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Puka Beach


Banyugan Beach





VIP Eco Tour

per person Minimum 4pax


The Segway Land Tour

Php 2,200 4 or more person

per person minimum of 2 person

Mt. Luho

Issue #9 May 2013 - July 2013

Horseback Riding

Mountain Bike Cruising and trekking in Panay


Php 5,300 B per person / minimum 2 pax

for 15 minutes

Mandala’s Luxurious Couples Spa Package

Yoga Class w a Certified Instructor (930-1030am) • Royal Foot Bath • Asian Signature Massage • Shower & Floral Bath • Ginger Tea & Fresh Fruit Platter Feast

Blue Bird

ATV and Buggy Car

Palm Breeze Mi Suano

Don’t just stay on the White beach! Explore paradise while driving an ATV or Bug Car to some of the most amazing locations on the island. This package includes a visit to the Ocean Tower where you will get a bird’s eye view Boracay. Then check out all the tropical birds and other interesting animals at Everland Aviary Farm.

Karuna Boracay

Boracay Bike Tour

Php 1,000 A ATV rental Php 1,500 Buggy Car rental per unit



Red Coral Sea Sports

Casitas Sunrise Palais

Php 2,200

Reef Riders Seraph Hayab Jacuzzi Villa

Ocean Republic

Windpia Reef Retreat

Boracay Chamber of Commerce

per person Minimum 4pax

Bia Watersports

Amihan Store

Isla Kiteboarding

Diamond Watersports

Hangin Bulabog Kiteboarding

Surfer’s Home

Aissatou Apartments/ Habagat Kiteboarding

Beach Levantin

Laguna de Boracay

Kite City

Aqua Boracay

Green Yard Funboard Center

Luxury Sailing

Enjoy 2 hours on the pristine waters of Boracay, bask in the cool ocean breeze while sipping on beverages and taking in all the beauty of the Island.

7 Stones Banana Saging Alice in Wonderland

Blue Bayou

Boracay Gems

MNG Riders

Php 5,500 Day Sailing (10am-3pm)

Build your own activity packages! Choose 3 activities and get


Php 3,500 Sunset Cruise (4:30-6:30pm)


Php 6,000 Late-Day Sailing (1:30-6:30pm) with


with Canapés, Drinks, Beer, and Wine

Late-Lunch, Beer, and Drinks minimum 4pax

Nonet’s Place

per person 8am to 5pm (Min 8 pax)

Iglesia Ni kristo The Q Lodge

Kingfisher’s Farm

Talipapa Bukid

Balabag High School

Lava Stone

Bersaba Trading

Panasonic Jolen-Ren Gumamela Service Leadway Far Pharmacy Garden Hilside The Sun Lovelle Swiss Dalisay Dyrna M.V. Trading & Boracay Cycle East Trading Paradise Resort The Sun Villas Bakeshop Boracay Ice Industries Pharm Gen. Merchandise Center Villa Bisekleta DepEd Kuya Mike’s Ritz Road Hotel Abrams Spa Philhome RCPI Western Union Philippine Airlines Jade Exotica Bicycle Rental Balabag Hostel Blue Aklan Motorcycle Medical Garden Sculpture High School Speedwash Appliance Center Boracay RD Pawnshop Lotus Metropolitan Doctors Clinic Philippine Bureau Farmacia Laundry Center The Lion’s Mini Mart Bakery Pantelco B&B ad Ro Medical Clinic LBC of Immigration in Gomez Ma Napa Spring Den Villa Patio Beach Allied Bank Boracay Vismar Baeay Erus Suites Manolet Bakery Pacific Resort Tropics Punta Sol Barber Alevir’s Allied Bank ALG Jewelry Hotel Resort Boracay Bougainvilla Regency BPI Resort D’ Itallian Media Maxx Beach Resort Island Shop Marketing Boracay Island and Pawnshop Crafts of Boracay Paradise Cooking School Holiday Lagoon Bamboo LBC Nook Hospital Boracay Boracay Patio Andok’s Resort Hotel PCTV Beach House St. Vincent Boracay Foundation, Inc. Pacific Tilapia Le Soliel Roque’s Cottages Rizo Bread & Boracay Palawan Resort Metrobank A Loja n Chips De Boracay Place Garden Treffpunkt Butter Budget Shopping Pawnshop Nirvana Delicatessen Apartments Tonglen Mart Center Rebadulla Alpha Jopines Sunset Jonah’s Isla Paraiso Beach De Rosa One MGM Fitness Store Boulevard Casa Veterinary Clinic Shakes Crown Main Road Souvenir Resort PauPatri Lee’s Cook Family Talisaynon Mandala Senro Patio Pacific Center Maugeri Regency C.C. Pinjalo Restaurant Sacapano Seafoods Mart Super Spa Resort Wall Climbing Store & Villa Quinto Resort Hardware Restaurant Boracay Day Zip down above tropical jungle and a pristine white beach! Be strapped in to a per person Submarine FAITH VILLAGE D’ Talipapa Boracay Garden Miguel Bldg. Villas Mel’s Cena’s Frendz Spring NEW LIFE Sandwich Jinglet Resort Holiday Harlem giant inflated ball and roll down a hill onto a private White Beach. Mansion Philppine Guesthouse CONFERENCE Shop Asya Bakeshop Home de Boracay Drugstore RCBC Coast Club Boracay Benross CENTER Prana Bora Spa Radio Boracay Boracay Haven The Alice in Guard J.D. Martin Merly’s CYMA Go Resort Cottages Restaurant The Orchids Boracay Kalibo Wooden Wonderland Store Place Heidiland Greek Private Villas Villa House Casa Asia Milflores de Cable Yap E-Mall Jemlee’s Kingdom Hampstead Deli Taverna Asia Divers Tropical Chocks Hannah Sunshine Criselda Villa Sunset Resort ak, Boracay Sunny Hall of Hama Guest Hotel Place Resort Apartelle Horse Riding Stable D Isles Sand & Ice Jehovah’s Fish BarValhalla Ro House The Generics Escondido Puk iniwid Casa Alonso YES Witnesses Boracay Astoria ad Bamboo Pharmacy Boradise Nihonpac La a Be Be SeaBird Jony’s Ole’ ShareTea Bite Club FM Sitio Courtyard Boracay Boracay Boracay Beach Siam Chilli Beach Dev. Inc. Fiesta Il Portico Sander’s Boracay Resort Nikko’s Beach Shades ach ach, Bora Cullpepper Dos Mestizos Jay-Jays Boracay Regency/ Lemon i Beach Club Resort Boracay Food House White Tourist Inn Beach Resort Bora Lodge Framacia Restaurant Club Regency Cafe Tirol & La Sand The Club Ten Boracay Bans iSpa Allied Duplexes La Carmela Shore Resort Surfside Ariel’s The Inn Boracay Agbayani Villa Boracay Villa Spa Tirol Reserve Holy Casa Pilar Castles Police Hideaway Beach Real White Bank Time Resort/ Boracay Breeze Orchids Serina’s Paula Mandarin Mare De Boracay Ken St. Resort Beach Rosary Beach Boracay Station Mango Taj’s Resort Maris Nigi House Hotel Beach Yasuragi Red A-Rock Boracay Resort Boracay Paradise Leonor’s Boracay Place Le Resort Casa Hotel Church Resort Beach La Bella Casa Plazoleta Rebecca’s Ray Guest Nigi Cez Beach Resort Comber Relaxation Coconut Dave’s Place Andok’s Crown Cottage Crystal Golden Regency Garden Soliel De Viva Spring Fiesta Boracay MGB Resort Roy’s Resort House Club Boracay Gelato Nu Manor Chalets Don Vito Resort Villa Spa/Nagisa Straw Alice Tourist Regency Sea Gaia Sand Phoenix Chicken Andok’s JCT Niu Ohara Water Resort Cottages Barangay Day Regency Rendezvous The District Boracay Jammers Noos Ristorante Balabag De Coffee Shop Inn Bei Kurt und Magz Hotel Center Diver’s Manila Lonely Food Elizalde’s At-atihan Coral Zhua Jonah’s Care Center MO2 Papa’s Tattoo Shores Zepplin Cafe Viking Divers Fisheye Italiano Aria Epic Post Plaza Victor Oro Balabag Cafe Del Lodge East Planet Plaza Wave Resthouse El Centro Hills Hotel-Apartments Melinda’s Asian Shop Divers Boracay Cafe del Sol Diver’s Bar Boracay Office Barangay Hall Ortega CocomangasMain Road Mar Morning Travellers Resort Garden Juice Bar Boracay Gasthof Jony’s Zorb Pearl of the Bar Cusine Dejavu Boracay Escurel Milky’s Deparis Royal Park Salon Shooter Bar Ariel’s Pirate’s Star BPI Nandana Sands Beach Chalet Pacific Exit Bar Island Jewil Inn DENR Inn House Island Mr. Dive Center Resort Starbucks Resort Summerplace Spa Arm Resort Boracay Balabag Hotel La Isla White Beach Path Decos Tirol Boracay Moreno’s Clinic Holidays Queen’s Obama Action Center Guilly’s Gerry’s Grill Bonita Ocean Siomai Two Dive Boat Tanawin/ Dante’s Place Cottages Allan B Fun Resort Grill Batchoy Scuba Inc Island Club Yanrinks Discovery Club House Seasons Gurus Station 2 Arthur Island Chicken Inasal Boat Sea Arwana Angol Paraw Yellow Cab Nigi Nigi Willy’s Boracay Bora Pizza da Zucchero Blue Shores Resort Don Vito Las Brisas Sexc’s Wind Villa Resort Point 2 Beach Beach Plaza Station 1 Inkupuncture Yellowcab LM Beach Resort Cafe Lilly Sur Paolo Calypso Azzuro Baffo Gelato Boracay Hangin Casita White Blue Resort Beach Camilla Resort Resort Resort Marzon Tattoo Studio Boracay Pito White Collection Diving Western Estacio Uno Resort Kiteboarding Boat Ristorante Resort Resort Pearl of the Resort Huts Yapak Station House Botique Union 3 Italiano Luna Pacific Boracay Scuba Landry Ambassador Bei Kurt und Magz Dive Resort Pizzeria Rossa Blue Coco Loco 3-5-7 Tree Washerei Restaurant-Bar True Chalet Blue Wave Peter Boracay House Diamond Home Y Mr. Blue Mango Sheridan Austrian Eckart’s Water Kasbah Villas Pension Water Sports White Beach Residencia House Colors Dive Divers Benita Luck Bpod/Osom Resort Red Bar Boracay Cowboy Cusina Pirates Restaurant Mabuhay Beach Pub Beach House Green House House Crown Regency

iwi d

M ain


Be escorted by our friendly Tour Guide to your activity and enjoy.

( 0 3 6) 288-9999 0 9 99-889-0042 0 9 17-394-8083

Fridays Boracay **Prices are subject to change without prior notice.**

Php 1,300

Shell Station

Lava Stone Massage

Lava Stone Spa is an experience not to be missed. The tranquil grounds, friendly staff and lava stone massage help you melt into paradise. Enjoy an amazing two-hour massage and burn away the stress.

Hotel Isla Boracay

Includes 4+ hours of spa treatments, oceanside drinks, a sunset sail, a threecourse candlelight dinner on the beach, a native gift bag including a sarong, organic soaps, and massage oils. Prepare to spend the day being spoiled with this unforgettable Boracay experience!

Thai Food

Station 1 A. Parasailing B. Jet Ski C. Helmet Dive D. Flyfish E. Banana Boat F. Wake Boarding G. Speed Boat Rentals H. Kiteboarding I. Wind Surfing J. Tornado Jet Boat

Call for discounted prices!

Newest equipment on the island!

Station 2 13

9 Php 690


for Girls

Php 750


for men ; 8pm till late

Fishing Adventure

Local style fishing using hand lines makes for exciting fishing.. Pick up time is at 5 am and expect to catch different kinds of tropical fish.

Motor Bike Rental

16 Scuba Diving

Php 4,100

1-4 persons 4 hours of fishing

Php 6,200

5-10 persons 4 hours of fishing


Cruise around the island and take in all the sights and sounds of Boracay. You can even rent daily if you want to plan a trip to Panay. We can arrange for bikes to be dropped off at your resort

Station 3


Discover Scuba - learn how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy introduction . This takes 3-4 hours and includes one dive. Open Water -get your PADI scuba certification. It takes 3-4 days and includes all your materials and 4 dives. Fun Dive - explore one of the many dive locations here in Boracay! Wrecks, deep dives, drift dives, night dives and more… Open water certification required for Fun Dives.

Angol 22

Php 3,000 A Discover Scuba

Php 20,000 B Open Water Php 1,600 C Fun Dive


Glassbottom Boat

A great 2 hour trip to explore the coral reefs of Boracay! A spectacular window into the wild world of the ocean, perfect for those who can’t swim and children. Includes drinks and snack.

Php 750


Php 300


for adults

for 5 years old and below

Ariel’s Point

½ day excursion to beautiful corner of nature on Buruanga. 30-minute bankaboat ride from Boracay Island’s White Beach, famous cliff jumping, snorkeling, swimming, delicious BBQ buffet lunch, unlimited drinks + Lots of Fun! We will be happy to organize this fantastic day trip on our super VIP class Banka

Php 1,600 per person

Php 2,000 B

Mermaid Lesson

Php 3,500 C

Let us make your fantasy come true and escape into the mysterious mythical world of mermaids. Mermaid-ing is both an artistic expression and a fun whimsical way to keep fit!

4 hrs.

24 hrs.

Train at Ole ‘Iron Fist’ Laursen’s Legacy Gym in Boracay! Have a great work out and train in the styles of MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai! This is a great way to burn some energy or get in top physical form while learning self defense. 10am to 12noon or 5pm to 7pm (transportation not included)

Kayak Island Hopping Php 1,000 per session

Booty’s sunset Cruise

Party off the shores of Boracay with drink all you can local beer and rum, Rocking music, fire dancing and the best view of Boracay’s sunset! Pick up is at 3:30pm, contact us for availability.

Enjoy one hour of Kayaking off the beautiful shores of Boracay and 30 minutes of snorkeling.

Php 2,200 per person

Hobie Mirage Sailing Kayaks

Try the amazingly popular pedal drive system, which allow hands-free navigation, reliable and consistent torque, and fast cruising speeds even in upwind runs.

Php5,000 B

C. Palassa Gold Experience - 2.5 hours treatment which gold body polish, sheer gold body wrap, gold shimmer massage, foot therapy, facial toning & moisturizing

Php6,300 C

per Person

per person

minimum 2 people

Php 1,500 per person

Island Hopping Tablas Island Hopping

Less than 2 hours from Boracay by Banka or 20 minutes by speed boat, you may be pleasantly surprised by jumping dolphins. Lounge on the private beach, chill in the pool or be more adventurous and climb the surrounding hills, go kayaking, fishing and snorkeling.

Php 3,500 per person local banca

per person

Emperor Pearl Massage

Achieve eternal youth with delicately chosen pearls fit for a royal’s skin! The Emperor Pearl Massage is a whole body treatment, starting from a calamansi foot soak, purely concentrated aroma sweet orange oil for body massage, and a soothing pearl cream for ultimate moisture on the face, neck and hands.

Refresh your body and soul .

Php 1,200

per person


Enjoy a relaxing 1 hour massage in the comfort of your own room!


per person

B. Palassa Gold Treatment - 2 hours treatment which includes gold body polish, gold shimmer massage, foot therapy, facial toning and moisturizing

Call in Massage Php 1,500


Php3,300 A

Php 3,300 Per Person 80 minutes


Php 1,500 A 2 hrs.

per person




Php 6,600


A. Gold Stone Escape - 2 hours treatment which includes stone gold therapy, foot massage, facial toning & moisturizing,

Willy’s Rock

Meet new people and have the best party experience in Boracay! - FREE Shot Glass Includes - Funny Get-To-Know Games - 5 Bars & Clubs - 10 FREE Drinks (Shots & Shooters)- Party with an awesome group! - 2 for 100 Pesos PubCrawl Specials - FREE Boracay PubCrawl T-Shirt*

per person

Asya Premiere

Bella Isa Lavish Couple’s Package


Boracay Pub Crawl!

Php 3,500


Palassa Spa Gold Package

As Seen on:



D’mall Map on Back

Angol Point Road





Pick up the phone and book your acitvity with our experts

2 hours PHP 6,750 per person

Boracay Water & Sewerage Systems

Php 3,800

Zipline Zorb Combo

Plus complimentary MANDALA SPA sarong and ginger tea

with Lunch, Beer, and Drinks



*Plus complimentary Mandala Spa Sarong ADVANCED BOOKING REQUIRED

per unit

Fun Board

6 Tablas Fun



Php 1,550 B

Discover the neighboring island of Tablas! Experience a fun transfer on a local Banka boat and spend an amazing day swimming, snorkeling, Thunder catting and off-roading! The trip includes a delicious lunch and guarantees an exciting experience for those who seek adventure and want to get away from the crowds of White Beach.

per person

• Authentic Japanese food dinner including wine and tempura.

Php 800

Boracay Luxury Homes

per person (min 2/ max 6)

This fantastic tour is a great way to get in touch with nature. Travel deep into the tropical jungle and paddle down a slow meandering river. This includes a beach BBQ lunch, drinks, equipment and all transportation. Departure is at 10am.

Php 4,000

• One hour private use of 2 saunas and a Jacuzzi. • 1 hour full body massage with a 30 minute foot or face massage.

Go Karts Challenge your friends to a race and grip the steering wheel tight as you whip around sharp corners and accelerate on the straight aways to the finish line! A perfect way to see who has the skills to be an Indy driver.

Ro a


per person


Crytal Cove Island


pu s

Php 2,000 A

Experience a fantastic 5 hour bike and trekking tour in the tropical paradise of Panay. Ride through coconut groves, cross rivers and enjoy a great picnic lunch next to a waterfall.

Tambisan Jetty Port


Mt. Luho



Download a full map of Boracay



Php 1,000

This is the ideal place to throw on your newly purchased Boracay cowboy hat and go riding on jungle trails and private beaches!

Stand Up Paddle Tour in Panay

Cagban Jetty Port

Island Tour

Experience a fifteen minute tour of the entire Island and discover the beauty of Boracay! Fly over Tambisan Reef, Bulabog Beach, Puka Shell, Diniwid Beach and the famous White Beach! Don’t forget your camera!


Experience Romance in Paradise at Yasuragi Japanese Spa!

Book your trasnportation online with your smart phone or tablet’s QR scanner


(036) 288-9999 0999-889-0042

ach Bulabog Be

h White Beac

Boat Station 3

Discount on 3rd person!


per person / minimum 2 pax

eW ay

Boat Station 1



Php 3,500

20 pu

Boat Station 2


Ten minute helicopter tour of White Beach side of Boracay Island. Know how it feels to be a bird over Boracay! A trip of a lifetime with great opportunities for taking spectacular photographs!

3 La



Walkway Only

Diniwid Beach

Php 2,800

Beach Tour


Roa d

Explore the crystallized stalactites in a giant cave and then unwind in a natural cold spring. This fantastic location is surrounded by lush rainforest where you will feast on local BBQ dishes for lunch.



Indiana Jones Eco Tour

Php 2,400 A

This two hour tour around Boracay offers fantastic photo ops! Capture shots 1-2 persons from atop the highest mountain on Boracay, check out Boracay Wildlife Expo Php 3,500 and see a giant saltwater crocodile, arachnids, monkeys and a plethora of 3-4 persons local tropical birds. Then complete the trip with a visit to remote Puka Shell Php 4,500 Beach, for an excellent opportunity to capture the setting sun. 5 persons

Php 500

15 minutes The Segway track incorporates an off-road tour. It has bumps, ramps, turns and a bridge Php 800 that leads to a tunnel and decked area which 30 minutes leads to a cave that riders can ride into. The Php 1,500 bridge is suspended over a waterfall and 60 minutes pond. The 45 and 60 minute packages we Php 2,000 will leave the track to visit some of Boracay’s 90 minutes best attractions.


Punta Bunga Beach


Ilig-Iligan Beach

Php 6,000



Experience a full day of Kayaking, and Trekking through the jungle in Antique, enjoy a soothing KAWA hot tub, and journey over a bamboo suspension bridge. Sip local coffee with liqueurs, wine, beer and feast on a fantastic local feast with marinated meats and vegetables. Price includes all fees, breakfast, lunch, beverages and a personalized DVD of your adventure

Cruise off the shores of Boracay in a local Banka boat checking out beaches, snorkeling and just enjoying the beautiful sites around the Islands for three hours.

Php 500++

per person (corkage + transportation fee)


1-6 persons

Php 2,200 A plus php 200 Per person entrance fees

7-10 persons

Php 2,700 B plus php 200 Per person entrance fees

Seafood lunch with local Beer and soft drinks.


per person

Php 1,500 C

Boracay Cooking School

Come and join us to make your next vacation a culinary adventure and learn essential skills and techniques you can use everyday! We take you to the market for shopping, cook in a small group of people with everyone fully hands on and dine together after!

Php 2,000 A for Asian Cooking Php 2,500 for European and Japanese Cooking





Bars and restaurants


Delicious food served up quick to satisfy your munchies

Bolabag Rd. next to Ortho-Dental Clinic

(036) 288-2195



D’Mall, Boracay Island

(036) 288 2236


Front Beach, Station 2, (Beside D’Mall) Boracay Island (036) 288-6473







Try our famous Spanish Paella!




Dine with the Gods and experience gastronomic sensations intricately prepared for Viking heroes’.

D’ Mall Plaza (Behind Ferris Wheel) Boracay Island, Philippine (036) 288-5979

Revel in our spicy Latin Atmosphere

valid till August 15, 2013

D’mall square, D’mall D’Boracay, Boracay Island 5608 Malay Aklan (036) 288-6781; 288-6782

D’ Mall Plaza, Boracay Island, Philippines (036) 288-5940 D’Mall

Coco Cafe/Red Coconut Buy 1 Get 1 free. Buy one Get one drink receive a coffee of the equal or lesser value for free


Claimed _____________ Dos Mestizos Enjoy one Free glass of Sangria with any purchase. Claimed _____________

10% off all Tapas. (1 Coupon per visit) Claimed _____________ Cocomangas Wine Bar

Est. 1987 50% Off-Enjoy one local spirit(30ml) with mix, includes Tanduay Rum,Gilbey’s Gin, Antonov Vodka, and/or White Castle Whiskey.

Claimed _____________

7th Note Cafe 10% discount on all our PIZZA.

D’Mall Philippines



Most popular burgers in Boracay. Mozzarella-stuffed burger patties, always crispy fries and seasoned potato wedges.

15% off house wine for every steaks ordered. Claimed _____________

Lemon i cafe

10% off, Food and Beverages Claimed _____________

Bite Club Free iced tea or lemonade for every burger and fries.

D’ Mall Plaza, Boracay Island, Philippines (036) 288-5947 D’Mall


Php 150


Php 200



Doll House

1 2 3

Claimed _____________

Tilapia ‘N Chips 10% discount on all items Claimed _____________

Remember to let the driver know if it is a "Special Charter Trip" or "Hop on-Hop off" trip BANTUD

Php 10.00 BOAT STATION 3

Php 20.00 Php 25.00 Php 30.00


Station 3, Boracay Island (036) 288-3400 Located at: Jony’s Beach Resort, Station 1 • (036) 288-6325 •

Station 1, Boracay Island, Philippines (036) 288-3794 to 97 Email:


Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Php 40.00

Jasper’s Crafts Tapsilog Delicatessen Kamayan Crafty’s Allied Bank Restaurant Rooftop Bar

News Mags

Blue Horizons Travel and Tours

Sanic Collection Lonely Planet

Smoke Restaurant

Dentcare Center Clear View Sight Care Seatec

Jony’s Beach Resort, Station 1

Zest Air Sarimanok

(036) 288 6325

Blue Berry Restaurant

Footzee’z Boracay Filigrenasia

Boracay Fun & Sports

Hama’s Cellphone Accessories


Rainy Day Delivery

G & C Medicine Center Crazy Crepe

Beauty Buffet


Globe Telecom

Farmacia Alenjen


Bunny Jingco Photography

Super Submarine Sandwich Shop


Sr. Alfred Crafts

Quency Cakes

Mikay Bar & Cuisine



Nice & Easy

Fly and Music House

Juan Lu

Kite Asia

Dining in tonight Y R E V or picnic lunch? DELI

R2A Shoes The Pleasure Place D’Mall Restrooms Wiggles Souvenirs

Island Girl Cocomanga’s Souvenir Shop

Crystal Shack

D’Amour Island Surfwear

Showdown Bogarte Collection

Hey Jude Resort

Tel No.: 288-2369

Country Jeans Nautilus

Nothing But Water Beachwear SWIM Designer Swimwear

Modern Filipino cuisine

Heidiland Deli The Tides

Rudy Project Eyewear



Aqua Venture Dive Supply

Fruits and Ice Cream/Smokey’s

Fish Bar

Mr. Donut’s D’ Hobbit House Rumba’s Ice Monster Snack Shack Cindy’s

Tsikiting Uswag Arts & Crafts Smoke John Michael Antiques Titiana Wines

A Piece of Green

Big Mouth Kingsmen Kaéseké


Croc’s Le Saint Michel

Claimed _____________

Colors Nagua

Kubo Whatever Accessories Café del Sol Aria

White Beach

Tel No.: 288-5340

Sushi, sashimi, tempura, yakitori, ramen

Fresh baked treats, sandwiches, breakfast

Tel No.: 288-4026

Tel No.: 288-6223

Tel No.: 288-5947

Fish and chips, seafood, salads, pastas

Pizza, pasta, bruschetta, salads and seafood

Mozzarella stuffed burger patties and wedge fries

Rams Wine Store Sandugo Papu Collection

Department of Tourism

Tel No.: 288-2283

Fish n Chips, Burgers, Filipino cuisine For Free Delivery

Tel No.: 288-3161 Angus steak, fresh seafood, pasta

Tel No.: 288-1458 to 59 Crispy Pata, Inihaw Na Pusit, Pork Sisig, BBQ

Fashion Talk Itti/ Caterpillar Shoes


Tel No.: 288-5978

Gyros, calamari, humus, moussaka, souvlaki

Bank of the Gem Talk Philippine Islands Hugod Boracay Booking



Tel No.: 288-4283

CYMA Greek Taverna

Valhalla The Island Outlets Island Chicken The B Salon Inasal Cook Balloon Bleuvert Speedo Wheel Chopstick Noodle House Pancake House I Love my Bite Club Sunday Backyard BBQ Beach Capt. Needs Republic Haddock Kodak Toilet Funky Lights ShareTea Island Souvenir Lemon i Café Ralph’s Wines I Fly Mang Inasal Denisah Golden Bamboo Quenn Bee Fila Boracay Elle’s Paolo Collection Andok’s

Sa’neh Thai Bar & Resto

One round of cocktails for 2 persons, for every minimum spend of PhP 1,000 at the Vigan Grill or Star Lounge Claimed _____________

Station 3 White Beach (accessible by Angol Point Road) (036) 288-5006


10% on Food and drinks

The District Vigan Grill / Star Lounge


Main Road

Caruso Ristorante Italiano

Visit us at our outlets 1. SERENDIPITY, Main Road next to budget mart D’ Mall 2. TiBraz Branch 3. now open at Niu Ohana beside Cocomangas



Julies Bakeshop

10% discount on all food





Boracay Budget Mart

Fishbar Boracay


Php 10.00



Boracay Optical

Calle Remedios, Sitio Manggayad (036) 288-5786



Claimed _____________

Try our delicious sizzling Fajitas!

D’ Mall Plaza, Boracay Island, Philippines (036) 288-5940

Php 200


Olé Mexico



The Refinery Claimed _____________









Welcome to the tropical paradise of Boracay Island! It’s 4km long, powder white sand beach and crystal clear turquoise water has been voted one of the best beaches in the world. Boracay Island is about 7km long, and has several remote beaches around the island, as well as Bulabog Beach, which is the best kiteboarding and watersports beach in Asia. Boracay is a vacationer’s paradise, with luxury 5 star hotels, through traditional bungalows; something for anyone’s budget and taste. There are all kinds of activities on the island, most famous for the diving, kiteboarding, and windsurfing. There are many fantastic restaurants on the island with flavors from around the world. Boracay is above all else famous for it’s nightlife, with pubs, bars and dance clubs that are jumping late into the night. Take the time to get acquainted with the information in this pamphlet to help you find what you need to make your stay the most incredible vacation yet. Please help keep White Beach clean. Bring only smiles, take only photos and leave only footprints. Enjoy paradise and remember to keep smiling, you are officially on vacation!




Mabuhay! Beachfront, D’Mall of Boracay • (036) 288-1477 •



IMPORTANT NUMBERS Bureau of Immigration 036 288 5267 Department of Tourism 036 506 0094 Fire Department 198 (24-hour Hotline) Hospital 036 288 3041 Lifeguard Command Center 036 288 3689| 60 PCGA Rescue 036 506 3486 Philippine Coast Guard 036 506 6150 Police 036 288 3036 | 288 6940 | 288 4392



Boracay’s premier Spanish restaurant, offering a wide selection of authentic Tapas and featuring the best Paella in Boracay!

Lonely Planet Arts & Furniture Gashof

Tel No.: 288-4455

Tel No.: 288-5786

Pizza, chicken wings, spring rolls

Fresh baked breads and deli sandwiches

Tel No.: 288-5573

Tel No.: 288-5979

Shakes, breakfast, cakes and pastries

Burgers, steaks, salads and pastas

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Book your hotel Book your transportation Download this map Download the guide book

Station 2, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island Tel. No.: (036) 288-2358; 288-1448 local 735