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Guitarist Lightnin Hopkins Music Style Comparable With Rock n Roll, Jazz Many in the US believe that Lightnin Hopkins, the guitarist has a huge influence on the guitarists. They believe that his guitar techniques are simple, effective and have the power to attract senses of his listeners. He used unique style to play tunes like “Baby Please Don’t Go�, one of his popular renditions. Some guitarists may think that to be a bad idea. Lightnin Hopkins guitar played with treble strings comfortably. His normal use of the guitar attracted the senses of music lovers. Admirers and people who know him acknowledged that he was dexterous in slow guitar blues. He was regarded as a master in the art of playing guitar. Post recording a few of his compositions, Hopkins became immensely popular in Texas and other parts of the country. His compositions are recalled by music lovers globally.

Music lovers believe that his soft music had the ability to change the mood of the environment. His art of playing guitar was difficult to copy. He mastered playing the instrument in a manner such that he could captivate the audience with his compositions. Lightnin was referred to as the cool of the blues and his huge stage presence was because of his experience and skills in playing the guitar. Despite a humble start in Texas, he went on to play at gala events across the country, he made tours to Europe as a musician and all that made him immensely popular. Those who knew the Lightnin can only say that he has got bot style and panache. Lightnin is now dead. But he is remembered through his creations, his music. Hopkins played the Lightnin Hopkins blues and his style of music can be compared to Jazz or rock and roll music. Music lovers who admire Lightnin Hopkins acknowledge that the person was coveted among those who knew him. Throughout his lifetime, Hopkins has taped, roughly 20 different labels and he is the top national blues artist. From the day of his first recording, Hopkins is said to have recorded 85 albums. He is said to be equally skilled in playing electrical and acoustic guitars. Unambiguously, Hopkins impacted US music and his music motivated countless musicians with his unique style and originality.

Hopkins was born in Texas in 1912 and had a shaky past. The turning point in his life took place when he recorded for the first time. There is no looking back since then and he continued recording music till the last day of his life.

Jim bruce - Learning to play guitar with the help of online lessons, has made p...

Jim bruce - Learning to play guitar with the help of online lessons, has made p...