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Adorable Horse Blankets

E xotically designed horse blankets will add flavor and a sense of beauty inside your room

E njoy these lovely, comfortable, soft clothed fabrics and smooth for the skin Horse blankets for everyone.. Here they are..

Stampede Horses Woven T apestry T hrow

Not quite a stampede, but certainly enough horses to form one, thanks to the amazing artistry in this fabulous design! T his tapestry throw blanket measures a spacious 54" x 70"

and was created using only the finest 100% cotton threads. It's perfect for the bedroom, family room, or game room, but cleans up easily and quickly in cold water and low heat drying.

T horoughbred Horses Waven T apestry T hrow

An elegant collage of finely-rendered horse portraits presented in traditional equestrian style, this handsome tapestry throw

blanket is made from the highest quality 100% cotton threads and remains dependable for many years of active use. Measures 54”x 70”.

Wild Running Horses T apestry T hrow

Y ou can almost hear the roar of their hooves on this incredible tapestry throw blanket. Measuring 48" x 68", the three-layer woven blanket is made from a combination of high-quality

100% cotton threads and includes handsome fringe around all four sides. Machine wash cool water, delicate cycle. T umble dry low heat.

Wild Spirit Horse Bed Blankets & T hrow

Wild Spirit Horse Bed In A Bag

G ive your room and bed the perfect blankets design, also we have in stored a variety of animal blankets, especially Horse blankets are one of those.. so check us now..


Adorable Horse blankets  
Adorable Horse blankets Here are the Horse Blankets to adore! Will keep you warm on a cool night, and look great...