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Easytow Boat Trailers have been manufacturing high quality boat trailers, custom built, to suit each individual boat and the needs of each individual boat owner. Using only the finest components and refusing to cut corners – the trailer is designed using a series of specific hull measurements; from this cross member heights, frame width and height, roller positioning and numbers are all determined to build the custom trailer. Take a look at our product, combine this with the options we offer, and the experience of over forty years in the industry – no wonder boat owners all over Australia choose Easytow Boat Trailers time after time.

Double braced frame standard on 6.5m/3400kgs and above, single RHS up to 6.5/2800kgs. Jarret or Alko winches, depending on model selection.

Waterproof quick exchange connectors with tinned wire, no more re‑wiring plugs.

Practical high spare wheel mount location.

High quality Australian milled R.H.S and S.H.S steel. Structurally superior, and an ideal composition for galvanizing compared to imported steel.

Quality jockey wheel and couplings.

At Easytow, we custom build everything, therefore trailer selection isn’t as simple as picking a trailer ‘off the shelf’... numerous factors are taken into consideration. Once the model and weight rating is determined, the trailer design is heavily related to the material of your boat. One of our main objectives is to get the boat sitting as low as possible. Not only does this make the boat and trailer package look great, more importantly this creates a lower centre of gravity which also improves towing, launching, and retrieving. We offer polyethylene or carpet skid trailers; roller trailers with a roller reception rear end or a custom guide rear end; full polyethylene trailers (popular in commercial applications) just to name a few. We also manufacture high end small trailers under 4.5M; see the back page for more samples of trailer designs. For more information talk to your dealer or visit us at

14 & 15” tandem trailers have galvanised guards standard. White moulded guards standard on 13” wheels.

Forgiving number plater mounts. Australian made polyethylene.

Galvanised disks are specially prepared prior to assembly to minimise uneven pad wear.

L.E.D. lights with practical steps.

Unique, attractive ‘Easytow’ side bend. Custom axles with caliper mounts welded on prior to galvanizing.

Australian made UV stabalised rollers. The softer polyurethane keel rollers also have galvanised shafts fitted to make launching and retrieving easier.

2 part marine seals, N.S.K. bearings, Valvoline Optimum Grease & The Dura Hub System. (Durahub is an option on non‑braked trailers.)

Quality Dunlop or Goodyear tyres minimising vibration through the trailer. Alloy 15” rim option shown. 14” tandem trailers have alloy rims standard, single axle trailers have 13” white galv rims standard.

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TRAILERS TO SUIT BOATS 4.5M – 5.2M 15 x 13 (4.4M – 4.6M) Non Braked S/Axle GTM 740kgs ~Tare 320kgs Braked S/Axle GTM 1340kgs ~Tare 330kgs Braked TM Axle GTM 1600kgs ~Tare 410kgs

16 x 13 (4.7M – 4.9M) Non Braked S/Axle GTM 740kgs ~ Tare 320kgs Braked S/Axle GTM 1340kgs ~ Tare 330kgs Braked TM Axle GTM 1600kgs ~ Tare 410kgs

17 x 13 (5.0M – 5.2M) Non Braked S/Axle GTM 740kgs ~ Tare 380kgs Braked S/Axle GTM 1340kgs ~ Tare 390kgs Braked TM Axle GTM 1600kgs ~ Tare 470kgs

standardequipment Jarret Winch and Cover LED Lights Swing Up Jockey Wheel Brakes or No Brakes

Zinc Tech Slipper Springs 13” Single or Tandem Wheels 13” White Galv Wheels & Guards Roller or Skid Side Support

TRAILERS TO SUIT BOATS 5.3M – 6.5M 18 x13BT (5.3M – 5.5M) GTM 1680kgs ~ Tare 470kgs 13” White Galv Wheels & Guards

WM19 (5.6M – 6.1M) GTM 1950kgs ~ Tare 500kgs 13” White Galv Wheels & Guards

WM20 (6.1M-6.5M) GTM 1990kgs ~ Tare 680kgs 14” Alloy Wheels & Galv Guards

Jarret Winch and Cover LED Lights Swing Up Jockey Wheel Mechanical Disc Brakes Zinc Tech Slipper Springs

13” or 14” Tandem Wheels Reception Rear End Std on WM19 & 20 Reception Rear End optional on 18 x 13BT


Options fitted: Mesh A frame & walkway

Featuring Break-away Brakes SL 7.3 (6.5M- 7.5M) GTM 3400kgs ~ Tare 1020kgs 15” Alloy Wheels Fully Braced Frame

GTM under2000kgs

Options fitted: Alloy wheel upgrade & spare


WM20B (6.0M-6.5M) GTM 2800kgs ~Tare 735kgs 14” Alloy Wheels Single RHS H/Duty Frame

GTM under2000kgs

Options fitted: Alko winch, 8” J/wheel, 14” wheels & spare, Mesh A frame & Walkway

GTM over2000kgs

LC 26 (7.0M-8.0M) GTM 4000kgs ~ Tare 1100kgs 15” Alloy Wheels Fully Braced Frame


Four Wheel Electric Hydraulic Break-away Brakes Alko Winch LED Lights Heavy Duty Wind Up Jockey Wheel Galvanised Guards

Galvanised Roller Rocker Suspension 14” or 15” Tandem Alloy Wheels Stainless Steel Calipers with Phenolic Pistons 14” & 15” Tri Axle Upgrades Available

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Alloy Wheel Upgrade

Mounted Spare Wheel

Hydraulic Brake Upgrade

Load Sharing Suspension

Alko Winch Upgrade

Mesh A frame and Walkway

Swing-Away Drawbar

Mesh A Frame

Dexter Brake Upgrade

Tri Axles Option

8� Jockey Wheel Upgrade

Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel Upgrade

Guide Poles

Dura Hub (option on non brake trailers)

Swinging Extendable Drawbar

Mesh Walkway

Double Braced Frame STD on SL7.3 & LC26

Small Tinnie Trailers

s n o n i t g i p trailerdes o

As our trailers are 100% custom built to suit your boat, unlike most other manufacturers, we are able to provide you with a choice of custom trailer designs as each situation is not necessarily the same. If you are looking at a new boat package, most boat dealers have already done this for you. We also custom build specialty trailers for small cats, tri hulls and inboard fishing boats just to name a few, so if you don’t see the trailer design you’re after here, please contact us as this is just a sample of our range.

Rear roller side support. Ideally suited for large glass or plate alloy boats.

Keel rollers with the “Roller Reception Rear End”. A popular choice across all boat types.

Polyethylene skids with adjustable keel rollers & guides. Ideal for any pressed alloy boat.

Rear roller side support with polyethylene guide entry. Ideal for plate alloy & glass boats.

Full polyethylene trailer. Popular in commercial applications. Carpet or polyethelene skids available.

Rear timber side support. Ideal for large, heavy glass boats, also good for the older style of boats.

Slip Trailers 6.9M – 10.5M. Tandem and tri axles.

Specialty ‘Cat’ style trailers.

Easytow also build premium custom ski and wake boat trailers.

P.O. Box 421 104 Kyneton Road Heathcote Vic 3523 PH. 03 5433 2461 FAX 03 5433 3488

Products and options were correct at time of printing however are subject to change. As each trailer is custom built, the tare weights are approximate and should be discussed in more detail with your local dealer.

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