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Try These Tips For Finding Cheap Flights Airline ticket prices depend on a variety of factors, including the airline, destination, date of travel and even what day the consumer makes the purchase. Searching for cheap flights is like shopping for bargains on any other product or service. Consumers who take the time to research all the various options stand a good chance of finding affordable tickets for any airline trip. Being flexible with your departure and return dates is the best way to score a cheaper rate. Leaving one day sooner or returning home one day later can result in substantial savings. Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year and provides a good example of how being flexible can save money. Most people fly on the Wednesday before and the Sunday after. Choosing a flight that leaves on Thanksgiving Day and a return flight on Saturday is much less expensive. Consumers should book their tickets at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled departure date. Purchasing

tickets three weeks in advance is even better. For an international flight, consumers should reserve seats at least thirty days in advance.

Travelers should always check fares for neighboring airports. Someone flying to Sacramento, for example, may find cheaper fares by flying into Oakland. In many cases, the savings will more than pay for transportation from the alternate airport to the final destination. When flying one way, it often pays to check the price for a roundtrip ticket. Sometimes it costs less than the oneway fare. The savings are often even bigger for international airline travel. Major airlines and travel sites offer fare alerts delivered by e-mail. Sorting the alerts into a dedicated folder will make them easier to scan for deals. Airlines offer

discounts every Wednesday for any undersold flight leaving during the upcoming weekend. The options are usually limited but the discounts are significant. Frequent travelers can get access to exclusive discounts by sticking with one carrier and accumulating frequent flier miles. It is possible to accumulate points quickly by booking all travel through the same airline or alliance. The points are then redeemable for discounts, upgrades and free tickets, depending on the specifics of the program. Travelers who do their homework do not have to pay full price for airline tickets. Being flexible on travel dates is the most effective way to save money. Individuals who keep that fact in mind and follow these tips can find cheap flights to any destination.

Try These Tips For Finding Cheap Flights