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StartMyHomeBizUniversity.Com (SHBU) Operations Manual

Start My Home Biz University Preparing students for a home-based business Discover all the ways SHBU provides students with the skills to build a profitable business from conception to profitability. In the pages to follow it will become clear that the solutions to your long-held fears about starting a business have been solved through our 12 week Home-based Business Start- up Course. You will discover the simplicity, and clarity with which this course delivers a thorough knowledge of starting and growing your personally selected home-based business.



Start My Home Biz University is also identified as SHBU for the purposes of this manual. We operate a number of training courses including a 12 week Home-based business Start-Up Course for students who want to learn the key steps in creating and growing a business into profitability.

“We don't provide degrees that lead to a career. We train you for successful business ownership that leads to a better lifestyle, including financial independence." is an online program designed to provide strategic training courses to students who desire to become equipped to build and grow a home-based business to profitability. Our standard program is called the Home-based Business Start-up Course. This is a 12 week course that offers 12 video tutorials that provide students with the knowledge and skills to systematically learn all the key aspects of starting and growing a home-based business. Students will get access to our online membership site where they can download selected video tutorials on subjects ranging from, creating the mindset of a business owner to, creating a powerful marketing strategy. Our services provide the following additional layer of supports to our students:    

personally assigned business coaches; weekly conference calls; opportunities to promote your products and services on a weekly internet radio show; and a member forum that serves as an interactive classroom.

Most Americans know that the economic challenges have stripped away the perception that they have any security in their employment situation. In fact, they know that they are only one or two paychecks away from a desperate situation. The reality is that we as a culture save only about 3% of our monthly wages. In fact many don't save anything at the end of the month of laboring at a job that stress them out, and causes a helpless sense of servitude, and dependence. You also know that due to the emergence of the "new global economy" (stiffer competition from oversees) your job security is almost a thing of the past due to outsourcing, a changing marketplace.

Why is our 12 week course your obvious solution? Our course shares with you many of the hidden secrets of building and growing a business that our competitors don't want you to actually learn. They don't want you to discover these secrete strategies because you will no longer need their services, and you can start your own consulting company and potentially steal their customers. We're not worried about other online universities learning the strategies and stealing our customers because most are not positioned to effectively duplicate our, systems, efficiencies, marketing, and value added service. Our 12 week course prepares you to get started in business immediately, with the assistance of business coaches that help you apply all the concepts, strategies, and principles. Here’s what further differentiates our 12 week course from our competitors… You don't have to worry about being left alone without support during the difficult stages of the course. You will have continuous access to our coaches, online library, member forum, and weekly conference calls throughout the entire process of developing a home-based business and taking it to profitability. We understand that due to the information age, and the “Idea Economy” we live in, more millionaires will be created during the next 5 years than at any time in the last 10 years. "Our goal here is to get you to see the big picture about the possibilities of creating a lifestyle for yourself and family where you can, at some point, choose where you want to live. Know that our course equips you with the knowledge and skills to decide when and how you want to retire; create a legacy that will provide a way of life for your kids; and finally, take control of your most valuable asset which is your time." No more traveling to and from work three hours a day! No more day care centers for your children! No more back to work after Thanksgiving Day because of limited vacation time due to others on your job having more seniority! Imagine waking up in the morning, meditating for an hour; exercising for an hour; having breakfast with your spouse and kids; and then going to the office, "in your house," to start managing your business. How cool would that be? Our Home-based start up course not only provides you with the blue print but it trains you in the application of the newly acquired skills to start and grow a home-based business from conception to profitability.



Welcome to our 12 week Home-based business Start Up Course. This course requires you to have an email account and access to a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone to: view the video tutorials, sign on to the member forum, get to your dashboard, view the online library, and read the study guides and learning objectives. The course is 12 weeks in length, however, we have designed flexibility so that you can proceed at your own pace. In fact, this course is not designed to provide you with a degree that can be used to enter a career; instead, it will equip you to launch your very own home based business. We do, however, issue students a Certificate of Completion upon meeting all the requirements of the course. We therefore recommend that you do the following:      

take your time to study the course materials and video’s; actively participate in the discussions in the online member forums; develop resources and relationships by networking in the forums; actively engage your assigned business coach to learn practical applications for the strategies learned; join in on the weekly conference calls to get tips, tactics, and common sense guidance for putting together your business; and take advantage of the opportunities to promote your products and services on our YouTube TV Channel or our Internet based Blogtalkradio show.

How we manage the course: Students will notice that our instructors are pro-actively monitoring their assignments, submissions, and reminding them of upcoming deadlines, and changes in the course content when needed. We will place greater emphasis on helping students during the first three weeks to establish the baseline expectations and a proper support system for their success. Ultimately, our students are in control of how far and how fast they can go through the course. If you register for the course when others are in weeks 5, 6, or 7 you are still able to begin at course number 1, and work your way through to course #12. We would not recommend skipping around the courses; however, some will find that it’s more interesting to get started with course topics that are more informative and challenging.

Students First Steps: After registering and paying course fees, you will receive an email detailing the steps to get started with your 12 week Home- based business start up course. You first email will also contain your pass-code to get into the Home-business Start Up Course classroom section on our website, which is available to registered members only. Just be aware that pass codes will changes from time to time to protect our course from unauthorized users. Once in the Classroom section you will again use your pass-code to log into the Video tutorial for course #1 in the series of 12. As you get to the course you will find your dashboard page containing the following: Video Tutorial; Learning Objectives; Study Guide Questions; Resources, Tools, and Tips; and finally, detailed instructions, and reminders from our Dean of Education, on how to access the weekly conference calls, member forums, and Business Coaches. Students are required to participate in a brief pre-course assessment that will provide us with a baseline from which to measure student retention and progress from the same assessment by the end of the course. You will also be required to take brief tests prior to completing each course. These tests will reinforce what you’ve learned and ensure that the business concepts are applicable to your plans to grow a home-based business. A critical aspect of refining this 12 week home-based business start up course is to learn from our students what methods of teaching are most effective and which content adds solutions and skills for business building. We solicit your recommendations, articles, resources, materials, and content to make this the most effective course possible. In fact, in our member forum you will find a comment feature, allowing for peer feedback and a report function managed by the forum moderator.

The Copyright Issue: Content created in the Video Tutorials, membership forums, weekly conference calls, in our articles, video’s, audios, etc., fall under SHBU copyrights. The aforementioned cannot be duplicated, in part or in full, without credits given to identifying the source. Therefore, we respectfully ask that if you do use our content, please identify as the source of the information.

How to Become an Instructor with SHBU: is always looking to expand our ability to provide business growth education though our in-house instructors. However, we also seek to partner with knowledgeable business experts who seek platforms to share their expertise. Therefore, you are invited to contact us to make your courses available to our student’s, just email us at of your interest to become an instructor and we will schedule a phone conference with you.

Business Coaches and their Activities:

As we indicated, one of our unique competencies is that we provide our students with their very own Business Coach. However, we understand that many entering the business world do not know what a business coach is and what sh/he does. Our business coach is a highly experienced individual who has start and run his/her own business, and has specific knowledge and skill in most areas of running a business. Your business coach will contact you and work with you to drill down into the lessons you are studying in the “Video Tutorials� so that you can apply the strategies to your home-based business. You will have several methods of communicating with your business coach including email, and by phone. Your coach will probably want to schedule a specific time with you on a weekly or less frequent basis depending upon your needs, to review your questions and talk about strategies and tactics to move forward in your business. The relationship you form with your business coach will form the foundation for building a wellstructured home-based business that is highly profitable.

Business Coaches maintain the following performance standards: 1) Develop a contingency plan to continue working with the student if the website goes down. 2) Provide verbal or email content to students that is always clear, concise, and actionable.

3) Give feedback to the Dean of Education on students understanding of the practical application of the content being taught, and the performance of the systems being used on the website. 4) Encourage students about the importance of them participating in their learning process. 5) Seek ways to facilitate the learning process, and provide feedback to the Dean of Education on improvements needed. 6) Build a close relationship with your assigned students to ensure that they feel comfortable with their progress in the course, and to ask for assistance when they need it. 7) Keep students engaged in the process by encouraging participation in the weekly conference calls and asking for feedback. 8) Ensure that your expectations as a Business Coach are clearly defined from the very first encounter. Make sure you lay out how important it is for your students to schedule time each week to spend on the course and with you. 9) Log into the member forum at least weekly to share your thoughts, give resources, and encourage students to stay engaged in the learning process of building a profitable home-based business.

Significance of Peer Learning: Our 12 week course offers foundational teaching resources to educate students on the process of starting and growing your own home-based business, however, the most powerful aspect of learning is your individual initiative. Our Video Tutorials, Coaches, weekly conference calls, and resources can only take you so far in the process. Beyond these activities we see ourselves as facilitators to help students start conversations, share experiences, solve problems, and help your peers maximize the learning experience offered by the course. We set high expectations for the performance for our instructors, coaches, and our students, from the time the initial registration process begins. Our goal is to give all participants constant feedback throughout the course to push you to learn and become excited about building your business.

Course Goals: I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X.

Teach individuals interested in getting into business ownership the knowledge of critical aspects of starting and growing a business. Provide students with the knowledge to build a business from inception to profitability. Provide critical supports that equip students to discover practical applications for the information learned. At the end of the course you will be able to identify clearly the reasons why starting a home-based business in this economic recession is the right thing to do. Understand the tax advantages for starting a home-based business. Understand the number one question from customers that every business must answer convincingly in order to earn their business. Poses the knowledge of how to brand and position your business as one of the leaders in your niche market. Learn how to utilize financial instruments to monitor, manage, and grow a profitable business. Learn how to build a board of directors that positions your company to raise capital. Understand the critical aspects of writing a business plan and why they are important for the life of a business.

Additional Course Information: I. II. III.

IV. V. VI.

Students will enroll to add clarity to their basic knowledge of how to start and build a home-based business. Every student will have learned the critical aspects of how businesses operate and what is required to become profitable. Students will receive significant support and direction to participate fully in the weekly conference calls, online membership forums, and to utilize the recommended resources and engage their individual Business Coaches. Students will receive multiple resources (articles and links) for increased clarity on the strategies taught through the weekly Video Tutorials. Advanced students will find resources for higher level business growth strategies through the member forums, weekly conference calls, and their Business Coach. Students will receive tests and brief homework to ensure that they understand the Video tutorial lessons, and are utilizing the resources of their coaches, and conference calls.


Students will receive emails that will give additional information about course content, business coaching assignments, tests, additional resource material, and updates on how best to use the member forum.

Course Topics: Although these are a list of the present 12 week course topics, SHBU reserves the right to change these topics as we see fit without the express consent of our students, instructors, coaches.

1) Creating the Mindset of a Business Owner 2) The Foundational, and Legal Principles of Business Ownership and how they must be applied. 3) How to choose the Best Business in the right Niche Market to Start 4) Setting the Business up Right & Preparing to work from Home. 5) Creating a Marketing and Selling Strategy 6) Creating a Marketing, Operations, and Management Strategy 7) How do I Brand my Business and why is this important 8) Key strategies to picking the best Distribution Channels and the strategies behind Pricing 9) The Business Plan, why you need one, and how to create it 10) The Business Plan, and managing your Business Financials 11) Expand your business through Joint Venture Partnerships 12) Hiring, Managing, and Training Employees.

Conclusions: Students participating in the 12 week home-based business start-up course will find an amazing opportunity to expand their thinking about starting and growing a business. In addition, the association with other business owners striving to increase their knowledge will change your mindset, and create a higher level frame of reference. Your knowledge with grow exponentially. You will learn a whole different language of business terms and concepts that provide you with motivation and inspiration to build a truly profitable enterprise. The 12 week course will introduce you to resources, connect you with a business coach, and provide you with a membership of like-minded individuals hungry for success. Participation in our networking activities, associations with business owners, and mentorship through coaching is essential to a start up company’s success. We take great steps to make sure you are provided with the benefits of all of the above through our program.

If you find that our courses and the support that our program offers you exceed your expectation, then we ask that you refer a friend that would benefit from course as well. We also extend to you an offer to participate in our twice per year Live Seminars (Boot Camps) held in the spring and fall of each year at 50% off the registration price. In addition, students will get 50% off the price of products sold by SHBU though our online sources. Finally,, its partners; affiliates; board members; instructors; coaches; agents; do not guarantee every student participating in the 12 week course will experience a profitable business as a result of this course. A students progress and ability to build a profitable business is based upon their individual actions to carryout the principles, strategies and actions according to their understanding and effectiveness. Students who find that the value provided in the course exceeds their expectations can sign up for our higher level coaching groups for businesses currently preforming in the growth phase, also at discounted rates off the going price. To get more information about (SHBU) you can email Jerry Burt, Dean of Education, at Visit us on our website at, or call 8560359-4851.

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