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Address: D’ Mall Station 2, Boracay, Aklan Location Tel. No.: (036) 288-4283 | 0908 535 3902 (Mobile) Map 6 Email: Page 39 Website: Taverna-Boracay-Island-Philippines/300128083367


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Issue #17 November 2013 - January 2014

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5 CONTENTS It’s more fun in Boracay.........................6 Geography ............................................7 Weather . .............................................. 8 Tourist Seasons .................................... 8 Getting to Caticlan Jetty Port . ............... 9 Transportation..................................... 10 From Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay Island ................................12 Getting Around . ..................................13 Money ................................................14 Communication ..................................14 Visa Extensions . .................................15 MyBoracay Adventures .......................16 VIP Card...............................................20 Best Hotel Deals..................................22 Map 8 Nearby Island.............................24 Map 7 Boracay Island ..........................25 Map 1 Station 1................................... 26 Map 2a Station 1 and Sation 2 .............28 Map 2b Station 1 and Sation 2 .............30 Map 3 Station 2 ..................................32 Map 4 Station 3 ..................................34 Map 5 Bulabog . ..................................36 Map 6 D’Mall ......................................38 Investment.......................................... 41 Hotels and Resorts . ............................46 Shopping ............................................80 White Beach . ......................................80 D’Mall . ..........................................82 D’Talipapa . ....................................82 Plazoleta, E’mall & Tourist Center . ...84 Boracay Restaurants . .........................94 Bars, Pubs and Clubs . ......................130 Spa and Massage .............................138 Diving and Activities...........................148 Directory........................................... 163


It’s More Fun in Boracay! Come home to Paradise! Boracay Island is an awardwinning island destination in the Philippines! It was voted as the Best Island in the World, and even beat the likes of Ibiza and Miami as the top Party Beach, not to mention it hosts the Best Kite Surfing location in Asia! Boracay is a tiny island, located on the northern end of Panay Island. It’s only 7kms long, and 1km wide at its narrowest. Despite its size, Boracay has everything to offer for travelers, holidaymakers, and locals! From the most luxurious 5-star hotels, to mid-range accommodations, and backpacker hostels, you will definitely find something to suit your budget! Boracay is also a food haven, having hundreds of restaurants featuring cuisines from all over the world, you will never run out of options. Famous for its pulsing nightlife, White Beach never sleeps! Hop from reggae bars, clubs, and pubs offering happy hours every night! If the party scene gets a bit tiring, there are several quiet beaches that you can laze around on a hot day. For extreme adventurers, there are numerous day trip excursions for you

to explore jungles, lagoons, and scenic sights on neighboring islands. Boracay’s back beach, or Bulabog beach is the water sports playground for kitesurfers, and windsurfers! Discover what the island has in store for you and take time to read this guide book, made especially to help you get the most out of your vacation!




Boracay Island

Caticlan Panay Island

Geography Boracay is located on the western part of Visayas, specifically in the province of Aklan, one of the four provinces in Panay Island. It is 350 kilometers south of Manila, and comprised of three barangays— Yapak in the North, Balabag in the center, and Manoc-Manoc in the South. The whole island, shaped like a dog-bone, is only 7kms long and 1km wide at its narrowest. The main tourism area, White Beach, is 4kms long and is divided into three stations— Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3. The stations were named after boat stations back in the day when boats still docked on the beach. The second most popular beach is on the opposite side of the island called Bulabog Beach, where water sports enthusiasts gather to surf and sail their kites. Boracay has 10 other beaches, like Puka Shell Beach, located in the north, and some other secluded beaches such as Diniwid Beach, Ilig-Iligan Beach, Punta Bunga Beach, Balinghai Beach, Lagutan Beach, Tambisaan Beach, Manoc Manoc Beach, Cagban Beach, Tulubhan Beach and Lapus Lapus Beach. Some beaches are owned by private resorts but several are still accessible by dirt road or boat.



Amihan - High Season (November to March) | 25-32°C (77-90°F) Cool at night and warm day time, moderate rain, northeasterly to easterly winds Summer (April / May / June) | 28-38°C (82-100°F) Hot and mostly dry, sometimes easterly to southeasterly trade winds Habagat - Low Season (May/June to September/October) | 25-32°C (77-90°F) Winds from the southwest, moderate to heavy rainfall, humid

Tourist Seasons

Low Season is when the wind blows “westward” onto White Beach. There is more rain than usual, but there are fewer tourists, and lower prices on accommodations, as well as cheaper goods and services. The low season begins in June, and ends in October. During High Season, the wind comes from the east side of the island, and White Beach is protected. The wind blows out to sea, leaving the beach pristinely clean and generally calm. Since it is winter in the northern hemisphere, most foreign tourists come in numbers to escape the cold from their countries. This is also the best time for water sports since the wind is reliable for kite surfing on Bulabog Beach. High Season starts in October and ends in May. Peak Season is when tourists visiting Boracay reach its height. This is usually around the holidays of Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, and Holy Week (Easter Week). Some resorts have a +10% to +25% premium on their rooms, and the island gets fully booked. Make sure you book as far in advance as possible.


Getting to Caticlan Jetty Port By Air:

The most convenient way to go to Boracay is to fly by plane. 1. Caticlan Airport – This is a small airport located 5 minutes away from Caticlan Jetty Port. Because of its small runway, only turboprop airplanes are used. Domestic carriers such as Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines are the only ones who use this airport. It is possible to walk

Caticlan Airport

PLACE / DESTINATION Angeles (Clark Field) Baguio Banaue Bohol Cebu Davao La Union Makati Manila Pagsanjan Palawan Subic Bay Tagaytay

KMS. 509 677 739 449 378 960 721 415 421 353 571 483 353

from the airport to the jetty port, but if you’re carrying heavy luggage, you can also take the tricycle for P50. 2. Kalibo Airport – A larger airport located 90 minutes away from Caticlan Jetty Port. From the airport, travelers have to take a van or use a transportation service to go to Caticlan port. There are some international flights using this airport, and most airlines are available. By Sea: For adventure-seekers, a budget cruise-line known as 2GO, departs from Batangas Port (2 hours away from Manila) and sail to Caticlan Port, for roughly 9-10 hours. By Land and Sea: Another way to reach the island is by taking a RORO, or Roll On/Roll Off Bus Ferry. The trip is a combination of overland bus travel and sailing.


11 Book your transportation online with your smart phone or tablet’s QR scanner.





Tambisaan Jetty Port



White Beach Cagban Jetty Port

Tabon Jetty Port

2 Caticlan

Jetty Port Caticlan Airport

From Manila, the bus will take you to Batangas Port, ferry to Calapan, Mindoro and then stop at Roxas, Mindoro before traveling to Caticlan Port. This is perfect for those who seek the cheapest and off-beaten path to Boracay. The journey can take from 12-15 hours.

From Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay Island

Upon Arriving in Caticlan Jetty Port, tourists have to pay an Environmental Fee of 75Php, Terminal Fee of 100Php and a Boat Fee of 25Php. These tickets are bought outside before entering the luggage check. The Caticlan Jetty Port is owned, managed and operated by the Provincial Government of Aklan, under the Economic Enterprise Development Department, constructed to provide better transfer facilities for the convenience of domestic and the international tourists traveling to Boracay. The ferry from Caticlan to Boracay (Cagban Port during High Season & Tambisaan Port during Low Season) runs from 5:00AM to 6:00PM. There are ferries that travel at night from 6:00PM to 10:00PM that costs 30Php. There are some ferries that sail after 10PM, called Night Navigation, but you have to check and book with a special transportation service.



Both Cagban Port and Tambisaan Port are located on the southern tip of the island. From either of the ports, it will take you 10-15minutes to go to White Beach. There is a terminal of chartered tricycles outside the port which costs 150Php for a maximum of five persons. However, if you don’t have much luggage, you can walk further outside the port and get a regular tricycle for 20Php per person, to take you to White Beach.

Getting Around

Most of the tourists stay near White Beach, where the majority of the accommodations, bars, restaurants, and activity centers are located. It is possible to walk from one station to another, but if you’d like to take a tricycle, you can just hail one on the main road for 10Php per person (nonchartered). Bulabog Beach, where water sports enthusiasts practice kite surfing, is only a 10 minute walk from central White Beach. If you want to get around the island and see other beaches, such as the Puka Shell Beach, you can hire a tricycle for 150Php per hour. The highest point on the island is the Ocean Tower on Mt. Luho. This is a great sight-seeing point, and can be reached by riding tricycle, or with a half an hour trek using Lapus-Lapus Road from Bulabog Beach. If you prefer to explore the island on your own, there are bicycles for rent around White Beach. Motorbikes are also available, as well as ATVs, and Buggy Cars. If you want to travel by sea, a traditional Visayan sailing boat with two outriggers, Paraw, can be chartered for a day trip.



The currency is the Philippine Peso (PhP). Bill denominations are: 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 pesos. It is better to bring your cash in 500 PhP denominations as you will find that getting change for 1,000 Peso bill can be difficult at times. ATMs dispense in 500 and 1,000 PhP bills. There are ATMs on White Beach, at D’Mall, and on the main road that accept foreign debit/bank cards. There are three banks on the island: Allied Bank of the Philippines, Bank of the Philippine Islands and Metrobank. During high and peak season the ATM’s tend to run out of cash and are not refilled until the next business day, so withdraw money early in the day and before the weekend. Foreign Currency is best exchanged at the banks or money changing stores. Only big restaurants and hotels accept credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Personal checks are generally not accepted. Traveler’s checks get a lower exchange rate and should be changed at Allied Bank or the Boracay Tourist Center. The Tourist Center will also give cash advances on credit cards (7%+ fee), and safety deposit boxes are available for rent.


Boracay Island is serviced by three mobile providers, SMART, SUN CELLULAR and GLOBE. They have good reception through most of the island. Visitors can purchase a SIM card with a local number for 65 Php then buy Pre-Paid Calling cards for 100Php or 500Php, or electronic load for as low as 10Php. Text messages are the main form of communication at a cost of 1 peso per text, making the Philippines one of the Text Capitals of the World. Standard call rates range from 6 to 8Php per minute.


International texts are priced between 15-20Php, while regular IDD calls are normally $0.40 per minute. Landline best forofinternational calls. There are several Welcomecalls to are thecheaper, tropicaland paradise Boracay Island! It’s 4km long, International Phone the White Beach footpath and has in D’Mall. powder white sandbooths beachalong and crystal clear turquoise water been Some phone service, but generally more voted resorts one of also the have best international beaches in the world. Boracay Island isat about expensive rates. Philippines country code is +63. Boracay’s area code is 7km long, and hasGuide’s severalphone remote beaches around island,would as well (036). My Boracay number calling from the overseas be as Bulabog Beach, which is the best kiteboarding and watersports +63 36 288-9999. beach inhas Asia.several Boracay is a vacationer’s withand luxury 5 star Boracay internet cafes along paradise, White Beach in D’mall. However, a goodtraditional number ofbungalows; restaurantssomething and bars are Wifi. hotels, through for offering anyone’sfree budget There is a private office in the Center which is open from 9amand taste. There post are all kinds of Tourist activities on the island, most famous 10pm There is one LBCand branch in Station There 3 on the along for thedaily. diving, kiteboarding, windsurfing. aremain manyroad fantastic with a new branch to Budget Mart.from around the world. Boracay is restaurants on thenext island with flavors There are two local newspapers covering events and happenings on the above called all elsethefamous for Sun” it’s nightlife, with pubs, bars and island “Boracay and “Boracay Informer”. You dance can findclubs this that are jumping late into the night. Take the time to get acquainted for free at popular establishments on the island. There are three majorwith FM the information in this book Easy to help you93.5 findand whatRadio you need to make Radio Stations, Yes FM 91.1, Rock Boracay 106.1.your


stay the most incredible vacation yet. Enjoy paradise and remember to

Visa Extensions keep smiling, you are officially on vacation! The Bureau of Immigration (BOI) can extend visitor visas as well as process other changes required in visa status. For visa extensions you will be Geography

required to make photocopies of your passport and fill out a visa application Boracay is in the province of Aklan, located in Panay. This is the form. The cost varies depending on your visa and desired length of stay. center of the Philippines. These central islands are the Visayas, You can expect to pay 3,030.00 Php for a 38-day extension. Please extend region 6. 1-2 weeks before visa expires to avoid penalty. There is a dress code so With 18,058 local residents, thetops. Island of are Boracay 1006 hectares avoid wearing board shorts or tank They locatedison the main road and shaped like a dog bone. It is about 7 km long, and 1 km next to Nirvana Resort, and are open from Monday to Friday at 8am wide at 12 it’s noon narrowest. White Beach and beach to and 1pm to 5:30pm. ThereBulabog is another are the primary and secondary tourism branch in Kalibo near the airport next to Saylo beaches, both located oppositecall of 288each Restaurant. For more information other. 5267 (Boracay) 500-7601 (Kalibo).

Boracay is located 2km from Caticlan, the mainland gateway for sea and air access to Boracay. There are ports both in the south of


1. Free Boracay Orientation 2. ATV and Buggy Car Php 1,000 ATV rental per unit, Php 1,500 Buggy Car rental per unit 3. Electric Chariot Tour Php 1,000 30 minutes, Php 1,400 60 minutes, Php 1,800 90 minutes 4. Manic Monkey Party Php 2,000 per person 5. Indiana Jones Eco Tour Php 2,200 4 or more person, Php 2,800 per person minimum of 2 person 6. Horseback Riding Php1,000 per person 7. Mountain Bike Cruising and trekking in Panay Php 2,000 per person 2 or more pax Php 1,550 Boracay Bike Tours 8. Land Tour Php 2,400 1-2 person, Php 3,500 3-4 person Php 4,500 5 person 9. Stand Up Paddle Tour in Panay Php 2,200 per person (min of 4 person) Php 3,000 per person (min of 2 person) 10. A. Parasailing B. Jet Ski C. Helmet Dive D. Flyfish E. Banana Boat F. Wake Boarding G. Speed Boat Rental H. Kiteboarding I. Wind Surfing J. Tornado Jet Boat 11. Jetski Tours Php 5,500 per unit (minimum 2 units) 12. Scuba Diving Php 3,000 Discover Scuba Php 21, 000 Open Water Php 1,600 per dive


2 3



10 8

10 5


As seen on

Build your own activity packages! Choose 3 activities and get


Pick up the phone and book your activity with our expert. Be escorted by our friendly Tour Guide to your activity and enjoy.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Call for more details or view online at 13. Mermaid Lesson Php 1,500 per person 14. Kayak Island Hopping Php 1,200 per person minimum 2 people 15. Fishing Adventure Php 4,100 1-4 persons 4 hours of fishing Php 6,200 5-10 4 hours of fishing 16. Luxury Sailing Php 5,500 Day Sailing (10am-3pm) with Lunch, Beer and Drinks Php 3,500 Sunset Cruise (4:30pm-6:30pm) with Canapes Drinks, Beer and Wine Php 6,000 Late Day Sailing (1:30pm-6:30pm) with Late Lunch, Beer amd Drinks minimum 4 pax 17. Tablas Island Hopping Php 3,500 per person Local Banca 18. Motor Bike Rental Php 1,500 2hrs Php 2,400 4hrs Php 3,500 24 hrs. 19. Train at Ole “Iron Fist” Laursen’s Legacy Gym in Boracay Php 750 per session 20. Boracay Pub Crawl Php 990 8pm till late 21. Glass Bottom Boat Php 750 For Adults Php 300 5yrs and below 22. Helicopter Tour Beach Tour Php 3,500 per person Island Tour Php 5,300 per person VIP Tour 7,500php per person 23. Stargazer Adventure Sailing Php 3,500 sunset cruise per person (min of 4pax up to 15pax) Php 5,500 Day Sailing per person (min of 4pax up to 15 pax) Php 20,000 half day private charter tour Php 30,000 full day private charter tour.



14 23




(036) 288-9999 0999-889-0042 | 0917-394-8083 www. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


24. Go Kart Php 800 for 15 minutes 25. Zipline and Zorb Combo Php 1,300 per person


26. Tablas Fun Php 3,800 per person 8am to 5pm (min 8 pax) 27. Fish Spa Packages Php 1,499 1 hour fish spa with 1 hour massage Php 1,999 40min head, shoulder or foot massage and nail art. 28. Poseidon Couple’s Package Php 6,000 per person 29. Call in Hotel Room Massage Php 500++ per person (corkage + transportation fee) 30. Experience Romance in Paradise at Yasuragi Japanese Spa Php 4,000 per person 31. Mandala’s Luxurious Couples Spa Package Php 6,750 per person 2hrs. 32. Palassa Spa’s Gold Package Php 3,300 per person Php 5,000 person Php 6,300 per person 33. King and Queen Package by Bella Isa Php 6,750 per person 34. Luna Spa’s Wine Massage Php 6,450 per person 35. Lava Stone Spa Php 3,500 per person 36. Terra for Two Php10,000 per couple 37. Crystal Boat Php 1,200 for 30 minutes Php 2,400 for 1 hour Php 3,600 1 hour and 30 minutes Php 4,800 2 hours Php 6,000 for 24 hours

As seen on

30 36





Build your own activity packages! Choose 3 activities and get


Pick up the phone and book your activity with our expert. Be escorted by our friendly Tour Guide to your activity and enjoy.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Call for more details or view online at 38. Aqua Sub Php 1,000 per Person 39. Helio Spa Holistic Treatment Php 5,250 per Person 40. Photography Service Light Php 10,000 Normal Php 14,000 Advance Php 22,000 Pro Php 36,000 41. Hobie Mirage Trimaran Sailing Sailing Introductory Course (2 Hours & 30 Minutes) Php 4,200 per Person Sailing Advance Course (8 Hours) Php 16,000 per Person Riding with Skipper (2 Hours) Php 3,000 per Person 42. Wedding Proposal Assistance Call us for details. 43. Team Building Activity Call us for details. 44. Bead Buffet 450 PHP per adult 350 PHP per child 45. Crystal Cove Island all-in-one Stop Package Php 999.00 per person



39 40



(036) 288-9999 0999-889-0042 | 0917-394-8083 www. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

20 Download the VIP Card to your Smart Phone or Tablet.



ary 201

3 - Janu

ber 201

ovem Thru: N

01 Ace Wireless

06 SeaBird Resort one hour free of internet for every one 15% discount on our restaurant hundred peso worth of Internet prepaid card good for 1hr and 30 mins. internet access is 07 Super Submarine confined only here in our office. They cannot buy 1 sandwich and get one bottled water access/use it outside or anywhere else in for free the island.

02 Cocomangas

15% discount on any pizza ordered

03 Fish Bar

10%discount on all food items

04 Paradiso Grill

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05 Red Coconut

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08 Surfside - Yasuragi Spa

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09 7 Stones

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10 Tilapia n’ Chips

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11 Titos

For every Php 1,000 worth of purchase, avail of either 1 Free Pitcher of our famous Titos Mojitos or 1 Free Dessert of their choice.

12 Tourist Center

For every P2000 worth of souvenir items, avail 20% off & 1 free dialect clock. For every P1000 worth of souvenir items, avail 10% off.

13 Valhalla

10% OFF on all Foods and Drinks

14 White Beach Divers

5% discount on diving 5% discount on rooms

15 The Tides

23 Hampstead Boracay


Crab 25% off & Wine 15% off every Wednesday

24 My Boracay Guide Transportation

10% discount for 10 persons and up

25 My Boracay Adventures

FREE Gift with any activity reservation

26 Jony’s

10% discount on all food and drink items

27 La Reserve Surrender Day Spa: Avail 1 hour massage 10% on all food and drink items and get an additional 30 minutes FREE 15% on all room types for hotel Ka-on: Buy 1 main entree and get your next accommodation dish at 50% off (entree with less value shall be applied for the 50% discount) 28 Lemon Café Solstice: Happy hour 24/7 (coupon entitles 10% discount on food and beverages bearer to “buy 1 take 1” on all standard cocktails and local beers at any time during 29 Sand Bar operating hours) 10% discount on all menu items 16 Filigrenesia 30 5% off their purchase of P2,500 and up (on Shades Boracay FREE sunglasses case when you buy all products) sunglasses 17 Gerry’s Grill 10% discounts on all food item/ Free Dessert 31 Sbarro - Leche Flan & Birthday Song for Birthday Free iced tea for every meal Celebrant / -Free One Pulutan/dish for every 32 Paraiso Grill purchase of Beer Bundle all day 10% discount on all regular price except for promos, lobster & prawns 18 Caruso 10% discount on all items 33 Liberalia FREE transportation every 30 min from 19 Crystal Cove 9pm – 1am Fridays and Saturdays For every 10 persons, get 1 free Nov (8, 9, 22, 23) Dec (6, 7, 20, 21, 27, 28) Jan (10, 11, 24, 25) 20 Spiderhouse 10% discount on food and drink items 34 Crazy Crepes Php15 OFF on one regular icre cream crepe 21 Agos Boracay book 3 nights, and get 1 night free 35 Cinnabon * Except Peak Season & subject to room Php30 off on Choco Mocha Chillatta availability Php30 off on Caramel Pecanbon 22 Dive Gurus Book 3 nights, and get a “try dive” for free














2 Sibuyan Island

Tablas Island



big map 4

4 Clark



Caticlan Kalibo Cebu

Carabao Island


Boracay Island



Map 8 Nearby Islands














Use your smart phone or tablet’s QR scanner to download a full map of Boracay






Poseidon Spa

Fairways & Bluewater Resort Golf & Country Club


Lifeguard Command Center

288 - 3609

Emergency No. 609




Map 1 Station 1 Ro


Horse Riding Stable

3 White House

Punta Rosa

Mayumi Beach House

Robinson Beach House



Mr. Holidays

Fridays Boracay Discovery Shores

Blue Wave



One Boracay Place

JCT Coral Hills

Kasbah Villa Kaloo

Terra Wellness Spa

Chalet Tirol Two Seasons Las Brisas Boracay Sur Resort Chalet Y


Las Brisas

Sea Wind Resort White House Resort








One Crescent Place Ilicito’s Place


Casa Hannah Escondido 8Hampstead Alonso Hotel Boracay Sitio Beach Club Boracay Jay-Jays Club Farmacia Jonah’s Azul Boracay Ariel’s Agbayani Shore Holy Boracay Breeze Time Beach Rosary Niu Ohara Church La Bella Casa Rebecca’s Hotel Combe Resort Andok’s Barangay Day Victor Care Center Post Balabag Ortega Cocomangas Main Road Balabag Plaza Office Salon Barangay Hall Shooter Bar Ariel’s Spa DENR House Balabag Island Action Center Guilly’s Clinic Obama Island Club Grill Paraw Boracay Willy’s Plaza Blue Beach Resort Cocomangas Lilly Nigi Nigi Resort Estacio Uno Casita Wine Bar 2 Beach Jonah’s Resort


Boracay Shores

Pearl of the Pacific


Pearl of the Pacific

Water Colors Dive Resort

True Home

Diamond Water Sports


Willy’s Rock









Map 2a Station 1- Station 2 3 Jony’s Beach Resort

YES FM Cocomangas Ariel’s House Boracay Kitchen Andoks


Beach Comber Resort Shore Time Hotel

Mayas & Jony’s Fruit Shake

Main Road Milkys

5 Ariel’s

House Obama Grill Club Ariel’s Guillys Paraw House



Lifeguard Command Center

288 - 3609

6 Emergency No. 609

Elizalde’s Resthouse


Patio Pacific Resort



Crown Regency/ 24/7

Alpha Fitness Center

Metrobank RCBC

Boracay Tourist Inn




Boracay Ocean Club

d oa


Milaflores De Boracay


Metropolitan Doctors Medical Clinic

Patio Pacific Resort

Palassa Spa


Balabag High School


Club Boracay Go Resort


Frendz Resort Casamso

3 The Club Ten

The District

Hotel Royal Park

Caruso Restaurante Astoria Boracay Nandana Resort Gran Prix Bamboo Boracay Louge Hideaway


Real Maris

Sea Gaia Yellow Cab Hawaian BBQ

Sand Bar Mint Bar

Metrobank ATM Starbucks Cafe Gerry’s Grill Del Mar Steakhouse Pamana

Aqua Sub Globy Tibraz/ Travelling Plassa Spa Chef


La Reserve Beach Hotel







Plassa Spa





Budget Mart

Boracay Lying-In & Diagnostic Center/ 7 Stars


Lake Town

Loco Frio

Crafts de Boracay

Tilapia n Chips

Filigrenasia Crazy Crepe Super Submarine Sandwich Shop

Seabird Resort

Fishbar P&P Tatoo


The Tides

Valhalla Ole Club 10


The District



La Reserve Beach Hotel/ SPR

Exit Bar



Bom Bom Tito’s

Cinabbon/ Crazy Crepes

Cafe Del Sol

Bite Club

Shades I Love BBq Asia Divers

Kaeseke Pat Creek Sa na Thai Bar Paradiso Grill Bamboo Bungalow

Caruso Restaurante

Loco Frio

Lemon I

Red Coconut


Globy avelling Chef


Heidiland Deli Hama Japanese Cuisine

Epic Jammers



F Boracay Health Center

New Mandarin Bldg.





Boracay Island Hospital

Agos Boracay

Nirvana/ Philippine Boracay Paradise Bureau of Fat Jimmy’s Immigration Resort MN Guest House Boracay Homeland


Veli’s Inn El Moro Isla Gecko Cottages

Map 2b Station 1- Station 2 3

Lifeguard Command Center

Pau Patri

288 - 3609

Emergency No. 609 Plazoleta Boracay Peninsula Resort/ Shakey’s True Food

SeaWorld Dive Shop

Le Soliel De Boracay


Boracay Uptown

Mango Ray

Real Coffee Club Manila East

Deparis Beach Resort

Boracay Mandarin/ Mandarin Spa

Boat Station 2

4 Siam Chilli Food

Lonely Planet Allied Bank ATM

Mc Donalds Boracay Regency


Juice Bar


The Q Lodge




A The Sun Villa

Sacrapano Pharmacy


Gumamela Lovelle Swiss Hilside Bakeshop Garden Resort Bisekleta Paradise Bicycle Rental Philippine Airlines Farmacia Pantelco Gomez

Boracay Island Hospital


Body Ritz Road Hotel

Main Road Cork

Boracay Holiday Resort

Boracay Island Hospital A Loja Delicatessen



Regency Lagoon

Allied B Punta Sol Beach Resort PCTV Casa Maugeri & Villa Miguel

Lee’s Cook Seafood Restaurant

PauPatri Restaurant

Boracay Regency/

3 Jejsellend’s Garden Le Club Soliel De Manila Boracay East

Boracay Mandarin Resort/ Mandarin Spa

Summer Place


Boat Station 2


Villa Criselda Resort Il Portico

Boracay Regency Wave Bar

Zhua Asian Cusisine

White Beach Path Hop Chan

Deparis Resort Boracay


Benros Cottag

Don Vito Gelato

Siam Chilli Food Allied Bank Plazoleta Lonely Planet Regency Food Juice Bar Plaza

D’ Talipapa

Boracay Haven

Boracay Garden Resort

Boracay Peninsula Resort

Tirol & Tirol Resort

Villa Paula

Villa Mare

Boracay Courtyard Cullpepper Lodge

Villa Sun Aparte

Sander’s White Duplexes

Nigi Nigi Cez Boracay Nu Manor Beach Chalets Noos Victory El Centro Divers Resort Taste of Moon Dejavu Boracay BPI Decos Batchoy Zucchero Cafe Inkupuncture Charhls Bar Tattoo Studio MGB Cottages

Villa De Oro

Talipapa Bukid


Farm 33

Lava Stone Jolen-Ren Panasonic Crown Regency Dalisay Service Leadway Far Pharmacy Industries M.V. Trading & Boracay Cycle Boracay Signa & Sole East Trading Center Gen. Merchandise Ice Modena Kuya Mike’s Abrams Spa Philhome RCPI Western Motorcycle Medical Boracay Center RD Paw Speedwash Clinic Mini Mart Laundry Napa Spring Bank Boracay LBC Baeay Erus Suites Manolet Bakery Tropics Media Maxx ALG Resort Bougainvilla Hotel and P LBC And Le Soliel St. Vincent De Boracay Cottages Palawa Tonglen Roque’s Pawnsho Apartments Beach Place Rebadulla M Lhuillier De Rose Resort Veterinary Clinic Paradise Zest Family Mart Garden Senro Tunafest Pinjalo D’ Itallian Resort Resort Bamboo Villas Beach House Helen’s karaoke Jinglet Harlem Philippine Bakeshop Drugstore Canyon De Holiday Alice in ss Coast Boracay Merly’s Home de J.D. Martin Wonderland ges Guard Place Boracay Store E-Mall Tropical Jemlee’s Chocks Guest nset Sunny Sand & Ice elle House Isles


La Carmela s De Boracay






Dos Mestizos Gusto Y Gustos




Bersaba Trading

Police Station Boracay Tourist Center Alice Hotel

Siomai House Sexc’s Western Union


Paradise Garden

Bamboo Beach Resort

Casa Pilar Beach Resort

Pizza da Yannrinks Baffo

Golden Phoenix

Boracay Sands Hotel

Pirate’s Zorb Arm

Calypso Azzuro Diving Luna Rossa

Starfire Resort

Yellowcab Boracay Pito Huts

Crown Regency La Isla Bonita


ME Gu Hous

Viva Spri Water G’s Sto Swiss Inn


Ristorante Italiano Yapak Queen’s Sulu Pizzeria Dive Resort Star Bar Oro Beach Allied Resort Bank



Map 3 Station 2 Lifeguard Command Center

288 - 3609

Emergency No. 609



A Cycle 1 Boracay Center




CY Adult & Children Clinic and Pharmacy RCPI Western Union Philhome Aklan Medical Appliance RD Pawnshop Clinic Center LBC Vimar Barber Alevir’s ALG Jewelry Shop Marketing and Pawnshop Andok’s Bread & Butter Cooking School Boracay De Rose Main Road Family Limmar Mart Talisaynon Mandala Sacapano Villa General Spa Store Metropolitan Hardware Oceanea Merchandise Doctors Medical Cena’s Clinics Guesthouse FAITH VILLAGE Bora Spa NEW LIFE Prana The Orchids Merly’s J.D. Martin CONFERENCE Restaurant Private Villas Place Store CENTER Kingdom Chocks Tropical Hall of The Generics Guest Jehovah’s Pharmacy House Witnesses Bora Bora Starfire I Spa Inn The Resort Luna Spa Orchids Resort Dave’s Leonor’s Viva Spring Straw Crown Roy’s Place Regency Water Rendezvous Inn Chicken Bei Kurt Papa’s Tattoo Ati-atihan Melinda’s und Magz Shop Swiss Morning Boracay Garden Hotel-Apartments Surfside Star Travellers La Isla Queen’s Inn Resort/ Resort Bonita Resort Escurel Yasuragi Relaxation Boracay Inn Spa/Nagisa Angol Dive Ocean Coffee Bloom Coffee Shop Arwana Point Gurus Club Resort Beach Blue Resort Resort Marzon Coral White Blue Villa Resort Bei Kurt Camilla Landry und Magz Boat Resort Washerel Restaurant-Bar Station 3 Coco Loco Tree House Blue Mango White Beach Divers Cowboy REAL ESTATE & DEV’T. CORP Cusina Restaurant





Thai Food




Cagb an R oad

Gas Station


Shell Station Sunset Boulevard





Mel’s Mansion

Angol Point Ro


The Wooden House


Island Jewel Inn Dante’s Place


LM Beach Resort Blue Peter Sheridan Villas

Red Pirates Pub Bpod/Osom Mabuhay Beach House

Mr. Austrian Eckart’s Pension House Benita Luck Boracay The Beach Sun House Village South Green House

Formerly Hotel Isla Boracay

5 Asya Premiere












Cohiba Villa

Boracay Luxury Homes

Blue Bird Palm Breeze Mi Suano


Karuna Boracay Fun Board

Casitas Sunrise Palais

Reef Amihan Seraph Riders Store Hayan Windpia Jacuzzi Villa Reef Retreat Ocean Republic


Bulabog Road

Boracay Chamber of Commerce

Hangin Kiteboarding Isla Kitboarding Surfer’s Home Blue Bayou Mayflower

Munchies Nonet’s Iglesia Ni Kristo Place Balabag Elementary School DepEd Hostel Patio Pacific Resort

6 Jona’s Shakes Crown

Lake Tow Bar & Restauran


Blue Lotus Metropolita Bakery Doctor’s Med Clinic

Goodah Restaurant Bo Boracay Foundation, Inc. Lyi Dia Metrobank C The Jopines Lion’s Store Patio Den Pacific Resort







Bulabog Beach



Kite City Palassa Residences Pahuwayan 7 Stones Suites Private Property

Boracay Gems


MNG Riders Banana Saging

Alice in Wonderland

Aissatou Apartments/ Habagat Kiteboarding

Laguna de Green Yard Boracay Funboard Center



Boracay Water & Sewerage System The Q Lodge

Scandi Apartment




an dical



oracay ing-In & agnostic Center Budget Mart

Bloomfield International Academy Agua Korean Vida Restaurant Live CIty The Lion’s Ocean Live Corp. Den Villa

Crafts of Fat Boracay Jimmy’s Crafts Delicatessen Resort Serendipity MN Guest House Boracay Homeland Apartelle

The Sun Villa Sacrapano Pharmacy

Gumamela Lovelle Swiss Bakeshop Garden Hilside Resort Bisekleta Bicycle Paradise Rental Farmacia Pantelco Gomez


Boracay Island Hospital A Loja Delicatessen Nirvana

Boracay Shopping Center

Ritz Road Hotel

Main Road

Allied Bank

Punta Sol Beach Resort

Boracay Holiday Resort

PCTV D’ Talipapa



G Casa Maugeri






Boracay Budget Mart

Farmacia Alenjen

Beauty Buffet


Boracay Fun & Sports Fraicellin

Dentcare Center Clear View Sight Care Seatec

Lonely Planet



D’Amour Island Surfwear

Island Girl Cocomanga’s Souvenir Shop

The Pleasure Place The Refinery

R2A Shoes

Kite Asia

Fly and Music House


Quency Cakes


Bunny Jingco Photography

Blue Horizons Travel and Tours

Boracay Optical


LBC Doll House




G & C Medicine Center

Showdown Bogarte Collection

Crystal Shack

Wiggles Souvenirs

D’Mall Restrooms

Nice & Easy


Sr. Alfred Crafts


Smoke Restaurant



Hey Jude Resort

Juan Lu

Mikay Bar & Cuisine

Blue Berry Restaurant

Jasper’s Crafts Tapsilog Delicatessen Kamayan Crafty’s Allied Bank Restaurant Rooftop Bar


Map 6 D’Mall

Super Submarine Sandwich Shop


Globe Telecom

Crazy Crepe


Main Road

Hama’s Cellphone Accessories


Footzee’z Boracay


Zest Air

Sanic Collection

News Mags

Julies Bakeshop








12 A









Café del Sol

Whatever Accessories

Sa’neh Thai Bar & Resto


Titiana Wines

Smoke John Michael Antiques

Tsikiting Uswag Arts & Crafts


Fruits and Ice Cream/Smokey’s Fish Bar Island Barbeque

Aqua Venture Dive Supply Sandugo Papu Collection

CYMA Greek Taverna

Rams Wine Store

Jammer’s Epic

Itti/ Caterpillar Shoes

DWhite BeachE




Fashion Talk


Lonely Planet Arts & Furniture Gashof

Valhalla The Island Outlets Island Chicken The B Salon Inasal Cook Balloon Bleuvert Speedo Wheel Chopstick Noodle House Pancake House Bite Club Sunday I Love my Beach Backyard BBQ Capt. Needs Republic Haddock Kodak Toilet Funky Lights ShareTea Island Souvenir Lemon i Café Ralph’s Wines I Fly Mang Inasal Denisah Golden Bamboo Quenn Bee Fila Boracay Elle’s Paolo Collection Andok’s A Piece of Green Big Mouth Department of Tourism Kingsmen Bank of the Gem Talk Kaéseké Philippine Islands Colors Croc’s Hugod Le Saint Boracay Booking Michel Nagua


The Tides

Heidiland Deli

Country Jeans Nautilus


Snack Shack

Ice Monster

Mr. Donut’s D’ Hobbit House Rumba’s


Rudy Project Eyewear

SWIM Designer Swimwear

Nothing But Water Beachwear

12 H








Experience Western Visayas First

BORACAY SAFETY TIPS • Ensure the safety of your valuables (money, jewelry, laptop, etc.) avail a safety deposit box when leaving your hotel/resort. • Do not leave your valuables unattended on the beach while swimming. • Leave important documents (passport, plane tickets, etc.) at the resort’s safety deposit box when going island hopping or other water activities. To ensure the safety of your cellphones and other gadgets, put them in a water proof bag. • Avoid swimming when drunk or after taking heavy meals. • Swim only in designated areas for safety and to avoid accidents. • Bring enough money when going bar and disco hopping. • Avoid going to dark places with a stranger. • Always keep your room windows and door properly locked. For emergency and assistance call phone numbers below: Police Boracay (036) 288-3066 Department of Tourism (036) 288-3689 Malay Tourism (036) 288-7108

Location Map 6 Page 27 F-10


Boracay Real Estate

With its long stretches of white sandy beaches, tropical weather, and amazing turquoise waters, Boracay is not just a premier tourist destination. Over the years, Boracay has changed dramatically from being an untouched piece of nature to a booming island catering to all kinds of different travelers. From luxury villas, tree houses, condominiums, apartments, and resort residences, the island offers you properties and investment opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. Aqua Boracay by Yoo is the first resort residence designed by Yoo in the Philippines. Yoo is a UK-based firm known for its world-class portfolio of clients around the globe. The property is located in Bulabog Beach, the best kite boarding beach in Asia. If you’re looking for other investment options, BBC - Boracay Business Center, established in 1989 is one of the most well known real estate offices on the island. Give them a call, and you will be helped by their friendly personal. SPR Boracay is a Swiss-owned real estate office providing sales and rentals for luxurious beach huts, holiday houses as well as plots of land. The island’s development is set to skyrocket with the expansion plans of the airport in Caticlan and many large developers moving in to start projects of their own. This is the perfect opportunity to have a piece of this world-class paradise for your own!





Location Page 29 Map 21 H-4



Location Map 5 Page 37 F-5


long White Beach, Station 3, (Beside Swiss A Inn Rest.)• Tel No.: (036) 288 3604 Email: Website:


Location Map 4 Page 34 A-4


Hotels & Resorts White Beach, Boat Station 1

Station 1 is the northern section of White Beach and is home to some of the luxury resorts in Boracay. Almost all the resorts are right on the beach, and offer in-house services that you would expect from high end resorts. The sand is the nicest at this end of white beach, and is generally quieter than station 2.

White Beach, Boat Station 2

Station 2 is the restaurant, shopping, entertainment, and party central of White Beach. You can find some high-end resorts, and mid-range accommodations as well as many of the hippest bars and pubs in this area. D’Mall is also located in this station, making it the busiest part of the beach. You can see that more than a hundred small tourist shops and restaurants stretch from the beach all the way to the main road.

White Beach, Boat Station 3

Station 3 is the last section of White Beach to be developed. Most of the remaining budget and native style bungalows are located here. There are a number of good and cheap restaurants, diving shops, and little stores found in this area. Although just recently, more upscale resorts and services have been developed to take advantage of this station’s relaxed atmosphere. This is the first part of the beach to get empty.

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is the 2.5km long water sports beach of Boracay, and is located on the east side of the island. It is known as the “Number One kite boarding beach in Asia”, and is protected by a huge reef. It offers jet skis, parasailing and boating of all types during Habagat season. It is a 5 minute walk from D’Mall and 10 minutes from White Beach. There are several quiet resorts lining the beach, and a few bars worthy to check out.

Off White Beach Off White Beach,there are various accommodations, including some of the most luxurious resorts nestled away in secluded beaches, if you are looking to stay away from the crowd and would like to have some privacy.



Address: Station 1, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan Location Tel. No.: (036) 288-3794 to 97 Fax No.: (036) 288-3016 Map 1 Email:, Page 27 F-4 Website:


Location Address: Station 2, White Beach Page 31 Tel. No.: (036) 288-6129, 288-3301 Email: Map 2b E-5 Website:




Location Address: Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines Page 29 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3020 | (Fax) (036) 288-3017 Map 2A Email: H-4 Website:



Location Address: Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island, Philippines Map 2B Tel. No.: (036) 288-3233 | 288-3067 (Fax) Page 31 Email: F-5 Website:



Address: Boracay Eco-village Resort Tourism Economic Zone, Location Map 7 Yapak, Boracay Island Tel. No.: (036) 288-5826 | 288-5825 | 288-4118 Page 25 Email: B-2 Website: /


Use your smart phone or tablet’s QR scanner to download My Boracay Guide Book.


Address: Tulubhan, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island Tel. No.: (036) 288-5232 | 288 2000 Email: Website: facebook:


Location Map 7 Page 25 D-6



Location Address: Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island Map 2B Tel. No.: (036) 288-3140 Page 31 Email: E-2 Website:


Location Map 1 Page 26 B-4


hy is Oro Beach Resort the best choice for you? Do W you require spacious rooms complete with a full range of amenities? Looking for spacious verandahs where you can breathe in the fresh sea air and be reborn into island life?

Oro Beach Resort‌ Paradise found.

Location Address: Station 3 Boracay Island Map 3 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3303 | 288-4627 (Fax) Page 33 Email: H-4 Website: us at Station 1 in our recently constructed Jyouoin amenity-rich resort. Our Beachfront Cabanas give the opportunity to enjoy white beach while sipping


on a tropical drink. Las Brisas offers all that you could hope for on your dream holiday.

Location Address: Station 1 Boracay Island Map 1 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3085 | 288-4268 (Fax) Page 26 Email: C-5 Website:

57 njoy pure comfort at an affordable price. Located right in the heart of Boracay’s fine dining and relaxation center, Boracay Peninsula is a beachfront favorite. Let us be your one stop shop of vacation comfort and convenience.


Location Address: Station 2 Boracay Island Map 3 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3145 | 260-2338 | 260-2298 (Fax) Page 32 Email: A-4 Website:


Location Address: Station 2 Boracay Island Map 3 Tel. No.: (036) 288-1777 Page 32 Website: B-4



Location Address: Station 3, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan Map 4 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3313 | 0917-242-0833 (Mobile) Page 34 Email: C-3 Website:



Location Address: Sitio Ambulong, Manoc-manoc, Boracay Island Map 4 Tel. No.: (036) 288-5234 Email: Page 34 Facebook: FAITH VILLAGE NEW LIFE CONFERENCE CENTER A-3



Location Map 2A Page 29 F-4



Location Map 1 Page 27 F-3



Location Address: 0390 Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan Map 5 Tel. No.: 0939-937-9052 (Mobile) Page 37 Email: F-4 Facebook funpage:


resorts resorts

Location Address: Station 1 Road 1-A, Balabag, Boracay Map 2B Tel. No.: (036) 288-3047, Fax: (036) 288-3816 Email: Page 30 Website: B-3






is a sprawling Mediterranean inspired resort located right at the heart of Station 2. Walking through the breezy corridors or lounging on our airy common verandas is enough to make you feel the holiday ambience. We are affordable luxury offering positive memorable experiences here on the island.

Location Address: Station 2 Manggayad, Balabag, Boracay Island Map 3 Tel. No.: (036) 288 4085 to 86; 288 4380; 288 4379 (FAX) Page 32 Email: C-2 Website:


Location Map 6 Page 39 D-7


Location Map 7 Page 25 B-4


Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel is a world - renowned, Triple - A resort located at the beachfront of Station 2 in Boracay Island, Philippines. The hotel has 52 rooms and suites and offers a modern Filipino design that captivates the essence of luxurious living in a tropical island setting. Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel is home to Don Vito Ristorante Italiano, an award-winning restaurant famous for its wood fire brick oven baked pizza.

Location Map 3 Page 32 A-4

Manila Sales Office: Unit36-G, 36th Floor, Pearl of the Orient Condominium, 1318 Roxas Blvd. corner Padre Faura St., Malate Manila 1000 Philippines Tel. Nos.: + (63)(2)567 1672/ 567 1750/ 524 4759 Fax: +(63)(2) 567 1673 Address: Beachfront, Station 2 Balabag, Boracay Islan Tel. No.: (036) 288-3444 | (036) 288-4999 Email: Website:


Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel also houses the highly recommended Mandarin Spa, known for its therapists’ expertise in the traditional Filipino massage “Hilot” and its foot spa with a grand view.


Location Map 7 Page 25 B-3




Location Map 2B Page 31 F-2

Address: Main Road Station 2, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island (across hospital) Tel. No. : (036) 288 2663 Mobile: (0925) 506 2467 Email: Like us on Facebook: Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds



Location Address: Bulabog Beach, Balabag, Boracay Island Malay, Aklan 5608 Philippines Map 5 Page 37 Tel. No. : (036) 288 1449 Email: E-4 Website:


Location Map 5 Page 25 E-4



Location Address: Station 1, Sitio Pinaongan Balabag, Boracay Island Malay, Aklan Map 1 Tel. No. : (036) 288 3675 Fax: (036) 288 3675 Page 26 Email:, D-5 Website:


Location Map 1 Page 27 G-3



cez manor

Location Address: Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island Tel. No. : (036) 288 3657 Fax. (036) 288 2599 Map 3 Mobile: 09391375999 Page 32 Email: D-4


Location Map 5 Page 37 F-4


Feel Free to Call Us!

Location Address: Station 1, (beside Starbucks), Boracay Island Map 2A Tel. No.: (036) 288-6102 Habagat (036) 2885787 | 09105711274 Email: Page 29 Website: G-5 Youtube: Habagat Kitevillage Boracay Phillippines


Location Map 2B Page 31 E-5

79 Location Map 2A Page 29 E-5


Shopping White Beach


Strolling along White Beach and checking out the little shops is a great way to feel the island vibe! There are countless shops selling everything from sunglasses, pearls, model sailboats, fake watches, belts and numerous little souvenirs for your friends back home! If you want customized souvenir, there are shops that paint your name or any words you like on bracelets, cups and other trinkets. You can also check out the local artists doing their interpretation of Boracay’s sunset on hand painted T-shirts. If you want some pampering, there are numerous massages offered by local masseuses. Stalls doing hair braiding and henna tattoos are all lined up and down the beach. Island activities such as scuba diving, helmet diving, parasailing, paraw sailing, and other water activities are also available. If you’re feeling a bit frustrated from all hawkers, just give them a smile and politely decline their offer, after all you are here to relax on vacation.


Location Map 3 Page 32 D-4 Location Map 6 Page 39 F-9

2 Locations

Station 2 Boracay Beach Chalets Hotel


D’Mall D’Mall Shopping Area is at the heart of White Beach. Located in Station 2, and starting at Budget Mart on the Main Road, going down to White Beach, you will see an array of shops ranging from designer clothes, souvenirs, swimsuits, optical and dental services, upscale and mid-priced restaurants, a European Deli offering all kinds of great imported products, and some great places to enjoy some cocktails. If you enter the D’Mall using the road beside Crafts Super Market, you can find a wet market selling fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, and meats. There are also a good number of cheap eateries around this area as well as some budget resorts. D’Talipapa D’Talipapa is another shopping area located in Station 2. If you plan on cooking, this is a great place to shop for fresh vegetables, seafood, meats and spices. There are also some Paluto restaurants around where they will be happy to cook up any dish you like! Aside from its food offerings, you can stretch your money by shopping for cheap souvenirs along the numerous alleyways. Don’t forget to haggle in order to get the best prices!

Location Map 6 Page 39 D-7 83


Plazoleta Plazoleta is a native-style shopping strip in Station 2. This small strip offers a unique shopping experience with Juice Bar and Lonely Planet at the corner, as well as a line-up of little stores selling art works, handicrafts, percussion drums, leather goods, and distinct souvenirs. If you start craving for Thai Food while shopping, try out restaurant Siam at the back of Plazoleta. At night, the whole area transforms into a hip dance club. More shopping can be found along the main road near station 3 at E-Mall. Check out the latest fashions at Mango outlet, dine on Chinese cuisine at Yumsing, exchange foreign currency or pick up some meds at the pharmacy. If you continue on the dirt road towards the beach you will find Galleria De Boracay. Here you can enjoy tasty low cost meals at Zest.

Tourist Center Check out the Tourist Center for a one stop service center that offers private postal services, business center, island information, travel & tours, forex & card services, safety deposit boxes, beachfront massage and shopping center with export quality clothing, handicrafts, accessories, Filipino delicacies and imported goods. Located on White Beach between station 2 and 3.


Location Map 3 Page 33 H-2

Location Map 3 Page 33 E-4



shopping 88


activities diving

Location Map 4 Page 34 B-4


Location Map 6 Page 38 C-3


Location Map 3 Page 32 C-2




Boracay Restaurants

More than just Paradise, Boracay is a food heaven for everyone! The island has a great concentration of various cuisines from all over the world! The amazing selection of flavors stemming from Thai, Greek, Spanish, Mexican, Cuban, Moroccan, Norwegian, German, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Canadian, Korean, French, British and Filipino, gives an incredible dining experience that you will never find anywhere else. Boracay’s food culture can be attributed to a high level of diversity among people who decided to open up restaurants and serve dishes from their home countries. From upscale restaurants to the numerous buffets along White Beach where you can gorge on fresh grilled seafood, you will definitely have a gastronomical adventure!



Location Address: White Beach, Boracay Island Map 3 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3206 Fax: (036) 288 3478 Page 33 Email: E-4 Website:

restaurants 96



Location Address: D’Mall, Boracay Map 6 Tel. No.: (036) 288-5940 Email: Page 39 D-9 Website:



Location Map 6 Address: D’Mall Boracay Island Page 39 Tel. No.: (036) 288-5947 E-9



Location Map 2A Page 29 G-5



Location Address: Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island, Philippines Map 3 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3233 | 288-3067 (Fax) Page 32 Email: A-4 Website:



Location Map 7 Page 39 D-12



Thai d Foo

Location Address: Station 3 Boracay Island Map 4 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3400 Page 34 Email: A-4 Website:



Location Map 6 Page 39 E-8


Location Map 6 Page 39 D-9


Location Map 2b Page 30 C-5



Map 6 Page 39 F-9


Map 2A Page 29 G-5

Map 2A Page 29 F-5


Address: Front Beach, Station 2, (Beside D’ Mall), Boracay Island Tel. No.: (036) 288-6473, 666-2227 Mobile: 0927 202 2419 Email:;


Location Map 6 Page 39 G-12


Location Map 6 Page 39 D-7


Location Map 6 Page 39 D-12


Location Map 6 Page 39 C-12


Location Map 6 Page 39 D-12



Location Address: D’ Mall, Unit # 82 Phase 4, Boracay Island Map 6 Tel. No.: (036) 288-2236 Page 38 Email: C-4 Like us on Facebook: Super Submarine Sandwich Shop


Location Map 2B Page 31 E-5



Location Address: Station 2, G/F Kamayan Bldg. (beside Crafts) Balabag, Malay, Aklan. Map 6 Tel No.: (036) 288 2283 call for FREE DELIVERY Page 38 Smart - 0928 860 3056 Globe - 0917 328 7123 G-1 Website:


Location Map 2A Page 28 C-5

restaurants 116


Location Map 6 Page 39 D-10

Location Map 6 Page 39 D-11


Location Map 2B Address: D’ Mall (formerly sealovers), Boracay Island Tel No.: (036) 288-6139 Page 30 E-mail: C-5


Location Address: Map 6 Tel No.: Page 39 D-8

D Mall, Station 2, Boracay (by the ferris wheel) (036) 288-4026 for delivery look for JECK with minimum of 700Php from station 1 to 3


Location Map 4 Address: Station 3, Boracay Island Tel. No.: (036) 288-5447 Page 34 Email: C-4


Location Map 5 Page 37 E-5


Location Map 2A Page 29 H-4

Address: Station 2, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island Tel. No.: (036) 288-2358; 288-1448 local 735 Email: Address: 210 Nicanor Garcia St. (formerly Reposo St.) Bel-Air Village, Makati City, Philippines Tel. No.: (632) 895-2451; Fax.: (632)895-8790


Location Map 2A Page 29 F-4


Location Map 2A Page 29 G-5


Location Address: Station 2, Boracay White Beach, Aklan Map 2B Tel No.: (036) 288-2694 LIKE US on Facebook (Cinnabon Philippines) Page 38 FOLLOW US on Twitter (Cinnabon Philippines) B-5


Location Map 2B Page 38 B-5

Location Address: Station 2, Front Beach Map 6 Unit 78 D’Mall Phase IV, Station 2 Page 26 Tel. No.: (036)288-2695 LIKE US on Facebook (crazy crepes) C-3



Location Map 2A Page 29 F-5



Location Address: Station 1, Boracay White Beach, Aklan Map 2A Tel No.: (036) 288-1667 | 0917-8427290 Email: Page 29 Website: H-5


Location Map 3 Page 32 B-4


Location Map 3 Page 32 B-4


Bars, Pubs & Clubs


Voted as one of the world’s top Party Beaches, Boracay’s nightlife continues to impress with it’s smorgasbord selection of the hippest bars and clubs! Happy Hour usually starts from 5 to 7, although some bars extend this until 8pm. Enjoy your cocktail while chilling on a beach bean bag chair, have your drink served in your cabana, or grab a beer at your resort’s pool bar. This is the island that never sleeps! Station 3 has a more laid-back party culture with its native style reggae bars. Check out Red Pirates for an old beach bar shack style, great music, cool people and a cozy atmosphere. They mostly serve drinks, and food is only available every Friday in high season during BBQ night. Probably the heart of the party and center of all action is Station 2 withs an unbeatable nightlife starting from Regency’s full band on the beach and brand new Wave Club with an air-conditioned dance floor. The Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel also has a live band you can enjoy while dining. Summer Place caters to the club goers, where DJ’ed parties are usually one of the last to go down every night. Epic is a great choice if you want to dine and dance the night away. D’Hobbit House has nightly performers. Bom Bom Bar and Pat’s Creek offer a very relaxed reggae environment with nightly performers. Bamboo Lounge has regular fire dancers who will light your cigarette while twirling fire in your face, if you are brave enough! Nigi Nigi Nu Noos is a great place to enjoy ice cold San Miguel draft or tropical cocktails in a native style bar and restaurant. Don’t miss out on all you can beer and ribs every Friday evening! Juice Bar in Plazoleta draws a young crowd every night, while Exit



Bar, located between Bom Bom and Red Coconut has a great mix of locals, divers, kiteboarders and all around interesting people. Expats often congregate at Crafty’s Rooftop Bar above Crafts Supermarket, Rumbas in D’mall, and Nigi Nigi Nu Noos. Station 1 is also home to a lot of cool and happening bars on the Beach and main road. Enjoy comfortable lounge chairs on the beach with refreshing cocktails and a flavorful Shisha while listening to acoustic music in Mint Bar. If you go to Station 1’s Main Road, Boracay’s oldest bar, Cocomangas hosts Full Moon Parties, and the iconic drinking game of “Still Standing after 15”. Partygoers who can still stand up after drinking 15 shooters receive a plaque on the wall and a shirt, plus one point for their country. Club Paraw offers great food, dancing and lounging on White Beach. Best time to party? Every night! However a few times of year stand out as the best since a lot of money is put into brand promotion so you can expect party grandeur. Come for Halloween, Christmas/New Year week and Holy week (Easter) if you want to see some of the best parties in the world. Check out the newest party on the island every two weeks at Puka Shell Beach! Liberalia is a 48 hour party on the most virgin, untouched beach of the island. A free shuttle departs BPI near D’mall Friday and Saturday nights every 30 minutes from 9pm to 1am. November 8-10, 22-24 December 6-8, 20 – 22, 27 – 29 January 10 – 12, 24 – 26 The place where the language of music is spoken fluently. A jungle pool party on the mainland is also a must try for all party goers out there. Be ready to get wet and wild in a cold spring while rocking out local and international DJs.


Location Map 1 Page 27 G-4 Location Map 1 Page 27 H-4

Location Map 2A Page 29 H-5


Location Map 1 Page 27 G-4


Location Map 3 Page 32 B-4


Happy Hour from 12noon - 10pm on standard cocktails and local beers.

Location Map 6 Page 39 E-12


Location Tel. No.: +63 999 855 3733; +63 906 325 9616 Email: Map 8 Page 24 Facebook: B-7 Website:


Location Map 2A Page 29 F-5


Spa and Massage

Your vacation wouldn’t be complete without some pampering! Treat yourself to some of the numerous spas and massages on the island! For the budget travelers, there are many independent women that walk down the beach and offer massages right on the sand for 300Php. There is a good number of massage stations located on the footpath for 350Php. Some hotels have massage houses on the beach that offer quality massages. Some hotels offer in-house massage services on the beach or in your room. If you are looking for a fantastic spa in station 3, try Yasuragi for massages, wet and dry saunas, and a Jacuzzi tub. Beautification treatments, soothing massages and the famous King and Queen package can be found at Bella Isa. Palasa Spa has a whole range of excellent spa and massage services. Spa Helios offers a range of luxury spa and massage options best shared with your lover. For more upscale treatments and ultimate pampering, try Mandala Spa & Villas, Terra Wellness Spa at Discovery Shores and Regency’s Kai Spa.

Location Address: Station 3 White Beach (accessible by Angol Point Road) Map 4 Tel. No.: (036) 288-5320 Email: Page 34 D-5 Website:




Location Address: Station 3, Beach Front, Boracay Island Map 4 Tel. No.: (036) 288-1381 (reservations) Email: Page 34 Website: D-5




Map 2A Page 29 F2

Map 2A Page 29 H5

Map 2b Page 30 E-4

Map 3 Page 20 A-4



Location Map 3 Page 32 B-3

Location Address: Bantud, Manoc Manoc, Boracay Island, Map 7 Malay, Aklan, Philippines Page 25 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3315 Email: D-6




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Location Map 1 Page 26 B-5


Diving Diving is an extremely popular activity in Boracay! See the island’s thriving sea life and marvel at the array of colorful fish, corals, shipwrecks and more! The waters surrounding Boracay have excellent sites for beginners and experienced divers alike. The waters are packed with vibrant fish and reefs, wreck sites, caves and canyons. There are 30+ great dive sites within 30 minutes of Boracay. Diving is year round, although the best time to go diving is December to June. PADI Discovery Dive is for those who want to experience diving for the firsttime and is priced at Php 3,000. For a full course, the most common is the PADI open water certification course Yapak IV Bat Cave for Php 20,000. Other courses available Yapak III 5 are advanced open water, enriched air, Yapak II and rescue through dive master. Some Yapak I Punta dives offered in Boracay are drift dives, Bunga Ilig-Iligan night dives, cave dives, deep dives, and wreck dives! Baling-Hai I My Boracay Guide would like to thank Dustin and Blue Mango Diving for the following information. The Blue Mango establishment is a dive Tulubhan center, boutique hotel, and Reef restaurant.

Baling-Hai II


Friday’s Rock

Friday Reef Virgin Drop

Red Coco

2 Ship Wreck (Camia II)

Coral Garden

Tambisaan Reef

Crystal Cove Island

3Crocodile Reef

Angol Point


Channel Steps Nasog Point Dog Reef I Dof Reef II Buruanga Black Rock


Photo taken by Leif-Roar Kjerstad

Location Address: Station 3 Boracay Island Map 4 Tel. No.: (036) 288-5486 | 288-5469 | (63) 9189193830 (Mobile) Page 34 Email: B-4 Website:


Location Address: Station 1, Boracay Island Map 2A Tel. No.: (036) 288-2011 Email: Page 28 Facebook: MILKY’s Helmet Diving B-5



Location Map 6 Page 39 G-8


Location Map 7 Page 25 F-7


Location Address: Station 3, White Beach, Boracay Map 4 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3809 Page 34 Email: Website: D-5


Amihan Map 2A Page 29 G-5

Habagat Address: Bulabog Beach Map 5 Tel. No.: (036) 288-3766 (036) 288-2527 Page 36 Email: D-4 Website:


Location Map 8 Page 24, B-4



Location Address: See White Beach Maps for location Tel. No.: (036) 288-4599 | 09177233172 / 09184905619 (Mobile) See White Beach Maps Email: for location Website:


Location Map 4 Page 34 D-5



Location Address: Sitio Campong, Brgy. Canyayo, Santa Fe, Romblon Tel. No.: (036) 288-9999 0999 8890042(Mobile) Map 8 Email: Page 24 Website: B-4 Facebook: by the sea resort - tablas island



Location Map 8 Page 24 A-7


Location Address: Surfers Home Boracay, Bulabog Beach Map 5 Tel. No.: (036) 288-4787 Page 36 D-4 Website:


Location Address: Station 2, Fisheye Divers, White Beach Map 2A Tel. No.: (036) 288-1690 Mobile: 0999 8133208(Smart) 0917 344 2375 (Globe) Page 29 Email: G-5 Website:

163 lowest prices for hotels and resorts EMERGENCY NUMBERS Bureau of Immigration 036 288 5267 Department of Tourism 036 506 0094 Fire Department 198 (24-hour Hotline) Hospital 036 288 3041 Lifeguard Command Center 036 288 3689| 60 PCGA Rescue 036 506 3486 Philippine Coast Guard 036 506 6150 Police 036 288 3036 | 288 6940 | 288 4392 AIRLINES Airline Name

Cebu Pacific Boracay Traveller’s Philippine Airlines Seair ZestAir BANKS Bank Name

Allied Bank of the Philippines Bank of the Philippine Islands Metrobank

Phone No.

036 288 7542 036 288 1982 036 288 5995 036 288 6828 036 288 3465 Phone No.

Map Ref.

Map4-B4 Map3-B1 Map6-D10 Map6-C2 Map Ref.

036 288 3669


036 288 6612


036 288 4868


DRUGSTORES Drugstore Name

Phone No.

7 Stars Farmacia Gomez Boracay Lying In and Diagnostic Center Clinica De Boracay Island Clinic Boracay and Diagnostic Center

036 288 4448 036 288 5390

Map2-F2 Map3-A2

Map Ref.

036 288 4448


036 288 1398


036 288 4280


FOUNDATIONS Foundation Name

Boracay Chamber of Commerce Boracay Foundation Inc. Kiwanis Rotary Club of Boracay

Phone No.

Map Ref.

036 288 5758


036 288 6299


9085701080 036 288 5222

BARS & RESTAURANTS Bar/Restaurant Name

Astoria Ambassador in Paradise Aria Aria Gelato Bamboo Lounge Bei Kurt und Magz Bite Club 7th Note Cafe

Phone No.

Map Ref.

036 288 1111


035 288 1542


036 288 5573 036 288 3142 036 288 3161 036 288 5447 036 288 5947 036 288 1601

Map6-D12 Map6-D12 map2a-F5 Map4-C4 Map6-E9 Map5-E4

Bar/Restaurant Name

Blue Mango Bom Bom Boracay De Paris Boracay Holiday Boracay Water World Boracay West Cove Boracay Cowrie Café del Sol Café del Mar Casa Pilar Caruso Charlh’s Bar Christina Cinnabon Cocoloco Cocomangas Shooter Coffee Bloom Cohiba Cook Cooking School Boracay Cork Cowboy Cocina Crabhouse Crafty’s Rooftop Crazy Crepes CYMA Greek Taverna Don Vito Dulcinea Epic Boracay Fish Bar Friday’s Gasthof Gerry’s Grill Globy Traveling Chef Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway Guilly’s Hama Japanese Hampstead Hawaiian Bar-b-que I Love Backyard BBQ Jammers Juice Jony’s Kasbah Kaeseke Korean, Chinese, Japanese Restaurant La Isla Bonita La Reserve Beach Hotel Inc.

Phone No.

Map Ref.

036 288 5170 036 288 4795 036 288 6063 036 288 4379 036 288 5232 036 288 4579 036 288 2543 036 288 5573 036 288 5522 036 288 6577 036 288 1448 036 288 5178 036 288 6111 036 288 2694 036 288 3028 036 288 6384 036 288 2447 036 288 6792 036 288 2228

Map4-D5 Map2b-B5 Map2b-F5 Map3-C2 Map7-D6 Map7-B3 Map2b-E5 Map6-C12 Map2a-G5 Map3-G2 Map2b-A5 Map3-D4 Map3-B4 Map2b-B5 Map4-C4 Map1-G4 Map4-A4 Map5-B4 Map6-E8

036 288 4787


9062772535 036 288 2123 036 288-4777 036 288 6857 036 288 4476 036 288 4283 036 288 4999 036 288 2545 036 288 1477 036 288 4026 036 288 6200 036 288 6473 036 288 1459 036 288 2715

Map3-C2 Map4-D5 Map1-G3 Map6-F1 Map6-C3 Map6-F7 Map3-A4 Map2b-E5 Map6-E12 Map6-D8 Map1-B4 Map6-G12 Map2a-G5 Map2a-G5

036 288 3548


036 288 4727 036 288 5978 036 288 2469 036 288 1839 036 288 6980 036 288 5564 036 288 6917 036 288 6325 036 288 4790 036 288 5610

Map1-G4 Map6-D7 Map1-G3 Map2a-F5 Map6-F9 Map6-D12 Map3-B4 Map2a-C5 Map1-C5 Map6-D10

036 288 5915


036 2883501


036 288 3020



164 Bar/Restaurant Name

Lee’s Cook Seafood Restaurant Le Soleil Lemoni Café Levantin Loco Frio Mama’s Fish House Mango Ray (Swiss) Mayas Mint Boracay Nigi Nigi ‘Too’ Ole One MGM Obama Paraiso Grill PauPatri Restaurant Paradiso Grill Pamana Real Coffee Red Coconut Real Maris Red Pirates Regency Food Plaza Rumbas Sa’neh Thai Samba Sand Bar Shakey’s ShareTea Siam Chili Food Station Juan Cafe Steakhouse Boracay Sulu Plaza Summer Place Super Submarine Sandwich Shop Sur Surfside Tanawin Taste of Moon The Sitio Boracay The District - Caruso Tito’s Bar & Grill Tibraz True Food Indian Cuisine Tilapia n Chips Valhalla Willy’s Wave Windpia 7 Stone

Phone No.

Map Ref.



036 288 6212 036 288 6781 0999 507 4611 036 288 1991 036 288 4311 036 288 6129 036 288 6325 036 288 4560 036 288 3150 036 288 5940 036 288 3730 036 288 4971 036 288 6363 036 288 2477 036 288 6139 09228592704 036 288 5340 036 288 3758 036 288 4144 036 288 5767 036 288 5915 036 288 5971 036 288 5610 036 288 4560 036 288 3161 036 288 1777 036 260 2397 036 288 1686 036 288 3675 036 288 6102 036 288 3400 036 288 3144

Map3-A4 Map6-D9 Map5-F4 Map2a-H5 Map7-B4 Map2b-E5 Map2a-C5 Map2a-F5 Map1-F4 Map6-D9 Map3-G2 Map1-H4 Map2b-E5 Map3-A3 Map2b-C5 Map2a-G5 Map2b-F5 Map2b-B5 Map2a-F4 Map4-E5 Map3-B4 Map6-C8 Map6-D11 Map2-D4 Map2a-F5 Map3-A4 Map6-E9 Map3-B3 Map1-D5 Map2a-G5 Map4-A4 Map2b-F5

036 288 2236


036 288 6344 036 288 5049 036 288 6654 036 288 2614 036 288 4888 036 288 2324 036 288 2369 036 288 1667

Map1-D4 Map4-D5 Map5-A3 Map3-C4 Map1-F3 Map2a-H4 Map2b-C5 Map2a-H5

036 288 3142


036 288 2283 036 288 5979 036 288 3794 036 288 6111 036 288 3663 036 288 1601

Map6-G1 Map6-E8 Map1-F4 Map3-B3 Map5-C4 Map5-E4


Aqua Sub Boracay Holiday Fitness Center (Gym) By The Sea Resort

Phone No.

Map Ref.

036 288 1690


036 288 4085


036 288 9999

Kampo Berde

Map8-B4 Map8-A7

Cooking School Boracay

036 288 4787

Funboard Center Boracay

036 288-3876 Map5-B4


Glass Bottom Boat

036 288 544

Habagat Kiteboarding Hangin Kiteboarding Milky’s Dive Center

036 288 5787 Map5-F4

Hobie Mirage

09152177760 Map4-D5

Manic Monkey

09998553733 Map8-B7

Red Coral (Best One) (ATV)

036 288 4273 Map7-B3

Stand Up Paddle Tablas Fun

09163279605 036 288 2011

S1- S2 S3

Map5-H4 Map2a-B5

036 288 4787 Map5-D4 09294410431


Windpia (BKR)

036 288 3663 Map5-D4


0917 327 9844 Map3-F4

P & P Tattoo

0917 817 2637 Map6-C5

SPAS & MASSAGES Spa & Massages Name

Bella Isa Spa Helios Spa Lava Stone Spa Luna Spa Mandala Spa & Villas Merryheart Spa Palassa Spa Parshant Spa Regency Kai Spa Terra Wellness Yasuragi Relaxation Spa

Phone No.

Map Ref.

036 288 1381 036 288-3315 036 288 6862 036 288 2590

Map4-D5 Map7-D6 Map3-H1 Map4-A3

036 288 5857


036 288 2575 036 288 1376 036 288 6841 036 288 6111 036 288 4811

Map5-D5 Map2b-A2 Map7-D6 Map3-B3 Map1-B5

036 288 5320


WATER REFILLING STATION Water Refilling Station Name

Phone No.

Map Ref.

Boracay Day Spring 036 288 6362 Map2-D2

165 Napa Spring

036 288 4978 Map3-F1

WINE & Liquors Wine & Liqour Name

Aloja Delicatessen Heideland Deli

Phone No.

Wine & Liqour Name

Ralph's Wine & Spirits Ram's House of Wine

Titania Wine Cellar

Map Ref.

036 288 3214 Map3-B2 036 288 5939 Map6-D7 Phone No.

Map Ref.

036 288 4975 Map6-F7 036 288 5553 Map6-C10

Diving Center’s Name

Phone No.

036 288 4429 036 288 2243 09209702728 036 288 3206 036 288 5486 036 288 3809

Internet Shop Name

Phone No.

036 288 3138 036 288 5751 036 288 3704

Sailing Tour Name

Phone No.

09996643917 9189118134 036 288-4599 0928 5000090 036 288 5767


Tel No.: 288-6223

Pizza, pasta, bruschetta, salads and seafood

Tel No.: 288-5573

Tel No.: 288-4455

Shakes, breakfast, cakes and pastries

Pizza, chicken wings, spring rolls

Tel No.: 288-4283

Gyros, calamari, humus, moussaka, souvlaki

Tel No.: 288-2369 Modern Filipino cuisine

Map Ref.

Map8-B4 Map7-F7 S1-S2-S3 Map4-D5 Map4-D5 Map Ref.

Tel No.: 288-4026

Tel No.: 288-1458 to 59

Fish and chips, seafood, salads, pastas

Crispy Pata, Inihaw Na Pusit, Pork Sisig, BBQ

Angus steak, fresh seafood, pasta

Map5-E4 Map4-A4 Map5-B3 Map5-B4 Tel No.: 288-6980


Baby back ribs

Tel No.: 288-2283 Fish n Chips, Burgers, Filipino cuisine For Free Delivery

Tel No.: 288 2674

Filipino dishes such as Kare-kare, sugpo, ensaladang bagnet, chicken

and crispy pata Build your own activity packages! Choosebinakol, 3 activities and get


HOSPITALS Barangay Balabag Health Center Boracay Island Emergency Hospital

Tel No.: 288-5978

Sushi, sashimi, tempura, yakitori, ramen

Tel No.: 288-3161

Phone No.

Aqua 036 288 1536 BBC Real Estate 036 288 3604 Cohiba Villa 036 288 4792 Karuna Boracay 0922 8273888 Boracay Business 09063651861 Consulting SPR Real Estate 036 288 As seen on5798

Hospital Name

Tel No.: 288-5979

Burgers, steaks, salads and pastas

Map Ref.

Investment /REAL ESTATE Real Estate

Tel No.: 288-5340

Fresh baked treats, sandwiches, breakfast


SAILING/INTER-ISLAND TOURS By the Sea Resort Crystal Cove Island Glass Bottom Boat Boracay Yachting Red Pirates

Tel No.: 288-5947

Mozzarella stuffed burger patties and wedge fries

Map Ref.

Map6-G8 Map2a-B5 Map2b-E1 Map3-E4 Map4-B4 Map4-D5

INTERNET SHOPS ACE Wireless Station 168 Tourist Center



036 288 6394 Map6-E9

DIVING Asia Divers Milky’s Dive Center Boracay Adventures Calypso Diving Dive Gurus White Beach Diver

Dining in tonight or picnic lunch?

Phone No.

Map Ref.

036 288 5624


036 288 3041


Pick up the phone and book your activity with our expert. Be escorted by our friendly coordinator to Tel No.: 288-1839 your activity and enjoy.Tel No.: 288-2542

Original baby back ribs, boullabaise, volcanic spicy chicken wings, shrimped coco

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.




Location Map 2B Page 31 F-5

Location Map 2b Page 18 C-4 Cellphone: 0939-2034-436 • Email:

My boracay guide e book 17th edition

My boracay guide e book 17th edition