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My Baby Nursery

Introduction To The Leading Nursery in Abu Dhabi My Baby Nursery in one of the leading nurseries in Abu Dhabi providing the highest level of preschool learning for kids aged 1 month to 4 years. The nursery is dedicated to provide planned activities to kids so that they get both learning and fun experience. Highly trained professional and preschool learning experts at My Baby Nursery are focused on personal and social development including language skills, creative skills, and physical development.

Nurseries Mission: The first and the prior most goal of My Baby Nursery is to provide learning through fun activities. Help children to explore their ideas to stimulate and develop their young mind and bodies. Providing an upscale nursery environment with academic excellence and the highest standards in all aspects of educational life.

Curriculum My Baby Nursery’s curriculum is based upon the understanding of the needs and instructions for children of all ages and abilities. It also includes objectives for children’s development and learning. Not only that, the curriculum is also designed in such a way that offers choices and encourages flexibility to kids of different ages. From group activities to solitary, our daily schedule is based upon quiet and noisy activities along with indoor and outdoor plays. Our curriculum also includes activities such as cooking, sand /water corner, Swimming, pretend play, arts & crafts, planting, Climbing wall, Educational movies and more.

Best Facilities in a Nursery in Abu Dhabi My Baby Nursery is one of the few nurseries in Abu Dhabi with all sorts of facilities for many aspects of preschool learning such as pretend plays, educational movies, indoor and outdoor activities and more.

State Of The Art Library

Enhancing the reading and writing experience is another prior most curriculum activity of My Baby Nursery. To develop more interest about book and reading in nursery kids, we have set up state of the art library where kids spent a quite time with nursery experts.

Indoor & Outdoor Playground Both indoor and outdoor plays helps kids explore more of their thoughts, imaginations and ideas. In order to asses a child's skills and abilities, its important to provide them with environment that encourages exploration and social engagement. My Baby Nursery has one of the most sophisticated indoor and outdoor playgrounds established under the supervision of preschool learning experts.

Outdoor Playground

Enroll Your Child in The Leading Nursery in Abu Dhabi Registrations are open for 2014 at the leading nursery in Abu Dhabi “My Baby Nursery�. Enroll your child in one of the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi today to prepare for as sorts of aspects of educational life. For more information, call us at 00971 2 55 199 01, or visit our website Z19 PLOT 212 street # 28 Mohammad bin Zayed City Abu Dhabi Follow us on

The Leading Nursery in Abu Dhabi, UAE  

My Baby Nursery is one of the leading nurseries in Abu Dhabi that is highly focused on learning through for fun activities. We are dedicated...