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Once in a Lifetime

How Mr. Notten has helped shape the Mary Ward community By Jamie Edghill There are no words to describe Mr. Notten, but in this short article I shall try. Mr. Notten has been working at Mary Ward for 31 years, watching the school and community flourish around him, while always finding ways to help it grow. Notten is not only an exceptional teacher, but an amazing artist, a wonderful colleague, and a kind, caring and inspiring person. There is no way to adequately thank Notten for all he has done for the Mary Ward community however, for the few who have not had the pleasure of getting to know the man, here are some of the reasons he is so great.

they make.” Notten said in an interview last week. Notten approaches selfdirected learning in a way which allows the student to have the freedom to be everything they want to be, while building a support structure which allows for independence. This comes with respecting each individual and their unique style of learning, and personality. “I think the most important thing is to respect the individual and to get to know the individual/student and to care for the student and to understand them and then allowing them, giving them the freedom to be everything that they can be. And I think it transcends any department.” The compassion he shows for his students goes beyond the square confines of a classroom, as he always takes the time to get to know his students and support them whichever way he can. Coming up with creative ways to blend students favourite subjects together for quest opportunities and deeper learning, like the DaVinci Code Math-Art-Science Grade 10 project.

Not only does Notten love to share his passion for art with his students, he uses teaching as an opportunity to help kids grow, while trying to help them reach their full potential. As an art teacher, Notten does whatever he can to help expand creativity as far as it can reach, while finding ways to push open the doors to even bigger ideas. “I When asked what his plans are for when love that I can be part of that process, he retires, he responded, “Sleep in a tent and witness the incredible things that more often, if I can, ride my bike more

often… and make more art if I can, with no pressure or expectation that I have to create something big or incredible or to be shown by anybody, I just want to make it.” Notten embodies the definition of an artist, and finds ways to transfer his creativity into everything he does. Not only does Notten teach his students techniques when it comes to art, but he shows by example. When asked what inspires him as an artist he explained, “What doesn’t inspire me as an artist, like I am inspired by memory, I’m inspired by watching the news and becoming concerned about things, I’m inspired by meeting new people everyday and trying to understand them better. I’m inspired by what other artists do and I just love looking at art constantly and did I mention I like sleeping in a tent because that inspires me too, getting out in the wilderness and living off the land very much inspires me.” With more time to focus on art, Notten explained he has a bunch of art projects on the go, “The biggest one being a giant Nuit Blanche installation that will be shown in October, 2019 at Fort York (Toronto) and that’s a big project that is supported and funded by the city which

is really wonderful, but then I have some smaller projects that I’m very interested in as well. Some sculptures that merge for example stain-glass windows with football helmets.” Notten found ways beyond the classroom to share his artwork with students. His commitment to learning and advancing his art, is one of the many reasons so many students find him inspiring. Most students after graduation, remember the teachers that got to know them, the teachers who fought in their corner, and the teachers who always believed in them. Notten is one of those teachers that no student could ever forget. Thank you Mr. Notten, for taking the time to get to know your students, for taking the extra step to make their learning exceptional and for reminding each and everyone of us that we matter. And a special congratulations to Mr. Notten as it was just announced that he won TSU Teacher of the Year. . Fun fact: Mr. Notten’s favourite song is Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads.

Ward Goes Green A look into Mary Ward’s new green industry program

By Sabrina Percy It’s no secret that in recent years, the environment has suffered from the repercussions that have been caused by reckless and unsustainable human behaviour. Whether it’s the rise of sea levels, the presence of microplastics in sea animals and birds, or the average increase in global climates, the signs of a lack of sustainability are all around us. While it is very important for us to talk about these issues, what is needed more is solid action, which is exactly what teachers like Mr. De Rose are doing. This year Mr. DeRose, took matters into his own hands. He noticed the damage that we have done to the environment. When asked about why green industries are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Mr. De Rose responded with, “Humans are detrimental to the Earth. We are destroying it slowly but surely, and if we don’t take proactive measures, and be responsible for ourselves, instead of throwing garbage on the floor, or not being sustainable, it VOLUME 24 / ISSUE 3 mwplanet 10

will affect our future and your kids and that there is a straight path right to my kids alike. All over the world.” university or college. The small cohort of green industry students from this year This green industry course teaches accomplished many different projects students about the importance such as pruning trees, painting murals, of taking a greener approach in building a chicken coop, and planting manufacturing and production. As vegetables that will be sold at a farmer’s Mr. De Rose describes it “construction market next year. Andrew Zhang, one of is going green, lumber is going Mr. De Rose’s green industry students, green, manufacturing is going green; says, “My favourite part of the year was everything is going green.” The course’s building the chicken coop, because we purpose is to introduce students to the just started from nothing, got a few various pathways of green industries: pieces of wood, and boom now chickens landscaping, forestry, horticulture, live in there.” hydroponics and more. The best part about the green industry course is that it is bringing our community together, by teaching, but our community as a whole that we need to take action to live more sustainably. Furthermore he adds, “The main purpose of this green industry course is to educate our community, our students, and our school as a whole, that will help protect our environment, compliment our environment, and also show students pathways that are new to THE OUTDOOR ECO CLASSROOM, MADE BY GREEN INDUSTRY STUDENTS. (PHOTO BY PHOTO CLUB) the world”. The course follows students through their high-school experience, As part of a culminating project this year with courses in grades 10 (THJ 201), the green industry and manufacturing 11 (THJ 3M1) and 12 (THJ 4M1), so students even used their knowledge

to create an outdoor space known as the “eco classroom”. Located near the baseball diamond, the eco classroom consists of large handcrafted desks, plants, and a greenhouse. What’s more is that it is available for use by not just students at Mary Ward, but also by those in the community. In addition to all of their projects and the beautiful new outdoor classroom, the green industry course is also hoping to achieve platinum status as an EcoSchool with the help of greenquest. Each school has an eco-rating, and they have an agenda that tracks their energy use, production of waste, and participation in initiatives. By creating the ecoclassroom and working with greenquest around the school, Mr. De Rose says that he hopes Mary Ward will reach platinum status and be recognized by Ontario EcoSchools. Although the green industry course has only one year under its belt, Mr. De Rose and his class have achieved so much, and their work is a great example of how schools can implement sustainable practices into their curriculum.

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Mary Ward Planet Issue 3 2018-2019  

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