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Acknowledgement I would like to thank my father Lim Fap Khoon and late mum Yong Chooi Fong for bringing me up well and to be the person that I am today. I would also like to thank Professor Muslim Liew, the person credited to introducing the BAE technology to me. Today, you are my partner in the business and, dare I say, also my “sifu”. Instrumental in proving our technology, Professor Edward Krizhanovsky, BAE’s very own Scientific Research Consultant. Thank you for conducting the meticulous research and propagating our empirical findings through international journals since 2003. To my lovely wife Lilin, thank you for always being there and inspiring me. Life without you will be nothing. To my children Gen Tean, Gen Pei, Gen Hoong, Gen Hui, Gen Sing and Gen Yao, thank you for making my fatherhood meaningful. May you pursue your dreams the best way you know how children. Believe in your dreams! To the Executive Chairman of Hai-O Enterprise Bhd Mr. Tan Kai Hee, thank you immensely for spreading the use of our BAE technology. Thank you for seeing what I see and believing in what I believe. Your brave step with us has propelled our technology to expand to hundreds and thousands of users.

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To my Japanese partner Meitoma-san, thank you for believing in the BAE technology although it was more than six months before you came on board. I believe our meeting is destined as you have now opened the market in Japan and I’ve always been grateful to have known you. Our meeting can truly be said as having occurred at the right time and at the right place because it was only just six months prior to our decision to participate in the Japanese exhibition where you assisted us from day one. Thank you. My utmost gratitude too to Louis Chen 老大 and Kelvin Yap for bridging us to Hai-O. Your marketing strategy and advice are as sharp as your understanding of the market. Coupled that with Louis 老大‘s impeccable leadership, we are where we are today thanks to your potent force together. To our BAE staff, you have been with us through thick and thin since the very beginning. Your dedication and loyalty are second to none and I salute you for that. Thank you. To all our customers, it is real joy and motivation for me to receive your testimonies. Your satisfaction has become the fuel to my passion to deliver even more through BAE. I believe we are not selling a product per se but providing solutions to customers’ problems. It would not be far fetched to also think of BAE as a “painkiller”, a problem solver or a technology that can improve the overall well-being and prosperity of people’s lives. The distinction we take pride in is that we can attest to receiving genuine positive responses regularly. The praises and compliments never fell short and this alone sets us apart from other brands out there. As such, with your unequivocal support, on behalf of everyone at BAE, we are eternally grateful, thank you!

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Before We Begin, What Exactly is Quantum Biophysics?

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Part 1 - All About Bio-Activated Energy Chapter 1 - Discovering Bio-Activated Energy Chapter 2 - BAE as Energy Medicine


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Part 2 - Applications Chapter 3 - Owners of BAE - The People & Company Chapter 4 - Recognised & Substantiated

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Part 3 - Activating An Energised Future with BAE Chapter 5 - Life Fountain Chapter 6 - Wide Adoption Chapter 7 - Resurrection


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PROLOGUE “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~ David S. Viscott, Author 1 I am thrilled and excited to wake up every morning knowing that I will be able to help another 200 people*, all of whom I’ve never met nor will I ever come to meet. I am instinctively even more energised knowing that these 200 are all new users of BAE each day, not an accumulative figure from users of yesterday or months before that. I am thrilled and excited because they will be more happy and joyful, living the abundant life from this day forward. Why because they have begun using products infused and influenced by our very own BioActivated Energy.

Why am I so thrilled and excited? To put it in perspective, imagine if you’re a medical doctor, you may attend to 20, 30 or up to 40 people on any given day. But for me, just an ordinary person with no academically qualified medical knowledge and certainly without any qualifications to go near a doctor’s jurisdiction of expertise, I am still able to lift the lives of 200 people each day, and as a matter of fact every single day. Mathematically,

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this quickly multiplies to 6,000 new users per month or 72,000 per year; a staggering number by any standards and I am immensely gratified and humbled at the same time for such an accomplishment. The best part about this expansive ability is that my assistance to elevate the 200 persons’ lives will not succumb to any downtime such as illness or time for a family vacation because we market our products far and wide in the open market. Some are through direct retail, agents, friends while others are via the highly successful model of multi-level marketing. This has facilitated our products to reach our customers wherever they are on a daily basis. In turn, more than just buying a quality product in their hands, they are inheriting the blessings of an improved quality of life. This is reflective of the positive feedback from our customers which incidentally has never stopped since we discovered it in 2001. It is my sincere hope that you too will find our BAE as fascinating as the aurora or the milky way.

May you discover an inheritance that is rightfully yours from here, yours sincerely, Lim Kwong Choong, CEO BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd

* Derived based on actual sales estimates.

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Before We Begin, What Exactly is

QUANTUM BIOPHYSICS? One must ask, why Quantum Biophysics when the book title is Energy Medicine, Substantiated. As true as a scientific formula can prove that the the plants are indeed photosynthesising because of the sun and as enigmatic as Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity that should have superseded the E = mc2, or as gallantly prideful as Thomas Edison’s DC (direct-current) would battle against the more logically adaptable AC (alternating-current) proposed by Nikola Tesla, the Bio-Activated Energy (BAE) story from this book is as real as a biographical journal; not strange and certainly not stranger than fiction. So what has Quantum Biophysics to do with Bio-Activated Energy? In the simplest of definitions, Quantum Biophysics is the study of how life works at the most basic level - the molecules. To expand on that, it actually is a compilation of scientific principles and theories made up of Quantum Mechanics and Physical Chemistry to investigate Biological Systems.

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Now if we break it down with a more relatable example, we could simply infer it as the ingenuity of Einstein that has enabled us to understand how particles exist, vibrate, interact and move when they go from a solid state to liquid to gas and in the reverse from gas back to liquid and then solid. When someone like Einstein has done most of the heavy lifting to enable us to understand what goes on right at the deepest level of the molecules, we are then equipped to learn from his discovery and apply it into our day-to-day work when we attempt to understand what happens when milk is processed into cheese or how shall a vehicle transporting cement ought to be designed.1 Taking this a step further, the implication of such an understanding also opens up the dimensions to allow us to investigate the universe because after all, if all matters that exist, dark matter included, in our interplanetary systems are consistent with the quantum theories, then it also allows us to ascribe possible universal concepts and adapt it on earthly applications. But why should we do that? The answer is quite frankly a straightforward one. We as intellectual beings would often race toward something that benefits us. If and when we do find something so fascinating from outside of our solar system that can be repatriated back domestically to earth, do you think this big opportunity would be passed on without a wink or will it be so incredibly invested that every ounce of energy spent is not justified unless and until we see the end results as how we’ve experienced it first hand when we were touched the same way in the cosmos? Precisely my point.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 4

To have discovered the superiority of BAE is a blessing that has been bestowed on us at BAE International Inc. since 2001. We see this discovery as a divine opportunity for us to share with the world because its magnifique begins at the quantum level and continues to impact life at a biological level when products infused with BAE is used and consumed. I believe this is our calling when BAE entered our lives. It is also a personal destiny when I am healed unexpectedly by the same energy, or I’d like to call it energy medicine. Collectively, the launch of this book is part of an obligation we must fulfill because deep inside, we know this is to be our highest calling and that is to share a quantum biophysics destiny with you.

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Part 1

All About Bio-Activated

ENERGY Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 6

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Chapter 1

Discovering Bio-Activated


And so it begins our steps of unveiling how BAE arrived and through it, miracles have occurred beyond our measuring instruments. Welcome to the pioneering effort by our company in documenting a comprehensive record of the what, why, when, who and how of Bio-Activated Energy. To the uninitiated, BAE did not just happen yesterday and neither was it just a decade ago but this story stretches back to some three or four decades before the year of this book’s first publication in 2020. Yes, it was that long ago and as they say, good things age like fine wine. For the purpose of simplicity, we shall address Bio-Activated Energy in its abbreviated form, BAE. It is also our simple way of saving precious resources for the planet by printing lesser alphabets on the book and consuming less energy for our e-book readers. Minute as it may be, a little will surely go a long way.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 8

The story of BAE began around 1980, at a time when hairdos of the rock stars resembled that of the ladies (although it’s not much different today in Korea) and when the moon walk was first paced across the dance floor by the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. Through mega star Michael and fellow composer Lionel Ritchie, the plight of the African famine was given global attention when they led the song “We Are the World” with a group of already very popular American singers dubbed supergroup USA in 1985. It was probably the first time in musical history when the world stood up and united for such a noble cause. Recalling the environment back then, and although without the Internet to connect us all, the late 80’s had its fair share of seismic shifts that saw the world changed dramatically. Economically, the US experienced its largest single day drop of the Dow Jones on 19 October 1987, shaving almost 22% from the stock market and was since labelled as Black Monday2; not to be mistaken with today’s online shopping binge of Cyber Monday. In December the same year, much to the delight and relief of those down with depression and anxiety, there was light at the end of the tunnel with Prozac, an antidepressant medication, when it was finally approved to be sold to the public.3 The pendulum of good news continued to swing in the following year and this time to Asia in 1988. “Hand in Hand” was sung across the world at the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, from 17 September to 2 October. It was the thematic tune that was on the lips of every school-going child and in all likelihood, also captured the hearts of every adult in Asia. For the purpose of history, this book is written in the same year when Tokyo has been earmarked to stage the Summer Olympics from 24 July to 9 August 2020 until it was postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic Covid-19 or the Coronavirus Disease 2019.

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Before the 80’s ended, the Berlin Wall came crumbling down on 9 November 19894, uniting the German’s communist bloc in the east with their brothers in the west. BAE was discovered in the same decade by four scientists, three Koreans and one Malaysian. Together, they lit the candle for this magical journey to take off and through a series of rigorous experiments and tests, they finally found the perfect formulation to ignite the sparks that made BAE what it is today; an energy that complements its subjects and raises the quantum quality of the molecules within. Though the breakthrough may sound like a walk in the park, it wasn’t until the late 1980’s when they began producing purposeful items that were market-worthy for the public. Products made with BAE’s technology soon found its way into the hearts of the buyers and established a fair market presence in Korea and Japan in the 1990’s. Considered the first generation of BAE products, the four scientists enjoyed modest success. Among the innovatively created products were the Wonder Sheet (that could energise almost anything that it is placed closed to), bottled water, toothpaste, bath salts, necklace, water filter, shoes sole, coating of cooking pots & pans, mattress cover, panty liners, aprons, pyjamas, mini cushions, just to name a few. If the products were scrutinised a little more, they were designed for an individual person’s consumption and were conveniently functional, without the need to twist and turn or mix and match like a machine would. One can choose to use it without the need to even read through a manual, which is even easier than putting together furniture by Ikea.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 10

As most would have remembered, the Asian Financial Crisis hit the Southeast Asian region in 1997 and like many out there, I too have suffered some losses and was under immense pressure. The stress level increased significantly for me in 1998 when the effects were more prominent in Malaysia and by then I was already worn out from my rudimentary work and life schedule and no longer had the interest to continue what I was doing in the family business. One could say I’ve lost the drive and passion, just as a body is devoid of a soul. But that wasn’t all, I had also developed a strange and persisting fever that never dissipated despite taking multiple medications and underwent all sorts of treatments. I reached a point where it no longer mattered which prescription I needed to make me well, I would just ingest or try any therapy possible. It didn’t matter if it wasn’t approved by the Health Ministry or US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), it certainly didn’t matter if it wasn’t empirically researched and backed with sound evidence. I would just gobble up the opportunity and attempt to get well from anyone’s recommendation. Throughout that time, I’ve met the doctors and tried a host of medication and treatments. Neither worked to bring down my body temperature. And just about having tried every single thing possible on the planet, I have resigned to the fate of probably not recovering at all. Was life at the end, or was I at a crossroad? In the most unassuming circumstances, a gentleman named Professor Muslim Liew, a friend of my father’s brought a BAEinfused product for him to sample. But my father was quick to direct the attention to me instead, knowing full well that I was not well medically, and frustrated too at being unfit for such a lengthy period. The symptom of my illness was dominated by the constant fever that never subsided regardless of the kind of medication or treatment I was forcing myself to undertake. That was of course until BAE showed up.

11 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Within just two days of using it, I could sense the fever had reduced but I wasn’t going to give in to any psychological hallucinations (in case I had one) and so, with the use of two thermometers, one in the office and one at home, I took a measure of my temperature. You could say I was probably the happiest person on earth when the thermometers finally read 37°C, normal for any healthy body. I continued to monitor my temperature on a daily basis and to be honest, I have never felt that good for a long time. The miraculous recovery had rebalanced my life and put me back on the map. What map? The map to rediscover my purpose and passion in life. This was nothing less than monumental. From then on, I have spent my time uncovering the mystery behind BAE. It took me about six months to a year, and with the help of Professor Liew, to study the company and the technology. Convinced wholeheartedly by its natural healing capabilities, I was then adamant to be part of this solid technology that is nothing like anything I have ever seen or known. With much deliberation and consultation, I then made the decision to acquire the company and its technology in 1999. Because of BAE’s unique efficacy, I did not hesitate to negotiate with the four scientists and made an offer they can’t refuse. They accepted my offer and we concluded the deal in 1999. With the exception of Professor Liew, the rest of the scientists were bought out of their shareholdings, leaving the company for Professor Liew and I to own and run it from then on. In 2003, with more confidence and having had some indications of success with scientific research, we then incorporated BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd to carry our dreams and pursuits.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 12

What’s inside BAE? To marvel at the rainbow is to embrace the inherent components that make up its vibrant spectrum. In the same way, when we are intrigued by the music of Bach or Mozart, we can’t help but to attempt to peek into the story behind and the inspiration that led to the melodious notes. For BAE, the superior energy emitted from it is nothing short of a miraculous wonder. The components are made up of a mixture of minerals and deep sea salt. Further to that, the chosen minerals are in fact in abundance on earth and depending on what’s needed in the end product, they can be formulated by adding new minerals accordingly to suit the need. They are then put through a patentpending proprietary process to produce the base formulation of BAE. Just to give you an idea, some of the common and distinctive minerals in BAE are:

Amphibole Amphibole is an abundant silicate that contains among others calcium, magnesium, iron and aluminum and more, all of which are negative ions. Based on its composition, it is said to be an effective factor to encourage perspiration thereby increasing blood flow and activating the body enzymes through far infrared. It has also been suggested that its deodorising and anti-mildew factors are good at improving the condition of insomnia, neuralgia, coldness etc.

13 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Titanium Ore The magnetic force from the titanium ore is known to relax the muscles and induce a better flow of blood circulation. Its unique properties have also been touted to aid fatigue recovery and extend overall flexibility of the body, both of which are highly suited for the highly strung society we live in now due to the stressful expectations of life.

Maifan Stone Out of the 13 minerals our body needs the most, the maifan stone has eight. According to the alternative science community familiar with energy emitting minerals, this magnificent stone is ultra efficient in detoxification especially in absorbing the harmful heavy metals including organohalogen compounds and bacteria from our system.

Tourmaline When applied with pressure and change in temperature, the negative ions generated have been shown to improve conditions of insomnia and imbalances in the nervous system. This is yet another obvious and significant antidote to cope with the modern lifestyle.

Nano Silver When sterling silver is purified to the nano level, the electrical energy within it will be increased. The exceptional effects derived from this process makes the overall BAE technology an all-rounder powerful one, complete with antibacterial and anti-odour functions.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 14

The concoction of the minerals and deep sea salt are then processed through a systemic technology that distills and extracts the properties into a liquid base solution that is already rested in a bio-activated state or in other words, a solution possessing the bio-activated energy. This base solution is the pride of our patent-pending technology that has the marvellous influence and capacity to emit and permeate into the air and even through solid elements to effect change at the molecular level of subjects it is placed close to. This is how we are able to infuse products from as small as bath salts to as big as a mattress cover so its quantum content can be elevated intrinsically to attain a higher level of performance devoid of changes caused by human factors, the weather or the pollution of the world.

But Why BAE? From the time we discovered BAE up until now, we have conducted experiments under the watchful observation of Professor Edward Krizhanovsky, our resident Scientist and Consultant in SaintPetersburg, Russia. We do this for a variety of reasons and chief among them is to convince ourselves firstly that BAE is in fact a legitimate energy medicine that can evoke change after application. We wanted the experiments to provide us with evidence of readings, scales, numbers, temperatures and the likes so we can firstly be convinced of this immaculate discovery. With every experiment conducted, we have been time and again comforted with substantiated readings to warrant BAE’s efficacy. Aside from being thoroughly impressed, we were also looking for signs for it to be life changing or at the very least elevate the quality of a life application. Admittedly, we have found ourselves impressed with the results.

15 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Let us now share with you some of the incredible performances we have identified from the experiments undertaken by Professor Edward.

Higher Minerals Absorption & Retention Rate In the year 2010, we commissioned an experiment to substantiate the biological absorption rate of the minerals in the body. In no better way to assert this, I would like to confess to using mice for this experiment but not in an irresponsible and destructive way to harm them. We only did it because in scientific experiments like ours, mice tend to respond the same way humans do. The way they react to heat, medicine and other agents are very similar and this is the main reason why most experiments in the science and medical fields use them. Like some of you, we at BAE are also animal lovers and will under no circumstances intently harm an animal. As such, in all our experiments that involve mice, much due care and diligence are exercised before the experiments began. Before we go on, it is perhaps better to also firstly give a bit of background on the rationale to run this test. An average adult’s body absorbs and retains only about 5% to 20% of the minerals from the food we eat or the liquid we drink and maybe the supplements we take. According to Janet R. Hunt in her article “Bioavailability of iron, zinc, and other trace minerals from vegetarian diets” in the “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, the heme form iron which is the more efficiently absorbed iron form compared to the non-heme iron constitutes only less than 40% of the meat, poultry and fish we eat. From these, and depending on the choice of personal diets from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, the absorption of heme iron varies between 15% to 40% and the nonheme iron at only 10% to 15%.5

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 16

Writing from the US Department of Agriculture, Janet Hunt also went on to describe that zinc is also not as efficiently absorbed and this is visible when we compare one serving of whole-wheat bread and white bread where the former absorbs 38.2% and the latter at only 16.6%. The variable absorption rate of the different kinds of minerals can be caused by a host of factors such as dietary preference, cellular transport of the minerals, presence of competing minerals that compromise absorption, bioavailability of the minerals itself and the conditions of absorption receptors. Externally, factors include the way food is prepared, level of nutrients that are present in the food, personal medical state, medications intake, our age etc.6 As far as age goes, our absorption rate also decreases as we grow older, not forgetting the condition of our own gastrointestinal tract. To think that our bodies can absorb the entire volume of nutrients from the whole fruit, vegetables, nuts or meat is a fallacy that we rarely pay attention to. This however must be corrected - in what we believe in and what our body can absorb. Imagine if we can raise the absorption and retention level of minerals, wouldn’t that help increase intakes like calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, manganese and more? And while food and health products out there may already be quite good in its performance, would it not be better if there exists a technology that can help increase the absorption and retention level? Manufacturers will likely incur less in ingredients costs as would the consumers who will spend less to buy less since the same results can be attained with less intake. This is precisely why we undertook this mission. Coming back to the experiment, two groups of mice were used and they were divided equally into 20 mice each - the Control and Experiment groups. Every mouse weighed between 135 to 160 grams.

17 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Our objective is to study the rate of retention or loss of one of the highly important minerals that contributes to metabolism - the macroelement Phosphorus and microelement Cobalt. Because the length of this book could not fit all the parameters and results of the actual documented experiment, we will focus only on the distinct liquid fed to the mice and not delve into its profiles, the kind of food they ate or its rest and recreation time during the experiment etc. In the Control Group, the mice were given potable water. Over in the Experimental Group, it was the BAE Synergy Liquid (BAE SL) dissolved in potable water. The mice could drink as they needed from the drinking bowls provided. After 20 days of experiment, the results showed a decline of Phosphorus and Cobalt for both groups but the decline was more steep from the mice in the Control Group. This experiment showed that when the energised BAE SL is taken as a casual daily beverage, the body reacts positively by retaining the minerals longer and this in turn will also contribute to a better metabolic rate. With a better metabolic rate, the mice will experience a more productive regeneration of its blood, energy and overall health, without suffering from issues such as bone demineralisation, disturbance to its neuromuscular transmission etc. In the same way with humans, when our absorption, retention and metabolic rates are optimised, we tend to feel more energetic to last the demands of the day. Our blood regeneration will improve in tandem, injecting more zest into the already heightened activity in the body, and in the longer horizon, a better quality of life.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 18

As we strive to provide evidential propositions to our customers and users out there so they know what they’re getting from using our products, we are also happy to share such information with interested manufacturers of food, beverages and health supplements. Our aim is to widen the adoption of BAE so everybody can benefit and from a manufacturer’s standpoint, nothing satisfies better than having the opportunity to bask in the success of attaining a higher level in quality and enjoying a reduction in production costs.

Stronger Immunity Can BAE improve the defence mechanism of the body? Apparently so according to an experiment conducted in May 2005. The experiment for immunity also separated the mice into two groups and given the same type of drinking water. But instead of 20 days, the experiment lasted a full month. To test their immunity, the mice were intentionally infected with Anthrax, a serious infectious disease caused by the Bacillus anthracis bacteria. After one month, we found that the mice that were fed with BAE SL in the Experiment group outlived the Control group’s mice by 7.5 times or up to 95% survival rate against 62.5% in the Control group. Although we anticipated a positive result, we could never have imagined the life sustenance rate derived from the experiment. The success of this experiment is certainly very encouraging for a world that is facing the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic at the point of this writing and just before that, Influenza, which has been consuming 12,000 to 61,000 deaths in the US annually since 2010 according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).7

19 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

More Oxygen Unlike the previous two experiments, mice were not used here. Instead, to measure the level of oxygen, Professor Edward’s team attempted to observe the “activity of water”. This is where the intensity or amplitude of the radiation is being measured after a “Reagent” is added into the water samples. Along with that, the duration of observable radiation flashes is also taken into account. In simpler terms, this is an experiment to detect light flashes or luminescence from the water samples. But why do we need to run an experiment to detect if products infused by BAE will carry more oxygen or be induced to attract more oxygen? The easy answer is yes, we need oxygen to stay alive but the more elaborate version informs us that oxygen is needed for cell regeneration, giving the energy to survive activities of the day and improve our natural immunity, among others.8 To go a little more and let’s get it right since we are on the subject, the air we breathe in consists of more nitrogen than oxygen. The proportion between them is not important here but out of the total oxygen we take in, only 1.5% is dissolved into the blood while the balance 98.5% binds itself to hemoglobin, which is the protein molecule of red blood cells.9 The oxygen is then transported to the tissues by this binding attachment to the hemoglobin. When it reaches the tissues, the oxygen remains an active energy component and can go on to perform its job. This bounded form of the oxygen is also sometimes known as Active Form of Oxygen (AFO) where it is preserved through the binding process before it is released for its intended use.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 20

Up until here, the capturing and delivery of oxygen sounds rather simple but as with most biological behaviours, it is often influenced by the state and environment of the body. In this regard, the capacity for hemoglobin to carry oxygen is also affected by environmental factors, diseases, blood pH, body temperature etc. Pre-existing blood conditions such as sickle cell anemia and thalassemia also reduce the blood’s capacity to carry and deliver oxygen.10 It is therefore crucial for our overall livelihood if we are able to inhale or absorb an optimum amount of oxygen whenever the opportunity arises and this is why this experiment is so important to us at BAE. Coming back to the experiment, three water samples were prepared - artesian well drinking water commercially available in SaintPetersburg (Rodnik brand), A100 and BAE SL. The Reagent used here is the FeSO4 and a sensitiser luminescence called luminal. Radiation or chemiluminescence intensity detection was through the use of a photoelectric detector. The observable timeframe was about 100 seconds. The significantly higher reading of the chemiluminescence intensity in BAE SL concluded that it contains a higher energy potential than the other two liquid samples under experiment. This bodes well because as mentioned above, oxygen is one of the critical resources our body needs in order to keep us alive. It helps in our continuous growth and regeneration. The successful documented evidence of this experiment was published in 2004 by the Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal (Volume 15 Number 2). The journal is a publication by the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine.

21 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Anti-Microbial One of the tests carried out to ascertain if BAE is good for the human body is to determine if harmful agents such as bacteria and microbes are susceptible to the presence of the quantum influence. The results of such a study can go either way but because we are in the business of improving the quality livelihood of a person, we must then be bold enough to put our technology to the test. The first experiment was to test against the colon bacillus or the E. coli strain 1257, which is an artificially created strain of the 0157:H7 made in a Russian research institute through standardised medical preparations in Moscow which is specifically used for biomedical studies. Generally, the E. coli is a kind of harmless bacteria that lives in the intestines of healthy people and animals. However, the same bacteria can also cause diarrhea.11 In this experiment, three tap water models were prepared and all have been contaminated with the E. coli strain 1257. In the first tap water model, it was added with the BAE Synergy Stone. The second was added with the BAE SL while the third functions as a control without any BAE-energised items added. The experiment ran for up to 144 hours or 6 days with readings recorded each day. At the end of the experiment, all three models saw a decline of the E. coli but the model with BAE SL dropped the most after the first 24 hours, from close to 50,000 colony forming unit per millilitre (CFU/ml) to just above 10,000 (CFU/ml) whereas the model with the BAE Synergy Stone hovers around 20,000 CFU/ml. On the second day or 48 hours later, the reading of E. coli for BAE Synergy Stone outpaced BAE SL to reach close to zero CFU/ml and about 5,000 CFU/ml respectively.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 22

E. coli readings reached zero CFU/ml for both models with BAE at the 72 hours mark and continued to be so until the 144th hour or the 6th day but the E. coli reading in the control model was still detected after 144 hours at about 30,000 CFU/ml. To say the least, we are especially enthused with the results of the rapid decline of the E. coli to a point of zero in just 72 hours. This represents a positive model for us to work on when producing new soluble, solvent or ingestible beverage products from here on. In another experiment, and also as a way to test BAE further, we took on the H7N9 virus or also known as the Avian Influenza virus widely detected in animals and birds that were not ordinarily common in human until March 2013 in China.12 When infected in the human body, the mutating virus can cause severe pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome that can at times lead to death. In the experiment, 200 mice weighing between 20 to 38 grams were used to determine their sustenance level against the H7N9. The mice were first quarantined for 10 days before the 16 day experiment. Mortality data is recorded to study the survival pattern against the virus. The mice were divided into four groups of 50 each. Group 1 of the mice drank water infused with BAE SL 16 days before and after infection of the H7N9. Group 2 only had BAE SL infused water before infection while Group 3 drank the same BAE SL infused water after infection. Group 4, the control group, was not fed with any BAE infused water. All mice drank from the drinking bowls provided and the mice were infected with the H7N9 by subcutaneous injection.

23 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

The results showed that the ratio of survival of mice fed with the BAE SL was six times greater than those that were not. It is heartening for us to also share that the results of this experiment were published in two journals, namely the Journal of Biosciences and Medicines in May 2015 (3, 1-6) and the Italian Science Review in March 2015 (Issue 3(24).

BAE, Our Health Harmoniser From very early on, we knew to justify the validity of what BAE is cannot go without proper and empirical scientific experiments. It is only after obtaining substantiated results can we then go to market to stake a claim for BAE in the areas that it has received merits for. We were also careful in not adopting the broad brush approach so we can meticulously tackle one experiment at a time. This has motivated us to take on other measures of health such as the pH level of the body, emotional state of a person, level of energy healing received by the person after BAE and the stress factor experienced by someone to determine if our technology is as good as we imagined it to be. Quite simply, the results spoke for itself as we have achieved rather remarkable readings from the tests. This affirmation is further given emphasis by the respectable international scientific journals when our experiments were published one after another. More shall however be disclosed as we go along into the subsequent chapters as we do not want to spoil the party so early on in Chapter 1.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 24

25 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Chapter 2

BAE as

ENERGY MEDICINE Having looked at what BAE can do and how it has demonstrated itself to be better at its rate of mineral absorption, as an agent of Active Forms of Oxygen and a potent force against microbes and viruses, we now look at why BAE should be regarded as Energy Medicine. From the “Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration” published by the US Department of Health and Human Services under the Food and Drug Administration in December 2006 and updated in 2012, Energy Medicine involves the energy field of two types:

• Veritable Energy fields, which can be measured and use either mechanical vibrations (such as sound) or electromagnetic forces, including visible light, magnetism, monochromatic radiation (such as laser light), and other light rays; and

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 26

• Putative energy fields (or biofields) that have defied measurement to date by reproducible methods. According to NCCAM, therapies involving putative energy fields “are based on the concept that human beings are infused with a subtle form of energy” and therapists “claim that they work with this subtle energy, see it with their own eyes, and use it to effect changes in the physical body and influence health.” The Guidance document goes on to point out that conventional medicine has already adopted the use of “energy” medicine thereby suggesting that this alternative class of treatment is nothing new. It pointed out the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) devices that use electromagnetic waves to create images of internal body organs and tissues as one example and another is the use of ultrasound machines which creates the images of the body organs, tissues and foetuses using sound waves. The document also suggested that more than one-third of the American adults reportedly used Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and visits to CAM providers were more frequent annually compared to those to primary care physicians.

About NCCAM & NCCIH A bit of a background on NCCAM before we proceed further. In 1992, the US Congress established the Office of Unconventional Therapies which was later renamed as Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM). Then in 1998, OAM was again re-established as NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) by the US Congress and became part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

27 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

NCCAM’s “mission is to explore complementary and alternative healing practices in the context of rigorous science, to train complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) researchers, and to disseminate authoritative information to the public and professionals”.13 Then in December 2014, NCCAM’s name was changed to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) “to better align with the organisation’s strategic plan for public education and research”14 and was signed by President Barrack Obama. This can be attributed to the growing approaches of “complementary” “to the point that Americans no longer consider them an alternative to medical care. For example, more than half of Americans report using a dietary supplement, and Americans spend nearly four billion dollars annually on spinal manipulation therapy”. The role of the NCCIH is to the Federal Government’s lead agency for scientific research on complementary and integrative health approaches.15 NCCIH as we know today has indeed come a long way having been originally founded almost three decades ago in 1992, and incidentally just after BAE entered the Korean and Japanese markets in its first wave of existence. Further to the two-point definition above, according to Dr. Erminia Guarneri of the Guarneri Integrative Health Inc. in California who wrote “Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Biofield Practitioners in Global Health and Medicine: A White Paper” published on 1 November 2015 on the US National Library of Medicine website, part of the NIH, she explained that NCCAM had originally classified “energy medicine as 1 of 5 CAM domains, and NCCIH currently

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 28

classifies energy medicine under the broader term of “mind-body practices”. However, because these therapies have roots in many global healing traditions and disciplines, it is best classified as an emerging science and profession that is recognised and integrated into various systems”.16 She also argued that despite the progress of legislation to understand this segment of energy medicine, it remains “one of the most marginalised and poorly understood of the CAM modalities, and integrating its practitioners into conventional health and medicine is challenging. However, the potential exists for it to develop further as a healthcare discipline, and we propose that this can be beneficial to all disciplines, organisations, communities of practice, and patients. For example, when a modality or a therapeutic approach, such as nutrition or lifestyle therapy, also develops into a distinct discipline, the discipline itself becomes a resource and potential benefit to other fields that include these approaches.” Echoing the clarion call of Dr. Erminia Guarneri’s emphasis that “the potential exists for it to develop further as a healthcare discipline”, or for any industry sector for that matter, is where BAE is emerging strongly as a candidate within the energy medicine realm given our very strong credentials not only from a commercial standpoint but as a scientifically backed technology. Now, if we allow ourselves to re-frame our thoughts and re-look at the original definition of Energy Medicine, we shall be able to ascribe clearly why the quantum effects induced by our patent-pending BAE technology can be classified as one. Revisiting the two pointers shows us that BAE is in fact a Veritable Energy field because it can be measured. This is backed by the many experiments we have conducted since the turn of the millenia. Having

29 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

the results published in international scientific journals are further evidence of our sincere endeavour because these are admitted by the scientific community where accurate data is not something that can easily be compromised. To take this a step further and without disrespecting these following disciplines, BAE is not similar to any of the mind and body practices such as acupuncture, Alexander technique, Ayurvedic medicine, breathing exercises, Feldenkrais method, functional medicine, guided imagery, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, naturopathy, pilates, muscle relaxation, qi gong, Rolfing Structural Integration, tai chi, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional healing or Trager psychophysical integration. BAE is a patent-pending technology independent of practitioners and the external factors. It is much like how aspirin remains an aspirin regardless of who prescribes it.

Backed by Journals and Laboratory Tests Whether they call it emerging science, complementary or alternative medicine, mind body practices or energy medicine, one thing we know for sure is that in order for BAE to be accepted, it must stand the test of science. The only way to get it verified is to run some experiments, have the test results reviewed by international scientists and subsequently published in international scientific journals. This vital move will do essentially two things for us. One, to solidify our technology with empirical evidence. Two, having it published means our data is legitimately admissible by the scientific community as true and authentic. To put it another way, reputable journals and scientists will not risk their positions and professions respectively and therefore will never allow phoney experiments with doctored results to enter these tightly controlled publications.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 30

• Laboratory Test Report on “Research of BAE Synergy Liquid Preparation Influence on Metabolism”, 2010, Bioentech Company This report discusses the mice experiment described under “Higher Minerals Absorption & Retention Rate” in Chapter 1. It was an experiment to gauge if mice fed with BAE Synergy Liquid (BAE SL) drinking water will be able to absorb and retain minerals better than the mice with ordinary water. BAE Scientific Research Consultant Professor Edward Krizhanovsky and his colleague Kamilia Tursunova carried out this experiment in 2010. The Report provided data points of the mice’s biochemical indicators on day 1, 5, 10 and 20 and showed a decline of phosphorus and cobalt in all the mice but was less significant in the group drinking BAE SL drinking water compared to the group with ordinary water. The significance of this study compels us to acknowledge that the quantum energy residing within BAE SL has in fact a veritable strength when consumed by a living organism like the mice. Because the biological response is similar with humans, the beneficial metabolic rate as experienced by the mice will also be the same when taken in by human beings.

• American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sc, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2008 A journal distributed to 85,000 scientists worldwide, it carries a wide range of general biology and agriculture peer-reviewed research articles. It is published by the Science Publication Pty Ltd founded in New York, US, in 2004 before relocating to the UAE in 2014. A credible

31 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

team of editorial board members support article reviews in science, technology and medicine. The publisher has to date published more than 12,000 articles, receiving more than 54,000 citations and downloaded or viewed more than 38 million times. BAE submitted its experiment entitled “Estimation of Naturally Modified Mineral Water Protection Activity Against Experimental Infections”, which discussed the mice experiment described under “Stronger Immunity” in Chapter 1. In the experiment, mice were infected with Anthrax and the group consuming BAE SL before and after infection were found to have lived longer by 7.5 times compared to the rest of the mice. Access journal via access via

• Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal, Vol. 15, No. 2, 2004 • Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment Vol. 3, No. 2, April 2005 The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) founded the Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal in Colorado, US, in 1989 and was considered the premier peer-reviewed publication for complementary and alternative medicine, applied psychophysiology and biofeedback, new physics, and bioelectric medicine. The publication ran for two decades and also hosted annual conferences for interested industry stakeholders. The journal was however affected by the Subprime Financial Crisis in 2008 and suspended publication in 2011 with ISSSEEM becoming the International Research Division of Holos University.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 32

The Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment on the other hand is part of the WFL Publisher Ltd located in Helsinki, Finland. It is published alongside materials in life sciences that taps a worldwide network of readership extending from universities to professional communities. The publisher takes pride in its evaluation criteria, using the bibliometric indicators to assess a researcher’s or scientist’s quantity, quality and structural disciplines and posture. The Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment began publication in 2003. The experiment BAE submitted to the two journals were the same but each carrying a different title. In the Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal, the paper was entitled “Influence of Subtle Energetic Change in Water on the Human Energy State” whereas in the Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, it was called “Influence of Energetic Water on the Quality of Life”. Part of the paper discussed the experiment described under “More Oxygen” in Chapter 1 where the Active Form of Oxygen was assimilated with a Reagent to determine the energy potential of BAE SL. The results showed the chemiluminescence from the water sample with BAE SL was more prominent suggesting its higher energy potential. The same paper also discussed how BAE influenced the quality of life by measuring the seven volunteers’ emotional state, pH level of the body and the use of the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) method to ascertain the energy field emissions. In the determination of the emotional state, the volunteers were subjected to consume their normal drinking water for six weeks followed by mineral water sourced in Malaysia for the next six weeks and the BAE SL drinking water in the final six weeks. The volunteers will then report their well-being based on the Profile of Moods (POMS)

33 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

questionnaire which prompted among others parameters such as tension-anxiety, depression-dejection, anger-hostility etc. The reported findings showed a decline in anxiety and aggression while the overall emotional tone and general energetic state were raised. Details on the pH level are discussed in the subsequent section. Access journal via access via and

Italian Science Review, Issue 3 (24), March 2015 and • Journal of Biosciences and Medicines, 3, 1-6, May 2015 •

The Italian Science Review began in 2013 and is led by its Editor-inChief Adamo Mario. The journal aims to connect scientists worldwide and hosts a wide variety of scientific papers from fields like chemistry, geography & earth studies, law, marketing, management, pedagogy, psychology and more. The Journal of Biosciences and Medicines is part of the Scientific Research Publishing Inc., a publisher of more than 200 peer-reviewed journals of most academic disciplines with a focus in science, technology and medicine. The Journal of Biosciences and Medicines began in 2013 and has to date enjoyed more than 944,000 downloads.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 34

BAE submitted the “Simulation of the Natural Preparation Protective Activity on H7N9 Virus” to the Italian Science Review and “the Study of Natural Solution Protective Activity on H7N9 Virus” to the Journal of Biosciences and Medicines. It is the same study as mentioned under “Anti-Microbial” in Chapter 1. Specifically, this study infected 200 mice with the H7N9 virus (Avian Influenza) and recorded its mortality rate on a daily basis and discovered that mice given the BAE SL before and after infection survived six times better than the rest of the mice. Access journal via and

• Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal In the determination of pH level changes in water, the experiment published in the Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal in 2004 briefly mentioned that the BAE SL experienced a slight shift to alkaline while retaining its original chemical structure in the beginning. The other samples of ordinary drinking water and mineral water did not experience any pH level changes. This experiment was later followed up in December 2004 by Professor Edward in a study entitled “Special Characteristics of Energetic Water and Its Influence on Human Psychological Status” comparing the pH level of three water samples - distilled, tap and mineral. All three samples demonstrated a pH shift towards alkaline after they were added with the BAE SL. The consistency of BAE SL shown in these experiments tells us that BAE would be an ideal complementary ingredient to food and beverages for those with an overt presence of acid in the body.

35 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

• Open Journal of Ecology, Vol. 4, No. 11, August 2014 This journal began in 2011 with a focus in the expansive range of ecology subjects including biogeochemistry, ecological impact of climate changes, human ecology, microbial ecology, molecular ecology and more. The journal has enjoyed more than 1.12 million downloads to date and it is part of the Scientific Research Publishing Inc. that publishes more than 200 peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (mentioned above). BAE submitted the “Study of the Influence of Subtle Energetic Changes in Environment on the Productivity of the Process of Sleep” to demonstrate the level of energy healing our technology can contribute to a person. The experiment centred on 40 volunteers divided into four groups with 30 minutes of sleeping time. Only two groups were given the BAE activated sleeping mattresses while the rest were provided with ecofriendly cotton mattresses. They were then subjected to various tests such as the Crownscopy to measure the psychophysiological and energy state, and the Luscher colour test to gauge the psychological levels such as mental fatigue, emotional stress, working capacity etc. The test results indicated that those who slept on the activated mattresses achieved greater stabilisation of the human energy state, improved balance of energy and increased energy resources as estimated by Crownscopy. They also showed declined measurements in mental fatigue, anxiety and total deviation while working capacity increased under the Luscher test.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 36

Although the positive results were welcomed, the journal did however indicate that a longer experiment may be warranted to confirm BAE’s capacity to resolve physiological dysfunctions such as back pains, headaches and insomnia. Some of the volunteers of the experiment disclosed better relief from such discomforts. Access journal via

• Global Journal of Health Science, Vol. 9, No. 9, 2017 A journal that began in 2009, peer-reviewed research articles include subjects like public health, community health, behavioral health and more. It is part of the Canadian Center of Science and Education based in Ontario, Canada. BAE submitted the “Influence of the Subtle Energetic Changes on the Treatment Response in Patients with Insomnia”, a paper that provided evidence that the BAE activated mattress is able to contribute to a better sleeping pattern for those affected by insomnia. Access journal via

• International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, Vol. 6, No. 7, July 2018 & Vol. 7, No. 3, March 2019 This journal covers general medical science from all disciplines including therapeutic medical science and practice. It began publication in 2013 from Gujarat and Kartanaka, India.

37 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

BAE submitted two papers to the journal, namely “The Sleep Quality of Patients with Insomnia Under the Influence of Subtle Energy Fields” in 2018 to assess the sleep quality of the 18 insomniac volunteers after one month of sleeping on the BAE activated and energised Bio Velocity Mattress, and the “Breast State Improvement by Using the Lymphatic Drainage Disposable Bra Pads” in 2019 to determine the possibility of BAE Miracle Bra Pads enhancing and improving 15 females’ breasts health in terms of its structure, elasticity and nipple position compared to another 15 without the energised bra pads. Access journal via

Recognised and Awarded Over the years, we have been rewarded and recognised for our genuine contribution to the world with our discovery of BAE. Beyond just an ordinary business that thrives on profit, we advocate the primary goal of BAE and that is to invoke life changing effects to our customers after using our products. The proof they say is in the pudding, in this regard, our awards and recognition go before us.

ProGreen • Best Green Invention Award by the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA) ITEX Gold Medal by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation of Malaysia The Best Green Invention Award by JIPA was bestowed on us in the most unexpected way because enroute to winning this award was a contest against more than 300 inventors, each candidate as eligible as anybody. Our winning entry was ProGreen, an eco-friendly car exhaust emission reduction sticker electromagnetically energised by BAE. Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 38

We take pride in this Award because JIPA is a premier global player in the world of Intellectual Property. As a not-for-profit NGO from Tokyo, Japan, JIPA works with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) to identify new frameworks for global technology transfer and environmental technologies, formulating anti-counterfeit measures, harmonising the IP processes whilst reducing its application costs and continuously upskilling up to 15,000 member employees including engineers and researchers. The ITEX Gold Medal was presented to BAE for ProGreen’s outstanding invention quality as an agent that can reduce the carbon footprint and Respirable Particulate of vehicles’ exhausts. We received the Award and the Medal at the International Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition 2013 or ITEX 2013 in Malaysia in May 2013.

BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Excellence Awards 2008 The global consulting company Ernst & Young needs no further introduction, it was once colloquially part of the “Big 4” and still remains one of the most admirable companies of its calibre, stature and expertise. The Award, having begun more than 30 years ago, recognises the most outstanding entrepreneur of the year with refined vision, leadership and success. Often, the yardstick includes not just profitability but also strategy, market expansion, compliance to standards, innovation and being environmentally conscious. BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd as a company was conferred this Award alongside respectable peers of the industry in 2008.

39 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


Gallery Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 40

BAE Gallery



CEO of BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd receiving the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Excellence Awards 2008.

41 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd CEO Lim Kwong Choong (left) and partner Professor Muslim Liew (right) receiving the Best Green Invention from the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA) at ITEX’13 in May 2013, beating more than 300 nominees to the award.

BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd CEO Lim Kwong Choong (middle) and partner Professor Muslim Liew (right) receiving the ITEX Gold Medal from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia at ITEX’13 in May 2013.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 42


Award certificate of the Best Green Invention by the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA) received at ITEX’13 in May 2013.

43 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


Award certificate of the ITEX Gold Medal Award for ProGreen at ITEX’13 in May 2013.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 44

BAE Gallery

JOURNALS Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Vol. 15, No. 2, 2004, published the Influence of Subtle Energetic Change in Water on the Human Energy State.

45 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


Journal of Food Agriculture & Environment Vol. 3, No. 2, April 2005, published the Influence of Energetic Water on the Quality of Life.

American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sc Vol. 3, No. 1, 2008, published the Estimation of Naturally Modified Mineral Water Protection Activity Against Experimental Infection.

Italian Science Review Issue 3 (24), March 2015, published the Simulation of the Natural Preparation Protective Activity on H7N9 Virus.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 46


Open Journal of Ecology Vol. 4, No. 11, August 2014, published the Study of Influence of Subtle Energetic Changes in Environment on the Productivity of the Process of Sleep.

Journal of Biosciences and Medicines 2015, 3, 1-6 published the Study of Natural Solution Protective Activity on H7N9 Virus.

47 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


Global Journal of Health Science Vol. 9, No. 9, 2017, published the Influence of the Subtle Energetic Changes on the Treatment Response in Patients with insomia.

International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences Vol 6, No. 7, (July 2018) published the Sleep Quality of Patients with Insomnia Under the Influence of Subtle Energy Fields.

International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences Vol 7, No. 3, (March 2019) published the Breast State Improvement by Using Lymphatic Drainage Disposable Bra Pads.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 48

BAE Gallery


Certifications by Korea Super-Energy Research Institute from April to December 2002 on BAE energised products such as the Power Cream, Black Jade Ring, Power Oil, Power Stone and Power Touch.

49 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


Certifications by KTI Association of St. Petersburg, Russia, on 2 November 2003 on BAE energised products such as the BAE Synergy Cream, BAE Synergy Black Jade, BAE Synergy Liquid, BAE Synergy Oil, BAE Synergy Sticker and BAE Synergy Touch.

Certificate of Achievement by the Ministry International Trade and Industry (MITI) and SME Corporation Malaysia under the SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (Retail & Distributive Trade) category in 2017.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 50

BAE Gallery


Datuk Shafie Apdal

Former Domestic Trade & Consumer Minister launched the Maca Max in April 2006.

51 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


Press coverage of

JTX Airtracker a fuel saver technology powered by BAE in Nanyang Siang Pau in 2014.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 52


A conference sharing

Hai-O’s range of energy products in 2017.

53 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


The National Recognition

Rally 2007

The National Recognition

Rally 2008

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 54


Bio Velocity Energy Conference by Hai-O on 16 May 2015 in Putrajaya International Convention Centre

55 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


Top executives and members of Hai-O at the Bio Velocity Energy Conference on 16 May 2015.

BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd CEO Lim Kwong Choong (left) and Professor Edward Krizhanovsky at the Bio Velocity Energy Conference in 2015.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 56


BIO Velocity Day

57 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


BAE Academy

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 58


59 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


Miracle Bra Pads official launch in 2020 with support from some Malaysian celebrities.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 60

BAE Gallery


BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd participated the

35th Tokyo Health Industry Show in 2017 with Director of MATRADE Japan En. Shah Nizam Ahmad (2nd right) and Assistant Director of MATRADE Japan Mr. Kitaura (left).

61 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated


At the 36th Tokyo Health Industry Show in 2018 together with Meitoma-san (2nd left) and Japanese partner (right).

BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd CEO Lim Kwong Choong against the backdrop outside the 35th Tokyo Health Industry Show in 2017.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 62

BAE Gallery


Some of the product training over the years across Malaysia.

63 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Part 2


Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 64

65 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Chapter 3

Owners of BAE


& COMPANY With a prized find like BAE, it is only deserving of the technology to establish a strong and solid company to propagate its use. The penetration of markets from a business setting has never been an easy one. Whether it is a product, a service or both, everything that is thrown to the back of the business to support its growth must stand the test of time in order to be successful in promulgating its name to the intended audience.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 66

From global big names like GE, Exxon, JP Morgan, Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Toyota to the newer breed of digital businesses such as Google, Amazon, Alibaba and the trendy unicorns of instagram, facebook, Airbnb, every single brand that has come out to market has never ceased to endure a round of seeding time to find its way before grabbing headlines around the world. It was the same with BMW starting from an engine manufacturer or more specifically aircraft engines17, no different was it with Sony who only began as a research institute grappling around to find its footing in the early days.18 To think that a business can emerge just with a stroke of the magic wand is child’s play. One needs to have gladiatorial spirit in order to survive the onslaught of repetitive beatings and whippings the world throws at you. Without it, the company will not walk out as a rock solid enterprise and gain the trust of her loyal base of loving customers. On that account, the story of BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd also did not emerge as a beautiful swan right from the start. Although we were elated about its superb discovery, it was in no way our licence to rock and roll on the commercial runway. And as with all businesses, we started with a grandiose plan, equipped with a roadmap in our quest for domination. But it was not to be as we met with road bumps, hiccups and earth shattering decisions, all of which almost sucked the life out of the company and tore us apart.

But before we delve deeper into BAE, allow me to share a story that began a little over six decades ago.

67 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

In 1958, a new textile company was born in Malaysia, it was called Kwong Hing Trading Sdn Bhd (hereafter “Kwong Hing”). In those days, at a time when the country had just received her independence from the British in 1957, most locally owned enterprises were more or less the same as the land they were birthed in - starting out to try and be independent. In as much as it was the infancy stage of the country, it was also teething time for the business owners. Back then, new enterprises were simply known as small businesses or shops, nothing fancy like start-ups or in incubation as what we see common today, and definitely no pitching grounds to attract investors. But Kwong Hing had something unique which most outfits started around the same time possessed - grit and determination. You could say, business favoured this little start-up when Malaysia was also outgrowing herself from Malaya’s stripes. Perhaps also blessed with foresight, Kwong Hing Trading grew from a mere textile enterprise to being one of the dominant if not leading textile players in Malaysia in the 1970’s. Just like its peers who also contributed to the nation’s GDP, the collective Malaysian business earned the country the moniker as one of the Tiger Cub Economies of Asia (not to be mistaken with the real Asian Tigers of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan).19 Moving into higher gears in its third decade in the 1980’s, Kwong Hing then tried its hands in one of the oldest business practices in the world - property, and to be more specific, property investment and development. This game changing strategy led to a life-long destiny that saw the company begin venturing into housing development for Malaysia’s growing citizens. It was also then that Kwong Hing consolidated its position and became more widely known as the Kwong Hing Group or simply, KHG.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 68

From building private residences in Kuala Lumpur, Perak and Pahang, Kwong Hing Group, also found its way into the commercial offices and the hospitality industry where towers of skyscrapers were erected around Kuala Lumpur city centre. But before these glorious peaks, the company had already amassed a sizable number of investment properties around the capital city which when looked in retrospect, formed the foundation of Kwong Hing Group’s credibility as a property player. It is also the reason why properties donning the KHG emblem occupy precious land spaces in and around the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur. With the property tide flowing its way, KHG spread its wings further to China and continued building properties etched with the company’s identity. Fortunes favours the bold for KHG did not only build residences in the competitive landscape of the Middle Kingdom but also brought its illustrious touches to constructing many an edifices which include among others a shopping centre called the Xinmin Shopping Center, a comprehensive and full facility Shenyang Golf Club in Shenyang in a joint venture with the Shenyang Gardens Tourism Company, and just to the southwest a little from the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang is the Dalian Golf Resort. In Shenyang, the capital city of the Liaoning province, KHG also exported its homegrown 5-star hospitality brand from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, and raised it as part of Kwong Hing Tower in the bustling commercial city centre of Tiexi District. Known as the Shenyang Pacific Regency Hotel, the 4-star 240-room business hotel comes complete with an 8,000m² ballroom that can easily accommodate a banquet for 2,000 people, seven function

69 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

rooms, state-of-the-art audio & visual presentation equipment and cutting edge air ventilation system throughout the hotel ensuring guests are treated with best indoor air quality for a comfortable stay. Within the same premises of Kwong Hing Tower are also a mixed of tenants comprising 23 levels of offices, three levels of retail, Shenyang’s first AfaScan-equipped body tester gym in Lima Fitness Centre, a Japanese-themed Shenyang Qifutang Hot Spring, Sigma International Education Centre catering to schoolgoing children of busy urban parents and supported by ample car parking bays, complementing the already matured road and rail networks of Tiexi District. Located within striking distance from the highly diversified commercial epicenter with renowned domestic brands such as the Star Mall Shenyang Plaza, Shenyang Tiexi Auto Industrial Zone and the world’s favourite Ikea Store, the modern edifice of Kwong Hing tower stands as a proud Malaysian-owned landmark in Shenyang and contributes immensely to KHG’s reputation when doing business in places like Beijing, Shenzhen and elsewhere internationally. KHG’s blessings in China continued from there with official working relationships with Shenzhen Government’s official trading arm Shum Yip Land Investment in a joint venture arrangement, as well as another joint venture with Shanghai No. 6 Shoe Factory, rated as one of the largest shoe manufacturers in China. Between the days of textiles and property, the entrepreneurial spirit never dissipated as the company also ventured into import & export, general trading and manufacturing while at the same time, never lost its sights on potentially lucrative business opportunities in and around the Asian Pacific region.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 70

The pure bred business spirit and fortitude of KHG are hallmarks that continue till today and in the six decades that it has been around, the company has played witness to corporate Malaysia taking shape. To have survived to this day, one could say this once little known textile player who began in just a two-room office has matured million and billion-fold. Be that as it may, KHG remains inspired by her visionary founding fathers, led by a team of high calibre top executives and supported strongly by its dedicated staff. Incidentally, the leadership of BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd hails from the well-run KHG. As the author of this book, I cut my teeth early watching my father Lim Fap Khoon, Co-Founder and Managing Director of KHG and now Chairman, executing wise judgments and excellent business decisions in nurturing the company. The other Co-Founder was our late patriarch and my grandfather Lim Ngian Shun who hails from Guangdong, China. If I have to draw on the reasons that contributed to the success of KHG, I might say it was perseverance, frugality in managing the finances and above all, wisdom. These cumulative factors were like the coat of arms of the company and wherever KHG ventured into, the same characters were worn on the sleeves of her people. You could say, by being there first hand, these values were rubbed off and ingrained deep into my soul; they have become very much part of my make-up. In essence, a big thank you to my grandfather and father in the beginning for blessing me with such invaluable experience of “interning” at this growing enterprise every school holiday. If not for these early “internships”, I would not have learnt the ropes of running a business, much less making the crucial calls to save the entire ship from sinking.

71 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Defining Moment Yes, the ship of BAE had indeed encountered a time of choppy waters that almost buried the lofty goal of propagating the technology. I remember, after establishing BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd, we were drawn by our personal mega ambition to build an empire that can propel the BAE name as a market sensation overnight, penetrating every household possible. We wanted as many people as possible to experience what we have with the use of BAE so they too can begin appreciating the genuine results of a superior product like ours. And so very early on in the journey, we believe the platform of network marketing or direct sales to be the perfect business vehicle that can deliver our desired results. The lucrative opportunity to fan the BAE name like wildfire was a proposition difficult to resist. We wasted no time in building, recruiting, training and marketing. Initially, the strategy did look as if it was working given our expanding base of network marketers and geographical reach. With more people on board, we also incurred additional investment to equip our people. Not a single week went by without any activity to introduce and sell BAE. In terms of passion, I might also add that we went as far as composing our own BAE theme song, a melodious and contemporary tune that resonated with hope and a brighter tomorrow. Written in Chinese for the predominantly Chinese network marketers, the song was sung at every event to raise the spirit and motivation of our people. We were equally encouraged with the response received from overseas as interested parties also came from Indonesia, India and

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 72

Los Angeles in the US. The fancy footwork we deployed convinced us that our intelligent moves must be working since our name was emblazoned on the walls of the training rooms of not just in Malaysia but also our compatriots’ offices and hotel seminar rooms. With signs like that, it was foolhardy of us to believe that we had arrived, or at least will be arriving at the pinnacle soon. Little did anyone know, our market reach and reputation trumped our profitability by visible margins. But as a greenhorn in network marketing, I was led to believe that what we lacked in profitability, we made up with market presence, and in due time, we would reach the successful tipping point, which will then quickly steer our finances back to black and before long, profit.

Was this a wise strategy? Long story short, the strategy failed miserably. Although we were basking in the glory of a widened market reach in a very short span of time, they were never solid as losses far outweighed our projected income. We fell short in so many areas but the smokescreen of “market”, “reach” and “reputation” blinded us. After running the network marketing concept that bled us into a sea of red, I pulled the plug after about six to seven years. You could say I was more perturbed about the loss of direction than I was about the lack of profits. But in any business, the key to success is to be able to identify an audience that you can serve. Once you have a firm grip of your audience, you can then begin to serve wholeheartedly with the best products and services possible. Unfortunately, in this first ambitious mission, we were serving only a hyped up audience that proved no loyalty nor recognition for product quality.

73 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

“Accepting the fact that I have led the company in the wrong direction was a bitter pill to swallow, yet swallow I must if I was serious about rescuing BAE” It was at this time also when I recalled the days seeing my father making the tough calls to keep Kwong Hing Group from stepping into quicksands. Though tough as it may be, and ugly too when looked at from a bystander’s perspective, these were the judgment calls that kept the company alive until today. As I embraced the losses and identified what we needed to do next, my defining moment has come where I now have to make the same kind of executive decisions, and I’m glad I did it.

BAE 2.0 Yes ladies and gentlemen, the BAE you know today is in fact a second version of it, or in the spirit of divine language, its second coming. After the network marketing episode, and although it was the right decision to cease it from operating, I would be lying if I said I was 100% confident of a BAE revival. It took me a while to regain my footsteps and confidence as I was also overcome with a huge financial investment that has gone down the drain, not forgetting the time spent all those years building the brand.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 74

Again, thanks to my days in KHG, I grew out of the pain quickly and drafted BAE’s new blueprint once again. This time, rather than approaching the market with a vibrant ra-ra of my own concoction, I devised a two pronged strategy to accomplish the mission. ONE After identifying the right segments, we will launch our own products to sell. This shall help build our own range of products while we raise our brand value. TWO Because the market is so large that no one brand can dominate every SKU (stock keeping unit), we will then embark on white labelling so companies interested to harness the intrinsic superiority of BAE will be able to do so. Armed with this clarity, I consulted with my father at KHG, business partner Professor Muslim Liew and Professor Edward about their conviction if this strategy was going to work. With some probing and discussions to fine tune the model, we agreed on this new path and ventured forth with it. The BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd you see today is very much different from the “bloated” network marketing model we adopted before. Today, we are a lean company knowing exactly where and who we should be doing business with. We are also especially cautious in the selection of our partners and clients wherever we go. Instrumental to making this renewed strategy work is our ability to bounce back fairly quickly because of the wealth of experience we have within ourselves and this credit begins with the history of Kwong Hing, an influence that supported our belief that when we have a solid product like BAE, we must stop at nothing until we’ve proven to ourselves that all avenues have literally been exhausted in thrusting the technology to the forefront.

75 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Today, I am happy to say that with KH Group as a strong backer of BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd, Professor Muslim Liew as a founding partner of the business, Professor Edward as our resident scientist and consultant to substantiate our technology and our Japanese market business partner Meitoma-san, we are an efficient company that truly knows where we’re going. Suffice to say, after this bout of rejuvenation, I have never felt more excited about BAE. It feels even better than when we were invited to fly everywhere to speak and share under the spotlight but without the financial logic to fill our bottomline. With these ladies and gentlemen, dare I say the school of hardknocks genuinely exists in the realm of the business world and one cannot escape this invaluable lesson if one is destined to rise from the ashes and shine like a phoenix.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 76

77 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Chapter 4

Recognised &

SUBSTANTIATED The formidable team established in the rejuvenation of the company now finds itself on the brink of rewriting history. Recall in the beginning when we mentioned our destiny is to “share a quantum biophysics destiny with you”, it is of no mistake that even after the first missteps, we were afforded with the opportunity to make a comeback. This then spells our lifelong ambition of redefining what superior products can be when we begin rolling out BAE-empowered inventory to the market. The sales performance of these products have reached millions of Ringgit and this is a resounding testament that beyond a mastery strategy in marketing and sales, the product itself has surpassed expectations of the users. Hence the repeat and incremental purchase with a widening base of fans and followers. In this chapter, we are going to look at five of our bestsellers and why they are just as potent as the origins of our energy is.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 78

Mattress Cover Off late, there has been more information coming out of the mainstream media emphasising the importance of good sleep. The emergence of sleep as a subject in itself has largely been driven by biological and commercial reasons. Without sleep, we open ourselves to a variety of vulnerabilities which includes and not limited to anxiety, depression, a weakened immune system and risking our vital organs in the process that could lead to high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, heart issues and more. On the commercial end, there are also new medications, therapies and products that have been developed continuously to induce better sleep among sleepdeficient “patients�. One of the chieftains in the rally to get people to sleep better and rest sufficiently is the avid writer and publisher Arianna Huffington. As the Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post, she was running full steam on an 18-hour work day everyday in the earlier part of this millenia. In what could be a popular modern day folklore, such a demanding lifestyle has also been celebrated as the benchmark for would-be entrepreneurs if they aspired to reach for the stars. This is especially true when their admired heroes are interviewed for their secret sauce and the answers are often centred on stopping at nothing and laced with compromising rest. The turnaround for Arianna came in 2007 when she fainted at home and breaking her cheekbone as she fell.20 She was found lying in a pool of blood by her sister who also stayed in the same home. After many visits and tests to the hospital, the prognosis was exhaustion and sleep deprivation caused by burnt out. It was then that she realised how abusive she has been to her body. What transpired thereafter was her vocal approach to re-educate people about the importance of sleep, as if to regurgitate the points that were already often promoted

79 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

by the sleeping experts at the National Sleep Foundation, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, just to name a few. She also went on to write two books - “Thrive” and “Sleep Revolution”, and eventually set up Thrive Global to drive home the point. If we look at the recommended sleeping hours by proponents of sleep, those above the age of 18 are advised to get a total of seven to nine hours a day while those above 65 can get away with one hour less.21 An extract of “How much sleep do we really need?” by the National Sleep Foundation:22 • Newborns (0-3 months): 14-17 hours each day • Infants (4-11 months): 12-15 hours • Toddlers (1-2 years): 11-14 hours • Preschoolers (3-5): 10-13 hours • School age children (6-13): 9-11 hours • Teenagers (14-17): 8-10 hours • Younger adults (18-25): 7-9 hours • Adults (26-64): 7-9 hours • Older adults (65+): 7-8 hours But a survey revealed by Arianna in the promotion of her book was eye opening with 60% of those surveyed in the UK in 2014 admitting to having less than seven hours of sleep and more than 1/3 and 2/3 of the Germans and Japanese respectively never had sufficient sleep on weeknights in 2013.23 She also shared sleep data collected by wearable-device company Jawbone and found that Tokyo residents only snoozed for 5 hours and 45 minutes averagely a day followed by residents in Seoul, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Las Vegas clocking in between 6 hours and 3 to 32 minutes of sleep on average. “When you’re getting less sleep than Las Vegas, you have a problem,” she said.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 80

Understanding the anomaly of a busy world defying the circadian rhythm and causing sleep deprivation to our own bodies, it is unlikely this life habit is about to change anytime soon. With the world now headed for a challenging era after Covid-19, more and more uninformed individuals are going to put themselves up for extensive laborious hours in exchange for survival. What then can help these individuals attain better rest at night before they head out to fight another day? The fortunate answer here is that our very own BAE mattress cover as first disclosed in Chapter 2 is no longer a new product under experiment but a thriving one that flies off not from the shelves but even before we can commission production at the factory. In fact, it has enjoyed impressive sales consistently throughout the years attributed solely to its performance as a sleep enhancement accessory that improves overall health and well-being. Although the resultant sales have quite literally shot off the roof, we were somewhat anticipating this day even before Hai-O Enterprise Bhd (hereinafter Hai-O) approached us in 2013 to brand the mattress as Bio Velocity Sleep Mate. Central to this confidence are the past records we’ve witnessed with our own eyes, more so from the evidence in the published journals of Open Journal of Ecology (Vol. 4, No. 11, August 2014), Global Journal of Health Science (Vol. 9, No. 9, 2017) and the International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences (Vol 6, No. 7, July 2018 & Vol. 7, No. 3, March 2019). Through the published experiments in the journals, the parameters of 40 volunteers experiencing sleep with the mattress cover in 30 minutes and another 18 volunteers with insomniac conditions sleeping over it daily for one month have shown positive improvements in their psychophysiological and energy state, while for the insomniac volunteers, better sleeping pattern.

81 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

How did the studies attain the results? They were measured through Crownscopy which gauges a person’s psychophysiological state in terms of entropy (distribution of energy), number of energy centers or chakras in dysfunction and adaptation (to measure energy reserves); systolic and diastolic pressure test for blood pressure; Stange Probe or breath-holding test to estimate cardiopulmonary reserve; Luscher Test for the psychophysiological state such as mental fatigue, mental tension, anxiety, emotional stress, working capacity, total deviation, vegetative coefficient; and subjective assessment. If we flipped back to the results shared in Chapter 2, we may also recall evidence such as better physiological stability, improved balance and an increase in the body’s energy contributing to better working capacity. Burdensome psychophysiological deficiency such as mental fatigue and anxiety were also reduced, as were reports of reduction in back pains, headaches and insomnia by the insomniac volunteers. Encouraged by the results, our partner Hai-O became the first to bravely step into the game with us to market this wonderful sleeping partner and without any inhibitions, the scientific formula derived from our earthly minerals matched with our quantum biophysics concoction broke all sales records as it heals and rejuvenates the sickly and the less than healthy individuals. Issues like the loss of focus while driving, lack of concentration during work or in class, the inability to walk up flights of stairs, run around the jogging tracks or swimming lap after lap have all been reported as a thing of the past by our users. It is no longer science fiction reserved for the bionic man but one that has quite imaginatively injected springs into their heels and strengthened their core and overall physique while they get their forty winks dreaming of a stronger tomorrow.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 82

But what then for the already in the pink of health with an athletic body and adventurous lifestyle to boot? It will add more vigour and strength as their bodies are recalibrated while they sleep soundly at night, every night, and even in the day for that much needed afternoon siesta.

Miracle Bra Pads Another revolutionary creation in the house is one of our latest products first released in the Japanese market around 2017 dedicated to the ladies, the Miracle Bra Pads. Not to be mistaken with the commercially available bra padding for a fuller bosom appeal and cleavage visibility, our Miracle Bra Pads are a performance-driven breast care product that invokes intrinsic transformation in the ladies breasts. The ultimate result, better breast health. Developed as a product after a lengthy observation of the female breast care and wear market which has always been flooded with cream and massaging oil, herbs, supplements, not forgetting the massive selection of bras to enhance one’s sensuous bust line such as the push up, half cup, strapless, convertible, sports and bustier (popularised by singer Madonna towards the end of the 20th century), there was still an absence of an enhancer that have the propensity to alter the physiological attributes of the breasts from the inside out and more importantly, without invasive breast augmentation procedure or cosmeceutical surgery. Whilst we’re still on the topic, it would also be opportune to remind ourselves that although there have been claims for supplements induced estrogen and progesterone by ingestion to promote breast enlargement, medical practitioners were and will

83 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

perhaps continue to be wary of such outright statements. Dr. Celeste Robb-Nicholson24 in her article “By the way, doctor: Do breast-enhancement supplements work?” on the Harvard Health Publishing website, part of the Harvard Medical School, wrote, “Estrogen and progesterone are the only natural hormones we know of that increase breast size. But as you may know, studies have linked excess estrogen and progesterone with breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke in postmenopausal women. These hormones may be prescribed in medications such as oral contraceptives and postmenopausal hormone therapy, but they’re not approved for breast enhancement.” Another article, Breast Enhancement, by the Winchester Hospital in Massachusetts in USA also cautioned the potential cancerous effects of estrogen and progesterone supplements. The article however went further to explain where instead of enlarging the breasts, it may in the reverse, shrinking them due to the natural biological reaction in the estrogen receptors with the presence of ingested estrogen and progesterone.25 The same article suggested that up until the time of writing, there wasn’t yet any evidence of such clinical trial based on a double-blind or placebo-controlled studies of breast enhancement products, “Until breast enhancement products are subjected to this form of study, it is not possible to take any of them as evidence-based.” In that regard, BAE is fortunate as we have taken the trouble to back our hypothesis with such medically accepted practice of a double-blind study through Professor Edward’s team in Russia. We’re also glad to have taken the bold step to get it published in the International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences (Vol. 7, No. 3, March 2019). To delve deeper from the mentioned results in chapter 2, the “Breast State Improvement by Using the Lymphatic Drainage Disposable Bra Pads” study engaged 30 female participants in total with 15 ladies

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 84

assigned to use the BAE energised bra pads for two months while another 15 in the Control Group were told to do the same except the bra pads were not energised. Through the use of ultrasound elastography (to determine changes in the elasticity) and pattern recognition (to detect changes in nipples position), 80% of the ladies from the group wearing BAE energised bra pads experienced improved elasticity compared to only 20% experiencing the same in the control group. From the pattern recognition method, there was also photographic evidence to show positive elevation of the nipples position, a phenomenon that is quite unheard of without expensive surgeries. On the whole, up to 97% of the participants responded positively to the trial. Technically, our BAE bra pad is a pair of lymphatic drainage accessories designed to combat sagging breasts and deteriorating suppleness due to aging. We figured, if our BAE technology is able to contribute or in some way counter the effects of aging without any form of surgery but through a wearable device or as part of breasts wear, we would then be able to help stem the decline of breasts posture, nipple ptosis and its associated disappointments experienced by women worldwide. Branded commercially as the Miracle Bra Pads and created to influence the lymphatic flow of the breasts, we believe this is a paradigm shift to treating breasts issues. Through our technological prowess, we have meticulously designed the bra pads to ensure it is able to quantum biophysically penetrate into the breasts so it can improve, stabilise and reinforce the bonds between molecules and cells in the breasts. Because there is no surgery involved, our effective technology relies on our BAE quantum biophysics formula to raise the posture of the breasts when they are in proximity with the pads to optimum level.

85 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

As the bra pads are uniquely created with minerals and ingredients such as amphibole as an agent promoting blood flow, activating enzymes and deodorising properties; titanium ore for muscular relaxation; maifan stone for its potent detoxification; and nano silver for its anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal effects, it should surprise no one that the results from the study demonstrated superiority exceeding forecasted readings because inherently, our Miracle Bra Pads are able to influence better lymphatic circulation thereby activating surrounding breasts cells from the pectoral muscles, subcutaneous fat pad to the areola and nipples for breast enhancement. Factors that were often overlooked as reasons for the disfiguring of the breasts such as breastfeeding, use of unsuitable bras that are either too loose or too tight, absence of sports bras during sports, undue stress caused by wrong treatments such as massages or supplements including aging can now be reversed with the Miracle Bra Pads. The best part of this entire process is that one need not go under the knife or subscribe to multiple tubs of supplements that may bring other side effects unknowingly. A proud Malaysian-Japanese product, the Miracle Bra Pads stand as one of the hallmarks of BAE as we envision its impact to begin taking shape very soon in the Southeast Asian market after the warm reception in Japan. The joke that says women breasts cannot defy gravity may also end with Miracle Bra Pads because continuous usage in the long run can elevate one’s sensuous appeal that much more. Confidence at dinner parties with friends and in sports will no longer be a subject of ridicule if one has been burdened by the psychological impact and embarrassment caused by their inferior bosoms. The result will speak for itself, be they at home, at work or wherever they go.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 86

Sanitary Pads Right around about the time of the release of this book is when the mass produced female sanitary pads have existed past its centennial presence. The convenience prevalent now with different ranges of pads suited for different days of the menstrual cycle is considered abundance when compared to its founding days back then. Unlike modern times today where a doting father could happily go up to the store, pick out the right one and pay it at the counter before bringing it home to his daughter facing the time of the month, it was taboo to even ask a male clerk at the store for it, let alone picking them out in broad daylight at the aisles of supermarkets and pharmacies. But one must remember, the female gender existed as long as her counterpart male companions, how then did the ladies of yore handle this sensitive topic on a monthly basis? From the webpages of the sanitary pad history, there have been many versions describing the different methods used for our fairer ancestors in the different continents of the world. In the ancient days, there were homemade rags and lightweight wood as primitive tampons for the Greeks, homemade cotton or sheep wool pads or rags for the Romans, tampon-shaped from soft papyrus for the Egyptians, rolls of grass or grass mats for the Equatorial Africans, all these before the 17th century European ladies began devising absorbent homemade pads out of cotton fibres and waste, oil silk which was easier to wash, wood, wool wadding and linen.26 Another based on scholarly research also believed the lack of innovation to halt the monthly flow was due to the less than expected demand in the earlier days because of the natural living cycle of a woman. Some of the contributing reasons were that ladies of those early days tend to begin menstruating at a later age, got married at an earlier age and consequently giving birth much younger and more frequently than today, and to top it all they also died at a much

87 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

younger age.27 By any measure, to continuously bear children as soon as they are of age and to depart due to a shorter life expectancy is a subject too mind boggling for our society today. Grateful to our earlier ancestors as to how they dealt with their primal duty to procreate, we now must be even more appreciative of the advancements brought about by science and technology that has given birth to the fancy and diverse range of the sanitary pads, but not before we pay homage to the nurses who found cellucotton used in the bandages to be more absorbent on blood during World War I.28 That’s right, thanks in part to the first most vicious war of the world between 1914 to 1918, the modern day sanitary pad was born out of the enlightenment dawned on the Florence Nightingale’s. It was from such a depressing environment when they made the game changing discovery, and of all things bandages to treat wounds, to be far superior than the conventional rags and pads handed down from their mothers and grandmothers. It was also more preferred than some of the products that had already entered the market such as the menstrual cups, rubber pants and Lister’s towels, “Ladies Elastic Doily Belts” and “Antiseptic and Absorbent Pad” all because of the social sentiments surrounding the purchase of such products in the public.29 And so, the sanitary pad industry lit off in the last 100 years or so, with the world already well underway in the 2nd Industrial Revolution from the late 19th to the early 20th centuries having mastered mass production to discovering new resources both from the natural and synthetic.30 Today, as we are living in the 4th Industrial Revolution, BAE is poised to take the sanitary pad industry to another level. With our groundbreaking and what could be the industry’s first 4-in-1 sanitary pad, we are perched at the top of the pecking order as far as bringing benefits during the menstruation cycle is concerned.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 88

Through the use of our BAE technology, negative ion, far infrared and nano silver have been chosen to be infused into the sanitary pads just like the Miracle Bra Pads for a specific purpose - anti-microbial, anti-malodour, rejuvenation through better blood flow and mitigates risks of menstruation or gynaecological disorders and problems. Especially vital is the risks of cervical cancer among ladies where in 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that up to 50% or 266,000 of the 528,000 reported cases have met with their untimely demise. In Malaysia, the likelihood of women having reached their menopause and being infected with the cervical cancer is about 25% or one in every four women. From the estimated 83% of the female population infected with gynaecological diseases or disorders, approximately 62% were caused by the wrong choice of sanitary pads that were either unsafe or not approved by the Ministry of Health. Common pads found to be wrong tend to be those with overbearing chemical levels or wrong choice of materials used. It is also believed that as our diet has changed in accordance with the way our food is farmed, we have seen a biological shift in reaching puberty. Instead of starting in the teenage years, children as young as nine and ten years old have begun their first cycles. Other disruptive patterns include irregular, early, late, skipping and overly frequent menstruation cycles as well as excessive bleeding when it’s time of the month. Extreme conditions such as cramps and severe emotional fluctuations caused by the more common premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or the rare premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) may also be better regulated with the BAE sanitary pads. Similarly, in terms of procreation, BAE sanitary pads can promote a healthier bill gynaecologically. This should then encourage a healthier conceiving process and consequently a healthier baby.

89 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

As such, whether it is by chance or a stroke of miracle, the arrival of BAE’s sanitary pads to positively influence menstruation and gynaecological health now stands as one of the most important innovations we bring to the market. Not only are the materials used in the multilayered sanitary pad superior, the impact arising directly from BAE’s quantum biophysics technology makes it an even more distinctive proposition. There is no comparison, not when we inspect our materials such as the food grade adhesive used in our pads, fragrance-free, superb absorption (100ml in less than 10 seconds) and an overall three years shelf life. It is heartening to also know that our BAE sanitary pads are made in Japan, a country renowned for its fastidious manufacturing process. Like the Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, Hai-O has also commissioned their own label on our BAE sanitary pads called Bio Seleza. Sales has since shot through the roof for this premium class sanitary pad.

Synergy Alfalfa Concentrated Drink According to the Arabic language, the alfalfa is the King of Herbs or King of Foods given its high nutritional value. Said to originate from South and Central Asia, there have been recorded evidence of the use of alfalfa stretching back in history to the first century where the Greek herbalist Dioscorides wrote about its nutritional use.31 The perennial plant of the alfalfa has many names, some of which include Medicago Sativa, Buffalo Herb, Lucerne and Purple Medick. It has often been used as animal feed for generations and the green leafy hay is said to be highly nutritious and palatable to the livestock. These days however, there is a wider awareness and acceptance of alfalfa for us humans where the health conscious has often been seen picking tiny nutritional alfalfa sprouts for their sandwiches at the delis which makes for a great alternative to conventional vegetable choices like the tomatoes, cucumbers and the likes. Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 90

Its high content chlorophyll has also been very much sought after in the marketplace among health foods lovers, which unbeknownst to many has been sourced right from this powerful herb. If we were to return back to school, we will remember chlorophyll is the green pigment on the leaves that is needed during the photosynthesis process for the plant to produce its own food. Now, if we pause for one second and reflect, just on the face value itself without tunneling down to too much detail, how much can we derive if we were to consume chlorophyll as it is? But before we go on to praise and worship this green dynamite, we ought to be reminded that alfalfa alone has been lauded for its outstanding health contents such as its antioxidants, vitamins C and K, copper, folate, magnesium, low in calories and has a high content of bioactive plant compounds which includes saponins, coumarins, flavonoids, phytosterols, phytoestrogens and alkaloids that make it a perfect agent to lower cholesterol, diabetes and relieving symptoms of menopause.32 Despite all its pomp and circumstance, alfalfa as a mass produced beverage is still so rare that it puts BAE ahead of the curve with our brand in the market. Thus far, there has not been any legitimate study conducted outside of our office that can vouch for its health benefits yet it is this very reason that motivates us to keep moving forward with this King of Herbs. Back to the chlorophyll and just drawing information from our very own laboratory tests, we can identify several major functions that puts chlorophyll in pole position: 1. Cleansing the blood flow and toxins from the body while increasing the oxygen level in the blood and acts as a great antibacterial agent;

91 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

2. Balancing the pH level of the body and improving the immune system; and 3. Nourishing the body by increasing red blood cells, improving overall cells growth and heightening the metabolic rate. Now because we are a company whose mission with the BAE technology is to improve any product that comes out of our lab, the BAE Synergy Alfalfa Concentrated Drink is no different. Through our patent-pending BAE technology, we have energised it right from the quantum level. The result is a better tasting beverage and above all, eases absorption when ingested into the body so it can quickly get down to business and begin the revitalisation process. After producing the beverage that can be consumed through tincture or by the mixing of water with just one or two tablespoonful, our BAE Synergy Alfalfa Concentrated Drink steps up to the task by delivering an even more powerful punch for our daily lives especially those who are suffering from high cholesterol. Documented evidence from the medical and health foods industries aside, our customers have discovered for themselves first-hand that after consuming our BAE Synergy Alfalfa Concentrated Drink, they have experienced a world of a difference from their daily habits and routines. The explosion of the energy levels has enliven their spirits to live cheerfully everyday and have cited sufficient energy to cope with the demanding stamina to play with their children or when they turn to sleep at night with their spouse. When put to the test by Professor Edward using the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) camera to detect the energy levels or aura emission from a person’s body, the results indicated an enhancement of 51% from the original patchy aura before consuming the BAE Synergy Alfalfa Concentrated Drink.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 92

Some of the other lengthy testimonial evidence include the resistance to bacteria growth, improved immune system and heart’s functions, better blood circulation and metabolic rate, rid of body odour and bad breath, a more comfortable digestive system, speedy healing from wounds and cuts, a more balanced body if it was too acidic before as well as slowing down the aging process. Speaking of which, some of our customers have also used BAE Synergy Alfalfa Concentrated Drink for their facial use to astonishing results. But in spite of the exceptional qualities of the alfalfa, one must be cautious not to recommend it to the pregnant ladies, those under the prescription of blood thinning medications, carrier of an autoimmune disease called lupus and a sensitive skin condition under the sun.

ProGreen In our quest for energy saving, the human race has invested heavily into products, services and also advanced thinking for new and innovative ways to record and take account of metrics concerning green resources. From simple and common conservation practices of reutilising things such as plastic bags, containers, bottles to handme-down clothes, furnitures and cars, we have gone on to produce rain water harvesting system, solar panels, eco-friendly paint to larger endeavours like wind farms, the carbon credit system, electric cars, and the list goes on. The inquisitive mindset could theoretically not stop at just today because people continuously think up exciting ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness to save ourselves from what mother earth has been left with after all the exploitation, and plundering if we may, of her resources. Presumably the dinosaurs did walk the earth before and perished, the ancient cavemen did evolve to become more learned and matured into the 21st century, we owe it to ourselves that this civilisation we live in right now must not work ourselves to death by depleting whatever that’s left on earth beginning with the precious oxygen 93 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

we breathe in, the optimum temperature to cohabit within and the ecological balance to thrive under. To thwart the equilibrium of any of the elements would mean significant and detrimental damages to our ecosystem for the present, future and our children’s future generations. At BAE, we have demonstrated through the above products and also through the publishing of our studies and experiments worthy of the international scientific journals, that we mean business when we have scientifically been able to substantiate our advantageous position with the use of our patent-pending BAE technology. We believe this quantum prowess we possess can affect change right from the molecular level without intervention like surgery and ingestion (with the exception of the alfalfa beverage) is second to none. Our technology is clean as we harvest our ingredients and minerals from mother nature itself. Without infusing it with harmful chemicals, we have been able to drive exceptional results that are measurable and observable through statistical analysis and numbers. The forbearance and fortitude that have taken us through the many decades right from the time when it was discovered to the time when we have acquired it as our baby is evidence of our confidence in this superior technology we can call our own. And as the world has also driven itself with the capitalist mindset to introduce product after product for world adoption and to a certain extent anticipating for a world dominance, we are also not left behind as one of the proponents and economic contributors aligned with conserving the earth for today and tomorrow. Without precluding the importance of the above products, we have also experienced rapid recognition among our users and customers as soon as we raised the curtain to our motor vehicle gas emission reduction and fuel savings energised stickers to the market. Our winning ways of fluid sales speaks for itself and equally impressive is our homegrown product has also won the hearts of the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA) where we clinched the Best Green Invention Award at the JIPA Award in 2013 in conjunction with

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 94

the 24th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2013) held in Kuala Lumpur. This Award is especially sweet because enroute to this victory, we beat more than 300 participants, some of whom have been veterans and mainstays in the invention stratosphere. It is an achievement for us as a newcomer into the arena, more so with a product that has no nuts and bolts to show for except for the numbers where it mattered most. So what exactly is this motor vehicle gas emission reduction and fuel savings energised stickers about? To put it simply, after attaching the stickers to the exterior casing of the airflow intake and engine block of the car, there will be reduction in the emissions of harmful gas such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NO2) and hydrocarbon (HC). The energised stickers, known at BAE as ProGreen, are also able to lower the temperature of specific vehicle parts and raise the power in torque for better performance. Consistent with all BAE products, this vehicle sticker was put through many tests to ascertain its effectiveness. We did this by simply attaching the stickers on the exterior parts of the car without injecting itself into the fuel or oil mix and neither did we effect change by altering any parts of the car. We have begun testing the stickers as early as 1999 with one of the leading fuel players in the world and our Malaysian flagbearer, Petroliam Nasional Bhd or more commonly known as Petronas. Through the multi-day tests undertaken by the oil giant’s research arm at Petronas Research and Scientific Services Sdn Bhd, we deployed the use of four and six stickers against the control set without the stickers. The results showed fuel savings at intervals of 20th and 26th hours including lowering of the air intake, ambient and spark plugs temperatures and significant reduction in relative humidity.

95 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

In another test by the Environmental Technology Research Centre at SIRIM (formerly known as the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) in 2013, parameters under observation were carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide (NO) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). The test was conducted on a vehicle manufactured 12 years earlier in 2001 with a mileage of more than 182,000km. After three days of testing, measurements taken on the final day showed significant reduction in nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide with noticeable efficiency in carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. In 2014, we ran two tests before the commissioning of our rebranded vehicle stickers for our partner Hai-O. Called JTX-Airtracker, the first test was to gauge the car’s exhaust emissions where we aimed to track the level of changes in carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and respirable particulate. Carbon dioxide emission was found to have dropped by over 86% after two hours of running the vehicle while carbon monoxide experienced a drop of 56% after the same time interval. In terms of respirable particulate, we were impressed with a decline of slightly more than 31.9%. The second test took place a month later at SIRIM QAS International and this time, the test was more elaborate as it adopted the industry standards for testing a car’s performance. Our parameters were the engine’s torque, engine brake power (different from the brakes to stop vehicles from moving), brake specific fuel consumption, brake thermal efficiency and gas emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbon and oxygen (O2). Results from the performance perspective were excellent as the measurements showed more than 15% improvement in engine torque and brake power. For brake specific fuel consumption and brake thermal efficiency, the improvements were slightly over 10%.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 96

In terms of gas emissions, hydrocarbon showed the best reduction with over 15% improvement followed by nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. Different from the earlier test, the level of carbon dioxide however did not show much of a difference throughout the test. The same was with oxygen emission. But considering the overall results, the rebranded JTX-Airtracker were certainly fit for use when compared to a vehicle without the aid of such a non-invasive enhancer. If it’s anything to go by, the sales volume through the agents at Hai-O has exceeded all expectations with turbo-charged sales year after year. Suffice to say, BAE has gone off to a blistering pace once the partnership with Hai-O has proven itself that it was both a show stopper and a long term sustainable business model for Hai-O and BAE. In the next sequel of the race, we are adamant that BAE can propel any product to the top of the table. The question is, who will be willing to join us on this ride of the century?

97 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Part 3

Activating an


Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 98

99 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Chapter 5

LIFE Fountain

Life is constantly at odds, and at risks. Question is, are we conscious about it?

From the beginning of time, life challenges have never been short of supply. With kingdoms and empires fighting for dominance, families and bloodlines battling out for inheritance, and the citizens at large striving to climb onto the next rung of the ladder, we have worked ourselves to the upper limits without realising we’ve sometimes cracked the ceiling to the detriment of our own future. The capitalist society we’ve lived in has taught us that the Laissezfaire trade is the way to go and when push comes to shove, cash remains the glittering king. Inspired to be the next on the covers of renowned magazines and blitzing the airwaves with personal anecdotal quotes as biblical truth, the senseless war on others has squeezed aspirants into the narrow path to numero uno, only to court hazards along the way, ripping personal relationships, friendships and more importantly, the strong structure of our own health.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 100

At what cost do we go and make minions of our “opponents”? Lots, without a shadow of a doubt. Given that we are living in the most advanced civilisation in human history, it is unlikely our own advancements will recede anytime soon. Why because even the pandemic Covid-19 has not truly compelled us to live a different life other than invoking momentary self awareness to what’s most important. This is despite the 5.8 million reported infected cases and about 358,000 deaths worldwide (at the time of writing). How then are we to look at remodelling our habits in a total about turn? As a practitioner and to a certain extent preacher of a healthy and natural lifestyle, the Covid-19 pandemic’s enforced quarantine has led to some welcoming realisations among our brothers and sisters and for this, I must confess, I am quite pleased. For a start, I am impressed and will continue to welcome such tones of awakening because it brings renewed spirit and the reordering of priorities. Today, after being homebound longer than any of us could imagine, personal health has climbed back to the top of the chart. It has regained its rightful place to reign higher than any job and any pay pack that demands 36, 48 or 72 hours of productivity in a day. During this quarantined days, a chinese saying was also brought to mind, “铁不冶炼不成钢,人不运动不健康”. Simply translated, “it would not be possible to produce steel without smelting iron ore with intense heat. Likewise, a healthy body cannot be attained without proper and regular exercise.” As we’re stuck at home in the lengthiest period of this era, our fitness level will suffer if we do not embed the much needed workout into our schedule. A persistently long period of inactivity will lead to a

101 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

host of health problems and I am glad that the conscious few have been mindful enough to sweat it out at home so they could focus better in front of the screen. If not for better productivity, at the very least, it will keep the doctors further away. During this period, I also welcome those who have now been touched by the family “drama” because without it, life will be too boring and sterile. After all, these are the reasons that drove us to work tirelessly, sacrificing precious weekends and compromising our home life in the process. Yes, if not for our families, it is unlikely we’ll deliberately invest the hours late into the night and the weekends. Issues of working in strict discipline without taking the extra time to indulge in unnecessary and overbearing consumerism like shopping, fine dining and excessive alcohol consumption have also been erased, enabling us to retire earlier to bed and not glued to the screens to god forsaking hours. With the #stayhome order imposed worldwide, some form of restoration has taken root. If in the beginning there was stress due to the confined space, I have heard and seen joy from the same people who complained about living closely with their loved ones. They are in fact in better shape now since the stressful traffic crawls and office politics have been replaced with pure productivity. Even better are those who have tailored a new routine to include time for fitness. As they pump to the beat of reps and sets, so are their internal organs, receiving the rejuvenation to spruce up blood circulation and cell regeneration right from where they live. The less polluted air we have today thanks to the lockdown is a bonus too as it will crank up our bodily engines better. Rejoice is the only word I can attach to this catastrophic yet meaningful transformational season of the Covid-19. So as a universal lifeform, I must say, “Thank you.”

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 102

But where does BAE sit in all these that are happening today you might ask? Firstly, we must understand that before one can be victorious, he must practise what he preaches. Without and he’ll be relegated to only a great orator or a fast talking salesperson, nothing more. As such, if I were to attest to the experience of bouncing back from sickness in 1998 to health and right up until now, I can confidently say I feel much healthier, stronger, and strange as this may sound, younger too from the inside out. Secondly, I have adopted a radically different lifestyle since the health scare by taking to lifting weights, running and adhering to a balanced diet to prevent my body from crumbling again. The simplistic lifestyle of rising early to tap the inspirational morning is what I’ve practised daily and I enjoy it immensely. Thirdly, just from the above, the net effect would have given me a clean bill of health whenever I attend my health screen but because I have built BAE into my strict lifestyle regiment, I have inherited ultra superior results. It is as if I have undergone a time-reversal process of defying nature’s aging but without the use of a complex time machine because I do feel much younger than my actual age. Now if I were a conceited individual, you may judge me as a hardsell but for all intent and purposes, I have been praised for my youthful appearance everywhere I went to a point I began questioning if I have really turned back the clock and become younger? Could this be possible? Is BAE contributing to the much coveted prize of personal care - anti aging? The possibility is not zero and I am a living testament.

103 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Preventing & Fighting Diseases My recovery from the bout of typhoid fever thanks to the technology of BAE has given me a new lease of life and a rhythm that continues to raise my pulse until this day. I am more upbeat and definitely more willing to explore into new territories, case in point, the authoring of this book. At the point of putting this book together, I am 56 years of age but believe me, I have never felt better. From as far as I can remember, I have never been this fit and toned. Whether I was in school or in my younger days of 20’s or 30’s, my muscle mass and body fat were far off from the measurements I have right now. Although the mass media have often drummed up the 40’s and 50’s as the new 20’s and 30’s respectively, I could never truly live up to the hype until I’ve transformed so drastically. It goes without saying that my secret potion is BAE, notwithstanding a better diet and rest. Going from 98kg in a 5’10” frame to what I am now has been the most fascinating and I did it without starvation or surgeries. And to be honest, you can’t feel great if you were a wreck inside. It’s quite horrifying to look back at my heavyweight days, not only was I over the scale but I also overindulged in everything like food, wine and splurged nonsensically on material things like a fugitive let loose from prison. Speaking of which, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is currently on the rise globally with alcohol on an upward trend in selected regions.33 But the proportion of doctors to the number of people they can attend to is totally abysmal. The scarcity is extremely glaring too in Africa, Southeast Asia and Eastern Mediterranean with 3,324, 1,239 and 989 people to every single doctor available respectively. This is likely why medical frontliners have been completely exhausted in the battle against

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 104

Covid-19 with retired nurses and doctors called back to duty. The situation begs for us to think if we really should tailor our daily routine to include time for sports and recreation to strengthen our body and immune system because if we are fit and healthy, we will be more formidable against attacks of pathogens like viruses, bacterias and microorganisms, something which is highly important these days. On hindsight, it was a good thing that I was terribly ill in 1998 because without it I would not have stumbled upon BAE, and certainly would not have restarted a new life pattern in a whole new dimension. And if WHO’s data is anything to go by, our technology of not even needing an incision to the body to heighten our immunity and increase a layer of unseen protection matches what the world needs right now. If so is the case, BAE would be the ideal “weapon” to stem our health from declining and contribute to minimising medical consultations with the already scarce doctors. As related in the earlier chapters, I began the long journey to investigate, innovate, infuse and introduce BAE products to the market after acquiring the technology. These were done to dramatically improve the health of my customers. The following are some of my findings: • According to a survey by the National Centre for Health Statistics in the US published in May 2019 by several news outlets including Bloomberg, about 46% of Americans consume one or more prescription drugs in the 30 days prior to the survey report.34 This is close to half of the entire US population. Another report from “Health, United States 2004” collated data up until 2004 suggested that there were already 44% Americans taking at least one prescription drug.35 The same report also revealed that almost half of all Americans aged 65 years old and above were taking three medications or more.

105 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

School-going children (5 to 17 years) were not spared as well. If there were only 2.6 million visits to the physicians between 1994 to 1996 where stimulant medications to manage attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder were prescribed, the number more or less doubled to exceeding 5 million from 2000 to 2002. • Sub-Health Conditions or sometimes known as Sub-Optimal Health Conditions, Third Health Condition or the Grey State, is the intermediate state of our body between healthy and down with a disease. Based on a study carried out in the Guangdong province cited by the Raffles Medical Group in Singapore, close to 70% of the 8,500 college students and working adults surveyed suffered some kind of sub-health conditions with the females showing more severe symptoms than their male counterparts.36 What then are the symptoms of sub-health conditions? The United Family Healthcare in Beijing listed an extensive list which includes anxiety, emotional fluctuation, frequent headaches, indigestion, constant fatigue, nausea, weaker memory, difficulty to focus, general discomfort and irregular menstruation for the ladies.37 It is a condition prevalent among the stressful white collar professionals and in the more developed countries although not by a large margin when compared to the developing nations. The absence of worklife balance hence is one of the key culprits that contributes to the grave state of our health. The unfortunate part is, those classified under sub-health conditions are usually not sick enough to warrant prescriptions from western medicine. As such, if these “patients” were to be treated in the West, the prescription will tend to only include suppressing drugs or sometimes even placebos so they can endure the disruptions and live a “normal” life. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has also been a popular remedy for those with sub-health conditions. Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 106

• Radiation from technological innovations are especially strong these days, what more with the rolling out of 5G connectivity worldwide. Increasingly, we will be exposed to these harmful waves without even knowing it. And so a pertinent question begs to be answered, will there be more illnesses caused directly by these tech accessories? Time will tell but my gut instinct says it will because we’re not just stopping at 5G. The negative aspects mentioned above are only a select group of the common problems faced by societies of the world and we have not even addressed the traumatic effects from climate change, sudden rise in mental health issues, stress induced from the 4th Industrial Revolution rat race, causation of bad quality food sources such as GMO (genetically modified organisms), chemical compound in the environment etc. Just as Covid-19 has suddenly appeared in our lives, we need to be watchful of what’s surrounding us so we do not succumb to the risks they bring. But back to BAE’s holistic mission of re-instilling our health and the youthful spirit of the 35-year-olds or 55-year-olds, we also can’t help but to go back to the origins of BAE - nature. For example, the increasingly stressed metropolitan folks have been bombarded with marketing campaigns to appeal for a more balanced lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, gyms, fitness centres, wellness sanctuaries and pharmacies have been mushrooming all over the bigger cities in the world. Even fitness programmes have creatively altered themselves over the course of time to fit the younger and more vibrant like planking and zumba, overshadowing yesterday’s trendy programmes like the yoga, bench presses, bicep curls and the likes. Aside from working out to break a sweat to raise the heartbeat or to have within reach the best that supplements can provide, customers are also told to intersperse their day with time to smell the roses or quite literally walk barefoot on grass, commonly known as “grounding”. 107 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

By grounding, it will relieve us from the positive ions accumulated from work related stress and neutralise it when our bare feet touch the grass. It’s a remedy that has been said to also change our brain’s electrical activity, bring benefits to skin conductivity, moderate our heart rate variability, improve glucose regulation, reduce stress and support immune function.38 While not downplaying the credits of such healthy regimes, we have developed BAE-energised products to contribute to the same. But because we work from the deep end at the quantum level, we can influence change from the basic level of our bodies. This is my way of extending my personal experience of returning back to health to our customers, including the “youth” that we all yearn to regain. This seemingly impossible mission of anti-aging hence is a priority for us because our products have demonstrated the desired characteristics when used by our customers, which is consistent with the results in the labs. As part of the complementary results derived from this age reversal process is the heightening of our immune system, making us less susceptible to potentially harmful pathogens. As a consequence, sub-health conditions will find BAE products a force to be reckoned with since our products work right from the inside thereby raising the resistance with better absorption of the intended minerals and health properties, promoting better blood circulation and energy flow. But the reinstatement of our health through BAE has in some ways been a mystery to many because it is done without any ingestible medication or supplement, and definitely without any form of surgeries. This is why sales of our products have grown by leaps and bounds and continues to be so from one year to the next. Our yearon-year performance beams like the floodlights at the stadiums, making them quite inelastic to market changes.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 108

From the sales as well, we have received uncountable compliments and testimonies, like how they were able to walk upright again, getting more restful sleep at night, reduced fatigue, better focus, a smoother digestion and an overall healthier body. Some customers have gone as far as ridding their dependency on medicated drugs after the remedial effects of BAE. I find this thoroughly satisfactory and know that our bet on this technology is second to none. I guess the old adage of “prevention is better than cure” applies fittingly well here because if one can reap the benefits of our products when they are ill, it can certainly amplify further if used on a fit and healthy body. Mind you, the Americans have led the way with drugs even for the children, before long the same will be seen in the other parts of the world. It is therefore our responsibility as parents and learned individuals to prevent this from happening in a big way.

Physically & Mentally Healthier I count myself a very blessed individual having the opportunity to use my products first-hand on a daily basis because it confers me the privilege to test the products before anyone and better understand the performance and comfort of using each and every product. With the exception of the female range, I have diligently and personally used products rolled out from the BAE factory. At home, I sleep on the BAE-energised mattress cover and it has proven to be a great bed companion for both my wife and I. Our sleep is better and we feel fully energised when we rise in the morning. Then in the morning, I will find time to meditate in a room which I’ve purposefully energised with BAE. As with most health regimes, the morning meditation is a good practice just on its own. But to go a

109 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

step further with a BAE-energised room, I am under no illusion that my meditation is better, more focused and provides me with better clarity when I attempt to tune into receiving the message for the day. This also helps with my overall physical and mental wellness as I resonate in harmony with my surroundings thanks to the BAE energy. When I’m out and about, my shoes are laid with our BAE-energised insoles for better blood circulation and comfort. This is my version of foot reflexology. From my daily personal care routine, I use Alive Organic, a range of natural and organic products including health foods like groceries. Alive Organic (Alive) deserves a mention here because all their products have been BAE-empowered for about 10 years now. It is also BAE’s longest B2B customer. Ever since BAE came into the picture, sales of Alive have increased over time, it has been phenomenal with repeat and new customers always present to purchase everything from the bath, body and skincare range of hair shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, hair colour, eye gel, anti-aging cream, facial cleanser, body wash, body lotion, to nutritional health foods such as cereals (for both adults and children), and dry groceries like seeds, rice, dried mushrooms, the list goes on. Alive’s signature lymphatic treatment with therapeutic head and body massages goes a step further from ordinary treatment rooms because other than BAE-energised essential oils, creams and lotions, the therapy beds and floors of the treatment rooms are also infused with BAE. This forms one of the most important building blocks of our business at BAE and a case study for would-be white labelling customers. For the business, BAE’s bountiful energy positions Alive as a product that is uniquely superior on its own, raising its profile as the one and only brand of such nature that exists. This is something both Alive and BAE are really proud of.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 110

As a white labelling customer, the praiseworthy reviews that go to the brand makes Alive an outstanding class of personal care products. Because every business term can be adjusted to suit our clients, the display of our name “BAE” becomes optional so the testimonies from our clients’ users can be directed back to our clients, with us sitting at the back celebrating the success of our customers. This is something we modelled from the new strategy post-BAE-crisis period. It has worked wonderfully well for Alive and there is absolutely no reason why it can’t be replicated with other brands and products in the market. For the record, our heavily guarded formula is also used by some of our other clients behind the veil of non-disclosure agreements. Respecting the confidentiality of our contracts, we are unable to disclose their names but suffice to say, they have no complaints thus far about the quality from BAE. And so, should a brand be keen to tap BAE as its energy powerhouse, it is an enquiry that is more than welcomed. Back to my personal health, the compelling results from two decades of interacting and using BAE-energised products daily for myself have undoubtedly elevated my physical and mental health to another level. I am not as easily perturbed and neither am I a nervous lot when faced with a stressful period of new challenges like working out of the comfort zone. In pursuing my annual goals, which I do in terms of my personal health and business, I am laser-sharp focused with not much distraction that can dissuade my attention. I believe this is a very clear advantage over my peers of the same age group who are no longer as active and

111 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

attentive as they once were. As a matter of reference, when I undergo my annual health screening, I will monitor my readings quite the same as I do the numbers on my business reports. The difference with my peers is this, it would not be acceptable if my markers displayed negative improvements because to me, the balanced lifestyle I lead should at the very least help my body maintain the status quo if not improve from year to year. It makes sense therefore to continue raising the bar so we can always keep our bodies in an optimum condition and be ready to counter the negative environment without problems. With some fair amount of success, BAE has given me little trouble upholding these goals. It’s a point I can truly boast about without saying a word and this is something I hope you will get a chance to experience.

A More Beautiful You Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder and it can never quite deviate from this idiom. At BAE however, we are in the business of helping our customers realise the potential of their products because only by attaining that optimum level can the meticulously created products begin to exude its authentic features and perform to the best of its purpose. Different from a whitening cream, anti-aging serum, moisturising toner or superfoods, the “BAE power plant” works on just about any product by enhancing its performance from the inside. Our quantum proposition firstly derives its energy from nature like the minerals but products are then embedded further with our patent-pending

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 112

technology so they are activated as soon as they leave our premises. This assures our customers the performance they can expect from products like our Miracle Bra Pads, sanitary pads, ProGreen vehicle stickers etc, and to markets as far as and as sophisticated as Japan and Korea. It is only when we are able to live life to the fullest will we then say life is beautiful; a statement so true even when one is living in squalid conditions yet contented by the presence of their loved ones. Conceptually, BAE does the same. We take a product, any product and infuse it with BAE. This raises the intrinsic value and resonates with its best quality. What this becomes is then a beautiful product to the one consuming it. To us, this product can be a glass of wine, a bowl of salad or a depleted soul, but because we are a company that believes wholly in our technological ability to rehash the quantum content, the magic is then guaranteed with only time as a determinant factor to realign back the balance that was lost. This brings to mind the theory of resonance in physics. To some of us, this is a familiar scene where the vibrations invoked on the tuning fork can damage the glass window panes or drinking glasses in near proximity quite dramatically. The propensity to do that comes from the vibrating tuning fork which raises the amplitude of the nearby glass. Once it exceeds the optimum point of vibration, the glass shatters. For us at BAE, this is where our technology performs at its best. What’s absent from the naked eyes are the vibrations surrounding us in that every object from our tables, chairs, our beds, the food we eat, the beverage we drink, they all possess a level of vibrations that is characterised by their own profile. Put in other words, every object has their distinctive energy level which makes them unique in their own way. It is like an identity profile, each to its own name and their accompanying characteristics like age, origin, size, weight, height, DNA, etc. In this instance, it is an object identifier that makes them who they are and what it is.

113 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

With the energy or vibrational influence from BAE, the resonance is re-tuned for optimum. The tuning of course takes time because it is not mechanised nor electrified, neither is it a drug one consumes to suppress pain or emotional instability in an instant. Our BAE effects are like the clean energy that performs like nature, with time they become the swan that you see, the banyan tree that provides shade or the streams that teems with marine life. The perfect ecosystem can only be formed as one ideal living environment over time and with some good landscaping and manicuring, it may even be pruned to be made more beautiful. In essence, BAE is like that. Our effects are not drug-led, hence we do not inject any harmful objects into the body. We also do not enforce mechanical movements to promote blood circulation or better physique mobility. Because we respect what nature has provided, including that of our bodies, we do not intrude with unnecessary charging of electricity, magnetic force or harmful radiation. And so what’s remaining is truthfully only the application of our product to your skin, your food or your vehicle. The work begins and ends after multiple applications of the same, so you retrieve back what was lost and recapture new memories to live a better life tomorrow. The empirical evidence from our scientific experiments which were subsequently published in the international scientific journals are like the currencies one can trust. Why? Because we are not trumpeting our success with only one proof of concept but in all products that we’ve rolled out, we’ve undertaken the painful and costly process to justify our technology. In most cases too, multiple experiments were done on just a single product so we could identify its true potential when looked at from different angles.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 114

Such lofty commitment over two decades did not go by just like that. The experiments were carried out to fulfill market expectations our customers will have confidence when BAE is presented before their eyes. Is the technology not justified when we’ve come this far? Is life not more beautiful when we’ve reached this stage? Will you not be more beautiful if you’re a BAE customer? I for one have never felt this beautiful and coming from a man, that’s a stronger statement than any statesman’s pledge or promises.

Keeping Up with Times With the world now battling for survival against the centennial fright of the Novel Coronavirus, the health, safety and disinfectant industries are headed for a bull market. This positive trend has come on the back of the virus fear, resembling the saying that one man’s misery is another man’s fortune. But even so, we at BAE have not hurriedly jumped into this Covid-19 frenzy despite our remarkable immune system raising results. Why did we not capitalise on this global outbreak? Firstly, our business has been cut out for us with a ready base of clientele to serve. It has kept us fairly busy even with the existing product range. Secondly, without disrespect to the medical practitioners in the market, my belief is that although BAE can be said to be “shit hot”, it has not been given the time to run sufficient tests in the laboratory against Covid-19. So instead of rushing through and forcing our product down the frontliners’ throat, it is best to remain where we are until the right time.

115 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Thirdly, I believe if we have a good product to sell, we must also give ourselves the privilege to put it through rigorous testings to satisfy the parameters required in the medical science discipline. A thorough test will help pave a longer runway for our product to walk on. But if we rushed into it prematurely, or worse like a distasteful opportunist, an early departure from the game is the eventuating fate. At this juncture of the book, I am confident to say even if there were peers out there pushing out products with similar or a variant to BAE, we are not too concerned. Why? Because in the realm of alternative, complementary and energy medicine, it is to my long and close observation that BAE is seated as the sole front runner that has committed with such depth and breadth. What do I mean by that? Ever since we bought the company and its technology from its earlier owners, and before we even secured our first real customer, we have put our technology to the test by running legitimate experiments through the hands of our very qualified scientist from Russia, Professor Edward. Since then, we have been able to churn out reports and the necessary data to convince the efficacy of our technology. In terms of the tests, we have also gone much further by undertaking more than just one mice experiment to justify multiple applications. From the mattress cover with insomniac “patients� to ladies trying out our Miracle Bra Pads and also assessing the energy aura of those who have used our products, there are now documented results that lends weight as authoritative reference points whenever we are challenged by inquisitive participants of our business from the different regions of the world. But we did not stop at just recording reports. Like a good science project or thesis, it ought to be peer-reviewed and get stamps of approval from the scientific community. The journey has been a very long and lonely one but in the end, we are proud to say we

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have put our money where our mouth is by having BAE experiments published in 10 international scientific journals. This is no easy feat as it takes more than ordinary perseverance to last the distance. By all accounts, I dare say we are among a handful of companies in the energy medicine space but probably the only one to have gone this far to substantiate our technology. In coming back to the topic of Covid-19, I believe we the human race has reached a sentimental realisation point when we see dolphins, kangaroos, otters, clean canals and clear skies as indicators that the world is indeed quite special. It is also at this point where we have found our humanly effort to fight against climate change, initiatives for recycling, conservation and preservation are miniscule compared to mother nature’s own strength to bounce back when people stay home. The eureka moment in this? The world is worth saving, much more now having witness earth’s inherent strength. In keeping pace with post-Covid-19 in the new normal, I am looking forward to a more conscious world with regular trips back to nature, making wise choices to mitigate pollution to the world, embracing products that are free from harmful chemical agents and running our daily lives with lesser use of oil, gas and coal. Because we are also living in the 4th Industrial Revolution, it is imperative for us to consciously choose technology to power our lives; artificial intelligence in this sense is a good starting point. These inner reflections will go a long way in keeping us healthy along the pathway of our individual lives. In the new normal, we should also have come to realise that we are no longer imprisoned by the struggles of job security, vanity of a decorated resume, constant upskilling, the nightmare to secure university placements or the repetitive and sometimes senseless fulfillment of targets and quotas. In its place now is the quality time at home with the loved ones, compelled also by the need to remain healthy, both physically and mentally.

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As a final outcome from this new lifestyle, I wouldn’t be too far off to suggest that the health industry will be the next to go into a bullish run. Backed by a wider awareness and acceptance, the conscious flow of our thoughts shall also influence our quantum resonance to be in sync when we reach the pinnacle of optimum in unison. This then will inspire a commercial bull rush with new players forcing their way through as market growth increases exponentially to sustain the insatiable demand for zen-like health level or what I’d term as quantum health level. When we arrive at this finish line, or to the newbies the starting grid, the world will then be thrusted into a whole new dimension where western medicine and its addictive drugs manufactured with harmful chemicals may no longer be the mainstream prescriptions anymore. Nature and its best will stand tall like it should and heal the world from all the acute, severe and sub-health conditions. A glorious and youthful era beckons.

“What if you could turn back the clock, but without the time machine?” Even before H.G. Wells’ science fiction novel The Time Machine was first published in 1895, the human race has striven for ways to reverse the clock. Some aspired to be younger, others were after leaner and stronger bodies. But without a doubt, most would rewind time just to return to their youthful era because that was when they were most carefree, feeling on top of the world and a time when life could run 72 hours in a day without the need to rest or refuel. Ever wondered if you could ever go back to that time? What if we told you it’s a highly plausible reality, would you believe BAE now?

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Chapter 6


ADOPTION Albert Einstein is a genius, period. To some of us now, those who grabbed headlines in news dailies are the real genius. We’re talking about people like Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Li Ka Shing, Robert Kuok, Tony Fernandes and the likes. But the difference between Einstein and the rest of the tycoons is this - one made theoretical discoveries that were proven even after his death and contributed to mankind, the rest made discoveries and couldn’t quite wait to profit from it during their lifetime. The ingenuity of people like Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Max Planck, Thomas Young and so on, are nothing short of miraculous. From invisible atoms, we realised the power of the atomic force and from the magnetised fields, we live daily now with electricity. The countless other discoveries that predated the 4th Industrial Revolution were the true heroes of their time and also

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ours, allowing us to pivot from them, making our lives that much more comfortable and convenient, which brings to mind, theoretical physicist extraordinaire Albert Einstein. “A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions” which was completed at the end of April 1905 but only submitted three months later on 20 July to University of Zurich was among the top four works of Albert Einstein’s of which all four were still cited and quoted as among the top eleven most cited papers after 50 years they were originally published. No other scientist had more than one paper in the top eleven.39 Findings of this paper has a lasting impact in the world because it has been widely used until today such as understanding and predicting the behaviour of milk during the process of making cheese; studying of pollution and the way particles called aerosols is spread through the atmosphere; and problems involving behaviour of cement transported in liquid form and the design of the lorries to carry the cement. He also discovered theories about the gravitational force, bending of spacetime, lights explained by wavelength, the redshift, expanding universe and also theorised the first version of what would become laser (abbreviated from Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). His theories were said to be still proven by physicists in the second half of the 20th century and well into the 21st century due to availability of better technology to conduct the experiments. On the world stage of awards and recognition, it was his first paper in 1905 on light quanta which we now know as photons that earned him the Nobel Prize but it took the scientific community 16 years to catch up with his idea to come up with the award. And so the year 1905 has

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been hailed as Annus Mirabilis or the Miraculous Year because Albert Einstein produced four papers including the most widely known E = mc2 even before he was made a professor. More astoundingly, he dabbled in physics only part time due to his daily occupation of close to six days a week at the patent office while caring for his first baby at home in his young family.

Genius? Unequivocally so and how about that for the science behind things that made the world a better place? Like evolution of the human race and conquering civilisations, time was and remains the common denominator that fetched inklings of what’s possible in science to proven theories, and of using apparatus that were absent when the theories were first proposed. But for those like Einstein, their celebrated stature knows no bound. Future physicists and scientists would be too gobsmacked by the practical implementation of the suggested theorems that they would bow down in awe to the one who braved doubters and naysayers to firstly inscribe their scientific impetus in the beginning. Like consequence of a physics theory that explains the efficient way to produce cheese, this was how Einstein grew from just a back office operator to somebody celebrated wherever he went; not by force but by the sheer ingenuity of seeing what nobody could see, yet. Speaking of seeing the unseen, the issue of Dark Matter has often bewildered my imagination and one of my favourites, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, explains it best.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 122

The affable Tyson has on many occasions interviewed for this and each time, without batting an eyelid went on the record to say because nobody knew what Dark Matter is, hence its label as “dark matter”, which for argument sake could very well be Fred, Wilma or just about any other name said the astrophysicist. His animated sharings also implored our minds to visualise, if there were less than 5% of known matter in the universe, that leaves the balance 95% of the matter unknown, other than the observable gravitational forces it has on the expansion of the universe.40 How does this impact us? It brings to mind a period when we’ve grown out of our adolescent and hormone raging days as a teenager and spending more time exploring new ideas and climbing the steep learning curves in college and universities. That the more we read, the more we realised there was more to learn from. The common saying of “the more you know, the more you don’t know” drove home this point but it would take almost two decades or more from birth of our human life to arrive at acknowledging this fact. Notice how time is again the currency? It goes without saying that in the earnest pursuit of a learned life, we must rise in maturity before we could even grasp what this world is made of. It is through such appreciation of how the world came to be that led me to be inspired by BAE and as mentioned several times in the course of this book, the multi-application of our technology has never failed to impress me. With positive affirmations kept coming time and again from Professor Edward’s experiments, I am humbled by the prowess of our technology and what we stand to deliver to our fellow brothers and sisters in the world.

123 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Science as they say is an exploration and through it, we have countless examples of how the world became a better place and to that end, BAE is a scientific project at heart that has the world as its audience. While we are perhaps still a distance away from global awards like the Nobel Prize, it pays for us to know what some of these discoveries were and they include lithium-ion batteries (awarded in 2019), cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation (awarded in 2018), molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm (awarded in 2017), the first electron microscope (awarded in 1986), theory of superconductivity (awarded in 1972), genetic control of enzyme and virus synthesis (awarded in 1965). The list goes on with a total of 597 Nobel Prizes presented to 919 individuals and 24 organisations from 1901 to 2019.41 In this sense, the world is never short of startling discoveries. It was through science that these breakthroughs have led us to operate life as it is today. These industry verticals would not have been if not for the arduous journeys by the diligent scientists and propagators themselves. If they did not pay the price, we will not be living in the delight of their hard work. Are we not then more humbled by knowing that someone had already burnt their midnight oil sacrificially just so that we can experience a different kind of life today? I hesitate to think that we’ll be this fortunate had it not been for them. The issue of a scientific pursuit is a long term game that comes like the shaping of our shoreline, mountain terrains or the habitation of the thick forests on the planet. In the beginning they may be as subtle as an undiscovered gold mine, only one or a few may know of its secret. But to unearth its potential, it would take an incredulous amount of time and resources to tip the scale. By the time the masses

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have come to realise there’s in fact gold, it’s public knowledge that someone has already done all the heavy lifting for it is now a mainstay in the market ready for wide adoption. The initial explorers can then look forward to a longer term horizon of promoting their not-so-new discovery in new packaging, brand and style, and maybe also to a larger community of friends and fans.

The Medical Field The medical field presents one of the most stringent disciplines when it comes to prescribing medicine to the public. It is designed that way because human lives depend on it. Prescriptions of the wrong medicine can bring catastrophic consequences to a person’s health and as such, it should not surprise anyone that any medicine made available to the public, be it from the doctor’s clinic or the pharmacy, must pass the high standards at the labs and the relevant health authorities. Then what about energy medicine like BAE? Although the performance of BAE has been promising, it remains a complementary partner to the medicines prescribed by qualified doctors. Now if we remember back in December 2014, the NCCIH (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health) took over the role of NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) because there was a growing number of Americans using complementary medicine. But not to be mistaken and as the name suggests, complementary medicine should come as an option for a person to take at his or her own will alongside the core medicine prescribed by the doctors. Complementary medicine in this sense should not be a total replacement unless the medical doctor consents to it.

125 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

For us at BAE, we are well aware of our position as a complementary category player and thus never promoted our products as the sole formula to treat illnesses, medical shortcomings or biological deficiencies. So instead of framing BAE as the only must-have cure of all, we stayed far away from such prophecies because we know full well the responsibility to heal remains with the medicines prescribed by the doctors. Nevertheless, what positions us differently is the fact that we have entered and led the market with a unique technology derived from natural resources that is quite unlike any other. In this regard, we thrive in knowing we can contribute to the overall health of a person in conjunction with medications from the well established pharmaceutical corporations. Take for example our Miracle Bra Pads, while we know the extent of its bosom enhancement capabilities through our tests and trials, we acknowledge that it should undergo rigorous clinical trials with the respective health authorities should it be classified as medicine or with medicinal properties. Along with it will be a host of factors to monitor such as dietary pattern, rest and recreation hours, personal medical records, sensitivities and more, not forgetting the amount of time it takes to complete the tests. An enlarged sample size from such a study will also provide statistically significant results that can convince or deny our hypothesis. The way the tests to be conducted will give rise to the sort of confidence the critical mass can come to rely on and whether it fits the bill as a medically certified product. Such tests are never new and one of the most highly publicised studies are those fighting the cancerous risks of cigarettes.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 126

Just gleaming on the surface of it, one will not escape from the claims that smoking of cigarettes increases the risks of cancer to the mouth and throat, esophagus, lung, stomach, colon, liver, pancreas, just to name but a few of the possible damaged organs. But when it was taken up as a legal case, the narrative became different because while the tobacco companies admitted to the causal relationship between cigarettes and cancer, they argued that the plaintiffs may not have suffered the deadly illness as a direct consequence of direct correlation.42 Courtroom dramas such as this were in the tussles for decades in the US, starting from as early as the 1980’s and well into the 2000’s. To be roped into the legal battles for decades is a long time but from there, countless studies would have been undertaken to prove or disprove the claims. This is where credibility of the research and data came to the forefront because not only are the plaintiff and defence involved, the verdict has a mass repercussions to the public market. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoking was estimated to affect one in four Americans including 14 million children as secondhand smokers between 2013 and 2014.43 As it stands, cigarettes contain 7,000 poisonous chemicals that are harmful to human health but strangely, when tobacco companies were dragged to the court, other factors like dietary condition and medical history came under the spotlight instead. We are mindful of the decades-long process but we are also in no position to pursue such a long drawn procedure just to prove a case, or at least not now. Our intention to not embark on this longer route is not because we fear the adverse test results, which in the contrary may see BAE-powered products passing with flying colours, but more importantly it stems from the confidence in our clean and natural technology and what it can bring to the consuming public.

127 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Insofar that we have been in business, customers have had no qualms in using our products with most regard BAE as superior, and the testimonials inclined from commendable to highly recommended. But whilst we say this, I must also emphasise that we have continued to educate our customers that if they were on medication as prescribed by the doctors, it’s best to continue taking those medications. The only additional step we’d advise is to monitor the progress of their health now that a BAE-product has become one of their daily companions. For example, if they had a surgery done on the breasts, the Miracle Bra Pads can be a therapeutic agent to harmonise the healing process because of its lymphatic treatment abilities. The better blood circulation induced from the quantum level will promote better recovery and become the catalyst to mitigate infections and any complications that might arise from it. As for our male customers with prostate conditions, we reckon the best remedy is the BAE-infused mattress cover. Extracting this from some of the comments we’ve heard, the inherent quantum therapy ensured some of our customers with prostate problems to sleep with little or no disruptions from the otherwise frequent night urination. It has also been said to improve their healing quicker when they sleep on our mattress cover while still on medication. Other accompanying illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol also experienced some level of recovery. On the whole, the effects of our BAE products contribute to our well-being in a subtle yet effective way. This comes as no surprise because with adequate rest, one should theoretically have better energy balance in the body that correspondingly boosts the doctor’s prescriptions. What we must realise from here is that as far as the relationship between conventional medications and BAE’s energy

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 128

medicine is concerned, a symbiotic correlation exists. In this instance, and please bear with me, I would frame it in the context of war, more specifically, the deployment of the air force and the ground platoons. Whenever the air strikes are commissioned, it is to incur substantial damage to the enemy’s territory such as to cripple any potential counter attack that might arise from the enemy’s line. However, a complete annihilation cannot be achieved just like that because some will escape the bombs and missiles launched from the fighter planes and drones. This is where the ground platoons come in really handy as they infiltrate to sweep every corner and crevices of the enemy’s land with accuracy and coverage. To me, the air strike is akin to the commanding attacking strategy of the doctor’s prescription while the ground platoons penetrate like BAE. Whichever areas that were precluded or missed by the air artillery, they will then be struck down by the ground battalion. This age-old war time strategy is an effective way to clean up an enemy’s stronghold and by working together, the two potent platoons become a cohesive effective strike force. This I feel is the most offensive strategy to work against the intrusive threats of the enemies like the viruses, bacteria and diseases which when left unguarded will floor our immune system.

129 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

The Evergreen Agriculture Another front liner that could act just as effectively is through the counter strikes at the farm fields. How so? Farming as we’ve come to know of it has been around for centuries. It is as old as the ancient farmers who toiled and worked around the clock to till the soil so it’s soft enough for seeding. Farmers are used to adapting to the seasonal weather and climate changes so they’ll know what is best to produce in a particular time of the year. The same applies today with the exception of only the sophisticated tools and machinery to assist where men find incrementally difficult to do as demand rises. If we inspect history, the Industrial Revolution between 1760 to 1840 in Britain, or also known as the First Industrial Revolution, encompasses a revolutionary change when agricultural improvements expanded its output to meet the needs of nonagricultural families.44 This was a time when observable changes that defined the era included the new use of basic materials like iron and steel; new energy sources of coal, steam engine, electricity, petroleum, and the internal-combustion engine; invention of new machines like the spinning jenny and the power loom to multiply production; organisational workflow or more commonly known as the factory system; developments in transportation and communication including the steam locomotive, steamship, automobile, airplane, telegraph and radio; and the increasing application of science to industry. The industrial revolution that encouraged rapid urbanisation in Britain also saw more people moving to the cities for their new found opportunities and with it was escalating demand for food production at the farms. Raising production to meet this demand became the bread and butter that motivated the agricultural families and villages.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 130

Without resourceful agricultural practices, it would not be possible to ride along the revolution’s wave and feed the city dwellers while keeping the storehouses in check to prevent famine and hunger before the next harvest. The same can be said of today as well where despite the advanced technology to support agricultural practices, we are undoubtedly over reliant on chemically laced fertilisers that most times have raised the eyebrows of food observers and medical practitioners. In most countries, this is a silent or passive awareness because the cleanest technology and method to farming are often sidelined due to market inefficiencies. Without saying too much, I believe most of our readers can read between the lines. Because of the high handed tactics, invested stakeholders would succumb to the exposure of overbearing lethal levels of chemicals in the name of profits. As an entrepreneur who has seen the light, it pains my heart to see the deplorable state of these farmers who are often left with little choice but to continue their trade. This is where I feel BAE’s existence can make a difference albeit in a smaller way, and despite our very baby steps in Malaysia. What we believe is this, our clean BAE technology is a legitimate contributor that can change the way farming is done. It can also extend the benefits of the harvest to a greater scale, beyond what ordinary agricultural methods have achieved so far. And because we are clean, the eventual harvest will be an immaculate collection of produce that can rival that of our industry favourite, organic. Is BAE organic then? Well, to put it simply, our technology uses no chemicals and neither do we engage in extreme electromagnetic forces to generate our energy. Then the next question is, do we cultivate our own farming produce? The answer is not entirely no but we also do not possess our own farm land, and here’s where it gets interesting.

131 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

From the days of yore until now, surpassing all the industrial revolutions, farming remains a much needed industry sector that is crucial to the livelihood of our global citizens. It’s quite difficult for us to fathom days without food like the famine experienced in some undeveloped countries. But here we are, armed with the best of technology to plant and harvest like the big developed nations of the US, Germany, Australia and more, it’d be foolish for us to think the mass producers are still farming with a hoe. These days, even before organic became fashionable, farming has always championed economic prosperity because of one sole reason - the ability to heighten harvest in the shortest span of time with the least expenditure possible. This rather elementary-ish school of thought is like Entrepreneurship 101, it’s a given, but how does one achieve this self actualisation in farming?

The answer, BAE-energised fertiliser. Simply put, to attain astronomical harvest is to inculcate certain best practices to reach there and with BAE, we can be one of your best “farming solution” practices. Just like yeast or fuel additive, fertiliser works magic to the harvest. The impactful catalytic harvest a farmer can enjoy is immense because not only will the crops increase, the frequency of harvest will also stand to gain and this is something we at BAE have experienced before. Back when we first started at the end of the 1990’s, we went to market with a unique formulation to energise fertilisers and we did that because of all the positive reasons stated above including the multiplier effects of farm produce. Bountiful harvest aside, we were especially enthused about the potential to extend our BAE benefits to more people than can say a Miracle Bra Pad or the mattress cover. With the individual products, it is sometimes limited to only the person using it to derive the best value from the product, or to the extent of their closer loved ones when they can see and feel the impact

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 132

of the positive change. But with farm produce, the entire household is the beneficiaries. When we multiply that simply to a select portion of the consuming public, the motivation quickly multiplies and it is so promising that our previous fertiliser collaborator was invited to get on national television, TV3, to share his views. In the interview, conducted way back in 1998 in a programme called Niaga, our collaborating partner Dr. Zainol Anuar Mohd Sharif was all praise about the excellent results from using BAE-energised fertilisers. He shared that through the BAE-energised organic fertiliser, the soil quality could “self-heal� to improve its quality, activating photosynthesis to another level and raising the volume of crops when it is time for harvest. He also recommended BAE fertiliser to new and small farmers who have just entered the industry, primarily because it is free from radical and chemical agents, making it safe for use without concerns of negative side effects. Said to be on par with practices of using activated organic fertilisers in the US, Japan and Taiwan, the actual harvest increased by 30% by way of length and size of each of the vegetable, frequency of the harvest and volume of the crops. When we tried it on palm oil, there were also marked improvements in size and taste of the fruits. Why is this possible? From our studies, and just like inducing lymphatic treatment through better blood circulation, the fertilisers were able to assimilate smoother induction of nutrients to the plants from the soil because there is now better absorption. The risen bioavailability of the nutrients was what gave rise to the remarkable quantitative and qualitative output. Because they are edible, one can also taste and know its distinct value compared to the normal crops. Judging from

133 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

what was shown on the TV, which is also on our website at, there were significantly larger sizes of the long beans and radish when compared to the same vegetables grown using ordinary fertilisers. Further to that, because the soil where the vegetation were planted had also improved in quality, it eases the growth of the next crop because it need not undergo any soil replacement or rotation as conventional farming would. Just looking at the time factor alone, this is already savings and an investment all-in-one. But what if the crops were made for or into animal feed? Then the poultry farmers will delight in the eventuating results of their healthier animals arising from having a BAE-energised diet. This then results in an all win situation - farmers, produce, poultry, ecosystem and customers. There’s really no better way to justify its cause when one can arrive at blessing multi-fold of goodness right from the source to almost every layer of the ecosystem.

Life Essential Water And what about water? But the more pertinent question is, which part of the water life cycle would be best to be BAE-energised? I believe when water is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is bottled water. The phenomenon of having safe potable water in bottles sold in sundry and retail shops may be thought of as a rather new evolution in the consumer market but it is not.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 134

According to history, bottled water dates back to 1622 in the UK when the Holy Well Bottling Plant established itself as the first water bottler in the world.45 The rest of Europe and the US would then be playing catching up in the 18th century. For example, the first American water bottler was set up in Jackson Spa almost 150 years later in 1767 while Johann Jacob Schweppe founded his carbonated water in Switzerland only in 1783. Bottled water caught on as a trend because of the perceived medicinal value in mineral and spring water but it was also a way to fend off from cholera and typhoid from municipal taps. Although it experienced good growth for many years, demand for bottled water declined in the early 20th century after the discovery of chlorination which made tap water cleaner and safer for consumption. The bottled water industry went through a revival in the 1970’s with French brand Perrier launching a US$5 million marketing campaign in the US. It was also a time when the polyethylene terephthalate or PET bottles that could make plastic bottles hold carbonated drinks were created. Today, the many permutations and changes of the industry has pumped the water industry up to US$200 billion in market volume in 2020 and if not for the Covid-19 pandemic, the market was expected to swirl up to US$350 billion in 2021 with Asia Pacific taking up the lion share of 42%. The fact that the water industry has boomed since the 1970’s speaks of the demand globally but where does BAE sit in all this? Well, that entails a walk down memory lane. Remember we talked in the earlier chapters about how we floundered in our steps when we first began? That’s right, BAE also dabbled into the bottled water industry with our own BAE-energised water in the first season of our business. Our proposition was no different from our other products as the water was energised with BAE.

135 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

When asked what was so good about our water, we promised better content of oxygen and improved absorption. Customers drinking our BAE water found themselves healthier, more alert and were able to run day-to-day tasks without much hindrance or in most cases, smoother and more efficient than before. In the long run, the lasting effects of being continuously healthy mitigates potential sickness and diseases as they age. This becomes a welcoming component as part of their daily diet. The success of the water business unfortunately could not continue when we faced our own set of challenges due to the many logistical issues surrounding it. However, we did not and still do not foresee this as a permanent destiny because deep within our hearts, we know we can still play a role in this market. Our belief originates from the fact that human bodies are made up of about 60% water and our body cannot operate optimally without it. This open secret is of course nothing new but what I would like to emphasise is the potential impact BAE can bring to a person if they drank water infused with our quantum empowered energy. This has a serious upside benefit with immediate visible results since water is drunk fairly regularly. And I would not be so foolish as to preclude the possibility of some form of “self healing” from taking place over sicknesses, diseases or any of the sub-health conditions because even back in the early days of the 1700’s, bottled water’s popularity were premised on its potential remedial and medicinal value. From records past, we are certain that our customers have indeed confessed to a perkier life after consuming our water. They were thoroughly impressed with our water but because of how the business has transpired, it would exempt us from manufacturing our own bottled water again. But all hope is not lost because through our renewed business model, our vision for a market entry has now

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 136

shifted to a larger scope and if the stars are aligned for it to happen one day, we shall see inhabitants of townships, cities and states absorbing this goodness right from the convenience of the water taps at home. That’s right, we are looking at a larger transformation for the people and this can only happen when we work with municipalities, city and town councils as well as state water concessionaires. If BAE is granted the consent to energise at these water sources, then the entire strata of society has a handsome chance of benefiting from our technology. Adoption of such a mass scale will substantially reduce the cost of production and make it absolutely affordable for everyone. Additionally, we foresee this extending beyond the metropolitan areas and into the suburban towns and villages afar.

“Not only will the people in the selected cities and states have better quality water to drink and cook with, but they will also be empowered with the superior impact that vibrates from the quantum activated water of BAE” I believe when this vision is realised, and if we allow our imagination to run a little further into the distant horizons, we will be looking at impacting an entire generation of people daily right from where they sleep, live, work and come home to. If their workplace is within the vicinity, they too can have BAE water to go with their coffee and tea throughout their day in the office or when they are out taking a break at the cafe or restaurant nearby. Pets and farm animals in the same territories will be drinking our powerful water daily as well and this is a blessing I find impossible not to pursue.

137 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” a quote popularised by Napoleon Hill has never escaped my mind whenever I have a pow-wow session with my colleagues and I certainly do not go without this powerful statement when I’m envisioning a better tomorrow even when I’m meditating alone. The power of solitude, peace and the BAE energy can in this case not be underestimated.

BAE water anyone? Marching on to the next Revolution The theoretical application of any technology is at best an experiment until the hypothesis is proven with distinct results. We may think of this as a sensible way to admit a new member to the family because if without proper screenings of character, behaviour, value system and cultural beliefs, it would be quite a task to gel with the rest of the family members, more so when a crisis occurs. The selection of technology to be part of a product is quite similar. It is only when proper due diligence is done can the rest of the firm be confident to take it on because the mitigated risks render a less disruptive journey ahead. As an advocate of new ideas and exploratory mindsets, I am all too interested in groundbreaking innovations that make a whole lot of sense yet so simple in its application. Especially now when machines can be taught with futuristic coding and jargons, human lives are about to experience a very different world in the coming decades.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 138

The first taste closer to home is of course first world neighbour, in the Republic island of Singapore Changi Airport. Flying passengers can now self-serve during check-ins with scanners to read our biometrics data and passports, an implementation that could only have been achieved in the movies back some 30 years ago when advanced computer animation hasn’t yet existed. But today, selected hotels in China, Japan and other parts of the world have also adopted robots to administer the check-in process to the convenience of their clients. Soon, electric cars and buses will be the norm more than gasoline cars and diesel buses, as are self-driving cars because Tesla will not be the only player in this space. The vision is, with technology enabling fictional fantasy, we will be more daring to dream because our thoughts are no longer inhibited by limitations of technology. With the market landscape entering a massive transformational phase, I have no doubt BAE will ride on the same wave and sees itself one day as a mainstay in the market. With only a handful product lines when compared to the global big boys, we have already amassed a loyal following from our Malaysian customers, what more when we embark on a more ambitious plan to amplify BAE's application to products that appeal across geographical boundaries and generational preferences. It will be an explosive era and I can’t wait for the opportune time to arrive. With this in mind, I believe our next destination will be to impact the food and beverage industry. This is where I’m convinced we will have great equity of contribution to society because we can bring our energy to the most basic level at the source such as the farm lands, and right up the value chain to the time when it is to be served on the table. Superfoods and the organic producers will also find us a highly suitable partner as we can elevate their already superior quality to a few notches higher. And in business, the distinction to stand apart from others is a striving goal of every organisation. This is something I believe we can excel in.

139 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

As for the mass market staples like rice, noodles, coffee, tea, fruits, vegetables and juices, they can all be enhanced substantially without cheap but harmful fertilisers, ingredients and sweeteners.

If the previous decades have been about changing one’s lifestyle, I foresee the next phase is about life changing and BAE is a technology poised for that. Are you game to come onboard?

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 140

141 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Chapter 7

RESURRECTION Dateline: June 2020, the world has spun itself pretty much out of its old ways and thrusted into a whole new territory: • Covid-19 will almost undoubtedly be hailed as the virus of the century, having infected more lives through its frightening contagious effects. • George Floyd’s death has sparked #BlackLivesMatter, bringing the issue of racism right under the spotlight yet again, but this time with a global outcry despite countries on national lockdowns. • Neighbourly brushes between China and India, North and South Korea, reflections of the long standing undercurrents? • The battle for video conferencing or video call supremacy went on an overdrive starting with Zoom’s domination before Google, Microsoft, Cisco and every other tech player with remotely similar features muscling it out for the lucrative facetime.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 142

• Businesses continue to trudge along with all guns blazing to present themselves online, brick and mortar enterprises included. • Digital personal branding is the new black, ahead of just personal branding alone, company logos, corporate colours, vision and mission. At this point, is it fitting to say,

“Welcome to the new 21st century”? Arriving at the tail end of this book, it is somewhat a sentimental moment as I recollect how far we’ve come. From the time I received my new lease of life thanks to BAE, I have been made a “convert”. My guess is, if anybody was floored and resurrected the way I was, I couldn’t quite see how such a conversion would escape them. But under the circumstances we’re in right now, and because the world has run itself almost out of its normal orbital course, we must see this century through a new set of lenses and be thoroughly aware of where we are going from here. As an entrepreneur blessed with the rights to own this immaculate quantum biophysics technology, I find myself in a privileged position, foremost because my health can keep pace with the bustling changes that have taken the world by storm. Just looking at how the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) has accelerated, and by my estimates 10 times faster if not more due to the most unsuspecting catalytic agent of Covid-19, we must up our game and pace in parallel with global developments. This includes and definitely not limited to artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data and blockchain.

143 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

I must also say that although we’re now about two decades old and have nurtured a loyal fan base, we have never taken our feet off the pedal. In fact quite the opposite, we’ve continued to innovate so a variety of applications derived from our technology can go out to transform lives. This is where we went from just energising energy patches to producing mattress covers, sanitary pads, bra pads and more. Our motivation is this, because we are in the business for the long haul and we’ve branded ourselves as the sweetener or “pain killer”, we see through the fog and disruptive noises whenever a market shift occurs. Taking the example of this pandemic that is still wreaking havoc worldwide, every crisis like it has given birth to a slew of products and services to meet the sudden surge of peculiar demand. But the billion dollar question is this, is chasing this knee jerking-like wind of change a sustainable business model? Hand on my heart, I find it too risky to keep redirecting the ship. Hence at BAE, we have the clarity of our destination and we understand why we must imperatively create products that cater to the inelastic demand of our customers come rain or shine, summer or winter. To cite some examples, our mattress covers have a place in the market because of the incremental diseases the world suffers from such as insomnia, prostate cancer, sporadic injuries and a host of sub-health conditions. We also know the ladies will find our Miracle Bra Pads a welcoming therapeutic solution so their untold breasts predicaments can be caressed back to its youthful and supple appeal. Suffice to say, we’re not stopping at just these as our line of energy medicines, more as we speak are being tried and tested in the lab and production factory. So one shouldn’t really be surprised that when the sequel to this book is published next, we have a whole lot of new stories and discoveries to share and talk about.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 144

Coming back to the 4IR and before this pandemic chaos, I reckon we were already at the 6th inning of the revolution, meaning we’ve passed the halfway mark complete with technologies created on these once bold new imaginary concepts. Mass adoption as such was just a matter of time. But to say we were ready then to tackle a VUCA (volatility, unpredictability, complexity, ambiguity) world before Covid-19 might have been premature but the unfolding of events has shown that the human race was anything but. This goes to show that we’re very quick to adapt to how our world works and we possess no inhibitions to stream past these blurring uncertainties. Mindful of what needs to be done, ships of enterprises began to also steer in the right direction, complementing both their offline businesses and supported by their new and aggressive digital presence. This awakening to me is absolutely cinematic. For BAE, we are seeing this change and we are welcoming it because we are also in hot pursuit of this new life behaviour. In many ways, our unique proposition originates from such seeds of ingenuity so that when we gear up to innovate, we are always quick to calculate and stack up expansionary scalability to meet future demand. And speaking of future demand, it reminds me of “to boldly go where no one has gone before” from the space exploration series Star Trek, such uncertainty can be unnerving. But for us at BAE, stepping into an “alien” territory is nothing new as we’ve met with and defied many naysayers from whence we began before finally proving our stand as a legitimate technology player quite some years later with international scientific publications and awards to boot. In that regard, we are wearing the same hat again now as we traverse into the new climate of 4IR and VUCA just as we continue to resonate with our expansive universe.

145 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

“Although the world is undergoing a revolutionary shift, BAE heralds a renaissance era and remains steadfast in the right direction.” With the world making its twists and adjustments, BAE will be stopping at nothing to go all the way to making our technology more widely known than it has ever been before. Breaking from traditional norms, the world will also begin to see us appearing on social media channels with an openness that was once frowned upon, and I, KC Lim, CEO of BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd will personally drive this mission because in this day and age, personal branding as victory is spelt all over the digital sphere. Pumped by this advent of the digital age also, perhaps for the first time, our customers will see the rolling out of new BAE products and exclusive services not foretold to any of our trade channels like before. So be sure to watch this space and follow BAE wherever we go. If we began only in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, making our way to the first world market of Japan all within our two decades of existence, I believe the game has only just begun in 2020. Blessed with this foundation of progress, we must continue to waltz with boldness and creativity with unabated breath outside the perimeter of the conventional confined box. Whether they call it redefining, reinventing or remodelling, to me this is our chance to invoke renaissance so our energy medicine’s technological artform can leave a lasting imprint in mankind, history and transform lives for the better.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 146

As I close the final chapter of this book, I am reminded again of the authentic purpose of why we’re in business. “We recognise that several things are fixed certainty in life and they are death, taxes and aging. With aging comes a band of unstoppable consequences ranging from deteriorating skin structures to depleting health of illnesses and diseases. The slippery slope of aging need not be so, especially after understanding BAE’s resonance prowess. I am therefore more convinced of how we can halt the saggy sob stories by strengthening our inherent quantum biophysics structures, atoms, molecules, blood circulation and empowering our health as if we are going back in time to when we were brilliantly youthful once again. Ca n we or any body say t his is n o t a mo d e l o f e n e rg y medicine?” The reality that I have seen with the transformation of our clients is unimaginable and with each resoundingly positive testimony we receive, it adds to the equity of our technology and these have now become the bedrock of our confidence; it’s where we unearth continuous wisdom to assimilate again the perfection or imperfection of the expanding universe to correspond with our minute and temporal life on earth. Now if one can live better for the rest of their lives, as perky as their youthful mates, as chirpy as their newborn infants, and a chance to regain the herculean might through BAE’s miraculous and wondrous energy medicine, why not extend this back to society?

147 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

Ladies and gentlemen, as my parting shot, I would like to bid you a big thank you to have journeyed with me this far. My gratitude goes before you and it is my sincere wish that you have enjoyed what I’ve shared in this pioneering effort of BAE - Energy Medicine, Substantiated. Till we meet again, and I’m sure we will, long live your aspirations as you resonate your dreams and desires with us, and together, with the universe.

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 148

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149 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

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Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 152

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153 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated

About Author Lim Kwong Choong or more widely known as KC, is the CEO of BAE International Inc. Sdn Bhd, a position he held since the inception of the company in 2003. In approximately two decades of steering BAE through its highs and lows in an industry that departs from the standard brick and mortar business, KC has proven his mettle when he clinched the Ernst & Young’s 6th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2007 and the Best Green Invention for ProGreen by the Japan Intellectual Property Association in 2013. Understanding that a scientifically-led project such as BAE will need evidence to substantiate its performance, KC invested time and resources to run clinical trials and lab experiments so hypotheses developed at BAE are admissible in the international scientific journals. To date, 9 papers have been officially published such as the renowned International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences by Medip Academy and Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine by the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine. Before BAE, KC was groomed to spearhead the six-decade-old family business in real estate investments and property development at Kwong Hing Group (KHG). KHG was a fertile ground for equipping the young KC back then because the privilege bestowed upon him in a company that was intertwined with the evolutionary progress of a young country like Malaysia could embolden his experiential commercial repertoire in the competitive business world. The valuable experience and skills when combined with his

Energy Medicine, Substantiated • 154

frequent international exposure beginning with his tertiary studies in the UK and the US followed by KHG’s forays into China allowed him to pivot from one mark of success to another rather effortlessly. During his time in KHG, KC oversaw continuous construction and delivery of new property estates in Malaysia and China that were interspersed with acquisitions and exits at strategic points of the business cycle. The groundwork laid early in his life proved valuable as he earned the stripes to be seated with executive leaders as part of the Board of Directors, some more senior than him, to manage the entire portfolio of KHG. Business as they say was good until his personal investments in the stock market crashed during the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. Along with the evaporated funds, his health suffered with constant fever caused by typhoid. The unlikeliest events turned out to be a defining moment that gave him the answer to his quest for a meaningful life. His health rebounded thanks to Bio-Activated Energy or BAE, and the destiny between KC and BAE became inseparable since. KC finds entrepreneurship a productive pursuit and will often explore new opportunities with potential collaborative partners. KC also keeps himself fit both physically and mentally through meditation, strict diet of organic and superfoods, and complemented by a disciplined fitness regime. In contributing back to society, KC finds pleasure imparting life transformational skills to the younger generation so they’ll have a better shot at life. As a family man blessed with six children, KC’s creative thinking is as exhilarating as his youthful appeal and one could easily be convinced that far beyond genetics make-up, it has to be the BAE technology to ascribe such observable evidence of a man defying the norms of aging never before seen. KC holds an MBA from Babson College of Massachusetts in the US and prior to that, an Economics Bachelor’s Degree in the University of Birmingham, UK. Energy Medicine, Substantiated, is KC’s first book. To reach out to KC, email him at

155 • Energy Medicine, Substantiated