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Get Over YOur AlcOhOl AddictiOn With the help FrOm the AA BiG BOOk

The Alcoholics Anonymous group focuses on helping people to realize that drinking or consuming helpful is a problem that needs to take care of and also helps alcohol addicts to get over their addiction. Anybody in need of help to get over their drinking habits can contact any Alcoholics Anonymous member in their locality. Drunkards who are still not aware of the fact that drinking has been a problem with them can also attend AA gatherings and meetings and get help. The AA big book – which is actually a guidebook for alcohol addicts, is now available online with websites like My 12 Step Store along with AA coins and chips, unique gifts, recovery books and more.

The Alcoholics Anonymous Group was formed as a fellowship between men and women – who will be sharing their experiences, strengths and hopes regarding alcohol addiction and help each other in solving the problem and recover from their addiction to alcoholism. In order to become an Alcoholics Anonymous member there is no other criteria other than a desire to quit drinking and there is absolutely no membership fee. The primary an only concern of the fellowship is to stay sober and achieve sobriety and the organization is by no means allied with any kind of sectional or political idealism and institutions.

The 12 step meetings are regularly conducted to help people get over their addiction normally take place in public buildings and can be attended by anybody. Members who have stayed sober for certain duration of time are presented with AA chips or coins as tokens of their achievements and to encourage them to carry on the good work. This practice of giving chips and coins as medallions among the AA community started way back during the end of the last century. People were awarded a medallion for achieving sobriety and it was their responsibility to return that before they turn to drinking again. The practice is still being continued and apart from being awarded with the medallions members now also celebrates sober birthday or sober anniversary on successful completion of a year of sobriety.

If you feel that your alcohol addiction is hurting you family and also degrading you as an honorable individual – it is the Alcohol Addiction Group that can help you with their AA big book. But it is you who will be required to take the first step and that i to realize that you need to get over your addiction. If you are in an AA program always make sure that you maintain a regular contact with your group all the time and in case you find it difficult to get comfortable during the meetings and gatherings yo can always ask for special help Alcohol Anonymous will always be there to help you. Along with the AA big book, AA chips and coins, a wide variety of othe attractive AA medallions and recovery gifts are available with and you can contact them anytime you want to know more about the products available.

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