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Established 1914

Volume XVII, Number 256

13th Waxing of Pyatho 1371 ME

Monday, 28 December, 2009

Bounden duty The entire people are duty-bound to safeguard the motherland through the might of national unity for ensuring non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty, while keeping a watchful eye on attempts of neocolonialists to harm the sovereignty of the country. Senior General Than Shwe Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services (From the message sent on the occasion of the 61st Anniversary Independence Day)

8th Myanmar ICT Week Exhibition 2009 and Yatanarpon Cyber Hall opened NAY PYI TAW, 27 Dec—The opening ceremony of the 8th Myanmar ICT Week Exhibition 2009 and Yatanarpon Cyber Hall was held in front of Yatanarpon Cyber Hall in Yatanarpon Myothit in PyinOoLwin Township, Mandalay Division, yesterday morning.

The ceremony was attended by Chairman of Mandalay Division Peace and Development Council Commander of Central Command Maj-Gen Tin Ngwe, Chairman of Myanmar e-National Task Force Minister for Communications, Posts and

Telegraphs Brig-Gen Thein Zaw, Mandalay Mayor Brig-Gen Phone Zaw Han, deputy ministers, the commander of PyinOoLwin station, executives of Myanmar Computer Federation, (See page 6)

Hailing the 62nd Anniversary Independence Day:

The whole nation has seen a network of roads and bridges due to cooperative efforts Geographical conditions in the Union of Myanmar pose various kinds of natural barrier to its regions. Such natural barriers are the Ayeyawady, Chindwin, Sittoung and Shweli rivers, creeks and mountains and hills. With difficult road transport, the national brethren once had to live as if they had been far away from each other. At present, the whole nation has seen a network of roads and bridges due to the Head of State’s wisdom and farsightedness plus his goodwill attitude towards the national people. All corners of the Union are now easily reachable. As a journalist, I have been to different regions of the Union many times. When I took trips to the whole Ayeyawady Delta known as the region of five major rivers and 500 creeks, (See page 8)

Maung Maung Htwe (MNA)

Photo shows Bala Min Htin Bridge.

Four political objectives

Four economic objectives

Four social objectives

* Stability of the State, community peace and tranquillity, prevalence of law and order * National reconsolidation * Emergence of a new enduring State Constitution * Building of a new modern developed nation in accord with the new State Constitution

* Development of agriculture as the base and all-round development of other sectors of the economy as well * Proper evolution of the market-oriented economic system * Development of the economy inviting participation in terms of technical know-how and investments from sources inside the country and abroad * The initiative to shape the national economy must be kept in the hands of the State and the national peoples

* Uplift of the morale and morality of the entire nation * Uplift of national prestige and integrity and preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage and national character * Uplift of dynamism of patriotic spirit * Uplift of health, fitness and education standards of the entire nation

28-12-09 NL


8/5/18, 2:59 PM

2 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009

People’s Desire

PERSPECTIVES Monday, 28 December, 2009

Upgrade old factories, produce household and industrial items The development of the industrial sector plays a pivotal role in building a modern and developed nation. In this regard, the government is establishing more industries and is producing machines and machine tools and personal goods through import-substitute factories and new factories. Head of State Senior General Than Shwe on 26 December arrived at No (2) Tyre and Rubber Products Factory (Bilin) under the Ministry of Industry-2 where he gave guidance, saying that those responsible are to upgrade the old factory to a modern one, while building new factories, and only then will it be possible for the old and new factories to satisfy the tyre demand of the nation; and that the rubber factories are also to produce other types of household and industrial items. No (2) Tyre and Rubber Products Factory (Bilin) is near Yangon-Mawlamyine Road in Bilin Township, Mon State. The factory project was launched in September 2008. So far, construction of the main factory building, installation of machines and engineering works have been completed cent per cent. And now, preparations are under way for trial run. According to the production capacity, the factory can produce 300,000 units of 11 types of tyres a year. No (1) Tyre and Rubber Products Factory (Thaton) and No (2) Tyre and Rubber Products Factory (Bilin) will be able to satisfy the annual tyre demand of the nation. The emergence of a large number of modern factories and import-substitute factories in the industrial regions and industrial zones contributes to getting new production techniques and generating job opportunities for local people as well as regional development. The birth of the industrial regions and industrial zones complete with modern factories and mills reflects the development of the industrial sector. The upgrading of old factories into new ones for boosting production capacity while building new factories, and running of factories and mills at full capacity will surely pave the way for industrial development with added momentum.

* * * *

Oppose those relying on external elements, acting as stooges, holding negative views Oppose those trying to jeopardize stability of the State and progress of the nation Oppose foreign nations interfering in internal affairs of the State Crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy

Lt-Gen Myint Swe of Ministry of Defence attends opening of YCH’s new building

Lt-Gen Myint Swe of Ministry of Defence opens YCH’s new building.—MNA YANGON, 27 Dec—LtGen Myint Swe of the Ministry of Defence attended opening ceremony of extended building at Yangon Children’s Hospital in Dagon Township here yesterday morning, and pressed the button to unveil stone plaque. The ceremony was also attended by Chairman of Yangon Division Peace

and Development Council Commander of Yangon Command MajGen Win Myint, Minister for Health Dr Kyaw Myint, Chairman of Yangon City Development Committee Mayor Brig-Gen Aung Thein Lin, Deputy Minister for Health Dr Paing Soe, departmental heads, members of the supervisory committee

for building the hospital, members of YCH supervisory committee, medical superintendents, professors, specialists and donors. The commander, the minister, the deputy minister and donors opened the new building. Afterwards, Lt-Gen Myint Swe unveiled the stone plaque by pressing button. Lt-Gen Myint Swe

together with the commander, the minister, the mayor and the deputy minister sprinkled scented water on it. Lt-Gen Myint Swe inspected new building of YCH. Afterwards, at the meeting hall of the new building, the commander explained the purpose of opening the new building.— MNA

Diamond City Hyper Mart offers special sales YANGON, 27 Dec— Diamond City Hyper Mart launched special sales on 25 December evening. Various designs of clothes, consumer goods, household utensils, foodstuff and

Inter-School Cricket Challenge Shield of Yangon Division continues YANGON, 27 Dec— Jointly organized by No. 3 Basic Education Department and Myanmar Cricket Federation, the 4th Inter-School Senior Cricket Challenge Shield 2009 of Yangon Division

took place at the sport ground of No. 1 Basic Education High School in Lanmadaw Township here on 25 December. Among the spectators were President of Myanmar Cricket Federation U

All this needs to be known * * *

28-12-09 NL

Do not be frightened whenever intimidated Do not be bolstered whenever flattered Do not be softened whenever appeased


Nyunt Win and CEC members, officials from No. 3 BED and cricket fans. At the girls’ round event, Ahlon BEHS No 4 sailed into the final with four wins in four matches. At the boys’ round event, Mingala Taungnyunt BEHS No. 4 beat Dagon BEHS No. 2 by 53 runs while Ahlon BEHS No. 4 won over Kyimyindine BEHS No. 3 by 5 wickets.—MNA

Special sales of Diamond City Hyper Mart in progress.—MNA electronics are on sale at discount in addition to game programmes of Happy World for kids. On 31 December evening, shoppers can taste buffet, Japan Suki Hot Pot and grilled food and enjoy the entertainment of Nan Su Yati Soe, G-Latt, Lin

8/5/18, 2:45 PM

Htut and famous vocalists with Young Boy Music Band. Model shows will also be staged during the special sales. The special sales of Diamond City Hyper Mart will be held from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm daily till 31 December. The hyper-

market is located at the corner of Bayintnaung Bridge and Punhlaing golf resort. With over 100 shops and wide space car park for over 150 automobiles, the shopping centre is said to be one of the best of its kind in Yangon. MNA

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009 3

Troops deaths in Afghan war seen rising with surge KABUL, 27 Dec — The arrival in Afghanistan of tens of thousands of reinforcements to fight the Taleban will lead to a higher death rate among foreign troops, adding pressure on Western leaders to get out altogether, officials say. Militants fighting for the overthrow of the Kabul government promised to turn Afghanistan into a “flaming tandoor oven”, escalating attacks and deploying more fighters to match the Western surge. Western military chiefs warn more troops will inevitably lead to more deaths as they try to help Afghan security forces take on the fight alone. The Taleban leadership, believed to be based in Pakistan, has matched the fighting words by promising a surge of

its own. “With the coming of new forces the fight will be further extended and increased,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, a purported Taleban spokesman, who spoke to AFP by telephone from an undisclosed location. Militant forces would “attack the foreign forces as well as their Afghan allies through suicide attacks, roadside bombs and face-to-face clashes”, he said. “They will transform Afghanistan into a flaming tandoor oven for the foreign forces.”—Internet A police van pictured outside a building in central London where a Nigerian student who is alleged to have tried to blow up a US airliner flying from Amsterdam to Detroit is thought to have lived.—INTERNET

Shahad Saad, 8, a victim of bomb attack, is comforted by her mother at a hospital in Baghdad, Iraq, on 26 Dec, 2009.—INTERNET

US bombing suspect is linked to Britain LONDON, 27 Dec— Police searched a string of London properties on Sunday for links to a British-educated Nigerian charged with trying to blow up a US airliner. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the government was working closely with the United States on the case and backed the police searches, which included an upmarket flat where the suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was said to have lived. Amid reports that the

Tribal leader, police officer killed in Iraq’s violence

Taleban commander dies in shootout

BAGHDAD, 27 Dec — A tribal leader and a police officer were killed while 10 people were wounded in several bomb attacks in Iraq on Saturday, the police said. Mahmoud Hussein al-Obiedi, a Sunni chieftain, was killed in a bomb explosion outside his house in Baghdad’s western suburb of Abu Ghraib, a local police source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity. In separate incident, Mallooky al-Jumaily, a police Lieutenant General, was killed in the morning by a bomb explosion in front of his house in the city of Fallujah, some 50 km west of Baghdad, a anonymous source from the city police told Xinhua.—Xinhua

KABUL, 27 Dec —A heavily armed Taleban commander was killed during an pre-dawn shootout at a mosque in eastern Afghanistan, NATO said as it reported an American service member died in a separate attack. A joint Afghan-international force went on Saturday to a compound in Wardak Province to look for an insurgent believed responsible for planning attacks and buying weapons and parts for making bombs, the international coalition said. When the joint force approached the compound, the Taleban commander, armed with grenades and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, ran to a nearby mosque.—Internet

Bomb kills five in eastern Baghdad


8/5/18, 2:45 PM

gesting Abdulmutallab had tried to return to Britain to study for a sixmonth course in May this year, but was denied a visa. The Sunday Times reported that the UK Border Agency had rejected his application because the college running the course was considered bogus. Abdulmutallab’s arrest prompted MI5 to scour its records for signs of any possible activities here, reports said. Internet

New START treaty “practically ready” MOSCOW, 27 Dec — A new strategic arms reduction treaty expected to be signed between Moscow and Washington was “practically ready,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday. “The (new) START treaty is practically ready. I hope the experts will finalize it quickly enough,” A policeman uses a metal detector scanner to check residents outside Kadhimiya shrine in Kadhimiya District, northwestern Baghdad on 26 Dec, 2009. INTERNET

BAGHDAD, 27 Dec — A string of attacks on Saturday against Shiite pilgrims in eastern Baghdad killed five, the latest round of violence to strike worshippers during a revered mourning observance. Militants have targeted Shiite pilgrims, killing dozens and wounding more than 100 this week in an attempt to re-ignite sectarian violence. The attacks began on Saturday morning when a bomb was planted near a tent that offered drinks and food to pilgrims, a police official said. The blast killed three and injured 16, he said. A medical official confirmed the casualties.—Xinhua

28-12-09 NL

23-year-old had been a student in London, University College London (UCL) confirmed that a man of the same name had studied mechanical engineering at the institution between 2005 and 2008. But it was unable to confirm this was the same man charged with trying to blow up the Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Friday. Government sources however confirmed a newspaper report sug-

said the Russian top diplomat in a TV interview. Russia and the United States have been in intense talks over the past few months, trying to clinch a deal on a replacement document to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START-1) that expired on 5 Dec. Lavrov also said the new treaty “is based on some fundamentally new principles,” such as “equal rights, parity, and reciprocal trust.” “For the first time in history the levels of strategic offensive arms will be unprecedentedly low,” said the minister as quoted by the Itar-Tass news agency. Lavrov said Russia-US relations “do have prospects,” due to a “new, decent economic dialogue in progress.”—Xinhua

4 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009

Half of stranded Air Comet passengers rescued M ADRID , 27 Dec— Special charter flights have rescued nearly half of the 7,000 passengers left stranded by the collapse of Air Comet, according to information released on Saturday by Spain’s airport authority. Spain suspended Air Comet’s operating licence on Tuesday after the airline filed for protection from creditors and laid off all of its 666 employees.

Thousands of travellers were left stuck at airports in Spain and Latin America, and the Spanish government said on Wednesday it had chartered four planes to take them to their destinations. A 400-seat charter flight took off from Madrid’s Barajas airport for Lima on Saturday, according to a spokesman for Aena, Spain’s publicly-owned airport man-

agement company. The Spanish infrastructure ministry, which is responsible for transport, said on Friday the charter flights had already transported 2,905 passengers. According to Spanish national radio, around 100 Air Comet passengers, mostly immigrant workers from Peru and Ecuador who had hoped to travel home for Christmas, were still protesting at Barajas to demand more rescue flights. Air Comet said its troubles came to a head when a British court ordered nine of its aircraft to be impounded at the request of German bank Nordbank which said the airline had failed to make aircraft lease payments. Internet

A woman, injured in a bomb blast, is brought to the Abbasi Shaheed hospital in Karachi on 26 Dec, 2009. XINHUA

13 injured in Karachi ISLAMABAD, 27 Dec—At least 13 people were injured on Saturday night in a blast in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, according to local TV reports. The private Dawn TV quoted police as saying that a car exploded near a graveyard in Paposh Nagar of Karachi, adding that it seemed to be result of a faulty CNG kit of the car. However, as the blast took place at a time when a Muharram procession was passing through Paposh Nagar, police and rangers reached the site for further investigation. The injured, including rangers personnel and children, have been shifted to nearby hospitals. Xinhua

High-tech vehicles pose trouble for some mechanics

Passengers of Spanish airlines Air Comet wait in Barajas airport in Madrid on 23 December. INTERNET

Motivation tips offered to achieve fitness

L O S A N G E L E S , 27 Dec—A sign inside the Humming Motors auto repair shop says, “We do the worrying so you don’t have to.” These days, owner David Baur spends a lot of time worrying in his full-service garage

near downtown Los Angeles. As cars become vastly more complicated than models made just a few years ago, Baur is often turning down jobs and referring customers to auto dealer shops. Like many other independent me-

SCHILLER PARK, 27 Dec—For those putting fitness at the top of their New Year’s resolutions, US fitness experts suggest signing up for a race to stay motivated. Fitness experts at Life Fitness, a firm that designs and manufactures exercise equipment, suggest taking a deep breath after a stressful season of juggling job demands, family responsibilities, gift shopping and holiday partying to plan how to stay motivated in a fitness plan for 2010. Some New Year’s resolution suggestions from the exercise experts at Life Fitness include: — Sign up for a race once a month, whether it’s a swim competition at the local fitness centre, a triathlon, or a 5K walk or fun run to raise money for a charity. Knowing hundreds, if not thousands, of people will be cheering you on as you cross the finish line will keep you motivated to train. — Find a fitness friend. The buddy system will keep you on track to exercise and eat right. — Do what you think is fun. Some find a casual walk outside preferable to walking on the treadmill. — Sign up for classes or activities. You’ll be more likely to show up to exercise if people are expecting you on a regular basis. —Internet

28-12-09 NL


chanics, he does not have the thousands of dollars to purchase the online manuals and specialized tools needed to fix the computer-controlled machines. Baur says the dilemma has left customers with fewer options for repair work and given automakers an unfair advantage. “When I was younger, I kept going until I solved the problem,” the weary mechanic said as he wiped grease from his hands while taking a break. “Lately I find myself backing out. I’m more reluctant to take complex jobs on.” Internet In this on 3 Sept, 2009 photo, independent auto mechanic David Baur, owner of Humming Motors, poses for a photo at his shop in Los Angeles. INTERNET

8/5/18, 2:45 PM

Need for power coal threatens Zimbabwe national park H WANGE , 27 Dec— Zimbabwe’s already dim electricity supply faces a new threat, as the country’s main power plant says it needs to dig for new coal reserves under a river inside a national park to keep running. Hwange Colliery says it only has enough coal to power its 940 megawatt plant for three more years. Shortages of coal and working capital, as well as ageing and broken equipment, have already forced the shutdown of three smaller power stations across Zimbabwe, causing daily blackouts that have plagued the country for years. The company says its only viable new deposits of coal suitable for power generation lie in the heart of the Hwange national park, under a river that supplies nearby towns — including the world-famous Victoria Falls — as well as thousands of endangered animals. Internet

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009 5

Xinhua to publish its first national financial magazine

Chinese navy soldiers fire flares to celebrate the first anniversary of the Chinese fleet’s escort mission on Ma’anshan frigate of the fourth Chinese naval flotilla in the Gulf of Aden, on 26 Dec, 2009.—XINHUA

BEIJING, 27 Dec—China’s Xinhua News Agency said in a Press release on Sunday that its first financial magazine — Economy & Nation Weekly — will reach newsstands nationwide on Monday. Xinhua says the magazine aims to provide comprehensive and authoritative information by capitalizing on Xinhua’s global information collecting network and its diversified think tank re-

sources. The weekly also aims to become a worldclass financial magazine by providing prospective, insightful and professional reporting on economic and financial news in China and other parts of the world. Priority of its news reporting will be attaining valuable information from high-level policy makers and research achievements by top think tanks and academies.

All Items from Xinhua News Agency

Technician tests Tianhe-1 (TH-1) supercomputer at north China’s Tianjin, on 25 Dec, 2009. The supercomputer, named Tianhe, meaning Milky Way, is theoretically able to do more than 1 quadrillion calculations per second at peak speed, which was already partly installed in Tianjin.—XINHUA

Hamas rejects AL secretary general criticism GAZA, 27 Dec— Gaza ruling Hamas movement on Saturday rejected the criticism of Arab League (AL) Secretary General Amr Moussa, who said he can not find one reasonable reason why Hamas does not ink the inter-Palestinian agreement. In a special statement sent to Xinhua, Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, accused Moussa of “eluding from his responsibilities by making such statements,” adding “Hamas wouldn’t accept any blackmail attempt and be obliged to change its stances.” Earlier on Saturday, Moussa told a meeting of Arab parliaments repre-

sentatives in Cairo that he cannot find one reasonable reason that makes Hamas does not sign the reconciliation agreement. On 25 Oct, Egypt had presented to the Palestinian factions, including Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, a reconciliation pact, in a bid to end the feuds between the two groups and hold general elections in June 2010. Fatah party accepted the reconciliation pact, and expressed readiness to sign it in Cairo. However, Hamas movement refused and said some articles in the pact need amendment. Xinhua

Freed fishermen handed over to Indian authorities LAHORE, 27 Dec—Pakistan Saturday handed 100 freed Indian fishermen over to the Indian authorities, officials said. The fishermen were brought in two buses from the southern Pakistani city of Karachi and handed over to the Indian officials on the Wagha border in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore. The fishermen were freed as a humanitarian gesture from a prison in Karachi on the instruction of Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. The fishermen were

28-12-09 NL


earlier scheduled to be released on 24 Dec but delayed due to some technical problems. There is no clear demarcation in the Arabian sea, separating the Indian and Pakistani territorial water borders, and this leads to poor fishermen from both countries being frequently arrested and lodged into jails. On 14 Dec, Pakistan arrested 16 Indian fishermen and seized four boats in case of alleged territorial water violation by them, the third such incident in last two months. Xinhua

The weekly’s target readers are government officials, business chiefs and managers, scholars and others who are interested in financial news. The weekly is run by Xinhua’s Outlook Weekly conglomerate, which also publishes the Globe weekly. Its first edition will be available to readers at airports and newsstands in major Chinese cities on Monday. Xinhua

Malaysia to attract investment Four bodies recovered after ferry sinking in Philippines from China more actively M , 27 Dec—At least four bodies were re-

K UALA L UMPUR , 27 Dec— Malaysia has lined up 10 initiatives to attract businessmen from China in a more active way to promote China-Malaysia’s bilateral trade, a Malaysian official said here in an interview with Xinhua recently. Wong Lai Sum, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), said this is in tandem with the fully implementation of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (FTA). MATRADE has planned to carry out highlevel visits to China next year with Malaysian International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa

Mohamed leading a delegation, she said. Wong told Xinhua that MATRADE will actively participate in trade fairs held in China, among which are the ChinaASEAN Expo and the Shanghai World Expo. Wong said that ChinaASEAN FTA construction has been making good progress since 2005, and in Malaysia, business communities have actively participated in tours to China organized by MATRADE.—Xinhua

Survivors are seen onboard a fishing vessel after their ferry collided with it off the waters of Cavite, south of Manila, as they wait to be transferred, in Manilaon 24 Dec, 2009.—INTERNET

8/5/18, 2:45 PM


covered on Sunday from the sea following the sinking of a ferry off San Agapito, Verde Island in Batangas Province of the Philippines on Saturday night. The fatalities were an eight-month old female, a 15 to 18-year-old female, another female aged 18 to 24, and a male aged 30 to 40,said Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the Philippine Red Cross. According to the Philippines Coast Guard authorities, the bodies will be sent to the Batangas pier, where relatives are awaiting for identifying the fatalities. The ferry with 88 passengers and crew sank off Batangas Province at around 11:30 pm local time. It is reported that many passengers on the ferry had no time to put on life vests when the ship sink. The ferry, Baleno 9, left the Port of Calapan in Oriental Mindoro before at 11:00 pm local time and was bound for Batangas City when tragedy struck about 40 minutes later.—Xinhua

6 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009

8th Myanmar ICT Week Exhibition… (from page 1) members of the board of directors of Yatanarpon Teleport Co, officials of ICT companies at home and abroad, district/townlll ship level officials, members of social organization and guests. At the ceremony, Minister Brig-Gen Thein Commander Maj-Gen Tin Ngwe and Minister Brig-Gen Thein Zaw observe ICT booths at Yatanarpon Cyber Hall. Zaw delivered an opening MNA speech on the occasion. Afterwards, the com- to open the 8th Myanmar Cyber Hall and visited nies from home and be held on a grand scale. from Russia. During the In the afternoon, Min- meeting, they cordially mander, the minister and ICT Week Exhibition modern IT materials put abroad, electronic materithe mayor cut the ribbon 2009 and Yatanarpon on display by ICT compa- als produced by IT com- ister Brig-Gen Thein Zaw discussed the matters repanies and technological met with CEO& President lated to communication booths in the Yatanarpon Mr Inryul Lee of T.D technologies. Also present VINE Co., Ltd from the at the call together with Cyber Hall. Over 50 companies Republic of Korea, Vice Minister Brig-Gen Thein from home and abroad will President Mr Zhang Zaw were Deputy Minisdisplay altogether 40 Zhenjun of HUAWEI ter Maj-Gen Thein Tun booths during the festival Technologies Co., Ltd and departmental heads. Afterwards, the minfrom 9 am to 4 pm from 26 from the People’s Repubto 30 December. In addi- lic of China, Deputy Di- ister and the deputy mintion, ICT show, ICT rector General Mr ister attended the MoU Gadget Show, ICT Quiz, Vladimir Shishko of Bee- signing ceremonies of ICT Entertainment, Spe- line Company and Chief companies that make incial ICT Lucky Draw, ICT Executive Officer Mr vestments in Yatanarpon seminar and workshop will Kirill Agevnin of CBOSS Myothit.—MNA

Commander Maj-Gen Tin Ngwe, Minister Brig-Gen Thein Zaw and Mayor Brig-Gen Phone Zaw Han open 8th Myanmar ICT Week Exhibition 2009 and Yatanarpon Cyber Hall.—MNA

Myanmar, Indonesia mark 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties YANGON, 27 Dec—The Union of Myanmar and the Republic of Indonesia marked the 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries at the National Theatre on Myoma Kyaung Road in Dagon Township here this afternoon. On the occasion, the national anthems of the

two countries were played to open the ceremony. Minister for Foreign Affairs U Nyan Win and wife, Indonesian Ambassador to Myanmar Mr Sebastianus Sumarsono and wife attended the ceremony and posed for documentary photos. The Indonesian ambassador and the minister delivered speeches.

The Indonesian ambassador presented agricultural machinery to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation through Managing Director U Ohn Than of Myanma Agriculture Service. ArtistsfromtheMinistry of Culture and Indonesian artists entertained the visitors with songs and dance variety.—MNA

Construction Minister inspects Razudaing Bridges NAY PYI TAW, 27 Dec—Minister for Construction Maj-Gen Khin Maung Myint yesterday arrived at the briefing hall of District Public Works in Maubin. He heard the report on the progress of road works in Maubin District submitted by the District Chief Engineer and urged him to upgrade the roads in the district. On arrival at the

briefing hall of Razudaing Bridge No (1) Construction Project, the minister heard the report on the drilling bole piles, installation of steel girders and facts about the bridge presented by the Project in-Charge Chief Engineer. The minister inspected the drilling of bole piles and installation of steel girders. Razudaing Bridge

Minister for Foreign Affairs U Nyan Win and Indonesian Ambassador to Myanmar Mr Sebastianus Sumarsono attend 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Myanmar and Indonesia at National Theatre on Myoma Kyaung Road in Yangon.—MNA

28-12-09 NL


8/5/18, 2:45 PM

No (1) is one way bridge and of steel girder type with the length of 1,955 feet and 5 inches. The approach bridge is 780 feet and 6 inches long on Mawlamyinegyun bank and 177 feet and 6 inches long on Kyaikpi bank. The wide of motorway is 20 feet and the pedestrian have the width of 2 feet and 3 inches each. The bridge can wistand 60-ton load. Later, the minister inspected the construction of the road between Razudaing Bridge Nos (1) and (2) and the construction of Razudaing Bridge No (2). He called the officials for completing the project on schedule. MNA


THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009 7

Hailing the 62nd Anniversary Independence Day

Protect Myanmar’s independence forever Theint (Institute of Economics) Independence is, indeed, like the lifeblood of a nation. In an independent, sovereign country, the people have the right to govern themselves in the territory of the country in line with their own cultures, customs and traditions. Having independence and sovereignty means that a nation has the right to freely exercise the three sovereign powers, namely legislative power, executive power and judicial power. Occupying a strategic location, the Union of Myanmar is gifted with temperate climate patterns, fertile soil and a vast range of natural resources in abundance. Myanmar, a pleasant, naturally beautiful and resource-rich land, stood tall as a sovereign one with own monarchs, cultures, literatures, and languages in the world. In retrospect, King Anawrahta (1044-1077) unified the First Myanmar Empire in Bagan Period; King Bayintnaung (1551-1581), the Second Myanmar Empire in Toungoo Period; and King Alaung Phaya (1752-1761), the Third Myanmar Empire in Konbaung Period. However, Myanmar fell under the yoke of servitude in consequence of colonialism and capitalism. After the First Anglo-Myanmar War in 1824, Myanmar had to give up Rakhine, Taninthayi, Assam and Manipura; after the Second Anglo-Myanmar War in 1852, lower Myanmar including Hanthawady and Bago; and after the Third Anglo-Myanmar War in 1885, upper Myanmar including Mandalay Yadanabon to the colonialists. Then, the nation lost sovereignty completely. The loss of sovereignty was followed by alarming degradation in the political, economic, social and education sectors, thus culminating in almost loss of national culture and character. For Myanmar people, falling under alien subjugation is a bitter pill to swallow, as well as an unforgettable nightmare. Inspired by unyielding spirit, the people under the leadership of patriotic heroes armed themselves with whatever arms they had got and fought back the invaders at risk to their lives. A very strong sense of patriotism, tenacity, and bravery of the revolutionary led to the regaining of independence. To achieve independence took more than one hundred years. The great achievement was due to the fact that the entire people acted in harmony, sharing joys and sorrows in independence struggles. Myanmar became an independent, sovereign nation at 4:20 am on 4 January 1948 (Sunday). That morning, the National Anthem played to the accompaniment of the band was the sweetest music to the ears of the people. On the auspicious occasion, the whole country was continuously reverberating with sounds of bells, vessel sirens, and explosions of fireworks in

28-12-09 NL


To regain the independence was a very demanding task. To restore the independence and sovereignty is a formidable duty. So, all younger generations are duty-bound to restore the independence that cost life and limb of a great number of people, in order that the nation will never lose independence again. honour of independence. The sounds of artillery fires appeared in parallel with Independence Day fireworks displays in the sky. Gradually, the Union Jack was falling down, whereas the State Flag of the Union of Myanmar was being hoisted up atop the mast, and for the people that scene was certainly something to be rightly proud of in the course of Myanmar’s history. And that inspired the people to equip themselves with a stronger sense of patriotic spirit and patriotism and renewed vigour. To regain the independence was a very demanding task. To restore the independence and sovereignty is a formidable duty. So, all younger generations are duty-bound to restore the independence that cost life and limb of a great number of people, in order that the nation will never lose independence again. Therefore, the entire people have to work hard together to achieve the 12 objectives laid down in conformity with the objective conditions of the nation, while upholding Our Three Main National Causes as the national policy: Nondisintegration of the Union; Non-disintegration of national solidarity; and Perpetuation of sovereignty. Myanmar has been a member of the United Nations since 1948, and a member of ASEAN since 1997. Myanmar exercises the independent and active foreign policy and stands tall as an independent, sovereign nation in the international community. The nation is now immersed in nation-building tasks in accordance with its geographical features. As a result, the whole nation has seen peace, consolidated national unity and remarkable development. The government has improved political, economic, education and health infrastructures in its bid to transform the nation into a modern, developed one. In addition, the government is in pursuance of the national goal of building a disciplineflourishing democratic nation in compliance with the public desire in the interest of the entire people. The people are to remain constantly vigilant against neo-colonialists’ tactics of

8/5/18, 2:45 PM

indirect enslavement in order that independence and national sovereignty that have been restored throughout the Myanmar history will never come under their threats. The people have to work out the internal issues only with internal unity. They have to determine the future of the nation, putting the independence in the fore. In the process, the people are to stay away from sectarianism and personality cult and to possess political sense, reasoning power, and nationalistic fervour. With consolidated unity and strong determination, the people will be capable of repulsing any forms of internal and external threats to the nation. So, the objectives of the 62nd Anniversary Independence Day (2010) are national duties and bounden duties to be carried out by all people who love and value Myanmar independence and sovereignty. They are: * All the national people to constantly join hands for ensuring the perpetuity of independence and sovereignty of the State, * All the national people to collectively strive for non-disintegration of the Union and non-disintegration of national solidarity, * All the national people to harmoniously make all-out efforts to build up a modern, developed discipline-flourishing democratic nation in accordance with the new State Constitution that has been approved by the votes of the great majority of the people, * All the national people to cooperate in realizing the State’s seven-step Road Map with Union Spirit and patriotic spirit. Myanmar people not only cherish and value but also protect independence and they never hesitate to sacrifice their lives in the interest of the motherland. So, all have to relay the spirit of cherishing the people to future generations. And the onus is on the entire people to be careful in addressing issues in order that Myanmar will remain forever as an independent, sovereign nation. Translation: MS

8 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009

Hailing the 62nd Anniversary Independence Day

The whole nation has seen a network of roads and bridges due to cooperative efforts Maung Maung Htwe (MNA) Safeguard independence and sovereignty through might of patriotism

(from page 1) I passed along such river-crossing bridges as the Bo Myat Tun, Pyapon, Daydaye, Maubin, Myaungmya, Einme, Panmawady and Ngawun. From Yangon, I have been to Ngayokkaung, a seaside region of Ngapudaw Township, by car many times. I have also travelled to various regions by passing along river-spanning bridges, including Thanlwin, Motpalin, Mawlamyine and Bala Min Htin bridges. I have attended bridge opening ceremonies. I still remember a foundation-laying ceremony that I attended as well as the inauguration of Panmawady Bridge in Ayeyawady Division built by Myanmar women engineers of the Ministry of Construction and gathered news. I travelled by car to the whole Rakhine State, which relied solely on the water transport and airways in the past, passing through Nawaday Bridge in Pyay. I have collected news from various bridge construction projects, including Maei Bridge at Maei road section on Yangon-Kyaukpyu Road, Lonedawpauk Bridge and Minkyaung Bridge. I, therefore, have known the importance of the road transport sector and the value of a bridge by looking at the past, present and future. When Myanmar was under the colonial rule for over 100 years, the colonialists, in accordance with their economic strategy, built only Gokhteik viaduct in Shan State (North), Sittoung Bridge in Mon State and Inwa Bridge across the Ayeyawady River. At that time, the Inwa Bridge was the biggest in the nation with 3948 feet in length and 120 feet in height and 15 concrete pillars and 10 steel spans. I learnt that the bridge was inaugurated on a grand scale by the then

28-12-09 NL


governor himself on 2 January, 1934. However, the colonialists blasted the bridge in World War II. In the post-independence period, the Head of State once said: "Looking back to Myanmar’s history in the post-independence period, instead of cooperating in national development tasks, some groups, with various isms, narrow-minded racism, egoism, arrogance, sectarianism and personality cult, rose against the State causing losses of public property and people’s lives. Again in 1988, with outside instigation, some persons and parties created riots resulting in anarchy and tragedies in the nation." The country had bitter experiences in the past. It did so not one or two times but many times. Nonetheless, our nation has made good strides since the Tatmadaw unavoidably took over the State duties in 1988. As national reconsolidation has been cemented under the leadership of the Head of State, most of the regions that lacked peace and development for many years have been able to carry out regional development tasks with the strength of the national people. Now the national brethren have enjoyed the taste and fruits of peace and development that were just a dream in the past. As to the road transport sector, there have now been 18 bridges across the Ayeyawady, Chindwin, Thanlwin and Sittoung rivers although there were only five in 1988. Among them, eight Ayeyawady River-crossing bridges namely Nawade, Maubin, Bala Min Htin, Bo Myat Tun, Anawrahta, Magway, Daydaye and Yadanabon were constructed as milestones of the nation. Efforts are being made for the construction of new Ayeyawady River-crossing bridges such as Sinkham, Malun, Pakokku and Nyaungdon to complete almost at the same time. The Ayeyawady Bridge (Pakokku) to link Letpanchepaw Village of NyaungU Township on the

east bank of the Ayeyawady River and Pakokku Township on the west bank will emerge as the longest bridge in the Union of Myanmar. The main bridge will be 11431 feet (2.16 miles) long, and it will be the rail-cum-road bridge. The bridge is of reinforced concrete steel truss type, and it will have 28 feet wide two-way motor road and 14 feet wide area of railroad. The clearance of the bridge will be 52 feet high, and the facility will have three feet and three inches wide pedestrian way on either side. In order to narrow the development gap between the regions on the west bank of Ayeyawady River and those on the east bank, the bridge will be built as a milestone reflecting the profound goodwill, loving-kindness and compassion of the Head of State for the national people. Likewise, Public Works of the Ministry of Construction have built 233 above-180-foot-long large bridges and 2913 under-180-foot-long small bridges in the entire Union from 1988 to date in accord with the guidance of the Head of State. Moreover, the inter-village roads, the roads linking rural and urban areas, the inter-district roads, the inter-State/Division roads and the highways were constructed as the road networks across the nation. Therefore, the country has built over 41,700 miles long roads in total from over 21,000 miles long roads in 1988. So far, over 39,400 miles of rural roads have been constructed with a view to ensuring development of the rural regions. In addition, the government is implementing the highway projects in cooperation with the regional countries. They are: the Asian Highways to link with Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh, the ASEAN Highways to link with ASEAN countries, the Greater Mekong Sub-region economic corridor highways, the BIMSTEC highway, the (See page 9)

4183 feet long Nawade Bridge linking Pyay of Bago with Sinte.

8/5/18, 2:45 PM

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009 9

Hailing the 62nd Anniversary Independence Day:

The whole nation has seen a network of roads and bridges due to cooperative efforts Maung Maung Htwe (MNA) (from page 8) India-Myanmar-Thailand Tripartite Highway, the Greater Mekong Sub-region East-West Economic Corridor Highway, the Greater Mekong Sub-region North-South Economic Corridor Highway, the India-Myanmar Highway, the construction of Paletwa border road and

the Kaladan River Project. There will be four Asian Highways No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 14. Six roads were designated as ASEAN Highways. They are the YangonPhayagyi-MandalayTamu Road, the PhayagyiHpa-an-Myawady Road, the Mandalay-HsipawLashio-Muse Road, the Mandalay-Meiktila-

Loilem-KengtungTachilek Road, the Kengtung-Mongla Road, the Thaton-MawlamyineMyeik-DaweiKawthoung Road, and the Dawei-HsinbyutaungKanchanaburi Road. The Myawady-Tamu Road, the TachilekMeiktila Road, the Kengtung-Mongla Road, and the Mandalay-Muse

The list of bridges built since 1988 to date. No

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.


Kachin State Kayah State Kayin State Chin State Sagaing Division Taninthayi Division Bago Division Magway Division Mandalay Division Mon State Rakhine State Yangon Division Shan State (East) Shan State (South) Shan State (North) Ayeyawady Division Total

Under 180-feet

Over 180-feet

413 bridges 24 bridges 187 bridges 17 bridges 408 bridges 116 bridges 171 bridges 164 bridges 212 bridges 131 bridges 259 bridges 66 bridges 168 bridges 185 bridges 80 bridges 312 bridges 2913 bridges

18 bridges 1 bridge 7 bridges 3 bridges 16 bridges 7 bridges 18 bridges 19 bridges 11 bridges 4 bridges 36 bridges 30 bridges 4 bridges 5 bridges 7 bridges 47 bridges 233 bridges

The list of over 180 feet bridges that had been constructed, under construction and planned for construction since 1988.

28-12-09 NL

constructed (Bridges)



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Kachin State Kayah State Kayin State Chin State Sagaing Division Taninthayi Division Bago Division Magway Division Mandalay Division Mon State Rakhine State Yangon Division Shan State (East) Shan State (South) Shan State (North) Ayeyawady Division Total


18 1 7 3 16 7 18 19 11 4 36 30 4 5 7 47 233

under construction (Bridges)

2 1 2 2 1 2 2 1 1 2 5 21

plans for construction

1 1 2 1 2 7

Road linking Thailand, China and India as Asian and ASEAN Highways are the same on the Union Highways in many regions of the Union of Myanmar. In reality, the road network of the Union is like one of the blossoming species and colourful flowers of the garden. It shows progress of the transportation sector among other developing sectors of the nation. All the national brethren of the Union have felt bitter to learn that the colonialists built only a bridge or two to serve their interests. Nowadays, networks of roads and bridges have emerged in all regions of the Union. I had noted the guidance of the Head of State, who said, "the development infrastructures are being built with utmost efforts in various regions of the Union with the farsightedness on better prospects of the national people. "It is important to place emphasis on undertaking of the construction tasks with the Union Spirit to narrow the development gap among the national brethren as much as possible, to ensure equitable development of all the regions of the Union as soon as possible, and to further strengthen the national unity." As such, all the national people of the Union always thank the Head of State for his guidance with profound loving-kindness, compassion and goodwill for the national people. ***** Translation: ST+TTA

8/5/18, 2:45 PM

Objectives of the 62nd Anniversary Independence Day (2010) *

All the national people to constantly join hands for ensuring the perpetuity of independence and sovereignty of the State,


All the national people to collectively strive for non-disintegration of the Union and non-disintegration of national solidarity,


All the national people to harmoniously make all-out efforts to build up a modern, developed discipline-flourishing democratic nation in accordance with the new State Constitution that has been approved by the votes of the great majority of the people,


All the national people to cooperate in realizing the States seven-step Road Map with Union Spirit and patriotic spirit.


Myanmar’s resolve *

Independence, first Independence, second Independence, third Thundered with pride Our forefathers Sacrificing lives in thousands And restored independence in unity Truly valuable inheritance


Fell the Union Jack to ground Our National Flag The Flag of victory Flying with pride High in the air


In January every year In whole country Flying the flags of victory Independence our inheritance Love we in past and present For perpetuation of independence National races with courage and perseverance Safeguarding it without fail That’s Myanmar’s resolve Tekkatho Nyo Nyo Thant (Trs)

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

10 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009

Independence tree ... you need to add fertilizer (that is economic progress) and constantly pour water (that is modern technology)

To see that Independence plant we, your grandpa, have sowed thrive forever

... guard against menacing cattle, dogs and goats (destructive elements) from entering by setting up secure fences (strength of

... stay in the sunshine shaping own destiny to be free from outside influence

…cleanse yourself of ill will and misbehaviour, that are like weeds, with nationalism

…remove pests and diseases within through awareness

... then only will the Independence tree bear fruit.


Opening of Defence Services C-in-C’s Trophy Tennis Tourney held N AY P YI T AW , 27 Dec—The opening ceremony of the Defence Services Commander-inChief’s Trophy Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air) Tennis Tournament took place at the tennis course of South-East Command on 18 December. It was attended by Chairman of Mon State Peace and Development Council Commander of South-East Command Maj-Gen Thet Naing Win, division level staff officers, state level departmental officials, commandants, officers and other ranks, and their families. The commander enjoyed the match of first day after giving opening speech.—MNA

Lashio, famous town for hot spring camp Byline and Photos: Tin Htwe (MNA)

Retransmission station of MRTV in Lashio. (from page 16) U Zaw Lwin and staff were working hard for local people from Lashio and Shan State (North) to timely read daily newspapers and for better quality of news papers. And I used to read books and journals at Shan State (North) Information and Public Relations Department office near Lashio Myoma Market. The li-

28-12-09 NL


brary of IPRD office keeps books systematically. During the tour, staff from state/district/ township IPRD offices were very helpful. Thanks to the help of Manager U Hla Pyo of Two Golden Horse Dry Cell factory, In-charge U Hla Myo of the oil mill, Chairman of Lashio Peace and Development Council U Htein Lin and driver U Aung Thet, I had been

able to write my bylines. Lashio is the capital of Shan State (North) and lies on the border trade route. More than 40 bus lines run to every corner of the country from Lashio. The train transports passengers and commodities to Lashio, Hsipaw, Kyaukme, Naunggyo, PyinOoLwin and Mandalay daily. Myanmar Airways operates flights to YangonHeho-Lashio-Heho-

Production process of Lashio sub-printing house. Yangon every Sunday, Saturday and Thursday. When I left Lashio for Mandalay, I remembered thriving Hsinshweli paddy field, myrobalan tree with fruits in front of Shweli Guest house, Nannyunt restaurant in front of Mawcherry guest house, Nanhaywon garden and hot spring camp.

Translation: MT Natural hot lake in Lashio hot spring camp.

8/5/18, 2:45 PM

Kyemon: (24-12-2009)

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009 11

French airport tightens security PARIS, 27 Dec—The Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris has tightened security on Saturday, especially for flights heading to the United States, after a failed attempt to bomb a US-bound airliner Friday. Security officials would be stricter on body frisking and extra checks on hand baggage, which may took longer boarding time, said Patrick Espagnol, the deputy Pre-

fect of the Roissy Department where Charles de Gaulle airport locates. All passengers destined for the United States have to go through the tighter checking procedures before boarding, Espagnol told reporters. Since Saturday morning, flights to the America have been delayed for one hour on average, local media reported. There are around 30flights from Paris to the America eve-

Swiss bank secrecy emerges from 2009 with holes GENEVA , 27 Dec—Switzerland’s finance minister acknowledges that he had a rough time this year after the Swiss bowed to international pressure on banking secrecy under the onslaught of US lawsuits and a crackdown on tax evasion. Yet, the Swiss banking industry insists that it was stirred rather than shaken by a tumultuous year that holed their sacrosanct secrecy, threatened to sap billions from their vaults and left their battered flagship bank UBS wheezin “You could describe it as a challenging year,” James Nason, a spokesman for the Swiss Bankers Association, told AF. “Privacy remains the default setting,” he insisted nonetheless, as the chairman of the association, private banker Patrick Odier, toyed with “Rubik” — the buzzword for plans to anonymously retain tax on the savings revenues of foreign clients and discourage undeclared assets. “The sector had already prepared itself mentally for the moment, sometime, when it could only take taxed money,” Julius Baer bank spokesman Jan Bielinski told the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper. The year started with a 780-million-dollar (543million-euro) fine on the biggest bank, UBS, in the United States for aiding tax fraud, while the Swiss financial regulator FINMA swiftly ordered the bank to hand over about 250 customer names to the US Internal Revenue Service.—Internet

28-12-09 NL


ryday. A Nigerian attempted to set off an explosion device on a Delta international flight shortly before the flight landed on the Detroit Metro Airport in Michigan on Friday. The device failed to explode, causing only injuries to the suspect himself and two other passengers. Airports in Britain, Finland, Italy and other countries have also reportedly increased their security procedures. Xinhua A Flip Video camcorder, a small camera which can shoot up to 60 minutes of high-quality video and can quickly upload content to the Internet. David Pogue, personal technology columnist for The New York Times, points to Apple’s iPod, introduced in 2001, as among the most influential devices of the decade, but also casts a vote for the Flip pocket camcorder from Pure Digital Technologies.—INTERENT

A ship pasts the Tianxingzhou highway-railway Bridge in Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei Province, on 27 Dec, 2009. Built at a cost of 11 billion yuan (1.6 billion US dollars), the 4,657-meter cable suspension bridge opened to traffic on Saturday. —XINHUA

New Zealand airports increase security after attempted attack in US WELLINGTON, 27 Dec —New Zealand’s Auckland International Airport on Sunday tightened security measures for passengers flying to the United States after an alleged attempt to blow up a passenger jet as it came to land in Detroit. A Nigerian man, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, has been charged with attempting to destroy an aircraft with a high explosive and with placing a de-

Six members of family shot to death in north Mexico CIUDAD JUAREZ, 27 Dec—Prosecutors in the Mexican state of Chihuahua say they found the bullet-riddled bodies of six members of the same family in a mountainous area. No motive was given for the killing, but drug trafficking, illegal logging and drug cultivation are all common in the northern region. State prosecutors’ spokesman Eduardo Esparza says the victims are men between the ages of 45 and 55, and all from the same family. He said the bodies were found late Friday near a dirt road.Chihuahua state police said Saturday that two army battalions posted in the border city of Ciudad Juarez to fight drug-fueled violence would be rotated out, with fresh troops replacing them. The statement said such 60-day rotations are routine.—Internet

structive device on a plane. New Zealand’s aviation security service general manager Mark Everitt said passengers flying to the United States will be separated from other international passengers, after routine screening, Radio New Zealand reported

on Sunday. He said these passengers are then subject to more intensive scrutiny including baggage checks and body searches. Everitt said the new measures have been in place since Saturday night and so far there have been no problems. —Xinhua

At least one Hamas member killed in southern Beirut BEIRUT, 27 Dec—At least one Hamas member was killed in a car bomb in Hezbollah’s stronghold Dahiyeh in southern Beirut on Saturday night, the official National News Agency (NNA) reported. One Hamas member was killed, one severely injured and some other people also injured in the incident, according to NNA report. However, the local LBC TV channel and Now Lebanon website reported that two Hamas members were killed by the blast. A source with Lebanese Interior Security Force told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that the explosion caused death, but he is unclear about the number of the killed. “There is no official statement right now,” said the source. The local Mustaqbal newspaper website quoted a Hamas official as saying that the incident aimed at a senior Hamas official Ali Baraka. The blast occurred near his office. Hezbollah and Lebanese security persons cordoned off the area immediately. Hezbollah refused to talk about the incident.—Xinhua People run to refill buckets of water to use in preventing homes from catching fire in Valparaiso city, 121 km (75 miles) northwest of Santiago, on 26 Dec, 2009. More than 500 hectares (1235 acres) of land have been burnt due to multiple fires near Valparaiso city but with no reported cases of deaths or injuries, local authorities said. INTERNET

8/5/18, 2:45 PM

12 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009

14,000 passengers stranded as fog continues to blanket SW China CHENGDU, 27 Dec—More than 14,000 passengers were stranded as heavy fog continued to blanket the Shuangliu International Airport of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, on Friday. The fog forced the closure of the airport for six and a half hours, delaying 126 flights and causing cancellation of 24 flights while another 17 flights landed in nearby airports, said Lu Junming, a publicity official of the airport. More than 1,000 passengers had been staying at the airport since Thursday when the fog started to blanket the region and forced the closure of the airport. The airport staff were providing food and water as well as ticket refunding services to the passengers, he said.—Xinhua

Britain urged to crack down on remedies LONDON, 27 Dec—The British government and doctors should do more to crack down on those who promote remedies such as curing AIDS with vitamins, a researcher says. David Colquhoun of the University College London wrote in an editorial in the Christmas issue of the British Medical Journal that colleges “avoid the hard questions by setting up committees,” while the government’s department of

health refers the hard questions to the Prince of Wales’ Foundation for Integrated Health, which was asked to draft “national occupational standards” for make believe subjects like “naturopathy.” Colquhoun cits two recent examples that illustrate the problem. The recent homeopathy “evidence check” conducted by the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Com-

mittee was “eventually cajoled into admitting that there was no good evidence that homoeopathy worked but defended the idea that the taxpayer should pay for it anyway,” Colquhoun says. Internet

A man rows his boat in the high water flooding St Mark’s square in Venice, northern Italy, very early on 25 Dec, 2009. The water level remained high in Venice after reaching a peak of 144 cm (4.70 feet), the highest of 2009, on 23 Dec, 2009. The phenomenon of high water, which floods the Venice lagoon, occurs mainly between autumn and spring when tides are reinforced by seasonal winds. The heavy rain and snowfall which has been hitting most of Italy in the past days contributed to raising the water level in the lagoon.—INTERNET

Acetaminophen may ease a broken heart

Cord tissue yields many, many stem cells PITTSBURGH, 27 Dec—Umbilical cord tissue could be a source of plentiful stem cells, US researchers said. Bridget Deasy of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has raised the possibility of harvesting stem cells from the umbilical cord’s gelatinous material — called Wharton’s jelly — and from vessel walls. These cells could be expanded to a greater number, remain remarkably stable and might not trigger strong immune responses, Deasy said. Deasy and colleagues analyzed umbilical cords donated to research. The study, published online in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, indicated at least 21 million stem cells, and possibly as many as 500 million, could be banked from the umbilical cord of one baby. “So, the cord could become an accessible source of a multitude of stem cells that overcomes many of the restrictions, such as limited quantity as well as donor age and donor sex issues, that come with other adult stem cell populations,” Deasy said in a statement. Internet

A man uses a laptop computer at a wireless cafe. China has placed more than 4.65 million computers at some 80,000 Internet cafes under watch in a bid to crack down on violent or pornographic online games, state media reported on Friday.—INTERNET

Death toll from A/H1N1 flu reaches 106 in Egypt C A I R O , 27 Dec— Egypt on Friday reported three more death cases of influenza A/H1N1, bringing the nationwide death toll to 106, said the Health Ministry in a statement. A 35-year-old woman in Cairo and another 21-year-old woman in

Sri Lankan fishermen put out to sea at Unawatuna in southern Galle. People across Asia have paused to remember the day five years ago when an undersea earthquake unleashed a devastating wave that killed more than 220,000 people.—INTERNET

28-12-09 NL


Alexandria died of A/ H1N1 virus, said the statement, adding that both suffered from pneumonia and dyspnea. The third case was a 35-year-old man in Assuit, 330 km south of Cairo, said the statement, adding that he suffered from severe dyspnea. Earlier on Friday, four million doses of A/ H1N1 vaccine were received at Cairo International Airport ahead of a vaccination campaign for school students starting next week, reported Egypt’s MENA news agency. Up till now, Egypt has reported more than 8,500 cases of the novel flu, according to the Health Ministry. Xinhua

8/5/18, 2:45 PM

LEXINGTON, 27 Dec— Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, may not only ease physical pain, but the pain of social rejection as well, US researchers found. Psychologist C Nathan DeWall of the University of Kentucky said physical and social pain appear to overlap in the brain — relying on some of the same behavioral and neural mechanisms. In the first experiment, 62 healthy volunteers took 1,000 milligrammes daily of either acetaminophen or a placebo. Each evening, participants reported how much they experienced social pain using a measurement tool accepted as a valid measure of social pain. Hurt

feelings and social pain decreased in those taking acetaminophen, while no change was observed in subjects taking the placebo, DeWall said. In the second experiment, 25 healthy volunteers took 2,000 milligrammes daily of either acetaminophen or a placebo. After three weeks of taking the pills, subjects participated in a computer game rigged to create feelings of social rejection. Functional magnetic resonance imaging used during the game revealed acetaminophen reduced neural responses to social rejection in brain regions associated with the distress of social pain and the affective component of physical pain.—Internet

Too much TV, juice in home child care CORVALLIS, 27 Dec—Home-based child care exposes children to too much TV, US researchers say. Researchers at Oregon State University in Corvallis surveyed 300 family child care providers and found two-thirds of those caring for children under age 5 have the TV on most of the day. Study leader Stewart Trost pointed out the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages TV viewing for children younger than age 2 and recommends no more than two hours daily for children ages 2 to 5. Trost said 78 percent of the children ages 2 to 5 were not getting enough physical activity and 63 percent had active play or exercise restricted as a punishment. Internet

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009 13

Heart transplants may up skin cancer risk

A train loaded with coal is ready for departure in Ordos, north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,on 26 Dec, 2009. The 82-kilometer north section, from Baotou to Hantaichuan, of the Baotou-Xi’an Railway, involving a total investment of 16.3 billion RMB yuan (2.3 billion US dollars) and connecting the Shenfu-Dongsheng Coal Fields with the inlands, was put into operation on Saturday. —XINHUA

ROCHESTER , 27 Dec— Many heart transplant patients develop multiple skin cancers, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn, found. Dr Jerry D Brewer and colleagues reviewed the records of 312 patients — average age 47.4 — who had received heart transplants from 1988-2006. Forty-six percent of the patients had developed skin cancer during the 19 years of follow-up. The study, published in the Archives of Dermatology, found patients were more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma

if they had other types of cancer after their transplant, were older or had a known cause for their heart failure. Infection with the herpes simplex virus, being older and using the medication mycophenolate to suppress the immune system were associated with an increased risk of basal

For better skin, ditch risky behaviours CLEVELAND, 27 Dec— Smoking, being overweight, not using sunscreen and having had skin cancer is associated

Refurbished computers aid Kenyan farmers KATUMANI, 27 Dec— Refurbished computers are changing the fortunes of farmers in central Kenya by accurately and instantly predicting the weather, officials said. The digital age arrived two years ago and since then has often meant the difference between a good crop and no crop at all, The Independent reported on Saturday. “It’s helping them to decide which crops to plant, which fertilizer to use and when to plant,” Jackson Mwangangi, who runs the local weather station near Katumani, told the British newspaper. Local farmers had no quick and accurate access to weather information until the British charity Computer Aid equipped

Jackson’s station with refurbished computers and taught him how to use them. Now forecasts are available to anyone with an Internet connection or phone, and they’re also circulated via a motorcycle rider who carries the forecasts to hundreds of small farmers in the region. Internet

Bangladesh to restrict credit facilities for polluting industries DHAKA, 27 Dec—The Bangladeshi central bank has decided to restrict credit facilities for polluting industries in an initiative to protect environment and combat climate change, leading English newspaper The Daily Star reported on Sunday.

“No more credit facilities for the industries which will pollute environment,” Bangladesh Bank Governor Atiur Raman said while he was speaking for the central bank officials at a seminar on “Climate change management”.

Gaza children recycle rubbish into useful materials

28-12-09 NL


Fishermen sort the fish after ice fishing at the Jingpohu Lake in Mudanjiang, northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, on 26 Dec, 2009. Fifty tons of fish are caught in the first day of ice fishing on the aquafarm.—XINHUA

Atiur said action would be taken against those banks which would provide credit facilities to the industries responsible for environment pollution.—Xinhua Male and female Birman cats take part in an international cat show in Moshav Beit Hefer near the coastal city of Netanya, north of Israel, on 26 Dec, 2009.—XINHUA

GAZA, 27 Dec—The Gaza-based Creative Women Association hosted on Saturday a gallery for children displaying recycled rubbish materials into useful items for household use. The project entitled “The Environment Club” is funded by the Welfare Association, a local non-government organization, and it was implemented by the help of 150 students from five elementary schools for both genders in the Gaza Strip. Raw material was used in the creating of items of this gallery including old unwanted trash and plastic. The cost of the 3-month course project has reached 34,000 US dollars, and was supervised by 15 teachers and 5 coordinators distributed as follows: 3 teachers and one supervisor per school. Alaa El Ghoul, a 10-year-old student and a participant in the project said “I worked in the environmental club and I created items that we can use in our life, I used unwanted plastic bottles to make an artificial tree that can be placed as a natural scene in an office or a home.”—Xinhua

8/5/18, 2:45 PM

cell carcinoma, the study said. “Although a considerable tumor burden was found in this study, the rate of death due to skin cancer was surprisingly low,” study authors said in a statement. “Only one patient died of skin cancer, of a melanoma.” Internet

with sun damaged and aging facial skin, US researchers say. Kathryn J Martires of Case Western Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland and colleagues studied 65 pairs of twins attending the 2002 annual Twin Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. A total of 130 individuals provided information about skin type, history of skin cancer, smoking and drinking habits and weight. Clinicians assigned each participant a score based on such characteristics as wrinkling and change in pigmentation, Martires said. The study, published in the Archives of Dermatology, finds higher levels of sun-related damage, or photodamage, included a history of skin cancer, heavier weight and smoking, whereas alcohol consumption was associated with lower damage scores. “The Twins Days Festival provides a rare opportunity to study a large number of twin pairs to control for genetic susceptibility. —Xinhua

14 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009

Mancini opens Premier League Ex-Liverpool striker Sinama-Pongolle heads for Sporting with victory


L ISBON , 27 Dec— Former Liverpool striker Florent Sinama-Pongolle has agreed to move from struggling Spanish side Atletico Madrid to Sporting Lisbon, the PortuFormer Liverpool guese team announced on striker Florent Saturday. Sinama-Pongolle “An agreement in principle has been reached in view to a transfer on with Atletico Madrid and January 1,” said a SportFlorent Sinama-Pongolle ing statement. According to the Diario de Noticias newspaper, French interOSAKA, 27 Dec—Daisuke Takahashi won national Sinama-Pongolle the Japan national figure skating champion- will cost Sporting, who ships Saturday to secure a place in the Van- are fifth in the table and couver Olympics. Takahashi, who was first 12 points behind leaders after the short program, made several mis- Sporting Braga and takes in Saturday’s free skate but was good Benfica, around six milenough to finish first with a total of 261.13 lion euros.—Internet points. “I’m happy to be Japan champion but I’m not completely satisfied with my performGold medalist Daisuke ance tonight,” Takahashi said. “I have some Takahashi, center, silver medalist time to practice before the Olympics and Nobunari Oda, left, and bronze LONDON, 27 Dec—Arneed to improve physically and mentally.” medalist Takahiko Kozuka smile Takahashi stumbled on his opening quad toe senal manager Arsene on the podium following the loop and a triple loop later in his routine but Wenger, who has been at men’s free skating event at the finished 17 points ahead of Nobunari Oda. the Gunners helm for 13 Japan National Figure Oda, who has already secured a place in Van- years, believes his side are couver, fell on his opening quad toe loop but in great shape for a PreSkating Championships, was solid the rest of the way and finished mier League title chalon 26 Dec, 2009. lenge despite a trophyless second with 244.30 points.—Internet INTERNET four years. Arsenal have not won anything since the 2005 FA Cup triumph LONDON, 27 Dec—Chelsea failed to break against Manchester their under-par jitter on Saturday as the Premier United, by far the longest League leaders, grabbing one win out of last five, barren spell since the were held to 0-0 at Birmingham City in holiday Frenchman arrived in fixture. 1996. Gianfranco Zola’s West Ham United climbed “The last four years out of the relegation zone with a 2-0 home win have been the most chalover Portsmouth. Tottenham Hotspur remained lenging,” admitted in fifth place after a 0-0 draw at Fulham and the Wenger. “It’s not linked points were also shared at Sunderland, who drew with the fact we have won 1-1with Everton. Wigan Athletic also tied no trophies. I think it is Blackburn Rovers 1-1. The same happened to moving into the new staBurnley’s home match with Bolton Wanderers. Roberto Mancini began his reign as Manchester Chelsea’s midfielder Florent dium and keeping the City manager with a 2-0 home victory over Stoke Malouda (L) is challenged by team at the top. “For me the best period at the club City. Birmingham City’s midfielder is the last four years but Chelsea moved five points clear of champions Manchester United despite failing to score Lee Bowyer during a Premier unfortunately it is also the for the first time in 34 league games. United can League match at St Andrews, period where we have not won trophies.” —Internet Birmingham.—INTERNET narrow the gap at Hull City on Sunday. —Xinhua

LONDON, 27 Dec—Roberto Mancini started his English Premier League journey in charge of Manchester City with a 2-0 home win over Stoke City on Saturday. City came to the lead on 28 minutes through Bulgarian winger Martin Petrov’s far post tap-in and Carlos Tevez poked home before the break to double the advantage for home side. The Stoke side have lost their last five league matches and settled in 11th place. City, playing their first game under Italian Mancini since Mark Hughes’s 18-month reign as manager ended last Saturday, remained sixth following their eighth league win of the season.—Xinhua Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard (L) jumps above Wolverhampton Wanderers players to score during their English Premier League soccer match in Liverpool, northern England, on 26 Dec, 2009.—XINHUA

Liverpool wins over 10-man Wolves LONDON , 27 Dec—Steven Gerrard and Yossi Benayoun scored in second half to hand Liverpool a 2-0 win over 10-man Wolves at Anfield on Saturday. The Reds were frustrated by Mick McCarthy’s team until referee Andre Marriner sent Stephen Ward off just after the interval. Argentinian left back Insua burst clear down the left and floated a cross over that Gerrard reached first to head into the corner of Hahnemann’s net. Gerrard scored his first goal in almost two months, his fifth in Premier League, to put Liverpool ahead. Internet

Spurs held by in-form Fulham LONDON, 27 Dec—Tottenham missed a chance to move into the top four as Fulham dominated Saturday’s 0-0 draw between the London rivals at Craven Cottage. Harry Redknapp’s side would have gone above fourth-placed Aston Villa with a victory, but were forced to settle for a point that left them in fifth. Redknapp opted to drop England striker Jermain Defoe to the bench as captain Robbie Keane partnered Peter Crouch in attack, while Ledley King and Luka Modric were among the Spurs substitutes after recovering from injury. Fulham were unchanged following their 3-0 win over Manchester United on Saturday and they started brightly with Damien Duff testing Tottenham goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes in the opening moments. Internet

Answers to yesterday’s Crosswords Puzzle S H


















































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Chelsea holds scoreless at Birmingham


Fellaini’s late strike rescues Everton






























Wenger relishing Gunners title challenge






Takahashi secures Olympic berth at Japan nationals

Sunderland’s striker Darren Bent scores the opening goal of their English Premier League football match against Everton at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland.—INTERNET

8/5/18, 2:46 PM

SUNDERLAND, 27 Dec—Marouane Fellaini rescued Everton as the Belgian midfielder’s late equaliser snatched a 1-1 draw at Sunderland on Saturday. David Moyes’ team trailed to Darren Bent’s early goal at the Stadium of Light, but Fellaini levelled with five minutes left to hand the Toffees their fourth successive Premier League draw. Everton remain only two points above the relegation zone, but Moyes can take heart from the way his players battled to the end. Sunderland stay marooned in mid-table after failing to win for the sixth successive match.—Internet

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Monday, 28 December, 2009 15

MRTV-3 Programme Schedule (28-12-2009) (Monday)

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An Airport policeman and his bomb-sniffing dog Spencer patrol at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. US investigators on Sunday tried to piece together terrorism connections of a Nigerian man who has been charged with attempting to blow up a US jetliner after reportedly confessing that he had been trained by Al-Qaeda in Yemen.—INTERNET

China-ASEAN FTA to greatly benefit Cambodia and region: officials PHNOM PENH, 27 Dec— Cambodian government officials expressed their belief that the establishment of the China-ASEAN free trade area (FTA) on Jan. 1 will be sure to promote the development of trade and economic cooperation of the region and benefit greatly the country and the people. “We are looking forward to and paid great attentions to the building of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area scheduled on 1 Jan. 2010,” Keat Chhon, minister of economy and finance, told Xinhua recently. “Cambodia is a open country and our National Assembly has already approved the agreement of the China-ASEAN FTA,” said Keat Chhon at the 4th annual Export-Import and One Province, One Product Exhibition in Phnom Penh. The China-ASEAN FTA will open up a more extensive and smooth way for Cambodia to develop international trade and economic relations and to make the country a more attractive place to invest, he said. Xinhua

Monday, 28 December View on today 7:00 am 1. awmifwef;omoemjyK q&mawmfb&k m;Bu\ D y&dwf w&m;awmf 7:25 am 2. To Be Healthy Exercise 7:30 am 3. Morning News 7:40 am 4. t*H¾Z,r*FvH

(,Ofa0,HxGef;?aw;a&;*DwpmqdkrsdK;EG,faqG) 7:50 am 5. Musical Programme (The Radio Myanmar Modern Music Troupe) 8:05 am 6. Cute Little Dancers 8:15 am 7. ]]vmtwloGm;MupdkY}} 8:25 am 8. Musical Programme 8:40 am 9. International News 8:50 am 10. tqdkNydKifyGJ 4:00 pm 1. Myanmar National League MNL Cup (2009) abmvHk;NydKifyGJ xkwfvTifhrItpDtpOf (uarÇmZ FC toif;ESifh &ef u k e f , l E d k u f w uf FC toif;)

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]]ql;vTrf;aomcspfESif;qD}} (tydkif;-10)

WEATHER Sunday, 27th December, 2009 Summary of observations recorded at 09:30 hr. M.S.T. During the past 24 hours, weather has been partly cloudy in Kachin and Rakhine States, upper Sagaing and Taninthayi Divisions and generally fair in the remaining areas. Night temperatures were (7°C) to (8°C)below December average temperatures in Chin State and upper Sagaing Division, (5°C) below December average temperatures in Rakhine State, lower Sagaing and Magway and Divisions, (3°C) below December average temperatures in Shan and Kayah States, Mandalay and Bago Divisions, (3°C) above December average temperatures in Mon State and about December average temperatures in the remaining States and Divisions. The significant night temperatures were Haka (-4°C), Loilem (-2°C), Heho (0°C), Pinlaung (1°C), Mogok and An (2°C) each and Katha (3°C). Maximum temperature on 26-12-2009 was 90°F. Minimum temperature on 27-12-2009 was 58°F. Relative humidity at (09:30) hours MST on 27-12-2009 was 66%. Total sun shine hours on 26-12-2009 was (9.4) hours approx. Rainfall on 27-12-2009 was (Nil) at Mingaladon, at Kaba-Aye and Central Yangon. Total rainfall since 1-12009 was (111.69) inches at Mingaladon, (122.09) inches at Kaba-Aye and (129.41) inches at Central Yangon. Maximum wind speed at Yangon (Kaba-Aye) was (4) mph from Northwest at (12:30) hours MST on 26-12-2009. Bay inference: Weather is partly cloudy in the South Bay and generally fair in the Andaman Sea and elsewhere in the Bay of Bengal. Forecast valid until evening of 28th December 2009: Weather will be partly cloudy in Yangon and Ayeyawady Divisions and generally fair in the remaining States and Divisions. State of the sea: Seas will be moderate in Myanmar waters. Outlook for subsequent two days:Generally fair weather in the whole country. Forecast for Nay Pyi Taw and neighbouring area for 28-12-2009: Fair weather . Forecast for Yangon and neighbouring area for 28-12-2009: Partly cloudy. Forecast for Mandalay and neighbouring area for 28-12-2009: Partly cloudy.

R 489 Published by the News and Periodicals Enterprise, Ministry of Information, Union of Myanmar. Edited and printed at The New Light of Myanmar Press, No 22/32 Strand Road at 43rd Street, Yangon. Cable Newlight, PO Box No. 43, Telephones: Editors 392308, Manager 392226, Circulation 392304, Advertisement 392223, Accounts 392224, Administration 392225, Production/Press 392369

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12/27/2009, 3:28 PM

13th Waxing of Pyatho 1371 ME

Monday, 28 December, 2009

★ Only with stability and peace will the nation develop ★ Only with stability and peace will democratization process be successful ★ Anarchy begets anarchy, not democracy ★ Riots beget riots, not democracy ★ Democracy can be introduced only through constitution

People’s Desire ■ ■ ■ ■

We favour peace and stability We favour development We oppose unrest and violence Wipe out those inciting unrest and violence

■ VOA, BBC-sowing hatred among the people ■ RFA, DVB-generating public outrage ■ Do not allow ourselves to be swayed ■ By broadcasts designed to cause troubles

Lashio, famous town for hot spring camp Byline & Photos: Tin Htwe (MNA)

A bird’s eye view of Lashio.

I made a field trip to townships in Shan State (North) based at Shweli Guest House in Lashio. During the trip, I visited Hsenwi, Kutkai, Muse, Kunlong, Chinshwehaw, Laukkai, Tangyan, Mongyai via Lashio as a base. While I was in Lashio, I felt hot in the afternoon as it was in September. About one mile trip from the right of LashioMuse road is Hot spring camp. It is situated about

four miles from Hsenwi on Lashio-Muse road. Taking a bath by mixing natural hot water with cold water refreshed me. Hot water contains sulphur, so it can cure skin diseases. In the past, it was a natural hot spring. In 1991, it was opened as hot spring camp by building bath rooms. The admission fee is K100 per head for locals and US$ 3 for foreigners. Lashio hot spring is famous like Khaungdaing hot

spring of Inlay because of its being a natural hot spring. Foreign visitors are pleased to take a bath in Lashio hot spring. So, visitors should go to the hot spring camp when they visit Lashio. While in Lashio, I visited Sub-Printing House (Lashio) of News and Periodicals Enterprise under the Ministry of Information. I witnessed that in-charge officer (See page 10)


Poem Myanmar’s resolve * Independence, first Independence, second Independence, third Thundered with pride Our forefathers Sacrificing lives in thousands And restored independence in unity Truly valuable inheritance

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The New Light of Myanmar 28-12-2009  

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