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Try motivating yourself by writing inspirational quotes or messages on a post-it note and sticking it on your bathroom mirror, agenda, notebook, or textbooks. This will help you feel good about yourself, which will lead you to keeping your resolutions.

Bring out your list of resolutions and re-evaluate them. Sit down and think all of them through, one by one. Were your expectations too high while you were writing them? If you find that your resolutions are too much, revise them. For example, if you wrote completely cutting out chocolate and sweets for the rest of the year, change it to “eat sweets only once or twice a week”.

The only way to accomplish your resolutions is to make a plan and create goals. Making a plan and executing it will eventually lead to successfully keeping your resolutions. For example, if you wrote “sleeping earlier”, make sure that all of your electronic devices are turned off and tasks are complete, and then get ready for bed by 10 or 11 p.m. Make sure to follow your plan every day, it will get easier before you even know it.

Keeping a journal and writing down all of your accomplishments will motivate you to improve and keep up with your resolutions. At the end of each week, skim through the entries you wrote each day and reflect on the things you have done. Chances are, the more you write about the good things that happened each day, the more you’ll be inspired to do better so you can write even better things.

Your new year’s resolutions are for your own good. Just because you give in and break one of your resolutions, it does not mean you’re a horrible person. You can always start over.


Mary Ward Planet - Vol.19, Issue 2, Spring 2013-14  

The Mary Ward Planet is a student-based newspaper designed to cater to all the students at Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School. Through the...

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