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How to Stop Bed Wetting - 3 Tips to Stop Bed Wetting By Helen Silva Growing up in a household of other children, I was aware that several of my siblings had difficulty staying dry at night. They were habitual bed wetters. They seemed to be unable to control themselves at an early age. This caused my parents a great deal of difficulty and trauma, negative emotions also felt by my siblings. Here are three ways that I have found that helps my own children not only stop bed wetting but also maintain their emotional self-esteem. Although it is not known why certain children of both sexes are more prone to bed wetting, there are many theories in regard to why it occurs. In a typical child, they have a normal sized bladder and also have the ability to store water in ways that allow them to make it through the night. Other children may not have this capacity. They may have a smaller bladder and produce more water into the bladder which may cause them to have this nighttime difficulty. The first way that I was able to help my own children was to make sure that they did not drink anything at least two hours before bedtime. This may seem cruel but it seemed to condition their bodies to not only stop bed wetting but they were no longer thirsty after the first week and saw dramatic results because of this pattern. The second way that I helped another one of my children was to buy a specific type of underwear that alerted them to the onset of a bed wetting episode. This came with sensor pads directly in the underwear itself as well as an alarm that would wake them up when they were about to urinate. This procedure seemed to take longer but it was the only one that helped this particular child. The third way was using homeopathic remedies that seemed to regulate their ability to hold their bladder the entire night and easily make it to the bathroom in the morning. This was probably the less stressful of all of the alternatives. Although I would recommend trying anything to help your child be free of this particular problem, it is up to the parent in the end choose the remedy that works best for their child and their bed wetting problem. In the end, all three children ended up perfectly fine and mentally well-balanced. They were able to get over this difficult episode in their lives with virtually no emotional scars. They will of course be embarrassed but you must do your best to make sure they feel good about themselves and in the end they will find their way to a drier more restful sleep. To find out more information on how to stop your child from bed wetting, go to: Article Source:

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Growing up in a household of other children, I was aware that several of my siblings had difficulty staying dry at night. They were habitual...

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