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EDITORIAL From time to time, we all need a bit of support – “winter tourism” in the Swiss Alps, for example, was invented by the British. Italianità – an expression of the Mediterranean way of life and its joie de vivre that is now indispensable – comes from the south. And for relaxed conviviality to describe the enjoyment of beautiful things with special friends in a cosy atmosphere, we turn to the





Danes, who have adopted their own word – “Hygge”. “Hygge” sums up much about our valleys and villages, especially in winter.

CONTENTS   8 AT HOME OUTSIDE Glistening snow as far as the eye can see – and miles of slopes. If you want to experience the authentic Oberland winter, enrich your ski day with a visit to a mountain lodge restaurant. Places full of rustic charm, right next to the piste. 12 PORTRAIT He is not satisfied with mediocrity – Thomas Hari roasts only best-quality beans for his coffee. The results speak for themselves. 16 WHAT’S ON? Every year the same – the laser show at Chuenisbärgli, the largest Swiss youth and sport winter camp at Lenk, and the Belle Epoque Week in Kandersteg. We can’t wait!

The Danes have known this for a long time – if you are looking for “Hygge”, choose warm ­candlelight rather than light bulbs. Everything else you need to know can be found on page 42.

24 FOOD & DRINK The triumph of a cheese mixture that has won the hearts of our guests across all three valleys. 32 INTERVIEW Reto Grossen has shaped the local cultural scene like no other. He speaks about his values, his dreams and the way ahead.

Footprints in the snow, visible breath, fir trees in front


of a snow-covered hut, the


hind the window. We enter,


and our gaze falls on a blaz-

warm glow of a candle bebrush the snow off our boots,


ing fire in the hearth. The


due caresses our cold noses.

spicy aroma of a cheese fon-


We remove our gloves from


soon be replaced by a glass of chilled white wine, we look forward to what a


clammy hands and take a sip of steaming herbal tea. Knowing that this will winter’s evening with our loved ones holds in store. I am looking forward to winter – especially the winter in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. With very best wishes Urs Pfenninger | Director


46 ENCOUNTERED Since last winter she has known what she is really capable of. World Cup skier Joana Hählen from Lenk became one of the world’s elites in Crans-Montana.


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


NEWS | In brief

SNAPSHOTS Gliding beneath the stars Fast runners on silvery snow – ­sledging unites and helps us forget the stresses of everyday life back at home. Because now only the next turn matters. If you would like to ­double the fun, go sledging at Kiental on New Year’s Eve or by the light of the moon.

Light on the path


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020



These colourful hand-held fireworks are always popular at outdoor winter events. What many people do not ­realise is that most of the Swiss ones are made by ­firework manufacturer Pyro Willen GmbH in Frutigen. This family business easily matches the Far East for both price and quality.

Why should cycling be a summer-only sport? Now fatbikes are conquering ­winter, too. At Sunnbüel near Kandersteg, there is even a separate section of the slope for riders. Up by ski lift, down on two wheels – the only place in Switzerland to offer this.

The new annual mountain lift pass for AdelbodenLenk-Kandersteg is here. It enables guests and locals to create their individual season ticket in a modular form. Now you can go ­upwards and downwards, where you want and for as long as you want.

A lake in white

800 metres of fun

When the snow crunches beneath your feet, cold cheeks glow red and ­candlelight sparkles through the ­branches, Advent is not far away. From 30 November, the “Adelboden ­Christmas Trail” in Aussenschwand, Adelboden, will offer an experience that could hardly be more enchanting. adelbodner-wiehnachtswä


“BLUE” AND DELICIOUS For generations, Kander Valley bakers have guarded the recipe for their “blue cake” very carefully. This popular local pastry gets its name from the steam it creates in the oven – at least that is what they say. But one thing is for sure – it tastes great with almost everything.

Steep curves, rapid undulations and a giant snow snail – at the top of the Bühlberg six-seater chairlift, ­Switzerland’s longest fun slope awaits you with an exceptional skiing experience. A half-mile route ­offers the whole family a winter highlight in the mountains.

How the snow glistens between the pine trees! Anyone who has ever been captivated by impressive ­scenery knows that Oeschinen Lake in winter is a jewel. From 1 January, however, the standard will be set even higher when the UNESCO World ­Heritage lake opens for ice fishing.

RUSTICALLY MODERN Acquire the Swiss wrestler look – but without the sawdust in your hair and countless bruises. The “Swiss wrestler bag” by Bergflair makes it possible. Made using the same material as Swiss wrestlers’ trousers and lined with ­Edelweiss shirt fabric, it is designed to be tough.

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


FOCUS | Ski lodge magic

When the snowflakes fall from the sky and turn ­pirouettes in the air, when the pines are covered in icing sugar and the world seems to be wrapped in white cotton wool – then it is winter. That is what the calendar says. The term originates from the old high German “Wintar” and means “glistening time”. But the fourth season of the year is much more than just part of our agenda or glistening and white – winter is an experience in the ski-crazy resort of Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg. An experience full of tradition and hospitality, in places where conviviality and culture are cherished. Authentic and age-old. Rustic and cheerful. Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is especially noticeable if you stop off at one of the

The powder snow is high, the snow crystals glisten in the ­sunlight. The nearest “Beizli” is closer than you think.

many “Beizli” (cosy restaurants) found in ski lodges by the slopes. In the middle of some breathtaking mountain scenery. In places where guests and locals can experience the untouched and down-to-earth character of the region up close. Bernese Oberland sociability Who can resist it? Sitting on the terrace of a cosy alpine hut, warming your cold hands with a hot cup of punch and eating a tasty snack. Welcome to

“Winter is an experience in the ski-crazy resort of ­ delboden-Lenk-Kandersteg.” A

­Elsighütte! Take off your skis and head to the next free table – seats on the sun terrace at this alpine restaurant are in high demand. You will not be

boden fondue is served next to a crackling fire – a

alone for long. And when you are looking at the

tonic for the palate and the soul.

snow-covered mountain peaks, your cheese slice


Powder snow and sunshine guarantee a perfect winter’s day. After some fast curves, these cosy ski lodges invite you to take a well-earned break in pretty corners on and off the slopes.

tastes twice as good. If the weather’s not good,

Family business and Italianità

Hans and Therese Hari look after their guests in-

This unique gem among Adelboden ski lodges is not

side this traditional restaurant.

to be missed. Unique because the inventory alone

“Hälmi’s” is also untouched by the march of time.

is astonishing – in front of the lodge, there are lots

On the mountain where the top male skiers fight

of old tables and even more old chairs. No two are

for hundredths of a second every year at the Ski

the same, and the seating has been colourfully

World Cup, Wilhelm “Hälmi” Zurbrügg and his

thrown together. Guests will search in vain for

team achieve solid culinary performances. For

mulled wine, but there is “Rägäpöli” – an in-house

“Znüni” (elevenses at 9 a.m.) on the small terrace,

creation, named after the mountain that towers

the nut pastry (Nussgipfel) is a timeless classic and

above Chumihütte. Ski hut favourites such as

the perfect accompaniment to a milky coffee. In

“Schnipo” (Schnitzel with French fries) are not on

the evening, Hälmi takes his guests on a journey

the menu either. Instead, host Hansueli Hari spoils

through time. In the centuries-old parlour, Adel-

his guests with specialities such as Japanese noodle soup or highland beef burgers. The meat comes from his highland cattle that graze here in summer.

Come to stay – no one can be unmoved by places like this.


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

Have you ever tasted a glass of Hari’s legendary “Murbi” milk? Do not worry, you will not regret it!

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


FOCUS | Ski lodge magic

“A visit to the ski lodge is all part of the fun.” The bar beside the piste can also be very well stocked. Cheers!

In the “Chüjer-Stuba”, the insider tip in the whole skiing area par excellence, there is no room even at 8.15 a.m. For more than twenty years, brothers

Pearls beside the slopes

Martin and Toni Gempeler have been serving guests. Inside it is narrow, sometimes a little hectic, but homely nonetheless. The “Stuba” (parlour) has a small kitchen, a tiled stove and two rooms each with one table. Guests sit shoulder to shoulder, whether they know each other or not while interesting conversations and new acquaintanceships are not uncommon. The magnificent sun terrace, with space for hundred guests, is well known and popular. As snow belongs to winter, “Chüjer-Stuba” stands for its freshly made ravioli dishes; whether with vegetables in spinach pasta or with cheese, there is something for every taste. The Gempeler brothers also prepare a daily dumpling speciality. A large sign from the Lavey chairlift points the way. But this is not all – the Gempelers have their own winery. Their Gewürztraminer de Fully is a sweet white wine and is on the menu along with other selections. As an indulgent finish, the home-made fruit cake with lots of whipped cream comes highly recommended. Sun, sand and sea at Lenk? There is a definite summer holiday mood at Hahnenmoos Pass even though Snow Beach Lodge


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

The ski destination of Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg is simply dotted with places to stop off. “MOMENT” has selected some excellent

Comfortable dining in the fresh air – warm lambskins included


ELSIGHÜTTE In the middle of the Elsigenalp, directly by the ski slope

BERGRESTAURANT CHUENISBÄRGLI Accessible via Chuenisbärgli or Höchstbahn chair lift

CHUMIHÜTTE Accessible from Luegli or from Metsch-Stand

CHÜJER-STUBA In the heart of the Silleren-Hahnenmoos ski area

SNOW BEACH LODGE LENK About 200 metres from the middle station of the Stand-Xpress gondola lift

WALLEGG-STUBE Between the middle and lower stations, directly on the ­Wallegg ski slope

Lenk is located about 1,500 m (4,900 ft.) above sea

farmers and suppliers is important to the Imober-

level. In the cool beach chairs, it would be easy to

stegs and this can also be seen whether you are

think you were by the sea. Here there is sunshine

there for a daytime meal or four-course dinner. The

in abundance, powder snow like sand by the ocean

food is always an exclusive gastronomic experi-

and, from time to time, a sea of fog sitting in the

ence. On sunny days, you can sit on the beautiful

Simmental Valley below. This mountain restaurant

terrace overlooking the valley, in the evening

with its hearty burgers and selected specialities

when it is colder, the lovingly furnished farmhouse

will take care of your physical well-being. While

invites you to linger. Winter – an authentic ex­

some people indulge in a refreshing drink in the

perience in the ski destination Adelboden­-Lenk-

modern-style pub, others treat their tired muscles

Kandersteg, and a visit to the ski lodge is all part of

to a relaxing bath in the Hot Pot.

the fun. The character of the region can be felt and

On the other side of the valley at Betelberg, there

experienced right here and now. Authentic and

is no sea breeze, but a breath of regional activity.

age-old. Rustic and cheerful. Friendly and down-

In the Wallegg-Stube, guests of brothers Janik and

to-earth. Where locals and guests alike can stop for

Sascha Imobersteg experience what is essential to

food, drink and good company.

both of them – personal service and a pleasant atmosphere. The food is prepared from the heart and soul – as well as with local products. Cooperation with local

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


PORTRAIT | Thomas Hari

Checking, mixing, sniffing, ­tasting – a visit to Thomas Hari’s world of coffee

Thomas Hari describes his coffee as if he were talking about a

traded beans from Nicaragua, Brazil, Peru and Ethiopia. Second,

great claret. He speaks of aromas, tannins and body. But can cof-

it is about the production process. When the roasting oven

fee really taste that complex? Hari opens a jute bag full of green

reaches 202 °C, five kilos of beans are poured into the drum.

coffee beans from Brazil – they smell grassy and slightly grain-

Once you hear them bursting, they are nearly ready. He roasts

like. The second bag contains beans from Nicaragua – their fra-

his beans for seventeen to twenty minutes at a maximum tem-

grance is familiar and yet irritatingly exotic.

perature of 220 °C. For comparison, industrial producers will roast for about two minutes at up to 800 °C to save time. After

Thomas Hari from Adelboden enjoys the finer things in life.

THE COFFEE ALCHEMIST Text: Lotti Teuscher | Photo: Anja Zurbrügg

Coffee, chicory and brown sugar

roasting, the coffee is ground into powder, but this too is a fine

Thomas Hari enjoys the finer things in life. Just take a look at his

art. Many coffee grinders produce either fine or coast ground

professional background – wine academic and sommelier. At the

coffee. This is because the hot water is only allowed to flow

family business Gebrüder Hari AG in Adelboden, he sells se-

through the powder for a specific time to make an espresso or

lected wines, spirits and unique beers. A year ago, the company

longer coffee – the structure of the ground coffee determines the

set up another business mainstay – the coffee-roasting plant.

flow-through time. But when Thomas Hari makes coffee, he takes

That begs another question, though: how does this fit in with the

on the role of an alchemist. So how does his ristretto taste? An

mountain world? For a start, the Wildstrubel mountains are vis-

explosion of taste spreads in the mouth, which is difficult for a

ible twice – first on a vast black-and-white picture on the wall and

layperson to describe. The liquid is surprisingly creamy, with a

again when you look out of the window. In the older representa-

cocoa flavour accompanied by nutty aromas, mocha tones and

tion, however, its “glacier cap” is even more powerful. When the

floral notes. In other words, the perfect coffee is as complex and

ice on Wildstrubel was still thick, the mountain dwellers were al-

harmonious as a fine red wine.

ready brewing their own coffee. They bought raw beans at the grocery store and roasted them in a cast-iron pan over an open

At his coffee-roasting plant, Thomas Hari refines green beans into a hot drink – an art not dissimilar to creating a fine wine. In so doing, he is reviving an old mountain tradition.

fire. After grinding, the coffee went into a jug with hot water. To preserve this precious product as long as possible, poorer people mixed in chicory powder and brown sugar. So roasting coffee belongs to Adelboden like the view of Wildstrubel. If you want to taste Thomas Hari’s coffee, simply drop

Plenty of roasting time

in at Landstrasse 45 in Adelboden. For a detailed sampling

But back to Thomas Hari. What makes his coffee so special?

session, please phone ahead on +41 (0) 33 673 30 30.

First, it is about the origin. He buys only best-quality, fairly


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


HIKING TIP | Kandersteg

In Kandersteg’s Oeschi Forest, winter hiking fairy tales come true.

HIKING TIP This enjoyable, varied circular path through the Kander Valley first leads past


the Protestant church, then follows a dirt road up to the “Wildi” area. After a few relaxation. This is also known as a place of vitalising energy. You may stroll

Good to know: In the middle of Oeschi Forest, there is an illuminated sledging run. A hike at dusk is well worth your while.

through the winter forest, but you will not be alone – this is the natural habitat


2 h

for deer, rabbits and foxes and they have to be respected. Winter is a hard time


5.8 km

for local fauna and they need to eat plenty to stay alive.

Difficulty level: easy

After passing the starting point of the sledging run, cross the Oeschi stream

Further information at winterwandern

minutes, dive into the snow-covered Oeschi Forest – a haven of peace, idyll and

Herzenswünsche gehen nur dann in Erfüllung, wenn man versucht, sie zu realisieren. Wir sind die Bank, die Sie dabei gerne unterstützt.


and continue as far as the valley station for the Oeschinen cable car. How about a rest and a warm drink in the Ermitage or the Rendez-Vous restaurant? Suitably fortified, continue through Oeschigässli to the north, where benches invite you to admire the surroundings. The hike concludes with a leisurely section from the dam along the river Kander to the railway station.

Spar- und Leihkasse Frutigen AG | Dorfstrasse 15 | 3714 Frutigen | 033 672 18 18 | Vogellisiweg_180x112.5_f.indd 1


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

03.09.2019 14:21:07

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


EVENTS | What’s on?

EVENTS | Chuenis by Night

Snow sports and laser spectacle at ­Chuenisbärgli, where ski racing pros have been competing since 1967



EVENTS A unique snow show on the legendary Chuenisbärgli mountain, hundreds of snow-sport-loving children at Lenk, plus stylish indulgence at the start of the 20th century in Kandersteg. Where can winter be more varied than in the valleys around the snow-covered Wildstrubel?

Explore the legendary, brightly lit Ski World Cup

table evening, you will need to book early – tables

race track at Adelboden’s Chuenisbärgli by night

are in high demand! By the way, winter hikers are

and moonlight. From 7 February to 6 March, visi-

just as welcome as skiers.

tors can enjoy this unique experience each Friday evening from 7 p.m. onwards. The highlight of the

Further information at

event begins at 8 p.m. with a 45-minute laser show.

Dozens of coloured rays of light draw enchanting

or the ­Tourist Centre

figures onto the blossom-white ski slope above the ski hut. Snow sports instructors from Adelboden will show you just how varied movement and fun on the slopes can be. If you want to treat yourself to a fondue in the cosy ski lodge on this unforget-


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


EVENTS | Youth Ski Camp

Young snow sports enthusiasts have been meeting at Lenk since 1941.

Day Spa «pour» Now also open in the evening.

Alles aus einer Hand n n n


LENK, 2–8 JANUARY 2020

WHERE THE NEXT GENERATION OF SKIERS MEET From 2 to 8 January 2020, six hundred thirteen- to

sleighers from the Swiss Paraplegic Association.

fourteen-year-olds will take over Lenk again for

The 2020 event officially begins on 3 January.

Switzerland’s largest youth and sport winter camp. This has been taking place at Lenk since 1941, and

Further information at

for many generations, this event has shaped the memories of childhood and the mountains.

online r e g i t s n ü g KAUFEN Tickets SS ONLINE SKIPA N-LENK.CH ADELBODE

Centred around winter sports, this popular event for teenagers from Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Swiss abroad kills several birds with one stone. There is a strong sense of belonging, language barriers break down, friendships develop, and the snow experience is celebrated all together. The camp is supported by two mono and dual ski bob-


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


HIKING TIP | Adelboden

EVENTS | Belle Epoque

Elegance and style are the main features of the Belle Epoque Week.

On the path from Tschentenalp to the valley – winter ­hiking at its stunning best





For the eleventh time, the Belle Epoque Week is

tend a ball. But the Belle Epoque Week is not just

taking place in Kandersteg – this year from 19 to

about the rich and ennobled – visitors dressed in

It was a pioneering act, and the “perpetrator” was a few years ahead of his


26 January. So how did this success story begin?

the style of the former mountain population are al-

time. It all happened during one of these increasingly frequent winters with


Small but beautiful; in the first year, it was only a

ways welcome.

little snow. Ernst Künzi, the landlord at “Schermtanne” in Adelboden’s

gondola lift from Adelboden ­v illage to Tschentenalp


bus from Schermtanne (or Gilbach) to Adelboden Post Office

Stiegelschwand district, thought about what his guests might do when skiing

small group that met dressed in the clothes of the end of the 19th century. Kandersteg was the first

Further information at

was off the cards. The answer was simple. Do in winter what you would do

resort to launch such a festival but today, around


in summer – go hiking, and the pathway from Tschentenalp down to the

3,000 visitors from all over Europe are expected to

“Schermtanne” has since become a winter hiking favourite. Initially, Ernst

Worth sun terrace at the Schermtanne knowing: restaurant

attend the festive parade. Nowhere else are the (g)

Künzi maintained the path himself, but it is now looked after by a team from


olden days celebrated so extravagantly as in the

the local tourist board.

icy, shady sections; sticks ­recommended


approx. 1.5 h


from Schermtanne on to Aebi and Gilbach (extra 45 min.)

Kander Valley. Guests and locals alike are hungry for nostalgic deceleration, and it is tempting to slip into another role, to move in high society and at-


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

Further information at

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020



From Adelboden to New York Added value for the village was also the theme back in 1999 when farmers and local residents founded Lenk Milch AG. From humble beginnings, it has grown into a well-known business. “We have ten employees and three apprentices”, explains Treuthardt, who has been there since 2002. The qualified cheesemaker seems to know the recipe for success – “Quality awareness and innovation are important to us, and our local roots keep us grounded.” Customers’ expectations are high, so it is necessary to have a wide choice. “And customers want to know where their food comes from.” This is not only true here. For example, the company’s products fill the displays at Mani’s Cheese Shop in Cheese from the hands of the master – Walter Treuthardt

Adelboden and the shelves of large distributors in the region – and even overseas. “Specialities like Lenker Bleu are bought as

ADDED VALUE FOR THE ENTIRE VALLEY Lenk Milch AG processes milk from the village’s cows and sheep – but the products are known beyond its geographical boundaries. Managing Director Walter Treuthardt tells us why he is proud and what values are lived out in the company.

far away as in New York.” 110 tons a year One thing is clear – whether in the cheese shop at Lenk or in the Big Apple – authenticity is king. Around fifty dairy farms are A lot is going on at Rawilstrasse 1 – in the Lenk Milch AG cheese

shareholders in Lenk Milch AG and benefit from the infrastruc-

shop, a man is about to sample the exquisite “Lenker Bleu” blue

ture and added value it creates. The company produces 110 tons

cheese. A local customer already knows what she wants and se-

of cheese annually. Lenk Milch AG sells home-produced goods

lects the “ready-to-eat” fondue. “The business is our jewel”, says

in its cheese shop or delivers them to restaurants and retailers

Managing Director Walter Treuthardt proudly, showing off the

in the region, or to wholesale customers. Thanks to the online

six-metre-long cheese counter. “Ten kinds of cheese come from

shop, products can be conveniently ordered from home.

our own production and 120 varieties are our complete range.” Wooden features and the cauldron in the middle of the shop give it an alpine feeling while the fittings display all the cheeses in the right light. Here you can also find fresh milk, cream, butter and other regional products such as honey and herbs. “The shop


is our flagship – this is where we present our products and gen-

Lenk Milch AG, Rawilstrasse 1, 3775 Lenk

erate added value locally”, explains Treuthardt.


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


FOOD & DRINK | Gastronomic highlights from the valleys

On 4 August 1850, the “Dorfet” – a kind of village

the history of prepared cheese mixes for fondue

festival – was in full swing. Lenker hotheads took

makes sense. Back in 1926, Hans Zbären Senior

the fight between the conservatives and the liber-

created his own fondue mixture at Lenk and, to this

als up to the beautiful Hahnenmoos Pass. Legend

day, his granddaughter Gaby Zbären still follows

has it that the young men from Adelboden and Lenk

the same recipe using eight different kinds of

fought here until their heads were covered in

cheese in the “Chäs-Spycher” shop in Lenk. She

blood. Years later, shared ski slopes have elimi-

smiles: “my grandfather had it easier because

nated any remaining rivalry. Fortunately, there has

cheese fondue is made with acidic wine – and that

been peace on the pass for a long time now, but

was more commonplace in his day.” At “Chäs-Spy-

this is not something to take for granted. It was only

cher”, there is a wide selection of ready-to-cook

around 110 years ago that Colonel Arnold Keller

fondues with creations such as the Simmentaler

wrote the secret report “Military Geography of the

beer fondue. Gaby Zbären is happy that thanks to

Bernese Oberland 1910”. The Hahnenmoos played

fondue more and more young people are coming

a strategic role in the war against the South and the

to the shop.

West, and the colonel came to the conclusion that

Shopping at Hansueli and Brigitte Hari’s dairy in

“many troops will be needed for defence”.

Kandersteg is also an enjoyable experience. To-

Instead of an army of soldiers, today there are many skiers and snowboarders in the area, and we are not looking for a fight when we invite you to a peaceful fondue duel at Hahnenmoos Pass. After all, fondue means conviviality, friendship and enjoyment. Prepared fondue since 1926 Before Manfred Schmid from Schmid Käse in Adelboden and Walter Treuthardt from Lenk Milch AG

“More and more young ­people are discovering fondue for themselves.”

square up to each other on Hahnenmoos, a look at

A spicy cheese fondue tastes best in good company.

READY, STEADY, ­FONDUE! Text: Mathias Kurt

With around 1.1 million votes, Adelboden-Lenk is the number-two Swiss ski resort. Next to other top attractions, cheese fondues also contribute to its success. But where can you get the ultimate ready-to-cook fondue?


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


FOOD & DRINK | Gastronomic highlights from the valleys

SERVICE | Hotel-Restaurant Bären, Adelboden

COME IN. FEEL GOOD. Since 1569, the “Bären” in Adelboden has stood for

ucts, which Head Chef Alois Zurbrügg and his team

hospitality, conviviality, good food and drink – in

bring together perfectly.

short, for the physical and emotional well-being of its guests. This remains unchanged, but since the

The wine cellar also has a long tradition. On the

renovation two years ago, this popular locale has

wine list, you will find over 150 wines from all the

added an extra element of creativity.

leading areas, suitable for every taste and every dish. The ambience in the dining room makes a

Alpine fondue is rich in many healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Tradition cherished

visit to the “Bären” become a gastronomic experi-

The menu is characterised by traditional Swiss cui-

ence. The alpine-rustic function room in the base-

sine, specifically created specialities and seasonal

ment is perfect for private groups or club events.

themes. In the foreground are fresh, regional prodgether with the fondue appetite of the young,

lable from major Swiss food outlets. The igloo fon-

ready-to-cook fondue is becoming increasingly

due venue on Engstligenalp warms up to 15,000

popular in summer. Is it because as soon as they

guests every winter. Gaby Zbären has sent a ready-

enter the shop, the seductive aroma attracts po­

to-cook fondue all the way to Alaska, and the Haris

tential buyers even in the warmer months? There

are amazed at how many fondues are taken back

is no sign of an impending fondue duel for the

home by happy customers from all over Europe.

Thönens at “Chäs-Eggä” Frutigen. For years, more

Like the mountain lifts of Adelboden-Lenk, fon-

and more fondue lovers have been dipping their

dues are continually making things happen for

bread in their Frutigtaler ready-to-cook fondue.

others. More and more bakeries are now jumping

­Simon ­Thönen heads up the business, now in its

on the fondue bandwagon. One example is the

third generation. His recipe for success includes a

­Gübeli bakery in St. Stephan with its special types

hefty dose of friendly, personal service.

of bread – “we freeze them first because it makes the fondue better,” explains Cornelia Gübeli. Man-

Fondue forks drawn on the border pass

fred Schmid and Walter Treuthardt have survived

And now, as in former times, Manfred Schmid with

the duel – it ended in a draw. From Kandersteg

his Adelboden fondue and Walter Treuthardt with

and Frutigen to Adelboden and Lenk, all the ready-

his Gletscherbach fondue meet on Hahnenmoos

to-cook fondues have proved their worth on the

Pass. The fondue forks are drawn – Wildstrubel


holds its breath. But fondue symbolises peace, so there is nothing to fear. Adelboden and Lenk readyto-cook fondues are first-rate and have a fasci­ nating story. Star of the Gletscherbach fondue is the hard cheese from Alp Bummeren and thanks to its unsaturated omega-3 fatty acid content, this product is probably the healthiest. Manfred Schmid also focuses on regionality: “I get all my cheeses from the Top4 Ski Pass region.” Their fondues also make the most agreeable ambassadors. Like the Gletscherbach version, Vogellisi fondue is avai­


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

“We’re amazed how much ­fondue guests take back home.”

Opening hours Mon.–Fri. from 4 p.m., Sat. and Sun. from 11 a.m. Reservations on +41 (0)33 673 21 90 or by e-mail to

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


SERVICE | Restaurants

SERVICE | Restaurants



In this restaurant dating back to 1786, chef Philippe Oester-Fretz spoils his guests all day long with warm delicacies. Enjoy eating al fresco on the sun terrace in good weather. From 6 p.m. onwards, flame-grilled specialities are served.

The country inn belonging to Relais & Châteaux Waldhotel Doldenhorn is one of the most beautiful hotels in the region. Authentic Swiss cuisine is both cherished and cultivated with dishes such as roesti, raclette, fondue, tripe, Swiss braised beef and Zurich-style veal in cream and mushrooms.

TIP We can be reached by car at any time via Gilbach. Pick-up service from Adelboden Tourist Centre / Village at 6.30 p.m. by prior arrangement.

TIP Twelve cosy hotel rooms promise a romantic stay in Kandersteg following a sumptuous dinner.



Gastronomic innovation in the elegant “Stuba” lounge or the relaxed Bistro. The Inniger family looks forward to making your visit perfect in every way. You can be confident of high quality at affordable prices. And yes – our very own beefsteak tartar is still the ultimate classic.

Chef Stefan Lünse conjures up sixteen dishes a day in the “Spettacolo” ­(sixteen Gault Millau points). In the “Oh de vie” (thirteen Gault Millau points), the chef reinterprets dishes from Liguria and southern France. Only the best local products are used.

TIP “Wine and Dine” on Maundy Thursday (9 April 2020) promises many ­discoveries for wine lovers. Early booking for this event is essential.

TIP Both restaurants stand for excellent cuisine – short-notice à-la-carte ­wishes can often be accommodated.



Here you can dine or just “peck”, enjoy a five-course meal or a simple, hearty dish. The “Belle vue” is perfect for all those breaks from everyday life – peaceful, bright and with breathtaking views of the mountains.

Dining beneath banana bushes and papaya trees. The fourteen-Gault-Millaupoint restaurant impresses with its unique ambience and offers a cuisine which transports you to the tropics by the shortest route – with refinements using local produce and regional specialities.

TIP The sumptuous Friday-evening cheese buffet prepared by Adelboden’s cheese guru Manfred Schmid has become something of an institution here.


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

TIP The jungle tête-à-tête for two – a four-course dinner by candlelight, ­surrounded by tropical plants



Choose from a large selection of Swiss and international dishes at the ­Ritter. Our house speciality is the ever-popular “tartar hat” table grill. We also serve à la carte including fish, meats, soups, pasta and salads – ­something for everyone.

Sascha and Janik Imobersteg are writing a new glamorous chapter with their Wallegg-Stube. The ambience is mountainous, wooden and cosy, the food is bursting with regional self-confidence, and the Wallegg represents authentic hospitality.

TIP At lunchtime and in the evening, choose from a wide range of fish, meat dishes and salads. Every gourmet will find the perfect dish here.

TIP The Wallegg-Stube lives for Simmental Valley traditions. The fondues and the meat cooked on stone are in a class of their own.

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


INTERVIEW | Reto Grossen

“ABOVE ALL STANDS PASSION” Interview: Reto Koller | Photo: Anja Zurbrügg / Reto Koller

Reto Grossen lives for music. He regularly organises concerts in the Badi Lounge at the Frutigen Sports Centre and has performed there over 2,000 times as a DJ. A primary school teacher by training, he talks about culture in the countryside and his approach to life in the Kander Valley.

Reto Grossen is in great demand as a DJ and creates a brilliant atmosphere at big events.

Reto, you are regarded as a “guru” of

Hunziken in Rubigen or Café Mokka in

has always been a means to an end, to

pop and rock music in the Kander

Thun. “Mokka Daddy” Pädu Anliker

earn a part of my living. Ironically,

­Valley. What’s it like being a colourful

was a great friend and inspiration to me.

figure in an otherwise rather sedate local cultural life?

You are forty-three years old and

It works very well – of course, not every-

have dedicated twenty years of

Are DJs over forty still in demand?

one agrees with the way I live my life.

your life entirely to music. Where are

Yes, if they have the right feel for the

But if you don’t push the boundaries,

you today?

­audience and what it needs. That’s

you’ll achieve next to nothing. I get a lot

An average life lasts eighty-six years and

why I’ve never had to worry about invi-

of praise too. Sometimes, however,

a working life forty-six years – so that

tations to gigs – on the contrary.

I think that my expertise is not always

means I’m right in the middle. Looking

I can barely accept half the requests I

recognised, and I have to play the role

back satisfies me and looking forward


of cultural ambassador or development

is exciting. What does it take to be successful



MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

I’ve just done what people now call a ­career  …

Do you see yourself more as a DJ or

in the music business for such a long

So what culture do you stand for?

as a concert promoter?


Of course, I represent the alternative

The job of an organiser is fascinating in

A love and passion for music above all

cultural scene as lived out at Mühle

its diversity. For me, playing records


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


INTERVIEW | Reto Grossen

Culture without public support is a

Thanks to my contacts in the Swiss

grant from public funds and tourism

tough road. How do you handle that?

­cultural scene, I can always persuade

­organisations would be great because

If the public is sitting on the sidelines,

bands like Züri West or Patent Ochsner

when you have plenty to offer cul­

other sources are needed.

to perform here for less than they

turally, it benefits the whole economy.

­usually charge. In today’s music busi-

It makes life in the mountains better

Such as?

ness, “the winner takes it all” – the

for both ­locals and our guests.

We need lots of members who want to

big names cash in, while the little ones

make a difference together, and I firmly

live at or below the subsistence mini-

believe in the youth of today. They are

mum. Every now and then, I manage to

increasingly on the lookout for personal

break this pattern.

contact and want to create experiences together. That’s what I’m counting on.

What do you wish for “your” Kander Valley?

KanderKultur needs big bands

That the authorities and tourism boards

with famous names to finance the

are also aware of how vital a diverse

many smaller concerts.

­cultural life is. I still frequently feel mis-

How does this balancing act work?

understood. For example, a cultural

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m a cultural development worker.”

Reto Grossen bought his first record at the age of ten. Meanwhile, some more have been added to his collection.

Is that enough?

my mother put on a Mani Matter record.

Very early on. I quickly realised that I

It’s the most important thing. The

I bought my first record at the age

don’t sit comfortably in highly regulated

­unforgiving entertainment business

of ten – an album by U2. It is still one of

structures. It robs me of my energy.

also requires an understanding of

my favourite possessions today.

When bound by such restrictions, I seek

­human nature, organisational talent and

Even before that, I borrowed tapes of

solace in my independence.

good arithmetic skills. This might

Bob Marley and the Dire Straits from

­surprise a lot of people – I’m a numbers

my older cousin, Jürg Grossen – now a

You are the president of Kander­

person through and through, and got

national councillor. Some of my

Kultur. What are your goals?

top grades in my higher maths exams at

­vinyl ­record collection, which I play on

I want to offer something more to the


­special occasions, originates from

people of the Kander Valley – there

this time.

are already plenty of pub and bar festi-

You must have music in your blood

vals. In the Badi Lounge, both aspiring

then …

When did you realise you were not

and established musicians should have

I was already kneeling in front of

going to spend all your life in the

opportunities to perform.

the speakers at the age of three when



MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020



Shopping at burnliving is more than just exchanging money for goods. The shop at Adelboden’s Vorschwand – only a few steps away from the Sillerenbahn mountain lift station – offers guests a

BURNLIVING – SHOPPING WITH A VIEW Fashion, living, café – Desirée Burn’s concept store offers an extraordinary shopping ­experience. At burnliving, enjoyment, a cosy get-together and shopping flow seamlessly into each other.


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

very special experience. The beautifully situated restaurant with one of the most beautiful terraces in Adelboden is not only a shopping paradise for exclusive women’s and men’s fashion as well as trendy home accessories. It is also café and aperitif bar with magnificent mountain

burnliving Désirée Burn Dorfstrasse 69 3715 Adelboden Tel. +41 79 472 27 07 Opening hours: Tue.–Fri.: 1.30 p.m.–6 p.m., Sat.: 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

views, where you can linger and chat over a glass of wine. “With

Fashion show: 28 December 2019

us, pleasure and shopping go hand in hand”, explains the owner.

Hemisphere Bogner Twinset Rich Royal Gran Sasso

You might even get an impromptu fashion show when customers come out of the dressing room and present their new outfits. Now shopping can be a personal event in a relaxed atmosphere. “Everybody smiles in the same language” is one motto at burnliving. The other is “take time for yourself”.

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


SERVICE | Waldhaus-Huldi, Adelboden

SERVICE | Hotels


WHERE TO STAY HOLIDAY AND FAMILY HOTEL ALPINA | ADELBODEN Hotel Alpina welcomes its guests to a quiet and beautiful location. From here, the special bus takes skiers and winter hikers to the cable car ­stations quickly and comfortably. Our sauna area and excellent cuisine make the perfect end to a winter’s day. TIP Play facilities indoors and outdoors, the children’s club and a special buffet for kids ensure the whole family has a relaxing holiday.

BELLEVUE PARKHOTEL & SPA | ADELBODEN The “Bellevue” – a hotel for the eye, the heart and the palate, where ­individual guests find a real home. Light-flooded rooms in a dream location, creative, regionally inspired cuisine with fourteen Gault Millau points and a sensuously designed, modern spa quickly help you forget everyday life. TIP The heated outdoor pool (34 °C) is located in the middle of the garden and ­offers a tingling experience in the crisp winter air.

What a fantastic location at the end of the village!

Fondue, wine and a nightcap

Hotel Huldi is characterised by its unobstructed

The legendary Restaurant Le Tartare has reopened

view of the mountain world ranging from Wild-

for fondue lovers at weekends (Thursday to Satur-

strubel in the south-west to Elsighorn in the east. At

day). A visit to the “Tiefer Keller” afterwards is a

the foot of the spacious terrace lies the newly reno-

must – many locals associate memorable events

vated “Gruebi” arena with its imposing fifty-metre,

from their earlier years with this small cellar-bar.

outdoor swimming pool. A short path leads directly

With a dose of Britishness, the new owners are con-

to the cable car station serving the main ski area of

tinuing the grand tradition of hospitality in Adel-

TIP Dining at “The Glasshaus” is always a joy – our cuisine is based on local products, tempting you with healthy and varied dishes.

Silleren – promising wonderfully relaxed winter and


THE CAMBRIAN | ADELBODEN Are you longing for a perfect sanctuary? Surrounded by a picturesque mountain panorama, you will find it right here in the Engstlige Valley. ­Design hotel “The Cambrian” combines authentic alpine tradition with ­modern elegance.

summer holidays. Those who enjoy good living also enjoy fine dining. New Head Chef Stefan Kläy does not need to be told twice – the renowned gastronome will not only inspire hotel guests with his unmistakable signature style since bookings from non-residents are also welcome. “We’re proud that we can count Stefan among our team”, says hotel manager

LENKERHOF GOURMET SPA RESORT | LENK IM SIMMENTAL The spa has a long history and today – as the “youngest five-star superior hotel in Switzerland” – it enjoys ongoing success. The membership of Relais & Châteaux is a sign of individuality, excellent service and an atmosphere of well-being.

The Cambrian for many years and is also very happy

TIP Admire one of the most beautiful upper valleys in the Alps from the natural spring waters (34 °C) or enjoy the crackling fire in the foyer over an aperitif.

in her new role.

Vanessa Borschel. She was in charge of reception at


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


SERVICE | Hotels


RELAIS & CHÂTEAUX WALDHOTEL DOLDENHORN | KANDERSTEG The family-run Doldenhorn delights guests with Swiss hospitality and ­stylish furnishings – from the winter garden and foyer to the corner ­fireplace. In addition, guests can enjoy award-winning cuisine in elegant, sophisticated surroundings. TIP In the luxurious spa, guests will experience a spacious wellness area with indoor pool, whirlpool, saunas, steam bath and solarium.

to the heart of Switzerland

HOTEL WALDHAUS-HULDI | ADELBODEN The traditional, charming cult Hotel Huldi definitely has the most beautiful views while its various rooms fulfil every wish. Whether it is wellness in the “fountain of youth” with sauna and steam bath, fine dining or just a drink at the bar – there is something for everyone here. TIP How about a panoramic teatime snack? All hotel guests are invited for ­coffee and cake each afternoon.

Unforgettable excursions by train, bus and boat. UELI + ESTHER OESTER Feinbäckerei Lebensmittel Früchte + Gemüse

Wier hii dr Schlüssel! 40

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

Bodenstrasse 38 Tel. 033 673 18 17 Fax 033 673 23 17

Filiale beim Kreisel Landstrasse 78 Tel. + Fax 033 673 15 17

SMART LIVING | Lifestyle for smart thinkers

here in the mountains nobody can go it alone. Add to this the many cosy chalets, which are true “Hygge” places. Anyone who has ever walked through the narrow, snow-covered streets with the heady aroma of cheese fondue in their nose and heard the laughter of guests from a distant restaurant knows what we are talking about. “Hygge” is a five-letter word which money cannot buy.

COMPETITION SHOW US YOUR “HYGGE PLACE”! We are on the lookout for the most beautiful and cosy places in Adelboden-Lenk-­ Kandersteg. Send us your #myhyggeplace #meineberge images to Instagram and you will be automatically entered into the draw.

Take a deep breath, let go, be with friends and simply enjoy.

The closing date for entries is 31 March 2020. The most inspiring “Hygge Place” will be ­rewarded with dinner at the “Hohliebi-Stübli” in Adelboden.

ARE YOU “HYGGE” TOO? Text: Silvia Nüesch

The Danes have been considered the happiest na-

time for “Hygge” moments. Creating a cosy atmos-

tion in the world for years – and their secret has only

phere with flickering candles, warm lights and

five letters – “Hygge”. In fact, the origin of the word

sweet biscuits is “Hygge” in its purest form. Our

is not Danish at all but Norwegian and means some-

mountain villages and their inhabitants know pre-

thing akin to “well-being”. But the Danes have

cisely what “Hygge” is – it is the warm friendliness

turned it into a lifestyle that focuses on a cosy and

and cosiness that characterise our region.

cordial atmosphere. The warm light from the fire-

Maybe the harsh, raw life of the mountains makes

place is “Hygge”, family and friends are “Hygge”

people more grateful. Or it turns us into people

too – as are wining and dining, philosophising

who care about the here and now – those who value

about life and telling stories. Christmas is a typical

their sense of community above all else. Because


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

Damit im Kanton Bern die Musik spielt. Wir engagieren uns für ein buntes, kulturelles Leben und Schaffen im Kanton Bern.

GVB Kulturstiftung

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


SERVICE | Shopping

WHERE TO SHOP CRAZY SPORTS LTD | ADELBODEN Since 1988, this snowboard specialist has been selling snowboards, ­bindings and boots as well as all the necessary accessories and clothing for the slopes. Customers will also find leisure fashion at Dorfstrasse 20 ­according to our motto “for people on the go and for every budget”. TIP Information, registration, rental – we offer more than group or individual lessons here at the official snowboarding school.

HAUETER | ADELBODEN The famous “Nusstorte” at Haueter bakery is made according to an age-old tradition, and its irresistible pastry is prepared according to “grand­ mother’s recipe". At Haueter, we only use local ingredients – the honey, cream, butter, nuts and flour all come from the region. TIP It is not only the nut pie which is irresistible – so is Haueter’s slow bread. The dough matures for up to forty-eight hours to develop its unique aroma.

SCHMID CHEESE SPECIALITIES | ADELBODEN In the heart of Adelboden, cheese specialist Manfred Schmid and his team invite you to discover his selection of 150 types of cheese. Regional ­specialities and unusual gift ideas make this speciality emporium stand out. TIP If you are planning a fondue event or want to surprise your guests with an original fondue creation, then you have come to the right place.

OESTER SPORT | ADELBODEN The team at Oester Sport bends over backwards to find its customers the perfect sports equipment. Whether downhill skiers or tourers, cross-­ country skiers or hikers – here everyone will find a massive range of clothing and equipment plus expert advice. TIP The latest ski trends can also be tested directly on the slopes – visit our test centre at Sillerenbühl.


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


ENCOUNTERED | Joana Hählen

A LENK GIRL ON THE FAST TRACK Interview: Yvonne Baldinini

27-year-old downhill ski racer Joana Hählen has made it into the A-squad. ­Professional sport keeps her busy all year round – but this young woman is still to be found in her home country.

Joana, do you remember your first

when I’ve done it, I’m proud of myself.

Your philosophy in life is “never lose

ski lift experience?

We know why we have to suffer – it’s

the fun”. Is this always easy for you?

That would be Walter Trachsel’s button

so we can stand on the podium later.

At the end of last season, when my

lift on Metsch. As a four-year-old, I

Fortunately, I love all kinds of sport – the

­second place at Crans-Montana became

skied down the slope all day long with

fitness room is like a big playground

fourth place due to a faulty timing

my two sisters.

for me.

­issue I did begin to think there might be more enjoyable ways to spend my life.

How did you get into top-level sport?

When you have glacier training in

And when I’m suffering from frostbite at

My family was very sporty – when

Saas-Fee, the alarm clock rings at

minus 30 °C and my limbs are aching,

I was six, I started competing in races.

4 a.m. …

I might dream of a sunny beach some-

As we’re heading off to the cable car in

where warm. Fortunately, I’m a

When you were fifteen, you left Lenk

the dark, I sometimes think we must be

­person who quickly regains her positive

to attend the Swiss Sports Academy

crazy. But when you see the sunrise and

­outlook. That’s one of my strengths.

in Engelberg. Wasn’t that hard?

get to ski down an empty slope, this

My sisters followed the same path. I

more than makes up for the sacrifices.

What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

viewed it with a positive outlook and was happy to meet new people.

Joana Hählen is looking forward to the coming ski season with optimism and confidence.

Aren’t you afraid of injuring yourself?

My place on the podium that suddenly

I’ve learned to take care of my body –

wasn’t there any more. I’m trying

Training in summer can be torturous.

­before strength training, I do an intensive

to hold onto the good memories, and I

How do you deal with criticism in the

Is there life apart from skiing?

know now that I can get on that podium.

Do top athletes need a dose of

warm-up and I know how important

media and hurtful online comments?

It’s important to me to maintain my


the recovery phases are. I talk as little as

You mustn’t dwell on what others

­social circle – even if I’d rather

Interval training on the home trainer in

possible about the risk of injury because

think about you – I try to ignore negative

have an early night, I’ll visit friends.

the “torture chamber” is brutal. But

I don’t want to think about accidents …


I always spend my free time in Lenk.


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020






Sat. 30 Nov. 2019– Sun. 5 Jan. 2020 ADELBODEN CHRISTMAS TRAIL Zwischenpörternweg, Adelboden adelbodner-wiehnachtswä

Mon. 30 Dec. 2019 / 5 p.m. ADVENT CONCERT – CARRY PERSSON Adelboden church

Mid-Jan. until Sun. 22 Mar. 2020 WORLD CUP SLOPE EXPERIENCE Chuenisbärgli, Adelboden

Thurs. 9 Apr. 2020 / 7 p.m. WINE AND DINE Restaurant Alpenblick, Adelboden

Sat. 7– Sun. 8 Dec. 2019 / from 10 a.m. CHRISTMAS MARKET Turnhalle, Adelboden

Tues. 31 Dec. 2019 ICE HOCKEY CLUB NEW YEAR PARTY Katharinenplatz, Adelboden

End of Jan. – early Feb. 2020 ICE HOCKEY CLUB LOTTERY Leisure and Sports Arena Adelboden

Sat. 11 Apr. 2020 EASTER EGG TAPPING Dorfplatz, Adelboden

Fri. 13 and Sun. 15 Dec. 2019 ADVENT CONCERT – ADELBODEN BRASS BAND Adelboden church

Fri. 3 Jan. and Thurs. 9 Apr. 2020 “WÖRTER UND KLÄNGE” – SHORT TALK AND DINNER-CONCERT Bellevue Parkhotel & Spa, Adelboden

Fri. 7 Feb.– 6 Mar. 2020 / 7 p.m. CHUENIS BY NIGHT Chuenisbärgli, Adelboden

Sat. 18 Apr. 2020 / 8.15 p.m. ADELBODEN BRASS BAND – CONCERT AND ENTERTAINMENT Aula Schulhaus Boden, Adelboden

Sat. 14 Dec. 2019 / from 4 p.m. WINTERYLÜTE (RING IN THE WINTER) Dorfplatz, Adelboden Sat. 14 Dec. 2019, Fri. 17 Jan. and Fri. 7 Feb. 2020 FONDUE NIGHT Restaurant Aebi, Adelboden Sat. 21 Dec. 2019, Fri. 10 Jan., Sat. 8 Feb., Sat. 7 Mar. and Thurs. 9 Apr. 2020 FULL MOON SNOWSHOE TOUR Magazin Alpinschule, Adelboden Wed. 25 and Thurs. 26 Dec. 2019 FESTIVE DINNER Bellevue Parkhotel & Spa, Adelboden Wed. and Sat. / 6 p.m.– 9 p.m. 28 Dec. 2019–4 Jan. 2020 and 25. Jan.–7 Mar. 2020 NIGHT SLEDGING ON TSCHENTENALP Tschentenalp, Adelboden Sat. 28 Dec. 2019 / 3 p.m.– 7 p.m. FASHION SHOW WITH APERITIF Burnliving, Dorfstrasse 69, Adelboden



MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

Wed. 8 Jan., 12 Feb., 11 Mar. and 8 Apr. 2020 / 6.30 p.m. RACLETTE EVENING WITH HAHNENMOOSGRUESS FOLK QUARTET Restaurant Geilsbrüggli, Adelboden Thurs. 9 Jan. – 2 Apr. 2020 FREERIDE Adelboden Sat. 11– Sun. 12 Jan. 2020 AUDI FIS SKI WORLD CUP Chuenisbärgli, Adelboden Sat. 25 Jan. 2020 MOTOR-SKI SUPERCROSS Tschentenalp, Adelboden

Sat. 15 Feb., 29 Feb., 14 Mar., 28 Mar. 2020 AEBIS OPEN-AIR Restaurant Aebi, Adelboden Sat. 22 Feb. 2020 / 4 p.m. ALPINE HORN CONCERT “GSÜR” ADELBODEN Dorfplatz, Adelboden Wed. 4 Mar. 2020 / 2.45 p.m. CULINARY TOUR OF THE VILLAGE “FOOD AND DRINK FROM ADELBODEN HANDS” Adelboden Sat. 28 Mar. 2020 NOSTALGIC HICKORY SKIING Engstligenalp, Adelboden Sat. 4 Apr. 2020 RAIFFEISEN-SSM-TROPHY FINAL EVENT Engstligenalp, Adelboden

Early May 2020 ICE HOCKEY EVENING Leisure and Sports Arena Adelboden Fri. 5 Jun. 2020 ALLOCATION OF GRAZING RIGHTS (­BÄRGRÄCHNIG) Dorfstrasse, Adelboden Fri. 12 – Sun. 14 Jun. 2020 CLASSIC CAR DAYS Dorfstrasse, Adelboden End of Jun. 2020 ALPAUFZUG (LIVESTOCK PROCESSION) Engstligenalp, Adelboden

Sat. 4 – Sun. 5 April 2020 12TH ANNUAL SKI FESTIVAL Adelboden-Lenk ski region

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020



DECEMBER 2019 – JUNE 2020


Sun. 29 Dec. 2019, 26 Jan., 23 Feb., 29 Mar., 26 Apr., 31 May and 28 Jun. 2020 FRUTIGEN OPEN MIC AND JAM SESSION Gastrobetriebe Landhaus Adler

Weekly VARIOUS TROPICAL EVENTS Tropenhaus, Frutigen Dec. 2019 – Mar. 2020 MOONLIT SLEDGING, SNOWBIKING, TORCHLIT DESCENTS Talpiste Elsigen-Metsch, Achseten Tues. 3 –Thurs. 5 Dec. 2019 / 8 p.m. MULTIMEDIA SHOW “SIXPACK” CHRIGEL ­M AURER X-ALPS 2019 Badi Lounge, Frutigen

Sat. 15 – Sun. 16 Feb. 2020 MOON & CARVE ELSIGEN-METSCH Metschalp Wed. 19 Feb., 18 Mar., 15 Apr., 13 May, 10 Jun. 2020 / 1.30 p.m. LÖTSCHBERG BASE TUNNEL TOURS BLS Visitor Centre, Frutigen

Thurs. 5 Dec. 2019 / 6 p.m. SANTA’S ARRIVAL AND FAIR Village and Märitplatz, Frutigen

Sat. 29 Feb. 2020 / 8 p.m. “THE GOOD BROTHERS” – EUROPEAN ­FAREWELL TOUR Gastrobetriebe Landhaus Adler

Thurs. 26 Dec. 2019, Sat. 14, Fri. 20 and Sat. 21 Mar. 2020 BRASS BAND CONCERTS Reformed church, Frutigen Tues. 31 Dec. 2019 NEW YEAR’S EVE SLEDGING Talpiste Elsigen-Metsch, Achseten

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

Sun. 2 Feb. and Fri. 20 Mar. 2020 CHURCH CONCERTS – SCÉALTA AND ­ROZHDESTVO CHOIR WITH YODELLERS Reformed church, Frutigen

Wed. 4 Dec. 2019 / 5 p.m. ADVENT WINDOWS TOURIST CENTRE AND BLS TRAVEL CENTRE Railway station, Frutigen

Sat. 7 Dec. 2019 / 8 p.m. FRUTIGEN BRASS BAND CHURCH CONCERT Reformed church, Frutigen


Sat. 18 Jan. 2020 WINTER BALL Gastrobetriebe Landhaus Adler

Sat. 4 Apr. 2020 HIS AND HER RACES AND OPEN SKI-JUMPING Elsigen-Metsch, Achseten Sat. 2 May and 30 May / 8 p.m., Sun. 31 May 2020 / 2 p.m. BRASS BAND AND YOUTH BAND ANNUAL ­CONCERT Hotel Simplon, Frutigen Fri. 5 – Sun. 7 Jun. 2020 OBERLAND SWISS WRESTLING FESTIVAL Frutigen

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020







Sun. 1 Dec. 2019 / from 8.30 a.m. 4TH ANNUAL BLAUSEE DIP Blausee

Fri. 31 Jan. – Sun. 2 Feb. 2020 OPEN AIR CURLING SWISS CHAMPIONSHIP Kandersteg

Fri. 6 Dec. 2019 / 8 p.m. WINTERYLÜTE (YODELLING EVENING) Hotel Alpenblick, Kandersteg

Sat. 1– Sun. 2 Feb. 2020 NORDIC DAYS Cross-country trails, Kandersteg

Sat. 11 Apr. 2020 / 8.15 p.m. KANDERSTEG YODELLING CLUB ENTERTAINMENT EVENING Gemeindesaal, Kandersteg

Sat. 7– Sun. 8 Dec. 2019 CHRISTMAS MARKET Blausee

Fri. 7– Sun. 9 Feb. 2020 ALPINE SPLITFEST Gemmi Lodge, Sunnbüel

Sat. 21 Dec. 2019 / 8 p.m. BRASS BAND CHRISTMAS CONCERT Gemeindesaal, Kandersteg

Sat. 15 – Sun. 16 Feb. 2020 DOG-SLEDGE RACING Near Allmenalp lift, Kandersteg

Wed. 25 Dec. 2019 and 1 Jan. 2020 “PELZMARTIGA” Kandersteg

Sat. 29 Feb. and Fri. 6 Mar. 2020 TRADITIONAL COSTUME GROUP ­ENTERTAINMENT Gemeindesaal, Kandersteg

Sat. 28 Dec. 2019 / 8.30 p.m. KANDERSTEG BRASS BAND AND KANDERGRUND MIXED CHOIR CONCERT Evangelical church, Kandersteg Sat. 28 Dec. 2019 SNOWVOLLEY AND GYMASTICS CLUB DISCO Kandersteg Sun. 19 – Sun. 26 Jan. 2020 11TH BELLE EPOQUE WEEK KANDERSTEG Village and surrounding area

Sat. 14 Mar. 2020 / 8.15 p.m. MIXED CHOIR ENTERTAINMENT EVENING Turnhalle, Kandergrund Sat. 28 – Sun. 29 Mar. 2020 SKI MARATHON Sunnbüel Gemmi region, Kandersteg

Sun. 12 Apr. 2020 / 3 p.m. KANDERSTEG BRASS BAND EASTER CONCERT In front of the Evangelical church, Kandersteg Sat. 9 May 2020 / 8 p.m. KANDERSTEG BRASS BAND ANNUAL ­CONCERT Gemeindesaal, Kandersteg Sat. 6 – Sun. 7 Jun. 2020 CYCLING EVENT Grossen Sport GmbH, Kandersteg Thurs. 11– Sun. 28 Jun. 2020 23RD BLAUSEE OPEN AIR CINEMA Blausee Sat. 27 Jun. 2020 FEMALE SWISS WRESTLING EVENT ­K ANDERSTEG Bahnhofmatte, Kandersteg Fri. 3– Sun. 5 Jul. 2020 JAZZ AT DOLDENHORN Waldhotel Doldenhorn, Kandersteg

Sat. 4 – Sun. 5 Jan. 2020 HELVETICA NORDIC TROPHY AND U16 SM NORDIC COMBINATION Nordic Arena, Kandersteg


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020






Fri. 6 Dec. 2019 SANTA’S FAIR Märitplatz, Reichenbach

Fri. 6 – Sat. 7 Mar. 2020 SLEDGING BY MOONLIGHT Ramslauenen chairlift, Kiental

Fri. 6 Dec. 2019 / 5.30 p.m. SANTA’S FAIR Dorfplatz, Matten bei St. Stephan

Sat. 8 – Sun. 9 Feb. 2020 / 10 a.m. DOG-SLEDGE RACING Lischmatte, Lenk

Sat. 14 Dec. 2019 BRASS BAND ADVENT CONCERT Church, Reichenbach

Sun. 8 and Sat. 14 Mar. 2020 EDELWEISS YODELLING CLUB CONCERT AND THEATRE Kirchgemeindehaus, Reichenbach

Sat. 7– Sun. 8 Dec. 2019 / 9 a.m. SKI AND SNOWBOARD TEST WEEKEND Metschstand, Lenk

Fri. 14 – Sat. 15 Feb. 2020 3H HILL RACE AND HILL BULLY Jaunpass, Boltigen

Sat. 7 Dec. 2019 / 2 p.m. LENK CHRISTMAS MARKET Bahnhofplatz, Lenk

Fri. 14 – Sat. 15 Feb. 2020 LENK UNPLUGGED Nordic Zentrum, Lenk

Sat. 14 – Sun. 15 Dec. 2019 CROSS-COUNTRY SKI TESTING Nordic Zentrum, Lenk

Sat. 22 Feb. 2020 FAMIGROS SKI DAY Wallegg, Lenk


Sun. 23 Feb. 2020 8RACE Betelberg base station, Lenk

Tues. 31 Dec. 2019 NEW YEAR’S EVE SLEDGING Ramslauenen chairlift, Kiental Fri. 10 – Sat. 11 Jan. 2020 SLEDGING BY MOONLIGHT Ramslauenen chairlift, Kiental Sat. 25 Jan. 2020 ALPENTHEATER PREMIERE “VETTERLI’S WIRTSCHAFT” Kiental Sat. 25 – Sun. 26 Jan. 2020 HORNED-SLEDGE RACES AND PARTY Geissboden Faltschen, Kiental Sat. 1 Feb. 2020 TRADITIONAL COSTUME GROUP ENTERTAINMENT EVENING Kirchgemeindehaus, Reichenbach Fri. 7– Sat. 8 Feb. 2020 SLEDGING BY MOONLIGHT Ramslauenen chairlift, Kiental Sat. 15 Feb. 2020 BLÜEMLISALP YODELLING CLUB EVENING Kirchgemeindehaus, Reichenbach



MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020

Sat. 21 Mar. 2020 SLF COMEDY Kirchgemeindehaus, Reichenbach Sat. 4 Apr. 2020 FLÜEBLÜEMLI YODELLING CLUB CONCERT AND THEATRE Kirchgemeindehaus, Reichenbach Sun. 31 May 2020 15TH ANNUAL BLÜEMLISALP RUN Dorf, Reichenbach / Kiental Sun. 28 Jun. 2020 STEINBERG VILLAGE PARTY AND MOUNTAIN SERMON Steinenberg, Kiental

Sat. 28 Dec. 2019 / 6 p.m. “COW PAT LOTTO” TEC sports arena, Lenk Thurs. 2 – Wed. 8 Jan. 2020 JUSKILA (SWISS YOUTH SKI CAMP) Lenk Tues. 4, 11, 18 and 25 Feb. 2020 / 7 p.m. SNOW SPORTS SHOW Skilift Mauren, Lenk Sun. 2 Feb. 2020 TIMBERSPORT COMPETITION Haslerbar, Lenk

Sat. 14 Mar. 2020 WOODEN SKI RACES Lenk Sat. 14 – Sun. 15 Mar. 2020 SWISS WINTER TWO-DAY MOUNTAIN SKI TOUR Lenk-Zweisimmen Sat. 4 – Sun. 5 Apr. 2020 12TH SKI FESTIVAL Adelboden-Lenk ski region Thurs. 9 – Mon. 13 Apr. 2020 EASTER EGG FESTIVAL Lenk

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020


A LOOK BACK | From the picture archive

FLASHBACK HOLIDAYS AT THE GRAND HOTEL KANDERSTEG The Loosli-Egger family built their imposing hotel at the beginning of the 20th century. Spurred on by the construction of the nearby Lötschberg railway line, belief in a constantly booming economy ­prevailed in the heyday of the Belle Epoque. At the outbreak of the First World War, however, these “glory days” came to an abrupt end. The period of recovery before the Second World War was ­short-lived and the following years of austerity gnawed away at the substance of the Grand Hotel. This magnificent building was demolished 1949 and the fate of what was once the most beautiful sight at the foot of the Blüemlisalp was sealed. ­Today, the Hotel Alfa Soleil stands on the same spot.

MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020




D U :



aU b a D

We do not belong in ski lodges. So why are we drawn

on the train. And what about the unique and rustic

back to them time and again? The differences could

­atmosphere of the alpine restaurant? We never seem

not be greater. I mean, just our characters are so dif-

that authentic. If you do not see it that way, just

ferent from a proud old chalet. The lodge stands on

­explain to me in two simple sentences, who can

the steep slope, majestic and indestructible. We, on

­although that is not really going to do it justice. For-

the other hand, keep a low profile and put our glasses

tunately, snow is falling, so we are drawn back inside.

discreetly to one side before we look in the mirror.

Maybe we do belong to the ski lodge after all. Not

And when it comes to the peace and quiet enjoyed

­because we are like that, but because we want to be

away from the slopes, we tend to bring our hectic and

like that.


who unerringly choose the empty compartment

Benjamin Haltmeier



U: a

noisy lives along with us in our heads. No, we do not fit in with the sociability of the ski lodge either, we


D D b


: :

b U

Opposites attract: we love ski lodges because we are so different.

PUBLICATION DETAILS PUBLISHER: Tourism Adelboden Lenk Kandersteg (TALK AG). PROJECT MANAGER: Silvia Nüesch. EDITORS: Reto Koller, Matthias Kurt, Ben-

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jamin Haltmeier. EXTERNAL WRITERS: Lotti Teuscher, Yvonne Baldinini, Stefanie Inniger, Freddy Widmer. COVER PICTURE: Winter landscape at Oeschinen Lake, Kandersteg, © / Christoph Wandfluh. PHOTOGRAPHY: Anja Zurbrügg, Photo Klopfenstein, Reto Koller. ­L AYOUT, LITHOGRAPHY AND PRINTING: Stämpfli AG, Bern. CIRCULATION: 23,000 copies.


MOMENT | Winter 2019 | 2020



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MOMENT winter 2019/20  

MOMENT winter 2019/20