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goes well with my tool kit.

kit, I chose Lush. Lush is an all-natural soap company, and for this reason, it

to make sure all the ingredients are natural. When picking a brand for the tool

provide a tool kit to help consumers make skin care products on their own. And

which are harmful to human skin. As a result, my concept for this project is to

the ingredients. The truth is, most of the skin care products contain chemicals

ingredients. In addition, most consumers don't have the knowledge to understand

provide either only incomplete information or fake information about products'

the laws for cosmetic products are not strict, most of the cosmetic companies

Consumers buy skin care products to pursue a younger look. However, because

DIY Skin Care Guid e Choose Ingredients On Your Own

system, type and color usage, new package and possible brand extensions.

my ideas. The execution was a brand book that contains a new logo, stationary

I built a new marketing strategy for the old brand. The second step was to visualize

through rebranding. After analyzing its target audience, advantages and competitors ,

project, my goal is to revive Pierre CardĂ?n as a leader in the fashion industry

can be only found in retail discount stores such as Ross and Marshall's. In this

industry. Unfortunately, because of inappropriate marketing strategies, now it

Pierre CardĂ?n is a French clothing company. It used to be a member of the fashion










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consumers by providing a useful tool kit.

to take the responsibility of promoting coffee sustainability by educating their

largest coffee company in the U.S., to sell only shade grown coffee. It also starts

Animals disappear and erosion occurs. In this project, I transform Folgers, the

chopping down all the trees. It destroys the natural balance in the rain forest :

shade grown method is replaced by sun cultivation, a method that requires

multilayered ecosystem with various plants and wildlife habitats. Nowadays, the

coffee bushes under the shade of rain forests. Shade grown coffee farm is a

Traditional coffee cultivation, also called shade grown coffee, is utilized to grow

contains several tools which consumers will need when they are following the tips .

there is a book with ten tips to reuse the used coffee grounds. The tool kit also

kit is to educate consumers how to reuse used coffee grounds. In this tool kit ,

they have saved by drinking sustainable Folgers coffee. The purpose of the tool

There are graphics on the label to help consumers measure how many animals

labels of the coffee bottles show information about the habitats in the rainforest .

The deliverables in this project contain reusable coffee jars and a tool kit. The









Mix 1/4 cup warm, used coffee grounds and one ta blespoon of olive oil. Using sc rub for three minutes, then wrap with cotton towel for 5 mi nutes.



Put the dr ied coffee grounds in the sac het in y our refr igerator or hang the sa cket in the closet to eliminate the odo r.



After sc rubbing, wrap your skin with this cotton to wel for five minutes, your skin will be br ight and smooth.

the proof of difference between a graduate and an undergraduate student.

studies to receive individual assistance from various instructors. A thesis can be

a student at the Academy of Art University needs to take two to four directed

also visualize her ideas and present it to her audience. To finish a thesis project ,

then come up with a constructive idea to make some improvements. She can

independently. He can find a problem, distill and analyze the information, and

not only develops a mature sense of aesthetic, but also has the ability to think

graphic design department, the accomplishment of a thesis means a student

A thesis is an important and required project for all graduate students. In the



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tel (415)385 7511 fax (415)385 7512 500 sutter st, san francisco, ca, 94102



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you. I love you.

a surgery. There will never be enough words to express my appreciation. Thank

in the world. Thank you for flying to the U.S. and taking care of me when I had

would never have come true. You are the people who care about me the most

to my family. Without you, the dream of learning design in the United States

I am in need of help, either in the academic or mental aspect. Most importantly

express myself clearly. Thank you to my friends. You always stand by me when

student, without your patience and enthusiasm, I would not have been able to

about this professional field. Thank you to the ESL tutors. As an international

Thank you to the instructors of Academy of Art University. You taught me so much

I would like to thank all of you. Without you, this portfolio couldn't be completed .

My Beautiful Journey  
My Beautiful Journey  

Weilin Chang's Portfolio