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Was there a time when your whole world revolved around her? And now she has broken your heart due to a break up? It's causing you pain and too much negativity. Do you plan on getting her back? Regardless of the situation, with the right tools and some work you may be able to get her back in your life. Basically breaking up with a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife can be devastating to a person. Determine how to fix that broken relationship with proven and worthy tips even if it was a bad break up. These are some tips I got to share with you: Put your emotions in control: Get what you feel inside under control. People don't meeting up with people who will cry and are emotional roller coasters. If you on that emotional roller coaster, and she know you're on it you will not get a chance to meet or talk to her. She will avoid you. So outside on the streets don't show you're an emotional roller coaster. Keep your emotions in check. Try to understand why she broke up with you: Figure out what are your mistakes and faults are. Also check your good qualities that she loved when you first started dating. Maybe you don't do those things anymore and she misses it Wait before making a move: Let her reality kick in. Let her think after how she is going to do her life without you. When you first break up she may be thinking wow how fun is this I'm single again. Let her have her fun thoughts, reality will kick in sooner or later. Fixing your ways: You understand why she left you. Now fix that reason. You can tell her that you changed but that is just words. Words mean nothing, actions mean it all. Like for example: Get help if you are insecure about your relationships. Jealousy and anger issues need to change. Nobody wants to be with a jealous and angry person. If you get the help you will be able to offer proof of getting help for yourself. Like articles, books, classes, or even doctors you went to see. Give her time to meet up with her again: once you given her a few weeks to settle down and come back to reality call or text her to see if you can meet. Make it a neutral place where you and her never been together before. She will ask you why you want to meet with her, she probably thinking you have a hidden agenda up your sleeve. Try to get a good reason like an old DVD to return to her or something in those lines. Also explain you want to meet up with her in nicer terms to clear the air and move on. If she doesn't answer the text wait a few days before trying again. She may be out of city, or she just need to make up her mind whether she want to see you again. If she feels safe with you then most likely she will meet up with you. Try to look your best: Remember what she said looks good on you and what doesn't? Do you remember what she liked and disliked about you? Sounds superficial, but important. You got to

feel confident, so look good and make her believe you changed. Looking good don't hurt anyone. Relax and be calm when you meet again: I know for sure you and her will be nervous while sitting there. Think of some nice ice breakers like friends and family or even work topics. The benefit for meeting at an unfamiliar place is you will actually have things to talk about and maybe even laugh and have fun Just give your ex girlfriend time and space: Let her sink into what happen at this casual meeting. She will change her mind about you after this meeting just because you listened to her and didn't go crazy and didn't bother her about getting back together. Looking for a second chance? Don't even ask for it. If you guys start talking about the break up. Make sure you tell her right away that you understand your faults and the measures you taking to fix your faults. And also let her know you not there looking for second chance but to let her know that you know why she left. Don't get mad if she agrees with you or add to it. Just sit there and hear her out. If you never listened to her before you can show her that you are a good listener now. Just to prove that you are helping yourself for yourself not for others. Getting your ex girlfriend can be challenging to some who can't hold their emotions inside. But if you can hold your anger and emotions inside so you can get back to your ex girl, I'm sure you will win her back.

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==== ==== How to get your ex girlfriend back. Check this Out! ==== ====

Do You Want Your Ex Girl Back  

Wait before making a move: Let her reality kick in. Let her think after how she is going to do her life without you. When you first break up...

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