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2013 Edition Welcome to the tenth edition of the Own Brand Newsletter. We are delighted to see the own brand ranges continue to grow.

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Our Bright New Centra Range The launch of our Centra own brand range is an opportunity for shoppers to re-appraise the Centra brand. Our own brand launch will be the biggest thing the Centra brand does in 2013 as we seek to “Brighten Up” our customers’ day both in and out of store. Our high impact marketing communications plan delivered across TV, radio, press, outdoor and digital will reach 99.9% of the Irish population. Our own brand campaign will be brought to life in store through effective point of sale material, fully engaged staff and disruptive merchandising. Throughout the store customers will see and experience our simple low prices across a broad range of products. Our staff will champion the Bright New Range in store encouraging customers to taste and try our own brand products.

Centra Brand Performance Centra is performing very well in the market place, Centra packaged own brand growing at +7.8% – Week 10 2013.

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Own Brand Newsletter Easter 2013 Edition

Reasons to Believe • Centra’s NEW large range of over 900 quality products including convenient solutions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. • Great quality because each line is independently benchmarked to ensure it’s as good (if not better) than the brand. • Centra has within its range over 300 products all with handy rounded price points to the nearest euro or 50 cent.



New Baby Range

Centra Product Testing Panel We also now want to add Centra Own Brand to the product testing panel. If you would like to join the panels, and play your part in the on going success of the Own Brand story, please send an email to Rosaleen Fagan Food Safety & Quality Team Let us know what you think of our Own Brand Range. Each month we are going to share with you some recommendations from colleagues around the business. Send us your suggestions and feedback to

New Centra Baby Range includes: Fruit Pots/ Rice Cakes/Raisins Baby wipes/Toiletries and a range of baby accessories such as Soothers, Bottles, Non Spill Cups and soft spoons Tell friends to keep an eye out for this upcoming launch.

Centra Breakfast 12th April in Canteen

Details to be announced at a later date

Own Brand Newsletter Easter 2013 Edition

SuperValu Brand Performance The current SuperValu brand performance is strong with SuperValu packaged own brand growing at +4.5% – Week 10 2013



Your View of the Range SuperValu Coleslaw “The coleslaw was as good as any other alternative I have tried, I buy this weekly, it is better than any of the brands” SuperValu Creamery Butter “This is almost the same as the brand equivalent, there is no taste difference, I have recommended this to all my friends and family, some of whom would be very brand conscious”

Over the past year, MRPI staff have been testing Own Brand products for us, and providing feedback, via the In Home Own Brand Panels. We have tested 30 products to date. Panellists purchase the chosen product in their local Supervalu, try the product at home, fill out a simple questionnaire and send it back into us. The results have been extremely positive. Products have scored an average of 77%, proving they are as good, or better than alternative brands. In the vast majority of cases, the panellists would recommend the products, and would definitely purchase them again. The panels have given us an invaluable in-sight into the performance of the SuperValu Own Brand range. Where potential improvements are identified by the panellists, these are passed to the Own Brand team for follow up. We will be continuing with these SuperValu panels throughout 2013.

SuperValu Gold Blend Teabags “Excellent Product. Great flavour. Definitely is as good as any of the branded equivalents. I have switched to SuperValu Own Brand Teabags & love them”

New to SuperValu New SuperValu Frozen Fish

SuperValu has recently launched a brand new and exciting innovation in frozen in the form of a new fish range. The range includes: Tiger Prawns in Thai marinade, Smoked Coley with Wholegrain Mustard, Trout with Wild Garlic and Honey marinade, Hake with Lemon and Pepper, Salmon with Tex Mex Marinade, Cod with garlic and herb Marinade.

New SuperValu Pizza Range

Supervalu have also launched a new and exciting Frozen pizza range, including: - SuperValu Thin and Crispy - 5 Cheese, Pepperoni and Sweet Chilli Chicken; SuperValu Stone Baked Italian Style Meats/ American Hot and Spicy, and Goat’s Cheese and Mediterranean Vegetable. With these delicious pizzas you can be guaranteed to be always less than 20 minutes away from a mouth-watering meal.

Happy Easter to All!

Launching Soon Watch out for the new SuperValu Baby Range launching in the coming weeks The range includes Fruit pots, rice cakes, raisins, Toiletries, accessories, nappies & pull ups.

Own Brand Newsletter  
Own Brand Newsletter  

Own Brand Newsletter