano stands out for its hospitality.

of labels: new wines, top quality small

The three proprietors take great pleasure

producers, unusual places of origin such

in welcoming guests discretely but

as Georgia, Armenia or Lebanon. And the

attentively, guiding them in their choice

best vintages and top of the range wines

of wine, telling them about the history

from well-known major producers. All the

and people behind each wine. Some

bottles may be enjoyed in the wine room,

bottles are austere, others light and

chosen from the wine library to take home,

bubbly, while yet others are particularly

or sampled around the big table during a

rare, produced in distant vineyards or on

dinner with friends or a business meeting.

small but prestigious Italian estates. At Bicerìn Milano wine is not only the The key to this unusual “theatre” of wine

star of the stage, but the focus of Silvia,

in Milan is research. Their profound love

Lorenzo and Alberto’s creativity and

and in-depth knowledge of wine guide

design backstage: they produce design

Silvia, Lorenzo and Alberto in the choice

and research projects about wine for

private wineries; events and corporate

Bicerìn Milano’s à la carte menu

communications projects concerning

strides onto the stage to underline

wine, brand positioning and identification

the personality of the wines, but it is

of the producers best suited to the brand,

structured and complete in itself, with a

taking care of storytelling and packaging.

bold personality that clearly underlines the character of the star of the show.

The last but by no means least important character in the play is the

where & when

food served to set off the wines. From Cantabrico anchovies combined with a sparkling wine, to a cod cooked at low temperature, excellent with a structured white wine, the Fassona raw meat that goes with a fully body red wine, and the fondue of chocolate with a fortified wine.

Bicerìn Milano Wine room – Wine bar – Restaurant Via Panfilo Castaldi 24, Milan +39 02 84258410 Wine shop hours: Monday – Saturday 3 pm - midnight Sunday 5 pm – midnight Wine room hours: 6:30 pm – midnight daily

fLY IN STYLE WITH GLOBEAIR A new way of travelling in Europe: the n°1 Air Taxi service Today’s world is far smaller than it was just a few years ago. However, even if the options to travel to new locations has opened up tremendously in the last few decades, chartering an executive jet seems something totally inaccessible for most people. Imagine no longer having to queue to go through airport security, but instead simply hopping into your own private jet and flying off to your desired destination according to your own agenda. This option has just become more affordable thanks to GlobeAir. Founded in Austria in 2007, GlobeAir takes pride in being the first mover in the Air Taxi sector in Europe, and among the fastest growing private jet charter operators. With the entire ownership of a fleet of 16 Citation Mustang jets, GlobeAir offers the finest solution for the modern executive travellers by providing the possibility to plan trips otherwise impossible with commercial airlines, with incredible flexibility and premium quality service. The Cessna Citation Mustang is a compact jet that accommodates up to four passengers, and its reduced size means that it can take off and land in some of the smallest airports, such as St. Tropez, Cannes, St. Moritz, Bolzano, Sion and many more , connecting more than 1,500 airfields in Europe.

Messaggio promozionale

Bernhard Fragner, GlobeAir CEO, says:

Safety. Business jet crew must go through

“Most of our passengers are prominent

many rigorous and recurrent training

entrepreneurs and business executives,

courses scheduled every six months, hence

professional athletes, VIPs and jet-setters,

maintaining the strictest safety standards.

first class frequent commuters, and generally, people whose time and privacy

Every air taxi flight is designed to meet

are paramount. They normally come to

individual needs and fit perfectly into both

us for the time-savings and flexibility

business and leisure itineraries. At the

that a flight operated on demand can

time of booking, GlobeAir guarantees the

offer. Almost like a time machine ”.

highest transparency of its rates. Optional extras could include concierge services both

Mr Fragner adds: “Our air taxi service works

before flights depart and on arrival, as well

more or less like a luxury taxi. Travellers

as gourmet catering on board, ground or

can book their jet in seconds on our

helicopter transfers to city destinations.

website or via our 24/7 Customer Care service, and in a few hours an aircraft will be ready for take-off from their preferred airport. Passengers who charter a private jet must arrive at the airport only 20 mins before departure and they can access their plane directly from the General Aviation terminal with great ease and comfort.” GlobeAir is the solution for those whom

Take the finest and fastest way: fly anytime, anywhere in Europe with GlobeAir!

private jet flying is a necessity, not just a luxury, and it is focused on providing timesaving flight solutions aimed at increasing business productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the advantages that business jet travellers are looking when they book an air taxi service. Convenience. Using a private air taxi service offers the convenience of a flight on demand with the highest attention to details. The entire process, from booking to take off, is very smooth and easy.

where Privacy. Privacy and discretion are a key factors for many private flight customers. On request, GlobeAir passengers can be transfer right onto the tarmac and be steps away from their private jet.

GLOBEAIR Fares starts from € 4,400 flight/hour, for the entire jet. Email: Tel: + 43 7221 727 400

by Luigi Lanaro Concierge at Baglioni Hotel Carlton

Dep Art

Modern and Contemporary art gallery presents:


116 | April - May 2018

Dep Art was founded in 2006 by Antonio

Simeti, Salvo, Wolfram Ullrich and Ludwig

Addamiano, with a deep passion and

Wilding. Since 2013, Dep Art has been the

knowledge of art to economic expertise,

Turi Simeti archive center. In addition to

developing an innovative and personal

its exhibition activity, the gallery is active

approach to work in the international art

in the promotion and organization of

world. His 300 square meters location,

international initiatives in public institutions.

was specifically modernized to meet the necessities of the gallery’s artists characterized by luminous and minimal


ample space, which best allow the displayed

WORLD”, will be on show until the end of

works of art to be valued and reign as

May, with a selection of “own hand” works

protagonists. Dep Art is a reference gallery

by the master Alighiero Boetti and a large

for very well know artists such as: Alberto

installation originally made on 1979 never

Biasi, Pino Pinelli, Natale Addamiano,

been repurposed until now.
Marking and

Dadamaino, Mario Nigro, Imi Knoebel,

drawing were the equivalent to tracing a

Emilio Scanavino, Regine Schumann, Turi

mapping of an imaginary world, completed

April - May 2018 | 117

with the most different stylistic figures, often with classifying hints of modalities and subjects, which repeat themselves and fuse together, blending, multiplying and aggregating. As you can read on the official exhibition’s catalogue edited by Federico Sardella.

The Indian ink on paper dated 1965, is one of the artist’s earliest work and the show continues with an in-depth study dedicated to one of Boetti’s favourite themes: nature revisited and the animal kingdom. From the 1970s onward, this theme occupied a significant part of the artist’s attention: monkeys, panthers, dolphins, frogs, mountain goats, turtles and other creatures of the animal world, they are reborn, and are decorative elements that can be repeated without limitations. The 1979 Zoo installation, illustrates this theme. Developed by Alighiero Boetti with his children Agata and Matteo, “Zoo” has been installed only once, in the artist’s studio in Rome. It has often been published but never repurposed until today. It was documented at time in Giorgio Colombo’s photographs, and the installation consists in the assembly of animals that took several months to construct, now revived and adapted to the gallery’s space. We can sit on an Afghan rug to observe, as the original project, the same plastic subjects used by Alighiero Boetti and his children. The artist himself wrote: “These animals carry within them the memory of millions of their predecessors and remember time. An ancient time: slow, anonymous, identical, immobile, unchanged”.

Dep Art is a member of ANGAMC: Associazione Nazionale Gallerie Arte Moderna e Contemporanea.

118 | April - May 2018

1990 senza titolo Tartar tartarughe rughe e righe 70x50 cm

where & when DEPART Via Comelico 40, Milano, 20135 tel. +30 02 3653 5620 Opening time: Tue / Sat: 10:30 - 19:00

Also Sunday April 15th it will be open to visitors, due to the Milano internationa MIART Art Fair. antonio.addamiano@depart. it /

April - May 2018 | 119




ART FRIDA KAHLO MUDEC - Museo delle Culture, from 1st February to 3rd June 2018 The exhibition will gather together works that have never been shown side by side before in Italy: over 100 paintings, drawings and photographs on loan from the two most important and largest Frida Kahlo collections in the world, the Olmedo museum and the Gellman collection, plus, other international museums.

CAPOLAVORI DAL PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART Palazzo Reale, from 8th March to 2nd September 2018 The collections of Impressionist and Modern art can be counted amongst the great glories of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Although provocative and experimental in their time the works by, amongst others, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee are now considered as some of the great treasures of the Philadephia Museum.

TERESA MARGOLLES PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, from 29th March to 20th May 2018 PAC presents the first solo show in Italy of Mexican artist Teresa Margolles: Margolles’ poetics attest the demolishment of contemporary society, caused by the organized crime tearing the world – and especially Mexico. Margolles’ works are characterized by a minimalistic yet impactful stylistic grammar.

ALBRECHT DÜRER E IL RINASCIMENTO FRA LA GERMANIA E L’ITALIA Palazzo Reale, from 21st February to 24th June 2018 This important exhibition, the first about this artist in Milan, will present Albrecht Dürer’s work in the context of the German Renaissance, focusing on reciprocal relationships between his art and that of great northern Italian artists of his day, through drawings, etchings, paintings and graphic design.

122 | April - May 2018



GAM - Galleria d’Arte Moderna, from 16th March to 17th June 2018

Gallerie d’Italia Piazza Scala, until 8th April 2018

A selection of 30 works, comprising paintings, drawings and pastels, on special loan from the Giovanni Boldini Museum in Ferrara and in dialogue with the works at the GAM by Boldini and Paul Helleu, his friend and co-protagonist of the Parisian Belle Époque. The exhibition presents Boldini’s elaboration of a personal style in defining the feminine noble and aristocratic portrait with works dating back to the early twentieth-century.

Commencing from one of the final canvases painted by Caravaggio, the “Martyrdom of Saint Ursula” (1610), the exhibition displays more than 50 paintings by the artist’s pupils (and by new Masters) executed in the first decades of the XVII century in Naples, Genoa and Milan.



Museo del Novecento, from 6 April to 26th August 2018

Fabbrica del Vapore, from 12th May to 9th September 2018

For the first time in the Lombardy capital, and fifteen years after the previous anthology, the exhibition strives to represent the thematic and linguistic complexity of the work of the painter Giosetta, beginning with her formative years up until the most recent present.

All the environments of the magical world of Harry Potter have been recreated at the Fabbrica del Vapore: sets, costumes, magical creatures in 1600 square meters for an exhibition traveling around the world.

DESIGN WEEK From 17th to 22nd April 2018 The Fuorisalone is the world’s most important date with design. Created from grassroots and organized by the municipal districts, during the Salone del Mobile it transforms the city into an exciting collective design event with entire urban areas transformed by temporary exhibitions. Created to open the world of design, today it is the symbol of the culture of beauty, research and innovation that characterizes Milano.

FOOD CITY From 7th to 13th May 2018

events UNA TEMPESTA DAL PARADISO: ARTE CONTEMPORANEA DEL MEDIO ORIENTE E NORD AFRICA Gam - Galleria d’Arte Moderna, from 11th April to 18th June 2018 The Italian stage of the exhibition presented by the Guggenheim Museum in New York, ‘Una Tempesta dal Paradiso’ (But a Storm is blowing from Paradise) promotes contemporary emerging artists around the world. Through paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations and videos, the exhibition presents a selection of voices and artistic reflections from North Africa and the Middle East.

Milano becomes the Italian capital of taste with events, meetings, food tastings, workshops, exhibitions and show cooking dedicated to the culture of good food, excellent nutrition and sustainability. An event that sees the city rediscover its finest and famous food culture and its ability to enhance the country’s agrifood industry.

ART WEEK From 9th to 15th April 2018 ART WEEK is the cultural week dedicated to contemporary art lovers; it highlights Milano’s energy and vitality, reaffirming the city’s role as a capital of creativity and making it even more appealing to both enthusiasts and insiders. An extensive programme of events, inaugurations and special openings all revolving around Miart, the fair dedicated to contemporary art.

PIANO CITY From 18th to 20th May 2018 With over 400 concerts held throughout the municipality, PianoCity provides new musical content, projects and paths. The extensive number of events, concerts, piano lessons, tributes to great Masters and debut performance enables everyone to explore a special city and find unfamiliar and unconventional places, from large open-air spaces to courtyards, houses and gardens that, until yesterday, were undiscovered.

April - May 2018 | 123


sport ARMANI MILANO MARATHON 8th April 2018

ARCH WEEK From 22nd to 27th May 2018

Milan’s international competitive marathon is now in its 18th edition and sees the participation of thousands of athletes each year. The circular route, designed by the legendary Ethiopian runner Haile Gebrselassie, winds through some of the most important and attractive city locations.

music HARRY STYLES Mediolanum Forum, 2nd April 2018 New dates for the world tour of the British songwriter who rose to stardom with the British band One Direction.

The week of meetings, completely open to the city, dedicated to architecture and the urban future. Across-the-city events, concerts, screenings, itineraries and programmes dedicated to ongoing urban transformations, in Milano and around the world. An event bursting with concepts and innovation to portray Milano’s ascent as one of the planetary capitals of architecture.

LANA DEL REY Mediolanum Forum, 11th April 2018 Two Italian dates, including one in Milan, for the US singer and model who will present her latest ‘Lust for Life’ album.

MILLE MIGLIA Piazza Duomo, 19th May 2018 The most evocative vintage car race, which combines sport and love for the Italian landscape, stops in Milan during the 2018 edition: the traditional “punching” will take place in Piazza Duomo.



Mediolanum Forum, 17th and 18th April

Giardini Indro Montanelli, from 22nd to 27th May 2018

He made rock history with Pink Floyd. Now he’s back on tour to perform some of the band’s legendary tracks along with his latest solo album ‘Is This the Life We Really Want?’.

The week of meetings open to the city, dedicated to architecture and the urban future. Across-the-city events, concerts, screenings, itineraries and programmes dedicated to ongoing urban transformations, in Milano and around the world.

DEEJAY TRI Idroscalo, 19th and 20th May 2018 After the success of the first edition, the urban triathlon (swimming, running and cycling) two-day event open to champions and neophytes comes back in 2018.

124 | April - May 2018


April - May 2018 | 125



Teatro alla Scala, from 8th May to 3rd June 2018

Triennale - Teatro dell’Arte, 7th and 8th April 2018

On the occasion of director Franco Zeffirelli’s 95th birthday, the legendary 1963 version of ‘Aida’ returns to La Scala, with the impressive scenery painted by Lila de Nobili in which Egypt is redesigned in Second Empire style.

The story of Harlequin, servant to two masters, as Giorgio Strehler said, is “living memory”. Like an unstoppable river in full flow, the show - with Ferruccio Soleri and Enrico Bonavera in the title role - brings magic to the stage every evening. Because “Harlequin is always the same and always different”, wrote the maestro, and is “unaffected by the passing of time”.

COMPAGNIA VIRGILIO SIENI: PULCINELLA QUARTET Triennale - Teatro dell’Arte, 7th and 8th April 2018 The Neapolitan character of Pulcinella is at the centre of the latest work by Virgilio Sieni, one of the key figures of the dance scene over the last thirty years. Through the bodies of the four dancers, the piece explores the suffering of these Pulcinellas, trapped in the tragicomic role of their mask. Moments of authentic pathos alternate with the steps of the tammurriata, a traditional Neapolitan dance.

126 | April - May 2018

THE YEAR OF CANCER Piccolo Teatro Strehler, from 5th to 8th April 2018 After three seasons the Dutch theatre company Toneelgroep returns to the Piccolo Teatro with Flemish director Luk Perceval to present a ruthless and impossible love story based on Hugo Claus’s novel.

AGENDA MOTUS: PANORAMA Triennale - Teatro dell’Arte, from 2nd to 6th May 2018 Motus has become one of Italy’s most interesting and adventurous theatre companies, performing their works all over the world. Their latest project develops a reflection on the human need to be on the move and on the right to migration, tracing new existential panoramas.

MIART FieraMilanoCity, from 13th to 15th April 2018 International trade fair of Modern and Contemporary Art.

April - May 2018 | 127


Yes Milano The new brand to promote Milano and its international events !

January FASHION WEEK MEN’S Milano Moda Uomo is the international date with the prêt-à-porter trends presented by the most important fashion houses. The packed line-up of events is a confirmation of the industry’s interest in Menswear.

February FASHION WEEK Milano Moda Donna brings the entire world of fashion to Milano. Catwalk shows, presentations and events: Milano steps confidently onto the international stage, strong in the knowledge of its unique global position, able to represent the whole production chain, from yarn to finished garment.

April ARTWEEK ART WEEK is the cultural week dedicated to contemporary art lovers; it highlights Milano’s energy and vitality, reaffirming the city’s role as a capital of creativity and making it even more appealing to both enthusiasts and insiders. An extensive programme of events, inaugurations and special openings all revolving around Miart, the fair dedicated to contemporary art.

DESIGN WEEK The Fuorisalone is the world’s most important date with design. Created from grassroots and organized by the municipal districts, during the Salone del Mobile it transforms the city into an exciting collective design event with entire urban areas transformed by temporary exhibitions. Created to open the world of design, today it is the symbol of the culture of beauty, research and innovation that characterizes Milano.

May PIANO CITY Milano finds its soundtrack in the harmonious notes of hundreds of pianos. With over 400 concerts held throughout the municipality, PianoCity provides new musical content, projects and paths. The extensive number of events, concerts, piano lessons, tributes to great

128 | April - May 2018

Masters and debut performance enables everyone to explore a special city and find unfamiliar and unconventional places, from large open-air spaces to courtyards, houses and gardens that, until yesterday, were undiscovered.

FOOD CITY Milano becomes the Italian capital of taste with events, meetings, food tastings, workshops, exhibitions and show cooking dedicated to the culture of good food, excellent nutrition and sustainability. An event that sees the city rediscover its finest and famous food culture and its ability to enhance the country’s agri-food industry.

ARCH WEEK The week of meetings, completely open to the city, dedicated to architecture and the urban future. Across-the-city events, concerts, screenings, itineraries and programmes dedicated to ongoing urban transformations, in Milano and around the world. An event bursting with concepts and innovation to portray Milano’s ascent as one of the planetary capitals of architecture: a place of noteworthy new constructions and comparisons between the different trends in Italian and international architecture.

June PHOTO WEEK Milano pays homage to photography with a week of exhibitions, meetings, guided tours, vernissage and finissage, workshops, editorial projects and screenings dedicated to images. A widespread city schedule that, in the first edition, involved over 100 locations and hosted circa 150 initiatives. It is an invitation to approach photography, to discover its ability to look at and imagine the world.

special events in cinemas, plus, meetings with actors and directors and insights into the vast and fascinating subject of audiovisual art.

FASHION WEEK Milano Moda Donna brings the entire world of fashion to Milano. Catwalk shows, presentations and events: Milano steps confidently onto the international stage, strong in the knowledge of its unique global position, able to represent the whole production chain, from yarn to finished garment.

October FALL DESIGN WEEK Design rethinks itself, through experimental research and project culture. In a programme encompassing the celebrated design districts, meetings, conferences, films, exhibitions and installations all enhance Milano’s ability to innovate by networking the many excellent resources that characterize the industry sector.

November MUSIC WEEK Music Week is completely dedicated to pop music. Seven days of concerts, dj sets, showcases, presentations, themed evenings, surprise events and parties held throughout Milano with the participation of national and international guests. An across-the-city festival that aims to make Milano a true music capital: the entire music industry gets involved with great venues, training centres, promoters and authors all offering a platform for industry professionals and an increasingly more enjoyable music festival for the city.



Milano Moda Uomo is the international date with the prêt-à-porter trends presented by the most important fashion houses. The packed line-up of events is a confirmation of the industry’s interest in Menswear.

Bookcity is the well-known literary event dedicated to books and reading. Meetings with authors, performances, readings, workshops, exhibitions and a reading marathon all create a calendar packed with over 1000 dates. During the threeday event Milano returns to being the city of literary debates and café culture: the joy of reading, a precious experience that combines innovation and tradition, the books and the readers themselves become the driving force and the protagonists.W

September MOVIE WEEK Milano dedicates a week to the seventh art. Screenings right across the city in collaboration with the Milano Film Festivals; a whirlwind of exhibitions and

Les Clefs d’Or



Milan Marriott Hotel

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Michelangelo Hotel

(Bellagio CO)

Armani Hotel Milano

Hotel Mozart

Villa D’Este

Boscolo Milano

Hotel NH Milano Touring

(Cernobbio CO)

Bulgari Hotel Milano

Novotel Milano Linate Aeroporto

Hotel Excelsior Palace

Excelsior Hotel Gallia

Hotel Romana Residence

(Rapallo GE)

Four Seasons Hotel Milan

Sheraton Diana Majestic

Grand Hotel et de Milan

Starhotels Anderson

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Milan

Starhotels Business Palace

ME Milan Il Duca

Starhotels Echo

(Portofino GE)

Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa Milano

Starhotels Rosa Grand Milano

Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Hotel

Park Hyatt Milan

Starhotels Ritz

Resort (Menaggio CO)

Hotel Principe Di Savoia

Santa Marta Suites

Grand Hotel Miramare

The Westin Palace Milan

UNA Hotel Scandinavia

(Santa Margherita Ligure GE)

Town House Galleria

Uptown Palace

Hotel Punta Est

STRAF Hotel e Bar

(Finale Ligure SV)

Hotel Splendido

La Gare Hotel Milano Centrale

Villa Cortine Palace Hotel

Baglioni Hotel Carlton Milan

Radisson Blu Hotel Milan

(Sirmione BS)

Hotel Magna Pars Suites

Room Mate Giulia

Hotel VIU Milan

Windsor Hotel Milano IH Hotel Milano Puccini

Hotel Rege (San Donato MI) Grand Hotel Menaggio

Hotel Milano Scala Crowne Plaza Milan City


Sina De La Ville


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Milan

(Menaggio CO) Hotel De La Ville (Monza MB)

Grand Visconti Palace

Grand Hotel Fasano

Turin Palace Hotel

Art Hotel Navigli

(Gardone Riviera BS)


Hilton Milan

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Hotel Town House 12 Milano

(Tremezzo CO)

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Emergency and useful telephone numbers

Emergency call number: tel. 112 All emergency calls convey in a main call center (Call Center NUE 112). According to the needs and requirements you will be directed to the specific authority. Health care and ambulance Health Care: tel. 118 Red Cross: tel. 02.3883 Continuità Assistenziale (ex Guardia Medica)
tel. 02.34567 Croce Verde – Public Assistance of Milan . 02.8940.6035 Burn Unit -
Azienda Ospedaliera Niguarda- Ca’ Granda
 tel. 02.6444.2381 Poison Center
Azienda Ospedaliera Niguarda- Ca’ Granda
tel. 02.6610.1029 ASL City of Milan (Public Health Care Assistance): tel. 02.8578.1 Dental Care Assistance - 24h su 24h
tel. 02.865460
tel. 02.863624 Carabinieri NAS (Nucleo Anti Sofisticazione)
tel. 02.667311 Pronto Farmacia (Pharmacy Cell Center) 
tel. 800.80.11.85 Public Hospitals A.O. FATEBENEFRATELLI E OFTALMICO
 Corso di Porta Nuova 23 20123 MILANO (MI) 
 Piazza Cardinal Ferrari 1 20122 MILANO (MI) - tel. 02/582961 A.O. OSPEDALE L. SACCO
Via G.B. Grassi 74 20157 MILANO (MI) - tel. 02 39041 A.O. OSPEDALE NIGUARDA CA’ GRANDA
 P.le Ospedale Maggiore 3 20162 MILANO (MI) - tel. 02 64441 A.O. OSPEDALE SAN CARLO BORROMEO
 Via Pio II 3 20153 MILANO (MI) - tel. 02 40221 A.O. S. PAOLO
 Via A. Di Rudinì 8 20142 MILANO (MI) - tel. 02 81841 Credit card theft or loss To disable your credit card you shall call your bank. Here are some useful numbers from Italy. • Debit card Bancomat 800 822056 • CartaSì 800 151616 • MasterCard®Global Service 800 870866 • American Express 06 72900347 • Diner’s Club 800 864064 • Visa 800 819014

Lost items Lost items Office - Address: Via Friuli, 30 - Tel: +39 02 88453900 - Opening hours: From Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 12pm and from 1pm to 3.30pm InfoMilan Official Tourism info point Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, at the corner with Piazza della Scala - Tel +39.02.884.55555 Opening hours: From Monday to Friday 9 am- 7pm - Saturday 9am-6pm Sunday and holidays 10am-6pm - Closed on December 25th and January 1st Local Police: +39.02.0208
 Central Police Station: +39.02.62261 Traffic Police Line: 1518 (Traffic information) Aci Soccorso Stradale Milano (Roadside Assistance): 803.116
 Ambulance: 118
 Fire Brigade: 115
 Emergency Room Croce Verde: +39.02.8940.6035

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Milan Concierge Information April | May 2018  
Milan Concierge Information April | May 2018