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Financial Communications. It is critical for maximizing shareholder value and achieving visibility in today’s competitive markets. It requires not only financial transparency, but also a clear and consistent message to increase investor awareness. MWW’s customized approach provides the services that will enhance management credibility, attract additional investor interest and maximize valuation. Financial Relations Board (FRB), an MWW company, has been a leader in financial communications and investor relations for more than 45 years, with deep experience advising the C-suite on critical financial matters, including equity and debt offerings, spin-offs, strategic M&A transactions, and restructurings, as well as customized Investor Relations programs. Whether you are going public, acquiring a competitor, facing a hostile takeover or simply going about business as usual, we know how to position your story correctly and improve the quality of communications between senior management and your financial stakeholders at every opportunity.

POINT OF VIEW: Successful financial communication is not just about disclosing your financial results, but is an opportunity to enhance your brand equity by communicating the value of your company’s strategy and performance to all of your key stakeholders. All financial communications are part of a larger story. Create a strong narrative to support your organizations vision and strategy. Transparency and accountability are key. Strengthen your company’s reputation and keep your shareholders confident in management’s abilities by being transparent and timely in all of your communications. Know what your shareholders want. Effective communication plays an important role in shaping the attitude of the investment community. Communicate valuable information that will foster new relationships as well as strengthen your existing ones.


MWW, a full-service public relations, public affairs and marketing firm helps companies to build eminence, strengthen employee engagement and build, manage and protect their reputations. With proven long-term success in financial communications and strategic investor relations, our “Matter More” approach assists management teams to communicate their story effectively and increase visibility with all key stakeholders including the Street and financial media. As an independent 1


OUR CAPABILITIES: Investor Relations FRB has partnered with thousands of companies across industries and market caps to help raise awareness by conveying a clear, compelling investment opportunity to Wall Street. We will work with you to establish your financial brand. Our deep experience resides in corporate positioning and communications, investment community targeting and outreach and financial media relations. Our strategic counsel and tactical support encompass: • Financial communications strategy development and implementation • Quarterly earnings support • Investor conference presentations • Fact sheets, annual reports and other collateral materials • Investor perception studies • Sell-side analyst and institutional investor targeting • Non-deal investor roadshows • Peer group analysis • Analyst days and property tours • Media and speaker training • Retail investor targeting

Initial Public Offerings The key to a successful IPO is to start acting like a public company before you go public. Effective positioning maximizes valuation - that is the philosophy that guides our engagements. FRB has been a key partner on over 350 IPOs, more than any other firm, and is uniquely qualified to help build investor support and offer a reporting and disclosure infrastructure to ensure a successful launch and life as a public company. We will work closely with your company, legal counsel and investment bankers on pre-IPO services, IPO process support and post-IPO assistance.

Mergers & Acquisitions

of the key players so we are well positioned to generate broad coverage.

Social Media Engagement Financial communication should not simply be a one-way conversation, but an open, twoway dialogue between your company and key stakeholders. Whether it is socializing your C-suite or integrating social media into your investor relations program, FRB can provide a social roadmap so you can better “tune in” to your audience, as well as provide you a framework for a multi-channel approach to your communications. FRB will also ensure you have a social media policy in place that adheres to the regulatory framework concerning social media disclosure.

Whether it’s a friendly or hostile deal, a holistic communications strategy is essential for any successful transaction. We have particular expertise in managing outreach to investors and employees of both companies involved, as well as providing strategic counsel for all governmental, regulatory and community matters that you may encounter.

Financial Media Strategy and Outreach The media can be a powerful and cost-effective way to obtain visibility for your company amongst the global investment community. Whether your business objectives are best served by penetrating national business press, traditional broadcast, viral communities or industry trades, FRB has relationships with all

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MWW Expertise: Financial Communications: Creating a Superior "Financial Brand"  

Financial Communications. It is critical for maximizing shareholder value and achieving visibility in today’s competitive markets. It requir...