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By Cono Gaon -

The nature of multiple DUI laws is that the penalties for DUI offences can increase considerably if a person reoffends. Each DUI conviction an offender receives will be more severe than the last. As a repeat DUI offender the fines will increase and the risk of jail will be increased, DUI Focus The chances of your license being revoked will also go up tremendously as will the length of time the driving ban will remain in place.

If you have been previously convicted for a DUI offence and have reoffended, then, under multiple DUI laws, you are looking at considerably greater penalties. These obviously increase as the number of offences rises. As soon as you become a habitual offender the courts will treat you as such and any chance of leniency that may be allowed for a first instance will disappear. Courts treat DUI offences very seriously. The offence is very serious as it can cause serious damage to property and serious injury and death to innocent victims. For this reason alone courts are particularly hard on offenders who have not learned from their first conviction. Prosecutors will use multiple DUI laws to try and get the maximum sentence for repeat DUI offenders. In many cases this can mean a period of incarceration. If you are facing a charge for a repeat offence it is a

good idea to get specific advice on the nature of multiple DUI laws and what the implications are for your freedom. You will be able to find a lawyer to fight for you and give you the best chance in your case, but the fact is that for a second or third offence you have given yourself a very big problem. The best thing to do once the case has been brought is to search for a lawyer with a proven track record for fighting such cases and who will be able to give you the best chance of reducing the sentence as much as possible. The exact sentencing procedures vary from state to state, but from the second offence the nature of the law is that the sentencing will be more severe. In most states for a second DUI offence within a period of ten years you will receive a mandatory suspension from driving for around two years. You may also be ordered to attend classes around alcohol issues and specific DUI focus work. Your chances of jail for a second offence are significantly increased and it is possible that for a second offence you could lose your freedom for up to a year.

With a third, fourth or fifth offence the offender will see a further significant increase in their chance of jail. They will definitely have a substantially lengthier probation period and mandatory DUI School. The level of fines will also rise dramatically. The nature of the laws applied to DUI means that the sentencing is also based on the severity of the offence itself. The fact remains that whatever the extremity of the individual DUI offence multiple DUI offences are dealt with more severely than first offences. If your third DUI offence is of the least serious type you are likely to receive the maximum sentence for it. If the same offence had been your first then the courts may well have been more lenient.

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DUI laws is that the penalties for DUI offences can increase considerably if a person reoffends. Each DUI conviction an offender receives wi...

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