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List of Office Furniture for sale Green BOSS DESIGNER Stackable Chairs with Chrome Frame x 6 available Foam Soft and Comfortable; Retail Price around £350 each; OUR Price ONLY = £50 each

BOSS Designer Blue Chair with Chrome Frame x 1 available; Soft Foam and Comfy; Retail Price around £350; OUR Price ONLY = £50

Oak Frame Reception Chairs x 4 available (Size: 54-W; 60-D; 86-H) Excellent condition, comfy foam seats and back = ÂŁ30 each

Red stackable chairs (Size: 53-W; 54-D; 86-H) excellent condition, very comfy foam seats and back = ÂŁ30 each

Extra Large HIGH Quality Maple Desks with Extra Add – On for even bigger desk shape (Size: 2m-W x 180-L); We have 1 x desk with add –on on right hand side and 1 x desk with add-on on the left hand side; Manufacturer: SVEN Ltd; Retail Price £700 per desk; OUR Price £150 per Desk

GORDON RUSSELL Oak finish Wavy / Corner Desk + 3 Drawer PEDESTAL with Strong Top and Metal Legs, Right Hand Side Desks available x 2 desks with 1 x pedestal (Size: 180 x 120); They have got scratched and marks here and there – cheap price – good Quality = £65 desks and £20 pedestal

Oak finish Pedestals with 3 Drawers – Extremely Strong (Size: 42-W; 80-D; 67H) x 1 available = £25 each

Birch 3 drawer filling cabinet (Size: 85-W; 43-D; 135-H or 16cm lower if used without legs) = ÂŁ40

Birch 3 Drawer Pedestals with Handles AND KEY (Size: 41-W; 60-D; 73-H) x 1 available = ÂŁ35

Large Designers Stylish Trespa Desk with cable management (Size: 180-W; 90D; 75-H); The Desk is made by DELTA office design – thin trespa table top – very good condition and aluminium frame – extremely strong and heavy duty; Retail Price around £2,000 each; OUR Price ONLY = £450 for each Desk x 18 desks available

Medium Designers Stylish Trespa Desk with cable management (Size: 160-W; 80-D; 75-H); The Desk is made by DELTA office design – thin trespa table top – very good condition and aluminium frame – extremely strong and heavy duty; Retail Price around £1600 each; OUR Price ONLY = £400 for each Desk x 6 desks available

Quality Grey Soft Office swivel chair – extremely soft and thick seat (Min height: 42cm; Max height: 60cm); height and back adjust available = £30

Green Reception chair with wooden frame x 2 available = ÂŁ20 each

Birch 3 Drawers Lockable drawers (Size: 49-W; 39-D; 66-H); Top drawer is lockable with key = ÂŁ35

Birch 3 drawers small cabinet with black sides (Size: 49-W; 39-D; 66-H) = ÂŁ30

Birch Storage Pedestal with 3 Drawers with silver handles (Size: 42-W; 60-D; 72-H) = ÂŁ25

Birch Pedestal with 3 Drawers and silver handles and silver trim (Size: 42-W; 56-D; 60-H) = ÂŁ25

Birch and Grey Pedestal with 3 drawers and KEY – lockable (Size: 43-W; 60D; 59-H) = £35

Oak veneer corner Desk with Brown Frame and cable management – currently dismantled – excellent condition (Size: 180-W; 120-D; or 80-D from smaller side; 74-H) = £80

Designer High Quality Dark wooden lockable cabinet with 3 metal adjustable heavy duty shelves (Size: 1m-W; 43-D; 156-H) x 6 available ; High Quality Hafele hinges allow full opening to the doors; KEY Included. Retail price around ÂŁ450; Our Price ONLY= ÂŁ150 each

Black metal cabinets x 4 available (Size: 41-W; 40-D; 67-H); 3 drawers – one of which is filling; 3 cabinets have keys – lock 2 drawers; general scratches with wear and tear = £35 each

Swivel Blue Chair (46cm – mix height; 59cm – max height) = £30

Designer office swivel chairs (Size: 40cm – min height; 52cm-max) the chairs are high quality with foam seating and back rest; Adjustable seat height, full armrests height, and seat movement; Armrests are worn in places where end rubber has chips – please see pictures; 3 x available; Retail Price around £350 per chair; OUR Price = £50 each

Standard grey office swivel chairs with height adjust (Min height: 44cm; Max. Height: 58cm) x 2 available = ÂŁ20 each

Grey office swivel chair with height adjust (seating area is worn) = ÂŁ10

Grey 2 drawer pedestals / storage cabinets (Size: 43-W; 50-D; 54-H) cabinets are worn, but functional x 3 available; = ÂŁ10 each

Grey 4 slim drawers cabinet / pedestal (Size: 43-W; 66-D; 48-H) 2 bottom drawers are full length storage; 2 upper drawers are divided by half for double storage = ÂŁ25

Large White Meeting Table with cable management (Size: 195-W; 110-D; adjustable height) = ÂŁ85

Malm Desks with pedestal x 3 available; Desks include pedestal with 1 drawer and 1 storage compartment (Size: 140-W; 65-D; 74-H) general wear present x 3 desks in total available = ÂŁ55 each oak veneer desk

Malm oak veneer desk Size: 152-W; 65-D; 76-H) = ÂŁ45

Maple finish sliding door cabinet (Size: 120-W; 44-D; 72-H); some sticker marks in and out = ÂŁ50

2 x Oak veneer heavy duty corner desks + pedestals + dividers (Size: 165-W; 112-D (deepest point); 81-D; 74-H) Desk tops are attached to dividers and can not be used without them; Desks are designed to be used as pair only – cannot be separated. Some general wear and tear present; few scratches and one desk has extra cable management hole made – as per pictures = £120 for the SET (2 desks + 2 pedestals + dividers)

Maple wavy desk with cable management (Size: 160-W; 1m-D (deepest side); 80-D; 75-H) excellent condition x 5 right waved + 2 x left waved desks available = ÂŁ80 each

Maple Desks with cable management and very good condition Maple straight Medium Desk (Size: 160-W; 80-D; 75-H) = ÂŁ70

Blue reception chairs x 11 available (Size of seat: 44cm x 44cm) = ÂŁ20 each

Blue swivel office chair with thick fabric (Size: 42cm-min; 55cm-max) = ÂŁ20

Leather high back black swivel chairs with height adjust (Size: 41cm – min; 52cm max height) x 3 chairs available – may need a wipe; one chair has moving rip at the end of seat = £50 each

Blue office swivel chair with multi adjusts (Height: 37-min; 52-max) 3 adjusts: back, height, armrests = ÂŁ30

Blue small swivel chair with height adjust (Height: 39-min; 51-max) x 3 available (2 identical and one with slightly different fabric); one of the chairs has worn seat – generally soft and comfy = £10 each

Birch round meeting table (Size: 118-D; 75-H); some scratches and marks present x 2 available = ÂŁ50 each

Grey Pedestal – no lock = £30

Birch Tall Cabinet with 4 fixed shelves (Size: 78-W; 36-D; 180-H) water mark at the back panel – VGC = £90

Birch medium Cabinets with fixed shelves (Size: 78-W; 36-D; 109-H) x 3 available = ÂŁ50 each

Manart Birch desk with black legs – made in Italy (Size: 160-W; 80-D; 74-H) Heavy duty desk with one scratch on table top – very good condition = £50

Oak finish small desk (Size: 120-W; 80-D; 73-H) = ÂŁ50

Large Round Meeting Table with scratch resistant plastic insert top – extremely HEAVY Duty; metal leg (Size: 138-D; 75-H) ; x 6 tables available = £70 each

Rectangular large Meeting table (Size: 180-W; 90-D; 75-H); extremely heavy duty with scratch resistant plastic insert top x 1 available = ÂŁ80 each

Small meeting table – extremely heavy duty with plastic insert top (Size: 120W; 90-D; 76-H) x 5 available = £50 each

Extra Large VITRA white matt table with adjustable feet – feet on both sides can be adjusted to your requirement – height is fixed, but feet can be positioned at any point of the frame. None of the boundaries are fixed, work areas simply contract and expand as needed. Material: Melamine-laminated. (Size: 320 – Wl 120-D; 75-H) Retail price around £3,000; OUR Price : £1,000

Genuine leather chair with chrome frame – Height adjust available (Height: 47cm-min; 55-max); Very good condition except of mark on armrest = £90

Birch cabinet with 3 drawers (Size: 43-W; 50-D; 58-H) – cabinet is designed for storage of documents – some stickers present = £20

3 drawer pedestal with hanging files option– heavy duty with silver handles x 2 available (Size: 43-W; 60-D; 63-H) = £25 each

Standard Metal Coat Stand (Size: 173-H) = £10

4 Tray Plastic Storage = £8

Black 5 Tray storage = £10

HP Monitor and Dell Keyboard = £20

Samtron Computer Monitor and Keyboard 15” = £20

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