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Work Examples of Chuojun He

>> The Sponge of Bamboo (Pavilion)

>> Tea House Design and Fabrication

Student Center Design<<

>> High-Rise Design >> Conceptual School Design >> AA Work shop_post Expo Urban Design

+ Projects

>> High Rise Design Competition

>> The Sponge of Bamboo

This is a project of low carbon design, which is located in Xixi Shidi in Hangzhou. The building in this environment will be like a part of the Xixi wetland---like a sponge to absorb life, carbon, and many natural elements. Bamboo has been chosen as the element unit of the pavilion. The function has been settled in side these units. The bamboos has become wall, sunshade system,energy conservation system This is a growing pavilion instead of a static one. Mainly Duty: Rendering




>> Student Center

The project aims to design a high-rise complex with various functions, including the apartment, shopping floor, catering area, etc. Instead of the usual locationcity centre with prosperous commercial atmosphere, this site is located in the urban developing erea where industry, residence and Urban Village coexist. It is the typical urban morphology in its transitional phase when the region features the lack of infrastructure construction and public area, but, assorted multiplayer buildings(almost under 6 floor). Therefore, in the complexity of the site conditions, the high-rise designed would undertake special significance towards society and city.-

>> High Rise Design_ Rising Stage

>> Fun-Blooming High School

This project aims at reforming the trditional senior high school architectural and life mode.Based on a clear functional seperation, this project,is devoted to strengthen the conection between different fuctions. A shared space with will be built with a vital atmosphere full of solocitude, funny activies and communication.

>> Exop Unrban Design

>> Other Works

Smart Geometry Workshop


This portfolio is a result of solo and team work. It contains my works during Bachorlar's Degree and Master Degree. I am now planning anoth...

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