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Mycenae House &Gardens

September - December 2020

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Mycenae House

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“ Time to stick together!”

“An Oasis Of Calm”

How Mycenae Gardens became so important to many during lockdown



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Mycenae House & Gardens

Mycenae House &Gardens

North G

90 Mycenae Road Blackheath London SE3 7SE

0208 858 1749 info@mycenaehouse.co.uk www.mycenaehouse.co.uk tickets: wegottickets.com/location/13865

Welcome Back Mycenae House is a not for profit venue and community hub, committed to providing space for activities, services to support the development of people and the community, and as a place for learning, wellbeing, culture and social interaction. We hire space for training, activities, parties, weddings, conferences and meetings. We are four minutes walk from Westcombe Park train station, and Blackheath Standard transport hub and shopping area. North Greenwich tube station is five minutes by taxi. We have limited free onsite parking, ample free roadside parking and many bus routes that pass close by. We are based in the Blackheath Standard area in the Westcombe ward, less than a mile from Greenwich town centre.

Blackh eath

Wouldn’t you like to just get back to normal? Or just some kind of new better normal? We certainly would! The last few months have been challenging, upsetting, life changing and to some tragic but we think it’s time to try to look forward and set sail with a new vision. We are determined to help you on that journey and invite you to join us along the way. At Mycenae House we have continued to serve some of our community members in new and life sustaining ways during the lockdown. But, we are now longing to get serving you all again, attempting to bring a little positivity, support and friendship to as many people as we can. We are delighted to present this new brochure, showing you what is happening in the house for the next few months and how things are opening back up and returning to a regular programme. A word of caution though! Things change daily, as the guidance and restrictions change, so we do recommend that you check in advance to confirm activities are running. Additionally, we are delighted to include a new directory and map of local independent shops and businesses in the Blackheath Royal Standard area. In these most challenging of times we want to encourage your support for local independent shops and businesses. By showing a little solidarity and fostering support for each other we can build back a better and more resilient community. Let’s face it, we all cherish living in this wonderful, vibrant, diverse and leafy little part of South East London, so we need to all stick together to make sure it stays that way for ever. Community, you know what to do!

Come & See Us Goodbye and good luck to Reverend Tim Yeager and his wife Caroline.

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n& To help identify activities Lea within our brochure we are using rni ng this four colour triangle system that helps you look for the things that interest you. Art


After several years of wowing the locals at St Georges Church in Westcombe Park, Rev.Tim as he is known here, has retired. He’s off to St Albans so not too far, and we look forward to welcoming him back anytime he chooses to return. We have grown very fond of Rev Tim at Mycenae House as he has supported us in many ways. Not least with his thoughtful and loving stewardship of our annual Christmas Carol services and his masterful (if a little noisy) bagpipe performance at our Burns Night celebrations. A big man, with a big heart and a big intellect.

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Mycenae House &Gardens

Hello Again

It came as a shock to find out that the main hall floor had come to the end of its life after asking Just Wood Floors to renovate the floor at the beginning of lockdown. We had to make a quick decision on how to deal with replacing the floor. After listening to advice from far and wide we decided to replace it wiith a super hard wearing 22mm beech wood

A Historic Discovery In taking up the old floor we discovered a local newspaper and bakers paper bag from 1933 under the floor boards, the year Mycenae House was built. They both can now be seen in the cafe. To honour the descovery we hid a copy of the Westcombe News, a Covid 19 Guidance poster and a letter from our staff under the new floor for future staff to discover.

Mycenae House &Gardens

A New Floor for the Main Hall

Your Lockdown Dream Team! After closing our doors back in March we quickly established a core team to keep the house functioning where we could and mothballed everything we had to. This dream team has worked tirelessly to maintain, improve and prepare the building for reopening and we are forever indebted to them. ( at least until next week Our Dudley proving that lockdown didn’t mean lowering his standards of sartorial elegance! The guy scrubbed them floors like no one else could. Maji once again expressing her love for the camera lense! She wouldnt stay away and insisted on paying us all every month. Nothing gets passed that Maji! Ian and Julia posing with cleaning products! These two sure made this place sparkle by painting and deep cleaning to within an inch of its life! They also kept the Take Away Cafe open throughout. Fueled only by fancy lunches and a daily afternoon tipple, this couple lead the way! Kevin doing his best impression of a tree in strong wind worked his socks off utilising his unique DIY and technical skills to keep the ship afloat. Demi Spry has joined the team during lockdown as an extra pair of hands to increase cleaning capacity and help achieve Covid 19 secure status We also need to thank the rest of the team for their patience and agreeing to be furloughed to help keep the organisation afloat. Believe me, they all wanted to come to work rather than sit it out. So Thank You - Anna, Deborah, Paul, Dominic, Donald, Jay, Robin, Emily, Becky, Anna T, Christine. We also need to thank trustees Sara, Jane & Peter and the rest of the board for their unwavering support and confidence throughout this time.

An Oasis Of Calm How Mycenae Gardens became important to many during lockdown We’ve been overwhelmed with stories from visitors who have expressed their love for Mycenae Gardens during lockdown. At the height of the epidemic people felt safe and secure in visiting the gardens for a bit of calm and tranquility. Whether its the dog walkers needing to get out of the house, the single parent looking for space to let their young ones use up some energy or young people needing space from their families, we have enjoyed meeting and chatting with many of those people. During the lockdown we opened the Cafe as a take away direct into the garden which provided the ideal socially distanced meeting place for many in the community.

“ the gardens have provided my family a place of sanctuary and calm throughout, the added bonus has been the chearful staff and cheap take away at Mycenae House to keep us all happy” When allowed to, we held socially distanced events in the garden including a live music driven social gathering of Mycenae House staff, board members, musicians and close associates as a tester event, Bo Peeps Pre school even held their sports day events and their end of term parents events in the garden

AccessAbility - All of Mycenae House available for All The project will take at least a year to complete and include the installations of a lift to all four floors, a new automatic door, ramps and accessible patio to the garden, signage, disabled alarm systems, enhanced lighting and more. This financial support sourced via the Royal Borough of Greenwich is a major investment in the future development of Mycenae House and in the future of our communities. Anyone who knows us, knows that we have worked tirelessly to bring access to the whole building and for the installation of a lift. We also owe a debt of gratitude to a number of people who over the years have fought to make it happen including Councillors Mariam Lolavar, Leo Fletcher, Geoff Brighty, trustees Sheila Peck and Andy Chapman and a host of regualar users whose patience has been nothing short of epic.

Mycenae House &Gardens

We are delighted to announce that our successful application to the Greenwich Neighbourhood Growth Fund will allow us to maximise access to the whole building for all people.


Mycenae House &Gardens

CafeBar Manager Ian Hosten mastering the Art of the Barista

“the added bonus has been the chearful staff and cheap cafe at Mycenae House to keep us all happy”

H ea lth


W ell be


Hangout with a coffee in the tranquility of the gardens ‘Great Atmosphere & Always Friendly Staff ’ We have a fully stocked and operational Café Bar. It is a Not for Profit Social Enterprise which raises much needed funds for community development work. We offer fresh coffee made from our newly installed Barista machine as well as herbal teas and cold drinks. Our licensed bar offers bottled and craft beers, quality wines and spirits. Oh, and we have free fast and stable Wi-Fi.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm Saturdays 9am til 12pm (subject to change)

The cafe is provided for the users of Mycenae House and its activities. We respectfully ask that visitors do not consume their own food in the cafe. We appreciate your feedback and support.

Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020 Mycenae House confirms that it has complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 FIVE STEPS TO SAFER WORKING TOGETHER








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unity with m m o c r e vities r our wid Support fo eing & Learning Acti 858 1749 llb il.com 020 8 a m g @ ch a e Social, We naeoutr ick myce orah Fitzpatr b e D : ct ta n o C

Established in 2017, the Mycenae House Reach Out project offers events and regular activities to help our community reduce isolation & loneliness and to develop skills, find support and capacity to enjoy life to the full. Since the Project began we have been so lucky to attract a number of brilliant, committed and skillful volunteers to help deliver the programme. We are so grateful to them for their hard work and the positive impact they make to our community.

The Reach Out programme supports those that are socially isolated and suffer poor physical and mental health and loneliness in our community. We try to connect those from hard to reach groups to get together and make friends. Reach Out works to support those community members and signposts to other partnership organisations who can give expert advice. The Reach Out Project is currently funded from any surplus made from running Mycenae House. Profits from hosting parties and weddings, the income from the cafe bar and social events held here like concerts goes towards funding our Reach Out programme. When we can we apply for additional financial support. This has included income for our Digital Inclusion work from Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Neighbourhood Growth Fun and also support from ASDA, the John Roan School, Barclays, Grant Saw and others. We welcome ideas and iniatives to help support and fund the Reach Out work we do. Please get in touch if you’d like to help.

Mycenae House &Gardens

Find out more about the current programme on the coming pages and contact us for information about joining, volunteering or supporting us.

Regular Sessions

Mondays 12- 1pm

t u O h c a e R

Carer's Hub from The Greenwich Carers Centre

offering free advice for carers. One to one expert help with form filling for blue badge, pension credit, taxicards etc. Returning soon - contact us for more details. Dates to be confirmed

Tuesdays (Last Tuesday of every month - 7.30pm-9.30pm)

Mycenae Music Appreciation Club with Phill Returning soon - contact us for more details

Wednesdays 4 - 5.30pm

Chill N Chat with AGE UK Chilled out chat, mindfulness, background jazz, biscuits & prosecco - Returning soon contact us for more details.

Tuesdays - 1-3.30pm

'Tech Support Tuesday'

The ever lively Drop In Cafe with our good Friends, students from John Roan School. We look forward to you guys coming back very soon

Wednesdays 1-2.30pm

Techy Time Helping those new to technology get online with Paul Clayton & volunteers.

Thursdays - 1pm - 3.30pm

Drop in Cafe for seniors or those who might feel vulnerable and need a chat - contact mycenaeoutreach@gmail.com

Thursdays (monthly)

Armchair Exercise with Crossroads Care (bookable) - details to be confirmed starts October

Events We know that people will be suffering with poor mental health and those that have been stuck at home maybe suffering with mobility issues due to the lockdown. We have partnered up with the FeelGood Co-operative to offer some pampering for your nails and massage - Thursday 19th November 1pm onwards

Mycenae House &Gardens

One to one telephone and on site support at Mycenae House support 'Tech Support Tuesday' Slots - Having a nightmare with your gadget? Get some expert one to one help with your device. email: Paul.clayton@soulchip.co.uk

Online Heaven / Zoomaround One of the most impressive things to happen during lockdown was the speed and determination of the Mycenae House user groups to move their sessions online using zoom, youtube, facebook live, teams and other amazing apps. Here are just a few of them.

Sing Together Zoomathon

Reach Out Projects Techy Time Bach To Baby

Ballroom Burn Hybrid Zoom

Rosana Yoga

diddi dance Daily Workouts Barre Concept

Greenwich Early Years Music The Renaissance Workshop

Citizens of the World Choir Socially Distanced Rehearsal

Becky Dell Music Academy

ac hO ut Re

Techy Time "Being Online is what we want.

Being Connected is what we need."

Paul Clayton is the inspirational leader of Techy Time and who is often supported by a great team of volunteers

Paul Clayton Want to learn more, then read Pauls Techy Time blog at www.soulchip.co.uk/17-weeks17-techy-times-10-techsupport-tuesdays/

NEW online sessions available now. Using Zoom during the lockdown to get people digitally savy

Contact: Deborah Fitzpatrick mycenaeoutreach@gmail.com 020 8858 1749 We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to support our learners.

Mycenae House &Gardens

Mycenae House Reach Out Projects launched Mycenae Digital's 'Techy Time' to help members of the community learn about all things digital in a social group setting. The free sessions help reduce digital isolation and are led by Paul Clayton from Soulchip Communications.

Techy Time in full swing at Mycenae House


Ch ild r


High quality flexible childcare for children age 2+

Ofsted Rated

GOOD ( Jan 2020 )

An Introduction to Bopeeps Pre-school

Bopeeps Preschool started in Welling, Kent in 2011 having developed as a setting from its previous owners over many years. Our approach has always been to offer a setting that will put the children first and support them as they develop. We have always worked closely with parents assisting them where necessary to access extended services that the family may benefit from. In 2017 we had to move from our old premises in Welling and opened up in two new locations; A community centre in Welling (St. Michaels) and at Mycenae House in Blackheath where we continue to bring our approach which saw us graded as an ‘Outstanding’ setting by OFSTED at our old Welling location.

Monday to Friday 9am-12pm & 12.30-3.30pm




Le ar nin g

Bo Peeps Mission Statement: At Bo peeps pre-school we aim to provide a rich and stimulating learning environment that will help nurture young people into capable individuals. We aim to continually evolve into a setting that embraces the latest developments in education and to provide it in caring and responsive surroundings.

BoPeeps Pre-School at MYCENAE HOUSE

Information about Bo Peeps early years setting Bopeeps Preschool Blackheath registered in 2017 and is located within the London Borough of Greenwich. All staff hold relevant childcare qualifications level 2 or 3, and the manager holds a qualification at level 5. The pre-school opens from Monday to Friday during term time only. Sessions are from 9am to 3.30pm. The pre-school provides funded early education for two-, three- and four-year-old children. For further information

contact Kathryn Algar on: kathryn.algar@btinternet.com 07935 373 239

OFSTED Quotes from last full inspection on 15th January 2020:

The provision is GOOD Children of all ages have access to a stimulating environment. They arrive happy and eager to learn. Children show they are contented and feel safe. For instance, they form close attachments with staff and form friendships with their peers. Children behave very well. They display good manners and are kind and respectful. Children's communication skills develop well, and they articulate what they know and can do securely. This positive attitude creates a secure foundation for the next stage in their learning. Expectations are high for all children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and those who speak English as an additional language. Appealing and challenging activities help all children to build on what they already know and can do. Partnerships with parents are strong and an established key-person system is in place. Children enjoy regular visits into the local community. For example, weekly visits to the local care home enable children to share experiences with a wider group of people living in the community. Staff use these opportunities to teach children about safety. Children eagerly explain when it is safe to cross the road.

Working in Partnership with Parents Each child benefits from our triangle of partnership between their parents/carers, our preschool and themselves. The aim is to enhance and support them at this very significant stage of their development through encouragement and environment. We want our parents to be aware of our aims, policies and procedures. We have an open door policy where parents are encouraged to share information with our staff and our staff will share information about their children’s development with parents. Parents should have regular contact with staff and are always welcomed into the preschool. Feedback from parents is welcome and important to our relentless drive to create improvements. We have parent/child review days and occasionally carry out surveys to help us understand your child’s experience to assist us in driving improvements.

BoPeeps Pre-School at MYCENAE HOUSE

Principles underpinning young children’s learning Every child is recognized as having individual needs and their own way of learning at their own pace. Children learn in many different ways; by playing, talking, observing, planning, doing, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting and responding to adults and to each other. Well-planned play both indoors and outdoors, is a key way in which children learn with enjoyment and challenge. The staff in Bopeeps believe that young children learn most effectively when: • They feel happy and secure in their environment • Are interested and involved in activities. • Their work has purpose in a practical sense • They have the support of adults who are interested and informed as to the purpose of their activity • The experiences offered are relevant to their current levels of interest • Their previous experiences and achievements are valued and used as a starting point for the next level or stage of their learning. • They are encouraged to be positive about themselves and have pride in their achievements. • They are encouraged to make independent decisions about their learning and what they want to experience. • Parents/carers are actively involved in their learning experiences. Equal opportunities Every child is a competent learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and selfassured. Children are all unique and developing individuals, it is important that we recognize the individuality of each child. We provide toys, reading material and crafts that support equal opportunities. Children have access to toys and play materials that they exercise their own choices and use their own initiatives. Curriculum We recognize the importance of providing children with the best standards of education appropriate to their age. Staff training and curriculum reviews take place regularly to ensure a high standard


30 hours Free Childcare

Our preschool operates the government 30 hour funding provision which may be available to some of our families. If you want your child to be included in this scheme then you must access the Government website. For children at our preschool we need to receive the code the government will issue you with at least 4 to 6 weeks before the start of term as once we have checked it then it must be sent to the Local Authority


Authority for further verification. You may be able to get up to 30 hours free childcare per week (1,140 hours per year). If you’re eligible for the extra hours, you sign up online to get a code to give to Bopeeps Preschool to reserve your place. You’ll get the extra hours once the next term starts. Eligibility You can usually get 30 hours free childcare if you (and your partner, if you have one) are: in work or getting parental leave, sick leave or annual leave each earning at least the National Minimum Wage or Living Wage for 16 hours a week This earnings limit does not apply if you’re self-employed and started your business less than 12 months ago.

Contact Kathryn Algar at kathryn.algar@btinternet.com 07935 373 239

“The BoPeeps staff are a positive team of experienced committed and dedicated professionals” - Mycenae House

“Children of all ages have access to a stimulating environment.”

“Expectations are high for all children” “They form close attachments with staff and form friendships with their peers.”

“This positive attitude creates a secure foundation for the next stage in their learning. “

07935 373 239




Lei sur





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Christmas with The

Kimberleys Our own folk superstars of the sensational Songs from the Balcony .

Friday 18 December 7.30pm




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e ur

The Westcombe Society present

Please come and join us for our coffee morning - enjoy our yummy stuff

Cakes, Sandwiches & Raffle Friday 25 September 10.00–14.00 Every Coffee changes lives. The World's Biggest Coffee Morning takes place on

Enquiries and offers of help please ring Caroline Owens 020 8853 0948 This will be a socially spaaced event.

lth ea H


g in be ell W

H ea lth & W ell be


He alt h


W ell be


ing W ell be & H ea lth

From Monday 14th September 1.30pm, Room 15

Call 07919 496934 to book your place Spaces are Limited


Patty Fullarton

Pre-Post Natal, +50 Adult and Bone Health Specialist

r ild Ch



g nin ar Le

Ch ild r en &

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Le ar ni ng

We at ‘JK Performing Arts’ aim to build confidence through Drama, Musical Theatre, Short Improvisation Work, Storytelling and Creative Play. “…Poppy loves com ing to JK Arts. She Performing enjoys wo rking crea and has ha tively in a d a lot of team fu s n learning im confidence vide ro p pro. Her ke s eps grow g Art g ing and gr ormin rythin ow rf e e ing v P e …” “JK er r with ring h ughte nse explo my da the se from d s n d a e e h lin she ne es wit discip at com ” nality, perso ility th … onsib group of resp rming in a perfo

ALL CLASSES @MycenaehouseSE37SE Monday 7yrs+ Musical Theatre - 4pm-5pm Acting with Scripts - 5pm-6pm

Friday 4yrs+ Confidence through Drama - 4pm-6pm

Saturday 7yrs+ Lamda Musical Theatre - 10am-10.45am Lamda Performance Acting - 10.45am -11.30am website: www.jkperformingarts.com email: jkperformingarts@gmail.com

Contact: Jenny 07909 964971 or Kim 07961 129018

r ild Ch



g nin ar Le

Classes Every Tuesday

Directory of Regular Activities We have a range of regular activities that take place here at Mycenae House each week which fall broadly into three categories, including Arts & Leisure, Health & Wellbeing and Children & Learning. Days, times and term dates vary for each group so their contact details are listed below for enquiries about joining.

Arts & Leisure B/heath Scientific Society Blackheath Bridge Club Blackheath Centre for Singing Blackheath Wine Club Botanical Art Class Bridge Lessons Capital Theatre Co. Charlton Chess Club Citizens of the World Choir Ferrier Operatic Society Flower Arrangers Follies Face & Body Art Global Fusion Arts Italian For Fun Jazznights - Live Jazz Life Drawing Art Class Local History Group Mycenae Bingo Club Senior Citizens Club Short Mat Bowls Sing Together The Seasons Art Class Ukulele for adults

Health & Wellbeing

020 8854 3389 020 8319 1312 07986 582 844 07802 183 638 020 8858 3051 020 8319 1312 020 8852 3258 020 8850 7866 07849 969 062 07957 626 189 07887 790 028 01474 812 524 020 8858 9497 07812 081 360 01689 875 683 07435 569 963 020 8313 3384 07956 558 515 020 8858 1749 020 8858 3551 07947 061 703 020 8311 3185 07786 263 012

Aikido Baby Massage Ballroom Burn dance fitness Barre Concept Body Control Pilates Capoeira for adults Councillors Surgery Dance for Over 50’s Greenwich Morris Men Innerstillness Yoga Iyengar Yoga with Wendy Iyengar Yoga with Rosana Iyengar Yoga with Priscila Iyengar Yoga with Sally Mandy Brown Pilates Mum & Baby Yoga NCT Antenatal Class Postural Yoga Tai Chi Tai Jutsu (Bujinkan) Club Wutan Tai Chi Club WW UK Ltd Yoga with Carol Zumba Gold (beginners)

07890 672 980 07849 412 539 07711 255 932 07769 942 869 07919 496 934 07841 342 874

JK Performing Arts Junior Chess Coaching London Eagle Karate Club Phonics Stars Sing and Sign Theatretrain Tiptoes & Tappers Toddler Sense Ukulele children’s class Woodcraft Folk

07909 964 971 020 8850 7866 07934 624 887 07957 652 380

0208 921 6393/5663

07709 952 215 01322 515 450 020 8699 0279 020 8690 3818 07717 621 715 07947 124 252 07973 686 488 07986 671 168 020 8853 5944 020 8319 8555 020 8858 1991 07507 475 493 07779 247 920 07909 693 152 07946 464 508 020 8316 1662 07785 762 145

Children & Learning Baby Sensory Bach to Baby (concert) Bo Peeps Pre-School Booster Classes Bulgarian Community School Capoeira for children diddi dance Drama for 8-11yrs Early Years Music Force 5 Taekwondo Irish Dancing

07715 305 471 bachtobaby.com

07935 373 239 07920 762 748 07432 370 534 07841 342 874 07973 982 790 07910 696 174 020 8305 1286 07585 334 284 07775 943 723


07908 647 284 07900 242 161 07715 305 471 07786 263 012 020 8851 7591

Details correct as of September 2020.

020 8858 1749

www.mycenaehouse.co.uk mycenae.house


tL oc al or Su pp

The Standard A Local Independent Business Directory Blackheath Royal Standard is at the heart of your community offering a wonderfully diverse range of independent family run shops, cafes, restaurants all united by our desire to play a role in our local community. So, if you haven’t explored what is on offer at The Standard come and have a wander, and along your way, grab a coffee from one of our brilliant cafes/ coffee shops/ delis; stop and have a bite to eat, maybe a croissant or a bacon butty; buy some flowers for your kitchen table; drop off your dry cleaning; book in an overdue eye test, a massage, pilates class or even sign up with a personal trainer; pick up a newspaper; have a beard trim or a haircut, a facial, or maybe even a manicure; buy some hay for your rabbit; pop your duvet in for a spring clean at the launderette; treat yourself to some organic chicken for supper; and buy some vegetables to go along with it; pick up a pressie of two for the little or big people in your life. And along the way you’ll hear people being greeted by their first names as they enter the shops- there’ll be lots of ‘Hello’s and ‘How are you?’ and welcoming smiles and conversations that share both good and bad news but in that sharing there is support and a real sense of care and community. Through the recent months we’ve all been so grateful for your support but being a local shopkeeper today takes courage. The high street as we know it is under threat but with your support we can grow stronger and serve you better. As business owners we all have one thing in common and that is a belief in the importance of the high street for the health and wellbeing of our community. We hope that as we all move forward in these strange and uncertain times that we can do so together - we look forward to seeing you all soon. Julia Director of Fun Ottie and the Bea

Blackheath Royal Standard Please support your local independent businesses

Check Out The Map on the Back Page

Su pp


tL oc al

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tL oc al

The Standard

Independent Business Directory Westcom be Train Stati Park on Royal Nep

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ho o l be P

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Str a

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er ar tch hB Fis Bu rks Spa nge GG Ora N ple e rs Ap lo w nF s io a Pa s Be T he i& Ott ws Ne kys Nic ndry L au r it Me s w Ne ry

t he



R N&

an ey Fin Stark & w Sa Sales G r a nt h Ca r t a e h Black ill Cafe s ya l G r Old o R pplie Dov rs Pet Su t er R Ba r b e a ur a n oad G e nt s n R es t a ip d o Chin o w oe T he V y Librar

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J a de g e r ie L o ung e n a l ho p er Bo u b Ba r b d C r o s s S s t n d Pu Re Ge nd a r a t S l R o ya

n Road

ard ia l and on Road e Soc t S g t h a rl r id eat Ch wb c kh Ne Bla cial


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Studio Go West H air Standard DIY Elelgance Dry Clean ers Mara Inte riors Coton & H amblin Op tician Blackheath Pharmacy Barclays B a nk V a nb r

cto Hot el rs Su rg er y







Wes t

Steiner Sc

Invicta Pri



Blackheath High School



M yc


Food & W

a na e

Mycenae Gardens

Westco be Dry Cleam ners




Humber Ro



Sus JK a Mi BH n C l a nim Ve rke ar C tS I n urg ter oria ket e r y io r s nde r

Map Not to Scale Non independent businesses have been omitted with no bias intended

Produced by Mycenae House as a simplified promotional aid.

Profile for MycenaeHouse

Mycenae House Magazine September 2020  

Read our September 2020 magazine now packed with news, updates, events and activities taking place here at Mycenae House, a community venue...

Mycenae House Magazine September 2020  

Read our September 2020 magazine now packed with news, updates, events and activities taking place here at Mycenae House, a community venue...