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Thoughts Of The Week: Massimo Vignelli Kate Moross Alan Fletcher Studio Projects - Design Future Project 1 - London Architecture Project 2 - Artefact 3018 Project 3 - 36WordOfTheDay CIP Projects Project 1 - Market Ready Project 3 - Microsoft CCS





MASSIMO VIGNELLI Massimo Vignelli was an Italian designer who worked in numerous fields of the creative industry, ranging from housewife design and furniture design to public signage and showroom design. He owned Vignelli associates with his wife, Leila. One of his main focuses was simplicity in design through the use of basic geometric forms in all his work



KATE MOROSS Kate Moross is an Illustrator who works with vibrant colors, her work appeals to people of all ages, her choice of colors sets an exciting atmosphere that is pretty much similar to how she is portrayed as a person. Her work is quite simplistic in her choice of lines and grids but it’s her choice of color that really depicts the imagination of most of us. I really do admire her art style, from the short video we watched you can tell she has a childlike imagination which really comes through in her work.



ALAN FLETCHER Alan Fletcher was a London based Graphic designer. He’s made a huge impact in the Graphic Design field. He’s a huge influence. He wrote a lot of books which were all self published as he wanted to really connect with his readers on a personal level and really tell his design story in his own way, everything he does related to his books is done on purpose, he tends to publish his books in unique ways, for example “The Art of Looking Sideways’ is made specifically to be opened at random. He also tends to make sure his books are visually appealing, as that is normally what we as humans tend to do, focus on the way something looks..







ARTIST RESEARCH: ALEXANDER CALDER This artist’s work caught my eye almost immediately due to the vibrant colours in his work, the contrast between powerful and suttle colours has a tendency to draw your attention. I decided to use this artist as my inspiration for Lights at Night because I really focused on coloured shapes which is what he specialises in, I am very happy with my choice.

MOCK UP/DEVELOPMENTS I started off by drawing shapes on a paper based on where the lights were shining brightest. I really enjoyed these set of experimentationsmainly because it was an abstract brief so we could pretty much do what we pleased. Once I placed all my shapes on paper I then coloured it in, and let it dry

FINAL OUTCOMES Once I allowed the work to dry, I scanned them in and decided to work on Photoshop, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was hoping for as an outcome but I just decided to play sround with the warping tool, The warping tool made some pretty interesting abstract shapes. I loved how they came out, it’s vibrant and the black background creates exciting atmosphere.





ARTIST RESEARCH: JOE CRUZ The artist I chose to focus on is one I’ve become obsessed with, his work is absolutey amazing. The fact that he can add so much more to a photograph instead of taking away to me is just fascinating, I love his use of vibrant colours and I really get a sense of culture when I look at his work, he really manages to turn his simple photographs into a cultural masterpiece which I really admire and seen as one of my themes was about people and culture I decide to use him as my inspiration

MOCK UP/DEVELOPMENTS I started off by taking pictures of the person I used, then using Acrylic paint I covered her face, When looking at Joe Cruz’s work it looks like he incorporated paint into his photography, so instead of taking away from the image, he just layered unto it which added alot of depth and colour to the original image, I am actually quite in love with this technique as I had never thought of using it in the past but I’ll definitely be doing more projects and outcomes with this technique.

FINAL OUTCOMES After allowing my work to dry, I then finished workworking on Photoshop,. What i aimed for was to be able to merge two or nore images to create an even more unique piece, I had so much fun working on this theme, it opened my eyes to different techniques and styles, and also made me discover how much I enjoy using traditional materials.





ARTIST RESEARCH Tim Wakefield’s work interested me because of his use of colours, add to that t numerous amount of soundwaves and you have the most aesthetically pleasing piece of art work you could possibly imagine, the work creates a really exciting atmosphere. The contrast between the royal and subtle colours really draws you in, I fell in love with that, I decided to use him as my inspiration going forward into this next theme

MOCK UP/DEVELOPMENTS I started off by recording sounds on my phone of really quiet sounds, and then really loud sounds. I made sure to capture different noises so I wouldn’t create similar soundwaves. It was really fun and it’s amazing to see how such an obnoxious sound can actually look so beautiful visually, I stuck to colours in honour of my chosen artist, I also didn’t want my images to come out looking bland

FINAL OUTCOMES Once I had the sounds recorded and drawn out on paper, I then scanned it in and decided top play with the curves and hue/saturation to bring out the colours even more as I felt they were too dull. I also changed the screen setting so that some of the soundwaves will blend into themselves, It created some of the most awesome soundwave art, and for my first try I am reallyproud of how my work came out looking.



For this theme I didn’t have a particular artist that I looked at, I simply chose to look on pinterest. I did find one artist who’s work interested me beut he created images out of tea powder which isn’t really what I wanted to do on pinterest and chose images that I thought might interest me, I definitely wanted to create splatter effects, as I felt I could create alot more outcomes, also this theme focuses on feeling, and it was important for me to try and capture that emotion visually

DEVELOPMENT/FINAL OUTCOMES To start off, I wanted to use a product that I knew had an overpowering smell, which is the name of this theme “Cafe’s and Smells”. It was important for me to try and capture that, which I did, also to help create an abstract effect instead of the typical splatter I mixed the coffee with oil and water to help seperate some of the coffee particles. I absolutely loved how this came out in the end. It looked even better when I scanned it and started playing around with it on Photoshop



Artist Research: Paul Megens

ARTIST RESEARCH With Nature in the Day I was quite excited because there is just so many things you can do with paint and expression in terms of nature which I loved. I came across this artist called Paul Megens who uses quite exciting colours which I think works best especially with there being different seasons and the fact that leaves change colour, It really is amazing to see, despite his work being abstract you can still relate the work to nature, it’s quite obvious in his choice of colour and placementment

FINAL OUTCOMES For this theme I stuck to free hand painting as I wanted to challenge myself, I’ve never really done work like this before as I tend to stick to work on a computer but I througly enjoyed it, I got to express myself freely with no restrictions. I definitely stuck to vibrant colours as I felt it would create some of the best outcmes. I’m really proud of how it came out



NEW BRIEF Our new brief is called “Artefact 3018”, and what this brief was asking us to do is to pick an object from the british museum, do some research about it then create our own futuristic object which will somehow relate to what the previous object we chose was. At the start of this project I did think that I’d struggle with it, but I actually ended up enjoying it, It was one of the best brief’s I’ve been given.

WHAT IS MY OBJECT? After initial research, we had to do quite a bit of sketching of our object, and also explain what the object was used for originally and how it had an impact on civilisation. My object was known as the “Ballgame belt�n. Men were forced to wear this whilst they competed in sports, the disadvantage of wearing the object was the fact that it did kill you because of the weight and also the sport did exert quite alot of energy from the players. It was believed to have been used as a ritualistic object for politicians in Mexico

RESEARCH I knew for my new Artefact I definitely wanted something that people would have to wear, whenever, where ever. I also didn’t want my new object to be as chunky and bold as the old one. So i started off by looking at rings. I wasn’t sure exactly what type of ring I wanted to I kept my horizon’s broad. I looked at old style rings and because the object is futuristic I had to see if I could somehow Incorporate historic into contemporary to create a very unique look for my object,

OBJECT CHANGE After having quite a few Tutorials I realised my object was too violent. My new object was meant to be a ring that you wore from birth that scanned your chromosomes, If it detected any killer instincts the ring would kill you instantly. My tutor had said from the start that it was a bit violent and also to try and create something that isn’t so similar to what already exists, he then told me to try and find other ways around what my object does and how It can help the population without necessarily having to destroy/ kill more than half of them.

OBJECT DEVELOPMENT My new object is an implant, that is placed just under the skin or the lower wrist. It scans chromosomes for any killer like behavior or instincts and if it detects that, it will shut the body down and perform a ‘sweep what that means is you’ll be put to sleep for about 30mins - 1 hour and the implant acesses the frontal lobe of the brain and removes the toxic element there. Thiese are just images to show where I possibly would have wanted the implant to go.

ANATOMY RESEARCH As part of our research we had to look into specific areas of research that related to our object so because mine is based on anatomy my task was to look at the brain and look at exactly how my object would alter or affect the body part, it shows that I’ve really thought about my object and what I hope to accomplish. Another Idea i had was to place a tattoo over the skin where the implant is kept, it would be a way of showing that youve been checked and you’re not at risk of comitting any crime seen as my world is crime free

APP FOR MY OBJECT Along with creating a completely new artefact we also had to create an app that showed the old object and the new, this task was very difficult but then at the same time it was extremely fun. I really enjoyed making it and it just goes to show that you can learn new things about yourself without even realising it, to me app/web design s a difficult task but when given tasks like this you realise it isn’t as hard as it looks.



NEW BRIEF/EXPERIMENTS For our final Studio brief we have to create our own typeface, a letter each day, I do find it a little weird but it’s definitely not boring, I feel like this project is forcing me to broaden my horizons, I have yet to complete this project so therefore not all my letters will be shown I did however put in my experiments on type so far by using letter press. I really am happy with the outcome and hope to create even more fun and unique letters.



MARKET READY BRIEF For our first CIP brief we were put into a group, from there we were told we had to come up withand create a product that would be beneficial to University students, specifically those in the creative field. I believe this was the most challenging brief for me because the group just couldn’t function at times, but eventually we managed to come up with an amazing product. It’s called the ‘Smart Tote. It’s a bag that can fit an A3 sketchbook into it, with numerous compartments for different equipment that any creative student would need. It was competition based and the winners actually got to send their product off to be made andsold at the Christmas market, believe it or not our group actually won.





Collection book  

My work for the whole Uni year

Collection book  

My work for the whole Uni year