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By Rason Dasob -

Time to update to a smartphone? Are you still hanging on to your old cellular phone. Feeling left behind when you are in the company of friends and they are sporting their latest splashy smartphone? Well now is the best time to shop around for the best deal on smartphones, because competition between manufacturers and carriers has driven the price of smartphones way, Unlock Blackberry way down.

Today you can purchase an unlocked BlackBerry 9800 or 9810 torch at a very discounted price. The great advantage of purchasing an unlocked phone is so that you don't get locked into a contract with one particular carrier and can thereby change carriers whenever you choose. This is very important if you plan to travel and make a lot of international calls because international roaming charges are quite expensive. With an unlocked phone you have more control of the price and services. You can move your SIM card from phone to phone without signing another carrier contract if for example you lose your phone or break it. A very popular phone for both business and everyday use would be the unlocked BlackBerry torch 9800 or the recently updated 9810. Both phones have exceptional features. I particularly like the 9800 for it

has sufficient features to satisfy the needs I have for a smartphone. I will give a review of the features that I find the most appealing in the BlackBerry 9800 torch. Firstly the phone is sleek, slim and lightweight. It comes in black, white and red and has a full BlackBerry keyboard and touchscreen. If you are used to typing long text or emails then the keyboard makes typing ever so easy. Lets have a look at some of the standout features of the BlackBerry 9800 Torch. Navigating the 9800 torch is very easy. All you have to do is touch or swipe one of the apps on your screen or use the familiar trackpad on the bottom. Getting around the numerous applications such as Facebook, twitter, music, video etc. has never been easier. It is a joy to use.

With the Social Feeds Application in OS6 you can keep all the information about your contacts such as family friends and business all in one easy to use place. All the updates can be pushed to the same inbox or you can swipe to see the different profiles such as your business contacts or friends. As for typing it has never been easier. If you are used to typing on a physical keyboard then you can type on the slide out Qwerty keyboard or if you just want to send a short email for example, you can use the very responsive touch screen. BlackBerry was the first manufacturer to provide both a keypad and a touchscreen on a smartphone. And of course the ingenious predictive text feature allows accuracy no matter how you enter your information.

Another great feature must be the 5MP camera. The camera allows you take very good photos, record videos and then send them to your friends, family or business associates. With the Black berry 6 software you can now navigate different sites easily with tabbed browsing, bookmarks and you can view information easily with the pan and zoom function. In conclusion if you're looking to upgrade to a smartphone, then The unlocked BlackBerry 9800/9810 torch would be a very wise choice. It has all the features to make communication a lot easier with all the in built features as well as the consistent growing number of apps that you can purchase from Blackberrry App World.

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